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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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broadcast center this is abc 7 news. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. first at 4:00, for the second time in weeks a whale has washed ashore in pacifica. take a look right there. this is the scene at shark park beach. crowd have been gathering to watch this unfortunate spectacle. this follows april the 14th. lyanne melendez joins us now at shark park beach. lyanne? >> reporter: you know larry, i am convinced that everybody stopped working today to drop by here to see this whale. i am convinced. it was discovered late last night and scientists took a first look early this morning, but they couldn't do much because of the high tide.
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word of the latest whale to wash ashore in pacifica. >> facebook. people posted on facebook. >> ali were the first to see the humpback as the waves seemed to rock her. >> i thought it was a big rock and when i looked up to it it had a bunch of peeled skin on it. >> according to the marine mammal center this whale has been dead four to five days and no clue as to how she died. researchers from the academy of sciences will wait until tomorrow to examine the carcass. the tide kept them from doing that today. just three weeks ago a 48-foot sperm whale washed ashore on the same beach. scientists still don't know how that one died, but pretty much know how they got here. we have pretty strong onshore winds the last couple of weeks and that will lend itself to depositing floating marine mammals onshore more and this beach tends to be more of a
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collection site for dead marine mammals. >> reporter: it was as if people stopped what they were doing to take pictures of this creature. >> i saw the sperm one, and it didn't really look like a whale. it was too gross and that one is, like, cool and i've never really seen a whale. >> smelly? >> yeah. >> lisa martinez came here expecting to hike and never expecting to see a whale. >> we had just started on the path at maury point and someone said the whale's out that way and we jogged a little bit just to get here but -- yeah, it's such a majestic creature to see so close. >> and there she is surrounded by dozens of curious people and i mentioned that scientists couldn't work on her because of these waters and that has not kept people from going very close to her and even touching her including one person falling
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into the water with a very expensive camera. if you're going to come out here to pacifica, we just want you to know to be very careful. i'm live in pacifica lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. turning to the weather now. skies partly cloudy and still it's fairly breezy out there. very breezy and could we see some wet weather toward the end of the week and spencer christian is live with the accuweather. >> partly cloudy and quite breezy and we do have the makings of a chance of rain later in the week. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd and we have mainly sunny skies right now and we have some high clouds around and hazy high clouds and patches of low clouds near the coast, but not on the coast and take a look at our current wind gusts and sfo 31 mile per hour gusts and 25 at san carlos and 17 at mountain view and 21 at hayward and it's pretty breezy and a live view from emoriville and mainly
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clear, 59 in san francisco and 59 san carlos and mid-60s and san jose and morgan hill and it's mainly clear the golden gate and we have 73 degrees in santa rosa and mid to upper 60s and lower 70s and 69 at livermore and as we look from the east bay hills camera out over the bay and here is the first forecast we'll see a few areas of low clouds tonight and a few clouds will linger in the early morning hours and mostly sunny and highs up to 80 inland and it's the day after tomorrow and i'll give you a closer look at that in just a moment. larry and ama? >> we'll check back with you in just a few minutes. >> the cell phone video that shows excessive force by san jose police. >> today san jose p.d. is defending this arrest as a necessary and reasonable takedown. vic lee joins us live in san jose with the story vic? >> larry, the 22-year-old was booked on various charges and the most serious being assault with a deadly weapon.
