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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  May 16, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it's saturday may 16th good morning. let's start with a quick look at the forecast. hi frances. >> hi, chris good morning, everyone. notice the bay pretty calm right now. winds not as strong. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. even mid-50s in fairfield, concord and in livermore. so, the wind today not quite as crazy as yesterday. but still look for temperatures to be on the cool side with a sea breeze of about 10 to even 20 miles per hour throughout the afternoon. now, as we look ahead we are going to be well below average. here's an example in san jose.
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so, what you experienced yesterday will be close to today's numbers as well. upper 60s for you. well below the average high of 75. unfortunately, we're cool all week until next weekend. and i'll have the details coming up. chris? >> frances, thank you. police in vallejo are investigating the kidnapping of a 10-year-old girl who was later found safe. the girl told investigators she was walking home from school on lorenzo drive yesterday afternoon. she said a man drove up and pulled her into a red newer model coupe. the girl managed to escape and made her way to a friend's house where she was later found. she described the suspect as a black man in his 30s with a gold nose ring and a green dragon tattoo on his left arm. new this morning, vallejo police have arrested a second suspect in the killing of a high school senior this week. 17-year-old max russ was shot on a trail near jesse bethel high school. he died a short time later. police have arrested 19-year-old
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zachary kroll during a traffic stop friday morning. police say the two knew each other but do not know what led to the shooting. investigators say a 16-year-old boy from suisan city was arrested before 6:00 last night and he's the second suspect in the killing. the teen was booked into solano county juvenile hall. friends and family have called for an end to the violence. >> i'm hurt and heartbroken. imagine his parents. they did everything for him to live his whole life and one bullet, just one bullet, took his life. >> rusk's family said max did not feel safe at the school but the superintendent responded by saying it's a safe place with a strong security presence. new this morning rohnert park police are investigating after a home invasion robbery and assault. it happened at around 10:00 last night on mathias place. police say two suspects wearing
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bandanas over their faces forced their way into a home armed with a hand gun and two knives. the suspect rounded up the home's seven occupants and assaulted them demanding money and electronics. they managed to get away. one occupant suffered minor injuries. breaking overnight a senior isis leader is dead following a raid in eastern syria by u.s. special operations forces. the u.s. national security council says abu saif who was in charge of isis' oil and gas operations was killed in the fighting. his wife was captured and taken to iraq for interrogation. a woman who appeared to have been held as a slave by the couple was freed by military forces conducting the raid. no u.s. personnel were killed or injured. about a dozen isis fighters were killed in the firefight. 8:03 is our time. new this morning an egyptian court has sentenced mohammed morsi to death for his role in a prison break. 15 other defendants received the death penalty for the 2011 inls
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dent. morsi briefly rose to power in 2012 as egypt's first democratically elected president but he was overthrown after a military coup one year later. the death sentence will go to egypt's top religious cleric for confirmation. three people are recovering this morning after the vehicle they were traveling in went over an embankment in oakland. according to the mercury news the accident happened after 5:40 yesterday evening in the area of glenn oaks and wild currant way. take a look at this video. fire officials say the van was traveling on the street above and making a u-turn when it lost control, crashed through a railing and rolled down an embankment. we know one man and two women were inside the vehicle. one of them made it out okay but the other two were trapped. >> initial concerns were is that when we first got here that vehicle was very unstable and had the high potential of rolling on the victims and on
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tom of top of our crews. we stablized the vehicle and the patients and developing rescue sis tempt to bring them down and successful and brought all three down on a very controlled and safe operation. >> no word yet on the extent of the passengers' injuries. good samaritans were quick to intervene when they saw a chaotic scene on a bay area bus thursday afternoon. it happen at monterey and west 2nd in morgan hill when a passenger attacked the bus driver. we've got the dramatic video that shows what happened. >> reporter: this video taken by a passenger stuck in traffic shows a chaotic scene as a fight ensues on a crowded bus. >> i looked over and i seen this guy, you know, pretty much on top of the bus driver. yelling to him stop the bus or i'm going to stab you! i'll kill you! >> art nosal owner of mr. fa la fal were preparing food when they rushed over to hurt. they say the erratic passenger threatened the bus driver with a
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pen and threw this windshield wiper at his head for trying to intervene. nasal who lost his right leg years ago in a motorcycle accident didn't think twice about his safety. >> somebody was ready to get assaulted i'm not just going to stand there. >> reporter: william lawrence said he knew he had to act fast when he saw the man grab a metal pipe normally used to break the bus wond in case of an emergency. >> the bar would hurt somebody. >> reporter: so he came up from behind and pushed the man off the bus. >> he was running down monterey road. >> reporter: luckily no one was hurt on the commute home on bus 68. >> commendable that they showed concern and were trying to be helpful. >> reporter: morgan hill police arrested the man who is now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. janet oh abc 7 news. police say a flight instructor stole a plane and disappeared. will mcadams took off in a small cessna from the palo alto airport last friday. it was last seen near the mexico border.
