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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 18, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> hoping for the best. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> for spencer tonight, trapped in the middle. the deadly shootout. nine dead, 18 injured. the fbi now called in. rival bikers and a bloody battle in a busy restaurant. and tonight, video during the chaos. the emergency landing late today. 300 passengers. mechanical trouble. and the other flight. the computer expert who says he got control of the cockpit through the in-flight entertainment system. the fiery crash. the marine killed. there were already serious concerns about that aircraft. the cuban boy made famous in that tug of war. federal marshals storming in. tonight here, you will meet elian gonzalez at 21. his new message now for those marshals. and the mystery fire not far from the vice president's home. tonight, the voicemails. the family calling from inside. you will hear those calls. the fbi wants your help.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin with fast-moving developments out of texas. stunning new details from that deadly shootout in waco. and dramatic images now of the aftermath. customers trapped inside as rival motorcycle gangs in a bloody brawl outside a bustling restaurant. nine dead, 18 injured. more than 150 charged tonight. the fbi now on the case this evening. and tonight, those innocent bystanders inside. some hiding in a freezer until it was safe to come out. abc's fip phillip mena on the ground in texas for us tonight. >> someone's getting shot. >> reporter: tonight, this dramatic video. innocent bystanders watching a biker brawl unfold. >> in my nearly 35 years of law enforcement experience, this is the most violent and most gruesome scene that i have dealt with. >> reporter: sunday morning, hundreds of bikers from five gangs, including the notorious bandidos, scimitars and cossacks
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descend on waco. heading to this busy shopping plaza an the twin peaks restaurant. which advertises bike nights, posting on facebook, "ladies and gentlemen, start your engines." 11:00 a.m., twin peaks opens for business. about an hour later in the restroom, a fight breaks out. the brawl spilling into the parking lot. the bikers involved using brass knuckles, knives, chains, clubs and guns. >> i just got a call from a passerby, they were going by twin peaks, thought they heard a gunshot, looked over and saw a lot of people running. >> reporter: people hiding in nearby restaurants watch as 22 officers rush into action. >> it was really, really scary. they said people outside the doors had guns. i crawled back toward the freezers with a lot of the waitresses. >> reporter: parents, carrying their children to safety. police and bikers exchanging gunfire. nine gang members killed, another 18 injured. 170 arrested. cops lining them up on the curb and loading them into buses and squad cars.
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the fbi has called outlaw biker groups a serious national domestic threat. and tonight, waco police tell abc news they are still on guard. are you worried at all about possible retaliation? >> that's certainly something that we are aware of. >> reporter: david, tactical units and investigators still out here tonight, collecting evidence. as for the restaurant police say they were warned not to host this gathering and tonight, this location is now shut down for good. david? >> phillip mena for us on the scene in texas. phillip, thank you. now to that other developing story tonight, that deadly crash in hawaii. a marine aircraft, an osprey, on a routine training mission, and then that hard landing. a fireball erupting. one marine killed. an aircraft that flies like a plane and lands like a helicopter, but there have been serious questions about this aircraft before. some have even nicknamed it the widow maker. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a routine training flight but as this marine mv-22 osprey kicks up a dust cloud yesterday in hawaii, it suddenly makes a
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hard landing, erupting in flames. >> dude, look how black that smoke is now. >> reporter: 22 marines based at camp pendleton in california were onboard. one was killed. 21 were taken to hospitals. one is still in critical condition. >> it's tragic and our condolences go to the families and to the loved ones of the victim. >> reporter: the osprey is an aviation hybrid. part helicopter for takeoff and landing, transforming into an airplane for high speed cruising. it's a complicated machine with a troubled history. during early test flights, a series of osprey crashes killed 30 people, earning it a nickname -- the widow maker. >> the osprey is not as good as most helicopters could conduct a mission and it's not as good as most airplanes would be able to conduct a mission. >> reporter: today, the marines told us the modern osprey is reliable and safe and has proven itself remarkably in combat since 2007. for now, the military says there will be no change to osprey
