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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 17, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. happening now -- tornado terror. over two dozen reported twisters tearing through the heartland. destroying homes. >> rain-wrapped tornado right there heading northeast. keep going. >> twisters forming right before our eyes and pounding hail. our rob marciano in the worst of it and there's lots more to come. also this morning, incredible new video, fire rescue. look at this, the police officer jumping into action, catching people in his arms as they leap from a burning apartment building escaping the intense flames. what this humble hero is saying this morning. caught on camera. this mysterious figure, does he hole the clue to the grisly
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mansion murders in d.c. just down the block from the vice president? the new pictures that could hold the answer. and ready to rock. music's biggest stars ready to hit the stage at tonight's red hot billboard music awards. who will walk away with a winner? will taylor swift's new video steal the show? and we have the hosts. >> this is ludacris. >> this is chrissy teigen. >> good morning, america. >> we got it. >> bam. good morning. there's a lot of weather to talk about today. look at this video from the muddy, sloppy preakness stakes in maryland. two down and one to go for american pharoah, who heads into the belmont stakes with the chance to win the triple crown. ron, do you think we got a tropical stormle crown winner? >> we have been there. >> 13 times before. >> 13 times. it's tough. >> everyone was covered.
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>> mile and a half in the belmont, it's tough. >> hold your breath. but the big weather story is in the central plains where severe weather has been on the march, more than 25 tornadoes reported so far this weekend and 30 million americans are in the crosshairs today. as that system moves east. >> and rob has been out chasing the storms with one of the experts from the storm prediction center. rob joins us now from broken arrow, oklahoma, with the very latest. hey, rob, good morning. >> reporter: this community hit hard. we can't get to where the homes are damaged because trees like this one, big ones uprooted by had storm taking down power lines trying to get it back on its feet. about 30 miles from here another town hit. ten homes damaged two of which completely destroyed and oklahoma was not alone in this tornado outbreak. overnight, more than 25 reported tornadoes pummeling the plains, texas, oklahoma, kansas, nebraska, wyoming to minnesota,
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tracking the storm ss in western oklahoma. this is the cell we have been tracking. a magnificent supercell. that supercell would drop a large tornado. a cone of powerful winds destroying this home near elmer. >> got my wife and got our belongings and we went in the shower. you could hear the hail. >> reporter: passing through a cow pasture in another part of the small oklahoma town. we got caught in the storm. listen to that hail hit the roof. we follow this all the way to chickasha chickasha. you can hear the tornado sirens going off. rain-wrapped tornado right there, heading northeast. more storms would fire farther south. this tornado hitting geronimo. spotting this one tearing through tipton and heavy rain causing flash flooding in wichita. yes, flooding just one more aspect of these storms adding insult to injury in many cases. 170 storm reports yesterday. we mentioned the tornadoes, but big-time hail and straight line
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winds doing significant damage, also and heavy rains this morning on the radar showing up across dallas and north central texas that will slowly move to the east. the severe weather threat today will be targeted in minnesota and had a half of does yesterday so they could get two days in a row with twisters and extends to the canadian border almost down to the gulf of mexico. rain is the other issue. an additional 1 to 3 inches potentially across parts of texas, an area that does not need any more rain. paula. >> great to check in with you. boy, did we see it in maryland. nasty weather, heavy rain and a sloppy track could not stop kentucky derby winner american pharaoh from dominating at the preakness, the powerful colt now has a shot at the first triple crown in almost 40 years, and abc's mara schiavocampo has the highlights of the big race. good morning, mara. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that horse did it in far from ideal conditions. the weather so bad at one point
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spectators had to be evacuated. the weather including gale force winds and torrential rains didn't stop american pharoah from pulling out a win that will be remembered for years. this morning, despite treacherous conditions, american pharoah is one step closer to becoming an american darling. >> and american pharoah has pulled away to a 2 1/2 length lead. >> reporter: the kentucky derby claiming victory in the second league of horse racing's triple crown. >> and american pharoah and victor espyinoza have won the preakness! >> reporter: heavy rain and winds pelted the area just before post time fill inging jockeys' boots with water and turning the track into a muddy mess. lightning forcing spectators to be evacuated from the midfield >> it was looking like the scene in "caddyshack" on the 18th hole. i don't think the heavy stuff is coming down yet.
