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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:00 a.m. on a drizzly showery thursday morning. thank you for being here. don't forget the umbrella. >> nothing is going to rain on the warriors parade. right? >> absolutely not. >> thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze with leyla gulen. pressure. >> no, no, not at all. the treasure is on you, you are driving through it. you have to be careful and you need extra time. >> our visibility is fairly well this morning which means most of the drizzle is now lighter local nonexistent, but it was heavy at times and san jose, 87
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near the shark tank is looking dry. the 12-hour day planner has most temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s with drizzle continuing and scattered showers are possible heading through noon and into the afternoon hours and also into the evening hours and we could see a bit of sunshine, but a great day with temperatures in the mid-50s at the coast and the rest us in the 60s. >> thank you mike. on the roads this morning, and it could be slick in spots and as long as you do not steal my thunder stick. >> okay. here is a look at the north bay san rafael 101, traveling in the southbound direction, tail lights could be moving slower pause of the wet conditions. when you get to the golden gate bridge you can see the lights reflecting making it into san francisco and the donees on lens too. just slow down the speed. give yourself extra time this morning. it should be tapering off.
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be careful. >> it is 5:01. breaking news could impact your commute with traffic and muni service could be affected by a crash involving a stolen dump truck being chased by police. matt keller is in daly city with the latest. >> what a mess out here on san jose avenue in daly city, a tow truck has arrived to take away the dump truck but it will take a while to clean up. we have a diesel spill from another vehicle. it started in colma, police officers saw the dutch truck in a neighborhood, ran the plates and found out it was stolen leading to a high speed chase and the dump truck hit a minivan with three people inside and one adult woman, 20 year old woman and a 16-year-old girl suffered minor-to-moderate injuries and taken to the hospital. the driver of the dump truck tried to run off but officers caught up to him and arrested him. he has minor injuries.
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officers have the diesel spill contained. the investigation will take away. police expect to be here for another two or three hours. >> disturbing new information of the houston oil company that spilled 100,000 gallons of crude along the santa barbara coast as aggressive clean up conditions in an area filled with wildlife. we are in the newsroom with the latest. >> governor brown issued a "state of emergency," in santa barbara county so the state resources can get their faster. the massive clean up effort is growing. the amount of oil spilled is more than originally thought. officials now say more than 105,000 gallons of crude may have leaked when the pipe ruptured and 21,000 gallons reached the ocean. the state beach shows oil and muck for nine miles.
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camp sites were evacuated just ahead of memorial day weekend and the only million allowed on the peach are the clean up crews and their proper gear working diligently to clear the water and sand and do what they can to protect wildlife. >> the response is going as well as planned the fact is the spilled oil is difficult to contain and collect when it is on the water. >> the pipeline that broke was on shore and the oil poured into a storm drain and into the ocean. "los angeles times" reports the company operating the pipeline, houston based plains all american pipeline has a history of safety violations. more than three times the national average with 175 infractions since 2006. now, tone the warriors will try to defend their home court advantage against the rockets in game two of the western conference finals.
