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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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your son or daughter. >> morning, on thursday, and thanks for joining us. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen soon-to-be leaving for disneyland later on. we tell you about why coming up, and mike has the forecast. >> maybe not the happiest place on earth today because you are driving through drizzle this morning. but, it is needs and it has been measurable in some areas, so hopefully that will keep the fire danger down with the cool temperatures and live doppler hd is showing drizzle and no wear of rain right now and you can see the water hanging in the air from the roof camera and the winds are blowing to the east so that is cooler-than-average. my day planner has most of us in the low-to-mid 50s and with the greatest amount of dampness law about 10:00 and it will be grave with scattered showers and scattered light drizzle and mid-50 to the coast and the warmest temperatures inland and upper 60. >> thanks. folks are happy and most places
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are good. >> but we do have two brand new accidents but right now the bay bridge toll plaza is definitely a damp ride as we head in from the east bay toward san francisco and metering lights have been turned on 20 minutes ago and traffic is 10 minutes into the city and moving over to the golden gate bridge still under the clouds and wet conditions as you make it from marin to san francisco and not this weekend but the last weekend of may, doyle drive is closed and that will put a crimp in your commute and i will tell you how to get an it coming up. >> more commute news for you breaking news that could mean a headache for your morning drive if it takes you through daly city. police are warning of remark and muni slow downs after a chase involving a dump truck ended in a crash. we are at daly city with the latest. >> san jose avenue here is a big mess and it is causing problems for people trying to get to work this morning. a lost cars drive this major road and they are king do have
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to go an empty it is not just the cars but the 14 mission line is re-routed and it all started at 12:15 in colma. a police officer saw a dump truck in a maybe, rap the plates and found out it was stolen from san francisco. the driver almost hit the patrol car trying to get away. that led to a high speed chase for five or six miles through colma and san francisco and ending in daly city going through red lights and stop signs. the dump truck hit a van with three people inside, one adult woman, 20 years old and 16 year old girl were inside suffering minor to moderate injuries and taken to the hospital. the driver of the dump truck tried to run off but officers caught up to him and arrested him. he had minor injuries. the problem was the spill of diesel fuel. there were a couple of huge tow trucks that arrived in the past hour but they have not moved the dump truck. that will have to happen before police can open up the road. we also have the minivan that is
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here and it has to be towed with a couple of parked cars that were damaged and police hope to have we at least at the earliest, the road opened by 6:30 or 7:00 this morning. reporting from daly city for abc7. >> eye raising claims of the company at the center of the massive oil spill on the santa barbara county coast reportedly having a long history of problems more than three types the national average. >> the "los angeles times" reports that houston-based plains all american pipeline has a history of safety violations and has racked up 175 safety infractions in the past 10 years. that includes pump failure, pipeline corrosion and equipment malfunction. the 24" pipe that ruptured hat just been inspect add couple of weeks agos ago but the results have not come back so we do not know what was going on.
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the broken pile spilled oil down a drain into ocean covering nine miles shore the beaches and camp grounds in santa barbara are closed through the memorial day weekend. >> we are here for the anniversary we come this week every year and it is impossible to get in we got in, and we are told to leave. >> i feel more sorry for what is going on in the ocean than for people who pack up and lean. >> two pelicans have been found covered in oil. biologists are cowping dead are finding dead fish. this is large listen scale clean up effort. thanks at 6:0 4. a window washing company is fined by the state for a worker's fail from a building
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in san francisco. perez is still recovering from serious injuries after he plunged 11 stories and landed on a car. osha is imposing $13,000 in penalties against century window cleaning. the company did not do enough to protect perez. >> california medical association is dropping opposition to what is considered physician assisted suicide. it is if longer opposed to a state bill that allows terminally ill parties to end their lives with doctor-prescribed drugs. the policy was changed to stay neutral on issue removing language that refers to aid in dying as physician assisted suicide. >> your electric bill could be substantial higher especially during the summer. according to "usa today" the public out it wills commission could ask utility companies to decide what is none as time of use electricity rates. customs would pay more for electricity when demand is high
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and less when demand is low so higher bills in the summer women people depend on air conditioning. the rates go and affect in 2019. >> san francisco has passed a key milestone when it comes to saving for college. cnn reports 2,600 families have saved more than a million dollars over four years as part of the kindergarten to college program the first of its kind in the country. each received $50 in the account on the first day of cool and donations are matched through private and public funds. according to the san francisco treasurer's office, there are enough resources now to fund it indefinitely. >> tonight the warriors try to defend their him court advantage against the rockets this game two of western conference finals. >> showing east blue and gold? why not, golden state warriors took the lead in the series and howard is questionable for the game after suffering a sprained left knee in the first quarter. in the finals, teams with home
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court advantage that go up 2-0 have gone on to win the series 94 percent of the time. >> steph curry disagrees with the nab decision to fine him $5,000 for violating the league's antiglopping rule tuesday night. he went down after being grazed by jones in the 4th. he said he has never been warned of glopping and no one talked to him about the lay before -- the play before they fined him. >> 9 series shifts to houston saturday and mound in the best of seven. all the games are on espn and we are the home for the nba finals and we hope and we know the warriors will go all the way. you can catch the exciting action starting juan 4. >> warriors fans, the pest in the nba and they are proving it online these are some of many fan photos that have been posted featuring your warriors photos on air and at using #dubson7.
