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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> this is abc7 news. >> it's saturday, may 9th. good morning, i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7hd. hi lisa. >> hi, chris. good morning, everyone. we have start the out with plenty of cloud cover. it's made its way all the way into our east bay valleys and it will be somewhat slow to clear, allowing for another cool day today. here's mt. tam and the official sunrise coming up shortly. you see we will have plenty of gray for the sun to work on to bring us our sunshine. not until about 9:00, 10:00 in the east bay valleys.
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but right now it's mild from san carlos to san jose. low to mid-50s everywhere. and five mile visibility half moon bay. the fog not creating much problem right along the coast or at the surface, the roadways. things are pretty good in terms of visibility. maybe a little mist and drizzle here. we will still have the clouds at our beaches, but it will be bright today with plenty of 70s around the bay. what about mother's day? we will look at that forecast and maybe a few showers in the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. one person is in custody this morning after being involved in a hit-and-run crash in san francisco. the crash happened just after 11:30 last night. brother wood way and alameda of boulevard. police say two cars collided head on. again, one person was taken into custody for a possible dui. no word on any injury. the highway patrol is investigating a fatal crash in richmond. it was westbound interstate 80. it happened at the on-ramp to
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solano avenue just before 1:00 friday. one vehicle possibly drove away from the crash scene. happening now the san mateo bridge is closed for the entire weekend. let's take a live look from our san mateo bridge camera. the bridge close today traffic late last night. as you are about to see, it's not the only traffic issue this weekend. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has more details. >> i asked ming daughter will you come to visit me? and she said the san mateo bridge is closed. and maybe next time. >> she lives in hayward, her daughter in san mateo. not an easy drive with the san mateo bridge closed. and also has to get to work in burlingame. >> i will go around. it's extra miles but isolates -- but it's okay. >> caltrans is resurfacing the san mateo bridge and adding a special coating that will
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special coating that will protect it from moisture. >> it's also a lot quieter and people will notice a smoother drive. >> good news for the driver in the long run but for the shuttle driver, time is money. >> when i go to oakland to sfo and it's taking me like three times the time. >> also this weekend bart trains will not be running between the coliseum oakland airport and fruitvale stations for maintenance. there will be buses, but delays could be as long as an hour. >> everybody should get a two-hour head start to get to work because it will get real nasty. >> the bridge is scheduled to reopen monday at 5:00 a.m. there will being one more closer over memorial day weekend. abc7 news. and for help navigating around potential traffic and transit problems, be sure to get waze on your smartphone. you can get it free from apple's app store or google play. 6:03 is our time. a camp counselor is under arrest accused. possessing hundreds of child porn images.
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parents want to know how much contact he had with their children. it is a story you will see only on abc7 news. >> it makes you physically ill to know we sent them somewhere that was supposed to be a fun place, a once-in-a-lifetime memory. >> amanda's fifth grade daughter attend walden west science camp near cupertino and the kids all knew the man. he was arrested for possessing more than 300 child porn images and videos. it was at a cam that teaches children about nature. he posted these photos of the camp on his face book page. he was the night host to who was nicknamed papa bear. >> he was supposed to be awake all night to address any concerns of the campers. if they were uncomfortable with anything, they were supposed to go to papa bear. >> now they want to know if he took inappropriate pictures of their children, and they want school officials to hold a meet to answer their questions.
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>> how do we know that he did not place cameras in the showers, in the toilets, things like? >> he may have taken pictures of our kids. he was going in the cabin to wake up our kids in the morning. >> the santa clara county office of education said he passed a criminal background check when they hired him two years ago. in santa clara county, alan wang abc7 news. san francisco attorney and political consultant enrique pierce has been arrested on child pornography charges. this is video of pierce from 2003 when he worked on the mayoral campaign of former supervisor matt gonzalez. in 2011 he led the effort to get then interim mayor ed lee to seek a full term in office. san jose police are thanking residents who helped them arrest a man they call a violent sexual predator. the 31-year-old man is accused of trying to rape a 13-year-old girl. abc news reporter janet has more on the arrest.