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on tuesday, golden state warriors beat houston to take the 1-0 lead. dwight howard is questionable after suffering a sprained left knee in the quarter. usually the teams with home court advantage that go up 2-0 have won the series 94 percent of the time. steph curry disagreed with the nab decision to fine him $5,000 for violating the antiflopping rule on tuesday. he was glazed by jones in the 4th and steph curry said he has never been warned about flopping and no one talked to him about the lay before being fined. >> lot of people flop? >> harden is the master. game two at oracle arena at 6:00 people with the series shifting to houston for saturday and monday in houston for the best of seven series with all the games on espn. no slight to harden. >> abc7 is the home for the nba
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finals and we hope the warrio go all the way. >> fans are the best in the nba and are proving why. here are some of the many fan photos and we fee too your photos on air so houston # #dubson7. you could see them on the air. >> a window washing company is being fined bit state for a worker's fall from san francisco building. perez is still recovering from serious injured after he plunged 11 stories and landed on a car. osha is imposing $13,000 in penalties against centerry window cleaning because they did not do enough to protect perez from falling. >> grocery outlets pulled ground beef from the shelves because it could contain glass. a woman found glass in the
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meatloaf she bought and the company has pulled all 5-16-pound packages from their stores. officials are trying to determine where the glass came from. >> your electricity bill could be substantially higher especially in the summer. according to "usa today" the public utilities commission could ask utility companies to design what is known as time of use electricity rates. customers would pay more for electricity when demand is high and less when demand is low. so that means high are bills in the summer when people depend on air conditioning. the rates go into effect in 2019 >> don't need to be talking about air conditioning now. >> climate change is making us cooler in the summer months. caldecott tunnel, watch out we have had our better precipitation at .09" possibly
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causing ponding. the more people drive through the more it will thin out. temperatures headed inland east bay low-to-mid 50s everywhere but concord and 57 degrees. we have mid-50 everywhere but bodega bay is 50 and calistoga is 51 and financial district and newark at 55 and cupertino and redwood city and brentwood 56 and dry right here. now, in san rafael you can see there is left over moisture from drizzle earlier on 101 looking southbound. inland today, it will be wet at 55 to 70 and drizzle at 56 to 60 and drizzle to showers an the bay at 61 do 67. one of the wet areas is the approach to the toll plaza and hail let me use a camera. here is the three day forecast. tomorrow, another chance, our final chance in this unstable air mass with high pressure coming in and i will show you how much longer the sun and warm weather hangs out in the
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seven-day forecast. >> in san jose traffic is generous because it is smooth sailing headed beyond the shark tank and we don't have anything to exceed our visibility and nothing to block the lanes so it looks like you are at top speeds into downtown san jose with southbound traffic not finding any. we will take you over to the altamont pass where we have a blocking of a lane causing delays out of tracy over the altamont pass you are going to find it root around grant line and north gasoline road. be careful traveling in that direction, we are seeing more time added to the commute between tracy and dublin. into i-80 traveling in the eastbound direction, 49 miles per hour to fairfield the drive when up to vallejo also, along 680 at top sped before you get to the benicia bridge.
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>> the morning cup of coffee could give men more of a boon than they think. >> that is your second coast. >> forget the old career book the seniors are putting a high-tech spin on a high school tradition. stay tuned.
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a memorial in ferguson missouri dedicated to michael brown is coming down. the memorial where people have placed plow we ares and gifts will be replaced by a permanent plaque in concrete. he would have turned 19 years old today. you will recall he was fatally shot by former police officer darren wilson on august 9th. >> new government survey finds schools in the united states are getting safer. over the past four years schools have beefed up security measures with safety drills and parent notification systems. this was the sandy hook elementary school shooting in connecticut in 2012 there has been a go crease in -- decrease if violent crimes in four years. >> seniors in alabama see a new spin on an old tradition. this is one of the first batch
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of schools to have interactive video year books using an app that allows cameras to connect certain pictures with video links. you scan a photo and the video pops up and some pictures are still frames. >> i would like to get my fingers on the pages and flip them and go back-and-forth. >> that is the way we used to doing it but not our kids. >> the biggest recall in american history is creating confusion among car owners. >> topping america's money, frustration over the potentially deadly airbags. >> none of the 17 million newly recalled calls are listed yet on the recall website of the government. car owners should check the website for updates. >> hulu outbid amazon and yahoo at $180 million to stream
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"seinfeld." >> a backyard barbecue all on a buck. >> a patty, cheese hotdog and layer of chips and probably bad for the waistline weighing in a 1,100 calories. and 64 grams of point. but not is not the point. >> forget viagra a study fine as couple of cups coffee could help alleviate dysfunction. university of evening next researchers found hen who drank one or two cups of coach each day were 42 percent less likely to report impotence. caffeine triggers a series of affects that relax the arteries in a man's body and increase blood flow. >> how is the weather, mike? >> i said it.
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i am not ashamed. >> how is the weather looking? >> you usually have an opinion on every story. >> i am trying. so hard. >> okay. >> how is the weather looking? >> looking a little wet. we will leave it at that. >> yes. yes. get out the up now, the areas that had measure average drizzle this morning. san francisco is .05" and san bruno .01". winds are light at ten miles per hour in oakland. 15 miles per hour in fail. a sure could pop up any time. one could cause delays at sfo as we look at our peninsula camera. we will let you know. they let us know in 40 or 50 minutes. if you want to follow me on twitter, i will let you know.
