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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. and that breaking news comes from the south bay. good afternoon, everyone. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. a major break by san jose police. within the last hour the department confirmed it has arrested a suspected child predator wanted for not one, but two sexual assaults. >> he's accused of following a 13-year-old girl as she walked home from school and then forcing his way into her house. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen joins us live from san jose with the latest. chris? >> larry and ama, we just got briefed by police. the suspect is 31-year-old mohammad khaliqi of san jose. police tell us they were able to arrest him in san leandro this morning without incident. let's put his mug shot on the screen for viewers at home. he altered his appearance and he
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now has shorter hair than what was captured on security cameras. the suspect was wanted in connection, and the most recent assault happened on tuesday in the 4,000 block of rio vista in west san jose. you're looking at home surveillance video of what happened. the suspect followed the 13-year-old victim as she walked home from school. he ended up forcing his way inside the home but the teenage girl was able to fight off the attack. san jose police say they received 100 tips from the public and they were able to use that information to track him down. >> this is one of the most heinous crimes that i've seen. this is a sexual predator and that is off the streets now but this was a very alarming crime to me, and i've been here for 22 years. >> reporter: taking you back to april 2nd, officers responded in san jose after the suspect followed a 28-year-old female victim into the public restroom
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and attempted to assault her there. back here live we are told khaliqi lived within walking distance of the attack location. he will be booked into the santa clara county jail on charges of -- on multiple counts of burglary attempted sexual assault and false imprisonment. we are live this afternoon at san jose police headquarters. i'm chris nguyen abc 7 news. a father and his two young children were rescued from the sierra and they are fine. we were there to bring you the live rescue and reunion after two days of worry and fear after nick vlahos and his kids failed to return from a camping trip. >> the children are now back in the bay area. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield brings us more from oakland. >> nick vlahos' friends said
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they felt tremendous relief when he and his kids were found safely in the sierra by rescue crews. >> we were elated. the family has reunited with relatives and the abc 7 news camera was there to capture the moment. vlahos, his 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter were on their way home from camping when their truck got stuck in the mud. they were trying to get the attention of rescue crews. >> we had fires going and i had blankets on the trees and yellow straps all over and we left bottles by the river and we did everything we could. >> they finally spotted him. vlahos took this video of his daughter mila being lifted into the rescue helicopter. his co-workers at al's barber shot in alameda said they knew he'd be prepared and that the kids would handle the situation just fine. >> they're wonderful. i think they thought they were on an adventure. >> they describe happened yesterday as a very long day as they waited for news.
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they weren't the only ones anxious to hear something. >> all of the customers and friends and everybody in the neighborhood has been very supportive and everybody has been reaching out like crazy and it's awesome and really really cool. >> the barbershop is set to have a grand opening party tomorrow night and they're hoping nick will be back and he'll make the party and when he does return to the shop they do expect that he'll have to tell this story of what happened in the sierra about a thousand times. in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and as we mentioned abc 7 news reporter laura anthony was the only local reporter when nick vlahos and his kids were reunited with family. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 laura will bring us moments you did not see from last night's reunion. scary moments for a construction crew. a giant crane collapsed at an office development called stadium tech center. sky 7 hd was live over the center at great america parkway south of highway 237. luckily, no one at the job site
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was injured. officials are trying to figure out what caused that large crane to fall. a 42-year-old man is in the hospital after a private charter bus hit him in san francisco this morning. police say that bus struck the man at the intersection at fourth and king streets just after 10:00 a.m. and this is sky 7 hd video of the scene and investigators said the driver remained at the scene but they have not said what caused the accident. the man's injuries are not life-threatening, but offered no other detail sfwloos the weekend closure of the san mateo bridge and caltrans plans to close lane as early as 7:00 tonight. the entire bridge will be shut down at 10:00 and is scheduled to remain closed until 5:00 monday morning. taking another look at the bridge from sky 7 hd and it will also be closed on memorial day weekend? the san mateo carries 95,000 commuters per day and cal trans says it needs new pavement and maintenance and it last closed for deck repairs in 2012.
