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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hug. she screamed and got away. the little girl gave a descriptive sketch. and so we all look at that online and we're looking for him so i think he'll be found soon. >> here is that sketch. an asian or latino man in his 30s wearing a black and white beanie and a coat with fur on the rolled-up cuffs. >> so we get a lot of traffic back and forth at search times of the day and people use it as a short cut to get out of other places and it's quite unusual to see completely strange cars come through. >> campbell police say dozens of tips come in from the video and sketch. >> every phone call we get and every piece of information is important and at this point that's what we're dedicated to doing is following up on every piece of information and identifying the suspect responsible. >> for now police believe this is an isolated case. no similar dayses have been reported in the area. the girl is said to be traumatized, however, she was not injured. in campbell david louie, abc 7
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news. the santa clara county sheriff's department is being flooded with cars and emails following the child pornography arrest of a former youth camp employee. investigators arrested edgar covarrubias and he is charged with one count of child molest ailgdz. he was a night monitor at the walton west science camp and the office of education says it has hired an outside investigator to see whether or not there are possible other molestation cases. federal authorities have busted a drug trafficking ring operating out of oakland international airport. baggage handlers used their special access to smuggle drugs past security checkpoints at the airport and hand marijuana to passengers who would then hide the drugs in their carry-on baggage. 14 people were arrested including three baggage handlers and six passengers and all from oakland, san leandro and hayward, dublin and castro
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valley. it cooperated with the investigation and has since bolstered its security systems. >> there was an alert from police on the peninsula where people have reported three mountain lion sightings today. the latest happened just a few minutes ago and the call came at 4:30 this morning and south el camino real and san mateo. the second report at 1:30 this afternoon just blocks away on ninth avenue and the third is in the same area. >> sky 7 hd was over the area of those earlier reported sightings. the animal was not behaving aggressively in either of those reports. and we want to go now live to sky 7 hd over the scene of the latest reported mountain lion sighting. there is an active search going on right now and they believe the mountain lion isn't there any longer and they're just checking to make sure and this is the same area and the sighting that came in at 1:30 this arch and it is rare for mountain lions to approach
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people. don't approach it or run and try to look bigger by waving your arms and throw rocks and we will keep an eye on the search and bring you any updates if it turns up during this newscast and on abc 7 news at 6:00. moving on, part of northern california got hit with a blast of wild weather this past weekend, rain, heavy rail thunder, lightning and battered parts of northeast santa rosa. several lightning strikes hit a home, damaging the roof and blowing out windows while heavy rains caused flooding and mud slides. more rain and thunderstorms are expected in that area through thursday, but first, we might see some wet weather here overnight and abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian is outside with a look at what's coming, spencer? >> all right. dan. a chance for widespread rain is pretty slim. we have some clearing as you see and it was an overcast day before the sun broke out and we might see some spotty drizzle
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tonight and up north, though, you can see an area of thunderstorm activity that hasec whattened and there was a thunderstorm between popland and cloverdale. it did produce some grape-sized hail stones. again, this was an isolated storm and not an indicator of widespread active weather coming our way and you don't expect much just gray skies and below average temperatures for the rest of the week and i'll have your complete forecast? just a few minutes. >> thank you so much. >> this is not good news and power is out in the bizusiest tourist neighborhoods and fisherman's whatever and chinatown have not had power since 3:50 this afternoon and pg&e aren't sure why the power is out. authorities need help in catching the man accused of driving the wrong way for at least 30 miles. the chp says the suspect drove the stolen car from concord to
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berkeley in the high-speed chase after he crashed into an suv. vic lee joins us with more of this incredible story. >> it is incredible and this is where it ended on hearst avenue. the chp has not identified the suspect, but our sources tell us he is in his early 30s and on probation for robbery and as he said in a bizarre 911 call he's determined not to go back to jail. this was the climax the stolen honda crashed into an suv on hearst avenue through california street. this after they traveled 30 miles the wrong way at speeds up to 80 miles an hour and neighbors report hearing a loud crash. this is what they saw the mangled wreck of two cars. >> i was like, wow. it is crazy. >> the honda accord was stolen out of concord and city police followed it until it got on
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highway 4. a chp spotted the car going against traffic and then to interstate 08 and then going the wrong way. chp ground units stayed near the honda and led the pursuit to its chopper. >> the helicopter continued with it lit up and that we can alert and the motorives of the danger. >> at one point the driver demanded that police stop following him. >> he called 911 and made a few statements to our dispatch and relayed that he wasn't going back to jail. >> they began the ground pursuit once the driver entered berkeley and the collision happened at midnight, the driver of the suv suts thained minor injuries and officers with k-9 searched homes and backyards for the suspect who ran from the scene. neighbors were awakened by the scene looking at alleys and parked cars. >> they asked for the key so they could open the trunk and they were, like as soon as they opened the trunk they had their ar-15s pointed at the trunk.
