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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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a little refreshing. >> the awards ceremony is thursday in memphis. >> he is good. >> thanks for breaking developments. the fbi on the scene after the terror in texas. two gunmen with assault rifles killed by police after opening fire. and we have exclusive reporting tonight. the conversation with the alleged gunmen in the days before it all unfolded. also, from baltimore late today, the moments of chaos. the gun that went off. police and protesters rushing in. the rescue. the packed double-decker bus erupting into flames. the heroes who jump into action. the mystery in the sky. the former student pilot accused of stealing a plane. you will hear the audio, trying to get him to land. and fighting back. for the first time tonight, sofia vergara, breaking her silence. in her own words on her former fiance, the battle over their frozen embryos, and on her new life. and may the 4th be with you. the new "star wars" actors revealed tonight.
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good evening. and we begin tonight with fast-moving developments after the terror in texas, a deadly shootout. a texas traffic cop able to stop two heavily armed men shooting and killing both of them. it all happened outside a convention center. inside, a cartoon competition, a provocative one. artists drawing the prophet muhammad. these images coming in at this hour. that is the car that two gunmen roommates, pulled up in got out and opened fire. all that's left is the burned out frame. the bomb squad a controlled destination, fearing there might be bombs inside. tonight, images of the chaos and the fear in the moments after the shootings. and this evening, right here, new and exclusive reporting on one of the suspects. it turns out authorities had been tracking him here in the u.s. and we begin with abc's ryan owens on the scene in texas. >> reporter: a barrage of
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bullets as two suspected terrorists armed with assault rifles are outgunned by a texas traffic cop and his pistol. it happened just before 7:00 sunday night at this event center, hosting a contest for cartoons of the prophet muhammad. deeply offensive to muslims. >> kudos to the over 300 cartoonists, wannabe cartoonists, who took the risk and submitted cartoons. >> reporter: authorities say two extremists pull into the parking lot. they're blocked by a single police cruiser. the two extremists in protective gear and armed with assault rifles get out of this car and start shooting. a traffic cop returns fire with just his pistol and shoots both gunmen dead. >> he did what he was trained to do. he did a very good job. and probably saved lives. >> reporter: inside, this is the moment hundreds of guests hear about the gunfire, as you see on the event's live stream. >> okay, shots just got fired.
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>> we don't know that for a fact. >> then i think i better wrap it up my own self. >> reporter: ten minutes later, a s.w.a.t. leader orders an evacuation. >> we are going to move ya'll into the auditorium. >> reporter: at about 1:30 this morning, the bomb squad blows up the car's trunk, which had several suitcases, but no bombs. the group holding the muhammad cartoon contest? the american freedom defense initiative. it's been called an anti-muslim hate group by the southern poverty law center. they had to shell out an additional ten grand for security before this venue would even agree to host them. as much carnage as those terrorists were hoping to cause here, they only managed to shoot a school resource officer in the leg. he's fine tonight. so many crediting that texas cop and his pistol. david? >> ryan owens leading us off tonight. ryan, thank you. and now to exclusive reporting about one of those two gunmen who grew up in a christian family, a star athlete in phoenix. but in recent weeks, authorities were monitoring messages they say he was sending out.
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abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross tonight with those messages. >> reporter: the fbi acknowledged today it had 30-year-old elton simpson, the man in this selfie obtained by abc news, under scrutiny as a possible terrorist for the last ten years. simpson grew up in a christian family in this phoenix neighborhood. he told friends that an automobile accident ended his chances of playing basketball in college and led him to allah. >> we're still in shock and disbelief that this could happen. >> reporter: five years ago, the fbi arrested simpson for attempting to join an al qaeda group in somalia. he was convicted of lying to fbi agents, only sentenced to probation, but put on the no-fly list and became increasingly upset, according to his lawyer. >> he just felt like he was being targeted just because of his religious beliefs. >> reporter: and over the last few months, simpson sent repeated twitter messages, obtained by abc news, about his growing dismay with his country.