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his sister fears the 24-year-old may have crashed. palo alto police are coordinating with the u.s. coast guard in the search effort. san francisco police say they will be cracking down on bad behavior at the 103rd annual bay to breakers tomorrow. bad behavior wasn't likely on the minds of the huge crowd of runners who flooded ft. mason yesterday to pick up their race packets. more than 110,000 people are signed up for the race. thousands more will show up for the party. the race begins at 8:00 tomorrow morning at main and howard. as always there will be plenty of street closures so if you're coming into the city plan ahead. muni plans on adding service and b.a.r.t. will also open for business earlier than usual. some other good news communication should be a lot better this year. at&t is bringing in an additional cell tower to handle all of the texts tweets, and postings to insta gram. now to sports and the sensational performance of the golden state warriors. this was the scene earlier this morning as the doves returned home from memphis.
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you can see klay thompson and steph curry coming out the doors there. the team landed at oakland international around 4:00 this morning. green spoke briefly about last night's vinctctory. >> it was a great win and we fought adversity throughout the series and to come back and win three games after losing two in a row says a lot about this team's character and, you know, a lot about the goals that we want to continue to pursue. >> the doves are heading to the western conference finals for the first time in nearly 40 years. well, the doves dominated the grizzlies with steph curry showing everyone why he's the mvp. curry made the incredible look routine last night. check it out final seconds of the third quarter the grizzlies were making a run and curry stunned the crowd in memphis with a 62-footer to end the quarter. by the way this is a shot that steph practices all the time when he finishes at oracle. but he hasn't hit one in a game since college. for practice apparently paid off
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with that shot helping the team to close out the best of seven conference semifinals with a 108-95 victory. abc7 news sports director will have more on game six and last night's victory coming up later this hour. you may have heard the sounds of celebration coming from your neighbor's house or the local restaurants and bars. abc7 news reporter allen wong was in emeryville where the east bay was jumping for joy over last night's win. >> reporter: warriors haven't celebrated like this in years. >> we are at chevy's tonight in emeryville with 7 on our side, yeah, baby! what! >> steph curry made a shot i was so happy. >> reporter: golden state now moves on to the western conference finals. they'll play either the houston rockets or the l.a. clippers who knocked them out of the play-offs last year.