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so that told me it was pretty serious. they thought they cornered the suspects near hal ericsson's backyard. >> they said come out, this is your last warning and then didn't do anything after that. >> the suspect escaped the dragnet. vic lee, abc 7 news. the fbi is asking for your help in the search for a bank robber they called armed and dangerous. agents are hunting for this man accused of hitting seven banks and six in san francisco and the seventh in antioch. the fbi says he pulled a knife in two of the robberies and a gun during the most recent heist. the latest heist happened on thursday and there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >> package theft is becoming a major problem in san francisco's castro neighborhood and a woman who has had multiple packages stolen from her home in the past few months sent us surveillance video showing how outrageous one
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thief is. she put out three decoy packages to see what would happen. the chief came back yesterday morning and came back with a pole to reach the packages. the owner is hoping the video can help neighbors or authorities catch the thief in the act. >> i sure hope so. one of the most closely watched political races in the nation right now involves the sent at race in contra costa countet. he wants to prevent union workers from going on strike and she is getting the labor support that glazer lost. laura anthony joins us with the story. laura? >> hi this is a small sample of the mailers that have bombarded voters regarding this race. it is a race in the special election that finally comes tomorrow and for many folks out here and not a moment too soon. >> for state senate who can we trust? >> glazer, and sack ramo
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politician bonilla. they've been downright nasty when characterizing the competition and now that it's time for voters to make their choice. steve glazer and susan bonilla has returned to grassroots campaigning. >> glazer spent his day going door to door trying to persuade those who have yet to vote that he is not just a man who opposed the bart strikes. >> think it's been a very ugly campaign and i'm disappointed about that and i encourage voters to throw that stuff away and recycle it and i have a web page that has all my positions on issues. >> i'm calling on behalf of susan bonilla to see it's going up may 19th. >> volunteers worked the phones trying to appease weary voters and remind them of the record both as the county supervisor and at the state assembly. >> i have my faith and trust in
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our voters and that they're going to see through what is a negative nasty campaign. they know me they know my record and they know my work in the community and that they're going to make their decision based on that reality. >> as of today about 75% and the male imbalance suspected in the election have already been received. in concord, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> business is practically booming. we'll be seeing it. >> a lot of fidz from the first in the nation soda tax and they're giddy at how much the city is raking in. >> the new war over proposition 13 and property taxes. should businesses be excluded. >> chrysler is accused of foot dragging on
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covering santa rosa berkeley, san jossy and all the
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bay area. this is abc 7 news. the city of berkeley is releasing stats on the effects of its first in the nation soda tax. the city says after just a month of collecting that tax it is on track to raise up to $1.5 million the first year. now the tax is also affecting soda sales in cities bordering berkeley, as well. carolyn tyler is live in berkeley city hall with more on that. carolyn? >> hi, dan. you know they call it a soda tax, but it's not just for soda. it's for anything with liquid sugar so that means frappucchino frappucchinos, energy drink, sweet teas and things like that. they gathered at city hall and said implementation has been going very smoothly. at bob's liquors the manager says the soda tax is hurting business. city voters overwhelmingly axe proved a penny for all tax on
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sugary beverages. >> we see the difference and now the customers don't want to add that extra money on the taxes on the same time. they started complaining about it. >> reporter: city officials are cheering and they have their first data from march, $113,000 putting them on pace to collect as much as $1.5 million this year. >> it's good to have a solid indication of proceeds with not everyone paying the tax yet and it's just the large distributor. the money is earmarked for public health with half going to the school district. some of it likely to the cooking and gardening program like this bonn at malcolm x elementary school. it was the high rates of obesity in berkeley's children that led to the push for the tax. the beverage industry spent 3 million trying to defeat the measure. >> if the goal was to make it much more difficult for businesses to do business then they succeeded and to improve
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outcomes, i'm not sure that's happened. >> the owner of this neighboring store in albany hopes he's picking up business. >> i have seen people come here to get sodas because there's no tax on the soda that we sell. >> reporter: berkeley leaders say it would be fine if there was no more soda to sell in their city. in berkeley carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. tonight san mateo is considering extending the half-cent sales tax. they're hoping to raise more money to fix potholes and increase programs for seniors. the tax is set to expire in 2018. it brings in $5 million a year. the palo alto city council will talk about a new measure tonight that could limit chain stores on california avenue. it would require larger businesses to apply for permits before setting up shop. the measure comes in response to the survey where residents want more shops, restaurants and small businesses in california.