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a police spokesman says if you look at the video it does look violent, but basically police policy says that if you need to use force to subdue a suspect who is resisting you can do that. the only question is was it excessive force? >> it happened here at the intersection of story and white roads. saturday night police say two officers saw juan moreno lopez acting suspiciously like he was high on a stimulant. they say he tossed something in the bushes when he made eye contact with them and ran off and suddenly turned toward the officers. >> the suspect at this point takes out a bottle and attempts to attack one of our officers. he then immediately precedes to engage both officers in a physical fight. >> police say the 22-year-old resisted violently. the officers calleded for backup, more cops arrived. >> he was tased and there were some baton strikes and there were some punches that were
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thrown even after the suspect was handcuffed. he continued to struggle and fight and assist the officers. >> police say lopez continued resisting in the car and they took him out and placed him on restraints in the gurney and lopez was cleared at the hospital and transported to jail and the video prompted varied responses to police. >> they treat you like a criminal. >> the police officers are doing a great job. just let them do their job. >> san jose independent police auditor judge kordell says her office has received complaints. >> we have received complaints from more than one individual about what they claim is an excessive use of force by san jose's police officers. >> reporter: it automatically triggers a police internal affairs investigation. vic lee, abc 7 news. outrage outside of
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pleasanton courthouse today and dui suspect brian jones was confronted by supporters of the mother and 14 month old child he's accused of running down and killing in livermore. a hearing scheduled for today was put off for another two weeks and jones is free on a $300,000 bond. >> jones is deeply remorseful for what happened. he's been an emotional wreck every second of the day over what happened. >> the fact that he was out the judge doesn't do nothing, not even a slap on the hand. that's not right. that's what made me angry. >> jones is accused of dui and two counts of vehicular homicide. police say he lost control of his corvette and ran over the mother and child. the car then smashed into a backyard party injuring two children there. family friends and colleagues gathered at stanford today for a private memorial service for dave goldberg. there are conflicting reports coming out about how the 47-year-old died. mexican officials say goldberg
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died from a head injury after falling off a treadmill at the hotel gym of the four seasons near puerto vallarta. the four seasons say the accident did not take place at that hotel and goldberg was not even a registered guest there. goldberg was the ceo of survey surveymonkey and married to sheryl sandberg. someone pusheded a stolen mini cooper over a cliff. abc 7 news just talked to the owner of the car who was shocked to learn her stolen mini was at the bottom of that cliff. the woman says someone took it from her home in emoriville on april 27th and she's been driving a rental car hoping it would be recovered in better shape than it was recovered. a free speech rally in morgan hill this morning. sky 7 hd was over the protest around 7:30. five years ago live oak
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administrators told a group of students to turn their american flag shirts inside out after more than two dozen fights broke out between them and students of mexican heritage on cinco de mayo. a federal judge upheld that right to take that action under those circumstances and this morning's protest took place without incident. authorities released more information about the two men cleared targeted a controversial cartoon contest near dallas. >> marcy gonzalez has more about how the terror groups are responsible and how the families of the suspects are responding. >> reporter: today isis claiming responsibility for the failed attack in texas. [ shots fired ] >> reporter: the terror group saying they were behind the plan to ambush the controversial event which featured artists drawing cartoons of the prophet muhammad. it was by the american freedom defense initiative which the poverty center calls an anti-muslim group. >> we are here for freedom and
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everything else is smear. >> reporter: one of the two suspects killed by police after shooting and injuring an unarmed security guard outside of the event was on the fbi's radar. 30-year-old elton simpson writing soon you won't be able to live in america as a muslim. the noose is tightening in a march 14th twitter message seen by the fbi and obtained by abc news. on april 10th he tweeted time is short and on april 23rd he wrote about the upcoming event in dallas, when will they ever learn? the mother of nadir soofi believes he was influenced by simpson who was his roommate. >> simpson was charged in the 2010 terror investigation though he was on the no-fly list, his messages revealed he planned to travel to syria to join isis last month. >> it should be a way of life for most people. >> reporter: his trip only halted when the fbi arrested some people in his inner circle.