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>> oh, my god, i think it will be, like awesome drama with the clippers and i would love for them to kick their butts. >> we want to get the job done. >> you want a little revenge? >> yes. always revenge but all good and fun, though. >> it will be a california play-off north and south. perfect. perfect. >> reporter: the warriors and the dove nation will now get some well-deserved rest. in emeryville allen wong, abc7 news. now's a good time to snap some fan photos for us. post them to your favorite social media site using the #doveson7. you might see them on air or online. abc 7 is your home for the nba finals you can catch all the excitement beginning june 4th. that game was so fun to watch, frances. >> it was a great shot. i could watch it over and over again. today the forecast is kind of going to be over and over again we've got the gray clouds starting to break up, though, right over the golden gate
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covering novato, oakland sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. new this morning the nfl is planning to change guidelines regarding the way footballs are handled before games and they'll do it here in the bay area. the associated press reports the details will be discussed next week at owners meetings happening here in san francisco. it's in response to the deflate-gate scandal involving the new england patriots. the league wants to avoid the possibility that teams could tamper with footballs. pats quarterback is appealing a four-game suspension handed down by the nfl for his involvement in the controversy. this morning animal care officials in san francisco are looking for the person responsible for a sickening case of animal abuse. take a look at this picture. this dog is named maximilian, they say he's been beaten and burned and he may not survive abc 7 news reporter has the
8:15 am
story. >> reporter: a public works crew found the young dog early thursday morning tied up near death at division and south van ness. animal care and control has named him maximilian. his injuries are sickening. >> larger burns and the cigarette burns look to us to be older injuries. the blunt force trauma the damage to the internal organs has to be very recent. >> reporter: maximilian is receiving the best possible care but he may not make it. that only intensifies animal control's desire to find out whoever did this. officers are combing through hours of surveillance video and handing out flyers and offering a $500 reward hoping for a lead. >> working in this field, you know, the very thing that we commit ourselves to preventing and addressing and, you know, it affects us all what this dog went through. >> reporter: dog lovers are outraged. >> anyone with an iota of conscience i can't believe that anyone would do that to a dog.
8:16 am
>> reporter: especially this dog. >> he's been abused terribly and he is super friendly. he's really -- he's sweet. he's loving. he's letting us all pet him. >> reporter: if you have any information call san francisco animal care and control even the smallest detail might help. and if you want to help with maximilian's care, we have information on how you can donate on our website happening today law enforcement agencies across the bay area will hold a conference to bolster police community relationships. the summit is being done in partnership with the naacp. organizers say it's aimed at building trust and collaboration in light of recent frection across the nation between police departments and the communities they serve. today's summit gets under way at 9:00 at eden high school in hayward. the stanford university band will not be performing at any away games this fall. the one-year punishment comes after an investigation found
8:17 am
band members abused alcohol and drugs during trips and hazed and sexually arased new band mates. however, the band can still play at home games. 8:17 the time. the city of san francisco has responded to complaints that it is dumping thousands of gallons of drinking water an hour on the rubble at candlestick park. the public utilities commission said state public health regulations prohibit contractors from using recycled water during dust control operations. crews are required to wet down the plumes of dust to protect nearby residents during the demolition. recycled water is not cleared for use when it could fly through the air and be inhaled or ingested. the rush hour commute is never easy, but there's an effort under way to make it a little better in san francisco. parking officers will be keeping a close eye on some of the most congested areas. abc7 news reporter leanne melendez has details. >> reporter: cars blocking intersections and construction projects have made it harder on
8:18 am
everyone to navigate through the city. >> i got into it with a construction guy the other day and he wanted me to turn the way i didn't want to go and it was very frustrated and i wanted to get somewhere. it's hard to get somewhere on time these days. >> i am from atlanta originally and i thought the traffic was bad in atlanta until i got to san francisco. >> reporter: enter the san francisco metropolitan transportation agency, you know, the ones that oversee the parking control officers. >> every construction project has a very specific permit and we're going to make sure any construction project that doesn't have the right to be in the road during rush hour is out of the road during rush hour. >> reporter: it will happen monday to friday from 7:00 to 9:00 in 9 morning and evening rush hour from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. and muni bus drivers will be able to call dispatch to report a driver. this is not the first time the city has taken measures to improve the flow of traffic. so, do people think it will work? >> no. i don't think they have enough people out here to be taking
