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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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drought. bay area communities tightening the reins. >> stealing the show, the adorable daughter of steph curry after the win is making her the mvp this morning. >> she is telling her dad to be quiet. and everyone else is, keep talking. >> and now, thanks for joining us on hump day. thank you is not how you treat a superstar. takes a two-year old to keep you grounded and remind you are a dead even though you are the best player in the nba. >> here is a look at what is going on, live doppler hd but mount tap tap is pressing the deck of clouds but it will not feel like clouds. 46 at 55 this morning with patchy fog and by noon mostly cloudy and the sun will be slow
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to break free. by 4:00, 56 to 68 and back in the 50s after the sun is setting this evening m >> leyla? >> it is cool but drivers are steaming because it has been a tough drive all morning. we are still looking at a decent commute coming in from the east bay so 10 minutes from the macarthur maze to san francisco. and the san mateo bridge, this is going to be empty on friday night. that will last until monday for the high-rise finishing touches and several actions are causing big delays. details coming up. >> now back to the breaking news we have been following all morning, a six-year old girl abducted from san jose has been found safe matt keller has the latest development.
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matt? >> i got the news 10 minutes ago the six-year-old san jose girl has been found safe in stockton with the two suspects in custody. the young girl ava bar-illan was taken from san jose at 1:30 this morning and amber alert went out at 5:30 this morning and police arrested the female suspect in stockton 45 minutes ago with the suspect vehicle the short that everyone was looking for in this amber alert. they captured the male suspect the, boyfriend of ava bar-illan's mother 15 or 20 minutes ago, also in stockton and he is under arrest. this is obviously good news and the law enforcement made quick work of this and they found the suspect and the young girl in stockton quickly from 1:30 to 6:00 so that is 5 1/2 hours that it took them to capture the two suspects. no word when they bring the young girl back to san jose but
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the amber alert has been canceled. >> a former youth camp employee will appear in court on child porn charges. the sheriff deputies arrested the man may 7 on allegations of file sharing piled pornography and charged with one count of child me lastation. he was a night monitor at saratoga science camp and the county office of education said they hired an outside investigation to look into other possible molestation cases. 200 teachers and administrators will descend on the capitol lobbying more money for education. leaving from san jose later this morning, and this is the 13th annual bus trip for education. the board of supervisors president will be leading the group and they call it a legislative day of action.
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some of the bills they will discuss include a potential measure that would fund school construction and monday easternize progresses and a bill on vaccination requirements for students. >> 6:04. crews will resume a massive clean up effort near santa barbara after a ruptured pipeline spills thousands of gallons of oil. 1,500 nato foot boom is laid out surrounding the started beach at 20 miles west of santa barbara to keep the oil from spreading. the ruptured pipe line was found off highway 101 near the state beach after residents complained of a strong odor. the crude oil spilled into a cull verdict. it floated under the freeway to the beach and continuing into the water. estimates say 21,000 gallons of oil spilled into the ocean. the spill stretched four miles along the shore. officials say it could spread another 2-4 miles because of
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wind. we will have more next half hour. >> demonstrators call on nestle to end the california water bottling operations while they deal with the drought. residents from the bay area are expected to travel to the sacramento nestle bought weeing plant for trucking away undisclosed amounts of water >> some residents face toucher water restrictions in response to the drought with novato residents only allowed to use them three days a week under new rules. the move in response to requirements that north marin residents cut their water use by 24 percent and officials say customers have already cut water use by 18 percent. >> santa clara county is tight being water use because of the drought. supervisors issued a call to action asking residents and
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business owners to reduce the water use by 30 percent. the county also is cracking down on the watering schedule if you have odd number address you can water on monday and thursday, if you are even numbered address water days are fuse and friday. >> thousands of water customers are rewarded for their effort to curb the drought. the dublin water district is reducing rates to reward customer whose have done a good job saving water the price break amounts to $2.50 a month for 80,000 customers in dublin and san ramon. they slashed water use nearly 25 percent last year, the biggest savings in the state. >> tomorrow night the warriors will take 2-0 lead over the rockets. >> golden state warriors was behind by 15 points in the first half but warriors bad eled back led by steph curry and cored
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scored a game high number of points and warriors beat rockets. during the post game press conference his two-year-old daughter stole the show. >> it is basketball. >> that is too loud daddy. be quiet. >> he plays well. >> well... >> you feel like you needed to do extra. >> she is just like this. she is only two. craziest thing ever. >> what you did not see riley crawls under the table and poked her head out and became a social media sensation a warriors tweet of steph curry and riley has been re-tweeted 25,000 times.
