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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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hit-and accident. 19-year-old robert pelesauma and 18 year old faavesi koka from san francisco, all arrested year investigator say they were chased after an arm robbery last month when they hit and killed a woman. the 42-year-old bridget klecker was struck in the crosswalk on april 10. >> this brings closure and i am glad they caught them so they don't kill anyone else. >> san francisco police say the dangerous fellows were arrested with the help from police in hayward, santa rosa and the f.b.i. >> new details in tuesday's oil spill on the santa barbara county coast. "los angeles times" reports that the pipeline operator has racked up 175 safety and maintenance infractions since 2006. official now say more than 105 the gallons leaked best line was discovered and shut down. the governor brown has declared a state of emergency. our reporter will have more on the battle to contain the spill at the top of the hour.
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>> happening tomorrow, game two of the nba western conference finals at oracle arena and golden state warriors beat the rockets on tuesday. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is at oracle arena. the team has given away t-shirts at previous lay off games. what about today? >> they are ready to go for tonight. look at the arena, full of all of the t-shirts and ready to go. we have had all the giveaways to look at: t-shirts, arm bands flags, thunder sticks it pays to be a warriors fan. they take care of their fans and they will make sure there is a lot of blue and gold ready to go for tonight. the warriors are up 1-0 in the series beating the rockets on tuesday night and it was a great game, we love the victory but they did get off to a slow start. they were even down at one point by 16 points and the warriors have said or acknowledged that
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they got off to a slow start but we pulled it all together and we won the game and practiced yesterday they said they did assess what they learned from tuesday night and adjusted their play. >> it is always a good feeling when you win because the next game you have a chance of winning again if you play better. we will adjust well. >> the center may not play tonight. he has a springed knee so he is questionable. watch for that ajustment tonight on how the rockets will handle that. the game two is tonight at oracle arena and this is a best of seven series and they are hoping it will be loud here tonight. it has been in the past and the fans have not let them down and the players say the fans made a difference for them on tuesday might and they felt the support, they felt the encouragement, and the enthusiasm and that is when they turned it around and beat
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the rockets. hopefully that will happen tonight. >> the players depend on the fans. tip-off for game two at oracle arena is at 6:00 p.m., the series shifts to houston for game these and four saturday and monday and the entire best of seven series on espn. >> of course abc7 is the home for the finals and we believe the warriors will go all the way with action starting june 4th. share your excitement by showing your pride on social media with fan photos on air and at you looking at them right here right now with # dubs we will share your pictures. >> we are hearing from the driver in the wrong way police chase across the east bay. the driver sped the wrong way down highway 242 and 4 in conquered before crashing interest an s.u.v. in berkeley
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on sunday. man called 9-1-1 to say he was not going back to jail. [ inaudible ] the driver ran away after the crash. the officers and dogs searched the neighbors but were unable to find him. >> the family of an elderly san francisco woman is ling for help to fine the person who attack her. the 77-year-old lin leong is in a coma after being hit in the head by a stranger on mother's day. katie marzullo has the story. >> if this generation, the law is not there to protect us. it goes way back to the chinese exclusionary. >> a theory as to why 77-year-old lindsay lohan did not call -- after 77-year-old
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lin leong did not call the police. a fall down the stairs later before she got help and then it was too late >> the result of her brain trauma is she will not recover from this injury. and likelihood of her waking up is not possible. >> lin leong family hopes someone saw something to help police solve the crime. she did manage to tell her family a good samaritan came to her aid. >> we need to speak with the individual who may have seen the suspect or the entire incident happen. >> community leaders in chinatown are hoping others can learn from this. >> when this is an incident make a report right away. don't wait until this lady police are looking from surveillance video but have found only this image of lynn listen on -- of lin leong on the sidewalk. >> right new we have breaking
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news, police are in daly city where a stolen dump truck tried to el lead officers and ends in a big crash resulting in injuries and an arrest and traffic implications. our reporter, matt keller is on the scene. >> what a mess on san jose avenue. you can see the dump truck in the middle of the road here next to a pole and a minivan on the left side is damaged. the police are here. they have traffic investigators on the scene investigating exactly what happened here early this morning. it is quite a mess out here. it looks like this is going to be closed off for quite a while and we were work on getting information from the police department and update you on what exactly, occurred out here but a big mess indeed as they have a dump truck in the middle of san jose avenue. you can expect this road to be closed off for several more
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hours. >> two men are in critical condition and a woman in her 50s is dead following a house fire in east oakland. it started in the kitchen of a him on 89th avenue near international boulevard last night. investigators are not sure why the victim did not get out quickly because it appears three smoke detectors in the home were working properly. >> for the first time if 40 years farmers are told to stop pumping water from the san joaquin river. growers have been voluntarying to cut water use by 25 percent and more cuts are expected for the california farmers as the drought is worse. >> we do not have any...i want to call this rain but it is really just drizzle. >> it is drizzle but it can be heavy so that is why it is accumulating. at the station we had .04" so far making the trip dicey. west portal is 52.