8:19 am
aim. >> reporter: the city is asking people to give it some time. >> it's going to make the streets safer and more reliable. you know, you'll never solve every last congestion problem in the city but i think we're going to make a big dent at congestion to make the streets a lot safer this way. >> reporter: the congestion strategy goes into effect in earnest on monday. lee an melendez abc7 news. happening today oakland mayor libby schaff will deliver the commencement address to mills college graduates. school officials say the mayor worked closely with college interns on her time on city council. more than 600 undergrad and graduate students will take part in the 127th commencement. the ceremony gets under way at 9:45 this morning. schaff is expected to speak at 10:45. frances so you're in for lisa this morning and you brought cooler temperatures with you, too. >> yes. going to stay on the cool side unfortunately for the next six days. live doppler 7 hd showing us some cloud cover over the coast and the bay and some clear spots
8:20 am
inland. we could possibly get some drizzle in some of the higher elevations. and here we're looking at the golden gate bridge. you see some breaks in the cloud cover right now. currently it's mainly in the 50s. san francisco 53. oakland, 54. san carlos and san jose, 55. and morgan hill starting to climb up from the mid-40s currently at 49 degrees. now, check out this live view of mt. tam. what you notice is the treetops they're not blowing. yesterday we had winds gusting up to 37 miles per hour at mt. tam, so today not as windy. in fact, right now very calm so that's going to have a huge impact for folks out there today. if you have outdoor activities and also this weekend you can expect partly cloudy conditions. staying cooler than normal, though, throughout the week. also i want to show you the pacific satellite image. we have this area of low pressure that's moving east and high pressure over the pacific with air moving from high to low, that's what brought us the cool and breezy pattern.
8:21 am
and then we have this approaching trough that's going to keep numbers below average all the way into next week. also here's what you can expect around the bay today. in the south bay, look for some upper 60s. los gatos at 69. gilroy at 68. clouds hugging the coast. 56 in pacifica. 60 in millbrae. and 63 in san mateo. san francisco only getting up to 60 degrees. so, that's 6 degrees below normal. for the 60 today. and upper 60s in sonoma and napa. warmer, though, in cloverdale at 74 degrees. east bay communities near the mid-60s. inland the warmest spots. low 70s in antioch and brentwood, 70 in livermore and here's the best advice if you're heading bay to breakers for adventurous runners dress in layers. it's going to be cool. a chilly start at 7:00 a.m. the race starts at 8:00 a.m. and
8:22 am
unfortunately it stays in the mid-50s to upper 50s by noon. and it will still feel pretty cold if you're out there near golden gate park for the end of the race. the acuweather seven-day forecast shows partly cloudy conditions today and tomorrow. very steady pattern with a slight dip on monday so that will probably be the coolest day but notice not too different and then we start to climb up. a little bit warmer by friday and maybe even more sunshine into next weekend. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7 hd any time with the abc7 news weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play and we have more information online. >> a chilly start for everyone heading out for bay to breakers tomorrow. >> yeah. yeah. i know people like to throw off the layers but you really need it at the end of the race. >> keep them on. >> keep them on and you'll need them at the end. i was freezing last time i did it long time ago at the end of
8:23 am
the race. you just cool down and it's cold out there at the coast and breezy. >> good to know. frances, thank you. still ahead prince harry wraps up his visit to new zealand and guess who will be there to greet him when he ♪ ♪ ♪ it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing
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prince harry is wrapping up his nine-day trip to new zealand. he donned his athletic attire for the buildup to the fifa under 20 world cup. he visited auckland university high performance sports center. harry who is fifth in line for the throne after the bird of his niece princess charlotte says he plans to pass on some of the gifts he received during the visit to her. take a look at this. is he -- is this dad a hero or bully? both sides will be supported online. the dad posted a video of the son smashing his xbox with a sledgehammer because of his grades. most want to know why he didn't limit video game time or donate the game system to charity. still ahead in our next half hour, new developments from nepal this morning. the latest on recovery efforts at the site of a deadly american helicopter crash.
8:27 am
plus, some genuine political jabs delivered by mitt romney. why the former presidential candidate volunteered to go head to
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welcome back, everyone. half past the hour on this saturday morning. we're go glad to have with us.
