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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and candid about what's working and what's not working. >> reporter: john simpson is the privacy project director at consumer watchdog a non-profit that tried to find out how many accidents self-driving cars have had, asking both google and the dmv. both declined. >> if they're safe why wouldn't they disclose that to us? it makes you wonder what's going on. >> reporter: they uncovered six years and 1.7 million miles. there have been no injuries. its vehicles have been hit seven times from behind and sideswiped twice. one vehicle was hit by a car rolling through a stop sign. not once google report was the self-driving car the cause of the accident. the professor of science and engineering, such can be at the testing and development stage. >> i don't see a good reason for reporting all of the failures of the evolving technology but we
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will want to have complete reporting of the technology that becomes public so people can make a judgement. >> reporter: another company, delphi took a self-driving car across the country from san francisco to new york without incident. last year one of its cars was hit when another vehicle struck it crossing the median. david louie abc 7 news. now to the national football league. the nfl has suspended san mateo's tom brady for four games because of his role of using underinflated football. he will appeal that suspension. the league came down severely on brady's team, the new england patriots fining them $1 million and the nfl took away two draft picks including a first-round choice next year. anful? investigation found brady was probably aware that the employees broke league rules by deflating footballs for him to make them softer and easier to throw and catch. prior to the afc championship game against the colts. in a letter to tom brady nfl
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executive troy vincent wrote each player, no matter how accomplished and otherwise respected has an obligation to comply with the rules and the public's confidence in the game is called into question. some think tom braidy is being singled out here that all quarterbacks like to throw a football that's in a certain condition one way or the other. >> mike schumann is live, and as someone who played for the 49ers, what do you say about this? >> reporter: well, i think he just got caught, tom brady. he didn't comply with the investigation, and all quarterbacks as you mentioned like a different inflated ball. tom likes them less inflated and aaron rodgers likes them more inflated and as a receiver he likes the softer ball because it's easier to catch. quarterbacks like them harder than when i played colin kaepernick, a good example and the balls are so hard and slick on gam day, almost every receiver in the nfl wears gloves
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as a result because it makes it easier to catch those footballs. so i think a good way to do it, about a decade ago the home team always supplied the footballs so we never had these issues and now that the visiting team can bring their own footballs. >> interesting. shu, let's talk about the punishment handed down today, four-game suspension and the million dollar fine and the loss of a draft pick. tough enough? not hard enough? >> reporter: no, i think it's tough enough because new england has a history of trying to bend the rules in spygate and i think the fact that i mention that tom brady didn't comply with the investigation and he didn't give up his phone for the texts and s ands and he was very evasive about the whole thing because they won the super bowl. nobody can break the rules and the new england patriots found that out today. >> okay. shu, thanks very much. mike schumann reporting live for us. thanks shu. back here at home, a construction truck hit and killed a female bicyclist in
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fremont. police have yet to identify the woman who died. sky 7 hd was over the scene of the collision this morning about 9:00. the truck driver stayed and was cooperating with police. the collision closed the off-ramp of northbound 880 near fremont and one lane of fremont boulevard earlier today. new details on the employee who was arrested last week accused of possessing child pornography. today 27-year-old edgar covar covarrubias could face ten years in prison if convicted of all charges. hundreds of parents across california held protests against a senate bill that would mandate that all children get vaccinated. it's been a big controversy, as you know. upon those who support senate bill 277 are upset that that bill may ultimately be watered down. lyanne melendez is with the latest in the newsroom. >> reporter: those senators who proposed the bill don't like the term watered down even though
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everybody else is calling it this. they call it a compromise within the political process right? so both sides are claiming victory even though it has yet to reach the state senate floor. the south bay city of campbell was a meeting point for these parents against mandatory vaccinations. they came to protest in front of state senator jim bell's office in campbell and the supporter of mandatory vaccinations. >> they tell me to stop at a red light, i do it. sure. they should tell me what to do but not with my health. >> there is a real risk in it and i think i as a parent have a choice of whether or not to take that risk -- whether i take the risk with the disease or whether i take a risk with the known dangers of vaccines. >> senate bill 277 is one of the most controversial in recent memory. it calls for all school students to be vaccinated. the bill was introduced by state senators richard penn and bilalen. its received the support of lawmakers like senator barbara boxer. the recent outbreak of measles
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prompted this action. >> then we had disneyland, the disney outbreak which spread. >> fearing the bill may not pass in the senate, pat and allen are considering changes. the new legislation could read like this. those unvaccinated children from second grade through sixth grade would be grandfathered in and would not be vaccinated. this means only children entering child care, kindergarten and seventh grade would still have to be vaccinated. this compromise is said to be a political move to appease op bonents and still many in the medical community would consider it a victory if it passes. the fact that this bill would increase rates and would protect any child against life-threatening and preventable diseases is a common goal and we're headed in that direction. the bill could go through the state senate floor as early as thursday and a mechanic had to be rushed to the hospital after