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we have sunny side at 53. everyone else is at 54 degrees. glen park and the ferry building and the financial district is at 55. all of us in the mid-50s because of the cloud cover and around 53 to 55 degrees. the, exception is pacifica at 52 and tracy at june. you can see it looks fuzzy right here because of some of the wet weather that is hang around and the moisture on the embarcadero which is slick. our afternoon we will be wet at times inland, and this is the best area, drizzle is heavy at the coast and san francisco and drizzle to showers away the pay. here is a look at one area that is wet this morning i usually do not show them but leyla was nice enough to show you it is wet. we will have a final check of wet weather on friday and look at the warming trend as we head through the holiday weekend with more on that coming up. leyla? >> i was being a good citizen. you may have remembered we had a
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big bart delay yesterday, it was a mess in the later morning hours and everything is running on time now with 25 trains on the tracks. i want to remind you that this weekend this is not going to be any bart train service between fruitvale and the coliseum station all day saturday and sunday for maintenance crews to upgrade the a very wet bay bridge toll plaza. we saw the cars earlier but it has dissipated. we are see the traffic moving for san francisco and away from the lanes. >> we have a problem if you are in the east bay traveling in the eastbound direction along highway 24 right at highway 13, possible crash with the possible stalled vehicle blocking one lane. >> straight ahead the action a local library system is taking after workers are caught on camera throwing thousands of books in the trash.
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>> users beware: you may think twice about catching a ride from ondemand services. stay tuned.
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>> covering santa rosa berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back a heads up to those looking to on demand start-ups for flexible hours and better pay. according to the chronicle a new survey finds that many worker whose work for companies like uber found they pay lower and the hours are less flexible than they expected. the survey finds that some of the main sticking points leading to lawsuits are workers desiring benefits that are offered to full time emhighwayees.
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>> high end buses remain parked this morning that would normally schultz workers to the san francisco financial district. they do not have proper permits and were ordered to stop. the buses run between the marine ma and financial district. the company is working to clear up the issue. >> pressure is forcing the alameda county library system to stop throwing ambassador -- away thousands of books it deemed unusual. we got nationwide attention with 76,000 people sharing the story. here is our reporter with more on the story. >> this video of alameda county library employee throwing away throughs of books forced the administration to fiend a way to preserve them. the board decided it was a good idea to contract discover books a nonprofit that collects and re-sells or gives away the material. book lovers are still upset that
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an estimated 172,000 items got dumped. >> company picks are pull off the shelf without consideration for their value. >> this information is four years old, financial information is four years old, i would not want to give this to someone who is trying to work on their finances. >> all becomes have historical value some argue, and criticizes the policy that tracks books not used enough. >> this is a poll to guarantee the dumbing down of our cultural heritage. >> the administration said the public library is not an archive, the mission is to bring books that people want to read. the difference now is the books are not immediately thrown away. >> a citizens group fighting to re-open a shuttered san mateo ice rink is meeting tonight after being closed down two years ago displacing youth hockey players.
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the developers want to use the space for retail and the city council is considering latest offer of $3 million to develop the falls elsewhere. the meeting is at 7:00 p.m. tonight at a business called "always quilting," during the boeing alley. >> this afternoon the giants try to sweep los angeles at home for the second time this season. posey had an amazing night hitting a two run homer in the 7th and in the 8th playing first base posey makes a catch of the pop-up and leaned into the dugout to make the >> it was rain on the giants yesterday but not anyone complained. >> hope not. they are open role with the long of the winning street. right now. >> nice to see a dad and his son get together and the son learn from his dad. >> are you speaking to your son?
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>> he was probably still up playing video games. >> mike? >> moving on, we will tack abut the weather at 4:46. a few more gray hairs with his name on them. 59 at 12:45. the breezes pick up. this is a chance of scattered drizzle to a light sure. it will not be heavy enough to stop the game. just know that it could be a little moist from time to time. you can see everything is quiet right now and live doppler hd showing golden gate bridge is one of the areas that has the wet withth this morning and you can see the lights reflecting there as we look at traffic from marin county. scattered drizzle to showers the next 36 hours it will stretch through tomorrow afternoon. the holiday is still trending dry and warmer and that pattern will hold law next week. today with the high temperatures, we are mid-to-upper 60s in the south bay, and not much of a change
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from year maybe a degree or two cooler. low-to-mid 60 no most of the minutes that and to los altos, 67 degrees and mid-to-upper 50s along the coast, and daly city and colma is 57 and the cooler sports are nearly 60 in downtown and south san francisco. sausalito is 61 and upper 60s in bodega bay and through most of the north bay valley and around cloverdale and toward lake port and clear lake a chance of a hour but it looks like it is a less are chan and not is intense as the thunderstorms we had yesterday. low-to-mid 60s loan the east bay shore with oakland at 64 and inland we have mid-60 in the san ramon valley and if we get to 70's you will have to be out pittsburg and antioch and brentwood with more sunshine. mild tonight and low-to-mid 50s. here we are at 7:00 with random future radar returns as drizzle and showers through the lunch hour and through the afternoon into the evening hours it does not change and it could pick up
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a little bit as we head to tomorrow morning with the low passing just to our south and as we head into the evening the chances will fade so tomorrow evening, i think we should see the dry coming in. now, two- to four-degrees warmer on saturday and more warm the on sunday holding monday tuesday, maybe warmer on when. a damp morning. >> as far as traffic we have not heard of any problems so we are in good shape as far as accidents with nothing to speak of. we see plenty of green on the map but we are seeing slowing over the altamont pass. first, i want to take you over to construction, however, that is blocking the transition road southbound 680 to when 580 so the transition out of dublin toward castro valley is where you fine the lanes closed. now, riff time traffic, if you are headed out of tracy, it will take you 28 minutes and with that slow and go you
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minutes from antioch to c >> thank you, leyla. this is affecting you directly, a big week for disney, the 60th anniversary of the opening of disneyland. >> this is a huge celebration that kicks off with the park opening tomorrow morning and staying open for 24 hours. straight. >> leyla is heading down downtown and we will cover this tomorrow. all week we are asking you to share your favorite disneyland photos that we are posting onlined with the news team. keep posting your photos using # disneyon7. you may see them on air. >> more practicing rights for the san francisco 49ers and a special honor for levi stadium. >> a look at new trail no the screen debate of american's favorite pint-sized hero.