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simpson's father told abc news his son made a bad choice and said we are americans and we believe in america. marcy gonzalez abc news new york. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00. inside job the wells fargo employees now accused of defraud defrauding their own customers. i'm laura anthony at oracle arena where the warriors have the most valuable player and to hear them tell it the most valuable fans too. that story coming up. new at 4:30 the financial lifesaver just passed in santa clara county to keep a struggling ambulance company afloat. taking a live look at traffic, and the skyway jammed up in both directions and moving slightly better on the left hand side and that is the southbound and the left hand side approaching the lower deck and on over
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covering walnut creek, burrellinggame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. tonight the warriors will take on the grizzlies in game two of the western conference semifinals and before tonight's game a specialer is money toe honor the nba's mvp steph curry and laura anthony joining us live from oracle arena where they have a secret weapon for tonight's game or perhaps 20,000 of them. >> right around that number, larry. steph curry made sure to mention them yesterday in his acceptance speech, something the warriors have known for a long time during good times, bad times winning an mvp award for fans, it would land right here.
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>> cur, the three! >> with a. >> youly crowned mvp and a supporting cast that makes them the best team in the nba it hardly seems the warriors need much else this playoff run but their fans are clearly a big part of this team's amazing season and nobody knows it better than the players. >> it is so funny to see other teams down the stretch and try to call plays and the guys can barely hear. they're discombobulated and perhaps houston fans can take a page out of the dub nation playbook monday night with the home team down toward the end of the game, rockets fans basically sat on their hands. that would not happen in the arena known as oracle. >> they really help us in different parts of the game and we get down and it just gets in there and that's kind of what we need. >> we have the best fans in the nba. you hear that a lot, but you know, we truly mean that when we
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say that. >> there's an excitement in this city. >> a city that's struggling to improve its image is banking on even though the team they have love for have one foot out the door. >> we'd love for them to stay and if they won a championship here maybe they'd reconsider. >> reporter: there has been a lot of talk, larry, and ama, about where there would be a celebration and a parade if the warriors were to go all the way. i was told by oakland officials there's been meetings between the mayors of oakland and san francisco and that such an event would span both cities. so we'll see. we don't want to jinx anything of course. back to you. >> the warriors' executives have tried to put a lid on this for a while and rick was the president has said i don't know the word. don't ask me about the "p" word and they'll have to address it if the warriors success continues. >> we want to see your warriors'
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pride and your pictures. make sure you use the #dubson7. we are featuring fan photos on air and online on abc 7 >> don't forget this either watch game three live from memphis saturday night. warriors in prime time 5:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. and abc 7 is your home, as always, for the nba finals. we, of course, hope our warriors go all the way. our live coverage begins on june 4th. the city of los angeles is suing wells fargo bank accusing employees of opening unauthorized accounts for customers that included hefty fees. the suit claims the employees violated state and federal laws by misusing confidential information and failing to notify customers when personal information was breached. the city attorney says employees were pressured by bank management into the illegal action. many customers never caught the problem until their credit was ruined. frank has one -- was one of the
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lucky ones. >> if i never checked my online banking i wouldn't have known that these accounts were there and i know most people don't do that. we have to be vigilant to even know this. >> according to the city attorney wells fargo blames the problem on a few rogue employees who have been disciplined or fired. coming up on world news tonight at 5:30 more on the accusations and why bank employees are encouraged to do whatever it takes to meet sales goals. bay area girl scouts are lining up for summer camp in record numbers and there is a problem with the cookie sales that help pay the bills. >> the cookie sales across the country this year were actually pretty good in northern california they were down. >> find out what went wrong and what the scouts are doing to make sure they don't turn any girls away from camp. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> spencer christian buys his share. don't look at spencer as a cause for this problem. >> we all actually buy. >> we do don't we? >> offer that support. >> i'll say the p-word
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precipitation. it may be coming our way yes. watch closely. here's live doppler 7 hd and we have sunny skies and milder today than yesterday and we have more sunshine and less cloud cover so it's probably a welcome change for most of us. the 24-hour temperature change as most locations are two to five degrees warmer right now than they were at this hour yesterday. here is a look at blue skies over the bay from the roof camera here at abc 7. these are forecast features that will be partly cloudy and breezy again tomorrow slight chance of rain late thursday and snow showers will fall over the sierra. here's what's happening in the atmosphere and we have a cold upper level low and getting to move into british columbia and we'll start our forecast animation to show you what's going to happen with that low starting at 7:00 this evening and notice over the day and a half and we'll see the low diving southward and it will wind up moving through central california, over central california. on thursday it will produce snow showers in the sierra and the
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snow levels will be up to 6,000 feet and late thursday we may see an area or two of light shower activity here in the bay area and isolated showers in the afternoon and then in the evening and perhaps more widespread, light rain or showers into thursday night and by friday morning it will be all gone and this is going to be a major rainmaker and it will probably produce some wet spots here before it moves through. overnight look for mostly clear skies in the north bay and partly to mostly cloudy from the santa cruz mountains and low temperatures will be generally in the upper 40s to low 50s and tomorrow we'll see another day much like today and mainly sunny skies like the south bay and 71 at san jose and in the peninsula we'll see about 70 in palo alto and the coast, breezy again and mainly clear highs in the upper 50s and downtown san francisco will have a high of 63 tomorrow and north bay from santa rosa to sonoma to napa.
