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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  May 9, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. in a golden state of mind. the bay area is ready for a win as the warriors get ready to take on the grizzlies. hello, i'm katie marzullo with this special early edition of abc7 news at 5:00. the anticipation is building, we begin with live team coverage . good to see you mike.
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>> reporter: well, game three we change venue, the grizzlies stole wane at oracle. advantage grizzlies in their fedex forum. i just talked with the -- i asked john, what are the keys to the warriors in game three. >> all of a sudden, game three key game after giving up homecourt advantage. what are the keys for a win. >> it's one loss. the sky is not falling in the bay area, just like draymond said no earthquake. they had a bad shooting night. credit memphis played a little more force got back in transition but can you do that four times against the warriors? i doubt that klay and steph are going to shoot like this. so it will a completely different game. the fed off the energy of mike conly coming back itch expect the warriors to play better. >> normally the home team is expected to win which would be
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memphisful your thoughts. >> this is a very hard place to play, very loud place. they feed off it. good defensive teams play defense better at home. can golden state win one game? of course. they have won everywhere. but the sooner you do it, the better. you have to win three, four, or six to win the series, and the longer that goes the most confidence a team builds. i think the sooner you can get it. tonight or monday, the better for the warriors, get the series done and get ready for conference finals. >> would do you like in the conference finals. >> i think we're staying in california an all-california tax-based series. the warriors and the clippers. i don't know if houston has enough answers for the clippers. >> ow were six years old when your dad rick barry want the championship. >> clippers and wars, should be
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fun. >> well, let's start tonight with a victory'll hear from the players later in sports. i'm live at the fedex forum in memphis, abc7 news. >> thank you. and happening now. fans are gearing up for the big game. here are some fan photos shared with abc7 news with the hash tag, dubs on 7. laura is live in walnut creek. >> reporter: well, i'm at the stadium pub here in walnut creek. fans are packing in here. it's 4:30. about a half hour before tip-off, and just like shu said mike tehrik dterrico and rick barry, they are confident the splash brothers will be back. [music] >> it's called, "slash." the pictures are all warriors. but the voice and talent behind
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it is ron lennon. >> put it up try to make it sport sweet mention everybody's name, and the people we couldn't mention, try to get them in the video to give them a little recognition. it was fun. >> it's as much about warrior fans as the players. die hard have always supported their teams in good times and bad. >> were you concerned when they lost? >> not at all. it's the first game this year that they lost at home under 100 points. so happens. >> not to worry, there is strength in numbers. >> they had to loose one through the playoffs. so we're a little on edge tonight. it's a big game. >> plenty more where this came from. ♪ we the dub nation we don't fool around. ♪ >> folks are a little nervous but not terribly nervous. these are warrior fans, and they know darn well that the warriors can come back from say, 20
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points down, and maybe the fourth quarter. so it's one and one in the playoffs no problem going into game three. they're quite confident. live in walnut creek, abc7 news. >> good stuff. catchy song. game three tips off at five on abc7, followed by "after the game." join larry beil and hall of famer nate thurmon and cal basketball head coach martin. outrage in the east bay over the crash that killed a mother and her young daughter a week ago. there was a community gathering today to remember the victims who lost their lives to a suspected drunk driver. cornell bernard is live in livermore with the details. >> reporter: this event just concluded. mothers against drunk driving held the day of remembrance to talk about the issues of driving drunk and to remember two victims whose loss has left this community asking why. >> you remember her beautiful daughter. who was taken from us
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tragically. >> a picture left so many heartbroken. they were killed bay suspected drunk driver last saturday. police say he plowed into an apartment, where family reunion was happening. gilmore recallless wants justice for his wife and daughter who were visiting from seaside, near monterey. >> this weekend is mom's day, and now we not going to have our family together. our family is broke. >> reporter: the family takenned this commune gathering held by mothers against drunk driving. >> dui crashes and fatilities are 100% preventible and it's time for all of us to take responsibility. >> reporter: police say brian jones was leave thing livermore wine country festival before the crash. >> this is a crash and not an accident. when you drink and get behind the wheel, it's a weapon. >> many are outraged jones is on bail and is yet to be charged.
