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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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its saturday may 16th. good morning i'm chris nguyen. we will start with a quick look at the weather. meteorologist frances dinglasan is in for lisa argen this morning. any rain in the forecast? >> there could be drizzle. we are starting off with cloud cover with this live shot near sfo. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. it's currently 52? san francisco. cool morgan hill 48 degrees and 52 in half moon bay a live shot of the golden gate bridge. the big story it's not as breezy today but temperatures are still going to be cooler than average. see look for inland and east bay numbers to be in the upper 60s
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and lower 70s and around bait in the 60s. i'll let you know when we can expect a better warmup with the accuweather seven-day forecast. chris. >> thank you. now to sports and the sensational performance of the golden state warriors. cameras was there as the doubles returned from the bay area early this morning. you can see as the team came in at oakland international airport about an hour ago. the doubles are heading to the western conference finals for the first time in nearly 40 years. the doubles dominated the memphis grizzlies last night with steph curry showing everyone why he's the mvp. curry made the incredible look routine last night. final seconds of the third quarter, the grizzlies were making a run and curry stunned the crowd in memphis with a 62-footer to end the quarter. by the way this, is a shot that steph practices all the time when he finishes warmups at area cal but he hasn't hit one in a game since college. the practice apparently paid off and helped the team close out the best of 7 western conference finals with 108-95 victory.
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larry beil will have more in game six and last night's victory coming up later this hour. you may have heard the sounds of celebration coming from your neighbor's house or the local restaurants and bars. abc7 fuse reporter alan wang was in emeryville where the east bay was jumping for joy over the victory. [chanting] [cheers and applause] >> warrior fans haven't celebrated like this in years. >> we are tonight in emeryville with "7 on your side". whoa baby! >> why not! steph curry made a shot, i was so happy. >> golden state now moves on to the western conference finals. they will play either the houston rockets or the l.a. clippers, who knocked them out of the playoffs last year. >> oh, my gosh. i think it will be like awesome drama with the clippers and i
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would love for hem to kick their butts. >> go play the clippers and get the job done. we want a little revenge, yes! but all good in fun, though. >> a california playoff north and south perfect, perfect. >> the warriors and the dub nation will now get some well-deserved rest n emery available, alan wang, abc7 news. >> now is a good time to snap some fan photos for us. you can post thome them to your favorite social media side using #dubson7. and don't forget abc7 is your home for the nba finals. you can catch all the excitement beginning june 4th. >> 17 year old max rust was shot on a trail yesterday and he died shortly afterwards.
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police stopped a car on a traffic stop. police said the two new each other but didn't know what led up to the shooting. a 16-year-old boy was arrested just before 6:00 last night the teen was booked into the solano county juvenile hall. friends and family of russ called for the end it the violence. >> i'm heartbroken. imagine his parents, they changed his diapers. and one boy, just one ball let took his life. >> max said he did not feel at the school but the superintendent said it's a save blase a strong security presence. >> police in vallejo are also investigating a possible kidnapping of a ten-year old girl who was later found. the girl told investigators she was walking from dan minischool on lorenzo drive yesterday afternoon. she aid a man pulled up and pulled her into a red newer model car.
