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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and shop. >> a lifeline at students from local college. >> the fight of the century lands pacquiao in a legal battle that could have him returning some of the millions he earned. >> it is wednesday. a lot of stories. thank you for joining us. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am christian. >> leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco are here. mike? things are going on this morning and on this hump day we will look at live doppler hd, a few clouds clinging to the east game sure line and the peninsula coast and some are spilling into other neighborhoods. we are off to a clear start compared to the last couple of mornings and cool again 40 to 52 is the 7:00 temperature on the day planner and 56 to 68 so sunshine for lunch hour. it will be breezy this afternoon, at 58 at the coast to 76 inland and you need a coast this evening at 54 to 62. our weather will be interesting
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tomorrow and friday with a chance of showers and storms. >> leyla? >> the traffic is weird. the metering lights were turned on early. in general i noticed there was more volume on the freeways. right now as we look at the toll plaza you can see how busy it is to san francisco up to 17 minutes to get you define the two. as we take you over to 101 in the not bay that is the drive, and just a few more tail lights although we are keeping up with the pace of the freeway we have a brand new crash in san ramon with the details coming up. >> thank you, leyla, california leaders are again clamping down on water use as the historic drought matches on and with some are right around the corner your lawn is to become the biggest loser. matt? >> every community will see restrictions some more than
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others in san jose, residents have to cut 20 percent so they better get used to the reality that brown is the new friend at least -- the there is a 25 percent reduction ordered for water use. it is not 25 percent across the board. each community was laced -- placed on a tier depending how well they reduced in the past. it is easy for water guzzling cities to make huge cuts by neglecting big land lawns. >> not north versus south but where there is a lofts summer outdoor water use where people have large lots and a lot landscaping. >> in the bay area, san francisco did such a good job they need to cut only 8 percent more and the 16 percent cuts include santa rosa and berkeley and mountain rue and 20 percent
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in san rafael and sonoma and san jose and the high end, discovery bay must cut 36 percent! it is up to the hundreds of local water agencies to enforce the rules. communities could face big fines if they do not conserve what the board said. that is a last resort. >> saving water while keeping streets clean is a challenge. many communities are wrestling with this challenge. one of our viewer got in touch with us after seeing a worker pressure walking the sidewalk in san jose. >> we need to brain storm on ways to address the problem. >> with the challenge we are mindful of our water usage but there is a balance of what we have done focusing on areas that need to be clean. >> praises manager for san jose downtown association said while recycled or reclaimed water is not yet being used for cleaning
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water, the city has reduced use by the an dated 30 percent. >> if you think you see water wasted where you live e-mail us at abc 7 listens or send us tips on facebook or twitter. we will check as many as we can. >> demonstrators are declaring victory after taking over and shutting down an oakland city council meeting. >> laugh night the protesters stormed oakland city hall an hour into the meeting over vacant lot on 12th street. the city was going to vote whether to sell the land to condo developers. protesters held their own so-called meeting after the city council adjourned and left the room. oakland police took a hands off approach. no arrests were made. organizers may use this tactic again in the near future. our reporter will have more in the next half hour. >> the man accused of driving
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drunk and hitting and killing a mother and her young daughter had a previous alcohol-related arrest. >> how does it feel to kill two innocent people? >> emotions boiled over as brian conference left the court yesterday with angry family members of the victims following. the judge postponed the arraignment. conference faces charges in the death of little juli and her mother, esperanza morales, on saturday in livermore. a record search shows he reap add three deal on misdemeanor drunk driving charge in 2003 in sacramento. he is out of jail on bail. >> concord high school has a new campaign to stop hazing. a mother lost her son and is featured. debbie smith was the mother of a student who died in 2005 trying to join a fraternity and dreamed in cold water made to drink gallons and gallons of water while being blasted with cold air until hypothermia set in. seven members were convicted in
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his death and smith will give two antihazing talks at high school. >> woman known as the serial stowaway hard arrested at another airport. marilyn hartman was arrested april 23rd and 25 at chicago o'hare. police say she was in a restricted area without a ticket. she has been caught multi-people times trying to sneak on to airplanes at airports including sfo and mineta san jose international airport. she has made it on to a couple of flights. >> san francisco congresswoman jackie speier is stepping in to help students displaced by the closure of a local college with 30 sites including a business school in the bay area shut down with no warning. the fast fined the for profit college for misleading students on job prospects. the congresswoman will hold a ming at 10:00 this morning to explain what resources are available to displaced students.