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in the east bay we'll see 67 and san leandro 69 and under sunny skies and we'll see upper 70s in places like concord, fairfield and liver more and 80 at antioch. here is the seven-day forecast and not much change in the temperature range over the next seven days and there is the chance of slight rain late thursday and we'll have fairly mild and dry mother's day weekend and in fact sunday it looks like it may be the mildest day in the forecast with highs up to 80 degrees on mother's day. larry and ama? >> thank you so much spencer. celebrities step out for charity and we'll have your red carpet preview -- or review of the met gala. >> mike huckabee make his presidential race official and the familia
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sarah jessica parker stole the show at the met museum art
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gala and she wore a fiery dress and she paired it with an h&m design. rihanna made quite an entrance wearing a fur-trimmed yellow cape. >> clooney looked picture perfect in a gown and kim kardashian showed off her revealing roberto cavalli dress making quite the splash. a seattle man has taken his love of legos to a whole new level. he transformed the basement of his home into legoland. inside those containers lining the walls are legos, about a quarter of a million pieces, he estimates. he started playing with legos as a toddler and hasn't stopped. his creations are pretty impressive and his son thinks they're pretty cool and stow do adults who read about his collection online. >> people who say i've inspired them to not take their lives too seriously which is pretty nice. when the kids walk down the staircase their eyes open wide
4:25 pm
and they get so excited and then they're excited as well. >> he believes he spends more than $25,000 on his collection. if you were wondering what kind of career lego maniac like this would choose, it's pretty easy. how about architect? >> his structures will stay up. >> take me to the lego bar, please. >> from the taco tuesday showdown to for cinco de mayo to a special mother's day feast this week. >> celebrity chef rachael ray has you covered on the rachael ray show. it is reaching a very special goal. at the start of her ninth season rachael ray started her campaign to buy 9 million meals for hungry families and it is getting very close. >> we're at 8.5 million. we are so close! i really feel like we're going to not only hit it, but maybe even get a little over it when you think about how many kids that are out there that are at risk of going hungry. that's the heartbreaking thing. >> to find out how you can help
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go to our website, abc 7 and a reminder catch rachael weekdays at 4:00 on abc 7 and stay tuned for abc 7 news at 4:00 which does continue. up next the field of dreams. the giants reveal big plans for this parking lot next to at&t park, but there's already a backlash. plus a boat sinking into the water. the incredible rescue effort caught on camera to save all these passengers. >> first, stopping the bleeding. the financial life save tore keep a struggling ambulance company afloat. a reminder, more than 800 jobs in both the public and private sectors are up for grabs. it's tomorrow from noon until 4:00 p.m. at the hilton garden inn at emoriville and it's free as always. you can a
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. news making headlines where you live today at 4:30 and most of the month a second dead whale has washed ashore in pacifica. when whale was a young humpback that died four to five days ago and the neck ropp see will be done tomorrow. tonight is game two of the western conference semifinals in oracle arena and abc 7 sports anchor mike shum tweeted out
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this photo of the steph curry t-shirt and says don't be late for the pregame. she will report live inside oracle coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news reporter tweeted this photo of this cute little newborn baby max who is among the 3 million people who now call silicon valley home. david will show us silicon valley's population trends in a live report at 5:00. officials in santa clara county have agreed to greenlight millions of dollars for its contracted ambulance company, and metro has been losing money for years and chris has more on what this could mean for you. chris? >> am a good afternoon and the company will have to keep its response times at a certain level in order to get a part of this $7 million relief package and it's an incentive for them to do so with the county saying that this is a win-win for everyone involved.