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>> reporter: as the eight horses left the gate, american pharoah quickly took the lead, splashing and dashing their way through the slop to a convincing win. a full seven lengths ahead of the competition. >> he was going so easy, like he usually does, effortless, he's loving it. once in a lifetime horse. >> reporter: now american pharoah stands where california chrome stood a year ago. staring down history at june's belmont stakes. the 3-year-old colt is owned by an egyptian billionaire turned stable owner, who could soon become the first horse since affirmed in 1978 to win the triple crown. now, american pharoah is only the kentucky derby and preakness. the belmont stakes is on june 6th. >> i have to ask you looking at those conditions they were atrocious but a member of american pharoah's team said that he had to run through a river to win, was it safe? >> it could be safer than a hard surface. which is more likely to lead to ininjuries. american pharoah's owner actually wanted wet
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conditions because he has some experience with that. whereas some of the other horses were totally spooked by it. in this case it worked for him. >> i think the horses that favor those conditions are called mudders. >> good to know. tough mudders. tough mudders, that's right. thanks, mara. >> thanks, guys. we're going to switch gears now, head overseas to the new information coming out about that raid by u.s. commandos, taking out a top isis commander. they also captured the man's wife and freed a person held as their slave. terry moran is on the story from our london bureau. terry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this was a risky operation very risky. a strike deep into the heart of isis-controlled territory in syria targeting the upper echelons of the terrorist group's leadership. a daring offensive for dozens of u.s. commandos deep in isis-controlled territory in syria. their objective, capture and interrogate abu sayyaf, according to u.s. intelligence one of terror organization's key leaders, a tunisian believed to
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be the top money man in charge of lucrative oil and gas smuggling. >> the revenue streams are extremely important for their survival. >> reporter: a counterterrorism official reveals to abc news, sayyaf is also suspected the isis commander who was also given kayla mueller, the last known american hostage killed in february, as a bride. friday night, elite department force zero in on syria. u.s. special operation forces striking sayyaf's house defended by isis militants from inside and outside, the pentagon says. a fierce gun battle breaking out as isis fighters turned women and children into human shields. abu sayyaf killed in the combat along with a dozen isis fighters. his iraqi-born wife, captured and held for questioning. an 18-year-old yazidi woman
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reportedly freed and she'll be returned to her family. all american personnel returning safely, after seizing laptops possibly containing intelligence about the terrorist group. this raid comes as isis is advancing on other fronts, especially in the key iraqi city of ramadi. where isis has iraqi troops and their american military support reeling. but what happened to abu sayyaf sends a clear message to all isis leaders, there's no safe place for you. even in syria. dan and paula. >> fascinating details. terry, thank you. and back home as fbi forensic experts analyze whether a flying object hit the amtrak train that derailed in a deadly crash. new audio tapes emerging with clues as to what might have happened. abc news' philip mena joins us with the very latest. good morning philip. >> reporter: good morning, paula. regulators now forcing amtrak to install speed control technology at the crash site.
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the same technology that investigators say could have prevented this. this morning, the ntsb collecting evidence from the derailed amtrak train, attempting to answer the question, could this damage to the windshield somehow played a role in the crash? >> we have seen damage to the left-hand lower portion of the amtrak windshield that we have asked the fbi to come in and look at for us. >> reporter: new audio recordings from transit police radios in philadelphia discussing possible shots fired at septa train 79. >> an unknown object made contact with that train, shattering that windshield. >> reporter: fbi investigators assisting the ntsb potentially removing the windshield for further forensic testing trying to determine if the damage was caused by a pro-correct tile that may have hit the train a few miles of the philly train station. >> transit 1, let those personnel know that the roc put out a text, saying that train was shot at. so use caution.
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>> reporter: the same area where septa train, a local commuter and this southbound acela were reportedly also struck by unknown objects. minutes before amtrak 188 accelerated out of control. overnight, memorials for two of the victims from tuesday's deadly amtrak derailment. >> she made everybody feel special and so close to her. >> reporter: families mourning the death of rachel jacobs and lauren finamore killed when the amtrak went off the tracks. back on the tracks we could possibly be looking at a criminal investigation here. >> yeah, such a mystery what that projectile could have been. philip thanks for joining us. >> thanks, philip. had safety equipment been installed along those tracks that train wouldn't have been able to accelerate to high speeds anime not have de derailed. again, that equipment wasn't installed. let's bring in abc's chief anchor, george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning.