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she managed to escape and made a way to a friend's place. 5:05 is the time. three people are recovering this morning after the van they were traveling in went over an embankment in oakland. according to our media partner the oakland news, the accident happened just after 5:40 yesterday afternoon in the area of glen oaks and wild current way. he was traveling on the street above, making a u-turn, crashed and rolled down an edge bank meant. one man and two women were inside the vehicle. one made it out but the other two were trapped. >> the initial concerns were when we got there the vehicle was unstable and had the hypotension of rolling on the victims and on top of our crews that were working. so we initially stable the vehicle, stabilized the patient and developed rescue systems to bring them down and we successfully brought all three down on a controlled and safe
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operation. >> no word yet on the extent of the passenger's injuries. >> good samaritans were quick to intervene. it happened in morgan hill when a passenger attacked the bus rider. abc7 news reporter janet has the dramatic video that shows what happened. >> this video, taken by a passenger stuck in traffic shows a chaotic scene as a fyten sues on a crowded bus. >> i looked over and i seen this guy on pretty much on top of the bus driver yelling stop the bus or i'm going to stab you, i'll kill you. >> this person and his two employees were prepping food as usual when they rushed over to help. >> it was great teamwork. >> the erratic passenger threaten the bus driver with a pen and threw the windshield wiper at his head for trying to intervene. he didn't think twice about his
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safety. >> somebody was ready to get assaulted, i'm not going to just stand there. >> william lawrence knew he had to act forecast when he saw a man grab a metal pipe that's normally used to break the window in case of an emergency. >> the bar would hurt somebody. >> so he came up from behind and pushed the man off the bus. luckily no one was hurt on the commute home on bus 68. >> it's commendable they showed concern and were trying to be helpful. >> morgan hill police arrested the man, who is now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. in morgan hill abc7 news. >> 5:07 the time. brian stow the giants van who was beaten outside of the stadium, used the incident to talk to kids will bullying. he spoke at a school in scotts valley yesterday. he hopes there will be more opportunities like this to inspire more people. >> i think i'm a great pillar for this kind of contact with
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what people can experience. >> stow also asked the students pledge not to be a bully and to help others who are being bullied. >> authorities are searching for a missing palo alto flight instructor and police say stole a plane and disappeared. he took off in a small cessna from the palo alto airport last friday. the plane was last seen on radar near the mexican border. he fierce the 24-year-old might have crashed. palo alto police are coordinating with the u.s. coast guard in the search effort. >> happening today law enforcement agencies will hold a conference to boost police community relationships. it is being done in partnership with the ncaa. they are building trust and relations in light of recent friction in the communities they serve. it gets underway at 9:00 at eden high school in hayward. and this morning animal air officials are looking for a man
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responsible for a sickening case of animal abuse. take a look at the picture. he's been beaten and burned and he may not make it. katie marzullo has the story. >> a public works crew found the young dog early thursday morning tied up near death at division and south van ness. animal care and control has named him maxamillion. >> the burns look to be older injuries. the blunt force trauma the damage with internal organs has to be very recent. >> they want to find whoever did this. officers are combing through hours of surveillance video and handing out flyers and offering a $500 reward, hoping for a lead. >> working in this field it's the very thing we commit ourselves to preventing and
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addressing. and it affects us all. >> dog lovers are outraged. >> anyone with an eye oat two of conscious, i can't believe anyone would do that to a dog. >> especially this dog. >> he's been abuseed terribly and he's up a is aer friendly. he's sweet and loving and letting us all pet him. >> if you have any information call san francisco animal care and control. even the smallest detail might help, and if you want to help with his care, we have information on how you can donate on our website >> katie marzullo dual abc7 news. >> the time now is 5:10. san francisco police say they will be cracking down on bad behavior at the 103rd annual bay to breakers tomorrow. bad behavior wasn't on the minds of huge crowd of runners who flooded there yesterday to pick up race packets. more than 110,000 people are signed up for the race. thousands more will show up for the party.
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the race begins at 8:00 tomorrow morning at main and howard. as always, there will be plenty of street closers so if you are coming into the city plan ahead. muni plans on adding service and bart will open for business earlier than usual. communications should be a lot better this year though. at&t is bringing in an additional cell tower to handle all of the text tweets and posts to instagram. francis, you know what they say. it didn't happen if you didn't post it on instagram. >> yes and facebook too. well we do have cool temperatures rights now. and i'll also have your bay to breakers forecast. this live picture, check out the flags. very calm right now. yesterday we had to hang on to our hats, but i'll tell you what that means in terms of temperatures for tomorrow and today and this weekend. in fact, i'll have the whole accuweather seven-day forecast too, chris. >> francis, see you soon. also ahead, action from the nfl to make sure the deflate-gate scandal never happenings again. what i the league is coming to the bay area to make it happen. plus, rush hour relief coming to
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>> knew this morning, the nfl is planning to change guidelines regarding the way footballs are handled before games and they will did it in the bay area. associated press reports the details will be discussed next week at owners meetings happening in san francisco. it's in response to the deflate-gate scandal involving the new england patriots. the league want to avoid the possibility that teams could tamper with football. pat's quarterback and tom brady is appealing a four-game suspension handed down by the nfl for his involvement in the