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>> anyone trying to get between the east bay and the peninsula should use the bay or dumbarton bridges. >> one more look live and traffic is starting to stack up and heading back to the east bay and a help to help navigate around potential traffic problems and get ways on the smartphone and get it on the app store or google play. leave early wherever you're going. the weekend is here and what can mom expect for mother's day? spencer christian with a look at the update. >> mom can expect sunny skies inland, i'll go that far. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd across most of the bay area and we'll have a surge of coastal clouds overnight and they may hang around during the daytime hours over the weekend. here is a view from the tower looking out over san francisco and 64 in oakland and san carlos. san jose, 70 and 66 in morgan
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hill and 67 in half moon bay and a live look of the western sky in emoriville and 66 in santa rosa and nap a 64 and low 70s to mid-70s in petaluma, fairfield, concord and livermore and as we look at the sky line or a portion of it from the exploratorium camera this is our first forecast. we'll see partly cloudy conditions. breezy and cool tonight. it will be cool tomorrow morning and chilly in the inland valleys and by afternoon we'll be looking at sunny skies inland with a cool breezy, cloudy coast and mid to upper 70s inland and it's looking pretty much like that and i'll give you details in just a moment. larry and ama? >> thank you spencer. hundreds of protesters at san francisco's city hall are telling city leaders they want a two-year hold on the construction of luxury condos in the mission district. they also want to stop e vicks
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for at least a year. longtime city residents say they're being pushed out by higher priced market rate homes leaving them with nowhere to go in the city. they're demanding more afford affordable housing. >> everybody talks about the latino historical district and there's none of us left. >> the market rate housing will lead to higher eviction pressures for tenants and it will make housing prices increase in that area of the city. >> city leaders say they're doing all they can to add affordable housing and 12% lower and middle income families living in the mission since 2000. worries in the housing are not just limited to san francisco. >> tenants say they're the victims of skyrocketing rents and vic lee is following this story in san mateo and joins us live. vick? >> reporter: the rally is supposed to happen here at the park royal apartments, in about an hour and a half those attending, clergy and many of
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them working class families and this barely eking out a living and they're demanding rent protection and affordable housing here on the peninsula. >> this is our home. we want to stay. this poster will hang on the balcony of the redwood city apartment, gabriel banuelos his three siblings are in it and they're being. >>ing up the rents and they've been given 60 days' notice on the two-bedroom apartment and they haven't found another one they can afford. >> we've gone to one place and it's $5000 for a first-month rent and deposit. >> can you afford that? >> no we cannot. >> it's the same thing in san mateo. >> 73 units in this huge complex of six buildings are being renovated and tenants have been given two months to leave. >> roberto dominguez and his family have lived here for six
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years. >> we cannot afford to go to another place. this is getting too expensive for us and it's already 70 families getting evicted here. >> reporter: the average rents in san mateo county according to a recent survey is $700 a month and growing. housing activists say the skyrocketing rents are forcing people to move out of the county. >> it doesn't just affect individual families and it is destabilizing the community when you think of an entire workforce going through this what does that do to a community? >> a spokesman for the landlord of park royal apartments told us they're helping tenants with the move and that most have moved on their own without any evictions and they say it's unfortunate but not unfair. vic lee abc 7 news. let's just do it. i thought that was pretty obvious.