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george, as you know, millions of people travel on amtrak, so, why has federal funding become such a political football? >> it really has become a political football, no question about that. democrats complain that the republicans have cut the president's budget but speaker john boehner says the amtrak operating budget is actually going up. it safety funds haven't been cut. it had the safety device required it just wasn't operational. here's the other problem. amtrak got billions of dollars with the president's stimulus package back in 2010. but that's against the backdrop of even more billions of dollars in repairs needed. so, this debate is not going away any time soon. it's going to be joined again in june, and this morning on "this week" we'll get into that and also talk to the head of the investigation from the ntsb. >> all right, george thank you. i want to amplify the point you just made. george has a big show coming up this morning. we'll be speaking to the chairman of the ntsb as well as the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. that's on "this week" later this morning right here on abc. thanks, again, george. >> yeah, thanks, george. let's send it to ron with the other stories we're tracking. good morning, ron. >> by the way george always has a big show. >> never a small show.
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>> good morning to you, paula and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin with a deadly plane crash in texas, surveillance video showing the small plane just seconds before it crashed outside of a parking lot outside a pet store in san antonio, texas. the piper single engine plane bursting into flames on i believe packet killing the family of four on board. witnesses say they saw the plane spinning before it came down, they thought it was a stunt. the ntsb is investigating. dramatic video this morning of a raging fire in bessemer, alabama, and the hero cop who saved people inside that burning building. watch as officer danny eubanks pulls up his car right underneath the burning window as building. people are leaping out into his arms. in all he managed to help four people get away from that blaze which happened this past monday, officer eubanks credited natural instinct and his experience as a marine. a deadly suicide bombing in afghanistan right near kabul's busy international airport. at least three people were killed, 18 others wounded in a car bombing on a road leading to that airport. officials on the scene say the
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attack targeted vehicles of the european union police training mission. the taliban is claiming responsibility. and comedian louis ck is under fire this morning for his skit on "snl" last night. we decided not to run the joke. during his opening monologue, he talked about why sex offenders abuse children. some viewers outraged at those jokes. lashing out at him on twitter. one person writing, "child molestation is not funny, ever, louis ck got it so wrong." another viewer saying "i hope louis is right about this being his last time hosting snl. the child molestation bit was disgusting." show time in russia as president vladimir putin laced on his skates and hit the rink. putin took up hockey only recently in order to promote the sport. he scored eight goals. his team won. amazingly. a miracle on ice.
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18-6. >> a miracle on ice. >> amazingly no one stood in his way. >> yeah oddly enough. >> wow. >> 18-6, surprised it wasn't like 75-2. >> sounds like a basketball game. not a hockey game. >> thank you, ron. this next story we love, the college reunion, and 9 ultimate chance encounter. an incredible coincidence were revealed, when two women in a columbia university started talking to one another and then what happened next? the 30-somethings -- >> shocked to discover they were long lost sisters. what are the odds? abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: it was a storybook meeting for these two creative writing students, introducing themselves on the first day of a class at columbia university. >> we were going around the table, doing the sort of generic, what's your major. >> reporter: but after 35-year-old lizzie valverde reveried she was adopting 34-year-old katie olson who was serbing for her long lost sister
7:16 am
had some very specific questions. those questions leading lizzie to think that katie might know the younger sister she grew up with. >> i'm like, yeah, i don't know your sister, i think i am your sister. >> then when she said i am your sister i just froze and was like, wait. >> reporter: the two women were adopted as babies by different families. olson growing up in florida and iowa. valverde in new jersey. the pair now catching up on so much lost time. >> oh my god are you obsessed james franco? she's like, god, no. not genetic. >> i'm like i'm a george clooney girl all the way. >> reporter: and learning more about every day. next up, lizzie's graduation on monday, and it will be the first time katie will meet their biological mother, leslie parker. parker speaking to us over the phone. >> they're both amazing, beautiful women. i'm looking forward to seeing both of them. >> reporter: a story of newfound sisterhood soon to be bound and shared with the world. >> the fairy tale is still being written.