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>> in my opinion he's a monster. >> san jose police say the 31-year-old, a man wanted for two sexual assaults, was on the run. >> all the credit belongs to the citizens who called in with those tips. >> tips that led authorities to a san leandro home where they arrested a clean-shaven man. he tried to change his looks from the images captured on surveillance video. the first attack happened a month ago when he followed a 28-year-old woman to the bathroom, and tuesday police say he followed a 13-year-old girl as she was walking home from school. her family surveillance video shows a hair-raisings assault that has been blasterd all over social media. >> i seen a guy that kind of look like him walking in our neighborhood. >> i recognize him from a beard. and then when he didn't have at beard i didn't recognize him as much. >> jennifer only knew him as a man who lived above her. >> he would complain about our laundry. >> he lived in this corner
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apartment. his roommate, who didn't want to be shown, said police took a pair of shoes and a jacket as evidence. he said his roommate moved out abruptly and he had no idea until now. abc7 news. >> dozens of people living at an oakland residential hotel are wondering when they can return home after bacteria in the drinking water forced them out. that was earlier this week. city officials have confirmed that the water at the imperial hotel on 13th street is contaminated and unsafe to drink. the owner said the pipes are being flushed with chlorine and should be retested earlier this morning. excitement is building for the warriors game for the game tonight. abc news was at the oakland international airport yesterday as the warriors boarded their flight to tennessee. they will play games three and four in memphis. the series is tied at one a piece.
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game five is back at oakland on wednesday. it tips off here on abc7 followed by abc7 "after the game" and you can join sports director larry beil and reporter mike shumann live in memphis along with hall of famer nature -- nate thurmon and cal basketball head coach conzo martin. fans, we want to see your photos on air and online. it's@abc7 use the #dubson7 so we can easily find them. and don't forget abc7 is your home for the nba finals. catch all the exciting action starting june 4th. much more to come this morning including the full accuweather forecast. >> it is pretty drearily out there this morning. it feels mild, though. 52 here. you are looking from our exploratorium camera. we have some sun on the way but it will be a cool day in san francisco. below the average. i'll explain what that means in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you.
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also ahead, more heartache from the scene of a suspected dui crash. why the family who lives in this livermore apartment can't return home. plus, colin kaepernick jumps to defend tom brady as a new report signals how the nfl automotive innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort.
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police have sentenced an egyptian former president to charges. he was overthrown in his country's 2011 revolt. the corruption case concerns charges that mobarek and his two sons embezzled millions of dollars of state funds over the course of a decade. the funds were meant to pay for renovating and maintaining presidential palaces, but instead were spent on their private residences. mothers are coming together this weekend in an effort to crack down on drunk driving. happening today, madd, mothers against drunk driving, will hold an awareness about mothers against drunk driving and support those who have been impacted. it comes in response to a string of drunk driving incidences last weekend. the one in livermore killed a mother and her baby last saturday. it gets underway today at carnegie park in livermore >> a heartbreaking situation for
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a livermore family. their crash has become even worse. after dealing with the death of two loved ones after a car crashed into their apartment they may not be able to return home for up to two months. david loui has the story. >> still in mourning, he calls this his only place to call home. his family is homeless of that a car pass into their apartment. it will possibly be two months before asbestos and structural work will be completed. >> it will be a couple days before they can tell. and they pay one more night. >> so it's day-by-day? >> yeah. the turmoil means he hasn't been back to work as a cook. liesure sports provided enough support for a hotel for two weeks but after that it could be back in a truck. last weekend a corvette driven by brian jones jumped the curb
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and mowed down a woman and her 14-month-old daughter julie. it's under investigation was a possible dui. the family isn't sure if they can continue to live here with some tragic memories. >> i don't know. i need to see this. i talked to my wife and she wanted -- wanted no look at another place, but i don't know. >> flowers, candles and donation have been pouring in. >> it's encouraging to see people who have no idea who we are, and we have no idea who they are, and people are donating money from all over the state. >> a neighbor has a shattered window from last saturday's crash. >> the piece of the break rotor exploded in like four pieces and just the impact was unbelievable how fast that guy was going. >> the livermore community is having a picnic for the morales family tomorrow afternoon to boost their morale.