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controversy. abc7 news has learn about a rash of new very expensive thefts in the bay area, batteries from hybrid cars. these thieves appear to be professionals. they know how to remove the batteries without getting electrocuted. >> this is what his bring us looked like when he went to his parked car. >> the passenger rear window was broken into and i look inside and everything is just a mess t looks like a tornado went through. >> it wasn't a tornado, it was a burglar who made his way into the back of his car and stole the 150-pound battery that powers his engine. the car was towed to this garage for repairs. that's when he learned there's been a rash of prius battery thefts in the city. >> and there was an all state insurance adjustor there and he's like, wait a minute i actually have three cases that i'm working on, same exact problem. >> same thing here at j. p. auto
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body garage in south san francisco. they have also been busy replacing batteries stolen from pius hybrids. they just finished working on this one. the mechanic showed us the battery. removing it could be quick if professionals were doing it, and he does believe the thieves are pros. they first cut the cables or harnesses attached to the battery. hazardous work because the batteries 200 volts could seriously injure you. the thieves who removed his car battery knew exactly what to do. >> the high-voltage wire and if you don't know what you are doing it could hurt you. >> it will take 2 or 3 weeks to restore his car. the estimate is about $10,000. and what's the thieves' take? >> on craig's list the batteries
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go for $900 or $1,000. >> a lots of money for something that could take 20 minutes. now a toyota dealership in san francisco told us today they know about the problem. they have replaced, in their words, quite few stolen batteries. the executive told me they are looking at ways to protect them. abc7 news. >> the stanford university band will not be performing at any away games in the fall. the one year punishment found after an investigation found the band members abused alcohol and drugs during trips and hazed and sexually harassed new band mates but the band can still play at home games. >> the city of san francisco has respond today complaints it is dumping thousands of gallons of drinking water an hour on candlestick park. state public health regulations prohibit contractors from using recycled water during dust control operations. crews are required to wet down
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the plumes of dust to protect residents near the demolition. it is not cleared for use when it could be fly through the air and be inhaled or digested. >> the commute is never easy but there are efforts underway to make it easier. abc7 news reporter leeann melendez has the details. >> cars blocking intersections and construction projects have made it harder on everyone to navigate their way through the city. >> i almost got into it with a construction guy the other way because he was trying to make me turn in a with a i didn't want to go. so it's very frustrating and i was trying to get somewhere. it's hard to get somewhere on time these days. >> i'm from atlanta originally and i thought the traffic was bad in atlanta until i got to san francisco. >> speaker the san francisco metropolitan transportation agency. you know the ones that oversee the parking control officers. >> every construction project has a specific permit and we will make sure any construction project that doesn't have the right to be in the road during
5:19 am
rush hour is off the road by rush hour. >> the crackdown will happen monday through friday from 7 to 9 and evening rush lawyer 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. unibus drivers can call this batch to report a driver. it is not the first time the city has taken measures to improve the flow of traffic. so do people think it will work? >> no. i don't think they have enough people out here to be ticketing >> the city is asking people to give it some time. >> it will make the streets safer and more reliable. you will never solve every last congestion problem in the city but i think we will make a big dent in congestion to make the streets safer this way. >> the congestion strategy goes into effect in ernest on monday. in san francisco leeann melendez, abc7 news. >> happening today oakland mayor libby shaft will consider the commencement address to mills college graduates. mayor worked closely with mills
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college interns during her time on the city council. more than 600 undergrads and graduate students will take part in the 127th comment meant. the ceremony gets underway at 9:45 pavementor is expected to speak at 10:45. and getting a check at the weather hurricanes is it going to be for all the grads out there? >> a little cloudy and on the cool side this morning but we will see some sunshine by the afternoon. we start off with live doppler 7hd, showing us clear conditions in the north bay, but some clouds over the coast and parts of the bay. we could get drizzle in the higher elevations. a heads-up if you are heading to and from the sierra. thick fog very likely during the morning hours especially in truckee and then we could see some rain and thundershowers saturday afternoon today and tomorrow afternoon in the tahoe area. just a heads-up. live shot from emeryville looking out toward the beautiful bay bridge. temperatures on the cool side. upper 40s some area, santa rosa only 45, napa 47 novato 45
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and a lot of 50s out there. fairfield at 50, concord at 54 and livermore at 55 degrees. check out this beautiful shot looking toward the embarcadero? lit up in warriors colors. go betterrors! here's what you can expect. spotty drizzle possible but more likely in heighter elevations. partly cloudy through the weekend and we will stay cooler than normal for the next six days or so. here's why with the area of low pressure that brought us some of the chances of showers has moved and even brought us light rain yesterday. but with high pressure over the pacific and air moving from high to low we will still see the cool and breezy pattern to stay with us today and that helps keep temperatures a little bit lower, as well as this incoming trough. so below average into the work week. here's what you can expect in terms of the week ahead in san jose. this gives you an idea of how far below average we are. normally we are at a high of 75 in san jose. and we will stay in the mid-to
5:22 am
upper 60s all week. a little bit of a warmup though for next weekend. so many areas below average. here's some more numbers for you. in the south bay look for a lot of upper 60s. 67 in santa clara, 69 in los gatos, and 68 in gilroy. along the peninsula, clouds hug the coast where with he will see some 50s along the coast, 56 in pacifica, 60 milbrae, 67 in palo alto and if mountain view. and in san francisco cloudy, as well. downtown 60 degrees. much like yesterday. inland areas in the north bay actually we will see some upper 60s. 72 in santa rosa. one of the warmer spots will be cloverdale at 74. and east bay very nice. mid-60s for most of you. inland areas is where we will see some low 70s as well. 72 in antioch. 73 brentwood. and even look for 66 in san ramon. a little more comfortable since we are still below average.