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flights while they investigate why this one went down. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> clayton, thank you. there are major new developments tonight in that tragedy on the tracks. the amtrak train jumping the rails, speeding up as it approached that curve. we take you back to the map tonight, that northeast corridor route from boston to washington, d.c., traveled by 11.6 million passengers every year. it is back up and running this evening. and tonight, what the fbi is now saying about that dent in the train's windshield. they appear to be ruling out the idea that something was fired at the train. which now leaves two main theories. and here tonight, abc's david kerley. >> reporter: less than seven days after the deadly derailment, amtrak trains rolled through philadelphia. commuters back in cars. so, you're back on the train. >> i am. >> reporter: any concerns? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: even though amtrak has restored service, as we now ride through that curve where the derailment happened, investigators are still asking, why was that train traveling so fast that jumped the rails here? tonight, new developments. the fbi today inspected the
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engine with that partially shattered windshield and says it was not hit by a bullet. the ntsb will determine if something else hit the train, but there are no radio recordings supporting the story that amtrak 188 was struck by something. we do know that the train was traveling at more than 100 miles an hour and the brakes were engaged as it reached a 50 50-mile-an-hour corner resulting in the derailment. but what caused that increase in speed? investigators are looking at the possibility of a mechanical failure, or a manual increase of the throttle before that slow corner. possible human error. an ongoing investigation as trains now return to service. david kerley, abc news, philadelphia. >> david, thank you. and a white-knuckle moment at l.a.x. a hawaiian airlines flight from l.a. to honolulu, forced to make an emergency landing, turning back after reporting mechanical issues, concerns about a fuel leak. 290 people on board. the pilots ss dumping fuel so they
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could land safely. firefighters on the runway as it touched down. the third emergency landing by a hawaiian airlines jet in just one month. the investigation into what happened late today still ongoing tonight. we turn now to that stunning allegation from a respected computer expert. he claims he seized control of a passenger jet in midair from his passenger seat. hacking the in-flight entertainment system, he says, controlling the cockpit for a moment. raising serious questions, is that even possible? now, the fbi is on the case tonight, and here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: tonight, a potential new threat to air travel. chris roberts, chief researcher for a cyber security firm, telling the fbi in newly released documents, he was able to temporarily take control of a flight while onboard, claiming he got in through the in-flight entertainment system and overwrote code, causing the plane to move sideways. roberts also claiming he infiltrated in-flight entertainment systems approximately 15 to 20 times. federal officials tell abc news his claims are extremely unlikely.
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but the fbi has seized roberts' computers and is investigating. >> anything that has to do with software, anything that has to do with electronics is hackable. >> reporter: including ships, trains, even cars. a security researcher using his laptop to override the driver. >> whoa! >> reporter: roberts has not been charged, and in a statement, says "my only interest has been to improve aircraft security." mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> mara, thank you. now, to the deadly weather. more than 200 reports of severe weather over the weekend. 41 reported tornadoes, including this one right here. this is from elmer, oklahoma, what's called a multiple vortex tornado, now declared an ef-2. and tonight, flash flood watches across the 34r5i7bplains. these images out of texas. black hawk helicopters air lifting families to safety. tonight, more drenching rain on the way. meteorologist ginger zee is standing by with the track, but first, the stunning new images coming in right now. >> reporter: deadly flash flooding across the deep south.
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in ruston, louisiana, flood waters sweeping away a vehicle and killing a young boy. four to seven inches of rain sending land sliding in mississippi, immobilizing this school bus full of children. >> i knew something was up when the bus was driving, i heard it slump over and then the wheels got stuck and everybody was panicking. >> reporter: instead of a steady stream of traffic, a steady stream. all this dangerous water, after a weekend of severe storms. almost 300 severe storm reports, including this violent tornado in oklahoma. and in texas, rescuers utilizing a drone to get a line to that stranded family. the national guard pulling them out. >> that drone did the trick. they got to that family. ginger with us tonight with the track for the next 24 hours. >> reporter: so many colors showing up on the map tonight. we have to get straight to it, david. winter weather advisories and warnings, 10 to 20 inches in parts of the rockies,%ed. that's snow, by the way. and then we talk about rain, from wichita, kansas, to wichita falls, texas.