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>> angry? he is a murderer. >> our community is trying to say, what is going to happen to this? they want information and all we can sea is have patient. >> brian jones did not answer the door when we knocked. a memorial at the site of the crash continues to grow. in livermore, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> the chp arrested a man accused in a deadly hit-and-run. investigators say jesus sarabia crashed into a pickup truck last night on i-80 in oakland. they say he drove away, abandoned the car and then report it stolen. officers tracked him to his home in san pablo. the man driving the truck died. happening now in san jose. a major highway backup after a propane tanker crashed and flipped on to its side. the ramp from insured highway 280 to highway 17 going south is closed. at least one person went to the hospital. there will concerns over a possible propane leak. it happened just after 1:00 this
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afternoon. a viewer's cell phone video shows the car involved on a tow truck. the 63-year-old man who walked out of a stanford hospital today may be in danger. police say kim has dementia. he left the hospital with no money at 10:35 this morning. kim recently had surgery and was going to be discharged to his family today but he left before they arrived. he may have a white bandage on his neck. happening now. the san mateo bridge closed for the weekend. let's take a live look. caltrans says maintenance work is running on schedule. the bridge closed to traffic last night, just around 10:00. it will be closed again over memorial day weekend. abc7 news was in foster city today. here's rare view of the bridge with no traffic. the span is set to re-open at 5:00 monday morning. you can use the bay bridge or
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dumbarton bridge as detours. you're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza camera. so give yourself extra time if you're driving across the bridge. for help navigating, get waves on your smart form, and join the abc7 group for free. >> one other commute note. there's no b.a.r.t. service this weekend between the fruitvale and coliseum stations due to a rail replacement project. a bus bridge is set up but riders may experience delays. we are on warriors watch. the game starts in 20 minutes. and grizzly fans are in for a gift when they get to fedex forum. we'll show you what that is ahead. a former nfl coach has harsh words for tam brady who faces a possible suspension in the deflated football scandal. first, an east bay effort to get to the root of crime how much this group thinks planting trees will make neighborhoods safer. >> i'm drew tuma. the clouds were slow to depart
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this saturday keeping temperatures on the cool side, and this cool and foggy pattern is sticking around. what it means for mother's day ahead in the accuweather forecast.
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good news. we just told you about this man who has dementia and disappeared from the hospital today but palo alto police tweeting he has been found safe on the stanford campus, so thank you to everybody for their help getting the word out. >> volunteers are hoping dozens of new trees will make part of the bay area safer. the sierra club has targeted
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high-crime areas in the city replacing concrete and asphalt with forestry. volunteers say it helps the environment and improves neighborhoods. >> there is clear evidence that having tree covering areas is not only good for people's health, it also reduces crime. >> it's hard getting up this morning, but being able to be out here and meeting new people and being able to do something good for your community is all worth it. >> donations pay for all of the trees and planting materials. mothers, music, exercise healing filled an east bay park. we were at san leandro's marina park for the 1,000 mothers walk for healing. for the sixth year on mother's day weekend the honor their sons and daughters who died in violent crimes. gospel singer lorraine taylor founded the group after losing her twin sons to violence in oakland.
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the calls are growing louder for san mateo's own tom brady to respond to a report saying he knew about the nfl's "deflategate" scandal. brady is reportedly facing a suspension as quarterback of the new england patriots for at least six to eight games. today former miami dolphins coach and long-time patriots critic don shula took a jab at brady saying his team didn't deflate balls. the super bowl winner says he needs more time to respond. >> i haven't had much time to die just it fully. when i do i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it. >> the nfl commissioner will reportedly announce the length of brady's suspension next week. today's warriors game in memphis will look like a masquerade ball. fans will arrive their seats at the fedex forum to find these masks. they're in honor of point guard mike conley letch missed the first game with several broke bones in this face and in game
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two he returned with the mask. leading the grizzlies to a win. catch the gem next right here on abc7 news. go along for an amazing ride. a rare look at amazing ski stunts. the man behind the video that has captured the world's attention. those spring-like day across the bay. ahead your mother's day just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief,
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professional skier cap tours some pretty amazing video during a run. this video has exploded on youtube since it was posted getting more than 16 million views. it features flips, spins, and even skiing into a mountain resort. no place is offlimits. he doesn't even need snow. in just minutes the warriors hit the court and fans cannot wait. and what better gift for moms who are fans this mother's day weekend. the emptier martinez family sent this photo. check out the little cheerleader on the left. and this little one, bummed after the warriors lost in game two, but we have a feeling the mood with ill prom tonight. dub nation we want to seer warrior's pride. we'll feature photos on air use
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hash tag dubs on 7 when you post your picture. >> let's send it over to drew for a check of the forecast. a little brisk in san francisco,. >> a little brings; the sea brief overa -- sea breeze overa chiefing. here's a live look from the golden gate bridge camera, and along the coast the clouds have been sticking with us throughout the entire day and that is having an effect on our temperatures at this hour. outside on the saturday afternoon, right along the coast, it's chilly. 52 half moon bay. where we have seen the sunshine, the longest, we're comfortable mid-and-upper 70s. like concord, antioch, 79. if you are headed to at&t park the giants are home taking on the marlins, first pitch 6:05. cool with a temperature of 55678 we'll see increasing clouds throughout the evening and temperatures falling to 51 by the ninth inning. here's the setup. high pressure off the coast
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giving us this persistent easterly breeze. this pattern is with us through tuesday. the rope why,ing this high pressure is stalled. there's an atmospheric traffic jam happening and it's all thanks to tropical storm anna. she is just sitting and spinning off the east coast. winds, 60 miles-per-hour. only moving to the northwest at three miles-per-hour. so storm system can't progress to the east like they normally should be and that's creating a severe weather outbleak the plains. live doppler 7hd along with satellite showing you numerous tornado watches are up once again, and even blizzard warnings are up. this is a pretty dynamic storm system. look at the snowfall that could occur on mother's day. especially in denver, three-six inches possible. and kaspar, wyoming over a foot of snow could great mothers tomorrow afternoon. back here at home, it's quiet squared to that. the fog will roll in, low clouds overnight. we'll see upper 40s o to lower 50s.
