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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler thanks for joining us on this sunday may 17th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist frances dinglasan. she's in for lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. temperatures right now on the cool side. mainly in the 50s. low to mid-50s. 50 in napa and also 54 in oakland. it will be another cool day a lot of folks are getting ready for the bay to breakers run. here's what you can expect, chilly 7:00 this morning. lots of cloud cover. it will be cool throughout the morning hours with temperatures just climbing into the upper 50s by about lunchtime. then partly sunny conditions. sea breeze at the coast as well.
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dress in layers if you can. and good luck to all the runners. if you like yesterday, you will like today. i'll let you know when we can break out of this weather pattern. carolyn. >> thank you, frances. the footrace is expected to begin in san francisco in just a few hours. here's a look at the route for the bay to breakers. more than 50,000 people are said to be participating in the event. the race is more than a century old but some people say it's recent history has evolved into one big frat party. lyanne melendez has a preview. >> you know bay to breakers is just hours away when the sneakers with the led lights appear. yes, there seems to be more porta-pottyies than cars in the city. >> we have over 1,000 porta-pottyies over the 7 1/2 mile course. that's a lot of rest rooms for
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7 1/2 miles. >> though drinking is not allowed during the race, they have the right to tap the keg before and after the event. city has tried to curb the amount of alcohol climbed. this year there are two sobering stations. neighbors say it's getting old. >> the deemography of the town, it's taken over and all the things are becoming an excuse to be crazy and stupid. >> while some would like it to go away, there are newcomers that are more than excited to experience the city's eccentric behavior. >> you now about the people who dent wear clothes? >> i have heard. it's a little nervous for that. >> it's been on my bucket list and i'm turning 45 and i will be a grandmother. >> people were eager to register online or in person.
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>> over 40 elite athletes coming out from all over the globe and competing for a price of $70,000. we have the elite levels and then also the weekend warriors out here to set a personal record. >> the organizers are hoping no one will set a personal record for drinking. in san francisco, lyanne lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> and abc7 news will have live bay to breakers coverage this morning. our live stream on begins at 7:50 this morning. developing news from the midwest. a large portion of oklahoma is under a tornado watch with more strong storms expected later today. last night tornadoes touched down near three towns in an isolated area of southwest oklahoma. homes and businesses were damaged. a dashboard camera shows large hail coming down big enough to crack this car's windshield. severe weather has also been
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reported in texas kansas, nebraska and minnesota. so far fortunately no reports of injuries. a person who led police on a chase from antioch to oakland is in custody this morning. the suspect abandoned his car last night. he took off on foot. officers blocked offer the neighborhood evacuated some homes. suspect was taken into custody shortly after 11:00. no word yet on the specifics of that robbery. u.s. senate candidate loretta sanchez is under fire after what she made what native americans and other critics consider a derogatory gesture. we have the details. >> it happened during a gathering of the indian american caucus of the convention. the u.s. candidate lorette saw sanchez said how she recently got an invitation from someone
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within the american-indian community. >> i'm going to the office thinking i'm going with [noises] right? >> the man who filmed herges tower with the cell phone several people under the gesture insensitive to native americans. >> i was shocked and appalled she would make disparaging comments about native americans that way. >> a short time later her opponent was told about the gesture. >> you know, i don't know what to say to that. [laughter] >> that was -- that's shocking. that was shocking. >> she made a gesture that -- you know, the gesture is offensive. do you feel like you can -- >> earlier she claims she was a victim of pressure tactics from democratic who didn't want her to run. >> i will just say there were plenty ever phone calls asking me not to. there were plenty of phone calls
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trying to sweeten the pot. and there were plenty of threatening things. but i said i was not going to be pushed in, nor was i going to be pushed out. >> sanchez just entered the race to fill barbara boxer's upcoming open senate seat last thursday. a man tried to kidnap a girl. this is surveillance of the suspects car near mason court and harriet avenue yesterday. the girl was walking her dog when the man pulled up in the car asking for directions. the girl told police he got out of the car and grabbed her in a bear hug. she fought back and the man drove away. a scary situation for some shoppers in concord. police are investigating a shooting at the sun valley maul maul -- mall yesterday where
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they fall several cars riddled with bullet holes. they are now reviewing surveillance video and are looking for a tan colored four-door sedan. no one was injured >> now to the severe case of animal abuse we first reported friday on abc7 news. animal care control persons said the award for the abuser is increased. he was found tiedup at division and south bayonet avenue with burns and damage to his internal organs. if you want to help with his care we have donation information on our website palo alto police are reviewing radar signals to try to find the missing flight instructor accused of stealing a plane. police say william mcadams swiped the plane from advantage aviation, the flight school where he worked.