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a customer ran him down the san jose mercury news said it happened at a body shop saturday. he tried to drive off a lot without paying his bill and the mechanic stood in his way and got run over and dragged a short distance. the 47-year-old neck an hick serious, but non-life-threatening injuries and he was arrested and due in court this week. it all started just after 9:00 in the morning after a garage on jones street near o farrell. the valet driving a red mustang left the car while it was running and in reverse. the car went down the ramp in the garage, slamming over the barrier and hit the sprinkler system. at the same time the mercedes hit a fire truck outside responding to a different incident, all very strange. good news is no one was hurt. this routine commute along 280 in san francisco could one day be just a memory. looking to a plan that would
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demolish a section of freeway that would create easier rail access to at&t park and at the proposed warriors arena as well as a new neighborhood. carolyn tyler joins us live with the details. carolyn? >> reporter: cheryl the mayor has met with representatives of transportation agencies including caltrance and caltrain. people insist that the notion that this idea is actually on the drawing board is not true. thousands ever commuters use interstate 280 to get into and out of san francisco. now as part of a regional transportation plan for the growing mission bay neighborhood, there's talk of knocking down a portion starting at mariposa and replacing that with an underground rail tunnel with a station near at&t park and the proposed warriors arena. christine falby is mayor ed
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lee's spokesperson. >> before we talk about tearing down anything we need to figure out what is this neighborhood going to look like? what does it need? what are the opportunities before any discussion of that would even happen and that's what's happening right now. we're studying and we're talking to people and planning for the future. >> reporter: falby says right now all city hall is doing is examining options. the ambitious proposal to re-route caltrain and perhaps eliminate the rail yard at fourth and king is causing the agency concern. >> having a location to store trains and maintain them is critical to any rail service and, you know we need to understand clearly not just how a plan like this would impact our operation, but what it would mean for our employees and what it would mean for our customers. >> the mayor's office says nothing would be done without public input and at this point there is no money. in san francisco, carolyn tyler
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abc 7 news. >> former state treasurer and his wife nadia are expecting their second child. she made the announcement on her facebook page. her husband confirmed that and the lockiers have an 11-year-old son and in 2012 the two appeared headed for divorce. she resigned from the alameda board of supervisors after a scandal stemming from an affair and drug use. drug charges against her were dismissed after she went through rehab. bill lockier told the chronicle he and his wife have been back together for more than a year. coming up next, a firefighter is hurt in the south bay. state officials figure out how to fight a fire and save water at the same time. we're wondering why are we getting so many ants? >> he's not alone. is this happening where you live? why so many people are dealing with an ant invasion. and definitely not a three-hour tour. the woman hoping to end up in
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san francisco after setting a rowing record across the pacific. plus -- ♪ ♪ >> saving water is more critical than ever. >> the students getting paid to be green
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. this may be happening to you. the drought is causing another annoying problem for a lot of us. an invasion of ants, lots and lots of them looking for water and food. vic lee joins us with that from san mateo. vic? >> reporter: well this is the hardware store in san mateo. look at the array of ant control products. you know they're selling like hot cakes not only here but in stores all over the bay area. >> and these are your greatest
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allies. >> they're kind of cute. >> whoa! >> yes, it's the ant man. he's everywhere avenging what the drought has done to his army of ants searching wide and far for water. >> the ant man may be fiction, but the ant invasion is not. this time it's not only the native specie but the more aggressive argentine ants that are bugging the bay area. >> fairlessly coming to the dish wash, the refrigerator and they'll come through the sink and the bathroom all looking for water. their eggs which would be destroyed over a wet winter never were so the ant population has exploded. we're, like, wondering why are we getting so many ants? >> this hardware store in san mateo just can't keep enough ant sticks traps and sprays on the shelves. >> so they're invading houses right and left. so our sales skyrocketed, pretty much. >> if the ants are still winning the war, you can call pest control experts. planet orange attacks the
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perimeter of your house spraying plant-based oils to kill them and there are always home remedies. >> what i've been doing is vacuuming around the window sills, wiping them down with just an antibacterial. >> and keep your kitchen counters clean. spray ant trails with glass cleaners like wind exex, and if all else fails, kill the little six-legged pests the old-fashioned way. vic lee aishs 7 news. fire fight hers to keep a wildfire from reaching a home in santa clara county today. the five-acre fire ignited just after 2:00 this afternoon in san martin. sky 7 hd shows you the fire crews on the scene trying to keep it from spreading and they kept it from spreading to two nearby structures and the fire is now nearly fully contained and no word yet on exactly hu it
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started. meantime, cal fire says it will do whatever it can to help conserve water when it comes to fighting fires. there's no way to get around the need for water when putting out fire, but there are things we can do. >> there are tactics that we can use in the mop-upstages where we use very little water and dirt in some cases. we're trying to reduce in our training making sure that any water we do use is used in a method where we're able to recapture that water. >> officials remind us especially people in you'ral areas that you can do your part by cutting back brush around your home and plant fire-resistant plants around your yards to allow for more protection. they challenge teenagers to create public service announcements. 150 videos were submitted and many of those videos really focused on the critical need to conserve water. the winning video came from four students of the will c. wood high school in vacaville.