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"soon you won't be able to live in america as a muslim. the noose is tightening," he wrote on march 14th. on april 15th, he wrote, "time is short." on april 23rd, he wrote of the upcoming cartoon drawing event in texas -- "when will they ever learn?" and then yesterday, just minutes before the attack that would lead to his death and that of his roommate, simpson sent this twitter message that he and a bro had pledged loyalty to isis. "may allah accept us as mujahadin," he wrote. >> and brian is with us now. a lot of people are going to be troubled by this because if the fbi has been tracking him for years, how did he get this far? >> reporter: exactly, david. there are many questions about that tonight. officials say he was not under 24-hour surveillance, even though the fbi was aware of many of these troubling social media messages that we have obtained. >> all right, brian ross tonight. brian, thank you. now, to baltimore. tonight, less than 24 hours after that curfew was lifted, a moment of chaos and a reminder of the tension there. a suspect surrounded by police,
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a gun shot ringing out, crowds gathering, confusion and fear followed. police in riot gear at the ready. abc's steve osunsami on what really happened. a gun dropping to the ground and going off. >> reporter: crowds gathered when word spread today that police had gunned down an unarmed black resident. but the president of the naacp at the scene says there was not another shooting by the hands of cops, and the spread of faulty information was dangerous. >> people don't need to hear that in the whole city of baltimore or the whole world that it was a shooting by an officer when it wasn't. >> reporter: police say the incident started when they spotted a man with an open weapon on streetside surveillance cameras. when they went to confront him and make an arrest, they say he surrendered face first to the ground but say when he dropped his gun, it fired. no one hurt. >> he is not injured. nowhere on his body does he have a gunshot wound. >> was he taken to the hospital? >> he was taken to the hospital. >> reporter: the charges issued against the six police officers for the death of freddie gray have felt like medicine to the streets here, quieting them down. and prosecutor marilyn mosby is
5:37 pm
holding the spoon. various charges ranging from misconduct in office to second degree murder. >> my job as a prosecutor is to follow and uphold the law. >> reporter: but two big questions. are the charges against them too severe? and will they hold up in court? >> proving all of these charges is anything other than a slam dunk. being able to show that the conduct was reckless as opposed to negligent is going to be a tall order for the prosecution. >> reporter: tonight, the curfew in this city remains lifted. and the national guard is still going home as planned. families here are hoping the peace holds. david? >> steve osunsami in baltimore for us again. here in new york tonight, a powerful image as the nypd remembers one of its own. 25-year-old police officer brian moore died today, shot in the head by a suspect over the weekend. officers standing shoulder to shoulder, saluting as his body was taken from the hospital this afternoon. his family by his bedside when he was taken off life support. the police commissioner calling his death a great loss to the city.
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he is the fifth new york city officer shot in fifth months. now, to the penalty phase in the boston bombing trial. and a side of the defendant we have not seen. you'll remember this image of the defiant dzhokhar tsarnaev in his cell, shown to the jury this week. prosecutors saying his gesture to the camera there helping to make their case he deserves the death penalty. in court today, his first show of emotion since the trial began, crying when his aunt took the stand today, trying to spare his life. tonight, in california, investigators looking for the cause of a tour bus fire, right there in the bay area. the double-decker bus engulfed in flames on sunday and then heroes running in to help. one man seen carrying a ladder to help dozens of passengers escape. abc's kendis gibson with what we've learned tonight. >> reporter: a double-decker bus packed with tourists in the heart of san francisco's historic haight district, when suddenly, the back bursts into flames. >> oh, my god. this is crazy. >> reporter: the fire quickly spreading.
5:39 pm
>> we have a two-story tour bus on fire. no victim, fully engulfed, now the engine compartment's going up. >> reporter: watch this surveillance camera. as the bus comes by, you can see someone chasing the bus to alert the driver. >> double-decker bus on fire. you might want to get another engine. >> reporter: the fire now out of control. pizza shop owner timothy parker grabs a ladder and starts rescuing the tourists, as the bus windows crack from the heat. >> a lot of people screaming in the back, oh, get off the bus. get off the bus. >> i was worried about an explosion. >> reporter: incredibly, no injuries, but tonight, san francisco investigators still trying to figure out what triggered this horrific fire. kendis gibson, abc news, los angeles. >> kendis, thank you. now, to the former student pilot accused of stealing a small plane this weekend, flying above the city. tonight, right here, the mysterious voice, trying to convince him to land. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: the man flying near las vegas knew he was in trouble. >> i said i'm sorry for taking
5:40 pm
one of your planes. >> reporter: 27-year-old evan grant, reportedly a former student pilot, flying a plane like this, was recorded while talking on his radio, not with the tower, but with someone he was familiar with. >> we'll go grab something to eat. we'll talk about this. >> well i would like that. but i screwed up. they will probably try to throw you in with me for helping a felon. >> reporter: for an hour, the person on the other end of the radio sounds more like a hostage negotiator, trying to get the alleged plane thief to land. >> why don't you come down? please? >> i've talked to you more than anyone else tonight. like i said, i'm just trying to enjoy what's left of my last flight. >> reporter: finally, the twin engine turns back to the small north las vegas airport. >> it doesn't change anything, but curious -- are the police waiting for me now? >> reporter: police were waiting and he was jailed, facing charges of grand larceny. still a mystery, who got him to land? security officials have long been concerned about large airports like this.
