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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 12, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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jennings and i'm dan ashley for sandhya patel and michael finney we breaking news tonight. the urgent search right now. the american military helicopter missing. six marines among those on board. the chopper helping after a second massive earthquake hits nepal. while on the ground tonight, the race to save the newest victims. here at home, the emergency landing. passengers staying on the plane as they race to extinguish the engine. harsh words for tom brady. tonight, the lead investigator for the nfl comes out swinging. you'll hear what he's saying now about the quarterback. breaking news. homeland security agents raiding a clothing drive in the middle of the country. finding guns, weapons, they say headed overseas. the rescues tonight. the massive flooding. lifted into helicopters. and, the celebrity chef revealing her very personal health battle.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin with the breaking news. the all-out search and the growing concern as we come on the air, after an american military helicopter lost all contact. among those onboard the chopper, much like this one here, six u.s. marines, a team scrambling to help after this newest earthquake in nepal. and tonight here, new images of the 7.3 quake e moment it hits. a landslide hurtling toward this village. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz leading us off with the search for that american chopper and the massive rescue effort tonight on the ground in nepal. >> reporter: tonight, the urgent hunt for the missing marine corps huey helicopter, one of three seen in pentagon video released just yesterday, flying over the same area of nepal where it disappeared today. the deliveries of rice and tarps to these remote villages, one of the most rewarding missions possible for the military.
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after this morning's quake, the helicopter carrying six marines and two nepalese once again headed out to help and somewhere over this battered landscape, it vanished. no com from the emergency beacon detected. three osprey aircraft launched a search, but came up with nothing. the missing marines, among 300 american military personnel now working in nepal. dozens of them gathered when the aftershock struck. birds wildly circling overhead. high in the mountains, rockslides tumbling towards the villages below. >> it shook the entire mountainside. it was one of the scariest things that i've ever experienced in my entire life. >> reporter: nearby, this mother wails, learning her 6-year-old is gone. this country living a nightmare. 8,000 killed in the monster
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quake last month. at least 37 killed today. the search for survivors begins anew. this young woman showing rescuers where someone could be trapped, after she watched the house collapse before her eyes. >> just incredible that these families are going through this all over again. as you said martha the death toll 8,000, just from the first earthquake and now this. tonight, what do we know, when will they begin search efforts again for the american helicopter missing? >> reporter: well, it is the middle of the night there now, david, which makes the search far more difficult. so, it will resume again at daybreak. >> martha raddatz leading us off tonight. martha, thank you. last night here, we reported on that emergency landing here at home. a jet coming down, its landing gear failing. well tonight, to another emergency landing, this time in hawaii. a jet from honolulu, thick smoke coming from the engine. when the plane lands, you can see them there, they rushed to extinguish one of the engines. the passengers told to stay on board. and tonight, what they heard right before the pilot brought
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the plane down. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: an emergency landing ending with crews spraying foam on the left engine of a hawaiian airlines jet. passengers inside watching as their windows are hit by water and foam. no evacuation. passengers stay in their seats until the plane is towed to the gate. >> we heard two pops and a little bit of a shake with each pop. i was nervous when i heard the popping and the stewardess running around. i was most nervous about landing. >> reporter: hawaiian airlines saying the small boeing 717 experienced an engine surge. it's similar to a backfire in a car. watch this 747. it experiences one. in today's case, the pilots decided to divert and make that emergency landing in maui. this is the second incident in two weeks for hawaiian. >> wow. >> reporter: these passengers got out of a 767 on emergency slides. that jet had an odd smell after takeoff. turns out it was a bad air conditioning system, metal on metal creating the smell. and it's been a scary few days
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of emergency landings. yesterday, we saw metal on concrete as that united express jet scraped to a top without a left landing gear in los angeles. in all three of these incidents, passengers praised the pilots and the crews for bringing their emergency situations to a safe conclusion. david? >> david kerley, who covers aviation for us. david, thank you. tonight, there is a major new development in the nfl investigation, the lead investigator now taking aim at tom brady, after the quarterback's agent came out after news of brady's four-game suspension, defending him. brady's own father calling it framegate. tonight, that investigator defending his findings, saying brady refused to turn over his cell phone records. now, the clock ticking. will brady appeal? again tonight, abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: tonight, swift reaction from ted wells, the deflategate report author, saying in a conference call with reporters, new england patriots star tom brady didn't fully cooperate. >> he refused to let us review the phones.