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>> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00. president obama turns to nike to help sell a key piece of his political agenda. >> get ready for a busy summer travel season. what's leading more americans than ever to hit the road this year. >> and first, a livermore family lost a loved one in a deadly dui crash. new at 4:30, what'sa adding to their anguish. >> just search for michael finney on facebook or twitter to ask finney. >> searching for some traffic hereio go. on your friday the sky way in san francisco looking awful right now. not really moving in either direction on the right hand side. that's your traffic trying to get toward 101 south and toward the south bay on the left hand side and approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge and over to the east bay quite slowl
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breaking news in the east bay, another major bart delay at the station in san leandro right now, this one caused by an electrical problem. sky 7 hd is live above the station and there was a momentary power glitch near the station that's being surerviced and it should be back up by 4:30, the daley city directions are all affected and this same station had delays for several hours late this morning because of metal debris on the tracks and two days ago a power outage caused major delays throughout the bart system. the president hit the road to sell a proposed international trade agreement with nearly a
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dozen other countries. he said if the u.s. does not take the lead on this china will and that could cost america jobs. abc news reporter karen travers has more. >> reporter: president obama is selling a trade agreement and at nike's headquarters in oregon today he used language they're familiar with. >> so let's just do it. [ cheers and applause ] >> i thought that was pretty obvious. >> reporter: the transpacific partnership or tpp would be the largest trade agreement the u.s. has joined in over two decades, 11 countries in the u.s. but it's not an easy sell and critics slammed the president for promoting trade at an american company that employs the vast majority of its workers overseas and today nike announced if this trade deal is approved the company is pledging to create 10,000 jobs here in the u.s. >> far more nike products would be made in the usa and that's what -- trade can do! >> reporter: president obama is pushing congress to give him
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what's called fast track authority which would allow him liberals are concerned about losing american jobs overseas and weekend environmental and labor standards. if the highest progressive trade deal in history? president obama says if the u.s. doesn't write the rules of global trade china will and they'll do it in a way that gives them the upper hand. karen travers, abc news, washington. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton was back in the bay area today for her third fund-raiser here this week and clinton was in los angeles yesterday and raised $3 million in one day. she told one group if she's elected you'll never see her hair turn white saying she's dyed it her whole life. she was in san francisco wednesday. in addition to two fund raisers
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she met with mayor ed lee. >> a sign today that the u.s. economy may be repcovering after stumbling this year. employers added 223,000 jobs in april and it would lower the unchltment rate to 5.4% and that's the lowest since the start of the great recession. [ bell ringing ] and investors reacted positively to that and calmed fears of a slowdown in the economy and it raised fears of an interest rate hike. the dow soared. and the s&p 500 adding 28 points. if you're planning on getting away for memorial day weekend, get ready for lots of company and aaa expects 36 million americans to travel, and the most since 2005. 90% of those or 33 million would be driving or making for crowded highways. gas should be around a dollar
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cheaper than last year. air travel will be up about 2.5%. experts say a stronger economy is giving more confidence to trouble. the competition to buy a house in the bay area is about to get intense and they're eligible to buy a home again. he gets the courage and he says we're not going to find a house and if not we will. >> what these boomerang buyers mean for the already competitive housing market means on abc 7 news. >> mother's day weekend is straight ahead. let's take a look at the weather. spencer christian is here with what we can expect. >> we're off to a good start and you've got to look at doppler sky 7 hd. right now blue skies over the bay, and the forecast features low clouds will increase tonight and it will be cool at the coast the next few days and mild in
4:19 pm
the bay this weekend and the coast won't get very mild at all and here's the systems on the satellite animation and you can see the low pressure system that brought us unusual weather moving california and pushing eastward and check out this alignment with the center of low pressure inland and the high pressure building offshore that's producing a nice steady sea breeze that will continue through the weekend and into next week. so the forecast animation at 11:00 tonight and notice the surge of low clouds pushing well inland overnight and tomorrow in the daytime and you'll look at sunny inland and around the bay and clouds will linger at the coast and it will be breezy and cool in coastal areas not only tomorrow, but for the next several days and look at the low temperatures and low 50s around the bay and upper 40s on the coast with lots of cloud cover and tomorrow afternoon and mainly sunny in the south bay with a few clouds around and it will be comfortably cool to mild and the lows in the low 70s to
4:20 pm
71 at san jose on the peninsula, partly cloudy to mostly sunny with highs in the upper 60s to 70 and notice the coast cloudy and cool tomorrow highs only in the mid-50s and pacifica and half moon bay and daley city. downtown san francisco will get a little bit of sun tomorrow with a high of 60 degrees and up in the north bay, partly cloudy with the highs over to napa and east bay similar conditions and sunny, breezy and 65 in oakland and 67 in castro valley and fremont and the east bay will be the mildest region of the bay area overall with mainly sunny skies and the mid and upper 70s in livermore, fairfield and antioch. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. mother's day is looking pretty good especially inland and around the bay and 60s around the bay and clouds lingering. as we get into next week we'll