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but a federal official tells us there is a growing concern about smaller airports, too, as this incident highlights. david? >> david kerley tonight. david, thank you. and now to the new faces joining the race for 2016. starting with former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina. vying for the republican nomination she's never held elected office. and came out swinging at hillary clinton. >> she doesn't have a track record of leadership or trustworthiness. she's not the woman for the white house. >> another republican contender making it official now, ben carson. the first african-american candidate for 2016. a well-known neurosurgeon. he has been critical of president obama's health care reform. now, to the lottery mystery tonight. this man on surveillance tape, look at this. collecting his prize from a scratchoff ticket at this gas station outside los angeles. the cashier handing over $75. but the real prize was $75,000. and it turns out that that so-called winner was actually an investigator, trying to find out if the store would pay up. was it an honest mistake? here's matt gutman.
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>> reporter: surveillance cameras at this palmdale california gas station capture this man cashing in, after scratching off a straight flush on this wild west lottery ticket. the prize for that win should have been a whopping 75 grand. but the clerk behind the counter only gives him 75 bucks. the store telling abc news, when it realized its mistake, it released the surveillance video. and good thing, because the winner? an undercover inspector for the california lottery. the man with the backwards cap and the golden ticket was actually testing the store to see if it would give him his winnings. it doesn't always happen. the florida lottery finding some convenience store owners pocketing winners' cash. prompting them to launch a statewide investigation into store owners just last june. discovering that nine of the top ten florida scratchoff winners were convenience store owners. while many of those may have been legitimate, it does raise
5:43 pm
concern. i met one store owner who's so winning, he's bagged an astounding six jackpots in a single day. he has not been charged with a crime. so, the lotto officials say you've won 38 times for about $50,000. >> in four years, maybe. >> reporter: how much money have you put into it, do you think? >> maybe $60 or $70. >> reporter: whatever you spend, just remember to sign your ticket. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> matt, thank you. and now, to the big news fromkensington palace tonight. william and kate revealing their little girl's name, setting off a worldwide reaction. look at this. charlotte elizabeth diana, tweeted hundreds of thousands of times around the globe today. abc's bob woodruff now from london. >> fire! fire! >> reporter: the speculation about the royal baby's name ended today with an announcement via twitter. charlotte elizabeth diana, her royal highness princess charlotte of cambridge. >> i actually guessed it'd be
5:44 pm
charlotte, charlotte diana. >> reporter: did you bet on it? did you win money? >> i wish i betted now. >> reporter: all three of the names have connections to the baby's parents' families. charlotte, a female version of william's dad's name, prince charles, who said he was hoping for a baby girl. elizabeth is kate's mother's middle name, and, of course, the baby's great-grandmother, queen elizabeth ii. and diana, for william's mother, the late princess of wales. >> i think that was about them having -- respecting tradition, but also then choosing something that was fra theom the heart. >> reporter: now, the late princess diana's brother, lord charles spencer, tweeted that his 2-year-old daughter charlotte diana, will be thrilled about sharing names with her new cousin. david? >> bob woodruff, great to have you from london tonight. bob, thanks. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. for the first time, sofia vergara fighting back tonight, in her own words. breaking her silence about that very public battle with her ex-fiance, their frozen embryos, and also talking about her new life. also, the stunning images coming in this evening from hawaii. the eruption caught right there on camera.
