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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. first at 4:00 we are learning more details about the weekend tragedy in livermore that claimed the life of a mother and daughter. the man who hit them is accused of driving under the influence. now family members and survivors are talking about this tragedy. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live in livermore with the latest. sergio? >> reporter: ama this is a crash that has really affected this community. we've been watching this memorial to that mother and daughter grow since yesterday. we understand that there is a prayer vigil that is scheduled to happen here at the crash site at 6:00 and today we got to talk to the direct family of that
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mother and daughter. the morales' surveyed the growing memorial to their cousins who were killed just outside their home saturday afternoon and this is the first time they returned home since the crash. the death of 40-year-oldes per ansah morales and 1-year-old julie is a painful loss for what was supposed to be a joyous family weekend. if it wasn't for my birthday they wouldn't have come up here. >> rose morales was celebrating her 19th birthday. her little brother carlos was celebrating the first holy communion. you can see the scratches on his face and he was one of the two children that were injured saturday. >> he kept nodding off, but we kept talking to him. >> brian jones lost control of his corvette and crashed into the backyard party. es per ansah and julie morales were crushed by the tumbling sportscar. he has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. people paying their respects to
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the family say they're angered by their crash. >> i'm glad they are keeping this on the news and people are being made aware of this. the guy was drunk and killed people in their own backyard. jones was released this weekend and posted a $350,000 bond and scheduled for his first court appearance tomorrow morning. in livermore sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> so sad. a woman had to fight choppy waters in marin county today. her husband ran for help before he got back, a wave swept her out into the water and she had to swim back to make it to shore. a rescue chopper lifted the couple from the area as a precaution. she was brought back for possible hypothermia. a man has his wife's ashes back this afternoon. a san francisco police stolen car specialist found the car and the urn with his wife's ashes
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were back inside. the new mexico man talked to abc 7 news on friday and he explained that he was in san francisco district in the process to drive his wife's ashes when someone stole his car. police said when they recovered the car everything had been taken except for the ashes. authorities are still looking for the thief. turning to the weather now a lot cooler outside. >> oh yeah. definitely. a hint of what's to come, perhaps? spencer christian is here with the latest. >> it could be more than a hint. a sea breeze and lingering clouds combine to bring temperatures down in most locations and here's live doppler 7 hd and clouds are beginning to break up right now and have more sunshine across the bay area at this moment than we had earlier in the day and clouds lingered at the coast and thunderstorms rumbled south of lake tahoe and one cell moving eastward from the kirkwood area up to the nevada state line and back to the bay area the 24-hour temperature change and south and east of the golden
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gate and it was warmer in spots of the north bay and here's a look out over the bay at clouds from emoriville, partly cloudy skies and oakland 58, and 59 san carlos and 72 morgan hill and 54 in half moon bay and the east bay hills camera shows clouds breaking up a bit and still quite a few around and we have current temperature readings of 67 in santa rosa and upper 60s in fairfield concord and livermore and i'll have a look at what's coming our way leading up to the weekend. larry and ama? >> thank you spencer. for the second time in warriors' franchise history one of their players was named most valuable player. >> in 1960 before your time, and actually before my time, too, it was wilt chamberlain for the warriors and steph curry he received 130 first-place votes and the franchise best 67-win season and he averaged 24 points
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and seven assists per game and a nightly highlight reel and curry was emotional as he thanked his parents and said he was nervous as he stepped to the microphone and said how much his family has meant to him along the way. the most important thing is your family and taking care of each other and lovering each other no matter what and regardless if i play basketball or not i know you guys love me and without a shadow of a doubt you would encourage me no matter what path i would have taken. thank you so much, pops you're the example of what a true professional is on and off the court. you -- i remember a lot of your career, and to be able to follow in your footsteps -- it -- it means a lot to me. this is special. >> boy did dell and sonya raise a fantastic son. steph curry was awarded the kia sorento which he donated to the
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youth development center and there will be an encore and the playoff series tomorrow night at oracle arena. >> people have been tweeting about mvp steph curry all day and former warrior baron davis said congrat, steph curry for mvp and big for the new dubs regime. the oakland as had continued success to the mvp and the warriors and san francisco giants buster posey tweeted his congratulations adding that today is a proud day for the city. >> this was such a wonderful moment. did you watch the ceremony and it lasted over an hour and he's just really shy and he's become a superstar who is so humble and he thanked the teammates and he thanked the equipment manager and the security guard and this is the mvp of the league thanking everybody from top to bottom and went to davidson college and a lot of the experts said this guy is too scrawny to make it in the nba.
