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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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with live, breaking news. and that breaking news involves the bay area sports hero. good afternoon. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. the nfl has suspended san mateo native tom brady four games without pay for his role in deflategate. commissioner roger goodell punished the entire new england patriots team and last week an nfl investigation stated that brady was probably aware two pats employees broke league rules by intentionally deflating footballs for him to make them softer and easier to throw and catch before the afc championship game against the colts. in addition to brady's punishment, here's what the patriots are also facing. the nfl has fined them $1 million in order to forfeit the first-round draft pick in next year's college draft plus the
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fourth round pick in 2017. the league indefinitely suspended without pay the two employees involved in deflating footballs. the nfl says this punishment was for a violation of the playing rules and a failure to cooperate in the subsequent investigation. the league also said the club's 2007 sanctions for spygate, that was the videotaping of signals of opposing defensive coaches, that led to this harsher punishment this time around. no word yet on whether brady intends to appeal his suspension, but you can bet that he will. breaking news coverage continues on twitter, as well, on abc 7 news bay area upon. >> it kind of seems where the cover-up was really worse than the actual thing. >> the crime is not that bad. in fact, the nfl knows a lot of quarterbacks like aaron rodgers likes the ball over inflated and wants to harder when he's gripping it. patriots brady likes them underinflated. it's not that the crime was so heinous, but it was combative. the owners demanding an apology at one point and they were
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uncooperative once the investigation began. brady would not turn over his cell phone or give access to emails and that's why brady and the team got hammered in the punishment because the nfl is saying you're a repeat offender and you're arrogant. >> just step up and come clean. >> be honest about the whole thing and that's why they got punished and we'll see. maybe it will get dwoked down to a two-game suspension and the patriots will have their super bowl and they'll take that and the suspension that goes along with it. moving on to some other news, we go to the south bay where patients held a protest today against a controversial bill that would restrict their ability to opt out of vaccinations for their children. they're demanding they call the shots. lyanne melendez attended today's demonstration in campbell and joins us from the newsroom. lyanne. >> reporter: demonstrations like this today were held throughout the state. this was not organized by any single group parents just heard about it and showed up and it appears that their voices are being heard.
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these parents came to protest in front of state senator jim bell's office in campbell and a supporter of mandatory vaccinations and similar gatherings were held in different parts of california. >> i believe in medical freedom. i believe in a parent's right to make a choice for their own child talking directly with their medical doctor and not a politician. >> so there is a risk and i as a parent have a choice of whether or not to take that risk. whether i take the risk with the disease or whether i take the disease with the known dangers of vaccines. >> senate bill 277 is one of the most controversial in recent memory. it calls for all school students to be vaccinated. the bill was introduced by state senators richard penn and bilalen. it's received the support of lawmakers like senator barbara boxer. the recent outbreak of measles prompted this action. >> we are clearly at the point where our immuneity is dropping
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too low and children are at risk. >> reporter: fearing the bill may not pass in the senate they're considering changes. the new legislation could read like this. those unvaccinated children from second grade through sixth grade would be grandfathered in and would not have to be vaccinated. this means children only entering child care kindergarten would still have to be vaccinated. this compromise is said to be a political move to appease opponents each though parents say they're the ones who should call the shots. >> it is bothing me that the state is telling me what to do. they're my kids. >> reporter: the state senator has received so many phone calls that his office now has two phone lines. one specifically for this bill and the second for everything else. in the newsroom lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> police in santa rosa are investigating a murder in the bellevue ranch neighborhood and authorities responded to a
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report of a fight outside a home near antelope lane some time after 3:00 this morning. they found a man bleeding on the ground from an apparent stab wound. a person of interest is in custody and police are interviewing other witnesses and there is no threat to public safety. the off-ramp of northbound 880 near fremont is open in time for the afternoon commute. a fatal accident on the off-ramp this morning caused large delays for several hours after a truck hauling dirt collided with a bicyclist, killing the cyclist. >> sky 7 was outside the scene around 9:00 this morning and both the onramp and off-ramp were closed for a few hours. it started just after 9:00 a.m. in a parking garage street on jones street. a valet was driving a red mustang and left the car while it was running and in reverse. so the car backed down the ramp in the garage and slammed over a barrier and then hit a sprinkler system that flooded part of the floor.