7:17 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> i love that. i love that the mom has met one of the daughters, but she said i'm glad i chose to give her a chance at life. she was a teen mom. they've become two beautiful women. a great, heartwarming story. the chances of thathaing. >> monday is going to be a big day. graduation and meeting the mom. incredible. great story. thank you, linzie janis. time for the weather and let's go back to rob in broken arrow, oklahoma. rob, that video of you out with the storm chasers, extraordinary. >> it was intense. and i'm not going to lie. at some cases a bit frightening. it was a very, very strong day as far as how the atmosphere was set up and there were tornadoes dropping just about everywhere in that corner of okay okay. at the moment, no reports of serious injuries or fatalities, that's certainly good news when you think about how many storms dropped that many tornados and in populated areas like the one we're standing in right now. speaking of a populated area, kansas city saw some severe weather and heavy, heavy rain. want to show you pictures of
7:18 am
flooding that happened there. couple of cars getting water up and over the roof. touching even the windshield. three to four inches of rain falling in a short period of time. so that's an issue along with the wind and the tornadoes that happened in the past 12 to 24 hours. all right, the storm timing, the low of this thing, going north and east it's going to get right over minnesota, so i think there's a good chance of the state of minnesota getting two rounds of tornado today. i think there's a good chance of thathaing today. as we go into the evening, those storms press east toward chicago, although chicago a lesser risk of seeing severe weather, i do think you'll see some rough storms there. meanwhile into the east, we're hot across the northeast, temps feeling more summerlime today with humid conditions. into 80s. 84 degrees in new york. but look at the back-door front coming through tomorrow, 68 for monday. 72 to 57 in boston. i think d.c. stays pretty much warm the whole week. meanwhile in the desert southwest, and the southwest corner of the u.s., seasonal
7:19 am
temperatures, but more showers believe it or not coming into that part of the world later this week. not as strong as that last system. but an indication of just this unusual pattern that we're in right now. in part contributing to the severe weather that we have had now back-to-back weekends and across parts of florida showers and storms fire up on the back side of this system it will be cool a little bit of snow in some spots. >> until those storms get to >> until those storms get to populated areas like this, it's
7:20 am
a wonder to behold watching mother nature put on that show. you guys got to come out and witness the power at some point, maybe next week. >> none of us are brave enough to do what you do. i'm just curious, i know this isn't your first rodeo, when you're out there chasing the storms, do you get scared at all? >> yeah, i mean, at times, when you're in that hail core, and you know you're shouldn't be, you're looking for an exit strategy and it's not always there for you, but you try to be part about it and so far so good. >> you have been up all night pretty much, right, like zero sleep. >> that's the nature of this business. but these guys have been working hard too and they're trying to get this neighborhood back on their feet. >> all right, rob, we know this is your passion but we miss you here in new york. rob, come back soon. >> yes. >> you got it see you soon. coming up on "good morning america" -- caught on camera, could this surveillance picture hold the key to those mansion murders just down the block from the vice president's home.
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plus, it's the star-studded billboard music awards just a few hours away now, and our abc's rachel smith takes us behind the scenes as the performers take the stage for what promises to be an exciting night. i know somebody who will be watching it by the name of sara haines. >> possibly. i love me some rachel smith. and the end of "mad men," what will happen to don draper and the other main characters. the latest on the guessing game in "pop news." ron has his own theories. >> is he okay? does he live? >> keep it to yourself. it's a tease, ron. "good morning america" is brought to you by oikos triple zero. the official yogurt of the nfl. hold it! come with me. new dannon oikos triple zero is my go to protein snack. cam, protein from yogurt? yup, this greek nonfat yogurt packs 15 grams of protein punch. but what else? unlike some other protein snacks, it has 0 added sugar 0 artificial sweeteners and 0 fat. mmm... will it up my game?