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scattered drizzles to showers could pop up. the holiday weekend is still trending dry and warm and the pattern will hold most of next week. our temperatures down in the south bay we are going to fall short of agency again with good temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s and low-to-mid 60s on the peninsula and mid-to-upper 50s along the coast and downtown and south san francisco i don't push 60 and a chance of a spray shower around lake port and clear lake and fault as internet as they were yesterday when they had a few bolts of lightning. low-to-mid 60 long the east bay shore line and inland, hid 60 and a few 70s around pittsburg and antioch and brentwood. >> 59 a gale -- at the tonight, up to 61 for a high. this is a slight chance you
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could get wet. 7:00 this morning you can see drizzle to light showers continuing and as we head through 4:00 you and see chances of showers that will pick up as we head into the evening and overnight hours. by tomorrow afternoon, we will start to see these relax. at the seven-day forecast, by saturday temperatures are starting to poke into the 70s and by sunday and monday the bay will get into the 70s and stay there as we head to next week. hope you have a good day. she is now off to disneyity, but here with the traffic. >> important things first, walnut creek southbound 680 traffic is very manageable as you head away from mess an hill to highway 24. when you get on to highway 24
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into oakland or toward macarthur maze there is construction that will be around until 6:30 so could you be detoured from time to time in the area or see the lanes blocked off. that will cause slowing. give yourself extra time. headed into the south pay we have construction that is causing a jam closer to highway 87 highway 280 where the lanes are blocked until 6:00 or 6:30. the rest of the south bay is at top speeds but for the little spot right in as you approach highway 87 it san mateo is clear 71 miles per hour at woodside. and san mateo bridge is closed and will be reoften on monday. dumbarton bridge is the best alternate. >> get your mouse ears ready we
5:20 am
are a day away until the 630th anniversary of disney in anaheim. >> we have a look at an all new special addition of the "world of color," show and we look back at 60 years of disney history in a huge screen made up of water and 1,200 dancing noun -- dancing fountain. and tips on navigating the busy park. what are your secrets to get an the crowds and have a great experience? >> here is a tweet from a woman, her secret is staying in a disney hotel so you get the magic hour an hour early and straight to radiator spring and do it between and then when everyone shows head to toy story
5:21 am
mania and do it twice and everything else is gravy. >> someone said don't take the kids. there are a lot of ideas. post yours so we can all benefit and enjoy disneyland with efficiency. >> don't take the kid? that is like scrooge. >> leyla has the cool assignment going to disney land for the 60th celebration and will be live tomorrow from anaheim as the park opens to kickoff the event starting at 4:30. don't miss anything. >> leyla has the great 69 time going to disney and we get up at the wee wee hours in th stay tuned.
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chili's. fresh is happening now. >> here are seven things to know before you go. number one breaking news out of daly city where traffic is being re-routed and a stolen dump truck crashed, the driver of the truck slammed into the van at san jose avenue and three people were hurt and the driver was arrested. >> three suspects get away. investigators say they were being chased after an armed robbery last month when they hit and killed a woman. >> new details this morning in a massive oil spill off the coast of santa barbara county the pipeline operator reportedly has a history of federal safety
5:25 am
violations. officials say the ruptured pipeline had been inspected just two weeks ago but the results does not come in. >> today is the ground breaking for the $500 million expansion of the moscone center with 500,000 square foot of space added to the center for wider sidewalks and larger crosswalks and open air plaza. it is set to be completed in 2018. >> five, the warriors and rockets square off for game two of the western conference finals tonight at oracle arena and they won the first game on tuesday night and you can watch the game and the entire series on our sister network espn all games start at 6:00. >> check out the golden gate bridge weather window, look at drops on the lens, drizzle rolling through this part of the bay area and all of us are going to get wet at some time today. i will tell you how long it will last in an update on the holiday weekend forecast. >> seven still moist drive headed in from the east bay to san francisco and now we are looking at the toll plaza where
5:26 am
traffic, again collecting in the cash-paying lane with three or more folks in the car you can use the car pool and the fast track moving down the middle smoothly with no actions this morning. >> my gosh. my gosh. my gosh. well, a proposal on the shores of lake michigan did not go as planned, the future mother-in-law stole the show with the face plants you saw but the soon-to-be groom wasn't deterred and he proposed to his lady and she said "yes." mom was so busy laughing she missed the expire thing. >> i don't know if i would marry a guy who did not run to his mom first to see if she was okay... >> yeah. you did not need a lot of cash to see the rolling stones with a secret concert at small club in hollywood with ticket at $120.