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part of their message asks people to slow down and think to save water. ♪ >> save water. because it's times like these when we all need to play our part. ♪ >> and the four students and their teacher will receive $1500 for that winning video. congratulations. >> not bad at all. if you buy a coffee to go and it spills into your lap who is responsible for the injuries. >> the jury weighed in on that question today. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with the verdict. >> you guys may have had it happen to you or something close to it. a large coffee in a cardboard cup can often feel unstable. starbucks was not responsible when hot coffee spilled on to a customer's lap. a police officer sued claiming his coffee lid popped off causing the cup to collapse. the officer said the burn activated his crohn's disease. he had to undergo surgery. starbucks says the officer could not prove the burn trigger ared his disease and it said the
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coffee chain is not liable for spills. if you are an unhappy airline passenger join the crowd. a federal government report today shows complaints by us air travelers soared by 55% in march from more than 1700 aggravated passengers. most complained of delays, cancellations and missed connections and others were upset about high airfares. despite the complaint on-time proponents improved in march. 75% arrived on schedule slightly better than february. uber drivers trying to make an extra buck want to sell ads inside their cars like many cabbies do. the ride share company is telling them don't do it. uber drivers want to use tablet screens in the backseat ask, however, uber says in-car commercials add nothing to the ride experience. uber is discouraging the practice and the company is denying reports that it will
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deactivate drivers who show the ads. tonight on aishs 7 news at 11:00, have you crossed a bay area bridge and then received a toll violation by mistake? well, i talked exclusively with an inside source of fast track about why you may never get justice. >> if mono setey is the only thing that's on your mind instead of helping people then you will take the money. >> why he says customer service agents have a big incentive to brush off your complaints and i'll have that special report tonight at 11:00 on abc 7 news. >> this is amazing. you'll want to watch. >> can't wait to watch. thank you. let's go outside and talk about the weather. a little bit windy and a little bit cool. >> sandhya patel joins us now. >> dan and cheryl it's crisp out here and definitely on the windy side. you'll have to bundle up again as we head into tomorrow. let me show you live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about the upcoming changes which does include some showers. not immediately, though, just clouds right now on live doppler
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7 hd and the winds are howling gusting to 40 at sfo coming up at cool pacific water and that's why we're feeling the chill and livermore up to 68 so far and mount cam showing you the trees swaying in the wind. san jose and 57 in half moon bay and the east bay hills camera. temperatures, while the warmest spot is 78 degrees and the rest of you in the 60s. here is a live picture from the exploratorium camera and we do have a small craft advisory on the coast and also on the san francisco bay for choppy waters. breezy and cool the next two days and showers arrive late wednesday. you're hearing it right wet thursday and more sierra snow is on the way. here is a look at the pacific satellite picture and we do have the robust breeze as the wind is
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blowing from high pressure to low pressure which is located inland. the system that is in the gulf of alaska is going to bring us wet weather late wednesday night into thursday. so let's start our computer animation wednesday morning and they have clouds around and they increase as the day goes on and by thursday you are looking at wet roadways for the start of the morning commute. showers will continue as we head toward 11:00 a.m. on thursday and possibly longer than that. so here's the deal as far as the early estimates for rain we're looking at anywhere from .1 to half an inch through thursday morning and we'll be adding to this as we get closer since the showers will continue into the afternoon hours. snow level in the sierras 6,000 to 7,000 feet. on thursday we could see a couple of inches of snow at the resorts there. tomorrow morning do not forget to bundle up. it's going to be a cool to chilly start with only a few clouds around. 43 in santa rosa, 45 for you in napa. livermore, 48 degrees and 47 in
