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conscious disregard for human life. >> the incident happened on november 22, 2013 aboard hayes' yacht which was docked in the santa cruz harbor. prosecutors have maintained that tichelman first injected herself with heroin and then did the same with hayes who fell asleep and never woke up. >> she initially tried to help him out crying while holding him and trying to shake him and trying to wake. >> reporter: but she never called 911 opting instead to flee the scene. >> while she regrets what happened that night she hopes that pleading guilty now will spare additional heart ache for everyone involved. >> it brings closure to our client, her family and to the forrest hayes family. >> reporter: today the judge sentenced tichelman to six years' incarceration and with good behavior and for time already served she'll likely spend three years behind bars in jail. >> this where the judge and i will respectfully disagree with
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one another. >> reporter: the hayes family has since moved out of the area. in santa cruz chris nguyen, abc 7 news. a south bay construction company owner and a project manager are headed to prison for an on the job death that occurred back in 2012. the santa clara county jury convicted 53-year-old richard lu and 36-year-old dan luo today of involuntary manslaughter. the pair face up to four years in prison. one of the construction workers, 38-year-old raul zapata mercado died in january 2012 when a 12-foot dirt wall collapsed on him in milpitas. building inspectors had issued a stop work order on the site three days before zapata died. the family of a vallejo teenager was shot and killed is learning more about one of the suspects accused in his death. janet hall joins us from the hall of justice. >> reporter: the family came to
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court for the arraignments of the defendants and the teens who were accused of shooting and killing their loved one and they ran into a man who was leaving court with a restraining order in his hand. 19-year-old kroll is one of two suspects who was charged with the murder of kenneth rusk. he was murdered on a trail near bethel trail high school. john woods who does not know rusk told the family he filed a restraining order after kroll attacked him with a knife. he warned police kroll was armed and dangerous and the courts didn't finalize the restraining order until today. four months too late. >> i did everything i could to see that he went behind bars, but all i could do was get this restraining order when -- i mean, if this would have happened one week before max would have been alive. >> there was somebody with a restraining order there that was, like, what? the police didn't do anything about it? i don't know, man. i just don't understand that. they knew it from january. come on.
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>> reporter: the family continues to grieve and hold vigils every night and with this new information there is more heartbreak and today we learn the name of the second suspect and 16-year-old alicia white, jr., she's being charged and tried as an adult. both suspects will be back here at court on may 29th for their arraignment and they've been held for $1.5 million bail. janet oat, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. a fire at a caltrans construction site will not affect weekend work at that bridge. the fire started at 12:30 this afternoon along highway 92 in foster city. sky 7 hd and the fire burned the concrete mixer and the glass around it before they finally got it under control. caltrans plans to close the san mateo bridge to do resurfacing work. there are three more cement mixers and the project should
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not be affected by this fire. a hazardous team is cleaning up the toxic runoff from an automotive metal work business. sky 7 hd had the chemical soup that poured outside harold's finishing. >> we activated the county hit team and tested the water and noticed that it was highly caustic and that's like an acid and will eat through your clothing and skin. >> some scary stuff. >> this picture from the san jose fire department shows us how intense the fire was. it took an hour and 15 minutes to get it under control and they were able to keep the fire from spreading to other businesses. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >> it's happened again. a dead whale washed up again on the san mateo coast and the third there in more than a month. sky 7 hd was over half moon bay moments after the marine mammal thought to be a gray whale was found near popular beach and it certainly got everyone's
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attention. >> in a way it's beautiful at the same time. >> how? because i've never seen a whale so close and it's just -- i don't know. life and death. >> this discovery came as crews were actually burying two earlier beached whales and abc 7 news was at shark beef in pacifica as they dug for the rails and it is unknown what killed one of them and the second leakly died from being hit by a ship. officials decided to bury the whales because of the foul odor. biologists are hoping the mountain lion has learned not to do it again. the mountain lion was found roaming near el camino real monday night and it was tranquilized and released in the san andre as lake by millbrae. what experts are hoping to learn from this big cat. david? >> cheryl the mountain lion set out at about 1 1/2 years old to