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guess what your 2-year-old daughter does not care if you are m.p. of the nba. >> wait until she is twelve. >> game two at oracle arena tomorrow and shifted to houston for game three and four saturday and monday for best of seven. we are the hope for the nba finals and hope and believe the warriors will go. >> the way with all the exciting action june 4. >> we want to share your excitement by showing woes pride on social media featuring fan photos on air and at >> use #dubson7. we will track down your pictures. >> we have a karl to create a fan, making a wager with our sister station in houston and we need your help with good ideas on what to bet. we have had clothing suggestions, food suggestions which do you think i go for? we posts the question for you on pace book this morning at
6:09 am let us know what you think. >> we are not going do have to pay up so it doesn't matter. i say $5 million. >> texas barbecue. >> now the weather. >> your buddy, he wanted to put this up? his hair. >> nos mine! >> your hair? >> wow. >> okay. >> i have a bone to to pick withly. he wanted . i like it. it is a pain but i like it. >> morning. he wants me to shave my head if i lost. not a good luck. >> everyone is in the low-to-mid 50s from mill valley at 50 to hair at 56 along with mountain view and we have 48 in antioch and los gatos for the cooler spots. the temperatures are a lot like yesterday with 61 to 68 around
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the bay and not so breezy but not is sunny at 68 to 74 inland east bay for the warm spot and coast and san francisco 56 to 60 with 9 cloud cover over the golden gate bridge. a couple of showers tomorrow and friday and waller this weekend with more ahead. >> we are taking you on a virtual commute heading down 101 southbound with things cleared. we passed sfo and we had an early accident in the northbound direction and that cleared. our 380 camera shows eve is moving along at top speed and, again we are good to go. talking about mass transit 52 bart trains are running on time and no delays. one-minute delay on ace train one and three. walnut creek still had big gaps between the main street but tapping the brakes close to
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highway 4. >> ride at your own risk. >> the fall out over airbags that are likely in your car and possibly ready to hurt your family. >> what police say was rumored to happen in the wake of the deadly bike are brawl. stay tuned.
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>> following cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 6:14. we are looking live from our emeryville camera as the eastern span of the bay bridge with the camera shaking around. it is breezy. and places along the coast will have drizzle this morning. we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco about the forecast coming up. >> you it this morning, a new hampshire restaurant is closed amid reports of a planned motorcycle gang meeting days after the deadly biker brawl in texas. police called the closure an abundance of caution. >> meanwhile, businesses are re-opening in waco and only twin
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peaks remains closed. nine people were killed and 170 were arrested. there are if you reports that the millionaire owners of twin peaks may have ignored police requests not to host the bikers. that story is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> parents in washington state are grateful their child is alive. an s.u.v. slammed into the room of their sleeping baby. police say a woman still learning to drive miss took the brakes for the gas and plowed into an apartment. the impact of the crash caused the crib to collapse and the eight month old baby was not hurt and not even a scratch. the driver was not ticketed with police ruling it an accident. >> she mistook the gas pedal for the brakes. >> right. >> that is what happened. lucky baby. now a check on the weather. hour lucky are we? mike? >> pretty lucky all areas are
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cloudy and drizzle is possible, especially the closer you are to the coast and our higher elevations but the cloud cover is creating slight arrival delays averaging one hour and five minutes and one area that has seen the sunshine this morning, walnut creek looking southbound on 680 toward the 24 connection and another area is 2,600' up and slow sunshine today and below average temperatures. i don't think it will be so bright as yesterday. the area of low pressure is tomorrow and friday and could produce a sure or two and then warmer temperatures through the holiday weekend. we will get back to average. here is a look at cloud cover, notice by noon it is the inland east bay that will see most of the sunshine while clouds are lingering elsewhere and the coast is not so much sunshine at yesterday. you are in the 50s and 60 and 70. calmer today though, compared
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to yesterday. mid-to-upper 60s in the south bay, 67 in santa clara, and 70 at los gatos, and that is the exception. and we have 58 at half moon bay and the warm spot is daly city and colma and the sunset district 56 degrees. nearly 60 downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and bodega bay at 56. we have mid-60s to nearly 70 degrees through the north bay valley and notice the models again, frying for grid out another stray shower around clear lake and lake port. low-to-mid 60s along the east bay shore and berkeley, hayward san leandro, union city, newark at 63 and 68 in san ramon pleasanton and 69 at walnut creek and were else in the low-to-mid 70s. now, tomorrow, we will hang around in the low-to-mid 50s and notice the drizzle more prevalent and a stray shower is possible tomorrow during the morning commute and as we look at our future radar, we still have another chance of a spray shower and the best chance is in