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the plane left the palo alto airport early friday morning. the faa last tracked it over the pacific ocean off watsonville going south toward the mexican board. why, it remains a mystery. >> we have no idea what happened and what his motive might have been. at one point he did have access to that plane and on this particular occasion he k not. he was unauthorized to take the plane. >> the mexican authorities and the coast guard are all on the lookout for adams and that plane. a south bay man is asking for the public's help in finding the chiefs he said took his construction trailer. george bravo is a general contractor e said he was working on a remodeling job when someone stole his trailer right out of the driveway. it happened in san jose. surveillance video taken at a nearby car dealership shows the suspect driving off with it. inside that trailer is $65,000
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worth of equipment. it's a complete and devastating loss for us. it's my lifely hood. it's how i make my money and how i support my family. i'm the sole provider for my family. we are unable to do work out without the tools. >> bravo has set up a gofundme page. so far it's raised more than $2,000. francis here talking about this bay to breakers and what kind of running weather? >> it would be cool out there. if you have a costume, you want to possibly have extra layers. so we have some passing clouds and widespread clouds coming in just before sunrise. i'll have the details of when we can get out of this below average temperature pattern. >> making people beware. also ahead, why scientists are concerned a volcano on the big island of hawaii is about to have a new eruption. >> i think it's conveying teamwork and action.
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>> welcome back. 5:12 on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up so early to join us for the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from the san mateo bridge. the bridge is open for business this weekend. next weekend closed once again for the repaving work. what is the weather like on this fine sunday?
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about 5 to 10 below zero. we are showing you the nepal warning. the lives of almost 18,000 babies and mothers there could be at risk the next month because most of the healthcare facilities in the area hit by two powerful earthquake were badly damaged. unicef has launched an appeal for 50 million dollars for the next three months to address the healthcare shortages. and there are several fundraisers for nepal being held today across the bay area. one in berkeley on chat being avenue. all proceeds from the event will go to earthquake relief and recovery. and in roenick park a concert will be held. that money raised along with that from a silent art auction will go to the nepal earthquake relief fund. a popular sports apparel company is apologizing for selling a shirt that equates
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playing basketball to fighting in a world war. the shirt reply indicates that iconic military photo taken in iwo jima. angry veterans and not veterans alike. janet has the story. >> the shirt is causing quite the controversy. the image is similar to the historic 1945 photo showing marines lifting up the american flag on iwo jima except it shows men hoisting a ball to a basketball backboard and hoop. one man wrote on the company's facebook page i decided to burn all my ua gear in response to their latest bad decision. people said the shirt showed poor taste and lack of judgment. underarmour took the shirt off for sales. but 89-year-old dale cook who
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thought in iwo jima applauds the shirt. >> what do you want on a basketball field or are in else, men working together to accomplish a goal. they were working together to get the flag up. >> it's a parody and a great marketing campaign because it signifies, people are pulling together to accomplish a goal and i don't see how anybody can be offended by that spirit. >> cook remembers seeing the flag raised and took the photo. no one knew how big the picture would become. he said he's proud to see the original photo be replicated in a positive light. abc7 news. >> hundreds of catholics are standing behind a controversial regis leader. they held a rally and picnic yesterday for the archbishop.