5:27 am
world spread like wildfire and the counsel sort sold out in seconds. diehard fans said it was amazing. a guy outside the club was offering to pay $4,000 to felt in but no takers. the stones are kicking off 15 continue city tour in sunday on san diego and that is the only west coast city on the tour and believe you tickets will not be $10. >> 5:27. the news continues next with a move to combat the drought and what farmers are forced to for their part. >> think twice before you hail an uber over how the workers are treated. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. hello there. it is thursday morning at 5:30. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> we promised a lot of fun in store, we have the disney celebration all here. got the gig olds. leyla gulen. meteorologist mike nicco. >> thankfully we do not choose between the giants and the warriors we have a day and night game and we will focus on the commute. not much rain but there is drizzle and it is heavy at times. fact, it has been falling in walnut creek where you can see 680 is wet this morning and to 24 which has been really wet and the 12 how day planner low-to-mid 50s and scattered showers and light drizzle all throughout the day with temperatures holding in the 50s at the coast and the rest us in the low-to-upper 50s
5:31 am
with a few breaks in the cloud cover later this afternoon. >> mikes thanks. on the roads they are slick? >> we have a couple of reasons to be giddy because of the rain and we don't have accidents. right now, the drive along the san mateo bridge and traffic is building a bit as you head across the water in the westbound direction with the tail lights and you can probably see the grabbing lights on the eastern portion and this is in preparation no the closure, the entire bridge in both directions is shutting down friday at 10:00 p.m. through monday and that is to complete re-pave on the high-rise. we will take you to the golden gate bridge where it is still wet there as you come in from marin to san francisco and not this weekend but the following weekend, doyle drive is going to be close asked i have the details straight ahead. >> breaking news, several streets are shut down in daly city right new after a crash involving a man in a stolen dump truck trying to get away from the police. our reporter is at the scene.
5:32 am
>> what a huge mess out here, necessity just brought in another tow truck a huge tow truck and you still have the dump truck right there in the median next to the people. -- next to the pole. they have not moved it yet. there is a dezeal spill on diesel spill. police officers saw the dump truck in a neighborhood in colma, ran the lights and found it was stolen from san francisco. that led to a high speed chase for five or six miles through colma and south san francisco and ending up in daly city and the dump truck hit a minivan with three people inside at san jose avenue and one adult woman, a 20-year-old woman and 16-year-old girl all suffered minor to moderate injuries and taken to the hospital. come pa police say the driver of the dutch truck tried to run off but officers caught up to him and arrested him. he had minor injuries. big problem was the dump truck spilled the fuel everywhere and officers have it contained. the investigation is going to
5:33 am
take a while. police are hoping to have this open by 7:00 but that will depend on how quickly they will be able to get the vehicles out and finish the investigation. happening now in the south bay four people were taken into custody a short time ago suspected in at least two strong-armed robberies in san jose. police say the actionaries punches a woman near a bus stop in the area piedmont and sierra at 10:00 last night and 15 minutes later the same group attacked a man and took his wallet in the area of julian way and babe ruth drive the suspects were arrested at 4:30 after a yard-to-yard search by the police. >> tone game two of the nba western conference finals at oracle arena and golden state warriors beat the rockets on tuesday in the first game. amy hollyfield is at oracle arena with what we can expect. amy? >> if you are a warriors fan you cannot say they never gave you
5:34 am
anything, i have a sample of all of the treats they have given to the fans during this playoff session. i have my arm bands on, my thunder sticks, sunglasses, a foam hand, my flag for the car t-shirts and the marketing department has an anding problem coming up with new ideas. the warriors have not gone this far in 39 years. if you have any ideas of something to put blue and gold and warriors on, let them know. the warriors are off to a great start for the series winning the first gale on tuesday night against the human rockets and they look determine to keep the marketing department busy. they got off to a slow start during the game, at one point they were down by 16 points but the players say they have learned from the night and necessity have adjusted. >> they are a totally different team that memphis so it took a minute to get adjusted to the pace of not just are we play but