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and the gm bob myers told the story of how he remembers sitting with steph in the doctor's office. this is steph after he had two surgeries to try to fix his ankle and wondering is this the end for this young man? is it never going to happen for him? is this the way it will go for steph curry? curry's become the centerpiece of the best team in the nba perhaps on his way to his first championship. he's a special player and this is a very special time for this entire franchise. >> dub nation, we want to see your warriors pride right now and we'll feature fan photos on air and at abc and use #dubson7 and we will find them. do not forget abc 7 is your home for the nba finals and catch all of the action beginning june 4th. bruce miller faces a charge of misdemeanor vandalism stemming from an argument involving his girlfriend and abc 7 news was inside the santa
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clara county courtroom when miller pled not guilty. police arrested him in march after reports that he may have indicated that he may have pushed his girlfriend and grabbed her cell phone and smashed it. the 49ers have not suspended miller and he is not with the team in their off-season workout programs. in a statement, general manager says, quote, they're involving bruce miller and will continue to monitor these legal proceedings closely. we turn our attention now to the drought. the state water board is poised to finalize the plan tomorrow, one that will require water districts throughout california to make dramatic cutbacks. laura anthony live in discovery bay and the bay area community with a lot of work ahead, laura. >> that's right, larry. though they do dispute the current numbers and the discovery bay leaders admit the residents simply used too much water. part of the problem may be perception. so many of the homes here are
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right on the water. so it's hard for some folks to imagine. there's not enough of it. >> we are in the top tier and 36% according to the state numbers. discovery bay, general manager rick howard is well aware that his waterfront community doesn't look good when it comes to water consumption. >> we are currently sitting at 27 6 per capita a day and it is more than 100 districts in california asking the state to take a second look at its data. in discovery bay town leaders argue the current numbers don't take into account population growth. >> and our new revised number will be 193. >> still discovery bay will be required to conserve more than 30% when the state timizes its drought plan tuesday. >> we're looking at about $10,000 a day if we don't meet their requirements and so the board has taken a real aggressive action. >> that includes distributing these signs, restricting outside watering to two days a week with
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each home assigned an odd or even day and installing older meters in 180 homes that currently don't have them. and unlike other districts there will be strict enforcement including fines of up to $500 per day for those who don't comply. in discovery bay, laura anthony, abc 7 news. for more water conservation tips go to our website, abc 7 >> hillary clinton has agreed to testify on capitol hill about the deadly 2012 attack in benghazi libya and about use of her private email account as secretary of state. she has accepted a request from a panel of lawmakers investigating the terrorist attack at the u.s. embassy. four americans died in that attack that happened during clinton's tenure as secretary of state. she will appear only at one session and answer questions about those issues and lawmakers are asking for two separate sessions. >> carly fiorina said she is running for president. the former hewlett-packard ceo launched her bid on abc's "good
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morning america," fiorina has never held public office and she did run for the senate but was soundly defeated by barbara boxer and still she has the experience to be president. >> our nation was intended to be a citizen government and we think we need a professional political class and i don't believe that. >> fiorina believes her executive and high-tech experience make her stand out among the other republican candidates. she's also likely to be the only prominent woman to seek the gop nomination. also throwing his hat into the ring today on the republican side retired surgeon ben carson. he made the announcement in his hometown of detroit. mike huckabee is expected to announce another run for the white house. he ran back in 2008 and started strong winning the iowa caucus but eventually lost to john mccain. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00. a family reunion and the bay area mother finally home after she was caught in the deadly
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earthquake in nepal. and floyd mayweather isn't the only win are with the bout with packquiaopacquiao. the message posted online by isis sympathizers just minutes before the shooting in texas. 7 on your side's michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. search for
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liven lynn, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc 7 news. it was a joyous homecoming at sfo this morning more than a
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week after the disaster in nepal. a san francisco mother returned home safely after narrowly escaping the avalanche on mt. everest that was triggered by the deadly earthquake. amy hollyfield live from sfo. >> rushing four darling children rush to reunite with their mother after five weeks of being apart would warm your heart and when you hear how the mother didn't almost make it home it is even more precious. >> we wanted to raise water for water for nepal and we all know what happens and the last week's been interesting. >> siobhan mcfeeney was in nepal. this shows what it was like when it hit. i don't know why we're here but i'm very happy. >> reporter: she says it's going
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to take some time to process her emotions from the experience, but she is clear on the fact that it's a miracle she is here. >> i don't know why we survived. i have no idea. >> she and her husband terry trevino are serious climbers but with four kids someone has to stay home while the other goes. terry says he didn't hear she was okay until two and a half gut-wrenching hours after the quake hit. their children ranging from 11 to 5 say they will not be letting mom leave again any time soon. >> are you going to let her go to nepal again? >> no. >> no. >> mom agrees. she's got too much to live hear right here in san francisco. >> there's no consistency to it so i think when you get luck oat random front take it. if you avoid risk for a while. i don't think i'll be going back some any time soon. >> she still has a cough from the altitude sickness but she's alive and she knows that's a miracle and right now she's just going to focus family.