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a recent full page newspaper ad called for his removal after he proposed changes to school handbooks and teacher contracts in catholic schools. one man and his friends got up at 2:00 yesterday morning to drive in from southern california to support the archbishop. >> families under attack. you know, children under attack. so we have to show sort in every way we can. >> a group of guy rights activists held a peaceful protest nearby. he declined our request for an interview. a group of parents against mandatory vaccinations rallied yesterday. they said the vaccines are not safe and parents should have a right to choose whether or not to inject their kids. last month there was a bill removing the personal exemption requiring sacks makes for all kids in school. it was a matter of public
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safety. the bill now heads to state assembly. >> with summer vacations right around the corner you might try book your hotel rooms online. it maybe convenient but it might not be the best way to secure the room you want. here's "7 on your side" michael finney looking into the growing problem. >> joe white of roner park booked his hotel room six months in advance. >> i knew the hotels would completely fill up for this particular convention. >> he needed a room close to the convention. >> because of my medical problems, i really needed to not have to walk very far. >> the hilton anaheim hotel adjoining the anaheim convention center. he found what he thought was a phone number for the hotel online. >> i specifically asked is this the hilton? >> he they said it was their reservation desk. but when he arrived at the hotel
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there was no room reserved on record and the hotel was sold out. he had no confirmation number. but he knew he paid months before. >> american express immediately said well here's an order that was placed for you. >> but it wasn't the hilton, it was a motel. it turns out the reservation was made through a third party company named reservation counter. the hilton was apologetic and found him a room at one of their sister properties but it was several blocks away. >> as a result, i spent more time walking, et cetera than i needed to. and less time at the different programs. >> mary ann is the spokesperson for the hotel and lodging association. >> what you have to be concerned about is booking sites at a site that looks like you are at the
5:19 am
real booking site. >> this is exactly what happened to joe. >> they will use the logo, they will use pictures and maps. >> he tried to dispute the hotel charges through his credit card company, but they wouldn't go for that. so he called "7 on your side" and we contacted the reservation counter. immediately joe heard from the company. they offered an apology and a refund. >> 99% of the time booking online is fine. but we really want to make people aware they should be on the lookout for these scams. >> i'm michael finney, "7 on your side". >> the volcano in hawaii is sinking dramatically and this morning ion tests fear new eruption is imminent. there was a recent explosion that had fallen nearly 500 feet. lava has to go somewhere and the drop, combined with the rash of earthquakes, as many as 25 per
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hour could mean a new lava eruption through the surface of the mountains. meters are also showing the ground is shifting on the mountain slope. racers trying to qualify for this year's indy 500 will get a one and done shot this morning after yesterday's qualifying was washed out. two drivers managed to finish qualifying runs before the skies opened, but those times won't count. 34 cars are trying to make the 33-car field. and they will be trying to qualify today. the forecast calls for 500% chance of rain. the indianapolis 500 will be held next saturday. you can see it right here. a 50%? what about 500%? oh, my gosh. i'm messing up on the weather. you said i told people there was a 5 to 10-degree below zero temperature. [laughter] >> i'm not a meteorologist.
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>> and then we have 50% chance of rain in indianapolis. not 500. >> and we will see if they can make it today for the qualifying round. here's a live look at live doppler 7. the green shows you a lot of moisture in the low clouds spreading from the coast. i want to that you out to the severe line of thunderstorms through oklahoma. this is what could head over to indianapolis bringing them a chance of rain and even some thunderstorms this afternoon. so we will keep you posted on that. a beautiful view as we look out from the exploratorium camera. clouds out there but we've seen breaks in the clouds. it's also a nice view here in san jose. and i want to show you morris
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temperatures. all in the 50s. fairfield 53 degrees. this time, as we look out toward the bay, mostly cloudy is what you can expect throughout the day. still cooler than normal. and then a warmup finally next weekend. so we keep our fingers crossed for that. here's a look at the pacific satellite image. we basically have two areas of low pressure. this has led to the cool and breezy pattern which is fast approaching, and we will continue to see high clouds passing throughout the day below average numbers at least for the next few days. possibly until thursday. and here's how it breaks out for us in terms of cloud cover. 7:00 this morning widespread clouds. there's passing high clouds and clouds along the coast. temperatures very similar to yesterday's numbers. a look at the high 67 in san jose: and milpitas 65 and only the low to mid-60s along the peninsula from 60 in milbrae to mountain view 67.