4:31 pm
today at santa clara county headquarters the board of superviseors voted unanimously on the ambulance company that provides emergency medical services throughout the country. >> you dial 911. you need help and we should be getting you help and this is all about making sure we maintain the response times and we do it in the most financially beneficial way to the public that we can. >> despite having some of the lowest rates and quickest overall response times in the region the company has been losing about $9 million a year due to penalties due to the original contract in 2010 and unforeseen issues related to the affordable care act. among them an increase in the amount of medical and medicaid patients. this is the company's final year in the five-year contract. >> in our collection rate what we've been able to collect for the transports we provide has gone down significantly and that's been the major factor. >> as part of the amended contract, ambulance rates will go up about 5% this year in
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addition to the cost of living adjustment already built into the previous contract. furthermore, franchise and communication fees will be reduced. however, much of the relief is contingent on the company for 92% of calls. fire officials say the situation is a sign of changing times. >> there will be pressures on the m.s. system for all medical providers and hospitals and first responders and ambulances in the future. so we'll have to work together to find innovative solutions to tackle these problems. >> the county will look at putting the contract out to bid later this summer. in san jose, chris nguyen abc 7 news. there's still very visible scars in oakland from last friday night's anti-police protests and dozens of cars still show smashed windows on broadway auto row. business owners are growing increasingly frustrated with the recurring damage. look at what the owners of precision motors put over one busted window. the sign reads opd, you failed
4:33 pm
your city again and the owner says she put it there out of anger. >> every time there is a riot it turns into windows being broken and vandalism. it is so predictable and they don't seem to be able to stop it and it's maddening. >> nancy groom says the city has not contacted her about her protest sign so she's writing the mayor and the police chief a letter to express her frustration. attorney general loretta lynch is promiseing to help baltimore pick up the pieces following a week of racial upheaval there. they sat down with a group of community and religious leaders. she met with the police commissioner and several officers before meeting with stephanie rawlings-blake. they're investigating the case of 25-year-old freddie gray whose death while in police custody sparked days of protest. you can add another name to the list of contenders seeking the republican nomination for president, mike huckabee and the
4:34 pm
former arkansas governor made it official in a place familiar to some voters. abc news reporter karen travers has more. >> mike huckabee is hoping the second time is a charm. the former arkansas governor announced his second bid for the white house in the hometown of hope, the same place that launched bill clinton's political career. it is a long way from a little brick renthouse on second street in hope arkansas to the white house. >> huckabee made an impact in the 2008 republican primaries winning eight states including the iowa caucuses. he did that on the strength of evangelical voters and this time around he's fighting for that same support in the republican field that's crowded with social conservatives. so huckabee is expanding his message to appeal to working class conservatives and he's pitching himself as a candidate with the best chance of beating hillary clinton. >> i don't have a global foundation or a taxpayer-funded paycheck to live off of. i don't come from a family
4:35 pm
dynasty, but a working family. i grew up blue collar not blue blood. >> reporter: with huckabee making it official the republican field now stands at six. with jeb bush and scott walker who could enter the race in the coming weeks and there ar a few dozen other republicans that are considering a presidential run. >> it's still a pretty wide open race and the abc news/washington post poll has jeb bush 28% and the single-digit candidates are hoping to shake up the field. karen travers abc news washington. >> secretary of state john kerry made history today becoming the highest ranking u.s. diplomat to visit somalia. the unannounced visit was a show of solidarity with the somali government that's working to defeat al qaeda militants and decades of war. the meeting was held at the airport because of the dangerous conditions in somalia. in fact the government only found out a day ago that kerry
4:36 pm
would attend the meeting. kerry called a meeting with the prime minister a great moment. new video shows dozens of migrants rescued from a sinking boat in the mediterranean sea. a cargo ship you can hear someone in the background begging everybody to keep calm. others were holeding on to life preservers. officials say five bodies were recovered and brought ashore this morning. dozens of people died in the rescue between libya and sicily. a university of south carolina student is facing felony charges for allegedly poisoning her roommate's food. take a look at the video closely here. police say that his 22-year-old haley king contaminating her roommate's food pouring cleaning supplies into several containers and spitting into one. king's roommates told police they set up a hidden camera because they thought that king was up to something no good after weeks of fighting. police questioned king and they say she confessed.