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at sfo amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> no better feeling than getting those hugs from your children and if you want to help the relief and recovery efforts and all you have to do is text the word nepal to 90999 to contribute $10 or call 1-800-red cross. >> national guard members started leaving baltimore today. nearly 4,000 troops were sent to the city after the riots last week. the drawdown is expected to take several days. when it's over the state's governor will lift the state of emergency. baltimore's citywide curfew ended yesterday. six officers were charged friday in connection with the death of freddie gray while he was in custody. baltimore police denied reports, a man was running from officers when he pulled out a handgun and it went off. no one was injured and no police fired their weapons and the man was arrested for a gun violation. still a lot of grumbling from yours like yours truly who
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shelled out money to watch the mayweather-pacquiao fight. not everyone who bought it has buyer's remorse. thousands were able to watch the fight via smartphone live via videostream apps. why didn't you remind me ama. >> no word yet if cable networks are going after anybody who was streaming the fight. the networks made $400 million and the highest-grossing fight ever and floyd will get over 120, maybe up to $180 million and manny probably $100, or $120. >> they made out. >> for not a lot of action. >> spencer christian for a look at the weather. >> it was indeed. we're getting more sunshine than we had earlier today and still though a cooler day than yesterday, generally speaking and here's live doppler 7 hd and
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we have low clouds and a few clouds above. let's take a look at current wind gusts up to 38 miles per hour at fairfield and mountain view and san carlos 28 at sfo and 18 1/2 in half moon bay and here's a look at the sky over the bay from the emory -- from the exploratorium camera actually. we'll see a sunnier day tomorrow and maybe some showers wednesday through friday and there were thunderstorms out there today. there's a look at the movement with our cloud pattern and earlier today we had a rather extensive cloud cover inland that diminished late in the afternoon hours and we have low clouds holding on near the coast. the marine layer about 2500 feet deep right now and here's how it looked from the top of mount tam by the way of time lapse video from this morning into the afternoon and peeking out at just above 2500 feet so you can see the low clouds there and the marine layer moving down below
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camera level and we got to the satellite image showing an approaching cold front and it's a weak frontal system and we don't expect a significant change in our weather and it's not going bring us any rainfall in the bay area although that is much needed and the forecast animation at 11:00 at night and notice it gets breezier along the coast. we'll have low clouds and high clouds diminish and as we look at wednesday's forecast animation and maybe some afternoon showers up in the north bay and just a slight chance on wednesday and most of the bay area will be dry this week and overnight partly cloudy skies and low temperatures in the upper 40s to right around 50 and tomorrow we'll see sunnier conditions and breezy at the coast and not any significant warm-up though. we'll see highs inland in the mid-70s and upper 60s around the bay and in the coast upper 50s and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast and we have a steady pattern in the mid-70s inland and upper 50s on the coast and slightly milder over
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the weekend for mother's day on sunday and a calm pattern and a steady pattern, larry and ama, and sort of boring like the pacquiao-mayweather fight. >> you paid for it also, huh? >> i'm afraid. >> money we'll never get back. >> not again. never again. >> all right. thank you, spencer. up next may the force be with you. we go inside the "vanity fair" cover shoot featuring the cast of the next "star wars" film. >> the driver who dragge
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muddle no more™. [ shots fired ] a i day of celebration today in the united kingdom. there were royal gun salutes across london to mark the birth of the latest royal baby who now has a name. it's charlotte elizabeth diana. how cute is she? charlotte, charles a nod to her
4:24 pm
grandfather. elizabeth after the queen, her great-grandmother and of course, diana after prince william's mother the late princess of wales who died in 2007 and she's fourth in line to the throne after prince charles, her father, prince william and her brother, prince george. kensington palace said the duke and dufrpes are delighted to announce that they've named their daughter charlotte elizabeth diana and it's been retweeted 46000 times and it's been favorited at least 43,000. >> how adorable is she? >> she's so cute. >> and she has the cheeks. >> special day for star wars fans out there. >> celebration of may 4th or may the force be with you. vanity fair is giving fans an inside look at the upcoming movie. nick watt has more on the exciting developments. >> yep right now you're behind the scenes on "star wars" episode 7. you're welcome. there's annie leibovitz taking