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in livermore, abc7 news. the san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has come to the defense of tom brady as brady faces a possible suspension in the nfl deflate-gate scandal. a report in "the new york daily news" says the commissioner rodger good he will will announce how long the suspension will last. an nfl report issued this week said the new england quarterback likely knew they were using deflated balls. they are easier to throw and catch. they won 45-7. kaepernick tweeted no football in the world will help you win by 38. let it go and let tom be great. an east bay family is home after a two-day search ended with a happy reunion. nick and his two young children were found safe after being lost for two days in the tahoe national forest. on friday the three-year-old and five-year-old arrived at their grandparents home in piedmont. the family flew in from all over the country to help with the search. the kid's grandmother said it's
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a blessing in disguise. >> i figured my man did it this way so my daughter from new york and my son from hawaii could celebrate mother's day. [laughter] >> keeping a positive attitude. laura anthony was the only reporter there for the reunion. rescuers tell us if the father hadn't been so levelheaded, the outcome could have been much different. >> we are so grateful to everyone who looked for us. >> professional rescuers told abc7 news, once he found himself stuck wilderness with his two young children he did all the right things. >> i left an l.e.d. light, but apparently you can't see that at night. i left it on the hood of my car. i had a flashing strobing light i should have started with the first night, and i think that's what happened. >> this instagram photo showed his black toyota tundra after the dirt gave way beneath it and it slid sideways into a tree. through it all he had to
6:17 am
maintain the physical and emotional well-being of the five-year-old and three-year-old, shown the a this camp before the rescue helicopter arrived and hoisted them to safety. after spending several days here. he was able to convince nicky and meela their time together in the truck was a part of adventure. >> they didn't know they were in danger because he played it cool for them and made a game out of it with almost anything. >> it seems to have worked. >> the stuff on your face, that poison oak? >> yep. >> wow. >> did you get poison oak too? [laughter] >> even the dog, a chihuahua emerged in good spirits. as they left for their home in oakland, it was clear their health and well-being was intact, but also their sense of adventure.
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in sierra county, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> it's good they didn't get hit with some snow. >> seriously. we had some pretty crazy on thursday but that system well to the east of us and the atmosphere getting more stable. although we have a weak weather system that will keep temperatures about 2 to 5 degrees below average today. san francisco had be four degrees shy of their average. and san jose about three degrees shy. mountain view should see low 70s in the upper 60s today. live doppler hd showing the low clouds and fog at the coast and with the marine layer relatively deep and a pretty steady onshore flow it will take a while to burnett back today. it will reveal the 60s this afternoon and we will look for the sun to be setting at 8:07. once the fog goes back in, we will have the breeze city winds around the bay. but unless you are right close to the bay it should be pretty comfortable inland as it is this morning. 54 san carlos and 52 half moon
6:19 am
bay. 52 san francisco. it's milder this morning because we have the low clouds and fog. it looks great out there. even mist and described he will at the cost. cloudy at concord and livermore at 54. 50 petaluma so much, much milder this morning by about 10 degrees or so up in napa. you will notice the temperature change the 24 hour temperature change with the low deck of cloudiness out there keeping us milder. it will be a cool finish, though once again with temperatures just in the 60s and 70s. so that southwest wind will be blowing throughout the day today. these winds will kick up toward midday and the afternoon. so right now all below 10 miles per hour. and it's going to take a little bit of time, but you know the sun angle for may pretty strong. so it should peel back these clouds by the afternoon. but you know what? it's going to be in and out right along the coast and closer to the coast. and temperatures, you are going to have to go inland to get the mild readings into the 70s. that's for tomorrow as well. we will look for a chance of
6:20 am
rain headed our way by late next week. similar to what happened a couple days ago. the pacific satellite picture shows the counterclockwise rotation. this is the low that brought some of the rain here and the higher elevation snow. that's well to the east of us. and high pressure is well to the west of us. so that alignment sets up a pretty steady sea breeze not only today but into tomorrow and all wait into next week. a week area pressure slides down the coast today. that reinforces our cooler air for the second half of your weekend and a stronger system may bring in the showers by the end of the week. some fog in the sierra nevada with mid-60s today. sunny skies. it should be a beautiful day in yosemite. 71 there and dryer in los angeles at 67. but only 59 degrees at the coast. right here, about three to four degrees shy of our average high. 71 san jose. 69 in sunnyvale. and on the peninsula here we will see temperatures in the
6:21 am
upper 60s from menlo park to redwood city. 60 today in san francisco. but look it, we have a lot of cloudiness here. if you clear, it will be a little brighter but still on the cool side with temperatures only at about 60 downtown, 70 up in sonoma and notice the gray skies from bodega bay to stinson beach. 65 headed into san leandro this afternoon. and you head inland, though, a nice day with 73 in san ramon, and 75 in brentwood. accuweather seven-day forecast, for mother's day tomorrow just a few degrees cooler. you probably won't notice much but the low clouds and fog with us all week long. cooler highs monday and tuesday. maybe far north bay could see a sprinkle on tuesday or we are partly cloudy wednesday and there comes the chance of rain thursday and friday. once again, it should be very light if you see anything at all. >> we always want to see more rain but at least it's not
6:22 am
happening on mother's day. >> such a tease all spring long. >> lisa, thank you. coming up, the high-flying antics of a silicon valley start-up. how they are using free ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i wear my clothes like this ♪ ♪ because i can, ♪
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ron claiborne from good morning america joins us how to tell us what is coming up. >> we will be leading off this morning with severe weather. the severe weather that's hitting parts of the country this weekend. four reported tornadoes touching down the past 24 hours. that's happening in texas. the storms also packing jumbo-size hail and high winds. meanwhile along the east coast a hurricane storm anna taking aim at the carolinas. and check out the footage of a chain reaction collision. a crash on the interstate in iowa. 32 people injured after a tour bus slammed into a truck. both vehicles going into flames but all the passengers got out alive. and tourists in a national park making a run for it after an encounter with a family of bears. we will show you what sent them scrambling. and george clooney is opening up about his marriage with his wife.