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our higher elevation. at the game tonight dress for mid-to-upper 50s and tomorrow thursday, or friday, the cool of the days and 70s and 80s are possible by next beak. leyla? >> mobile 360 still continue, down highway 101 through redwood city and we are just beyond the dumbarton bridge and traffic is light. not much of anything. i town our camera around in 180 degree direction and it looks like tail lights purring northbound i hope you do not get too lonely. the golden gate bridge shows traffic filling in as you come from marin to san francisco and not this weekend but next weekend, the last weekend of may, we have a big closure that will make a big impact in the commute. boil drive will be shut down starting on thursday, may 28, right through monday, june
6:19 am
1st. highway one remains open but there is going to be a lot of traffic so use alternate such as ferries and the bay bridge. >> thank you. it is 6:19. the battle of the ballroom is over and there is a new celebrity champion abc's "dancing with the stars" now. >> new champions are rumer willis and val. >> that is right, rumer willis is the new champ, with her partner dancing their way to the top after a perfect performance last night. >> i believe in mile and the journey we went on together. i'm so proud to be standing here with val. >> what a night for rumer willis slow and the other finalists spent the night ton a plane from los angeles to new york to appear on "good morning america" so you can catch the action at 7:00 during a "good morning america" dance party starting in
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40 minutes. >> epic sales for a bay area start-up and customers are upset over the new marketing campaign. >> what could be the largest auto recall in history and what you need to know before your family buckles up. >> weather and traffic over sutro tower in san
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>> as we look at traffic in the south bay it is moving along quite nicely. we will check with leyla gulen and what is going on in a couple of michigans with the traffic. >> and now a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up next on "good morning america" severe weather in texas and oklahoma. more than two dozen reported tornadoes and the town of mineral wells hit hard, power is out and officials are going door-to-door to check on the residents. we are on the scene in texas with that and more on "good morning america" next. >> thanks. car owners, one in every four cars on road need the airbag replaced. takata is doubling the airbag recalls used in 34 million
6:24 am
vehicles, that are capable of violence explosions which can shatter 9 casing sending shrapnel flying into drivers and passengers. they are blamed for five deaths. for more information on the recall, and if your car is affected visit a san francisco start-up that specializes in sending personal chefs to cook for customers is in hot water on social media because of a marketing stunt, according to a website they put fake tickets on thousands of cars on monday looking like official citations but on the back sorry to pump you we wanted you to know about us," and it included a coupon for a 25 percent off the first chef visit. many people took for twitter and calling it insensitive and the worst promotion ever. >> two san francisco streets getting a makeover. city leaders and public works officials will announce major
6:25 am
improvements with a special ceremony at oak at bayer to reveal the details of the beautification project. >> can you really rely on online reviews? we talk to two people who were offered money to write five star reviews of products and services they never even tried. what you need to know to tell a fake review from a real review if a "7 on your side" special report right here. >> stay tuned. >> the aftermath of a slow down at the oakland part and why it might actually be good for business now. >> the warriors won last night but it did not look good in the beginning. we will hear a player explain why he thinks the team got off to a bit of a slow s >> and san francisco international airport we want
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you to know we have more weather and traffic ahead. ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7
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news. >> it is 6:28 on wednesday. a look outside at clouds over the bay right now and a lovely span from the exploritorium camera, you can see the whole gorgeous view. >> thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> that is leyla gulen this and she will have traffic. and i am eric thomas and mike has the weather. >> it is cloudy. it is not too foggy. starting to see breaks in the cloud cover inland east bay main. over sfo the clouds are creating an hour and five minutes average for the flights arriving or the delays. drizzle out there but not so human as it was yesterday. temperatures are mainly in the low-to-mid 50s and we will day in the 50's at the coast and 60s for the rest of us until we get up to 7:00 and we will fall back into the 50s again so cooler-than-average keep the coat handy. >> leyla, how is it for drivers?