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>> the warriors lay off series shifts to memphis. >> they were stunned by the grizzlies who snapped the 21-game home winning streak and shot only 42 percent. the grizzlies beat the warriors 97-90. they are tied now at a game each. >> it happens. we have to keep our confidence but make adjustment on how to get our shop. >> everyone expects us to go to the playoffs and no one expects us toes there at home. [ inaudible ] we will be just fine. >> game three and four are in memphis with game five at the arena next wednesday. game three tips off saturday at 5 o'clock people right here and
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followed by abc7 after the game. join our sports director and our reporter in memphis along with hall of fameer and basketball head coach martin. >> we are the home for the nba finals you can catch all the action june 4. >> we want to see your warriors pride. here are the fan photos: you can share yours using # dubson7. when you post them we will find them. >> boxer handy pacquiao has another fight two days after the loss. fans filed a class action lawsuit seeking more tan $5 million from pacquiao and the manager and promoter for concealing a shoulder injury. the suit claims that pacquiao kept the tore rotator cuff secret that could have affected if people bought tickets or
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ordered the pay for view or bet. the boxer is expected it have surgery. "good morning america" is breaking down the fall intermediate at 7:00 right here. $5 million is a lot of money but didn't he make $120 million from the fight? >> something like that so...that is probably what he cares if his pocket. >> like five cents to us. >> mike? >> if i had a nickel... >> a hook at our temperature this morning. cooler in the south bay because we have fewer clouds this morning in the middle to upper 40s from santa clara and saratoga at 44 to mountain view and san jose and and santa treats 10 at 49. danville and lafayette and fairfield at 49 the san francisco and novato at 48. san pablo, at into degrees. heading into the afternoon, more sunshine and high thin cloud cover is not around today.
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65 to 71 around bay. 81 inland and a few clouds lingering along the coast. could be wet thursday and friday but not this weekend with more details in the big forecast. >> time to join me on the roads using mobile 380 southbound 280 the most beautiful freeway in the country as we take the drive we are making it into the south bay you can see how clear it is. this is a good stop to be. know if we can see northbound traffic but i can tell you conditions are green at top speed. walnut creek also is managing to be nice and it is lightened up since early this morning and everyone had an early start this morning. we have a crash, however, further to the south northbound with a couple of vehicles and northbound 680 at crow canyon road. >> public works crews in fremont will break ground on a $12
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million recreation area. on old rock quarry at an extension to the regional park a short distance from the foot of the dumbarton bridge. the recreation area includes picnic sites and 150-person these december and lay ground and overnight camp ground. we will tell you about that but the development will open in 2017. >> get ready to expand your vocabulary. new words have been added to the dictionary the talk of the water cooler today. stay tuned. clear >> baltimore is making a move to improve the relationship between its people and the police. stay tuned.
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covering cupertino, wine country, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. it is 6:14. at 6:00 a vigil is held at san
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jose state university for anyone impacted by the devastation in nepal. the student organization of nepal hopes to provide support and condolence for families affected by the massive 7.8er. the nepal government said 7,000 people have died with many still missing in rural areas of the country. the vigil runs from 7:00 to 9:00 tonight at san jose state. so many people want to support relief and recovery efforts in nepal. if you want to donate sex 930999 to trip $10 or call 1-800-red-cross. >> french officials say there is evidence that the germanwings co-pilot rehearsed scenario if a descent on a different flight early that day. he intentionally crashed the jet headed from barcelona on germany
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killing all 150 people on board. >> today, baltimore city officials will shell out $50000 for new training for police. this comes as the city cleans up from violent riots last week. the money is funded through a federal grant and paid to a local law firm. lawyers will work with officers on how to legally stop people they encounter. there is new debate over the case that starts this all, the death of 25-year-old freddie gray while in custody. a lawyer for one officer charged in the delegate said that freddie gray's arrest was legal because three was armed with an illegal knife and the teachers say otherwise. >> lighter note at 6:16 if you look toes sand your vocabulary, added a thousand new words just for you. >> i thought the solution was to talk to leyla. they includes brogrammer a man would works in computer programing, crashblossom.