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today, snats majority mitch mcconnell one-on-one with george. plus his take on the 2016 race
7:26 am
and could the amtrak tragedy ve been prevented. coming up, who murdered a coming up, who murdered a wealthy businessman, his wife, their young son and the housekeeper? the possible new clue. and counting down to tonight's billboard music awards. we'll tease with a new music
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♪ oh ♪ oh, hi, we're imagine dragons. good morning america. >> good morning, america. >> we're simple minds, good morning, america. >> all right, you just heard from imagine dragons and simple minds. they're all gearing up for tonight's billboard music awards. we have a lot going on to make the show from the mgm grand in las vegas spectacular. of course, that show is on abc and we want to say, good morning, america. >> simple minds from the '80s. what was their song? didn't they have a big hit. >> yes. >> "don't you forget about me." i for got about it but my producer got in my ear. ♪ don't you forget about me ♪ >> whoa. i have never seen ron sing before. >> you have. you have. >> i blocked it out. coming up, our rachel smith takes us behind the scenes on
7:31 am
the red carpet as some of the big stars get ready for tonight's big night. we start on a more serious note, the latest on the murder mystery that has the nation's capital truly on edge this morning. >> police are chasing down leads and trying to find this person caught on surveillance who may have answers in the murder of four people in a fancy home just steps from the vice president's official residence, and abc's gloria riviera has been on the story since the start. and has more on that mysterious figure. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that's right. two days into this homicide investigation and police are asking for help, honing in on that suspicious figure caught on surveillance video as they try to piece together what led to the violent deaths of a very well-liked and prominent d.c. family. overnight, police sharing troubling new clues in the multi-murder case that has shocked an upscale d.c. community. >> everyone in the neighborhood is a little shaken up. they're not sure what to think. >> reporter: investigators releasing grainy video showing a hooded figure running behind a building, the tip coming as
7:32 am
they announce they are seeking a person of interest who may have been driving the family's 2008 porsche. that car found torched just hours after firefighters discovered the bodies of 46-year-old havefather of four. after a fire engulfed their home thursday. the crime time line is sparse. the family housekeeper receives a troubling text from amy to stay home. >> i don't understand why god save my life. >> reporter: just over three hours later, the first reports of a fire, police say someone set on purpose. by 5:00 p.m. the tragic confirmation, four dead, three of the bodies showing signs of violent injury. but why was the entire family home on a work and a school day? according to a report in "the washington post," police records show troubling recent activity in the wealthy neighborhood. >> police always tell us that
7:33 am
this is one of the quietest neighborhoods around. >> reporter: reports of a prowler, and a possible sighting of that blue porsche speeding away from the home in the hours leading up to the nightmare that has ended in tragedy. this d.c. neighborhood so close to the vice president's residence has signs posted that it's patrolled by a security guard, possibly another clue, because police said the perpetrator, possibly more than one, slipped inside the home easily. no signs of forced entry. dan, paula. >> yeah, that area in shock that something this awful could happen in that area. gloria, thank you. >> huge shock and really sad too, thanks, gloria. let's get another update of the morning's top stories and back over to ron. >> hi again, dan, paula, sara. good morning, everyone. we begin with the wild and dangerous weather across the middle of the country, more than two dozen reported tornadoes striking nine states. overnight, the powerful storms packed strong winds, rain and hail stretching from texas to oklahoma. it came barreling through
7:34 am
overnight. and american pharoah overcame a sloppy track to take the second jewel at the horse racing's preakness stakes. next up the belmont stakes in three weeks. american pharoah will be trying to become the first horse since affirmed to win that trifecta. and take a look at these kayaktivists in the waters off seattle protesting these oil rigs. the oil srigs are destined for alaska off that state's northern coast. and finally, when this model and beauty queen is not on the runway or competing for a crown, you can find her moonlighting as a competitive eater. her name is -- >> i love this woman. >> look at this. she's scarfing down -- >> is that a burrito? >> yeah it's a burrito, 2 1/2 pound loaded burrito. we sped up the video there. >> oh, thank you. >> she's also taken part in a burger eating challenge and also she is miss earth new seal dance farber
7:35 am
>> she gets my vote. >> okay. >> a woman who can get eat. is a woman after my own heart. >> she can eat fast. >> a 2 1/2 pound burrito. >> for awhile. >> what she did to that burrito what we all want to do. >> thank you, guys. rob marciano, can you save us down in broken arrow, oklahoma? >> i can if you bring me a burrito because i'm pretty hungry right now. the whole crew would love some of that. as woo these guys working behind me. the buzz saws going trying to get these trees toppled by these tornadoes out of the way and get these power lines back up. this entire neighborhood of course, without power and there's significant damage to some of the homes unfortunately, all part of the storms that did not only did damage with tornadoes but damage with hail like this. look at some of these -- these hail stoefrns in north central texas yesterday. three inches in diameter. we rolled through some hail yesterday. probably about ping-pong size. we got a couple of dents on the
7:36 am
hood of the car but i can't imagine hail the size of baseballs. that would be frightening and that would hurt. severe weather threat across parts of minnesota. they had several roirts of tornadoes yesterday in minnesota. you could get hit again today. double whamny and severe weather threat goes from the canadian border to little rock watching that carefully. storm as cross the southeast today. hopefully not too severe but they're going to be pretty widespread across florida, especially in the afternoon. 0s in orlando. 91 degrees in ft. myers and the pacific northwest gets a decent little storm for spring coming through today. you'll see showers on and off, 75 desir. storms in dallas this morning. but you'll see drying conditions in the afternoon. and denver a high temperature of 66 degrees.