5:23 am
cloudy at the coast 56 in pacifica. downtown san francisco cool 60. sunset upper 50s. it will stay cool for the bay to breakers. and napa also not quite making it to 70 degrees today. and low to mid-60s for the east bay. oakland at 62 with some passing clouds, as well. inland areas possibly coming down a degree or two. so only 70 in antioch. 66 in pleasanton. and also here's how it plays out the week ahead. we talked about how we are well below normal. you can see in san jose the average high is 75. we will be below that and then just getting closer by next weekend. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. pretty steady, not much change and a little cooler on monday and starting to get a little warmer on friday and into saturday. but we finally get close to normal numbers. you can see what is showing up
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on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play. we also have more information on >> have you ever been in the bay to breakers? >> i have been there a couple times. >> and the best weather is something like today? >> if you are really running yes. but most people are not really running so i would say it's going to be on the cool side. especially when you get to the end of the race, it's so cold near the coast and people are usually not appropriately dressed. >> all right. thank you, frances. coming up next looking for love for mom. what one man is going to to find mr. right for his mother. and don't miss the music awards tonight at 8:00 right here
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>> he made this video for his single mother, eva. he's hoping to find her a good man. he made the video without her knowing for the last year capturing her best moments. so far the video has had more than 2 million views on youtube. we posted the entire thing on
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our website and maybe alex can find his mom a match. coming up tonight at 11:00, we will take you to the party happening when the sunrises. it delivers everything you could ever want first thing in the morning. >> first thing in the morning it's the new social scene that's drawing people before they go to work. tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. targeting isis. a top secret operation in syria and why it's a big hit on the terrorist group. also the new clue investigators are looking into concerning the deadly amtrak crash. what may have happened right before the train s
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist frances dinglasan, who is in this morning for lisa argen. hi carolyn. good morning everyone. it will be another breezy day. right now winds coming in from the west in the 12 miles an hour at the sfo airport. they will pick up to only 20 miles an hour in fairfield. here's what you can expect with the live view toward sfo. widespread low clouds in the morning with temperatures in the 50s. but by this afternoon it will remain cooler than average for inland and east bay areas. mid-60s to near 70s. along the coast much of the same again. mid-50s to near 06. peeks of sunshine around the bay with temperatures in the 60s. weather pattern will stick around but i will let you know of some changes coming up. carolyn. >> thank you very much frances. europe's commandos have taken out a isis leader in a dare moving in syria. abu sayyaf was killed in a fire
5:32 am
fight with special operations forces. sayyaf was the top money man in top of the group's oil and gas separation operations. and a key figure in financing. his wife was captured and is being questioned by top security officials by isis operations. this will be discussed later on "this week." "this week" with george stephanopoulos airs here at 8:00 right after good morning america weekend. happening today, a rally in san francisco to support the people of iran who are fighting for freedom and democracy and to condemn those who oppose them. the organizers announced the ongoing raids of executions in iran. the rally begins this afternoon
5:33 am
at 2:30 at union square at the corner of powell and geary. this afternoon friends and family will gather to mourn the death of a bay area victim of the philadelphia train derailment a prayer service will be held in fremont at 1:30 for 55-year-old wells fargo executive. burial service will follow in hayward. he moved from walnut creek seven years ago but still owned a home there. meanwhile the fbi has joined the investigation into the amtrak crash in philadelphia. this among reports that projectiles may have hit the train and several others the nice of this derailment abc7 reporter philip has more from the crash site. >> this is the latest mystery in the derailment of amtrak train 188. a iraq lar shatter mark on the
5:34 am
engine's windshield. >> we are having the fbi go out and examine it. >> and two other trains near the northern philadelphia station were reportedly hit by projectiles between 9:05 and 9:30 p.m. that same night. >> it made contact with the train shattering the windshield. >> the windshield was shattered? >> it alarmed all the passengers. >> we learning one of the conducttors on train 88 a engineering contacted brandon boston the man at the controls of the doomed amtrak train and told him about the shattered engineer. and she also said she thought she heard her engineer saying his train was struck by something. soon after it sped up and barreling into a curve and all 7 cars jumped the tracks. an amtrak conductor who works that line said it's not unusual for something to hit a train.
5:35 am
he spoke with the ntsb for the first time since the crash that killed 8 people and injured hundreds, but he still doesn't remember much. next, investigators want to talk to the engineer of the train hit by the projectile on these tracks. meanwhile amtrak hopes to open up some parts of its service on this track by sometime next week. abc news philadelphia. >> now to a warning about a growing trend for american families earning extra k cash by renting their home on san francisco based air b & b. one woman could not get her renters to leave. here's candace gibson with what you need to know before sharing your home with strangers. >> this is what one california homeowner called the nightmare. watch as this couple rolls through the house rummaging the refrigerator and the homeowner standing on the side helpless. >> you feel like a prisoner in your own home?
5:36 am
>> i do. i have 8 cameras in the house right now. >> she was renting master bedroom to her couple last month. weeks into the contract agreeing to transition to cash only payment, one involving air b&b and that's when the payment stopped is it coming. >> so i asked them nicely to go. >> and did they go. >> they did not. >> surveillance cameras rolling while they were served legal papers but they refused to leave. and going through the house during the night. california law on their side. >> they allow them the 30-day notice because they have to find a new place to live and some tenants have been using this to their advantage. >> she was finally greg to pay $1700.50 to get them to leave their own house and not wait for the eviction process. >> a nightmare? >> absolute nightmare. scariest thing i have experienced in my life. >> the couple has an ongoing claim against them for not paying rent elsewhere.