6:26 am
the habit that he says she's had trouble getting used to. sarah hains has that story in pop news. i'll give you a hint. ♪ ♪ take a guess. >> why aim not surprised? >> exactly. >> a silicon valley start-up has a high-flying idea to attract top talent. then payroll gives their employees a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world. it's called the golden ticket and it's given after you have worked there a year. it helps employees see the big picture. still ahead in the half-hour the big fishnetted in california's first major shark fin prosecution. an abc7 eye team ex-exclusive is next. and the barrier that's going up in the delta to
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>> it is great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. we will start off with a quick look at the forecast. lisa argen joins us more. hi lisa. >> hi chris. you can see mt. tam and all the low clouds below it.
6:30 am
with the blanket of low clouds we are mild with temperatures in the 50s. a 4 degrees in san carlos. mist and drizzle at the coast. 52 there. starting out warmer than yesterday but we will finish once again on the cool side. here's a look at the follow footprint. for the next several hours it's with us. it clears by about 9:00, east bay valleys. revealing more 60s and 70s today. you have to get far inland to enjoy the milder numbers. it will be a little breezy as the clouds pull back around the bay and the fog sticks to the coast. we will show what you little warmup looks like and see if there's a warmup in store. chris. >> the first major prosecution under california's ban on shark fin ends in a conviction. it's a case the i-team has been covering from the start. dan noyes was the only journalist there for the story. >> the prosecution agreed to drop three misdemeanor counts
6:31 am
drop three misdemeanor counts against 43-year-old michael, but he entered a plea to one count. violation of a fish and game code 2021, the shark fin ban. >> i know it's the same as a guilty plea in a criminal proceeding and this being a criminal proceeding, i'm going to make a fact finding that you are guilty. >> the defense tried to argue that the january, 2014 search of his warehouse in san francisco was improper. game wardens found more than 2,000 pounds of shark fin in various forms. whole fin, some ground into powder. >> we are disappointed. we thought we had a pretty good motion we could run today. it was a search and seizure motion and we think there were some problems with the validity of the administrative inspection that was conducted on michael's property back in january. >> but the judge sided with the prosecution and urged the two sides to strike a deal. as a result of his conviction, he was sentenced to 30 days in county jail. he can serve that in the sheriff's work program. three years probation. but most important of all, he forfeits the ton of shark fin
6:32 am
with a black market value of $1 million or more. some activists were upset he was getting off with misdemeanor charges. >> what do you say to the activists who are upset about the thousands of sharks that those fins represent? >> well, we are just following the law. i mean, the activists, they have the law law enacted and now somebody has been convicted. >> this is important for the activists, especially since he was one of the most vocal opponents, appearing at hearings in hearings. >> my name is michael and i'm the fourth generation of my family involved in the shark fin business. >> the shark fin are ordered to be preserved for 9 months in case needed for evidence. they want some of the shark fin used in research into the dangers the population faces. abc7 news. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. >> 6:32 is our official. officials will gearing hold an emergency water summit to address the ongoing drought.