5:35 am
how they play offense. a totally different game map. >> houston rockets center dwight howard is questionable for tonight after hurting his knee. the absence could create problems for the rockets. they are also going to deal with a loud home crowd that is very excited about playoffs. so excited they are driving up the cost of tickets. i am sitting in the front row seat because in a few showers i would not be able to afford this seat that will cost $2,100. it is available if you can doctor over the money, you will get a free t-shirt. >> amy even if you cannot afford the seat you have the black. lucky. >> tip-off for game two at oracle arena is at 6:00 p.m. and the soars shifts to houston for game these and now on saturday and monday. you can catch the entire
5:36 am
seven at 6:00 p.m. and we hope the warriors will go all the way and the action starts on june 4. >> it is 5:37. we are now hearing from the driver in the dramatic wrong way police chase across the east bay. the drive sped the wrong way down highways 242 and 4 in concord and continued on to interstate 80 before crashing into an s.u.v. in berkeley sunday night. the man called 9-1-1 and said he was not going back to jai [ inaudible ] the driver tried to run away after the crash and police officers and k-9s searched the neighborhood but were unable to fine him. >> family of elderly san francisco woman is pleading for help to find the woman who viciously attack her. 77-year-old lin leong is in a
5:37 am
coma after being hit in a head by a stranger on mother's day as she was getting off the muni because. she did not go to the police right away and it took a fall down the stairs, several days later, to get help. police are calling through hours of surveillance video hoping for any leads. >> happening today one of the men convicted in the beating of i bryan stow will be sentenced in federal court. the prosecutor have recommended five years for the 34 year old marvin norwood seep on the left on weapons charges. investigators found firearms when they searched his home. he previously led guilty to one charge of being a felon with a weapon. >> for the first time in 4 years farmers are told to stop pumping water from the san joaquin river that has stunned growers who volunteered to cut by 25 percent. more across-the-board cuts are expected as the drought worsens. >> cannot get the rain goin
5:38 am
the caldecott tunnel has received the most low to heavy drizzle. it caused ponding now we are well into the morning commute and it is not so slick as it was earlier. low-to-mid 50s through the north by and napa at 57, the warm spot and rohnert park at 49 the cool spot and we have mid-50s everywhere and san jose is 57 degrees, brentwood is 56 along with newark and cupertino and redwood city and san carlos and alameda at 55 and lafayette and san ramon at 54 and san francisco at 52. not so wet but, still a lost moisture hanging in the air here in san francisco and that low we have been tracking will make it wet at times. inland 65 to 70. if we see sunshine that is where it is. the coast and san francisco heavy drizzle at 56 to 60, and showers away the bay at 61 to 67. so far, 87 in san jose and we have a final chance tomorrow and
5:39 am
warmer weather as we head through the holiday weekend. now out the door with traffic. >> 44 bart trains are running on time and ace trains one and three look like we have a delay on ace train one at since minutes and we heard there was unruly passenger causing a delay. ace train three on time. back to bart, i want to tell you that saturday and sunday the fruitvale to coliseum station is shut down so no as or giants game, all is away. we will not need bart for those things. however if you need to get where you need to be, there is going to be a delay. looking to berkeley and i-80 headlights along in the westbound direction looking thick are right now and a ribbon of traffic up to the macarthur maze and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are turned on and there is heavy traffic at 10 minutes
5:40 am
between east bay and san francisco. >> the action a local library system is taking after getting caught throwing nows of books in the crash. >> disney is ready for the 60th anniversary celebration. stay tuned.