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at the very same time a mercedes hit a fire truck that was parked outside responding to a different incident. >> wow. crazy! it was anything but a normal touchdown for a flight from monterey to los angeles. the mainlanding gear on flight 6315 didn't come down when the plane landed just after 10:00. the pilot was able to set it down without problems. the passengers and the crew were put on an airport shuttle bus and driven the rest of the way to the terminal. everyone was fine and the faa is investigating yet landing gear failed. a dry start to this new workweek, but that might change in a couple of days. >> spencer christian is here with the accuweather update. >> hi, larry. hi ama. we could have a rainmaker and it could be more than just a teaser, but first, let's stake a look at our crept conditions and quite windy in some spots and look at gusts right now. 31 miles per hour at sfo and between 20 and 26 miles per hour
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in many other locations and here is the view from sutro tower. it's 58 degrees here in san francisco right now and windy. 61 in oakland and san carlos and 63 in san jose and 68 in morgan hill and 57 in half moon bay and the sutro tower camera and 76 right now in santa rosa and that's the warm spot. 71, fairfield and upper 60s in concord and livermore and from east bay hills looking out over the buy anday and give you the forecast it will be chilly in the morning and dropping into the low to mid 40s. tomorrow afternoon partly cloudy, breezy and cool and pleasant conditions across the bay area and chilly along the coast only about 55 degrees and we'll give you a closer look at the approaching rainfall. larry and ama? >> all right spencer. we'll catch up with you in a few minutes there. police are investigating a shooting involving george
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zimmerman. y the same man acquitted in the death of trayvon martin. north of orlando say a man named matthew apperson shot through and the bullet didn't hit zimmerman. the two were reportedly involved in a road rage incident last september. this is just the latest of several brushes with the law for zimmerman since his acquittal in the martin case. two suspects accused of murdering two mississippi police officers over the weekend appeared in court today. >> officer benjamin deen pulled over a cadillac escalade saturday night in hattiesburg on suspicion of speeding. he called in fellow officer liquori tate and that's when they were both gunned down. within hours police arrested two people and two will be charged with murder. these are the two officers killed in the line of duty in hattiesburg in more than 30
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years. >> they're here to protect us and that's what they do and then this has to happen you see this sometimes in big city but not in our community. >> officer deen was a decorated k-9 officer and married father of two. officer tate graduated from the police academy less than a year ago. fire season is really about to start heating up but that didn't stop the east contra costa fire district from closing not one but two fire stations this morning. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony live with what is behind these closures. laura? >> well, hi, larry. while neighboring districts have been able to reopen fire stations and not so in contra costa county. this morning as of 8:00 a.m. this fire station is closed for good. >> it's a hard day. sdwloo east contra fire chief hugh henderson has been down this path before and it's no less painful this time the
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closing of a fire station. >> we've reduced our fire service another 25% today over yesterday. we were responding to calls with four engines yesterday during the 249 square miles of the district and today we're down to three. >> reporter: this morning at 8:00 a.m. station 94 closed for good. another in brentwood went from a temporary closure to a permanent one. the cost-cutting measures came after voters in the district failed to pass an april ballot measure that would have raised $4.2 million annually for five years. >> i think it's pretty sad. >> reporter: cecilia tamayo has lived here her entire life. >> they had to close it down because a lot of people didn't vote on it. it all stands to money and politics. >> reporter: as it is now, the closest station to this community of 1500 people is in brentwood, five miles away.
