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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> a question of morality. a group of san francisco catholic say they're keeping the faith by supporting their controversial archbishop. i'm katie marzullo. seven hundred tread people picnicked in san francisco in a show of support for archbishop core cor leone. it's in response for a newspaper ad calling for the phone remove the archbishop. we're live at the park. >> reporter: well, the park behind me was parked today. -- was packed today. one group got up at 2:00 a.m. to
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dive from southern california to be here. the archbishop soaked up the support and thanked all the people for coming out. >> abc, we one -- >> the archbishop received a rock star's welcome. as he thanked several hundred catholics for their support. >> these are highs catholic schools and. >> eva organized the picnic as a response to backlash over proposed changes to school handbooks and teacher contracts. the archbishop wants moral language. >> the term is not in our indicate custom so if the people are going the school they have a probable live with the archbishop, they a problem with the church. >> eye may recall the ad calling for the pop to removal the archbishop. >> because of the ad we have to do something. >> alfredo and his friends got
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up at 2:00 this morning to make the drive from southern california. >> the family is under attack. children in the womb are under attack, so we have to show our support. >> reporter: a group of gay rights activists attended and said their family is under attack. >> i wish they realize how hurtful for us to be on the outside looking in because our families north families to them. >> i love my children in the same way these people love their children. >> picnickers and protesters talked peacefully but neither side swayed. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> vallejo police arrested a second suspect, teenager in at the killing of a vallejo high school senior. max rusk was shot on a trail near the school and died a short time later. investigators say a 16-year-old boy was arrested last night.
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he is the second suspect in the killing. the police arrested 19-year-old zachary cole during a traffic stop yesterday. officers say the two suspects know each other. a senior islamic state commander has been killed in a u.s. raid in syria. president obama ordered last night's raid abu sayyaf was killed in a firefoot with special operations forces heavily was responsible for the terrorist group's oil and gas operations, key source of financing. >> this is the one who creates the revenue so they can conduct these operations and this amazing marketing arm. this is all now hopefully at risk because of this operation. >> sayyaf's wife was captured and is being questioned by top u.s. security officials about isis operations. new details in that deadly train derailment in philadelphia. federal officials now want amtrak to immediately expand use of a speed restriction system in the area of the crash that killed eight people. today's announcement involves
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the automatic train control system. it notifies the engineer when a train is above the speed limit. the system automatically applies brakes if the engineer doesn't responsible. the fbi is now looking into whether the train's windshield may have been hit by an object before it derailed. >> reporter: this is the latest mystery in the derail. of amtrak train 188. a circular shatter mark on the engine's were. >> we're having the fbi examining this fracture temperature pattern. >> reporter: officials revealed two other trains near the station were report lid hit by projectiles between 9:05 and 9:30 p.m. that same night. >> unknown object on the windshield. >> immediately -- the witness don't was shattered. >> alarmed the passengers. >> one of the conductors on train 188 told investigators a
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send another engineer contactors brian bostian. >> she also believed she heard her engineer say something about his train being struck by something. >> reporter: soon after the northbound train suddenly sped up. barreling into a curve at 106-miles-an-hour, all seven cars jumped the tracks. an amtrak conductor who works for the like says it's not unheard of for something to hit a train. >> baltimore we have had rocks thrown. that area, north philadelphia i is a bad area. >> friday afternoon bostian spoke with the ntsb for their first time since the crash but he still doesn't remember much. next up investigators want to talk to the engineer of the other train hit by a projectile on the tracks. meanwhile, amtrak hopes to open up some parts of its service on this track line by sometime next
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week. abc news philadelphia. >> in san francisco, south of market neighborhood, firefighters were able to put out these flames quickly. the fire burned an rv at mission and seventh street and a building nearby was damaged. no one was injured and investigators are looking for a cause. >> new video in tonight of an overturned tractor central that spilled the load on highway 4 in pittsburg. the truck was hauling petroleum coke similar to coal. the accident forced the chp to issue a severe traffic alert east of bailey road. the truck overturned when the driver veered to avoid hitting a stalled car that had run out of gas and the driver did not turn on her hazard lights. no one was seriously injured. a good samaritan jumped into the chilly bay waters today to rescue another man. we were at san francisco's embarcadero as both men reached
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drive land. hong was selling fish when he heard a really for help. he threw an ice chest lid out to help the man about it didn't work. >> he actually went under the water again so i jumped in the water, and got him righted on the ice chest and there was actually a boat they're doing some construction with or something over here and i was able to swim him across and get him right on the ice chest and stabilize him a little bit and we got him into the boat. >> he says he did not want to go for a swim, but he is happy he did. both men are okay. san francisco police say they will be cracking down on bad behavior at the 103rd bay to breakers tomorrow. runners stopped by fort mason to pick up race packets. more than 110,000 people are signed up for the race and thousands more will show up for the party. the race begins at 8:00 tomorrow morning. at main and howard. there will be plenty of street closures muni plans on adding
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service and bart will open for business earlier. we'll have live bay-to-breakers coverage tomorrow. the live stream on begins at 7:50 a.m. just before the start of the race and we'll have live reports at 6:00 a.m. snivel up ex-next we catch up with the warriors as they return home from last night's big win and i stanford's football coach has a close encounter with a shark. >> why hundreds spend the day on the water in seattle. the message they are trying to send. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a chilly start to the weekend. that sign not being so effective at warming us up. a live look from san jose which is nothing but blue. but we are tracking changes that includes cooler temperatures and maybe a chance for rain.