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severe thunderstorm watch tonight including the potential for hail in west texas. but it's really the rain we've seen do all the damage, has killed people and has the potential to in the coming days. almost a half foot possible, especially in central and northern texas. parts of oklahoma city on track to see their wettest month yet, ever, on record. and then, here's this. waking up tomorrow, it's been snowing in the northern plains and it will feel like winter. >> a real dividing line. the cold and the warm. ginger, thank you. we turn overseas tonight, and to iraq. and new images coming in at this hour. that victory for isis seizing the stronghold city of ramadi 60 miles west of baghdad. haunting images tonight, showing the iraqi forces on those trucks and on the run. and in the city of mosul, isis now throwing a victory parade. tonight, even the white house conceding this is a setback, and abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran reporting in. >> reporter: today, a jihadi parade. isis celebrating one of its biggest victories yet. its conquering of the city of ramadi. isis releasing a gloating new video, showing their victorious
5:41 pm
fighters strolling the deserted streets, past a destroyed humvee and through an empty hospital, hoisting their black flag. the city is theirs. this weekend, iraqi troops, truckload after truckload of them, fleeing the isis advance. the fall of ramadi is another major defeat for iraq's shaky army and for the united states. the capital of iraq's largest province, the scene of major fighting after the 2003 u.s.-led invasion. hundreds of american troops gave their lives to keep this city out of the hands of extremists. today, in washington, administration officials acknowledged this is a setback, but said the u.s. will help iraq take ramadi back. but the administration has been painting far too rosy a picture of how this war is going for far too long. david? >> terry moran reporting in tonight. terry, thank you. and back here at home, this evening, the loss of an extreme sports legend. dean potter, known for those base jumps, there he is soaring, and in that case, landing safely. but tonight, we are learning more here about the tragic accident that cost him his life.
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here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: he was once called "the man who can fly" for his daring and illegal wingsuit jumps. and dean potter, seen here climbing the face of el capitan, told us he knew exactly how dangerous it could be. >> i wonder if it's healthy, what i do. like you're obsessed on this thing that might kill you. >> reporter: potter and fellow base jumper graham hunt were killed leaping from a 7,500-foot cliff. their parachutes apparently never deployed. potter was an intense but gentle soul, who never went anywhere without his beloved dog, whisper. do you think about death? do you think about your mortality? >> i'm forced to think about my mortality. i don't want to die until i'm an old, old man. i absolutely don't want to die falling. but somehow i have even a deeper draw within me to keep going towards my fears. >> reporter: neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle.
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>> neal, thank you. we turn now to an abc news exclusive tonight. the little boy who made national headlines, 15 years ago. elian gonzalez, crying as federal marshals stormed his home, caught in a symbol of strained relations between the u.s. and cuba at the time. now, 21 years old, and with a new message tonight for those marshals and for his family back here in america. he spoke exclusively to our jim avila. >> reporter: in cuba, he is known simply as "the child." they still call you el nino, si? >> si. >> reporter: elian gonzalez, now 21 years old, and for the first time, describing that day 15 years ago, when federal marshals stormed into his miami family's home to forcibly return him to his father and cuba. "when i saw a person with a weapon, i got scared," he said. "i didn't understand what they wanted with me." but then, this marshal took him in her arms and whispered, "we are friends of your dad. we are going to take you with your dad."
5:44 pm
then, he tells us, he was relieved. elian, in our exclusive interview, his first as an adult, shot for abc by a cuban photographer who has worked with him before, says he wants to thank those marshals and come to america to do it. >> i say thank you for the love they give me. >> reporter: elian still supports fidel castro, who has routinely visited him since his return. with his classmates. at his birthday. and national events. pictures of castro line elian's modest home. and he tells us he wants to mend fences with his miami relatives with one condition. he says, "i'm willing to forgive them, as long as they acknowledge they made a mistake." we reached out to elian's family here in miami, they refused comment on elian's offer of reconciliation. but the fisherman who saved elian told us today, he would love to see him again and he deserves an apology. >> all right, jim avila back
5:45 pm
from cuba tonight. jim, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the mansion fire mystery near the vice president's house. and new evidence tonight, the voicemails. you will hear them, coming up right after the break. the house in flames, the family inside. and that phone call. the fbi wants your help tonight with this new surveillance image. also this evening, a school bus scare. the 7-year-old girl dragged by her backpack, and the driver in the red car who is about to save the day. and then listen to this tonight. have you ever run into this with your morning coffee? the starbucks barista who appears to lose her cool with this customer. you'll see how this ends as we continue on a monday night. my constipation and belly pain feel like a raging storm. i've tried laxatives but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a heavy weight that keeps coming back. vo: linzess can help. once-daily linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements.