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get your first prescription free at next tonight here, "modern family" star sofia vergara breaking her silence, firing back today in her public battle with her former fiance over their frozen embryos. abc's rebecca jarvis reports. >> reporter: tonight, sofia vergara, star of abc's "modern family," speaking out about her ex, nick loeb. >> i don't hate him but obviously he has a problem with me. >> reporter: breaking her silence on howard stern's radio show about the battle over their frozen embryos. loeb has gone public, saying he wants to bring them to term. she does not. >> you guys break up and you say, look, i don't want to have a baby with you. i'm not involved with you anymore. >> can you blame me? >> i can't blame you. and by the way, a child needs a mother. >> a mother and more than a mother, needs a loving relationship of parents, you know, that get along. >> reporter: she says this is
5:48 pm
all spelled out in their contract with the fertility clinic. legal papers vergara says her ex not only signed once, but twice. >> two times? and suddenly now you want to change your mind? >> reporter: vergara is moving right along, stopping by "the ellen show" to celebrate her engagement to heartthrob joe manganiello. >> i mean, i'm so lucky. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: now, nick loeb is suing sofia vergara in the california courts. but the legal experts we spoke to say it is unlikely those contracts that they signed will be overturned, david. >> all right, rebecca, thank you. when we come back here, more on that tragic loss. the famous face. she helps run facebook. she's fought to empower young girls with help from her husband. tonight, more on that loss of her husband over the weekend. and the stunning images coming in from hawaii tonight. you'll see it right here on camera, the eruption. details when we come back. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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dying suddenly friday during a family vacation in mexico. sandberg writing in her book "lean in" that the most important career decision a woman can make is her choice of life partner. adding, "the best decision i ever made was to marry dave." dave goldberg was 47 years old and we're all thinking of sheryl and her family tonight. we're going to turn now to those stunning images out of hawaii at this hour. the kilauea volcano. a lake of lava at the summit exploding after a portion of the crater collapsed. and "vanity fair" this evening taking us behind the scenes the set of the new "star wars." oscar winner lupita nyong'o in the cast. harrison ford, chewbacca back. and the new villain, adam driver joining the cast from "girls." when we come back here tonight, behind the scenes on air force one. wait until you see the view we got, right after the break.
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finally tonight, the view you haven't seen. our exclusive on air force one. abc's jonathan karl in new york tonight, after taking air force one to get here. >> reporter: that's quite a sight. >> welcome to air force one. >> reporter: it's the most recognizable plane in the world. can we go aboard? >> absolutely. after you. >> reporter: all right. and we got a rare and exclusive tour outside and in. our guide? chief master sergeant rob nation. so, you're the president's chief flight attendant? >> i am, yes, sir. >> reporter: so this is the flying oval office. if you look on the floor, whenever you see stars on the carpet on air force one, that is the president's personal space. just outside the president's office, the secret service. the president's personal detail. >> yes, sir.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: down the hall -- >> notice the carpet changes again to the stars. >> reporter: the situation room in the sky. if you notice, there are seat belts here, but seat belts with the presidential seal. >> yes, sir, you would like to see the business end of air force one? >> reporter: yeah, yeah. >> come on in. you can be my co-pilot today. >> reporter: all right. it's high tech but old. this plane has been flying presidents for 25 years. colonel dave banholzer is the chief presidential pilot. so have you ever seen the movie "air force one?" >> i have. >> get off my plane! >> reporter: totally realistic, right? >> absolutely -- not. >> reporter: today, president obama's 1,070th flight. all right, we're already rolling down the runway. i think it's time to get in our seats. while in the air, time for a brief call. >> abc. >> hi, sir, this is the operator on air force one. i'm placing a call for mr. jonathan karl. he would like to speak with mr. david muir. >> i guess we'll take it. >> reporter: hey, david. >> hey, i finally get a call from air force one and it's not the president? >> reporter: a short while later, we're on the ground.
5:58 pm
jfk airport. precisely on time. >> ah yes. the airline that gets you there on time. i loved the call from air force one today, but what people didn't hear is i asked you to bring me something from the plane. >> reporter: well, david, the thing everybody gets on air force one are the presidential m&ms. but i also got you the air force one matches. that's right. they give you matches aboard air force one. just don't try to light them on board. >> they'll take you down pretty quickly. >> reporter: yes. >> i'm going to take these m&ms. made in america, too. >> reporter: absolutely. >> all right, jon karl. great to have you here in new york? how are you getting home now? >> reporter: commercial. >> that's our broadcast for tonight. thanks for watching. i'm david muir. and we of course hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. good night. good a member of the 49ers is on defense tonight. >> how much will you have to conserve where you live? why dozens of water agencies are
5:59 pm
recalculating cut backs. a car thief makes off with this man's memories. >> it hasn't sunk in. a special moment for steph curry. what he did with his prize that proved he is a class act. >> it was a loud spat with his girlfriend that brought made him the subject of a domestic violence investigation. good evening. >> this isn't the first time the 49ers had to deal with a domestic situation 27 yearlied-year-old bruce miller was arraigned today and carolyn tiller joins with us the details. >> the case is being prosecuted
6:00 pm
by the family violence unit by the santa clara county district attorney's office, prosecutors say they take minor incidents seriously. >> bruce miller entering a plea in court. according to police the full back and his girlfriend were arguing in a parking lot when he pushed her out of his car and smashed her cell phone against a wall she says there was never a physical altercation. the charge is misdemeanor vandalism. >> this is a domestic abuse case in the property belongs to somebody with whom he had an intimate relationship. as much it's a domestic violence case >> the management issued a statement saying the organization is aware of today's developments. involving bruce miller and will continue to monitor these legal