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on mother's day it's looking pretty nice for mom in the afternoon. after the early morning clouds, we'll see more sunshine mid-day and by the afternoon temperatures in the mid-70s inland mid-60s around the bay. cooler along the coast. if you're headed to the coast for mother days, 66, half moon bay. elsewhere, low 60s. 71 the high in san jose. the seven-day forecast shows you the foggy pattern continues through tuesday, and then anna finally gets going and allows all weather patterns to progress and that means thursday, friday, saturday, chance of sprinkles. >> thank goodness. thank you drew. shu in memphis, so we will settle for larry beil. >> well, underwhelming. i apologize. just a few minutes away from game three between the warriors and grizzlies in memphis. that will not grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water.
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>> good evening. sounds like a quote by john wooden. you win based on evident, intent focus, and being brilliant at details. actually from steve kerr whose warriors had none of the above in game two will steph curry put on his superman cape and be the mvp of the series. the warriors need that. the dubs have not dealt with a lot of adversity this season. now they have to find a way to win on the road begins the big strong grizzlies team that is feeling confident, and harrison barnes for one likes the challenge. >> a great opportunity to see our mental toughness. not an easy place to win, but to be able to rebound from that and come out here tonight and do what we do that will do a lot of four confidence.
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>> they're a very tough team and you have to play very solid. >> game three coming up in five minutes. with "after the game." immediately following. we're asking what do you think was steph curry's best highlight? let us know on abc7 twitter, facebook or instagram, and use the hash tag "dubs on 7." wizards and hawks in game three. in the second coast to coast and going to make a layup. it's 17 points and eight astieses. to the rim here and they have to attack him. my cousin went down hard. the hawks charge back from a 20-point deficit. the big man with the game-tying three. this is why the call paul pierce the truth. fade-away jumper and he banks it
4:56 pm
as time expires. just like last night. 103-101. the wizards up 2-1. >> round three-the players championship. the famous island green. center stage, sergio garcia, taming aim rolls to -- taking aim. at 8-under par. the world's number one ranked play is rory mcilroy making a charge. four birdies including this one from 26 feet on the par-3 13. he is at 6-under. chris kirk shot a 68, one-shot lead at 10-under par. tiger, 75 today, 13 shots back. >> a's pitcher jered parker trying to come back from tommy johns surgery and got hurt. this is hard to watch. the ball flies off the side. he goes down immediately writhing in pain.
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parker was rehabbing after his second career tommy johns surgery no word yet on how serious the injury may be. last night, logan morrison of the mariners hit a walkoff homer to beat the yays. they don't do pie time in seattle like the a's. it's the garbage dump. courtesy of nellsen cruz. -taking the gatorade bath to a new dirty place. an ugly place. we don't want that. >> all new low. >> still -- style points not very high up. >> i'm going to focus on this how to be a winner. >> be brilliant at all the little details. >> that's all. thank you, larry, thank you for watching. that's all the time we have now. the warriors are on next. enjoy the game.
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>> announcer: the following is a special presentation of espn on abc. it is time to put on your blue suede shoes for a little stroll inside the fedex forum in memphis. it is a sea of yellow in the building affectionatley known as the grind house, everybody. welcome inside studio h here in los angeles. alongside of jalen rose and doug collins, i'm doris burke. i promise we're going to let you talk about the game coming up but we have got to take you to the nation's capital for where the second consecutive night in the nba playoffs it was a bank shot at the buzzer to win it. but first, the bucknell man was the three to tie a game that had the wizar


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