4:21 pm
have a cooldown, but it will be a steady cool pattern and partly cloudy skies through the week and highs only in the low 70s inland for most of the week with a slight chance, a slight chance of rain developing by next thursday or friday. larry and ama? >> thank you so much, spencer. >> all right. up next, staying put in the shark tank. how long the sharks plan on playing on the ice in san jose. >> new after 4:30 the high-flying celebration in the nation's capital today, 70 years in the making. first a live picture from sky 7 hd and pg&e reporting a glitch and they tell us power should be back with the trains running again by
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today in san francisco dozens of construction students showed off their job skills to potential employers. these 50 trainees will soon graduate from a
4:24 pm
pre-apprenticeship program in san francisco. it's set to last 18 weeks learning to weld plaster, survey and do other construction jobs. the city program is designed to help locals get a foothold in san francisco's busy construction industry. >> we're trying to support this very active industry with san francisco residents. >> i'm loving getting out there building with my hands and learning things, working with my classmates and i want to learn as much as possible. >> most of the students have jobs already lined up once the programens. >> the sap center will remain the shark tank for the n quarter century. they announced a long-term lease center for the san jose sharks. keeping the team downtown is important to the city's development. the extension means the team will play their home games at the tank through 2025, the lease will then renew on an annual basis through the year 2040. >> right now the golden state warriors are in memphis getting ready for tomorrow's game
4:25 pm
against the grizzlies and abc 7 news, and the rest of the players arriving for the chatter flight and there's steph and clay is going to bounce back. >> several players admitted they were tight after the loss on tuesday. former warrior donald foyer will expect the team to rebound in game three with a win. >> this is an opportunity for us to sharpen our skills and focus going into the next game and nothing will be easy from here now and the better we understand that now i think the better we'll be later on in the championship game. >> donald is forecasting through to the championship. let's get through round two donald. they'll be returning to oakland for game five. >> game three tips off at 5:00 right here on abc 7 and followed by abc 7's after the game. join me with mike schumann and we'll be live in memphis along with hall of famer nate thurman
4:26 pm
and gonzo martin. we want to see warriors pride on abc 7 just use the hash tag dubs on 7 when you post your pictures on social media and that way we can find them and show them. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. what a team of burglars stole and who got caught on camera. a fallout after the death of freddie gray. why that city's police department is about to face even more scrutiny. the livermore family already deal
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. now for the headlines where you live at the bottom of the hour. san jose police have arrested the man accused of forcing himself oninto a 13-year-old girl's home as she returned from school. it was caught by surveillance cameras. mohammad khaliqi was charged with attempted sexual assault. he fought her off and he is now caught. the dad and the two kids rescued ni sierra after missing in a camping trip. lyanne melendez was there when nick vlahos arrived safely.
4:30 pm
more on what vlahos did to attract the attention of search teams. >> a livermore family dealing with the death of two loved ones after a dui crash into their apartment last week may not return home for up to two months. david louie joins us live in livermore with what is turning out to be a difficult situation. david? >> reporter: the death of a mother and child at the hands of an alleged drunk driver is hard enough. this is the spot where the car jumped the curb and killed them. the apartment of the relatives is right over here is also damaged as a result of that and their lives are in disarray. the damage is far greater than expected. repairs will entail removal of asbestos in addition to structural work to the morales apartment unit. at first they thought it would only take a few days and now it could stretch out much longer. >> it's a very long time from a couple of days to approximately two months and right now they've been living out of a -- their truck and thankfully the police department paid a couple of
4:31 pm
nights of hotel. >> the first two nights they lived in their ford expedition in the parking lot. leisure sports in pleasanton is two weeks that's a tight spot for the parents and children. >> it's tight for people and for my son actually because they like to be quiet and tranquil. that's hard for him. >> they work behind the scenes to answer the claims. esperanza morales and her 14-month-old daughter juli continues to grow. they were visiting from monterey county for a family gathering. >> it is kind of surprising that the support for the little girl and the mother. there is huge support and it's kind of nice to see. >> the driver accused of killing them livermore resident brian jones is out on bail as prosecutors decide what charges
4:32 pm
to file. he's accused of driving under the influence. in livermore, david louie, abc 7 news. a public memorial is under way right now for a discovery boy stabbed to death inside his home. family and friends of jordan almgren filed into the community church. the 9-year-old was killed april 26th while he was sleeping in his own bed. he prayed for the ageplayed for the angels in the pony league. he says he decided to kill his friend's younger brother just to see what it was like. his attorney says schultz's family repeatedly tried to get him psychological help. dozens of students are okay after a fire at a trade school in san jose last night. flames broke out at 7:30 at the lloyd e. williams training center on commercial street. several tanks erupted in flames on the side of the building. about 50 students inside at the time were able to get out safely.