5:23 am
heads-up for the bay to breakers runners. it will be chilly when you start out. 53 degrees in the morning to 58 by the afternoon. so even if you finish the race, you will start to cool down pretty quickly. and here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. partly cloudy, notice not much change, just a slight dip in numbers on monday. but then we slightly ramp up through friday. we are kind of on cruise control this week. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7 anytime with the free weather app. and we have more information at >> looking ahead to tomorrow, i am going to say this hopefully the cooler temperatures will help prevent some of the things we've expected from bay to breakers. >> i doubt. >> wishful thing. up ahead, prince harry wraps up his visit to new zealand and
5:24 am
guess who will be there to greet him back home. that and more when i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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>> brittan's prince harry is wrapping up his trip to new zealand this morning. the 30-year-old concluded his trip with a visit to the auklund university sports center. he's fifth in line to the thrown after the birth of his niece princess charlotte. he says he plans on passing some
5:27 am
of the gifts he received during the visit to her. and take a look at this. is this dad a hero or a bully? you will hear both sides supported online. he showed a video of his son smashing his box with a sledgehammer because of low grades. some say he's one of the worst parents in the world or most want to know why he didn't just limit his time or donate the box to charity. the latest on recovery efforts at the sight of a deadly american helicopter crash. and later some genuine political jabs delivered by mitt romney. why
5:28 am
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d >> this is abc7 news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half-hour
5:30 am
with a quick look at the forecast. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. good to have you here. >> thank you, chris. it's starting off cloudy and cool, what you would expect this time of the year. even some 40s out there. san francisco 51. morgan hill 47. this is the coolest time just before sunrise at 5:59. this time we are looking at the golden gate bridge. you see the low clouds along the coast. they will stay there throughout the day. inland numbers and east bay numbers range from the mid-60s to low 70s. so about the same as yesterday. but maybe a couple degrees cooler in some locations. along the coast things are going to hold steady. upper 50s mid-50s to near 06 and then around the bay look for temperatures in the 60s, and becoming sunny by this afternoon. i'll let you know what changes you can expect with the seven-day forecast coming up. chris. >> francis, thank you. now to nepal where thes bodies of all 8 people onboard a u.s. helicopter went down and they
5:31 am
have been recovered this morning. they were performing an earthquake relief mission. we have a bay area reporter in nepal. he was on a helicopter heading to the recovery sight yesterday until they had to turn back because of the weather. >> we almost got to see where this wreckage is. but just based on how steep everything is out there it's going to be really difficult trying to recover, pick through some of the wreckage and even get clues as to what caused the crash. >> he shot this video out of a military helicopter as they tried to reach the crash site. you can see how much damage there is to the rural communities nearby and how steep the terrain is which is why it was so hard to get to where the helicopter went down. he is on his way home this this this this weekend. you can follow his updates on twitter. new this morning.