6:33 am
officials will discuss potential solution toss the water crisis. organizers say another vent is focused on creating a collaborative regional framework within communities to help with conservation. it gets underway at the santa clara convention center at 10:00. >> in the san joaquin delta, there's a massive construction project to retain freshwater. some call it a drought barrier. wayne friedman has the story. >> in a state where people and what are we doing about the drought, here's a drastic measure. the construction of this barrier. and still not everyone is happy. >> this is a very, very sad day or the last few days to see this going on. >> when finished, the rock barrier will close off 750 feet of channel and block tidal salt water from flowing into the delta from which some cities serve customers.
6:34 am
but karen cunningham has a ranch and draws water from what will be the saltie side of the barrier. >> are my cows going to be watered with salt water? is my sub-irrigation going to turn salty? >> by the time the department of water resources removes the barrier next fall, it will have spent $40 million. construction park will be a six-week, 24-7 job. >> is it easier to drop them in or pull them out? >> way easier to drop them in. you can open up the bottom and dump the rock in, and to pull it out you have to grab every bucket and pull all the rock out. >> the easier part is one residents of bethel island worry. >> i don't feel confident. because of the funding and the cost of it. >> scott mac owns and runs bethel harbor marina with his wife, jaymee. their business relies on customers coming in off the water. this barrier they say, threatens both their economics
6:35 am
and their ecosystem. >> if we are shut off, boaters can't get to us. >> well, when the state gets involved, some win, some lose, and all for the sake of a greater good. from bethel island, wayne friedman abc7 news. up next, the big tax refund for an east bay couple that never arrived. "7 on your side" michael finney explains how their money went to a complete stranger. the time right rueter now is 6:35. a live look outside. you can see the cloud cover. we will check in with lisa argen to see if there are any delays at sfo coming up after the break.
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millions of taxpayers get their tax refunds by direct deposit. but be warned. it's easy for mistakes to be made. one couple was expecting thousands of dollars back from irs but it went to a complete stranger. that's when they turned to "7 on your side" michael finney for help. >> my husband and i have had a hard time over the last few years. >> susan of concord works in construction and so does her husband, richard. for a long time jobs were scarce. >> just like anyone else in this area, we've been hard-hit. >> so they were glad to know they would get a nice tax refund this year, $5200 to help pay the bills.
6:39 am
>> to be able to make mortgage payments and pay for things for our kids. >> but they never got the refund. instead their $5,200 went to a complete stranger and they couldn't get it back. >> somebody got the lottery. but it really hurt our family. >> it wasn't a scam, it was a mistake. it happened when they went to their long time tax preparer at h&r block. they wanted the refund deposited to the wells fargo bank as usual. when it didn't show up, susan called h&r block. >> and then we started talking about what the account number was, and i said wait a minute. turns out the tax preparer put the wrong routing number on the returns. all their money went into someone else's account at chase bank. the accountant insisted that susan told him to deposit the money at chase, however, the couple doesn't have an account there. >> why would i give him an account number for a tax refund
6:40 am
to an account that didn't belong to us? >> they signed it without looking at the full return and account numbers beforehand. so taxpayers are responsible for the accuracy of their returns. h&r block said it was their loss. >> frankly, i broke down. i mean, i was just sobbing. i was so upset. >> the couple contacted "7 on your side" and we contacted h&r block and the company decided to reimburse their $5,200 after all saying we take any client service issues seriously and appears our policies and procedures were not followed in this one instance. we worked directly with the client to resolve the issue and to deposit the refund in their account. now susan wants to warn you, check your returns before you sign. >> one error you don't catch and you may be out your money and may not be able to get it back. >> putting the wrong account number on a tax return happens more often than you might think.
6:41 am
especially with electronic filing. if that happens you can petition the irs to try to get the bank to return your funds. however, even the feds cannot force the bank to cough up the money. i have posted more information about these rules. go to and look under the sections tab. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> great guys out there. some clouds? >> looks drearily here from the san jose camera where temperatures are milder, closer to the 50s. closer to the coast in drizzle and limited visibility. we will talk about cool highs today. mother's day tomorrow and another shot of rain in the seven day outlook. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, tim lincecum goes on a scoreless streak and gets some power from a surprising source. i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common?