6:30 am
>> busy. two different stretches of 101 starting with san jose near mineta san jose international airport headlights are headed in the northbound direction away from 880 and to see it is moving along just a few slow vehicles. 101 through san rafael in the north bay southbound traffic tail lights loading up but we have a car fire, and a couple of accidents and slow downs in a few minutes. >> more now on breaking news from san jose the amber alert has been called off for six-year-old girl after she was found safe a short time ago. >> our reporter is at the santa clara county sheriff. what do you have? >> that is the good news, the six-year-old was found in the last 40 minutes in stockton and we have new video from stockton. you can see the six-year-old from san jose, ava bar-illan in the arms of police in the 5500
6:31 am
block of tree swallow court. two people accused of abducting her have been arrested. police arrested the female suspect 35-year-old dawn attkisson this morning. the police found the male suspect, 39-year-old maurice cheadle and ava bar-illan before 6:00. maurice cheadle is the boyfriend of ava's mother. no word on what happened now and when and how the baby will be returned to the family in san jose but the good in us is she is with police and she is safe. you can get the latest updates on case by following us open twitter@abc7newsbayarea. we are following breaking news in san francisco's visitacion valley area at this hour where there is a stand off between a man barricaded in a home and the police. the stand off has been going own all night. officers were first called to
6:32 am
the whom around 9:00 last night. police say the man got into an argument with the girlfriend and has refused to come out of the home. police negotiator is on the scene and we will update the situation when we get more information. >> today, another demonstration will be held in protest of morality clauses in the handbooks of san francisco catholic high school and at issue is language in the handbook that reclassifies teachers as ministers and condemns homosexuality. the ambassador bishop has revised the language of the original handbook but roasters say -- but the protesters say this undermines the diverse community and catholic education. >> the coast guard will do a fly over over yesterday's oil spill off the santa barbara county coast, conditions may have pushed the oil further down the shoreline. our reporter is in the newsroom with the latest. >> the flow has been shut off for 21,000 gallons of oil spills
6:33 am
on the coastline. the oil slick stretches for four miles loan the beep. the company has started an emergency response time with massive clean up underway today with the ruptured 24" pipeline discovered when people noticed a strong odor. >> i got out of the car i thought, well, that is that smell? he said, it smells like...power or gas. >> it is a disaster. i am a local. i learned to surf here. i cannot bring my kids here for six months. a year? >> whales were seen swimming very close to the oil slick but officials say they have not received any official reports of injured wildlife. the company is making every effort to limit environmental impact.
6:34 am
>> rockin' this morning after the thrilling come-back win in game one of the western conference finals and our reporter is in dublin with a look at how they plan did carry the momentum into game two. hopefully stuff like this will help look at this with a lost support all over bay area and players felt it that the crowd headed push them to the victory. the warriors did pee the houston rockets 110-106 and this was the first game of western conference finals, the first time the team made it there in 39 years. before the game they sounded excited but it did not look that way when it started getting off to a slow start down 16 points before finally waking up. livingston got credit for igniting the team. the players tried to explain why it took a while to cash fire. >> sluggish from days off and
6:35 am
not playing a few days. we turned it on in the second quarter and played with great energy. happy fans celebrating as they left the arena and the warriors have the day off and will lay tomorrow night. this is 9 bet of seven series so you can expect to see decorations like this here for at least another week even longer, if they make the championships. game two is at oracle arena tomorrow and the series shifts to houston for games three and four saturday and monday and the best of seven series and we are the home for the nba finals and we hope the worries will go -- the warriors will go all the way with the exciting action on june 4. >> next, the big apple big plan to give the bay area a run no its money.
6:36 am
how new york is cashing out a new niche in technical. stay tuned.
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>> coming up at 6:39, we went
6:39 am
for four in a row. we took the dodgers down at 3 1/2 games back with two left in the series under cloudy skies and cool again. speaking of southern california the low pressure could bring scattered showers but cool weather and mid-to-upper 60s the big story and 80 in chico and fresno and notice the sierra and moving back to the best chance of showers and even some thunderstorms and high level snow great lake tahoe foe yosemite. -- lake tahoe for yosemite. >> check it out, pretty darn good. clear closer to the airport and you will not be laid for a flight. >> we are going to start with this the san mateo bridge is closed this weekend for much needed repair. it will be the last of the two closures. the traffic right new is very
6:40 am
busy and, in fact, it looks like the drive approaching the bay bridge toll plaza is slow through the macarthur maze. thank you. this morning orinda mayor has defeated fellow democrat bonilla in the special election for the state senate seat representing alameda. glazer got 54.6 percent of the vote. bonilla, from concord got 45.5 percent of vote. more than 11,000 voters took part and the seat was recently video indicated. >> in the amber alert just called off for little san jose girl we have the latest next. >> turning the west coast port slow down into something position and it could something positive and could be a business boon for local businesses. stay tuned.