5:41 am
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and daly city, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 5:43. heads up to those looking to on demand start-up for flexible hours and bets are pay. the grass may not be greener on the other side. >> many workers found the pay lower for uber and the hours less flexible than expected. the survey finds the main sticking points leading to lawsuits are workers desiring benefits offered to full time employees. >> public pressure is forcing the alameda county library system to stop throwing away thousands of books it deemed unusable. this video of alameda county library employees throwing away
5:44 am
thousands of books forced administrators to find a way to presbyterian them with the board deciding last night it was a good idea to contract discover books, a nonprofit, that collects re-sells or gives away the material. >> many books are pulled off the shelf without consideration for their value. >> this information is four years old, the financial information is four years old and i would not want to give it to someone who is actually trying to rebuilt their finances. >> back enthusiasts are upset that 172,000 items got dumped. >> the giants will try to sweep los angeles at home for the second time this season, and buster posey had an amazing night in the fog in mist hitting a two run homer in the 7th and in the eighth he makes an outstanding catch boom and pops up and makes the grab. clayton faces bumgarner in the
5:45 am
12:45 p.m. season finale. all the aces. >> just amazing. >> to watch him and steph curry...good time to be in the bay area for sports. >> how is the weather? >> not so good. for a day game? it could be worse of the it will not be so damp and misty as this morning or last night but there is still a slight chance of drizzle to possibly a light sure and i don't thing it will delay the game and it will not stop the game. 59 to 61 so it will be cool again. we will talk about what is going on right now with drizzle out and about but morning too heavy right now and the winds are not too heavy at 15 miles per hour in fairfield and everyone else is less than ten miles per hour. they could pick up in the same area as yesterday, east of the golden gate bridge and north of bay bridge from 1:00 o'clock until 8:00 we could have 21 to 33 knot winds. from emeryville or our
5:46 am
exploritorium you can see the mist and drizzle hanging in the air this moist thursday morning translating into scattered drizzle and showers possible the next 36 hours so late tomorrow afternoon. holiday weekend is still trending dry and warm and the pattern will hold into next week. do not see any cool snaps or hot snaps, either, just mellowed out for the holiday weekend. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s in the south bay and los gatos at 69 and low-to-mid 60s on the peninsula today with wadded would and machine low pack at 65 and half moon bay is 59 one of the warm spots and we could be nearly 60 if downtown and sausalito at 61 and bodega bay has been around 59 degrees and mid-to-upper 60 through the north bay valley and a few 70s possible and a few showers but not so intense as the thunderstorms we had around clear lake and lake port yesterday. richmond is 62, san leandro and union city and fremont at 6 a
5:47 am
and castro valley at 66, warm spot and starting at 65 in san ramon and end up around 70 in pittsburg,ants wreck and brentwood. another mild night with low-to-mid 50s and a better chance of widespread heavier drizzle to even showers you can see the best chance of drizzle to light showers on the widespread nature in the morning and it picks more scattered this afternoon into the evening hours so the low starts to pass and the radar runs are more numerous and the dry air moves in on friday evening. you will not need the umbrella friday unless you are near the coast. my seven-day forecast shows 70s away from the coast by sunday and all the way through next week. leyla? >> this is where i talk about san jose, we have a brand new crash happened in san francisco southbound side of 101 near grand avenue and involving three vehicles and it looks like we have two lanes closed right now pause of the accident. as we look at another stretch of 101 near 880 in san jose take a look how clear things are, mice
5:48 am
and smooth we have top speeds in northbound and southbound direction. before you get to 880 you could see the brake lights away from the 280 80 split up to the nimitz and the rest of the drive you saw how clear it is and as far as drive times 26 miles per hour in the southbound direction and still construction wrapping up between stevens creek and meridian so you could see some crews. highway 85, 17 87 no delays. we have construction in the east bay along 880 at marina boulevard and davis street so watch out for cones. the rest of the drive as you push in to macarthur maze, not too bad. drive time traffic if you are traveling when 580 tracy to dublin is a 38 minute commute and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord 20 minutes and top speed out of san rafael into san francisco. >> what is all that traffic? everyone is headed to disney listened kicking off the big
5:49 am
anniversary staying open for 24 hour day. >> leyla will brave the massive crowds and enjoying the party. >> my feet will not town the ground. the first sneak book of the big attractions thanks dazzle the senses. >> come to this happy place welcome. disneyland is your land. >> disney land has come a long way since opening july 17 1955. a marvel for the time, the last six decades have taken the vision of disney and transformed it into hyper color. when you think they have thought of everything they have outdone themselves. again. tens of thousands of hours have been poured into making the diamond celebration like no other, going with sleeping beauty's castle that shimmers. when the sun sets the real magic begins visitors enjoy
5:50 am
nighttime aextras including a through parade "paint the night," and picking up where the parade left off new characters have been added and mind-blowing technology, more than a million lead lies controlled by millions of lines of computer code and the new fireworks show debuts as well as a new and improved world of color at the advent across from disney lap. -- land. start at 4:30 for my live report tomorrow. i cannot wait. >> it will be great. >> do you have a favorite place to watch the parade? >> we have i can find a spot. where i don't think i can get caught in the crowd. it always happens. >> so worth it. the energy is palpable and everyone is having a great time and the parades are fantastic fantastic show. top notch. >> we will see more from you. >> thank you. >> a three to fix the annoying
5:51 am
potholes that make every driver crazy. a bay area family is helping crews get to work. >> first, batkid returns, the first look at the have scene debut of america's favorite pint-sized hero. stay tuned. female announcer: through monday get up to four years interest-free financing or save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get up to four years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. but this special financing offer ends memorial day at sleep train.