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underarmor is apologizing today for this t-shirt. the performance company faced criticism after creating the search which appropriates the imagery of raising the flag at ewoe scream ya today undermayor wore tweeted an apology wreaker great the release of a shirt that. they have pulled all of the t-shirts. warriors are heading to the western conference finals for the first time in nearly 40
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years. they finished off the grizzlies in memphis taking the series 4-2. warriors' forward draymond green says it was team effort. >> everybody stepped on the court, no matter who it was or how long they played came in and contributed something. all year we talked about our depth as a team and that's what we hung our hats on and its showed in the series. >> people are still talking about this incredible shot by steph curry. launched from 62 feet and makes it. coming up find out if the players have a preference who they play in the western conference finals. you can catch game seven of the clippers and rocks series tomorrow, coverage begins at noon tomorrow will nba countdown. two peninsula mon frosts teamed up to hold a day of fit fitness' and fun. the children's champions at stanford stadium.
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the event benefits bay area children's charities. organizers sent us a video. children had the exclusive opportunity to meet stanford and pro athletes, take photos with them and the team mascots and create their own trading cards. >> ahead the story behind kayak-tivists taking to the water today in seattle. and an update on the condition of this poor pooch who was severely abused but he just got a big boost in support today. >> let's take a live look outside rights now. we'll fine out how long the cooler than average temperatures will stick
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an update on a severe case of animal abuse. we first told you about yesterday on abc7 news. animal care and control says at the reward to find the dog's abuser has increased from 500 to $10,000 today. he was found tied up thursday morning in san francisco at division and south van ness with burns and damage to his internal organs. today we know his kidneys are not working and he is not eating but was able to walk he is a loving and friendly dog. if you want to help with his care we have donation information on our web site activists in seattle took to the water today in an effort to stop planned oil drills in the arctic ocean. hundreds of people gathered for an event called pad until seattle -- paddle in seattle. the polar pioneer drilling rig is docked nearby. shell plans to use is to explore for oil off alaska's northern
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coast. those opposed fear an unspoil and say the focus should be on renewable energy. shell says developing arctic resources could be essential to securing energy supplies and, quote, it will mean balancing economic environmental and social challenges. we want to get a check of the forecast. a little cool out there. drew? >> the picture behind you the embarcadero, palm trees swaying a breeze at 30 miles-per-hour at times and that's keeping us on the cool side. live doppler 7hd showing you it's rather dry but one spot we are seeing a lone downpour to the east of lakeport. this is pretty much a stationary cell so not moving that much. no lightning associated witness if at well. a live look outside the east bay hills camera mixture of sunshine and clouds. this evening the stun goes down
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at 8:13 and as it does, the clouds are going to increase rather and the winds will pick up. by 11:00 going to be rathery chilly with temperature thursday upper 40s to mid-50s. so winds gusting to 24 at sfo. 20 in napa, 25 livermore. the wind will be with us tonight and also through our sunday as well. so right now that 60 degrees currently in san francisco or 59. certainly feels cooler. 66 in novato. 64 napa. 65 in livermore and fairfield checking in at 71 degrees. satellite and radar here's the setup we're tracking once again, another outbreak of severe weather the midwest. tornado watch boxes up as far south as texas and as far north as minneapolis. all associated with a strong area of low pressure forcing that storm system east. on the back side of it it's pulling cool canadian air down south into the bay area and this pattern not changing so temperatures staying some five to ten degrees below normal.