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in knightson, laura anthony, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, you wash the car and help the state conserve water at the same time. the bay area business offering a drought-friendly alternative. i'm mike schumann live in memphis getting red for game four between the warriors and the grizzlies and we'll hear from steve kerr on the mood of the team coming up. and new at 4:30 boarded up windows and broken glass still litter an oakland neighborhood more than a week after the violent protests and the community making its frustration known in a very public way. michael finney taking your questions on twit sdperter and facebook. all you have to do is search michael finney on facebook and twit tore ask finney. >> the mack arthur maze and on the right hand side that is the traffic going on to the
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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sunnyvale and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. good afternoon. the warriors and their fans are really hoping for a big comeback. >> you have your good luck blue on. >> so do you! >> i'm more just nervous. in a little over two hours the dubs will hit the hardwood and try to bounce back after two playoff losses in a row to the grizzlies. abc 7 news anchor mike schumann is live. what was the warriors' move? >> reporter: like any nba team
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they think they can win tonight. two straight in two different arenas and the grizzlies have imposed their will in the series and david lee will get more action and the grizzlies were held from the floor and forcing almost 18 turnovers a game. they won 67 during the regular season and haven't faced a lot of adversity and this morning coach kerr said this gentlemen is a moment of truth. >> adversity that we're facing in the series is our moment of truth and, you know as i told the guys it's no different than any other team with aspirations has to go through. >> at some point you're going, just the way it goes and that's what takes you to another level and you have to use it as a springboard and you have to compete harder and you have to be better with the execution and
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it's the stuff we practice for all year long. >> i know you've probably been itching to get on the floor. what are your feelings before the game? >> the mindset doesn't change for me. i've been ready. i've been ready to go and i'll be ready to go again tonight and when i go out there and have the positive influence that i think i've had and play my game. >> reporter: hopefully david can bring some energy to this game tonight. the warriors feel like they can get this and game four is going to win the series and you have to take them one at a time. >> reporting live in memphis, i'm mike shum ann abc 7 news. larry? ama? >> thank you mike. warriors fan, we want to see your pride. these are some of the pictures you've already sent in. use the #dubson7 when you post pictures on facebook and instagram. we are featuring fan photos on air and online on abc 7 in case you're wondering dubs on 7 dubs refers to the w. a viewer emailed us over the
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weekend and was asking about the ore gin of dubs and the whole dub nation started a couple of years ago and it caught on. >> right. don't forget abc 7 is your home for the nba finals and catch the action beginning june 4th. pablo sandoval, the panda is back in the bay area with his team. the giants sent out this photo of the panda shortly after he received his world series ring from manager bruce bochy. he was looking forward to seeing sandoval and saying he's a big part of the giants three world championship teams and sandoval you'll recall criticized the giants after he departed for boston and he's in town for the red sox and he'll begin a three-game series with the as in oakland. the tour of california will race through tomorrow. 100 of the best cyclists in the world are preparing. riders bike from nevada city to
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lodi this afternoon. this is the largest cycling race in the united states. it finishes sunday in los angeles and tomorrow you'll see them in person and they'll ride at 10:45 a.m. and to livermore and back down to san jose. the 105-mile stage includes a more than 4,000-foot climb. here is an option for drought-conscious drivers who can't stand having a dirty car. ecogreen auto clean is using a spray it claims can clean a car with upa cup of water. >> what? >> yeah. the product is made from a plant, it's plant-derived that actually break up dirt particles. it's actually non-toxic and you can apparently take a sip of it and be fine. business is picking up. >> they're cutting off the water in different cities and redwood city it hasn't happened yet and sooner or later it will and when that happens it will blow up. >> you did take a bottle of eco-green's product home for
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$15. it costs $30 for them to clean your car. you should know if you have dirt that's caked on to your car you will have to spray that off first with some water but for a basic cleaning it apparently will get the job done. >> i think we should have spencer christian test that and have him take a sip of it and we'll see how it works. >> give him 24 hours or so. >> it's safe to drink it. we have more than a few cups of water coming our way later this week. it will be ecowet but right now it's sunny, breezy and dry. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd and a little patch of low clouds down around the portions of the peninsula coastline and looking out over the bay and here are the forecast features and it will be wet thursday with more sierra snow coming in the system we have strong winds blowing from the offshore to the