7:37 am
>> this weathercast brought to you by petsmart. this weathercast brought to you by petsmart. back to you guys in new york. >> all right, thank you, dr. marciano. coming up on "good morning america" -- your go-to guide to tonight's billboard music awards. and a look at the stars who will be performing including simple minds. >> i can't wait. and george clooney reveals why he wanted to star in the new movie "tomorrowland." up ahead in "pop news." "tomorrowland." up ahead in "pop news." y we have? we get to do the same thing at petsmart with our pets. they have premium food at great prices. we'll go down an aisle, and we'll say, "gus, you know what? today you pick it out... the salmon, is it gonna be the liver, is it gonna be the rice?" petsmart has really brought us together. we had a little trouble in the marriage, how many years back? oh...well, i'd say as recently as three weeks. oh, (laughs) i thought we were doing better than that. petsmart has food choices to fit your kid's unique needs. like blue buffalo... made with the finest natural ingredients. 'cause pethood's better with a partner. before fibromyalgia, i was active.
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♪ i know you lie because your lips are moving ♪ it's one of the biggest nights for the music biz, the billboard music awards always a must-see. >> taylor swift has said that it's what the fans have decided to invest in. the show boasts some of the biggest stars. the performances and always those obligatory outrageous moments we love and abc's rachel smith gives us a preview of what to expect from the mgm grand in las vegas. ♪ amen ♪ ♪ amen ♪ >> reporter: amen. the billboard music awards are back and "gma" has exclusive backstage access. the biggest stars. iggy. john and taylor. set to shine brighter than the las vegas strip.
7:42 am
mariah carey breaking a 17-year absence from the billboard stage. >> i know the words to absolutely every single mariah carey song. if i'm not nervous enough already, she's there. >> reporter: host chrissy teigen and ludacris to tackle music's most exciting night. >> i'm looking forward to the fact that it's live television and anything goes. >> reporter: this right here is where it's about to go down. the red carpet is roughly a city block long and music's biggest stars are going to be jam pack on this bad boy but we've got a sneak peek as to what's in store for tonight. ♪ take me to church ♪ >> reporter: top new artist nominee hozier taking us to church with his heavenly sound. >> i was very surprised by the nomination. yeah, i'm thrilled. this is just another -- living the dream. i'm thrilled. >> reporter: newcomers to the billboard, mkto. ♪ ♪ panama ♪
7:43 am
>> reporter: set to sing at the same show as rock vets van halen. nice, little warmup on the stage there. did it feel good? >> it becomes increasingly difficult with age. ♪ ♪ hey hey hey ♪ >> reporter: and don't you forget about simple minds. the group celebrating the iconic film "the breakfast club" turning 30 with their hit anthem. ♪ don't you forget about me ♪ >> reporter: music's most entertaining night sure to bring back memories or maybe plenty of new ones. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, las vegas. >> and don't, don't, don't forget to tune in tonight. to the billboard music awards. >> that was an awesome last shot, rachel. >> yes, wasn't it good? >> yes. >> that's tonight at 8:00 eastern right here on abc and of course taylor swift, she has 14 entries. any guess how many sam smith has? >> i'm going to go with 13. >> six. >> well it says it right there on the prompter. >> don't read, dan.