5:37 am
air b & b tell people we strongly urge you to book only through air b & b. they encourage those renting out their homes to do background checks. santa cruz, california. >> still ahead, the return of the battle bot. how you can be part of the show as the hit tv show returns. and here's live look from you are exploratorium cam. peeks of sunshine today but cool temperatures as at least 50,000 runners appear to head off near the embarcadero to the bay meaning the ocean. frances dinglasan will have your forecast in just a few.
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>> google wants to make it easier for you to spend your money. according to a wall street journal report google wants to add a "buy" button in your search result. it would appear alongside search results and the "shop on google" section. it's expected to happen in the next few weeks. happening now frances is here to tell us about the weather. >> all right. we have some cloud cover right now. a beautiful view from
5:41 am
emeryville, where it will take my bicycle the low 60s today. especially if you are heading to the oakland a's game at 1:05 this afternoon. you should probably bring the sunscreen, but you might not need so much of it. i'll let you know what changes you can expect this week. >> all right. thank you, frances. also ahead, the giants staying red hot with the second straight game of double-digit runs. collin resch has the
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on the entire tempur-cloud collection! the memorial day sale is ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ >>who... is this?! >>hi, i am heinz new mustard. hi na na na na >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new better tasting yellow mustard. mmm! gh >> it's a robot death match with flame flowers and spinning blades and it's coming to the bay area. if you remember the old hit tv series "battle bots" and it's back and it's coming here in summer. you can see it in person when they tape in front of a live
5:44 am
audience this week. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom won't vallejo where the arena is almost finished. >> you want to be careful. >> this blast from the past is called gibsu, as in gibsu night. a wheel made from saw blades from an old tv show called battle bots. duking it out in the late '90s. >> everyone laughed and thought it was funny and kind of kicked us out the door and that was the end of it. >> but turned out it was funny, enough to get picked up by "comedy central" for five seasons. this is one of the most famous row bombs but since the show was run off 12 years ago, a lot has changed. >> motors have gotten faster and more beefy. >> it makes it a perfect time to bring it back to the airwaves on
5:45 am
abc. >> we've added a rule and it's the biggest rule of all, you have to have an active battle system. >> the battle bots had to get stronger. >> he had an inch and a quarter bulletproof glass. >> this is like a pinball machine. it will flip out and throw the robot back into the arena f you come here hopefully they will throw it over to here and this is where the titanium saw blades are. but watching robots tear each other apart is more than just good clean fun. >> the catalyst, the spark for the running person to get into engineering. >> that's why he wanted to create the show in the first place. >> today if i want to change a tire, you have to call triple-a. i don't know how to change a tire. >> it will be a a high school team of catholic cool girls and they will show they can live up
5:46 am
and beat the boys. >> for the robots it's a fight to the bitter end. >> i don't know one robot that didn't get his career started here. >> thanks for helping. you did a lot of good work. >> in vallejo, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> well, you are invited to see the show as it is taped at the sports complex in vallejo. this week may 21st 22nd and 23rd. they will have five taping sessions planned and there's a link at where you can get the tickets. they are ten dollars. >> i know you will be there, frances. >> sure, i will. i specially like free, though. i'll be there. >> $10. >> okay. i do have a free forecast. go to live doppler 7hd and show
5:47 am
you what's going on outside. and we've got some extensive cloud cover. so we've got areas of green, but this is the rain, moisture and the low clouds around the bay area. i did want to mention though, up in the tahoe area that truckee there's quite a bit of fog there. visibility is down to a fourth of a mile. so folks heading to and fra lookout for the fog through the tahoe area and chance of rain and snow in the higher elevations today and tomorrow. from the exploratorium we are looking out toward the beautiful bay bridge. temperatures right now in the 50s. san francisco 53. san carlos 55. they have got a hometown celebration today. you can enjoy the normal weather there with temperatures in the low to mid-60s this afternoon. and another shot from emeryville
5:48 am
temperatures will be cooler than normal through at least thursday. and warmer hopefully by next weekend. here's what's going on. we have a couple areas of low pressure. and we are going to see the cool and breezy pattern continue with clouds passing throughout the day, keeping numbers also below average with the sea breeze and high pressure will build later on toward the end of the week where we've seen numbers climb up to closer to average temperatures. here's the cloud cover throughout the day. 7:00 this morning widespread clouds. leaving by this afternoon. peeks of sunshine and high clouds passing through but still cloudy along the coast. a high of 67 in morgan hill. and we've also got redwood city reaching 65 today. 60 in milbrae. and downtown san francisco cloudy once again near 60 degrees. only the upper 60s for sonoma and napa. cloverdale one of the warmer spots at 73. low 60s in the east bay with