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center. this alignment is producing a robust sea breeze and thus the gusty winds we have right now and we have a cold front coming our way and let's stip are skipkip ahead and bring the animation. showers arrive wednesday night and continue into thursday morning and 5:00 thursday morning in the beginning of the morning rush we'll see quite a bit of wet weather around the bay area and wetter to the east and pushing out toward the foothills and later in the morning 8:00 or so the showers will be falling by 8:00. thursday we expect rainfall totals to be over .4 in oakland and hayward. nearly .4 of an inch in mountainview. it will be pretty wet in some spots and these are estimateses. we expect several inches of snow and three inches of south lake
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tahoe and the snow levels will be at 6,000 to 7,000 feet and chilly in the north bay with the lows drop and upper 40s in the inland locations and a few clouds in the peninsula to the santa cruz mountains and lows right around the bay and the shoreline will be near 50 degrees and tomorrow look for mainly sunny breezy and cooler than average conditions and still a relatively pleasant day and upper 50s on the coast and mid-60s along the bay and up to 70 72 in the mildest inland locations and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. showers arrive late wednesday and continue through the day on thursday. friday we start to dry out over the weekend and we get gradually milder wetter climbing to the mid-70s inland and still a bit below average temperature range for this time of the year. larry and ama? >> thank you so much spencer. >> good to see some rain coming our way. >> sure. up next, shopping goes hog
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wild and the unexpected visitor customers found at one mall. new after 4:30, relief on the tracks how cal train is now
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some tough questions for britain's prince harry from school kids in new zealand. harry met with kids from half moon bay primary school and the only one on new zealand's remote stewart islands. all 24 students got to ask them questions about what he called queen elizabeth. he said he calls her granny. he didn't have to clarify that he didn't actually live in a castle or own a crowd. harry will visit several other cities in new zealand before he returns to the uk when he will meet his new niece, princess charlotte. >> shopping in hong kong has gone hog wild. [ screaming ] hello! they couldn't believe it at a
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hong kong island shopping center. this guy broke through the ceiling at a children's clothing store. a 55-pound juvenile boar. that's a little kid. he was out of his natural habitat and he startled everybody and he was spooked before authorities tranquilized the animal and took it to the center. rarely do they wander if the island's populated areas and they had no idea how it got on to the roof. >> very strange. in health news a key drug for cystic fibrosis and concussions can lead to poor grades. jane king with today's wellness report. >> an fda committee will decide whether to grant approval. it may be able to help 30% of people with the disease. vertex makes the drug and helps those with the genetic mutations
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that causes heart disease. researchers at the national health system publiced the in the journal pediatrics. athlete his had concussion his a hard time payinga tension in school. the symptoms were worse for students who were reese endly injured and remained significant even after they recovered. some schools are rethinking health class. lkt you ares on drugs and sexually transmitted diseases are being replaced with sessions on life skills. some schools are incorporating mindfulness training to help students handle stress. so far most of the changes have been voluntary for students. 90% of babies are swadelled during the first few months of life according to a 2014 study and when it comes to preventing sids or sudden infant death syndrome the research is conflicting. it can rin the risk of overheating which is another sids risk. keep an eye on swadelled babies who are hot or have rolled over
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and can't roll back. i'm jane king. here's to your health. we have flame throwers and spinning saw blades and robots. the hit tv show battle bots is back and filming right here in the bay area and we'll take you behind the scenes. a plane is forced to make an emergency landing. why the airline is blaming a 15-year-old girl. >> up first, it's been more than a week since vandals targeted oakland businesses in violent may day protests and the message of frustration that is now up for all to see. >> we want to let you know when you see news happening where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us using #abc
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broadcast center this is abc 7 news. >> here are the headlines where you live at 4:30. today parents if campbell are protesting mandatory vaccinations for kids. senate bill 277 mandates vaccination for children to go to school in california. now abc 7 news reporter lyanne mel melendez tweeted out this photo right here. protests want parents to call the shots. pest control specialist says the increase this spring is due to how little rain we got this winter. abc 7 news reporter vic lee says the ant man may be fictional,
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but the ant invasion is not. vic will have a report on abc 7 news at 5:00. steph curry and company down 2-1. they had a shoot around this morning which was all business. tip-off is at 6:30 tonight. first, was there this sign which was put up by an oakland auto business owner frustrated with the police response to the handful of may day protesters who damaged her business. then this sign was removed and it was replaced boyy a bigger sign. a phony promotion for so-called riot tourism in oakland and now this sign is gone replaced by another slam against oakland's mayor and police chief. katie udas live in oak lasched with how officials are responding. >> this business owner did not mince words in her message to the mayor and it's to the point but borders along something i can't say on television. you will have to see the message for yourself.