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half moon bay and 49 in san jose. right along the coast you'll see 51 in oakland. san francisco, 50 degrees. tomorrow afternoon staying breezy even though you'll see lots of blue skies along with a few clouds remaining on the cool side in half moon bay and 59 in san francisco. 65, oakland. 70 degrees in santa rosa out toward livermore, san jose and the upper 60s. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast will feature cooler weather wednesday and thursday as showers move in and the showers will decrease and end late thursday. we'll go into friday when it does dry out and the weekend is dry, but we'll call it partly cloudy and staying cooler than average for this time of year. >> sandhya, thank you so much. st
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we have breaking news out of san francisco. a car hit a woman at 13th and
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harrison just a few minutes ago. the injuries are considered life-threatening. she was breathing when medic arrived. they took her to san francisco general hospital and there are street closures and police are advising that you avoid the harrison and 13th street area if you can. stay with abc 7 news for any late-breaking news updates and follow us on abc 7 news bay area. pablo sandoval has some new bling. that's the giants slugger he got last night during a private meeting with management. sandoval is in town with his new team, the boston red sox begin a three-game series. he has no ill feelings with the giants even though he told two reporters in boston that he felt disrespected by front office. [ inaudible ] >> sandoval says he misses his former teammates and manager
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bruce bochy who he calls a father figure. the warriors held practice. they take on the grizzlies tonight for the western conference semifinals and they will try to bounce back after two losses in a row. they trail 2-1 in a best of seven seary, a loss tonight would push golden state to the brink of elimination. >> warriors fans are wearing their gear with pride. to share your photos use the #dubson7. they'll be featured on abc 7 news and on our website abc 7 come on, warriors go. a museum pulls out artifacts it had in storage for 80 years. some of them were dona grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number. ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. covering walnut creek, burrelling g burlingame, campbell and the bay area this is abc 7 newsroom. >> i'm ama daetz bad timing.
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an east bay community shut down two fire stations just as fire season gets under way. also a sip and a snip. right now it's illegal to drink at salons and barbershops and we'll cut you in on the effort to change that. plus -- >> most of the time i'm in and out within 15 20 minutes. >> speeding through the dmv. can that really happen? 7 on your side's michael finney has ways on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> i want to see that. ama, thank you. a woman is about to embark on a journey which if successful would be a historic odyssey. >> sonia will try to cross the pacific ocean, all 6,000 miles of it alone on a rowboat. >> she expects to begin setting off from japan and ending in san francisco. the trip is expected to take a little more than four months. she's joining an elite of only two men. good luck, sonia. the oakland museum used a
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lot of muscle to install an important piece of a new exhibit. >> the workers carried in the 250-pound canoe up many stairs to the exhibit hall. >> it was dug out from a single log about 200 years ago in papua, new guinea. it will form part of the pacific world exhibit which focuses on pacific islander culture. >> it was probably useded for fishing, travel between islands and it's not a long-distance canoe. >> the museum has owned the canoe since the 1930s believe it or not, but this is the first time it has put it out on display. >> the story behind the story, much of that collection was donated by john rob an oakland dentist who traveled the pacific in 1890s doing dental work in exchange for artifacts. >> 200 years. see what you needdo give that canoe give it to sonia and let her cross the pacific in that. >> it's sturdy, that's for sure. it lasted a long time. that will do it for us and david muir is next.
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from all of us we appreciate your time as always and hope to see you again in half an hour. breaking news on two fronts tonight. quarterback tom brady, suspended. the nfl just now saying the superstar quarterback will not start the new season. and the new england patriots fined $1 million. also breaking, the hunt for the missing. as we come on the air, the deadly tornadoes across several states. >> there goes the school! >> striking in the middle of the night. the new images coming in right now, flying you over the destruction. 50 million bracing for major storms again tonight from texas all the way up to michigan. the tour bus erupting into flames. the highway shut down. bracing for impact. the jet slamming into the runway today. the landing gear failing. and our journey to a hidden world. meteorologist ginger zee and the mystery of the jellyfish. why isn't she getting stung?


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