5:32 am
mouhamed morrisey is sentenced to die because of his involvement in a prison break. he briefly rose to power in 2012 as egypt's first democrats president. the death sentence will go to egypt's top religious cleric on june 2nd for confirmation >> burial plans are now set for a ba area victim of the philadelphia train derailment a prayer service will be held in fremont tomorrow for 55-year-old wells fargo executive. he left the bay area 7 years ago but he will be buried sunday afternoon. and a former bay area man met with federal investigators who described him as extremely cooperative. he reportedly told another engineer after the crash he thought the train had been
5:33 am
struck by something. 8 people were killed in the derailment. >> knew this morning, president obama is discussing the importance of expanding opportunities to all americans n his weekly address he discusses his attendance at a summit at georgetown university this week. at the summit mr. obama hit on the tonics of poverty and inequality and the steps that need to be taken to ensure everyone gets their fair shot. >> that sense of unfairness and powerlessness has helped to fuel the kind of unrest we've seen in places like baltimore and ferguson and new york. it has many causes, from a basic lack of opportunity to groups feeling unfairly targeted by police. which means there's no single solution. but there are many things that could make a difference and could help. >> the president will travel to new jersey monday to visit with local law enforcement. and he will hear directly about efforts to build trust between the police and the community. 5:33, the time. still to come, a "7 on your side" follow-up. michael finney on got karma
5:34 am
following -- or coming a local woman's way after she discovered a diamond ring inside a secondhand purse. but first, as we head to break, here's a live look outside from our exploratorium camera. you see warriors colors on the build trouble in the financial district. frances dinglasan will have your full forecast in a few minutes.
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>> good morning, everyone. when you see news where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us using the #abc7now. we will show it on error online. >> the owner of a purse that lost a diamond ring has come to an end. michael finney has been there since the beginning and shows us the amazing outcome. >> ♪ why do you build me up ♪ >> this 15-year-old sings her favorite song from the summer camp in sonoma county. she has been going to their camp for child cancer survivors and organ recipients since age 8. >> i love the people and you can interact with people who have gone through what i have gone through. >> each summer alice and other
5:38 am
campers can go for free, thanks to the generosity of donors. >> i think it's huge, so generous. >> last year camp director katie evanbeck bought a purse secondhand at the buffalo exchange in berkeley. she was searching for her keys when she found a diamond wedding ring deep inside a hole in the lining of the purse. her dad, steve is convinced there's a reason katie found the ring. >> massive amount of karma, that's why. >> we aired several reports in an effort to find the ring's owner. police department also put an adnan in the paper. the stories and ads generated lots of calls that lost family heirlooms. >> they had never given up hope. it was touching ood it was a long shot. >> the owner could not be under. so now the ring legally belongs to katie. it's appraised at $1,000. >> we will be putting up on
5:39 am
online auction and this ring will be one of a few items that folks can come and bid on. >> alice is quit impressed with katie's generosity. >> some people could probably keep it ood she did it for like -- for her whole camp and that really shows she loves saint dorothy's. >> we have a link to the online auction and the ring on our website. we also have great news about emma. after receiving a bone marrow transplant a year ago, she's now in 100% remission. she had to skip camp last year for her transplant, ood is looking forward to returning this year. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> what a great story. all right. francis is in for lisa, and what can we expect ahead in the accuweather forecast? >> i also have a great view for you from mt. tam, look at the low clouds filling in from the coast and into the bay. temperatures right now in the upper 40s to 50s. i will let you know how much
5:40 am
sunshine we can expect this weekend. >> francis, thank you. and let's see it again. the mesmerizing buzzer-beater that will go down in warriors history. we have highlights from last night's huge win in we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours our chocolate.