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> new details now on breaking news, a six-year old bay area girl at the center of an amber alert has been found safe. ava bar-illan was found an hour
6:44 am
ago in stockton. you can see her being carried behind the tree. she was taken from san jose at 1:30 this morning. this is new video from our sister station in sacramento and this is this stockton where she was found. callers tipped them off that the man and woman that took her were in stockton. they arrested the woman and ordered the man to come out. ava bar-illan was handed identify. it is the ex-boyfriend of ava bar-illan's mother. they are working with the sheriff to bring home the girl safely. >> a new offer to buy time warner table with the fletch temperature communications group is in talks to buy the company and move into the united states cable market. this is after a multi-billion dollar deal between time warner and comcast failed last month. the new proposal is rumored to be worth up to $44 billion. >> the technical world is buzzing over what is poised to
6:45 am
be a big announcement from the virtually reality company bought by facebook which is circulating this ad noting june 11 event if san francisco. they are inviting the media for "the roll out," of a headset. developers gave a look at a conference if los angeles in march with high definition video and built in audio and is marketed as a way to enhance gaming laying experience. >> pay pal is paying millions over disseeming users. >> new dirt in the technical rival between new york and san francisco. here is the morning money report. >> morning, a little bit lower today but mostly quiet as we get the trading day underway with the fed minutes from the recent meeting sold to probably a lot of people on the sidelines. pay pal is paying $25 million in fees and penalties owned by
6:46 am
ebay, was accused by the consumer financial protection bureau of illegally enrolling customers without permission on the "bill me later," and mishandled billing disputes and pay pal said they were trying to make the shopping expense easier. >> this is controversial according to business leaders around the country, new york's tech scene is booming pause of the workers, and new york workers are more intense and practical than those in silicon valley. it said that technical workers in san francisco are more creative but more prone to group think. the study was done that said new york beats san francisco in public transportation but not in weather. i we have to agree with that. >> the west coast shut down was harmful to the fashion industry that saw hot styles sitting off the coast and not able to be unloaded so it means a lot of good deal for fashion lovers
6:47 am
with most of the clothes going to department stores and down scale schools like the rack and t.j. maxx. >> thanks, 6:47. a new report gives the bay area mixed reviews when ranking the best and worst airports in the country for on time travel during the summer. a look from our sfo camera travel reward sites mild rank san francisco international as the 4th worst when 69 percent of flights arriving on time. the study found newark liberty international airport is the world in new jersey at 64 percent. oakland and mineta san jose international airport are among the ten best in the country. san jose is ranked 5th with 80 percent on time arrivals and oakland international is 7th at under 80 percent. honolulu was top at 88 percent. >> sfo should have scored high for wi-fi and the museum there
6:48 am
on-site. >> nice if you look for thing to offset. >> trying. >> major preparations for disneyland's 60th anniversary celebration in anaheim. it is expected to be jam packed starting friday, disney will stay open for 24 hours a lot of people will be there including our own leyla gulen and 14.5 million visitors took part in the celebration a decade ago and this year the park is expecting even more and testing several new methods to deal with huge crowds in and outside the park. disney characterers are on hand to entertain guests. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> we are sharing our favorite disney photos from the news team and many of you viewers we thank you for presenting then. post your photos with # #disneyon7. you can see them here. watch for the reports right here
6:49 am
on abc7 on monday morning. on right, that is my daughter when it was magical. they still are. not in the same way but the expense is amazing. i could do disney for 24 hours straight. >> there i am! >> now a look at the weather. at disney the cameras are every are and you can e-mail. it is so fun. >> morning, everyone live doppler hd, concord 12 miles per hour, and fairfield at 15. winds are picking up but they will not cover the entire bay like they did yesterday. from the golden gate bridge east and the bay bridge north, we will have winds around 21 to 33 knots from 12:00 to 8:00. from the exploritorium it looks quiet with drizzle and 10 or 11
6:50 am