4:33 pm
an investigation is also under way into what caused this large san jose warehouse fire a few hours later. look at the huge flames just rising along north 5th street around 10:00 p.m. and it took crews almost an hour to put the fire out and firefighters spent the entire night watching over the hot spot sgloos an investigation is under way in atlanta into a small plane crash that killed all onboard. the single engine, went down shortly after taking off from an atlanta area airport. reports say it clipped a big rig before it crashed and amazingly nobody on the ground was hurt and the crash closed the freeway for hours. >> the baltimore police department is under investigation by the federal government. loretta lynch announced the launch of a federal probe into the department's inner workings. the action comes following the death of freddie gray who died in police custody last month. >> this investigation will begin immediately and will focus on
4:34 pm
allegations that baltimore police department officers used excessive force including deadly force, conducted unlawful searches seizures and arrests and engaged in discriminatory policing. >> stephanie rawlings-blake requested the investigation into the police department. six officers are charged ranging from false imprisonment to murder. david ram ron is basking in the glow of the unexpected clear-cut victory of yesterday's parliamentary election. >> i truly believe we're in the brink of something special in our country. we can make britain a place where a good life is in reach for everyone who is willing to work and do the right thing. >> cameron spoke outside 10 downing street today after his conservative party won 326 of the possible 650 seats up for grabs in the house of commons. the margin of victory was slim, but pre-election polls predicted a much tighter race. pollsters blamed the bad polling
4:35 pm
on their failure to account for lower turnout among people identifying themselves as labor party voters. today marks the 70 years since the end of fighting in europe in world war ii known as the v-day. the nazis surrendered to the allied forces in europe. hundred of veterans gathered at the national world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. today. more than 50 aircraft from world war ii took to the skies for a special flyover. in france secretary john kerry laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at the arc de triomphe triomphe. a total of 1337 americans gave up their passports that is nearly 40% of the total from all of last year which was a previous all-time high. the surge in renuns yagzs is part of a backlash from ex-pats who are apparently tired of
4:36 pm
handling complicated tax paperwork as a new tax law kicked in. >> if you thought dial-up internet was dead, think again. the surprising number of americans still connecting with slow speeds. a new outbreak of twisters and we will take you live to oklahoma. >> i'm michael finney "ask finney" is just ahead and i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just search for michael finney and i'll answer your questions here live in just a little bit. i'm spencer christian from the tower camera where we see a hint of light clouds and low clouds beginning to push out over the bay and we'll see more than a hint, and i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moment. >> and a live look from sky 7 hd in san leandro. as you see, trains are now moving again afte
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>> new video from oklahoma shows what's shaping up to be a third straight night of severe storms through the plains states. thunderstorms and strong tornadoes are expected through the weekend. abc news reporter elizabeth herr is in oklahoma where people are picking up the pieces from wednesday's devastating storm. >> reporter: the race is on to clear the debris and the mangled mess out of the area before mother nature strikes again. >> we have worked hard for the last five years to build this
4:40 pm
business and then it's just gone. >> reporter: this at a welding shot in oklahoma lending a hand volunteers from local churches and schools. >> picking up debris and putting it in trucks and having it loaded. >> reporter: in texas, heartbreak and anguish for this couple left homeless. >> where do we start? >> where do we start? >> we've been here 20-plus years and we've never -- we've never even had to replace a roof from a storm. never. >> reporter: as tornado after tornado tore through texas, lightning sparked fires. >> oh, my god, a fire and nerves rattled by a 4.0 earthquake near dallas. meanwhile, hail pelted parts of colorado and seven inches drenched nebraska and the state's worst natural disaster an with more severe weather in the forecast despite losing their homes and businesses, some are taking it all in stride. >> oklahoma has a great attitude
4:41 pm
towards caring for their people but so does the nation. the nation really comes together when something like this happens. >> and they're still dealing with the lightning right now. >> a scary situation to be living that in a constant bases and you just never know. all weather is much, much milder as we head into mother's day weekend. >> we have little about which to complain and here's live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies and we'll see coastal clouds surging inland overnight and it will be a cool evening for baseball as the giants take on the miami marlins again and game time 7:15 and it will be chilly and breezy and about 55 degrees and welcome to san francisco baseball. we have sub tropical storm ana which is packing sustained winds of 45 miles per hour and it's going to make landfall tomorrow along the coastal border between the carolinas and the concern