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>> welcome back. in georgia six people were seriously hurt when the city bus they were on was hit by a train in an atlanta area suburb earlier this week. it was captured on surveillance cameras mounted inside and outside the bus. bus driver said he was stuck behind traffic stopped at a red light and was not able to clear the railroad tracks in time. several passengers jumped off the bus before impact. the impact spun the bus around
5:43 am
180 degrees. six people suffered serious injuries. 5:42. google said their self-driving prototype cars are ready to roam and the latest will hit the roads this summer. david louie shows us the new design. >> he he will be an attraction or 'ally a distraction of the small two-seater electric self-driving car. google designed them this way to see how people reacts to them and interacts with them. a human will retain manual control as needed. its speed is limit today 25 miles an hour. he has driven by the cars they have tested for six years and speed is not a word he would associate with them. >> they are typically on south lane but going a little too slow so they are already on the slow side in my experience. >> this nurse has no fierce of being struck by one. >> i would definitely trust it to stop. >> you think the technology is ready? >> yes. yes, i do. >> the next phase of testing brings self-driving capability
5:44 am
closer to reality for seniors who fear losing their independence and mobility. >> a lot of folks are perhaps force today giving up the keys and it limits their in against. >> she is 84 years old and still driving. >> sometimes we lose the ability or we have diminished ability to judge distances and speed. so i think it would be a terrific thing. >> google has built 25 of these prototype cars. they will be put on the streets of mountain view a few at a time. >> would you walk in front of one in a crosswalk? >> no, no. >> you have some trepidation. >> absolutely. unless it was at a full and complete stop, then i would go. >> that's the kind of behavior that google will study as it moves forward with self-driving cars. in mountain view, david louie abc7 news. >> presidential candidate mitt romney found himself taking on more than just political jabs after facing off against heavyweight champ evander hollyfield. the match, done in the name of
5:45 am
charity, took place last night in salt lake city. there are times romney showed playful power, even knocking down hollyfield at one point but in the end the five time champion proved too much with romney's corner decide to go throw in the corner. >> please, don't beat my brains out because if you did, i would have to become a democrat. >> the fight benefited charity vision which provided eye surgeries in developing countries. if you see flames rising from the san mateo event center this weekend, don't panic. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains, this years makers fair will bring together thousands of artists, engineers and pyrotechnicians. >> where else would you find a fire breathing ryan months russ with a steering wheel? >> when i i talk around i see things i never thought would
5:46 am
existed. >> this is an event that blurs the line between art and engineering. >> why do article with robots? >> because it's awesome. >> 84 individual robots all dancing together. >> i imagined myself tinkering with robotics but not building giant robotic installations. >> but making is funny like that. it's a bug that some might even say is contagious. >> meeting people saying you can do this and prior to thatfs like, it never really occurred to me maybe i can. >> she learned about welding and new mattics about this projects. >> humans are losing here so the instrument of destruction is our salvation. >> but as important as meeting each other is meeting the next generation of makers. the ones that will be taking over before they do take over the world. >> from the fire breathing piano. >> when you push a note on the keyboard you are changing the pressure inside and making more propane come out. >> turns out kids love to learn from things they can touch.
5:47 am
>> right there. bring it up, bring it up! >> from row pots that swim to ones that dance cheek to cheek. >> they tend to like each other. >> it used to be you had shot glass but now shot gloss doesn't really exist. robotics brings the computers out and you can work with your hands and build things and create. >> maybe even create the next winner of the game of drones. >> oh! touch and go! >> for all the flying things and they are really making one thing. >> our goal is to make more makers. in san mateo jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> francis is in for lisa. francis, yesterday it was pretty breezy out there by some changes this weekend? >> yeah, you had to hang on to your hats yesterday. we are seeing some of the breezes pick up as we show any some of our live shots. but nothing like yesterday. winds will be coming from the west again. say 5 could 15 miles an hour
5:48 am
versus 30 miles an hour and even higher yesterday with some of the gusty conditions. live doppler 7hd radar satellite composite showing clear conditions in the north bay. to could see some spotty showers in the higher elevations. low clouds over most of the bay area right now. and it's currently 45 in santa rosa. napa and novato at 48 degrees. fairfield 50. concord 54. livermore 55. and this is right around the time we see our coolest numbers just before sunrise. from the exploratorium camera we are looking toward the financial area and the transamerica tower there. this is what you can expect. we've got some spotty drizzle possible this morning, but mostly in the higher elevations. and a partly cloudy weekend for us. it's going to stay cooler than normal throughout the next six days. so here is why. the pacific satellite image shows an area of low pressure that brought us some of the rainfall during the latter part of the week moving east. but we still have high pressure
5:49 am