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create and establish their own territory. biologists hypothesize that mountain lions are moving into urban areas because they're following the food supply and the deer that have also moved to those areas. >> he's probably just laying up under a tree today just taking it easy but he'll continue to move on in a couple of days. >> reporter: paul is a biologist and project manager for the santa cruz puma project which has been tracking 18 mountain lions since 2008. make that 19 because he placed a tracker on the mountain lion now known as 56m. he was is nefrp of his own territory after leaving his mother. >> it's common, maybe they follow a creek corridor at night and sometimes that may lead them into areas where there's people. >> reporter: there are creeks nearby that lead from the santa cruz range to the flat lands in san mateo. the best habitat happen to be lower down with bay laurels and
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it's good deer habitat and it is going to bring it close tore people. in spaktfact, we spotted a young buck and fawn and they're in the neighborhoods in greater number. >> 56m will be monitored by researchers to learn more about their search for food and territory. an estimated 70 lions live in the range stretching from daley city to santa cruz. 56m was released in the watershed west of 9280 and also near popular hiking and cycling trails. >> i mean i feel very safe with all of the people on the trail, and i feel like that will deter the mountain lion away. >> 56m like other lions are known to travel 200 miles as they search for their own territory. in san mateo county, david louie, abc 7 news. we have developing news out of east bay park where a horse rescue is taking part. we just received these pictures of the rescue at the regional
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park in martinez. it shows a white horse on the ground as you can see and it fell 30 feet down an embankment during a trail ride. the horse got stuck in a part of a tree that was there and was injured as a result. this is video of veterinarians evacuating the horse. you can see they're evaluating the horse and removing the horse and you can see they flipped them over and the horse may have suffered a broken leg which would be terrible because it would have to be euthanized and we'll update you as we get more information. >> chinese professors face charges now of economic espionage accused of stealing silicon valley trade secrets and they're six arrested in the case. the decade-long scheme involved stealing microelectronics designs and sharing those designs with the university in china. the technology involved in the espionage helps to filter communications on mobile phones
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and other devices to make them more secure. governor brown flanked by leaders tonight signed a new climate change agreement and this agreement called for reducing rising temperatures on the planet and it calls for california and the other 11 governments to reduce greenhouse gasses by at least 80% below 1990 levels and do that by 2050. >> in all the many controversies and issues in california and in all of the other places in the world, climate change often takes somewhat of a backseat but the science tells us that this challenge is front and center. >> the agreement signed today includes oregon washington state, vermont as well as several provinces in canada, mexico brazil, germany and spain. brown plans to attend an international summit on climate change in paris later this year where world leaders hope to reach a new treaty.
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millions of car owners can be affected, what is now the largest auto recall in history and just how big the exploding air bag problem has become. that's next. plus paypal gets punished and the government's crack down in san jose for misleading consumers. and -- >> mark davis gets besieged by fans and the media. so what is he saying about staying in oakland? well it doesn't get any better than this. i'm mike schumann live in oracle arena. game one of the western conference finals and
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covering novato, oakland sunnyvalley and all the bay area this is abc 7 news. in less than an hour this little girl will sing her heart out. nilea dennison will perform the
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national anthem at tonight's big game one as the oilers take on the rockets in the western conference finals and this young lady can sing too. mike schumann is live at oracle for us tonight which is going to be rocking shu. >> reporter: no question. it already is, dan. this is a huge moment are moment. the warriors haven't been here in 39 years. both teams are one and two in the western conference and i'll let you look at them and both teams won three games and houston all elimination games and of course she has the mvp in steph curry and the runner-up and james harden and he'll have a little chip on his shoulder but this is a huge moment for the young warriors team and we asked the splash brothers how they deal with it. >> i don't think any moment is too big for any of us. there is a reason we won 67 games and there is a reason we made the adjustments we did and it takes a great team to win three in a row in the playoffs.