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cooler temperatures across much of the bay area and let's check in with frances in for lisa with a first look at the forecast. >> good morning everyone. winds much lighter especially right now. fairly calm in some areas. only 10 miles per hour from the west from sfo and 14 miles per hour at fairfield, but temperatures are going to stay on the cool side. here's a live shot of sfo actually and we're out to expect numbers to be a little bit below average. mid-60s to low 70s for inland and east bay areas along the coast and in san francisco, so definitely not as breezy but only mid-50s to near 60 and in the bay look for temperatures to stay in the 60s with more sunshine this afternoon. and i'll let you know when we can expect a bigger warm-up with the acuweather seven-day forecast coming up chris? >> frances thank you. time is 8:30. happening now eastbound lanes of highway 4 in pittsburg are blocked right now due to an overturned truck. take a look at this picture. it happened around 7:40 this morning east of bailey road.
8:31 am
the left and center lanes are blocked by an overturned trailer and its cargo. drivers are advised to avoid the area while crews work to clean up the mess. now, to the latest in nepal where the bodies of all eight people on board a u.s. marine helicopter that went down have been recovered this morning. they were performing an earthquake relief mission. abc7 news reporter was the only bay area reporter in nepal. he was on a helicopter heading to the recovery site yesterday until they had to turn back because of the weather. >> reporter: we almost got to see where this wreckage is. but just based on how steep everything is out there, it's going to be really difficult trying to recover, pick through some of that wreckage and even get clues as to what caused the crash. >> they shot this video out of a military helicopter as they tried to reach the crash site. you can see how much damage there is to the rural communities nearby and how steep the terrain is which is why it was so hard to get to where the
8:32 am
helicopter went down. he's now on his way back home this weekend. you can follow his updates on twitter. 8:32 the time. burial plans are now set for a bay area victim of the philadelphia train derailment. a prayer service will be held in fremont tomorrow for 55-year-old abid gilani. a wells fargo executive. he left the bay area seven years ago but will be buried in hayward sunday afternoon. in philadelphia the train's engineer brandon bostian also a former bay area man met yesterday with federal investigators who described him as extremely cooperative. he reportedly told another engineer after the crash he thought the train had been struck by something. eight people were killed in the derailment. the fbi has since joined the investigation. new this morning president obama is discussing the importance of expanding opportunities to all americans. in his weekly address the president discusses his attendance at a summit at georgetown university this week.
8:33 am
at the summit mr. obama hit on the topics of poverty and inequality and the steps that need to be taken to ensure everyone gets a fair shot. >> that sense of unfairness and powerlessness has helped to fuel the unrest we've seen in places like baltimore and ferguson and new york. it has many causes from a basic lack of opportunity to groups feeling unfairly targeted by police which means there's no single solution. but there are many things that could make a difference and could help. >> the president will travel to new jersey on monday to visit with local law enforcement and hear directly about efforts to build trust between the police and the communities. google says it's self-driving cars are ready to roam and that the latest prototype will hit the roads in mountain view this morning. we look at the new design. >> reporter: it will be an attraction or possibly a distraction depending what you think of this small two-seater
8:34 am
electric self-driving car. google designed them this way so its engineers can study how people react to them and interact with them. a human will retain manual control as needed. its speed will be limited to 25 miles an hour. joe hong has driven by the lex suls self-driving vehicles that google has tested for six years and speed is not a word he'd associate with them. >> they are typically in the slow lane and going too slow. they are already on the slow side in my experience. >> reporter: nurse peterson has no fears being struck by one. >> i would trust it to stop. i would definitely trust it to stop. >> reporter: you think the technology is ready? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: the next phase brings self-driving capability closer to reality for seniors who fear losing their independence and mobility. >> for a lot of folks they're forced to perhaps give up the keys and that really limits and decreases their sbedge. >> reporter: ginger johnson is 84 years old and still driving. >> sometimes they lose the ability or we have diminished
8:35 am