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>> also revenge-porn when images are posted online without the perch's consent. >> finally smart watch defined as computing device that resembles a wrist watch. >> we were that. >> now the weather forecast. >> we could tiptoe through the tulips or dancing through the rain but you have to be in select areas tomorrow and friday. live doppler hd shows no fog. a little bit of haze at half moon bay at three miles per hour. some of the fastest winds are 14 miles per hour and same at sfo and hayward and 16 at concord. dry air is making into the main layer. we are mostly clear with no flight arrival delays. check out the east bay hills
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camera, haze and clouds developing to the east. sunny this afternoon. seasonal. breezy. a chance of showers and maybe thunder and possibly on friday. the weekend is warmer and dry for mom. los gatos is 73. santa cruz is close, in the upper 60. mid-to-upper 60s will rule the peninsula but palo alto at 70. and milbrae at 62. a few low clouds kinging to the cost all the way up to daly city and upper 50s and more sunshine possible 60 in the sunset and more sunshine downtown and plus san francisco and sausalito is 63 with sunshine the breezes keep you in the upper 50s loan the coast and low-to-mid 70's through the inland neighborhoods with novato at 72. hercules is 68 a warm spot and berkeley at 66 a cool spot and castro valley is the warmest and mid-70s to upper 70s most of
6:19 am
the inland east bay neighbors and antioch and brentwood make a run at 80 and 82. grab the sunscreen at at&t park, we take two out of three and win this five in a row now, 62, 64. and the lows are in the mid-40s to around 50. jumping ahead to tomorrow, can see the low will come toward us and watch for the low to back toward us, and you can see the clouds developing along the higher elevations of the east bay and north bay and some storms will my bright to the southwest and will fall apart in the evening only to be regenerate on friday afternoon again. coolest tomorrow and friday and warmer for saturday and sunday and another dry cold robert cools us monday and tuesday much
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>> through cupertino using mobile 360 the travels are nothing but top speeds and a couple of cars are dotting the roads and northbound traffic is not a problem. we have more traffic building at the macarthur maze, however and it is packed like sardines off to the right and if you are headed on a straight toward oakland or highway 24 traffic is slow moving but, moving however. we do have a few problems across the bay area and i will get to this new crash involving a couple of vehicles westbound highway 4 we have heavy slowing from antioch and slowing and starting for dissipate because of a crash involving two vehicle s northbound. it is still in the road. petaluma northbound side of highway 101 it is clear but the southbound traffic is affected by the crash with the car off 9
6:21 am
road. >> we have been talking about the sell driving car. how about a self driving semi that is ready to hit the roads? a safety plan that will take other drives into account when traffic is a problem. >> a showdown caught on camera with surveillance video revealing something about dispute of students and a driver prompting an investigation. stay tuned.
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...for the sweetest thing in your life. ♪ every kiss begins with kay ♪ >> now a check of a preview on what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> new developments on the tragic germanwings crash a new report revealing that the practiced putting the airplane in a rapid descent on an early flight. >> surveillance video shows a terrifying ordeal for some arizona schoolchildren. >> a bus driver kept them locked on the bus refusing to let anyone off until they quieted down. [ inaudible ] it happened two westbounds
6:25 am
ago in a phoenix suburb with the driver dropping off kids from school, parents waiting heard the driver yelling and they tried to jump in to help kicking at the door and demanding he open the door. that is when it got worse. he hit the gas and drove you can hear the students screaming on board. he headed back to the school and dropped off the kids. the school has launched into an investigation by the driver would has already resigned. you can get a closer look at where the case goes next. >> first self driving cars and now self driving tractor trailers. a driverless semi truck will be tested in nevada. freight liner the big rig
6:26 am
manufacturers will have a licensed truck driver in the cab but they will not be steering the semi on the freeways of the when it gets to the suburban areas the driver will take over. >> in the sky, you may see the next big thing in conserve innovation with drones soon part of your lives and well use drones in ways you may never have imagined. >> consumers will be able to use drones for entertainment for sports even personal fitness. >> we will show you how to take the ultimate selfie with drones tonight at 11 o'clock in "7 on your side" special report. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> including the warriors look to bounce after after disappointing game two with the x factor they have to overcome to gain on the grizzlies. >> a dispute blocking a new
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rather -- ferry landing at the bay. >> hillary clinton is in san francisco for two fundraisers but supporters are fought the only -- are not going to be the only ones there. i will tell you about that next. stay tuned. why is there a kevin federline ice sculpture? why is this grilled cheese riding a cheeseburger? cuz, things get weird late at night. like my munchie meals. they all come with halfsie fries, two tacos and a drink for just six bucks. get one and get weird.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning. what a beautiful morning right? >> would will give the fiscal year life? >> and a beautiful day! >> way to step in. the camera looking at the bay and the sunrise, it is nice. but what is in the works for us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. with leyla gulen. mike nicco is following the water. could see drops tomorrow? >> my, oh my what a difference a day could make. >> different song! >> just put it together.