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>> reporter: a fresh canvas. >> we figured while we have to have plywood up ugly in front of our windows it might as well make use of it. >> reporter: for a message. >> the first one said opd, you failed your city again. >> reporter: vandals shattered the windows of precision motors along oakland's broadway during may day protests. nancy groom owns the business with her husband. >> it's frustrating because it seemed pretty predictable, but nobody seems to be able to stop it. >> reporter: tens of thousands of dollars of damage is still evident more than a week later. >> since i can't fix cars, i have a painting. >> reporter: the couple's message to city leaders. we'll show you which block to trash. in days following the destruction, the city is working to create a business restoration fund that would offer zero or low-interest loans to impacted businesses and they defer permit costs to replacing windows. the city reiterated those in an
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email today. >> i think i can fit it in one session here. prevention, not payment is what she needed. >> it's embarrassing for oakland that this keeps happening. we reached out to the oakland police department for comment and have not heard back in time for tonight's story. >> this popped into my head this morning and i like making more funs. >> nancy said her message will be heard or at least read. oakland's small businesses get the -- >> if we keep putting her name up here it should get her attention. >> reporter: in oakland, katie udas, abc 7 news. >> taking a live look outside. traffic is moving on the san mateo bridge after it reopened ahead of schedule this morning and you can see traffic moving in both directions and that's your traffic moving eastbound toward 880 and such. there was a hiccup and crews opened around 4:00 this morning
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following a week enclosure for repaving and the electronic signs leading to the bridge said it was still closed several hours into the morning commute. caltrans says it had to manually change the signs to show the bridge was open. not sure why but they will close the bridge memorial day weekend to finish the paving which they say should last for another 50 years. the ride on cal train up and down the peninsula. cal train has added an extra car to the train. matt keller hopped on one of the trains and found some happy passengers. >> silicon valley is booming like never before. need proof? check out the crowds on caltrain. >> standing room only. uncomfortable standing room only. >> reporter: it is bursting at the seams with four years of consecutive ridership increases and now averages 61,000 passengers a day during the week. in response caltrain purchased 16 used rail cars earlier this year from southern california's
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metrolink. four were put into service today adding a sixth car to all four of its bombardier trains. many of them baby express trains. the new cars are easy to spot. they have navy blue paint on a white background. standing out next to the red and gray cars. this is train 323. it's a baby bullet train and we're in the sixth car. it's an extra car that provides passengers 150 more seats giving them more elbow room and also provides more standing room. the remaining 12 cars not in service yet need more repair work and many of those will accommodate onboard bicycle storage. >> they need another car and it would be helpful because in the morning even at 5:00 a.m. some of the biker get turned away at palo alto because there's just no room. >> it may take a while before they're put into service and caltrain is hoping to put them on the track within the next year. matt keller, abc 7 news. the parents of a girl with
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autism plan to file a lawsuit against united airlines. police escorted 15-year-old juliette beegle and her parents off the plane. juliette's mom feels the pilot overreacted and she admits her daughter became agitated because she was hungry. she's a picky eater and told flight attendants she needed a hot meal. >> no, no no we can't do that. you know what? maybe after she has a meltdown and she's crying and trying to scratch, then you'll help her. >> the flight attendants finally brought juliette a meal from first class. the pilot announced they'd make an emergency landing because of an unruly passenger. the airline released a statement and part of it reads the crew made the best decision for the safety and comfort of all of our customers. world news tonight will have more on the situation coming up at 5:30. also coming up here, coffee