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>> reporter: responding to brady's agent, don yee, who said "there was no fairness in the wells investigation whatsoever," and according to wells, questioned his independence from the league. >> those attacks are out of bounds and unfair and just plain wrong. >> reporter: this as brady's agent told abc news to expect an appeal tomorrow. wells' report prompting the nfl to come down hard on the four-time super bowl winner suspending him for four games without pay, calling his conduct "detrimental to the integrity of the nfl." damien woody, former patriot, telling us tonight -- >> i would love to hear from him. i would love to hear his side of the story. you know, i would love for him to maybe present some evidence. >> reporter: some say the nfl is sending a message. >> no player, even a future hall of famer, is exempt from those rules. >> reporter: and while hometown fans tonight are slamming the penalties against brady -- >> i think that's totally ridiculous. it's egregious. >> reporter: some say there are valuable lessons to be learned. what does it say to kids, if he doesn't have to spend some time out? >> i think it's going to show the kids that if you try to take
5:37 pm
a short cut, you're going to be put in the penalty box. >> really strong opinions on both sides of this. ryan live in foxborough tonight. and ryan, we understand an appeal is imminent. how does it work? >> reporter: david, if he appeals, the nfl should hold a hearing within ten days after they receive that appeal. either in front of someone commissioner roger goodell designates or the commissioner himself. and if that happens, it could pit the nfl's leader against one of its biggest stars. david? >> ryan smith on this story again tonight. ryan, thank you. we're going to turn now to the dangerous flash flooding in the heartland. millions of families reeling after those deadly storms. the drenching rains. this man pulled from the floodwaters in sanger texas, in the last 24 hours. and look at this. a massive sinkhole in grandbury, texas, tonight. there are new storms powering up now. more rain on the way. meteorologist rob marciano with the track, he's standing by. but first, abc's ryan owens with the new images coming in tonight. >> reporter: large parts of the lone star state tonight are flooded. the water stretching for miles in this town south of dallas. with more rain in the forecast, there's concern these choppers
5:38 pm
may soon be back in the air. these teenagers tweeting from their submerged truck. the ground in this state is so saturated, this cliff south of ft. worth collapsed into the lake below. >> hey! hey! >> reporter: and this being texas, it's not just people who need to be rescued. a family of cowboys had to round up dozens of horses caught in high water on their ranch. the predicted rain could hamper cleanup here in van, where people are still sifting through the wreckage of their homes. >> we're lucky we're alive, because it was trying to suck us out of the house. >> reporter: a couple died in their home here. he a retired police detective, she a church secretary. their home collapsed around them. only the family dog survived, protected in the arms of its master. amid the rubble here, so many remarkable survivor stories. see that behind me? that's a woman's living room. she was on the couch against that back wall when the tornado hit. the tree blew over, literally popped up her living room.
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tonight, she's fine and staying with friends. david? >> always extraordinary -- ryan thank you -- those stories of survival. and thank goodness. rob here now. texas needed this rain, but not all at once. >> reporter: yeah, officially still in a drought, but that may change, i think, after the rain totals come in. south texas getting it tonight from houston back to corpus christi. corpus christi, over four inches today. and then tomorrow becomes more widespread. watch as we take this storm out of mexico, towards oklahoma. i think the heaviest rain from san antonio, austin to dallas will be in the evening and we have flash flood watches nearly for the entire state of texas and oklahoma. another two to three inches of widespread frein the p widespread rain from the mexican border up to southern kansas. and again, this will probably pull them out of that drought. >> all right, on the watch through "gma" in the morning. rob, thank you. tonight, a stunning find in the heartland. authorities say a clothing drive in iowa, but the feds found something else. more than 100 guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition hidden. and they suspect they were about to be sent overseas. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas on what they found. >> reporter: today, an investigation is under way after
5:40 pm
homeland security investigators raided these iowa businesses that thought they were supporting a charity clothing drive for thousands of refugees pouring out of war-torn syria. but authorities believe these companies were used by four suspects from cedar rapids to ship guns like these assault rifles to the middle east. federal prosecutors claim 152 firearms and 16,000 rounds of ammunition were secretly hidden in shipping containers with boxes of clothing, construction equipment, even a piano. law enforcement sources say they fear the guns and equipment might wind up being used in the violence tormenting the middle east. >> and pierre thomas with us live now from washington. pierre, do you know what triggered today's raids? >> reporter: david, authorities say they were tipped off by a local gun dealer who became concerned when the suspects kept coming to his store, allegedly buying dozens of guns at a time and thousands of rounds of ammunition. >> pierre thomas tonight, live in washington.