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so we're confident. we know we can't just show up and like i said just because the warriors are playing, we're the better team. we'll outwork teams and that's what we're going to try to do in this series. >> i'm excited. i can't wait. it's been a long time coming and we still have what we want to accomplish. >> all right. you're looking at clay thompson's dad, michael thompson who used to play for the lakers. he's nervous and you know the players are and today, by the way, is the one-year anniversary of the hiring of steve kerr last year and i'll tell you what it turned out to be a great hire. game one coming up at 6:00 and i'm mike schumann reporting live at oracle arena. >> thanks very much. >> as shu said it was one year ago when he was named head coach of the warriors. i would say it's a darn good year. >> the warriors are trying to break a 39-year-old championship
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drought and they also need to break the sports illustrated curse. take a look at this. that is steph cur owe the cover of sports magazine with the headline curry's next stage. the athletes on the s.i. cover get jinxed and by the way, michael jordan was on the cover 49 times and won six titles. >> so much for the jinx right? tonight's game tips off at 6:00 on the sister network espn and game two is at oracle tuesday night and the series shifts to houston for games three and four in the best of serve series and abc 7 is the home for the abc 7 finals and catch the action beginning on june 4th. >> the oakland raiders took center stage with the owners meeting in san francisco ooibsabc 7 news was -- mark davis told them he had a meeting just a few minutes before. >> i want to keep the raiders in
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oakland, but we have to be able to compete. >> they want to see him do more. >> we want for mark davis in good faith start negotiating in oakland. he wants the land here in oakland for free. why is that? >> he did meet with the oakland city council president lynette gibson for three hours last friday night. he says we should learn more about the raiders future of oakland june 1st when they're scheduled to present a preliminary financing plan for a new stadium. >> meantime a change in direction for the new england patriots in the deflategate scandal. robert craft announced his team will not appeal the punishment handed down by the league last week. they were fined $2 million and stripped of two draft picks and kraft thinks everybody should move on. which has already been appealed
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by players union. >> you've heard about all of the problems with defective air bags made by the japanese company takata leading to the biggest auto recall in u.s. history? 7 on your side michael finny is here with a major development. >> takata agreed today to almost 34 million the number of air bags covered by the recall. the chemical in the air bags can explode with so much force it can send metal shrapnel into the passenger area of vehicles. this has been blamed for six deaths and more than 100 injuries worldwide. takata only agreed to increase the size of the recall after intense pressure from the department of transportation and the national highway strafk safety administration. >> up until now, takata has refused to acknowledge that the air bags are defective. that changes today. so far, toyota and honda have
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been the automakers most impacted by the recall and it was under this expanded recall which other automakers will also be most affected. >> federal authorities have launched an investigation into the 2008 through 20 tennis an versa. the vehicle may be prone to having its tires blow out. there's also concern that the brakes could fail. a faulty coil string is the suspected cause. 93 formal complaints have been filed by car owners by the national highway traffic safety administration. >> paypal may be ordered to pay $25 million after being accused of illegally enrolling customers for an online credit program. federal regulators are proposing the san jose-based company refund $50 million to customers and then pay $10 million in fines. paypal is accused of using misleading ads during enrollment and mishandling billing disputes. the judge must approve the
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proposed settlement by the consumer financial protection bureau. paypal is not admitting wrongdoing and says it takes consumer protection very seriously. >> michael, thank you. >> on to the weather a little bit more sun out there. meteorologist sandhya patel is outside with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> i am seeing more blue skies right now dan and cheryl and many of you probably are as well, but it is still cooler than normal and let me show you live top lore 7 hd and talk about what's ahead for the middle of your workweek. a few clouds on the radar and a few showers as you'll neatis they'll stay up there and we're not expecting them to come down in this direction. we had measurable moisture this morning in the form of drizzle. la honda, rocky ridge .06 and do expect more of that each though you're seeing the sun right now from the emoriville camera. 61 in oakland and it's in the mid-60s around san jose and half
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moon bay and you can see the clouds coming back in over the financial district and a few spots made it up into the low 70s like santa rosa, fairfield and nap a 64 and in livermore it is 67 degrees and here's the view from the mount tam cam and the clouds you're looking at will be working their way across the bay as we head toward the morning hours and drizzly areas tonight and below average the next few days in terms of the temperatures and there is a slight chance of showers here in the bay area on thursday. one low has pushed on out. we have a couple of more lows out there and we'll call it cool and unsettled as high pressure is not building in any time soon to bring us any warmth. so get used to this pattern and spotty drizzle is possible and your morning commute will include some slick roadways and be careful and allow extra time for the morning commute. not much clearing expected for your wednesday afternoon and there will be some areas of sun,
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but you have to head well inland to see the sun and believe it or not, even though it's may 20th tomorrow we'll be seeing some snow up in the sierra a couple of inches expected above 8,000 feet. if you are traveling, keep that in upper 40s to the lowa 509s and as we head toward the afternoon hours we'll keep it on the cooler from normal side and 58 half moon bay and the clouds will linger here and 63 in san mateo and 70 degrees, and low 70s for concord, livermore fairfield and 67 in san jossy and around the lake county area we can't rule out showers again. accuweather seven-day forecast early drizzle for your wednesday and a slight chance for light showers thursday morning and then we'll keep it really on the cool side for friday. saturday we start to notice sunnier skies as the clouds
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break up a bit and the temperatures will respond upper 50s to mid-70s and with upper 50s to low 50s coastside and upper 70s for memorial day. if you have outdoor plans the weather looks fantastic and by tuesday when people return to work and in fact to school they'll be back up to normal in terms of our temperatures. cheryl and dan. >> sandhya thanks very much. well what is something showing up on bay area beaches in addition to whales. the mystery is solved next. >> new at 6:00 from 7 on your side's michael finney. a bay area woman denied a grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water.