4:25 pm
the pictures for "vanity fair" and the tantalizing glimpse of adam driver previously of "girls" fame, commanding stormtroopers loyal to the first order. judging by the dots on her face, lupita nyong'o is playing some type of computer-enhanced character in the force awakens produced by our parent company walt disney. >> my favorite shots in the whole spread is of a group of characters who are hanging out and the castle is apparently owned by lupita nyong'o's character and it's an array of space villains similar to the characters you saw in the original "star wars." >> hang on, is that a female c 3 po-looking droid? >> they gave us snippets of video without stand. star wars secrets are that closely guarded. here's j.j. abrams directing daisy ridley on a contraption named the speeder in the deserts of abu dhabi. >> as i understand it what
4:26 pm
they're aiming for is, you know the new film, but with some of the flavor of the older films. >> yes, oscar flies and old school x-wing and look han chewy and hans onboard the millennium falcon. i think the message is clear. >> chewy we're home. >> nick walt, abc news, los angeles. >> even stopper is getting into the star wars tweeted and this is a twet sent out by the oakland as in yoda fashion, he's telling fans, #may the force be with you. >> stomper doesn't speak. >> the yoda voice. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. it's a pregnancy protest by these bay area women that are demonstrating against a form of birth control. >> up first treadmill tragedy, the gym accident leading to the death of a prominent silicon valley tech executive.
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>> and the threat that was made on twitter only minutes before
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. here are the headlines where you live as we come up on 4:30. warriors fans this is what everybody was hoping for. steph curry has been named the
4:30 pm
nba's most valuable player this season and people have been sending these congratulations all day long. mike schumann tweeted the mvp trophy now belongs to steph curry and it is a well-deserved honor honor. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina will run for president becoming the first candidate for the republican nomination. david louie tweeted fiorina kicked it off with a live periscope broadcast and we'll have that on aishs 7 news at 5:00. we're learning more about the two islamist extremists who opened fire at a dallas area event before authorities gunned them down. abc's marcy gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: wearing body armor and carrying loaded assault rifles, police say two men were intents on attacking a controversial event in texas where artists gathered last night competing for a $10,000
4:31 pm
award for the best cartoon depicting the prophet mohammed. >> obviously they were there to shoot people. >> reporter: after they shot an unarmed security guard bruce shot someone in the leg another officer returned fire killing both suspects. >> a whole bunch of gunshots. >> later learning one of the suspects elton simpson who was convicted in a 2010 terror investigation apparently tweeted this, with the #texasattack a half hour before it began. followers of isis called for attacks on the contest for the american freedom defense initiative known for its anti-islamic views. >> this is an assault on the freedom of speech very much like the "charlie hebdo" jihad slaughter. >> the fbi spent a day confirming there were no bombs in the suspects' vehicle and searching in the apartment simpson and the other suspect shared in phoenix for evidence
4:32 pm
and any indication of a terror connection. >> the guard was cho shot has been released from the hospital. he was part of the extensive extra security team the group hosting the event paid $10,000 to have on site. marcy gonzalez abc news, new york. in the north bay the closure of marin county's largest cab company now has plenty of former drivers looking for work and customer waiting a bit longer to get a ride. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live in san rafael and how bad were employees and customers caught by sur rise? >> well they didn't see it coming and that was for certain. >> marin said another cab company was four different companies in one and it was bel air and it was radio cab and it was yellow cab, and we are told there are as many as 40 to 60 employees. >> the taxi cab never earns money if it's empty and parked. the same stands for a fleet of them and these are the remnants of the sonoma taxi cabs and one
4:33 pm
mechanic getting them ready to sell. >> friday i got a call around midday, around noon. no explanation and that's what happened a little more than a week ago as cab customers and companies trying to fill the slack ever since. >> how much biz year ierusierbusier? >> a lot. like double. >> she tried to bulk up to handle the extra work. >> we did our best as individuals over there. meantime, business manager lucinda daniel blames the general services authority for deregulating the cab industry while not policing internet start-ups. >> then uber starts coming in and so they effectively destroyed the cab industry in this county. >> seniors are among the customers who have had to wait longer for cabs and camel pie us residence has a shuttle service