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pierre, thank you. we move to george zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman acquitted in the shooting of trayvon martin. a new gun incident putting him back in the headlines. a case of road rage. and tonight here the 911 call. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, that 911 call that started out so nonchalantly. >> a guy right here just said he had to shoot at someone through his window. >> reporter: it's not until the final seconds of the call that the operator is notified of the identity of the alleged victim. >> he said he had to shoot, he said he had to, it was george zimmerman. >> reporter: george zimmerman dodged a bullet, this time, literally. take a look at this bullethole in his suv. it happened when he was back in central florida for mother's day. 36-year-old matt apperson fired, shattering glass, sending zimmerman to the hospital, where he was treated and released after what his lawyer calls a near death experience. does trouble find george zimmerman, or george zimmerman finds trouble? >> some of these things would never get any attention at all if it hadn't been george zimmerman involved. >> reporter: apperson says he felt threatened when he saw zimmerman waving his gun around as he was driving. >> he was acting in self-defense. >> reporter: the two have had
5:42 pm
run-ins in the past, including one incident last september when apperson says he called 911 after zimmerman pulled up in a truck and began yelling at him, threatening to kill him. while zimmerman denies ever waving a weapon in monday's incident, police confirm he did have one in his vehicle. police telling us today that there will be a long and thorough investigation and they cannot yet say if any charges will be filed. david? >> linsey davis in florida tonight. linsey, thanks. now, to madison, wisconsin, tonight, prosecutors this evening announcing no criminal charges for the deadly police shooting of an unarmed man. the officer opening fire on a 19-year-old during a violent struggle in march. witnesses claiming the man appeared disturbed, ran through traffic and attacked three people before police arrived. there is new fallout tonight after that flawed "rolling stone" report about the campus attack of a female college student. a dean at the university of virginia heavy criticized in the story, timing a nearly $8 million lawsuit against the magazine. authorities never able to confirm the student's claim she was sexually assaulted by several men. "rolling stone" forced to
5:43 pm
retract the story last month. tonight, the south side of chicago chosen to host president obama's presidential library. a sentimental choice. it's where michelle obama grew up, where the couple met, began their family. michelle obama saying, every memory, every important relationship in her life is in chicago. president obama saying it's where he became a man. we turn now to a david and goliath showdown tonight. the stay at home mom and those two t-shirts. the one she's wearing, that's her invention, and the one she's holding, now being sold at target. what do you think? did they borrow from her idea? tonight, that mom speaking out right here, saying it's no coincidence. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but melissa lay says retail giant target flat out stole her best-selling design. >> total shock. it was almost surreal, seeing it there in a store i shop at. >> reporter: the stay at home mom started this t-shirt business out of her oregon garage last year. >> you work so hard on these designs.
5:44 pm
i screenprint until my body aches. >> reporter: which is why she couldn't believe it when friends started sending her photos. >> so, here's my design. >> reporter: a shirt she says is almost identical to hers, being sold by target. it didn't take us long to find it. here it is at this target store. listed for $12.99. that's about half as much as melissa is selling it for. we've followed these kinds of fights before. >> that won't stop the bionic. >> reporter: dan brown, inventor of the bionic wrench, told david that sears copied his tool with a version made in china. >> what did you think when you saw it? >> it's a knockoff. there's no question. >> reporter: sears says they didn't steal anything. and tonight, target has sent melissa this note, saying they "take the matter seriously and have begun an investigation." melissa says her t-shirt battle is david versus goliath, and she's counting on target to do the right thing. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> neal, thank you. and to a consumer alert here tonight, involving some of the
5:45 pm
most popular cars on the road. mid-size suvs. 4 out of 7 underperforming in new crash tests. the jeep cherokee, dodge durango and hyundai santa fe rated marginal. the dodge journey rated poor. that's the lowest rating. and all of the results tonight at our website, there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the good samaritans to the rescue. watch this. the driver trapped under a cement truck. several cars involved. and you'll see how this frantic effort plays out tonight. also this evening, just coming in the home invasion caught on camera. authorities now releasing this video tonight. and they're asking for the public's help to find the suspects who terrorized the family inside. and this question for you this evening -- would you jump out of a helicopter wearing only a backpack and a set of wings for one incredible ride over this city? you won't believe this. stay tuned.