6:31 am
>> all about the synergy. the synergy. >> good morning, everyone, here is a look at winds on live doppler hd. they are still stout. they have brought if dry air. here is the beautiful picture of the ferry ride. we are in the my 40s to low 50s. by noon sunny everywhere mid-50s at the coast, low-to-upper 60s at the bay and inland. more sunshine at the coast but we will stay in the 50s and the rest of us are in the 60s and 70s. grab a jacket. the roads? >> is everything going our way? i don't think so. i will start with a look at the golden gate bridge where it is calming but we have more congestion, more volume, coming into san francisco. as we move over to the bay bridge toll plaza, again we have heavy traffic backing up from the east bay and we have a few new accidents one is if
6:32 am
piedmont traveling along highway 13 and a couple that have been pushed to the shoulder but causing delays. >> thanks leyla. oakland's lack of affordable housing is present and center as protesters storm the city council meeting last night to try to sink a plan to sell city land to a therery high-rise developer. we are in the newsroom with the details. >> protesters entered city hall an hour into the meeting last might and took over forcing the city council to adjourn early. >> protesters with several groups including one called black seed storms the oakland city council meeting and they were there demonstrating plans to develop a housing complex. the issue is over the vacant lot on 12 this street. the city council was ping to vote on whether to sell the land to developers but it got loud. it stayed peaceful. >> as far as crowds this is the
6:33 am
more peaceful crowd. >> it is illegal but in the protest. >> the protesters say this will push out long time resident whose can for long are aperiod to live there. they wrapped up at 9:00 and because of the work in time they could use this tactic again in the future. thank you happening today hillary clinton is in the bay area for two private fundraisers and members of the public are there, anyway, although it is private, to greet her with a protest. our reporter is in san francisco with that story. amy? >> san francisco is considered friendly territory for hillary clinton. protesters are part of the afternoon. they plan to be here at baker and pacific. they are environmentalists would want her to oppose the keystone
6:34 am
xl pipeline. she was busy campaigning in nevada. she was not talking about the pipeline but focused on immigration reform. she is promising to create a path to citizenship. in the past republicans have immigration reformed a secretaries questioned her commitment on the issue. >> we cannot wait any longer for a path to full and equal citizenship. this is where i differ with everyone on the republican side. make no mistake, today taught a single republican candidate announced or potential is clearly and consistently supporting a path to citizenship, not one, when they talk about legal status that code for second class status. >> republicans think she is pandering. while she is talking about immigration reform, and support ares are talking about
6:35 am
fundraising environmentallives want to her her take a stand on the pipeline and they will be heard outside the private homes she will be visiting this afternoon at baker and pacific at 2:00 and later at jackson at 4:00, so two quiet neighborhoods that could be noisy this afternoon. >> >> san francisco police are investigating a stabbing across the street from at&t park that happened less than 30 minutes after the giants game ended last night. a man was stabbed at 2nd and king in front of a restaurant after 10:00. the victim is in stable condition. the injuries are not considered life threatening. police say they have no suspects right now. the stabbing was not related to the game. by the way the giants won 6-30. >> facebook c.e.o. sandburg is paying tribute to her late hugs who died in a freak accident.
6:36 am
she posted a touching tribute on face book and described him as her "rock," and called 11 years of marriage the truest partnership she could imagine. she is a long time technical leader, her husband died after an accident on a treadmill in a freak accident. he was remembered at stanford yesterday. she said "things will never be the same but the world is better for the years my beloved husband lived." >> happening today, marine buy on gists hope to get a closer look at a young whale that washed ashort. the humpback washed ashort on monday night. buyologists could not get close enough to examine the whale because the tie was too high. 48' whale washed ashore a few hundred yards away three weeks ago. >> the warriors and grizzlies are headed to memphis with the best of seven.