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5:54 am
bowl 50 in february and it has posted 49er games and wrestlemania and the pac 12 championship game and outdoor nhl hockey game. >> batkid is back and set to appear on the big screen. >> we going about making a wish we want to wow the child. >> this is the new trailer if the documentary "batkid begins, the wish her around the world." the trailer by warner brothers is making the debut online today opening next month in select cities before it expands nationwide throughout july featuring miles scott who was diagnosed with leukemia as a toddler. you recall how the make a fish foundation towns miles into batkid for the day by transforming san francisco good gotham city and got the cooperation of anybody who is anyone in the city. >> it captures people's imagination and people continue
5:55 am
to do good westbounds and months after this. >> uplifting and inspiring. morning, everyone, drizzle rolling across the golden gate bridge and you can see the wetness on the deck if you thought it may have been cooler-than-average, four to eight degrees cooler. we have showers around los angeles and san diego and mid-60s and quieter around palm springs and scattered snow and thunderstorms through the sierra. here is the new accident. >> we have another new accident in the north by, but, first in south san francisco, involving at least three vehicles southbound highway 101 at grant grand avenue, 24 miles per hour is the top speed approaching the accident traveling in the northbound direction away from sfo you cannot fine any problems. as we take you to walnut creek empty, and a great drive please between metten hill -- pleasanton hill. >> a contagious dog flu is
5:56 am
videoing after another case of the flu was diagnosed in ohio. the virus made headlines when a thousand dogs in chicago contracted the virus. the flu can lead to death many dogs recover. cases have been reported in ten states including california. >> when you think of all the work that goes interest making a wedding dress there is a lot of fabric to work with. >> this dallas mother got away from the traditional dress and made this dress out toilet paper involving boiling the paper and using tape and threat led to bring it together part of the wedding dress condition test sponsored by charmin. >> can you spare a square? >> i would not. >> new momentum to get your child vaccinated with the connection between a flu shot
5:57 am
and live cancer free. >> and the thieves targeting atms get an all-time high and we will have tricks you can use to stay out of harm's way. >> stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news breaking news at 6:00, commute delays in daly city after a dump truck crashed and diesel spill with a high speed chase before this. >> a history of problems for a pipeline company at the center of a massive oil spill and what is helping resources move faster for the clean up. >> and a quest to give more kid as college education and san francisco is setting the trend and why good news for your son
6:00 am
or daughter. >> morning, on thursday, and thanks for joining us. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen soon-to-be leaving for disneyland later on. we tell you about why coming up, and mike has the forecast. >> maybe not the happiest place on earth today because you are driving through drizzle this morning. but, it is needs and it has been measurable in some areas, so hopefully that will keep the fire danger down with the cool temperatures and live doppler hd is showing drizzle and no wear of rain right now and you can see the water hanging in the air from the roof camera and the winds are blowing to the east so that is cooler-than-average. my day planner has most of us in the low-to-mid 50s and with the greatest amount of dampness law about 10:00 and it will be grave with scattered showers and scattered light drizzle and mid-50 to the coast and the warmest temperatures inland and upper 60. >> thanks. folks are happy and most


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