miles per hour wind if you take the ferry and i will show you coit tower, beautiful as it sits against the gray backdrop and sunshine is slower than yesterday, below average today and a shower or two tomorrow ask friday and the summer starts with spring warmth. check out the cloud cover, inland east bay gets the most sun and you are the warmest and by the afternoon we will see as much sunshine as yesterday but for the coast and right through the golden gate bridge where we have the finger of fog los gatos is at 70. we will have mid-60s on the peninsula, and the exception mountain view. 58 is the warm spot, half moon bay, and daly city at 56. nearly 60 downtown and south san francisco and sausalito to mid-50s in the north bay chest. from 64 in san rafael to 70s in santa rosa and a stray shower
6:51 am
is possible. low-to-mid 60s along the east bay shoreline and upper 60 in the san ramon valley and low-to-mid 70s elsewhere. tonight, the drizzle is heavier and a stray shower is possible with the low. mild though, low-to-mid 50s and tonight at look the cloud cover is taking over all of our neighborhoods and you can see the rain and stray shower for the commute and another chance in the higher elevations headed into the afternoon. tomorrow and friday, our cool of the days, then we warm up through the holiday weekend and we would get to 80 inland by tuesday. >> we are chugging along 101 northbound from mountain view to palo alto and we passed a parkway and traffic is light, turning 360 around in the southbound direction of 180 and tail lights are moving along at top speed. we had an early car fire in fremont southbound 880 at mission boulevard is cleared and we have slow-and-go traffic away
6:52 am
from 238 with the rest of the south bay spots of delay along 101 up tully road we have slow-and-go traffic that eases at the 280 and 680 split. red near alum rock avenue with 51 miles an hour beyond 880. the rest of the drive beyond, is looking clear and accident free. 580, tracy to dublin is 43 minutes and 23 minutes southbound along 680 from dublin to mission boulevard south and 85 from 101 to cupertino is a short five minutes. >> stay tuned. is there an elk in
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>> atraffic is heavy for sure at the san mateo bridge. right now here are seven things to know before you go: breaking news a six-year old abducted from san jose has been found safe 75 miles away from stockton. this is new video of ava bar-illan wrapped in a blanket moments after police arrested a man and a woman suspected of taking her. police say the man is the ex-boyfriend of ava bar-illan's mother. >> cruise are resuming a clean young effort after a ruptured pipeline spills thousands of gallons of oil into the ocean at the state bench. initial stilts are 21,000
6:55 am
gallons of oil spilled into the ocean best leak was capped. >> we get our first look at major storm damage in the dallas-ft. worth area, a series of tornadoes swept through the area in the last 24 hours, decimating homes and buildings. national weather service said dozens of twitter-ers -- twisters were located in oklahoma and texas. >> nestle's is asked to stop their bottling operations for trucking away undisclosed amounts of water from a plant for the bottled water. >> warriors fans are feeling confident after the team beat the rockets last night at oracle arena in game one of the western conference finals. steph curry led emboss goes with 32 points -- led goes goes -- led golden state warriors with 32 points. >> drizzle with temperatures in
6:56 am
the low-to-mid 50s. in the afternoon we will see the sunshine and not so much as yesterday. temperatures inland east bay are warmest because of the sun at 68 to 74 and upper 50s along the coast and upper 60s along the bay but not so breezy. >> five or ten minute bart delay in downtown oakland in richmond because of an equipment problem on the traffic. in the car we have a stalled motorcycle blocking a lane on 580 at mcarthur and all the traffic there is funneling in to the bay bridge toll plaza and it is a heavy backup into san francisco. >> we continue now online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. see you in 25 minutes. our sister station in houston has some smack talk they wanted to share with us. we will not comment on that. but you can comment on what we should wager.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight. tornado outbreak. dozens of twisters touching down in texas and oklahoma. >> it's trying to pull itself together to try to make one large tornado. >> debris flying through the air. miles of destruction. this town and church badly damaged. a new warning of more flooding to come. new overnight. stranded. this massive cruise ship with more than 3500 people on board running aground, stuck for hours off the coast of bermuda. what caused the ship to go off course? and is it safe to set sail again? we hear from passengers. new this morning. biggest recall ever. nearly 34 million defective air bags on the road right now with the potential to explode, sending shrapnel flying. and now alarming new questions. are the replacement air bags safe? rumer and val! ♪ >> rumer


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