4:34 pm
and some rely on the subsidized taxi program and they've seen waits as long as 45 minutes. everyone hopes the delays are temporary with the worst having past. >> a county should care about the people who are providing transportation to its tourists and residents. >> in san rafael, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. they're making muni busses run faster and cleaner. the castro trolley turnaround to announce mun si getting $48 million in additional funds to be used to purchase new busses and hire 244 workers and mostly bus operators and more mechanics will be hired to keep the fleet running. >> one of the challenges at muni's ability to be on time was that we had to have enough busses and trolleys out there that were not sitting in some mechanical shop. >> muni will also hire more crews to keep vehicles clean on
4:35 pm
the outside and inside. the funds come from bond approved by san francisco boaters. we are now hearing the 911 call following the double decker bus that caught fire in asbury neighborhood over the weekend. >> a bus is on fire and you might want to get another engine. >> the bus is on fire. >> the driver and dozens of passengers escaped to injury. bystanders alerted the driver as smoke and flames shot out of its rear engine. the owner of a nearby pizza shop ran out with a ladder to help. climbed out with the ladder and the people on the top deck started to exit. fire investigators are looking into what sparked the fire and abc 7 news contacted big bus tours to find out if a safety inspection had been done prior to the fire and we are waiting for a response back and world news tonight with david muir will have much more at 5:30. a man is recovering after a
4:36 pm
terrifying motorcycle crash in southern california. the dramatic moments after the crash were caught on camera. >> is it lettering youhurting you? is it hurting you? >> don't move, sir. you're all right. >> the pickup truck driver didn't realize at first the man was underneath his truck so he kept driving. witnesses on the scene friday afternoon said the man was dragged 30 to 40 feet before traffic slowed down and were able to help. they propped the truck up and slid the man out. he was wearing full protective gear. >> unbelievable. we are learning more tonight how surveymonkey david goldberg died while on vacation in mexico. he slipped on a treadmill and hit his head and his family found him in the four seasons resort in puerto vallarta.
4:37 pm
he was married to sheryl sandberg and markic zerberg posted a tribute saying he was an amazing person and was glad to have known him. medical american is legal in california and adults and what about children? >> there is a growing movement to have medical marijuana treat kids and many suffer seizures that could be life-threatening. >> we had seen search terrible things with other medications that we were willing to take a chance. will the drug be effective long term and a new bay area research project that could offer new hope to suffering children. >> you know that kale is good for you. >> dieticians reveal the underrated super foods that you should be eating. surf's up in southern california. the warning now going out to beach goers. i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. i'm still texting your questions on twitter and facebook. just search for michael finney and i'll answer your questions right here live a little later. i'm spencer christian, we're
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surfers in southern california enjoyed some big waves today. waves were up to 10 feet high in newport beach and orange county. lifeguards are urging anyone who doesn't know how to swim to stay away from the water. the high surf advisory is expected to remain in place
4:41 pm
through tomorrow. no beaches in the bay area are currently under a surf warning. carnival says the waves in long beach made it too dangerous to dock there. passengers on that ship were bussed back to long beach and the next set of passengers will be bussed to san diego and that will depart this evening. spencer is keeping a close eye on the weather for this week. >> cloudy and cool spencer. >> some of the clouds lingered and beginning to break up because of the breeze and here's live doppler 7 hd and we have fairly sunny skies and the low clouds are holding on near the coastline and today there will be baseball in the breeze at at&t park. temperature 54 degrees. across the national scene tomorrow, look for showers in the central rockies. thunderstorms from oak take to northern texas and the few thunderstorms over the great
4:42 pm
lakes and down in southern florida. across the state of california tomorrow we'll see mainly dry conditions and all dry. sunny from top to bottom except lingering clouds near part of the coastline and breezy along the central coast and we'll see highs in the 80s and fresno and 90 in palm springs and only 67 in los angeles and it will be breeze owe the coast and a relatively cool day and highs only in the 50s at the coast and we'll see mid to upper 60s around the bay and mid-70s for the most part in the inland locations and it will be a relatively cool day. larry and ama? >> thank you spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, a sign of the times. the comcast reviewealing a shift for the cable company. forget about kale the other super foods that should be in your diet. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney is it okay for a store to charge you sales tax for one