6:37 am
the point guard did not play for ten days because of facial fracture he wore a mask and outshined steph curry mvp yesterday with the warriors struggling. they turned the ball over 20 times and the warriors had their 21-game home winning streak snapped losing 97-90. game three is saturday at 5:00 p.m. right here and then "after the game." you can join our sports director and reporter in memphis along with hall of famer and cal basketball head coach martin. >> live by the outside shots and sometime you die by it. >> making mother's day one to remember and something you need to consider before buying a get
6:38 am
for the mother if your family. >> tow yard troubles a trick that can get your car towed inning ises.
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>> on this hump day we will talk about an average may in san jose, 73 to 77. 51 to 54. we have been around 32 to 101 the extremes and half an inch of rain. the most we have had is 2.5ify. for april every are was warmer-than-average but the tropics close to the 30 year average. windy in the high desert and a surf issue around santa barbara today with mid-60s to the south and nearly 80 an the central valley and thunderstorms and 58 if lake tahoe. >> mobile 360 northbound 101 at woodside outside of palo alto and traffic is smooth. southbound traffic is looking heavier as you make the drive to the south bay. and other areas of the bay area, walnut creek is bumper-to-bumper traffic and slow out of pleasant hill to highway 24. a planned new accident possible an overturned vehicle on highway 13 northbound at carson street the lanes are blocked but no delays.
6:42 am
new at 6:00, a warning for drivers, a new pack -- of towing companies calling "spotting," lying in wait waiting for you to park illegal so they can tow when you walk away. check out this video from washington, dc two women park their car and head forum at a virginia restaurant. with in 60 seconds their car is gone. the company advance towing the same company that lets reporter lose her cool and we report on this questionable practice. >> cracking code on late night cravings what makes you eat more during the midnight trip to the fridge. >> and a problem apple watches have seen that now is popping up in the newest gadget. stay in the know with abc7 now looking at traffic on the san
6:43 am
mateo bridge moving along just fine with great skies and traffic and weather my name is fernando gonzalez. i'm the gas service supervisor here in sonoma county. we moved up here 35 years ago and we just love it up here, it's a fantastic place to live. our function is customer support... ...making sure that our customers are safe and that's the most important thing. we know we are part of a huge company but sonoma county is our home. sonoma county is our pg&e. what we're doing really means something in the community and it's just a great, great feeling. together, we're building a better california.
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>> a boot el is brewing over an update to the sausalito ferry terminal with the city council member rejecting a proposal by the golden gate bridge district
6:46 am
that would have added 8,500' to the country landing. the city council members say the slab is out of character with the small seaside community and the bridge district staff is threatening to move forward naysaying legally sausalito concept is not required and they have plans to pete again may 21. >> competition is heating up on "dancing with the stars" after two celebrities were booted last night. >> bachelor and his pro participate were sent home during double elimination much the what a farmer is looking forward to going home and spend time with his fiance. >> and robert is out and now down to the final four. the competition continues next monday night right here. >> money on one of the remaining contest amendments. >> this is a "rumor" that i
6:47 am
might the. >> as in rumour willis. >> he worked on it during the entire show. >> tomorrow a small chance of rain lingering into friday. it will be interesting. you could get a clap of thunder. this morning, live doppler hd shows not tracking much in the way of fog at three miles visibility after half moon bay so haze and fog and the gate bridge and light breezes, only five miles per hour, and you can see the sunshining down on walnut creek and the commuters south to 240 we talk traffic with leyla. today, sunny seasonal. breezy again. it could feel cooler than the thermometer suggests. outside chance of thunder on
6:48 am
tuesday and then friday and well warm up and dry for mother's day with the temperatures to the south milpitas and sunnyvale and santa cruz upper 60s and 70s four most of the south bay and 70 in los altos and palo alto. a few clouds clinging to the coast through daly city and more sunshine in the sunset and mid-60s in downtown south san francisco and sausalito. and temperatures are running warmer than yesterday through the north bay but upper 50s with sunshine and 66 to 69 is the video along the eat bay shoreline and mid-to-upper 70s for most of the inland neighbors and antioch and brentwood is the warm spot at 80 and 82. take a broom sunscreen, 62 degrees at 12:45 and warming to
6:49 am