4:42 pm
for this storm is flooding. it's expected to produce six to eight inches of rainfall as it moves inland and weakens, of course and by sunday it will be pushing up into virginia. so we'll be watching that for you. back in california and mainly sunny skies and clouds along the coast and here in the bay area we'll have sunny skies inland and around the bay and low clouds will linger at the coast and it will be cool at the coast again with highs in the 50s and mid-06s along the bay and low to mid 70s inland and that's the same picture that we'll see on sunday which is mother's day. larry and ama? >> thank you spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 have you had a cancer screening and probably not. >> a surprising number of americans still connecting to the internet like it's 1995. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney much is required from the dmv w
4:43 pm
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covering fremont, palo alto and north bay and all the bay area this is abc 7 news. when it comes to the internet a stunning number of americans still think it's 1995 according to aol's quarterly earnings report more than 2
4:46 pm
million of its customers still use dial-up to connect to the internet. remember the old sounds there? the figure is pretty stunning considering 70% of americans connect to the internet over much faster broadband. aol says its dial-up customers were paying monthly speeds. i'm frustrated with what high speed is imagine dial-up. a popular cholesterol drug may have an unexpected benefit. >> many people are not getting the cancer screenings that they need. jane king has today's wellness report. statens may also slow the progression of prostate cancer in patients receiveing hormone therapy. the cancer institute in boston says men who took the staten saw it better than those that didn't. it only worked with those with advanced prostate cancer.
4:47 pm
americans are not getting the recommended screening tests for colon, test and cervical cancers and people often put their health last and they feel if they feel okay they don't have anything to worry about. screenings are meant to catch cancers early before it shows up and it is among adult without health insurance. >> the first maker of wearable health tracking devices to seek a stock market listing. fitness trackers have been popular in the past year and the new trend shows few signs of slowing down and the so-called fitness wearables will triple by 2018 to 70 million and finally a healthy diet is tied to better memory. an international study found older people who eat health we more fruits and vegetables, nuts and fish in their diets may be less likely to experience declines in thinking and memory over time. from the nasdaq i'm jane king. here's to your health. all right. time now for ask finney and 7 on your side's michael finney here
4:48 pm
to answer questions sent to you by twitter, facebook and email. i brought my car in for a smog certificate and they ran my driver's license through a scanning machine. is this something the dmv now requires? >> no that is something the business wanted to do. remember, the information that they're swiping is just what's on the front of your driver's license. if you don't want to do that go somewhere new next time. that has nothing to do with the law and nothing to do with smogging your car. >> our next question comes from katherine, and do you have a list of the best deals on credit cards for foreign travel? >> i don't. and the reason is that these deals change all of the time. what you want to do is avoid a foreign transaction fee and it used to be 3%. a lot of cards charge 3% and what do they do with the 3%? they pocket it and all is nothing and you can find cards that have a foreign transaction fee and what you want to the do is call up your own credit card
4:49 pm
company and find out what does your card charge. do you have a zero percent. if they don't, you might want to look for one. a lot of them just lowered them to 0 and 1% because people like me were giving them grief. >> that's what you do very well, i might add. doesn't my neighbor need troo have a business license to run a day care in her home? >> she probably needs two of them. a business license and check with your city and county and then they need a day care license and there ar a couple of different versions and they get that from the state and they have to be licensed both ways and if they're not i understand why you're upset and you might want to check with the people. >> especially if you have a homeowner's association can't you go through them? >> all of a sudden you have a business next to you and that's why we have zoning laws and on the other hand, all of a sudden you bought cars, traffic and
4:50 pm
police calls it a whole different world. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue and a south bay home is caught on camera and the victims say they're being left helpless and now here's cheryl with what's ahead at 5:00. i'm larry thank you so much. coming up next an emergency drought barrier in the data. why environmentalists say it could reduce water supply for millions. steph curry,
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oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. here is tonight's rhymetime prime timelineup and shark tank and join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. in honor of asian-american month, we'll highlight the organizations that are making a difference where you live and this morning we're recognizing halau school in san francisco.