4:37 pm
if convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison. coming up, gas price blame game. 7 on your side's michael finney looks into why california drivers may be paying more than other drivers across the country. >> first, california fire officials are warning about a possibly devastating fire season and the simple steps they want you to take right now. >> i'm spencer christian from the east bay camera, notice the hazy look in the air and i'll show you from where the smoke cometh in my accuweather forecast coming up. checkinging your south bay san jose traffic and this is 101. on the right hand side that's your southbound traefshg and unless you carpool you are stuck right now and much better if you're heading northbound and 880 is
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it is wildfire awareness week and officials across the state want you to know this could be a devastating fire season because of the drought. 95% of wildfires in california are caused by people's carelessness or mistakes. there have already been more than 1100 fires this year and that's double the average. officials spoke at the site of last year's devastating king fire east of sacramento. >> when a fire like you see behind us is burning you should be ready to go and leaving in a safely orderly fashion. we know that fire start will be rapid, fire spread will be rapid and erratic. >> officials recommend replacing
4:41 pm
dead lawns with drought-tolerant or fire-resistant plants and it's also important to think about an evacuation plan as well as an emergency supply kit. >> good advice. >> all right. time to find out if we'll get any rain coming our way. >> we just might, but first we have gusts coming our way and i misspoke earlier. we said smoky, hazy skies and we have dusty, hazy skies and live doppler 7 hd and it is sunny at this hour but check out the view from our mount tam camera and you can see haze and dust in the atmosphere and let me show you from where the dust cometh. a major start in the gobi desert in mongolia and china produced this dust. here is the satellite image from the international space station of the massive dust storm and it has traveled across the pacific and made its way into our air and it's passing on through. across the 48 contiguous days
4:42 pm
especially thunderstormy and off the florida coast and in the central and southern plains and it will be mainly sunny and dry and there will be thunderstorms in the southeastern corner and breeze owe the central coast which, of course includes the bay area and we'll have mainly sunny skies tomorrow and high temperatures ranging from upper 50s at the coast to upper 50s on the bay to upper 7 s inland and the little rain that we're hoping for will probably arrive tuesday. >> still ahead the internet is abuzz about men's facial hair. this is kind of gross, actually. how germy can beards get. >> and the san francisco company in the stock spotlight and what led trading and shares of sales force to be briefly halted today. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. bay area prices are now approaching $4 a gallon. coming up why are we paying
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>> covering san rafael south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area this is abc 7 news. sales force stock was halted
4:46 pm
briefly following reports that microsoft could make a bid on the company. bloomberg reports that microsoft and one other potential bidder are interested in the san francisco-based company. sales force and microsoft are declining to comment, the stock closed up today more than $4 at $75.84. last week there were reports of the hired financial adviser. >> panera wants to make sure that its customers know the food they're eating is healthy. they will publicly post a comprehensive list of the ingredients it is removing from the food it serves. the no-no list includes 150 ingredients. by next year none of its food will have artificial ingredients. >> what about depression? >> and could stress be making children fatter? that's what's happening to me. with adults also. jane king has those stories and more in today's wellness report. >> kids' stress levels are
4:47 pm