ability to judge distances and speed so i think it would be a terrific thing. >> reporter: google has built 25 of these prototype cars. they will be put on the streets of mountain view a few at a time. would you walk in front of one in a crosswalk? >> no. no. >> reporter: you have some trepidation. >> absolutely. unless it was at a full and complete stop and then i would go. >> reporter: and that's the kind of behavior that google will study as it moves forward with self-driving cars. in mountain view david luiabc7 news. a 7 on your side follow-up good karma coming a local woman's way after she discovered a diamond ring inside a second hand purse. but first the time right now is 8:35. a live look outside from downtown san jose. you can see the axis building on the right and to the left the new 1 south market building. we're expecting below average temperatures in the south bay for the next few days. we'll have the full acuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
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the purse from a local second hand store has come to an end. michael finney has been there since the beginning and shows us the amazing outcome. ♪ ♪ why do you build me up build me up buttercup baby ♪ >> reporter: 15-year-old alex donovan sings her favorite song from summer camp in sonoma county. she's been going to their camp for child cancer survivors and organ transplant recipients since she was first diagnosed at age 8. >> i love the people. and i love how you can interact with, like people who have gone through what i've gone through. >> reporter: each summer alice and other campers can go for free thanks to the generosity of donors. >> i think that's huge. i think it's so generous of st. dorothy's. >> reporter: last year camp director katie evanbeck bought a purse second hand at the buffalo exchange in berkeley. she was searching for her keys when she found a diamond wedding
8:40 am
ring deep inside a hole in the lining of the purse. her dad steve, is convinced there's a reason katie found the ring. >> massive amount of karma, that's why. >> reporter: katie turned to 7 on your side for help and we aired several reports in an effort to find the ring's owner. the police department also put an ad in the paper. the stories and ad gentlemen rate generated lots of calls from people who lost family heirlooms. >> they'd never given up hope it was kind of touching but granted it was a long shot. >> reporter: the owner could not be found. so now the ring legally belongs to katie. it's appraised at $1,000. >> we'll be putting up an online auction did this ring will be one of a few items that folks can come and bid on. >> reporter: alice is quite impressed with katie's generosity. >> some people would probably keep it but she did it for her whole camp and that shows that the she loves st. dorothy's. >> frances is in for lisa this
8:41 am
morning and what can we expect? >> much of the same. but i wanted to show you a beautiful shot of tahoe because we can get some rain showers even some possible thunderstorms in this area, today and tomorrow, and i'll have your complete acuweather forecast as well as your bay to breakers forecast coming up. >> frances, thank you. the time is 8:41. let's see this one again the buzzer beater that will go down in warriors history. we've got bulldog: what's this? mattress discounters memorial day sale ending? oh boy!
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welcome back everyone. in georgia six people were seriously hurt when the city bus they were on was hit on -- was hit by a train in an atlanta area suburb earlier this week. the terrifying incident was captured on surveillance cameras mounted inside and outside the bus. the bus driver says he was stuck behind traffic stopped at a red light and was not able to clear the railroad tracks in time. several passengers jumped off the bus before impact. the crash spun the bus around 180 degrees. 6 people suffered serious injuries. former massachusetts governor and presidential candidate mitt romney found himself taking on more than just political jabs after facing off against heavyweight champ evander holyfield it took place last night in salt lake city
8:45 am
there were times when romney showed playful power even knocking down holyfield at one point but in the end the five-time heavyweight champion proved too much for the political heavyweight with romney's corner deciding to throw in the towel midway through the second round. >> please please, champ, don't beat my brains out because if you did i'd have to become a democrat. >> the fight benefitted charity vision which provides eye surgeries in developing countries. if you see flames rising from the san mateo event center this weekend, don't panic. as we report jonathan bloom says this year's fair will bring together thousands of artist and engineers and pyrotechnicians. >> reporter: where else would you find a fire breathing rhinoceros with a steering wheel? >> when i walk around i would have never thought it existed. >> reporter: bill doherty is the creator of maker fair that blurs art with engineering. why do art with robots?