over the pacific and with air moving from high to low we will continue to see the cool and breezy pattern that's going to stay with us with below average numbers into next week as this trough moves in, as well bringing us those cloudy conditions. this time we are looking out toward sfo. and what i mean when i say below normal, here's highs versus average. for example, today in oakland your high will be 65 which is 4 degrees below average of 69. so you notice in many areas we are a good 2 to 7 degrees, even 10 degrees below normal. san jose will be 8 degrees below normal and redwood city and livermore will be 7 degrees below normal. here's what you can expect in the south bay. look for high of 67 in san jose and in morgan hill. 676 in sunnyvale. we will see more sunshine on the lower part of the peninsula with 66 in menlo park and only in the mid-50s to upper 50s along the coast where the clouds will stay throughout the day. 60 downtown san francisco. and check out the north bay
5:50 am
areas. fubs range from 74 in cloverdale to the upper 60s in sonoma and napa. mostly sunny condition in the east bay with temperatures in the mid-60s. 64 san leandro. look for numbers to possibly come up just a couple degrees or hold steady in some of the inland valleys. 72 in antioch but only 66 in san ramon. 70 in livermore. and if you are traveling around the state, a heads-up through the sierra area, there will be some thick fog up near tahoe during the morning and then the afternoon hours we could see some light rain showers and even some thunderstorms. and then partly cloudy in southern california. 68 in los angeles. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. so partly cloudy conditions, steady pattern throughout the week. really not much change. and then a bits of a warmup for friday. and hopefully that will continue into next weekend. >> all right. thank you so much. turning to sports now. historic win for the golden state warriors sends them into
5:51 am
the western conference finals. and the shot of the game that everyone can't stop talking about. plus, the giants are on fire. literally. here's larry beil with sports. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors are going to the western conference finals for the first time since 1976. they have finished off the grizzlies in memphis and one shot by steph curry will be remembered forever. a little nervus there. the warriors came out on fire. they were knocking down threes. doubles opened an early lead. memphis was able to cut it down to 9 at the half. courtney lee, the bank is open. and they are playing desperately in the third quarter. the grizzlies on a 17-5 run and memphis gets within a point. hits the three and the foul. 4-point play and finished with 9 points. jeff green, shot blocked, steph
5:52 am
curry, 62 feet and splash! the crowd is stunned! that is the baby face assassin at his finest! and the momentum completely changed after that. steph 32 points, 10 assists hit 8 threes. everything is going. warriors win 108-95. they take the series 4-2. mom loves it and they advance to the western conference finals against either the clippers or the rockets. >> that was crazy. i missed like four layups and easy shots. and then you just chuck it up from there and it goes in. it was a big one to end the quarter and keep the momentum on our side. i hadn't made one since college so that was cool. >> when he let it go in mid-air i said i think it's going in. i felt like it would, and it did. the shot of the game stemmed the tide. a beautiful team win and bag
5:53 am
moment for our franchise. >> in the east, hawks and wizards. washington down three. two seconds left. paul pierce, throw it out-of-bounds and hits, but did he beat the clock? no. the ball was still in his hands. a tenth of a second or they would have gone to overtime. hawks win 94-91 and take the series 3-2. they will advance against cleveland. giants and reds in cincinnati on star wars night. brandon belt finally found the force. a towering three-run jack in the first inning. buster posey went deep. the fireworks went off at the ballpark. the smokestack caught fire. so did the giants offense. they scored their most runs of the year and win 10-2. a's, they hosted the white sox. and how many times have we seen this? they blue the 6-2 lead. the sox torturing an a's bullpen already in at that timers. the two-run double off of
5:54 am
scribner, as the a's lose again by a final of 7-6. game one of the western conference finals for the warriors will be tuesday night at oracle arena. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> still to come, don't let your eyes deceive you. california's drought isn't over
5:55 am
are you so congested... it feels like that brick's on your face? try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. find it at the pharmacy counter.
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>> the rain we got this week certainly didn't end the california drought, but take a look at this video. this is pine crest reservoir in the mountains. it's so full it's spilling over. most of the water will be used by pg&e to generate electricity, and it spills into another
5:57 am
reservoir downstream to be used as drinking water. for now though, nearby towns remain under severe water use restrictions because the drought is not over. the recent storm has helped increase the flow of water over the falls of yosemite where it's been a plus. matt park rangers report about 20% more visitors this spring thanks to the nice weather. they are expecting goodfellows over the waterfalls until june. governor brown and his wife has announced he and his wife have adopted a new dog. she is a pen-broke welsch korgi and a border collie mix. seen here here with their other dog. this tweet read when i grow up i want to be first dog. a warning for parents in the north bay after a ten-year old says she was kidnapped.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> the time is 6:00. its saturday, may 16th. good morning, i'm chris nguyen. we will start with a quick look at the weather. meteorologist frances dinglasan is in for lisa argen this morning. francis, how is it looking out there? >> hi, chris. the wind is starting to pick up at sfo. they reporting guts at 23 miles an hour. everywhere it's been pretty light and calm especially in the north bay. nothing like last night where at sfo there were winds up to 30 miles an hour and even mt. tam close to 40 miles an hour. big story is this afternoon not as breezy but temperatures will be below average. in the inland and east bay areas look for mid-60s to low 70s. along the coast cloudy and on the cool side and mid-50s to near 670 and around the bay it's going to be main


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