7:44 am
>> i love how nostalgic the opening is both van halen and simple minds, it makes me feel really, really old. >> no, it's your wheelhouse. >> it's my wheelhouse because my music knowledge stops in 1989. >> those oldies, i'm glad they're bringing them back to the billboards. looking forward to it. and coming up on "good morning america" -- the big buildup for the "mad men" finale. what the show's creator is saying about what or what not to expect in the final episode and it's the final word from sara haines in "pop news." don't miss it. ♪ >> don't, don't, don't. ♪ don't, don't, don't, don't stop the beat ♪ ♪ i can't, can't, can't, can't ♪ ♪ control my feet ♪ ♪ p p p people in the street ♪ ♪ c'mon everybody and move your feet ♪ ♪ go! ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody ♪ ♪ move your feet and feel united ♪ ♪ oh oh oh ♪ ♪ everybody ♪ ♪ move your feet and feel united ♪
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than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at! ♪ all right, "pop news." it all builds up to this. >> i'm getting really nervous for the tv lineup, there's so much to watch tonight. >> are you going to be able to
7:48 am
get it all in? >> no. no, i'm not. i'll have to use the dvr. it's hard to believe that the time has come when we say good-bye to "mad men." on tonight's finale, it's expected we'll finally find out whether ad man don draper is really the reinvented d.b. cooper show creator has nixed that theory in a magazine, so it's anybody's guess. what about fan favorite peggy olson? will her career continue on the upswing? i also want to know if she finds love. that's something i want for her. lots of other questions will hopefully be answered tonight or not. we only got an hour, folks. >> are you okay? >> i'm a little upset. it's a little depressing. it's like when "breaking bad" ended. you go through a show depression. >> i'm going to miss it. >> i am, too. princes are known to slay dragons. well it's hard to find dragons nowadays so they have to make due. check it out. here's prince harry, my favorite royal, on his trip down under, wrangling a crocodile and smiling. he was helping some rangers to capture and release these big guys. here, he also showed off his
7:49 am
iron pumping skills in new zealand. he called his trip "epic fun." he seems like such a good time. >> i can't see how much weight is on that. >> that would ruin the shot. it might not have any weight on it that's how dan looks in the weight room. just a tight shot. >> just a bar. and the countdown is on for the big memorial day movie weekend. and according to "variety," george clooney's "tomorrowland" is already leading the charge. with an expected $50 million box office debut. the sci-fi action adventure made by our parent company disney draws on the idea of a utopian society, something which really attracted george clooney to the role. >> there's an awful lot of doom and gloom out there. there really is and not taken in perspective, it feels that that's actually what the whole world is, which isn't true. your future doesn't have to be there. doesn't have to be what we think it is or what we think it's going to be. there's the ability to be involved and make a difference and perhaps change the way these things, the outcome of these
7:50 am
things, and i think that that's -- when i saw that in the script, i thought that was a really good thing. >> there are some good movies coming up. have you guys seen -- >> what else? >> well, "pitch perfect 2." it's aca amazing. also "mad max." that one is supposed to be awesome and this "tomorrowland" any time you drop utopian into it. >> you like those utopian movies. >> you don't like "mad max" because it's distopian? >> that's exactly what she said. okay, moving right along and i can't wait to show you a dog named stella and her unusual appetite. >> stella! >> yes, i love that. >> stella! >> not that stella, though. stanley gash >> kowalski. >> did you know that reference? didn't study theater in college, did you? stella never met a bubble that she didn't love to eat. now, look at this. right here. this is adorable.
7:51 am
i like to say it might be the best diet ever, because it's low calorie and you eat slower and you're working for every bite. if i ate like this, it would take my air sandwiches and up the bar. >> but you're actually eating inflated soap. >> don't ruin this for me, paula. >> so much more fun than watching putin play hockey. >> exactly. thank you. >> so much more fun. no offense, ron. >> pet videos rule. we'll be right back with more "gma," thank you, sara. good "pop news." >> pretty good. good "pop news." pop news."
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> on abc. see ya. good morning, america.
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>> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week," breaking news. a daring raid by the elite delta force deep inside syria that just killed a key isis leader, can his captured wife reveal crucial information? mystery on the tracks. the fbi now investigating. did a projectile hit the doomed amtrak train moments before it crashed. sentenced to die. why dzhokhar tsarnaev could spend decades behind bars despite that dramatic death penalty ruling. plus, 2016 surprises. republicans turning on jeb bush's iraq misstep, democrats piling on president obama on trade. senators mitch mcconnell and dianne


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