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have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪ >> happening now russia is celebrating the 70th anniversary of victory day. you are looking at military parade and procession in moscow's red square. meanwhile russian ukrainian and former east german soldiers are holding a ceremony at a memorial to mark the occasion. 16,000 soldiers are taking part in the parade in russia. they say the red square
6:45 am
spectacle in moscow is said to be the biggest military ma raid every held. new this morning, president obama is commemorating the 70th anniversary of victory day. in his weekly address the president said today is the day to pay tribute to the men and women who served and sacrificed for the cause of freedom decades ago. he said by ending the war, that generation literally saved the world, laying a foundation for peace. >> this was the generation that includes heroes like the the navajo code talkers, and the japanese americans of the regiment and who continued the fight for freedom here at home, expanding a quality opportunity and justice for minorities and women. the president also asked that in addition to commemorating this anniversary americans should also honor the men and women in uniform who currently serve our country and recommit to the values the u.s. shares with its allies in europe and beyond. >> back here at home we know about the skyrocketing rents in
6:46 am
san francisco. much of it caused by the tech explosion, it's the same now on the peninsula. tenants are told to leave and are facing higher rents. here's vic lee with the details. >> this family has lived in the park royal apartments six years. 73 units in this huge complex of six buildings are being renovated. tenants in phases have been given two months to leave. rents here are going up about $1,000. >> we cannot afford to go another place. this is getting too expensive for us. and over 70 families getting evicted this year. >> this is our home. we want to stay. this poster will hang on the balcony of the redwood city apartment his family is renting.
6:47 am
the owner is renovating and jacking up the rents. they have been given notice to leave their one bedroom, 2 bedroom apartment but they haven't found another one they can afford. >> we went to one place and $5,000 for the first month rent and deposit. >> can you afford that, your family? >> no, we cannot. >> the average rent in san mateo county, according to a recent survey, is about $2,700 a month and growing. housing activists said the skyrocketing rents are forcing people to move out of county. >> it isn't just affecting individual families, but also destabilizing the community. you think of an entire workforce going through this, what does that do to a community? >> a spokesman for the landlord. of the park royal apartment said they are helping tenants with their move and all have left on evictions. he said it's unfortunate, but not unfair. vic lee, abc7 news. >> lisa, how are the temperatures looking?
6:48 am
>> it has been cool. we will continue to stay strikes but it will be cooler than average for pretty much the entire week. we have that going for us with higher relative humidity. pretty good air quality and really minimal risk of high fire danger due to the weather that is pretty much green with us for this time of year. of course, we need more moisture out there. but we aren't looking at any offshore wind components or any high temperatures. so we are going to be on the cool side personal. a live doppler 7hd with the low clouds and fog. right now i want to take to you the atlantic where this is the first system of the season. it was a hurricane briefly and now it's tropical storm. it will bring one to two inches of rain to north and south carolina. the hurricane season starts june 1st. a little early. you see the rotation here but not causing much of a problem. isolated maybe three or four inches around north carolina
6:49 am
but otherwise it's quiet in the atlantic for now. we are looking at our coast. san carlos, good morning 54. low 50s in the city. 4 to 5-mile visibility at the coast. really no problems there. and it's cloudy into our east bay valleys. here's the golden gate bridge. you are looking at the low deck of clouds that will be with us throughout much of the day. temperatures only in the mid-50s at the coast. it will be a cool day here. and looking to low clouds and fog for much of next week, as well. really not going anywhere anytime soon. with the cloud cover it's milder this morning. anywhere from 6 degrees warmer in livermore to 11 degrees warmer, and that's despite some breezy winds at times up through the delta. marine layer made it over the east bay hills but not into the delta. it's clear there and we will have the mildest weather there. and still pretty pictures in the sierra nevada from thursday's system with the snow.