5:49 am
61 in berkeley. it should be comfortable for the a's game as well in oakland later at 62 degrees. and inland areas they are going to have a tough time climbing to the 70s today. 70 antioch and brentwood. everyone else in the 60s, including concord at 68 degrees. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. so we've got the clouds, partly cloudy conditions to mostly coweddy conditions throughout the day. and notice we don't change much almost all week. just minor fluctuation necessary temperatures. slightly cooler monday. really the big change comes on friday where we start to warm up and near normal by next weekend with more sunshine. so inland areas can enjoy the cooler than normal temperatures because it's going to be quite comfortable in the 70s. >> we had some strange weather last week. >> yeah and the low has moved east that. low will actually still continue to bring a chance of snow to the sierras for the next couple of days. >> interesting. thank you frances. let's check out sports. this morning the giants are
5:50 am
hoping to close out their weekend series in cincinnati with a win with a chance to take 3 out of 4 over the reds. first pitch schedule for 10:10:00 a.m. our time. yesterday the giants welcomed back one of their big bats to the the lineup. here's collin resch. he has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. minus the 6th inning strikeout, hunter pence's season debut last night couldn't have gone better. the heart and soul of the giants returning from a broken forearm he suffered in spring training. do you think he's excited to be back? he ignited the giants' offense. brandon bell swinging the hot bat in recent weeks. first homer of the year friday night and his second last night. 3 for 5 and hitting .056. and the next batter. to the gap in right center. pence goes 2 for 3 on his return. crawford will drive him in. ryan vogelsong, a kick save and a beauty. two on for marlon byrd in the
5:51 am
third. he goes 5 2/3. second win of the year. and make it 9-0. crawford with his fourth career grand slam. he goes 3 for 5 and drives in a career high 6 runs. giants win big 11-2. a's and white sox on superheroes night. batman was there. billy butler. to right center. the two-run shot and fourth for the season. 2-0 a's. they didn't do much offensively after that. third inning, bill garcia and bases loaded. chavez. two runs score. tied. and in the 7th the bunt. should have been the final out. eaton to third and the milkman drives it home, melky cabrera fired it out tore a 3-2 lead. a's fall to a major league worse
5:52 am
13-25. last year with california chrome winning the first two legs of the triple crown, this here it's american pharoah. it was at the preakness stakes. >> they come to the wire. and american pharaoh, and he has won the preakness! >> dominating. thunderstorm right before this race started. it was a muddy and sloppy track but it really didn't affect american pharaoh. he's now two-thirds of the way to the triple crown. a win on june 6th he could become the first triple crown winner since affirm did it in 1978. >> after eliminating the grizzlies they are in the bait see mode to see who will be their opponent in the finals. the clippers or the rockets? it will be right here. the preference goes to golden
5:53 am
state. and the rival, james hard in. they won three out of four against the clips. and the play, they say they don't care but they focus on continuing the momentum of three straight playoff wins. >> it's the first time for who we play next and we will study them. we really feel like we take it one game at a time and then we can come out on top. >> either team presents different challenges but no preference. we can beat anybody. >> i like the confidence. game one in the conference finals starts tuesday night at oracle arena. i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone! >> up next, a celebrity fundraiser to fight lyme disease. the
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>> here the winning numbers from last night's $10 million power ball draw. >> no one got all six. wednesday night's jackpot grow toss $121 million. and the winning numbers from last night's $34 million super lotto plus. no one took all six in that draw either so wednesday's jackpot increases to $36 million. happening today a celebrity fundraiser in san mateo county to help in the fight against one of the fastest-growing infectious diseases in the u.s. it's lyme disease. lyme disease is caused by the bite from a tick. symptoms include pain and weakness in the arms and legs similar to arthritis.
5:57 am
the bay area group is donating their performance at this year's lymeaid. one of the band members has a daughter suffering from the disease. it begins at 4:00 at the estate of a couple who helped found the bay area lyme foundation. up negligence, gearing up for the irreverent bay to breakers race. we will have a live report from the starting line. and outrage after comments made by a candidate for california's open senate seat.
5:58 am
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