64. >> we have mid-40s to federally 50 degrees tonight with a few clouds kinging to the coast. our area of low pressure by tomorrow is sitting on top of us and as it backs its way toward us look at the clouds develop and showers and storms will develop working from necessary to southwest. they will fall apart for the most part overnight and re-develop to a lesser extent on friday afternoon but notice by friday evening they are falling apart will. my seven-day forecast shows cooler continues tomorrow and friday and warmer weather on saturday and sunday and another dry cold front cools us. >> we look at third avenue on mobile 3630 northbound on 101 through san mateo the drive is slowing down. we pass highway moot and now we are approaching san mateo burlingame and closer to san francisco international airport. southbound traffic is moving but it slows when you are closer to
6:50 am
mountain you have. right now another look at san mateo bridge, we are at hayward and as you pass the tolls it is bumper-to-bumper traffic and you are looking at least at 17 to 20 minutes of a drive across the water. if you are headed along in the eastbound direction the cones on both sides of the freeway is there in preparation for the complete closure of the san mateo bridge this weekend. we have an overturned vehicle on highway 13 northbound at carson street slowing from 580 and a new car fine, westbound highway 24. >> more money. less room. at the end. hotel rates raising. >> and apple watch device is give them a rash. jane king has the report. >> good morning lower to start off. we tried at the open to
6:51 am
stabilize but loading ground with the dow down 6. the s&p 500 and nasdaq low with nasdaq down by 14 after getting hit hard yesterday. hotel room rates are expected to go just in time for some are travel. the major chains raise rates by 5 percent this year and people are paying it. occupancy rates are expected to hit 65 percent the highest ever and travel this summer will rise by 5 percent. a few apple watch users are complaining of remarks with the first complaint showed up the week i was released and apple shows the components of what could cause the remarks. >> consider when you buy a mother's day gift 25 percent of men and 18 percent of machine say mothers estimate 60 hours a week devoted to home and family tasks and women spend an hour and a half a day on housework. and mother's day going back to work tore money is an argument
6:52 am
they have with their >> moron to street your mother right. >> we may now know the reason why many of us are addicted to late night snacking. >> researchers found the brain is less stipulated by food at night than early in the day so we may eat to overcomment. it sounds backward but becaused if is now so visually you feed more to be satisfied. >> i don't know about that. i will "own," my late night snacking. stay tuned.
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whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. number one, demonstrators managed to shut down the oakland city council meeting and take over the chambers in protest. >> demonstrators wanted it stop a vote by city council members on selling city land near lake lake merritt to a developer. >> water regulators approve massive cutbacks to match the governor's brown for a public for 25 percent reduction that will require tens of millions of people and businesses to sharply
6:55 am
reduce how much water they use. the biggest water hog is landscaping. >> french investigators say the germanwings co-pilot would intentionally crashed a jet into the alps practiced the scenario. he practices a similar descent on a different night earlier that day before the fatal crash that killed all 150 people. >> hillary clinton is in the bay area today to raise money for her presidential campaign. show will attend two private fundraisers. protesters are upset she had not taken a stand on the keystone xl pipeline and they will welcome her. the warriors and grizzlies are headed to memphis tied a game a piece in the semifinal after stunning the warriors last night snapping the 21-gale home -- 21-game home. >> and pittsburg is 53 and the
6:56 am
extra sunshine means warmer this afternoon but, it will, breezy with temperatures ranging inland from 71 to 82 and the coast has a few clouds at 56 to 63 and around the bay, 65 to 71. enjoy. >> rip rich slow-and-go traffic. and in san jose northbound 280 loading up pulling away from highway 17, southbound traffic is not affected. we still have backups remains because of the accident that cleared and westbound highway four 26 minutes from antioch. >> we continue now on-line and on twitter and facebook and all mole devices. stay tuned.
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source. da da da. good morning, america. breaking news. shocking new details about the pilot who crashed that plane into the alps. a new report says he went on a possible practice run before the suicide mission, putting his flight earlier that day, packed with people, into a descent. new overnight. sudden impact. twisters touching down in the southwest. that's a garage door wrapped around a power line. flash flooding trapping cars. and take a look at this. a giant tree crashing down in the middle of a playground. pizza peril. the mother held hostage with her children unable to call 911. how she used a pizza app and a secret message to save her family. >> it said get help to me, 911. on the bottom it said hostage help. the billionaire and "the bachelor." bounced from the ballroom in a


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