8:46 am
>> because it's awesome. >> reporter: dancing together. >> i imagine myself tinker with robotics. >> reporter: but making is funny like that. it's a bug that some might even say is contagious. >> meeting people, you know, you can do this and prior that i was it never really occurred to me that maybe i can. >> reporter: he learned about welding and pneumatics for this project. >> this vehicle comes from ultimate reality where humans are at an instrument of destruction. >> reporter: but just as important as meeting each other is meeting the next generation of makers the ones will be all grown up by the time house cats finally take over the world. to a fire breathing piano. >> when you push a note on the keyboard you are changing the pressure inside, you are making more propane come out. >> reporter: it turns out kids love to learn from things they can touch. >> right there! >> reporter: from robots that swim to ones that dance cheek to cheek. >> they tend to like each other.
8:47 am
>> oh. >> it used to be that you had shop class but now shop class doesn't really exist. robotics brings the computers out and it's a tangible way of learning and working with your hands and build things and even create. >> reporter: maybe even create the next game of drones. >> oh, oh, goes. >> reporter: because for all the flying ball gowns and rolling cupcakes they're really making one thing at maker fair. >> our goal here is to make more makers. >> reporter: in san mateo jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> i don't think i've ever seen a cupcake on wheels before. that was pretty cool. >> yeah, it is cool. weatherwise what can we expect for the weekend? >> more cool stuff. >> okay. >> we'll go to live doppler 7 hd showing us the cloud cover spilling from the coast and parts of the bay but also partly sunny conditions in the north bay as well where numbers were cooling down this morning into the mid-40s. golden gate bridge live shot shows you some cloud cover and some breaks in the clouds.
8:48 am
it's currently 53 in san francisco. oakland, 54. san carlos 55 as well as san jose. and finally getting up into the 50s is morgan hill. half moon bay at 53. gray oversan jose right now and you can also find some temperatures hanging on to the 40s, like, in santa rosa. low to mid-50s elsewhere. napa novato fairfield and concord right at 56 degrees. from mt. tam what i really wanted to point out was the treetops. what you notice is they're not blowing wildly like they were yesterday. so, don't need to hang on to your hats. less windy today. partly cloudy throughout the weekend and then we'll be cooler than average pretty much the rest of the next workweek. so, here's why. with the pacific satellite image that area of low pressure that brought us the wild and erratic weather thursday and friday has moved east. but we still have hoim over the pacific. that brought us the cool and breezy pattern that continued into last night. but we also have this trough
8:49 am
dropping in bringing us or keeping our numbers below average through next week. so, we'll still be on the cool side. but let me show you the wind forecast. so nothing like the 37-mile-per-hour gusts we saw at mt. tam yesterday. we're talking 10 to maybe 20 miles per hour from the west. and even sfo gusted to near 30 miles yesterday. highs today similar to yesterday's. maybe just a couple degrees warmer around the bay and into some inland areas. but look for 60 in san francisco. still cloudy at the coast. 58 in half moon bay. the warmest spots will be inland 72 in fairfield and in antioch. 67 in san jose. and just how much cooler are we? well, here's an idea. i'll give you an example actually just after california highs. 56 in tahoe where we could get some showers as well this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. keep that in mind if you're driving to and from tahoe. now, what i wanted to compare was average versus highs today. so you notice in oakland average
8:50 am
is 69. today 65. 4 degrees cooler than average in many locations will be cooler than average even 8 degrees below average in san jose. so, keep that in mind when you look at the acuweather seven-day forecast because what you'll notice is not much change. very steady pattern. just slightly cooler on monday. but mainly partly cloudy conditions. conditions throughout the week just a little bit of a warm-up towards friday. the end of the workweek and hopefully into next weekend but we're going to be cooler than average all weekend. and, again, as i mentioned earlier, chris, we're kind of on cruise control for the seven-day forecast. >> and, you know, the previous seven days kind of like a roller coaster, you know, we saw some, you know, heat and rain and sunshine again. >> last week was more exciting. well, we'll keep an eye out for some changes possibly in the next long -- >> in the long-term forecast? >> exactly. turning to sports a historic win for the golden state
8:51 am
warriors sends them into the western conference final and the shot of the game that everyone is still talking about. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors are going to the western conference finals for the first time since 1976. they finished off the grizzlies in memphis with one shot by steph curry will be remembered forever. bob myers looking a little nervous. warriors came out on fire. klay thompson and steph curry were knocking down threes. the doves opened up an early 15-point lead. memphis was able to cut down that lead to nine at the half. courtney lee the bank is open. and the grizzlies playing desperate. charged back in this game in the third quarter. zach randolph leads the griz on a 17-5 run and memphis gets within a point. iguodala hits the three and the foul. four-point play but the killer's right here four seconds left in the third and jeff green shot blocked and steph curry 62 feet and splash! the crowd is stunned.