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♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. a silent alarm system at a south bay high school helped police catch a pair of accused burglars. when authorities arrived at los gatos high school they found brian nab and sabrina fernandez hiding on the property. the two might be involved in a
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number of other burglaries in santa clara county. years of cuts appear to be over at least for the time being. today city leaders announced $47 million for the department. it will help pay for first responders and also buy new fire vehicles and ambulances investing in technology and upgrading facilities. in the last few years the firefighters union has been critical of the department because of an ambulance shortage and understaffing problems. >> i think that they've got to be pleased with it. it has been difficult, and we've had to cut our operating budget for the last few years and this is the time that we're getting funding we need in terms of enhancement. >> the firefighters union says the additional funding is great news and necessary to cover the quickly expanding city. a new program at an oakland high school will allow students to earn an associate's degree before they graduate high school. school officials announcing the program that will allow skyline high schools to earn credit at
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berkeley city college and this is with a non-profit career ladders project and the grant from the software company s.a.p. the abc 7 news i-team investigates some of the bay area's notorious bicycle chop shops. >> i suspect my bike was taken apart very quickly. >> we went undercover for weeks. you'll see what happens when the i team looks for a deal and when we asked the suspected ringleader why he operates these chop shops. our exclusive investigation tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. hundreds of gallons are washing ashore near santa barbara. a pip line on land ruptured spilling that into the ocean at refugeio state beach. not before the oil spread out about four miles. emergency crews have responded to begin containment and clean up. in 1969 a massive oil spill in the same area killed thousands of marine animals and birds. sky 7 hd was over pacifica beach this afternoon and yes,
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those may look like shells and seaweed seaweed, but they're thousands of jellyfish. you'll be glad to know the jellyfish stings are harmful to most people and thousands washed up on malibu beaches in southern california earlier this month which we showed you here on abc 7 news. an incredible amimage of a volcanic eruption in chile and as lava spewed into the air. the volcano is among the most active in south america. looks like something from another world, doesn't it? ? first intel and now this. >> the bay area teenager who founded a company and now has the backing of his my name is rene guerrero. i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for
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our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california.
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covering daley city, dublin los gatos and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6:00, the local retailer gets hit by smash and
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grab thieves. tonight only on:00 7:00 the police recruits that caught them in the act. 100 years after it hosted the pan pacific expo. ♪ ♪ the return of the old-fashioned barn dance but it's what these folks do before they dance that makes the event more special. all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. am a thank you. microsoft is making a big investment into a bay area teenager's science project. >> the santa clara eighth grader made a braille printer from his lego's robotic set. >> microsoft wants in. the tech giant is helping shuban to develop a new robust printer g the tablet. >> he's received funding from intel and by the way that's where his dad works. nice. >> good for him. >> great influence. great job. >> thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley, for
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cheryl iljennings and sandhya patel, we'll see you again at two breaking stories as we come on the air. a major warning for american families, the largest auto recall in history. nearly 34 million cars, defective airbags. several major automakers. some airbags known to explode right in the front seat. also tonight, reports of at least eight tornadoes already. the watches up right now. ginger zee standing by. also developing at this hour, the cruise ship that left boston. it has now run aground. more than 2,600 passengers on board. hillary clinton. our reporter with the tough question. after learning she and the former president made $25 million last year, we ask, how are everyday americans supposed to relate to her? the heist. the hole carved into the vault. $300 million stolen.


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