4:43 pm
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covering ven eastern ahsan ramon and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. comcast amid changing times, the telecommunications giant beat wall street estimates with first-quarter profits that were up 10% dom paired with a year ago. here's the key part. comcast now has more high-speed internet customers than it does have subscribers to its cable packages. the company added 400,000 cut offers in last quarter and it has big news for comcast and it backed out of the $7 billion merger with time warner. general motors trying to put a charge into the price. it is knocking down the price on the 2016 model. the new volt will be $26,000, and that price does not include a $7400 electric car tax credit and chevy has sold under 2800
4:47 pm
volts and that's a 46% drop from the same period last year. in health news the vaccine is waning acceptance in adolescents. >> forget about kale, some of the most underrated super foods. jane king has the wellness report. >> the effectiveness of the vaccine for pertussis or whooping cough is less effective as children are older. the problem is likely contributing to the increase in whooping cough among teens. many foods get a lot of attention and there are others packed with nutrients and we forget about yahoo help talked to dieticians about chick pea peas, orange onions and are often forgotten among the kales of the world. >> marketing professors at the school of business say we often underestimate how much we'll enjoy doing something alone and by separate experiments researchers found that people
4:48 pm
were consistently surprised how much they enjoyed seeing a movie and going to an art gallery and dining out by themselves. >> people are underestimating the risk of skin cancer and 96% of uk adults failed to check themselves regularly for skin cancer and 77% wouldn't be able to recognize signs of the disease. skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the world. from the nasdaq i'm jane king. here's to your health. ♪ ♪ our time now for "ask finney." 7 on your side's michael finney. >> i have four credit cards and i want to consolidate all in one payment plan. do you know any reasonable consolidation debt companies in the bay area? >> reasonable is the key word here. if you want somebody to negotiate for you and help set up a whole plan and get you out of debt and that type of thing. consumer credit counselling is in the bay area and you might want to check them out and
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they'll work out a deal for you. if you don't need all of those services and you joft got a little behind and want to get into better shape and check out a credit union. right now they're doing debt consolidation loans to $20 or $25,000 to 5.5% to 6% and there are good deals out there because you're dropping the 22% to 29% down to 5.5% and that could help you. >> bob, i was at a hardware store in venetia and they were selling candy bars for a charity. they charged me tax on the candy bars. is that right? >> you are slick. you're slick no! they shouldn't have charged you tax for that and i'm assuming that they assume almost everything in there is tax and they just set up the tax and the bottom line is that was food to be taken off purposes and you should go back and demand your money back or not. tell them finney sent you. >> i need to get a passport in a
4:50 pm
hurry. do you recognize an expediter agency? >> no. we're lucky and right here in the bay area and you can go down to the office in san francisco and stand in line and get a passport. what you have to do is it has to be an manages for them to get it to you very quickly and you need your tickets to say i'm leaving in two days or whatever. i went and stood in line because a guy i was chasing showed up missing and i thought he was going to end up because he had ties there to argentina. so i needed a passport to get to argentina if i needed to. >> no, he showed up in a hotel room in vegas trying to kill himself. >> a wild story. >> thank you michael. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue and the bay area women that say a certain form of birth control is putting them in darining. >> here's dan with what's ahead at 5 look. >> putting new oil in your car and how legislators want to help
4:51 pm
you change it less often. plus -- ♪ ♪ nice right? the bay area law professor playing the blues. perhaps all of the way into music history. those stories and a
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down you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store. where you'll find the best buy rated mattress with sleepiq™ technology. know better sleep with sleep number. here's a look now at tonight's prime timelineup on abc 7. "dancing with the stars" at 8:00 followed by "castle" and abc 7 news at 11:00. >> two young people with a truly special bond are spending quality time together after meeting each other for the first time in los angeles international airport. 8-year-old grant burg got to meet the bone marrow donor who saved his life. he flew in from germany. this is a moment he's thought about for three years. >> i have imagined it so often in my mind and now it is reality and it was crazy. it was overwhelming and i have such a good feeling.