8:52 am
that is the baby-faced assassin at his finest. and the momentum completely changed after that. steph 32 points. 10 assists. hit 8 3s. everything going. warriors win 108-95 they take the series four games to two. mom loves it and advanced to the western conference finals against either the clippers or the rockets. >> it was crazy and i missed four lay-ups and easy shots to finish the third quarter and chuck one up and it goes in. it was a big moment we call to end the quarter and keep the momentum on our side. and i hadn't made one since college so that was cool. >> when he let it go it's in midair, i said i think this is going in. i just felt like it was going to go in and it did somehow. but shot of the game obviously stemmed the tide. and a beautiful team win and a big moment for our franchise. >> in the east hawks and wizards washington down three.
8:53 am
two seconds left paul pierce falling out-of-bounds and hits! but did he beat the clock? no. the ball was still in his hands a tenth of a second or they would have gone to overtime. hawks win 94-91. take the series 4-2 they advance to the eastern conference finals against cleveland. get to the baseball and giants and reds in cincy on "star wars" night. brandon belt finally found the force. this is his first homer of the year towering three-run jack in the first inning. buster posey also went deep. the fireworks went off at the ballpark. the smokestack caught fire and so did the giants offense. they scored the most runs this year and win 10-2. a's hosted the white sox and how many times have we seen this? they blew a 6-2 lead the sox torturing an a's bull pen already in tatters. garcia a two-run double off of scrivener as the a's lose yet again by a final of 7-6.
8:54 am
game one of the western conference finals for the warriors will be tuesday night at oracle arena. have a great weekend, everybody. 8:54 is our time. still to come don't let your eye s deceive you. california's drought isn't over despite this rare and
8:55 am
8:56 am
this week we got rain that certainly didn't end the california drought. but take a look at this video. this is pinecrest reservoir in
8:57 am
the mountains of tu wolmy county. it will be used by pg & e to generate electricity. right now the town remains under severe water restrictions because the drought is not over. governor brown has announced that he and his wife ann have adopted a second dog. the two million female puppy is named lucy brown. she's a pembroke welsh corgi and border collie mix and she's got her own twitter account and seen here with lucy is the 11-year-old corgi named superintendenter brown erer erer sutter brown. werthather check? >> cooler than average. 60 in san francisco and cloudy for the san francisco sidewalk sail, 67 in san jose and warmer inland with more sunshine. low 70s in antioch and in
8:58 am
livermore and also we're going to be below average throughout the next seven days. notice just a slight change monday. and then warmer by friday. >> all right. thank you, frances, for spending some time with us. >> thanks. and thanks to you for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. the news continues online on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile device with our news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00 this evening. have a great day, everybody. ♪ experience all the real possibilities of connecting with family and friends. realpad from aarp makes it easy to share enjoy, and celebrate. it's the tablet with free unlimited live help whenever you need it. if you don't think "wow, i can do this!" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". hi mom! hi dad! happy anniversary! available at and at walmart.
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