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stay tuned. life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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>> starting today, marin residents can get a look of the impact of riding sea levels that are a high tech version of the coin operated binoculars viewpoints. people can see what the area could look like in the future. they will have 3-d visualization and capture viewer >> levi stadium was handed out an award by sports businesses award, which beat out at&t stadium and university of phoenix stadium among others. levi stadium will host super bowl 50 in february and it has
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posted 49er games wrestlemania and outdoor hockey game between the sharks and los angeles kings since the opening last summer. >> a new safety concern for the bay bridge, one of the 424 steel rods that anchor the span has failed a test in fracture. crews discovered 400 rods were in rain water and could crack when exposed to water. >> it is back and will appear on the big screen. >> indeed. >> we going about doing a wish it is a wish we want to wow the child. >> this and documentary of "batkid," the wish heard around the world. the documentedry opens next month in select cities before warner brothers releases it in july nationwide features miles
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scott a boy with leukemia who was able to live out his wish to be batkid because of make-a-wish foundation and brought out the best with san francisco turned into got amnesty for a day and thousands pouring into the streets in a big show of support. what a day that was. >> it was. a great story. ever. ever. >> now mike has the forecast. >> it was fund and up lifting day, and now everyone, from walnut creek camera you can see 680, parts of 680 and highway four are yet and parts of 580 are wet. that is the inland east bay compute as far as the drizzle. temperatures this may, possibly cooler-than-average do you think? we have been from 4-8 below where we should be. it is quiet across the state other than the drizzle we are dealing with but showers and storms are possible in the sierra again and 54 in lake tahoe and 65 in yosemite and
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more showers in southern california with mid-to-upper 60. >> we have ace train one that is since minutes late pulling into straycy so heads up had and here is a look at the san mateo bridge and travels are smooth. we do have the roadway that is dry out right now after it drizzled and we have a commute between east bay up to the peninsula. we have construction at the macarthur maze and we heard that transition roads are closed so that means westbound 24 and 580. we do have a few lanes taken away on transition roads between that intersection and closer to the macarthur maze along 580 which is going to last until 6:30. >> if a few hours the ground breaking ceremony is held for the, expansion of the moscone center where more than 500,000 square feet double the amount the largest ballroom now offers
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with the ceremony at 9:00 a.m. on howard street. >> colleges across the bay area will try to break a world record for most blood pressure tests given in eight hours. campuses in san jose, san leandro and pleasant hill will gin other campuses around the nation in the challenge part of "national high blood pressure education month." students will have to take more than 26,000 blood pressure tests. >> dog owners veterinarians are warning a contagious strain offing do influence -- flu is videoing after another case was diagnosed in ohio. a thousand dogs in chicago contracted the virus. it can lead to death many recover. cases have been reported in ten states including in california. >> when you think of all the work that goes into making a wedding bus
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dallas mom got away from the traditional and made it from toilet paper involving boiling woulds of toilet paper and using tape and pink and blue threat part of the toilet paper wedding dress contest sponsored by charmin. >> that creativity is amazing. >> it is. you would not wear it to your wedding? >> that is what i calm up-cycling. >> a popular chain is pulling ground beef from the stores. >> a push that could have you paying more for electricity when you need it the most. >> we will take a quick
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 a.m. on a drizzly showery thursday morning. thank you for being here. don't forget the umbrella. >> nothing is going to rain on the warriors parade. right? >> absolutely not. >> thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze with leyla gulen. pressure. >> no, no, not at all. the treasure is on you, you are driving through it. you have to be careful and you need extra time. >> our visibility is fairly well this morning which means most of the drizzle is now lighter local nonexistent, but it was heavy at times


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