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giant starbucks makes a new appeal to help conscious customers. the destrukdz left behind after 140 pile per hour winds ripped through an east texas town. >> i'm michael finney ask finney is just ahead. so i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook, just search michael finney and i'll answer your questions here live a little later. spencer christian skies are clear right now as we can see from the east bay hills camera and we have rain coming our way mid-week and big changes of which i will have
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you're seeing widespread destruction in a small town in texas where a tornado killed two people today. abc news reporter elizabeth herr is in van, texas with an update. >> larry and am a just to give you an idea of where we are, we are talking about a small, tight-knit community where we saw residents out on the streets checking in on their neighbors and asking how they can help and in some cases we're talking about neighbors who lost everything. >> the view of vantexas from above is heartbreaking. a community left in ruins with homes flattened, trees toppled and quentin rock was driving his truck when the storm hit. when the windows got busted out and stuff was coming all in and it was unbuckled and it went to the back of the seat and just got in a little ball and rode it
4:41 pm
out. >> reporter: the storm destructive and deadly. officials confirming lives were lost, dozens ss injured and two school buildings destroyed. >> we feel very blessed that this did not happen during a school day and that i'm not standing up here right now talking to you about any kid. >> there goes the school! >> reporter: another school, this in lake city iowa had its roof ripped off and two more people were killed in nashville arkansas. it was a weekend of wild weather from almost two feet of snow in south dakota to flash flooding north of dallas with the national guard airlifting residents to safety. then there was this back in van a symbolic shoaf resilience against a backdrop of devastation and residents hoisting an american flag salvaged from the rubble. >> here is another look at a badly damaged school building. a building built in the '30s. the damage that you're looking
4:42 pm
at here preliminarily, we are told this is the work of an ef-3 tornado and that's a twister packing winds of up to 140 miles per hour and we are told three people still remain unaccounted for here. we are in van, texas. i'm elizabeth herr for abc 7 news. >> fortunately our weather is mild compared to that. >> yeah. we are hopefully going to see rain later this week. spencer christian is here. >> it's looking promising and you couldn't tell that from the skies right now. blue skieses we check out, live doppler 7 hd and it will get wet by mid-week and speaking of wet check out the mid atlantic coast where this low pressure system which was tropical storm ana made landfall over the weekend over coastal carolinas and dumped a lot of rainfall and pushed off the virginia coastline and it was a significant storm, but is no longer a tropical storm. tomorrow look for numerous areas
4:43 pm
of showers and thunder showers from the central rockies down to the southern plains and along the gulf coast into northern florida up over the eastern great lakes and thunder showers tomorrow as well and scattered showers over the pacific northwest and across the state of california tomorrow we'll see mixed conditions and showers approaching the northwest corner of the state and the high tomorrow in eureka only 55 and sunny and mild down south. in the bay area breezy conditions once again tomorrow and beyond the bay as well. highs will reach the mid to upper 50s along the coast and cooler than average, but nice day, and then lower 70s in the warmest inland locations. howers arrive late wednesday into thursday and that's when we'll get our wet weather. >> look forward to it. thank you, spencer. the baby-toting dad who managed to get all kinds of attention on mother's day. starbucks is getting smaller. the new pint-sized option for health-conscious customers.