4:54 pm
it retains a hawaiian center where they grow hawaiian plants. >> you say it so well larry. >> on our abc 7 news bay area instagram feed. >> an airport lieutenant colonel has become the first woman to phi the newest fighter jet. christine flew combat missions in afghanistan and flying the f-35 this week was a special moment and the single engine jet can reach speeds up to 1200 miles per hour and flies as high as 50,000 feet and training pilots and maintenance and support groups for the f-35. >> well if you'll take a selfie ama you might as well snap a footsie. a picture of your feet for a good cause. >> tod's is giving a million pairs of new shoes and it's known for the buy a pair and
4:55 pm
give affair philosophy. >> take a photo of your bare feet and post it to instagram with the #withoutshoes and toms will donate a pair of shoes. this is all part of toms one day without shoes campaign. >> that's nice. >> yeah. a south bay family is hoping the brazen burglars who stole the items from their home will be caught. >> they want you to take a look at stunning video from the crime. abc 7 news reporter matt kellar brings us the story from san jose. >> reporter: kinney and his wife realized the american dream six months ago buying in the evergreen neighborhood. what happened tuesday has turned into a nightmare. >> i told my husband maybe we should live in a high-rise condo where there is security and people always around us. >> no one was home when burglars shattered their sense of security and in surveillance video, you can see a man on a
4:56 pm
bike circling at remington way at 4:34 in the afternoon and less than 30 seconds later you see the bike pull into the driveway and about an hour later a convertible white car pulls into the driveway and he comes out with a 47-inch flat-screen tv so the driver a woman gets out and helps take down the convertible top and drives off. you can see a red car driven by asha. she got home and called the police. when she got home she saw what was missing, close to $10,000 worth of valuables including the engagement ring. >> it was heartbreaking, so -- yeah. even if you buy a new one it wouldn't have the same sentiment as the other one. >> reporter: san jose police responded and took fingerprints. ananth and asha identified the vehicle as a 2001 white mustang
4:57 pm
convertible with black rims and handed over surveillance video and pictures they received from neighbors. the investigators were nice and they were told no one was assigned to this case and the two officers were on patrol because of short staffing in the department. >> they just don't have the tools available to them to go after people in the facility and that keeps these guys in the streets a lot more, so, yeah i think it's going to be hard thing to feel safe anymore. the family did tell me that they have insurance, but obviously there are some things that cannot be replaced and in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> with all of that video, they would hope to catch them. >> and they can get police on the case. >> thank you for joining us on abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> abc 7 news at 5:00. >> that led to the rescue and reunion of an oakland family.
4:58 pm
and how the family made sure this was the end of the happy ending. >> what police told abc 7 news moments ago. and -- >> protesters rally inside san francisco city hall. what's happening outside that has them so riled up. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel and a beautiful day around the bay and i'll let you know if this weather will last through mother's day weekend coming up. >> live from the kgo broadcast center thshgs is center, this is abc 7 news. we were elated. it feels great. >> awesome. it's really, really cool. >> a wonderful, joyous moment as the oakland family reunites and they're grateful and about to
4:59 pm
celebrate. >> i'm larry beil and i'm laura cheryl jennings. it was out of a rugged section of the tahoe national forest and that forced him his 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter to survive a frigid night in the woods. the pilot found them and their chopper was running low on gas when they finally spotted the family. >> i think the sentiment in the aircraft that night was we'll get these guys out of here and get them back. we were able to shut down and physically see the reunion with their family which was emotional and that was a pretty good one. >> abc news reporter laura act anthony was the first to bring you the reunion from the sierra. she talked to the family about their rescue and their joyful reunion. >> i had a flashing strobing light that i should have started with the first night. nick vlahos told us for two days he tried anything to attract the
5:00 pm
attention of would-be rescuers he could see. they were not far from where they were stranded in a remote forest. >> i had pink blankets up in trees and yellow straps and all over and we left bottles by the river and we did everything we could. >> what made a difference thursday evening as shown in the vlahos instagram video that had them surveying. >> and he left things in the side of the riverbank and he covered all of the possibilities. he had a strobe light out and he had lights that shine on them and they found him because he was shooting up the strobe light. that's what they saw. >> camping with family we are told nick vlahos had plenty of supplies, enough to last him and his kids a week. >> keeping them warm and fed was one thing, but through it all the 41-year-old vlahos also had to keep his two young children calm and not reveal his own fears to


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