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the existing change would not be affected. sap francisco police cannot be sued for shooting a mentally ill woman. >> teresa sheehan was shot by two officers six years ago while holding a knife and threatening police in a group home. today in a 6-2 position, the they had qualified immunity demanding she hand over first amendment rights when she entered the room. the justices declined that the officers failed to provide accommodations of her schizophrenia under the americans with disabilities act. google-owned youtube should not have been forced to the take down an anti-muslim film. she was misled about the nature of the film and she received death threats. it is not clear where or when the film will be reposted on youtube. the state assembly has postponed voting on the proposed ban of plastic microbeads found
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in soaps toothpaste and other personal care products. the beads often end up in the ocean. supporters say they are eaten by fish. now they're taken up on thursday. your summer vacation could be a bit more crowded than you're expected. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with that and more with the consumer headlines. >> let's start with the national highway traffic safety administration and it will hold a rare public hearing this summer to determine if fiat chrysler has met its legal obligations in 20 different safety recalls. the government consumer groups and the automaker will be able to present their sides if the agency finds that fiat chrysler failed to fix safety defects it can order the company to buy back or replace vehicles. the agency is isn't feuding with the company over the recall of 1.5 million ordered jeeps with gas tanks that are more susceptible to fires. should proposition 13 and property tax law be changed. prop 13 was a way to keep the
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property taxes low by massively slowing the vote of property tax for new purchasers. those who have had their homes for a while. now somewhat to exclude businesses and have them pay taxes on the current value of all of their property. the taxpayers association and the original backers of prop 13 don't much like that idea. >> right now the big push seems to be coming from public sector labor. most of the major public sector labor groups like the california teachers association and seiu they of the more dollars. >> any changes are just talk now and nothing has been qualified for a ballot and for a huge fight and the tv commercials. >> an industry group released a showing of $822 million travelers will fly during the three summer months of june, july and august making this summer the busiest travel season
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in history. so what does this mean to you? crowded planes crowded hotels and attractions. plane tickets will probably cost you more but the drop in oil prices will offset some of that increase. although there is no way to know for sure it appears those booking earlier rather than later will have a better chance of getting in on some deals. >> at least the seats are roomy on the plane. >> so comfortable. we have some breaking news and we'll take you back to the hunt for the mountain lion. this is in san mateo and el camino real near ninth street. there was a legitimate third sighting a short time ago and there you see the officer searching for the mountain lion. >> they think the mountain lion might be in the area. you see a lot of pointing and they think they know where it is, but they're not sure and two other sightings were seen in the same area early this morning and earlier this afternoon. we'll, of course, stay on top of this. >> as you look at these live pick the frurs sky 7 hd and
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let's go outside again and this time focus the weather. >> spencer christian, beautiful day out there. >> it was overcast most of the day and dreary looking and cool and breezy and now we have this great burst of sunshine and here's a look at live 7 hd showing mostly sunny skies with a few clouds still lingering. we have gusty winds up to 31 miles per hour at fairfield and 25 mile per hour gusts at sfo and mountain view and breezy in most other lookeds and here's a look at blue sky from the rooftop camera and it's currently 57 and san francisco and half moon bay and 58 at oakland and low to mid 60s at san jose and morgan hill and here's a live view of the emoriville camera. and a few lingering clouds and it's 68 in santa rosa and novato at 61 and concord and livermore. we see more blue over the golden gate. when clouds were thicker and
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these are our forecast features and the possibility of it during the overnight hours and overcast and cool the next few days and we'll see sunnier and milder conditions this weekend which is appropriate. it's memorial day weekend and the water vapor satellite image shows an upper level low which is providing the circulation that's produced some active weather in the higher terrain today and it's sort of winding down now. the active weather is but the cool and overcast conditions will remain with us for a few more days as we get a series of disturbances moving our way to reinforce the pattern we have. forecast animation starts at 7:00 this evening and notice how the spotty driz cell possible overnight especially near the coast and the bay. tomorrow, we'll see breaks of sun much like today and lots of lingering clouds as well and on we go to the week ahead in liver more and this is the projected high temperature and notice the average high this time is 78 degrees for the first four or five days and they'll average 9
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to 11 degrees below the average and that's typical of what the entire bay area can see and we get a bit of a warm-up as memorial day weekend approaches. overnight, a chance of spotty drizzle, lots of clouds and we'll see low temperatures, rather. low temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s and tomorrow the high temperatures will reach into the 50s in the coast and mid-50s in the bay and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast and notice there won't be much change although it gets sunnier and milder on friday and then the weekend arriveses and we get milder conditions inland with the mid through upper 07s on monday and the upper 50s to around 60 on the coast and not exactly what you call beach weather and closer to beach weather than what we have right now that's for sure. >> dan and cheryl. >> thank you spencer.