6:50 am
southwest winds blowing up to 15 by the delta. it will get breezier throughout the afternoon but right now it's quiet, flat on the bay. and emeryville look at the cloudy skies. cool to mild today. we will keep the forecast today into mother's day and a slight chance of rain coming our way by the end of the week. the atlanta and radar composite shows the area of low pressure that brought the snow well off into nevada. and for the bay area much of california quiet in its wake. high pressure sits well offshore. and the alignment. the high and the low allowing for the steady sea breeze for the weekend and into next week. there's a weak weather system that will enhance the cooler air, sliding down california today. so tomorrow may be just a few degrees cooler for mother's day. today look for 67 in fremont, 65 in oakland. 72 morgan hill. and you notice outside pretty breezy with temperatures in the afternoon. just in the upper 50s for the
6:51 am
6:00 game. here's a look at mother's day. quickly i want to show you how nice it will number the afternoon. sun comes up 6:05. mild for moms and 60s around the bay, 70s inland. you will notice the chance of rain next thursday and friday. but cool. >> if you are heading out for a mother's day brunch, grab the jacket? >> yeah. >> turning to sports, plenty of run support for simlins, who delivered six shutout innings for giants on orange night at&t park. plus can the warriors find their focus in memphis tonight. larry beil has those stories and more in our saturday morning sports report. good morning, everybody. the first month of casey mcgehee's giants career, not gone that well. he replaced the panda at third base and came in hitting .178. but a sign of hope when he faced his old team the mnarlins on orange friday. i can't wait to pick you have a suit like that. bottom of the second. mcgehee, we told you about the .178 average. but .313 with bases loaded.
6:52 am
that's his third career grand slam. that's 4-0 and plenty of run support for tim lincecum, who was dealing. swing and a miss by former giant mike morse. lincecum, six shutout innings. and the big boy, john carlos dancing. fans with the bases load today end the fifth and the giants win it 6-0. get your hot dogs here. a's ending their ten-game road trip in seattle. sunny gray came in 4-0 and struck out 9. on target to the 5-0. josh reddick is doing this. the guy with 32 homers back in 2012 and in the fifth a two-run blast. redick's fifth of the season a 3-1 game. what could go wrong? how about the bullpen? in the seventh, the double to robinson can no. brad miller scores and tied at three. they go to the 11th. dan otara on the mound and this is terrible. good night, game over, drive home safely. the m's win 4-3 in 11. >> the buzz word for the
6:53 am
warriors heading into game three in memphis is focus. it's all about focus. nothing like a sound beating on your home court to get your focus right. the warriors need draymond green to stay out of foul trouble and find their stroke. they need to calm down and play the way they did to get to 61 wins. >> you don't change who you are overnight. you have to do better what you already do. so that's the focus. and there's always a few things, maybe a play you add or maybe you change a defensive match-up or something. but that stuff is relatively minor. >> clippers and rockets, floyd mayweather, the $180 million man. i want my hundred back, floyd. cp3 came back to play but the coach's kid, 25 points in 23 minutes on 10 of 13 shooting. clips with the run to win 124-99 and take the two-one series lead. crazy finish bulls and calves.
6:54 am
tied at 96. derek rose, and the bank is open! rose goes for 30. he didn't call bank. he lucked out. chicago, 99-96 to take a 2-1 series lead and don't forget we have warriors and grizzlies 5:00 p.m. right here on abc7. hope to see you then. have a great weekend, everybody, and happy mother's day out there! i'm larry beil. >> with so many bay area sports franchises looking to move, one team said they are staying put. some great news for local hockey fans.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> good news for sharks fans. team will remain at the shark tank for the next decade and possibly through 2014. any signed a lease extension at the sap center that will keep them playing home games there for 2025 and renewed annually for 15 years beyond that. it is called one of the loudest and most exciting arenas in professional hockey. and having been to a game, i can attest to that. >> sounds like fun. we are looking at low to mid-50s around the bay. a little drizzle at the coast. 55 cool in oakland, 67 in fremont and 70s we have to go way out to the east bay valleys. san jose barely there at 71. and for mother's day, a few degrees cooler with afternoon sun. mild inland cooler still for monday and tuesday. partly cloudy on wednesday.
6:58 am
a chance of showers again on thursday and friday. >> and the temperatures in the mid-60s down in santa cruz >> i know. it will be a cool one. >> lisa, thank you. thanks again for joining us on the abc7 is the day morning news. the news continues online, on twitter, face look and on all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. as always, join the conversation at abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. we will see you then.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. happening right now, double trouble. dangerous tornado threats in the plains. >> here we go. >> roofs ripped apart. trucks overturned. streets flooded. >> oh, there it goes. >> thousands without power. meanwhile, the tropical storm season coming early in the east. ana gathering strength. the carolinas in the cross hairs. our weather team tracking all of it. highway fireball. a passenger bus explodes in flames after a chain reaction accident. >> semi is fully engulfed. >> over 30 people rushed to the hospital, lucky to escape with their lives. what triggered that fiery crash? caught on camera. close encounter. >> keep going! >> t


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