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along with the chilly temperatures, a lot of cloud cover tomorrow morning 6:00 in the morning mainly overcast skies and the clouds really going to dominate the skies. by sunday afternoon, we're call it peeks of sunshine to round out the weekend. overnight lows tonight see the cloud cover spread and thicken. 51 downtown san francisco 53 oakland. 52, san jose, 50 vallejo. if you are taking part or maybe watching the action at bay-to-breakers i hope your costume is warm up in or budge up. chilly. 53 by the start. by 1:00, perhaps sunshine but temperatures below normal around 59. so highs for your sunday tomorrow mainly cloudy, a few peeks of sunshine by the afternoon. up to 69 in napa. a cool 60 in san francisco, 71, antioch. 65 fremont, san jose, 67. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow, limited sunshine. or even cooler and cloudier on monday.
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ahead of our weak system. by tuesday morning could bring us some morning drizzle. by wednesday we're turning sunnier and then thursday we have a chance at least a slight chance or widespread rain but only one day, and by friday and saturday, we're drying out and here comes your warmup. this time next week more like spring around here. >> thank you drew. over to colin with sports and one wore, warrior. >> it was a week ago we had one finger on the panic button. now they look unbeatable. last night they were his jump shots. doesn't matter who they're
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>> who wants a piece? we thought that's clippers bus they collapsed in game six against the rockets so now houston has life and moment. game seven tomorrow at 12:30 on abc7 news. you can belt the warriors will be watching. just how intendly only they know firing on all cylinders closing on memphis it's clear they're not concerned about what their opponents are doing rather than what they can do against their opponents. golden state lost just one time to houston and clippers. >> we learned if we play our brand of basketball, it's tough to beat us. we're excited for who we're going to play next. we are not ready for the season to be over. we'll take it one game at a time. >> the finish by thompson. >> either team presents different challenges but no
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preference. we can beat anybody. >> we'd be remiss if we didn't show steph's 62-footer again and we'll keep showing it including tonight at 6:00. it's not something he hasn't done before and not something he never practices. we talk to the oracle arena usher who helps him launch 42-footers from the hallway before every gem game. two weeks ago at the kentucky derby, american pharaoh made a late push to beat the field. no stuff drama today at the preakness stakes, despite start from the unfavorable number one spot, this was pure domination. >> american pharaoh is all by himself. american pharaoh and victor espinosa have won the preakness. >> the number one post, meant to say. driving rain minutes before the start made for a muddy and sloppy traumatic but american pharaoh is two-thirds of the way to the triple crown.
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a win at the belmont stakes and mesh pharaoh would be the first triple crown winner since affirmed in 1978. >> rickie fowler jr. giving rory mcilroy some skin. patrick rodgers, at minus 10 through three hounds at the wells fargo in charlotte. that was webb simpson, my pretournament pike 4-under 68. you think he would have command lead but rory rewriting the record books. birdies 11 total on a course record. 18-under leafeds simpson by four. 17 minor league at-bat is is all hunter pence needed. he is back from the broken forearm suffered in spring training. his return smashed the heart of the order. bell's first home are of the year. last night second one tonight.
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hallelujah to the gap. crawford would drive him in right now giants lead 5:00-0 in the fifth. stanley cup playoffs, game one, eastern conference finals, new york rangers and tampa bay lightning, new york leading until the one-timer, two and a half minutes left in regulation. kevin hayes, off the leg of form are sharks dominic brown. -- or -- dominic moore. and tickets for tuesday's game one of the western conference final did go on sale today. ge
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>> coming up at 6:00. shoppers at an east bay mall shocked to find their cars riddled with bullet holes. join us for abc7 news at 6:00. a woman near detroit is using her green thumb to draw attention to a pothole problem she is planning flowers in the potholes that dot the streets of neighborhood. the mayor says it's a cool idea but we're not sure if that will prompt the city to fill the potholes. sure nicer to look at. that does it for at 5:00. thank you for your time. remember you can watch abc7 abc7 and your favorite abc shows withey watch abc app. now available for xbox 360 and your tablet smart phone or
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computer. see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." tragedy on the tracks. the investigation into amtrak 188 taking a mysterious turn, three trains all in the same area, all hit with an object? could that have triggered the deadly crash? dangerous sky, tornado watch tonight. a threat of flash floods looming. 40 million people on alert for severe weather this weekend. nightmare renters caught on surveillance camera rummaging through the fridge. the tenants who refuse to leave after a home owner rents them a room through a popular website. >> absolute nightmare. worst thing i've ever experience in my life. >> how to protect yourself before opening your door to strangers. and plot twist.


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