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if you own a ford or qualifying competitive vehicle. next tonight next tonight, a group of strangers to the rescue in atlanta. dramatic pictures tonight of an
5:48 pm
overturned cement truck crushing a car, trapping the man inside. several cars involved. and steve osunsami is in atlanta. >> reporter: that sound is a lexus and its driver being crushed by the weight of a cement truck that ran a red light and overturned in atlanta. look in the middle there. that's 22-year-old bennett alterman trapped and bleeding in the twisted metal. people who witnessed the wreck were trying to save him. and they did. >> the guy made it out safely, you know, that's the most important part. that's remarkable, man. god was with him today. >> reporter: police ticketed the cement truck driver. witnesses say when he ran the light and tried to avoid the lexus, the weight of his truck turned it over. one of the passengers injured in a second vehicle was a national treasure, civil rights icon and u.s. ambassador andrew young. he spoke by phone after leaving the hospital. >> there's a lot that i have to do and want to do, you know, before my time comes. >> reporter: witnesses who came to help knew they had to act
5:49 pm
fast. diesel from the overturned truck was pouring into the street. the kindness of strangers was on full display. the young man pulled from the car at this intersection says he is happy and lucky to be alive. these accidents are often fatal. david? >> yeah, the kindness of strangers every time. steve, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the new numbers this evening when it comes to being christian in america. also, this video released just tonight. the home invasion. police asking for your help. the thieves terrorizing the family inside here. and the celebrity chef tonight, her very personal health battle and her message for all women this evening. battle and her message for all women this evening.
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the frightening home invasion in san jose, california. the video released tonight. two armed thieves inside. the family forced to hide in a bathroom, calling 911. police in san jose tonight asking for your help finding them. the new number this evening. a drop in the number of americans who call themselves christian. 5 million fewer christians in the last seven years. the number of americans who say they have no religious affiliation, 23%. that's more than those who call themselves catholic. and sandra lee, celebrity cook and lifestyle guru, revealing she's battling breast cancer. lee, whose partner is new york governor andrew cuomo, saying her doctors caught it early, she's undergoing surgery. tonight, urging all women to get screened. we wish her well. when we come back here tonight, all you need is a backpack, a set of wings and a %-pvery strong stomach. would you jump? would you jump? ♪ bring your vision for the future
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fi finally tonight, most children have imagined it at some point. what if you could fly? but jumping from a chopper with a backpack and a set of wings? here's nick watt. >> reporter: the jetman yves rossy now has a friend. a protege, skydiver rinse reffet. they're hot dogging over the desert outside dubai. >> we are go for takeoff. >> reporter: above this futuristic city, they federalreefall from a chopper, pick up speed. then, the four jet engines on each 120-pound pack propel them at up to 125 miles per hour. side-by-side head-on, little bit of upside down and past the world's tallest skyscraper in a
5:58 pm
death-defying dance. rossy, a professional pilot who developed this fantastical suit himself, has flown solo many times, but never before like this. it's human formation flight. why oh why do they do it? yves, take it away. >> we love to fly. we are exploring the limits. and not playing with death. i'm playing with life. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> my backpack never did that. thanks for watching on a tuesday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
fannage. he helped get the children off the second floor. it was time to leave, he noticed the building shaking so he jumped from the second floor. >> i jumped then, i started to grasp. i did not calculate myself exactly, but i fell on a concrete slab. >> you jumped from the second floor? >> yes, sir. about 22