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>> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. are you allowed to take of
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covering cupertino concord, wine country and all the bay
4:47 pm
area, this is abc 7 news. starbucks is giving its health-conscious customers a new option at least for now. the chain is introducing a smaller sized frappucchino to the menu on a short-term basis. it's called the mini frap and it's 10 ounces. if you skip the whipped cream it has 124 calories and 24 grams of sugar compared to 180 calories and 36 grams of sugar for the next size up. time now for ask finney. 7 on your side's michael finney answers questions sent by facebook twitter and email. i was reprimanded by a flight attendant for taking my socks off on a flight. is it illegal to be barefoot on a commercial airline? >> you know, keep your socks on. no faa has no rule against this. it could be in your contract to carriage, i down the it but you would have to go online and read the fine print and it goes three to four pages online. it could say you have to keep on
4:48 pm
your shoes and you generally have to take off your shoes to go into the security line. kate jay emailed although san franciscans do not mind paying 10 cents a bag, we are curious where the money goes. >> good question. to the store! they didn't want to figure out some big plan for the money to go to the conte or the store. the store can charge you up to ten cents for a bag. they can charge you whatever they want. they can charge you $15. they keep the money and they're just trying to make it just a little difficult, and make you think about it. >> it's a penalty for wanting a plastic bag. >> any kind of bag. it probably doesn't mean that much to people and then you go darn. >> exactly. >> russell emails i'm concerned about the drought and how i can do my part and can you recommend
4:49 pm
a better way to capture water. >> water becoming a very big deal. finally, finally we're really getting into it in the bay area and all over the state. what i want you to do is to contact your water department, east bay liberty whatever you get your water. most of them are now offering information on this and often a rebate so that you'll use it and they'll give you a lot of really good information on how the water is good enough out on the plants without killing them. it's a great idea. >> we understand you're working on a story for abc 7 news. >> we have an insider and fast-track customer service. >> oh! >> wait until you hear what he has to say. you don't want to miss this one. >> look forward to it. >> all right. 40,000 drivers are hit with toll violations on bay area bridges every month. drivers say many of the fines are bogus and now in the report an inside source i was just telling you about on fasttrack tells 7 on your side why you can't get those mistakes corrected. >> they're want going to put the
4:50 pm
time and effort into assisting the clients that call in because they're thinking about money. >> find out why fast track employees are have a financial incentive to give you the brushoff. that's tonight at 11:00 right here on abc 7. >> all right. see you tonight at 11:00. trending now a baby-toting dad that made an impressive one-handed catch of a foul ball at a baseball game over the weekend. >> this is very good. top of the fourth inning, phillies and mets and the dad snags the foul ball with baby attached to his waist with those baby bjorn kind of things there and he's flexing because he's cool. mom is okay with it because the kid wasn't at risk and the baby's just -- oh no -- you're a baby. >> he's bouncing around and they're all cheering for me. i must be popular. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. up next, the return of battle bots. how you can be a part of the
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show as the hit tv show returns. here's dan with what's ahead at 5:00. ama larry, thanks very much. coming up next, california's growing fleet of driverless cars hit a bump in the road and why you may want to wait a while before hopping in. why ants are invading so many bay area homes. is this
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>> you can see how bright the stars really are all this week on celebrity jeopardy at 7:00 p.m. here on abc 7. tonight's competitors are vince gilligan, the creator of "breaking bad," actress debra messing and neil flinn from "the middle." at 8:00, the semifinals of "dancing with the stars" followed by the season finale of castle on abc 7. in honor of asian pacific-american month we are using the abc 7 news instagram feed to highlight the people making a difference where you
4:55 pm