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next tonight here, the mansion fire mystery in washington. new clues in the deaths of that family and their housekeeper, not far from the vice president's home. new tonight, the man caught on surveillance. and the voicemail from inside the home. investigators want to know if they can hear something in the voices. here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: tonight, police on
5:48 pm
the hunt for this person of interest in the deadly washington, d.c., fire that claimed the lives of wealthy businessman savvas savopoulos, his wife amy and two others believed to be their son and housekeeper. that person, they say, may have been driving this -- the family's blue porsche, that was eventually found torched. police not saying whether someone was in the house with the family at the time of the fire, but making one thing clear -- this was no accident. >> there were injuries discovered, appear to be blunt force or sharp object injuries. >> reporter: hours before the fire, savopoulos, leaving this voicemail for one of his employees, telling them not to come to work at their house the next day. >> i hope you get this message. amy is in bed sick tonight and she was sick this afternoon. >> reporter: a source close to the family saying that his voice sounded tense, like something was wrong. and at 9:56 the next morning, a text message. this time, from savopoulos' wife, reading, "i am making sure
5:49 pm
you do not come in today." three hours before the house goes up in flames. and david, tonight, police not commenting on whether the phone call and text messages could have been coerced. david? >> all right, ryan smith in washington. ryan, thank you. when we come back here on a monday night, the big change that could be coming to the nfl when it comes to those extra points. also, the fiery crash on the track today. the indy car driver rushed to the hospital. we've got new details coming in. and the meltdown at starbucks going viral. have you ever seen anything like this, simply ordering your coffee? coffee?
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it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. to the index and racer james hinchcliffe injured today, crashing while practicing for sunday's indianapolis 500. losing control, smashing into the wall there. almost flipping completely over. he had surgery on his left leg. he is expected to be okay tonight. to that terrifying moment in louisville. a 7-year-old girl, her backpack caught in the school bus door. dragged the length of a football field. it turns out, a driver in a red
5:53 pm
camaro somehow stops the bus driver. the little girl recovering tonight. the driver of the camaro, a hero. to the meltdown at starbucks. >> bye! bye! >> that employee screaming at a customer here in new york accusing her of stealing food. others in line coming to the customer's defense. starbucks tonight saying the employee no longer works for them. the video viewed more than 1 million times, just for the week. the nfl and a possible big change tonight. owners considering moving the extra point from the 2 yard line to the 15 yard line, making it harder for kickers, of course. the vote could come this week. when we come back here on a monday night, the big good-bye last night. and can you guess the most watched tv good-bye of all time? sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve.
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finally tonight here, don draper, reflecting on his life. "mad men" saying good-bye. a spoiler alert if you haven't watched yet, but tonight here, the famous farewells. it all began eight years ago. don draper, those notes on a napkin. a young peggy, joan. and those looks. the realities of the workplace in 1960. >> good morning, mr. draper. >> reporter: "mad men" had arrived. and last time night, 92 episodes later, it was time to say good-bye. >> birdie. >> reporter: don and betty draper and that final call. >> i know. >> reporter: an indelible farewell for a show with a cult following. the art of good-byes playing out in front of millions before. >> look, i know how tough it is for you to say good-bye, so, i'll say it. >> reporter: the most watched good-bye, "m.a.s.h.," with more than 105 million watching, spelled out in the sand. >> i treasure you people. >> reporter: and the trademark
5:58 pm
comic relief from the cast of "mary tyler moore." >> i think we all need some kleenex. >> guilty. >> reporter: millions had strong feelings about "seinfeld's" farewell. "the sopranos," remember the onion rings and journey? that's where they left us. and last night, don draper, and a hint of a smile returning. one last idea. ♪ i'd like to buy the world a home and furnish it with love ♪ >> we certainly will miss "mad men." and we thank you for watching here on a monday night. i'm david muir. we'll see you here tomor >> shots fired in a peninsula neighborhood we're live as police hunt for a lurking lion on the hoos right now. >> a stolen car driver ends up here, after 30 miles on the write side of two freeways the question, where is he now? >> berkeley's soda tax.
5:59 pm
and where will the money go? >> looking inside of the underground muni. new transit tunnel and how builders get the mark. >> this is a live picture from sky 7 hd over a neighborhood in san mateo. a search is underway for a mountain lion spotted three times, and may be still roaming the streets. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. it appears that lion has been holed up in a residential neighborhood all day. here is the search zone all three sightings have been just off el camino in the palm and hayward avenue area. cornell, what have you been able to learn? >> one police officer told me that that shot was not related
6:00 pm
to the search for the mountain lion. we can tell you still it's an active search for that mountain lion. we're two blocks from el camino real. the big cat was last seen in the back of an apartment complex a block from here. 10 10, 9th avenue. officers are going door to door with guns drawn. very carry fully searching backyards. let's go live overhead to sky 7. that search continues by police officers. the lion was first spotted walking around about 4:30 this morning, then, 1:20 in the afternoon, then,