rising and so are rates of childhood obesity. a new study published in the journal of clinical nutrition reveals a new link between the child's stress and the amount they eat. researchers advised parents to encourage kids to talk about what stresses them out instead of reaching for a pint of ice cream. emergency room visits and the kids have been cooped up all winter and heading outdoors and more are landing in emergency rooms with bumps bruises, and sprains. exercise outweighs the risk of injury, but they do recommend proper shoes and helmets on scooters and bikes. some experts say botox could be a treatment for depression. it's now in clinical tests to be used for that purpose in a study georgetown university professor said half of the participants who had moderate to severe depression sought relief from botox injections. the doctors say our facial expressions affect our mood and that's why botox can help with
4:48 pm
sadness and it can the wall street journal says microbiologists said concentrated extracts of maple syrup with antibiotic resistant bacteria and from the nasdaq, i'm jane king here's to your health. >> a consumer advocacy group and a billionaire questioned why california gas prices are significantly higher than the rest of the country. >> they've been inching up and up and up. michael finney is approaching $4 a gallon again. >> it's amazing and we checked with aaa and confirmed that gas prices in california on average are $1.10 higher here than in the rest of the country. the average price in california for unleaded gas is now $3.71 a gallon. the nationwide average $2.61. consumer watchdog today blamed the higher prices we pay here on low inventory. it says we have a ten-day supply of gasoline in california versus
4:49 pm
18 days nationally. >> every time a refinery goes down the price of gasoline goes up and it's wrong. >> in recent months the tesoro refinery in martinez shut down due to a strike and the refine ye in torrance is closed due to the huge explosion. tom fire is president and founder of nextgen climate. he questioned why oil companies haven't been able to solve the supply problem. >> their problems aren't really their problems. they're profits and there are problems. >> the petroleum association denies there is a supply problem in california that blame the higher gas price and they blame higher taxes and the lack of an oil pipeline connecting cal cat to the rest of the country and the special blend of gasoline required in california. >> and up it goes. >> sure does.
4:50 pm
thank you, michael. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge officially registered the birth of their daughter charlotte today. >> take a look at the official document posted on kensington palace's twitter page. in case anyone wasn't aware, both parents listed their full names and occupations. prince william wrote his royal highness prince william occupation, prince of the united kingdom. it's a good job if you can get it. >> and charlotte elizabeth dianea are the born and fourth in line after prince charles and her father. in case you missed this, disturbing, some beards are dirty as toilets and this story is getting a let of attention. >> it started after our sister station in albuquerque new mexico, took swabs from a handful of brave men's beards and what they found shocked even scientists. >> i'm not usually not that
4:51 pm
surprised and i was surpriseded by this. >> those are the types of things you'd find in -- >> poop? >> yeah. >> scientists said if a city found samples like these in its water system they'd have to shut it down to disinfect it. the good news is the bacteria alone won't make you sick. >> similar types of bacteria can be found on plenty of surfaces. this is just a reminder to regularly disinfect your cell phone and desk. as for your beard they recommend a thorough, regular beer scrubbing. a hospital has to be ready for all types of visitors including tiny ones like koalas. you can see the automatic doors open and a koala just calmly walks in to investigate, hey, what's happening here? the hospital nicknamed the animal blinky bill after a popular australian cartoon in the 1930s. >> blinky bill was known for being mischievous and he liked
4:52 pm
to explore things just like this little guy and he was in there for three minutes and then the koala -- nothing to see here. nothing to see here. everybody is being taken care of and apparently he had no injuries and he turned around and left the building. >> that's great. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue and up next the giants hope this parking lot could be san francisco's next hot new neighborhood and find out who is not willing to play ball. now here's cheryl with what's ahead at 5:00. >> ama and larry thank you. we're live in sacramento and state water officials figure out who has to cut the water consumption and 3 million strong and silicon valley's big milestone and what it means for the rest of us
4:53 pm