live. today we honor madeleine lynn whose work is so ground breaking it's banned in her native singapore singapore. lynn is also the founder of clear media art having the film festival june 14th. visit the bay area instagram feed. this is going to be good. it's the robot death match with flame throwers and spinning saw fwlad blades and the bay area. if you remember the hit series battle bots and it's coming to abc this summer. you can see it first in person when they tape in front of a live audience later this month. jonathan flinn went to vallejo where the arena is almost finished. >> you want to be careful because you want it to get the hell out of the way. this blast from the blast is called ginsu. it's one of the weaponized robots from an old tv show called battle bots. vicious machines duking it out
4:56 pm
in a bomb-proof box was a hard sell to the networks in the '90s. >> everybody kind of laughed and thought it was funny and kicked us out the door. >> it turns out it was funny enough to be picked up by comedy central and jay leno had a robot. ginsu was one of the more famous robots even though it never won a match. since the show went off the air, a lot has changed. >> metals have gotten stronger and more beefy. it makes this the perfect time to bring battle bots back to the airwaves with abc. >> we've added a rule and it's the biggest rule of all, you have to have an active weapons system. >> the battle bot his to get stronger. this is pretty solid and you can drive a truck through it and i don't think it would go through it. through the 1 1/4 bulletproof glass. >> just like a pinball machine this will flip out and throw the robots back into the arena and if you go back over to here,
4:57 pm
hopefully it will throw it over to here and this is where the saw blades and titanium saw blades and watching robots tear each other apart is good clean fun and it's a jumping off point about a field that may be more relevant now than ever before. >> it's the catalyst and spark for a young person to want to get into engineering. that's why the founder wanted to create the show in the first place. >> a lot of kids today change a tire? i have to call aaa. i don't know how to change a tire. >> one of the teams for the show will be a high school team of catholic school girls and they're going to show that they can live up and beat the boys. >> for the robots it's a fight for the bitter end, but for the contestants it's only the beginning. >> it does launch careers. i don't know one contestant that didn't get his career launched at battle bots. even ginsu could have demolition. >> thanks for the work. >> jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> you're invited to see the
4:58 pm
show as it's taped in vallejo next week may 21st, 22nd and 23rd and they have five taping specials planned and there is a link where you can get your tickets at $10 a piece. >> sounds like a good time. thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil and abc 7 news at 5:00 continues with dan and cheryl. >> the problem is they're not made public. >> google admits its driverless cars have seen their share of accidents on the road. the self-driving vehicles. the multimillion punishment after months of speculation. >> addiction, infidelity, rehab and now this. tonight the next chapter for a controversial former alameda supervisor. the proposal to tear down a freeway and the ambitious idea that has everyone asking questions. >> we do have concern sgloossconcerns.
4:59 pm
lye live from the kgo studios, this is abc 7 news. new questions tonight, just how safe are they? good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. pressure from the consumer group and news media prompted gooing toll reveal numbers. david louie is live in san josue new accident numbers we're just getting a look at tonight. david? >> that's right, dan and cheryl. all over silicon valley we have companies working on self-driving or autonomous vehicles and google was the first starting six years ago but until today the number of accidents it has had has been under close guard. four states allow testing of self-driving vehicles on public streets and highways. the goal is to let technology take over the driving in a bid to improve safety and reduce injuries. google has equipped 23 lexus suvs for testing. >> it is particularly incumbent upon them to be absolutely open
5:00 pm
and candid about what's working and what's not working. >> reporter: john simpson is the privacy project director at consumer watchdog a non-profit that tried to find out how many accidents self-driving cars have had, asking both google and the dmv. both declined. >> if they're safe why wouldn't they disclose that to us? it makes you wonder what's going on. >> reporter: they uncovered six years and 1.7 million miles. there have been no injuries. its vehicles have been hit seven times from behind and sideswiped twice. one vehicle was hit by a car rolling through a stop sign. not once google report was the self-driving car the cause of the accident. the professor of science and engineering, such can be at the testing and development stage. >> i don't see a good reason for reporting all of the failures of the evolving technology but


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