4:55 pm
>> he wouldn't be here -- sorry, if it wasn't for him. it's really the truth. >> doctors diagnosed grant with aplastic anemia, a condition that would require a bone marrow transplant. it took three years and a worldwide search to find marvin the perfect match. >> they wanted to meet marvin earlier, but germany has a two-year waiting period before a recipient can enable contact and they finally got a chance to meet. >> the contraceptive implant continues to receive a lot of criticism from women who claim to be injured. today dozens of women rallied in front of the moscone center where a convention of obstetricians is going on. >> leann melendez join us and why many want it off the market. >> this is a non surgical procedure that will be used by 750,000 women around the world. it's super popular.
4:56 pm
in some cases though there have been side effects and major complications, months or even years after it was inserted. more than 14,000 people have joined the facebook group called the sure problems demanding the company warn the public about what can go wrong. >> the majority of these women protesting today once had the contraceptive implant called assure and had to have it removed. >> i had to have a hysterectomy to have it taken out. >> women have suffered from a number of ailments. >> it turned into a daily stabbing pain and it gradually turned into chronic fatigue and joint pain and migraines. >> the device is a small metal and polyester coil placed into a woman's fa lobian tubes and it is non-surgical and that's why it's been so popular. here's how it works. the body reacts to it by triggering an inflammatory response. this causes scar tissue to form which prevents anything from
4:57 pm
entering the fallopian tubes. >> it works too well sometimes. it causes a chronic response in the fallopian tubes that causes chronic pain and irregular bleeding. >> dr. julio has been opposed after serious side effects were reported during the clinical trial. the device was approved by the federal drug administration in 2002. they purchased the company in 2013 and has seen the complaints of thousands of women. >> it is safe and effective and there is an adverse event rate that is expected but it's very low. >> i did my homework before getting it and i've not had a single problem. it's been terrific. >> but in about 4% of women the device has moved into the pelvic area and that is of concern to the fda. >> i went from 28 years old and being one of those moms let's go out, let's do everything to i can't get out of bed and i can't even go to work.
4:58 pm
>> they have a toll-free number set up for those with concerns. the company says women should seek out only doctors who have a lot of experience using this device. in the newsroom lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much and thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil and abc 7 news begins with dan and cheryl. >> to be following in your footsteps means a lot to me. >> steph curry gets emotional. lots of tears and laughter today as the warriors star is named league mvp. >> plus, rescue after a couple gets trapped and her husband runs for help and -- >> it felt great. >> a reason to get in the bleachers. >> a man whose car was stolen with his wife's issue ashes inside gets some good news thanks to a dedicated police officer. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel and it gets off to a cool start and i'll let you know if the pattern persists
4:59 pm
coming up. >> live from the broadcast center this is abc 7 united states. >> >> congratulations, steph. >> this is an incredible journey. steph curry becomes the first warrior to get basketball's top honor since wilt chamberlain did it in 1906. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. steph curry was officially named the most valuable player today and he was clearly humbled by the honor. >> this hasn't sunk in at all. i'm on cloud nine. >> the warriors tweeted out this picture of curry before the event with the title breathe. the nsh put out a compilation of curry's best moves including this one. steph curry! and bucket! can't duplicate this at home. >> there's only one steph. >> news sports anchor, mike schumann is live at the
5:00 pm
warriors' practice facility. i can't imagine who else they would have give then honor to this year. there was no question, dan he deserved it and wilt chamberlain the only other player to win mvp honor when he was with the philadelphia warriors and after a two-hour press conference steph thanked everybody in the warriors organization and his players and teammates and his high school and college coaches and afterwards i asked him did you ever think when they were at davidson college that you would be standing on this stage with an mvp trophy. >> it is a dream come true and it is so surreal because i watched the nba for a very long time, and i have seen this moment every year and going on the other side looking out is stephen curry most


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