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here's a look at tonight's prime time schedule on abc 7 at 8:00, "dancing with the stars" elimination night, i believe. followed by marvels "agents of
4:56 pm
shield" at 9:00 and join us back here at abc 7 news at 11:00. the giants a nouned today they'll ask voters in november for approval to construct tall buildings as part of a mixed use project. >> abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the details. >> giants fans know this as parking lot a across from at&t park, but if all goes as planned this 28-acre site will become mission rock, breathing life into the mission bay neighborhood which doesn't yet have that feel. there's not a lot of places for neighborhood services and retail and restaurants and places for people to walk and certainly the parks and the affordable housing are something that are a need in san francisco. >> this project which would be privately developed sits on court property, in addition to retail and rental housing it includes a parking garage that includes the 2200 cars now using the lot on game days and at pier
4:57 pm
48, a space for the anchor steam brewing company, korinne wood has attended numerous meetings and likes the plan. >> i think it has a good mix of uses. i think it has the opportunity to provide major capital investments for the port. >> voters will be weighing in only on whether the giants can except city height limits on their buildings. the critics have other concerns. >> taxpayer-owned waterfront isn't a playground for the rich. >> supervisor jane king represents the districts and while the giants have said 33% of their housing will be affordable, king disputes that. >> the numbers that they showed me is not what is considered under federal guidelines affordable housing which 60% of san franciscans qualify for and she is not supporting the project which the giants say they've been working on for eight years. in san francisco, carolyn tyler
4:58 pm
abc 7 news. >> and that will do it for us at abc 7 news at 4:00. thank you for watching. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news continues with cheryl and dan. >> a family confronts the man accused of i canning two relatives. why the attorneys say the client deserves some sympathy too. >> it's sad. >> another whale washes up on the peninsula and why that area will be particularly prone to beached whales. and baby makes three. silicon valley's growing pains and what it could mean for all of us. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. showers will show up on live doppler 7 hd soon. i'll let you know, coming up. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. >> the fact that he was out the judge doesn't do nothing. not even a slap on the hand. that's not right.
4:59 pm
>>. >> she's upset about this man, accused of killing a mother and toddler and a suspected drunk driving accident in livermore. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley, and i'm cheryl jennings. >> the suspect brian jones is out on bail. the family of esperanza and julie morales is prepared to fly their remains to mexico. and emotions boiled over outside court. sergio quintana has more from livermore. >> here at the crash site we have been watching as this memorial continues to grow and while i understand there is going to be a rosery service for that mother ask daughter this evening at 7:00 p.m. at the courthouse in pleasanton people were angry. i talked to one woman who was so angry she was saking. >> friends and victims were not happy to see 35-year-old brian jones walk out of his first court appearance a free man for now about a dozen people followed him all of the way to
5:00 pm
an suv many of them holding up signs calling for justice. >> the judge in this is a they need more time to find charges. what kind of more proof they need? they need more bodies to be in there? >> jones was in court to face two counts each of dui and vehicular manslaughter in the death of juli morales and her mother esperanza. this is a picture of the whole family celebrating juli's first birthday two months ago. they were visiting from monterey county. police say jones lost control of his corvette and killed the mother and daughter on the sidewalk and tumbled into a party they were headed to. he blew a.14 on a breathalyzer machine well over the legal limit. he didn't say a word going into the courthouse. >> any message to the family? >> reporter: his attorney made a few quick comments after the hearing. >> he's been an emotional wreck every second of the day over what happened. he's extremely sorry for what happened.


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