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>> thank you. >> all right. >> the tweet that sent apple's stock soaring. >> new at 6:00, eight years after her husband's death, find out why an east bay woman had to turn to 7 on your side's michael fin toe have her
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apple's stock jumped today after a tweet from billionaire investor carl icahn. in the tweet he inked an open letter to tim cook. he expects apple stock to keep growing this year from 129 to $240 a share. >> wow! >> the stock increased $1.50 after that tweet. icahn is the seventh largest shareholder shareholder. the federal court has reduced what apple has to pay samsung. samsung illegally copied iphone patents, but said apple could not claim samsung cop ed the
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phone's appearance and that dropped it to $548 million. first lady michelle obama presented the tech museum of innovation in san jose with the country's highest honor for museums. the institute of museum and library services awarded the tech the national medmedal. it presents to extraordinary and innovative approaches to public service. the museum is one of ten institutions to earn this honor. >> big congratulations to them. check out who is hanging out with california's governor. look at that little baby there, huh? that's governor jerry brown's new puppy. he's a corgi and border collie mix. the governor's other dog will retain the title of first dog, of course. calusa was appointed deputy first dog. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, an old tradition is fueling a hot new social scene with a message. >> there's more than just being in the floor and using your
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hands. >> something out of the norm even if you, like, don't know what you're doing, you can have a good time. >> find out what is drawing people from all over the bay area. i'll have that story for you tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> still eight win away! woo hoo! >> the warriors are on the verge of another big game. >> and ste
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. coming up new at 6:00 a look into san francisco's first subway tunnel. the major achievement most passengers will never notice as they pass through it. anda i school in silicon valley's poorest neighborhoods gets a boost from one of the wealthiest neighbors. a fun new way with a look at technology all coming up new at 6:00. >> see you then, ama. a chinese acrobat set a new
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world record for walking back yard and blindfolded. >> he walked on a tightrope between two skyscrapers. it took help him less than seven minutes. >> he holds several tightrope records and has survived multiple near-death falls. the golden state warriors first conference final appearance. >> abc 7 news was at the practice fallity the as the team prepared for an opponent that was almost a mirror copy of golden state. >> they have a shooting point guard that finished second for the league mvp. >> james harden raised eyebrows by saying he deserved to be named mvp and curry brushed it off. >> he comes off strong and that's how hed he should think that way. he had a good season and it's not like he's talking crazy. >> game one is tonight at oracle arena and tip-off is on our sister station espn.
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>> hoping for the best. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> for spencer tonight, trapped in the middle. the deadly shootout. nine dead, 18 injured. the fbi now called in. rival bikers and a bloody battle in a busy restaurant. and tonight, video during the chaos. the emergency landing late today. 300 passengers. mechanical trouble. and the other flight. the computer expert who says he got control of the cockpit through the in-flight entertainment system. the fiery crash. the marine killed. there were already serious concerns about that aircraft. the cuban boy made famous in that tug of war. federal marshals storming in. tonight here, you will meet elian gonzalez at 21. his new message now for those marshals. and the mystery fire not far from the vice president's home. tonight, the voicemails. the family calling from inside. you will hear those calls. the fbi wants your help.


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