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you may see them on the air. >> who is that handsome guy? >> steph curry. >> since leyla shared, i will share my t-shirt. >> this is a medium. if i can get this offer my big toe... >> new mike has the forecast. >> medium-sized shirt. >> i wore this. remember? >> she wore it. once. two out of three. who won the others? >> mid-to-upper 50s but why want to...i want to sports man. i don't want to feel like i am picking on you. >> mid-to-upper 50s. you are the most competitive
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person on the set right now. as far as this afternoon you can see the moisture hanging in the air and it means it will be wet and inland is where we see the sunshine drizzle and heavy at times at the coast and san francisco and drizzle to a chance of showers as we head into the afternoon hours. it has been wet this morning we will find out about the commute. >> it looks look it is at the richmond-san rafael with a few cars trickles in to the not bay, and we have a brand new accident in petaluma and this is southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard south and you can see all of the backup as a result with multiple vehicles involved so at least six vehicles are involved here including a bus and that is causing major backups with two lays -- lanes taken away causing a choke up on highway 116. to the south, south san francisco, southbound highway 101 we have a multiple vehicle crash with major damage at 24 miles per hour and this is
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causing a one or two lane blockage and you are going to find delays heading out of brisbane. >> thank you. a san jose family's terrify experience on the roads is helping lunch a new campaign to fix california's freeways. >> the couple had their car dealted when they hit a pothole on 580. >> it could have been really bad because the freeway was cold. >> we could have been killed. >> this is one of several features if a video by the california alliance for jobs pushing the state to address the pothole problem. they found 58 percent of the state roads need work. work will be started to re-pave parts of 580 in oakland. the agency needs $80 billion to cover the costs of the repairs they are demanding. >> safety wanting at the supermarket debt an oakland. would found something in a food item that has experts sounding the alarm. >> getting creative to combat
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all this is abc7 news. >> a look at san francisco international airport you have a friend arriving this morning, perhaps some delays. you can see why. with the overcast skies. low cloud deck. kind of drizzly. but, we have the giants. we got warriors playing. all coming up "golden." >> a new government survey finds schools across the united states have upped the safety standards. the national center for education shows over the past four careers schools have beefed up security measures with safety drills and parent notification systems. there was the sandy hook elementary school shooting in connecticut in 2012 the center
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said there is an overall decrease in violent crime the past four years. >> ground beef has been pulled from the shelves because of glass. an oakland woman found glass shareds in meatloaf she bought. the meat has been pulled from 31 local stores. officials are trying to determine where the glass came from. >> forget viagra a cup of coffee guys a couple of cups, could help alive eight erectile dysfunction. university of texas researchers found men hudak one or two cups afternoon day were 43 percent less likely to very impotence. the caffeine increased blood flow. >> drought is forcing some firefighters to get creative while doing their jobs. fires sacramento are training on
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dry grills because the water supply is low. they do use water but they aim their hoses at filtration suspect that is brought in to recycle the water. heavy water where you live during the drought and the tip by mail is at will check it out. it is a way to help each other on how to save and how not to waste. >> we have to work together dug the drought. >> what is going on right now? >> amazing when millions get together and save and how quickly it adds up. >> that is a good tip. we will show you what is going on. you may need the umbrella, you can have it handy as we have drizzle in the morning. we had possibly heavy drizzle move through san francisco at .05" in oakland and sfo
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and sfo has 38 minutes for flight arrival delays as we look at the peninsula weather window. we are going do have scattered drizzle and a shower possible now through tomorrow and holiday weekend, still dry and warmer and a new pattern that develops this weekend we will stretch it into next week. to the south, in the south bay, and down to gilroy, santa clara valley we are looking at mid-to-upper 60s today and limited sunshine on the peninsula, if any low-to-mid 60 and i doubt we will see sunshine at the coast mid-to-upper 50s for you and 60 if downtown and south san francisco and 59 at bodega bay and mid-to-upper 60s through most of the north bay but it is the same area because we are the same pattern santa rosa and cloverdale in the 70s but, also it could be scattered heavy showers today but not the thunderstorms from yesterday. low-to-mid 60 along the east bay shore and we have 70s around
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pittsburg and antioch and brentwood and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 60s. this is a chance of a random shower and a sprinkle or two. it will not stop the game, 59 to 61. still be cool, better chance of seeing widespread light showers and temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. the temperatures will concentrate the drizzle on the coast and they could walk off into some of our lower elevations as we head to the overnight hours again. here is the parent low at 7:00 tomorrow morning and as it sings south notice we start to dry out tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours and you will not need the umbrella. at the same time, we are going do get the thunderstorms in the safer what and the snow the next couple of days at highest elevation. the temperatures are like today and we jump 2-4 degrees on saturday and we hang out 60 at
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the coast and low-to-mid 70s for the rest of us the rest of the holiday weekend. >> the backups continue to grow in petaluma because of the multiple vehicle crash at southbound highway 101 at petaluma boulevard south. we have backups from petaluma boulevard north at 13 miles per hour the top speed with two lanes taken away and a bus. we have possible passengers on the bus with no word if there is any injury or not however it is a big accident. on the golden gate bridge traffic on this end near the toll is moving along fine but in the north end out of the waldo tunnel there is a new accident blocking two lanes. the morning commute and possibly slick conditions and it is wet. be careful. a little bit further to the south the early accident clears out southbound 101 at grand avenue and the travels out of brisbane to 380 moving along now at top speed. >> thanks, would you believe you
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did not need a lost cash to see the rolling stones last night. they surprised fans with a secret concert at a small hollywood club. the tickets started at $10! word video like wildfire. the concert sold out in seconds after being announce asked fans say it was amazing. one guy said the club was offering to pay $4,000 one took him up. the tour kicks off in san diego on sunday the only west coast city on the tour. >> taking out your cash could put your credit at risk. tips you can use to criminals do not target you. >> the golden gate bridge is looking more gray than golden at the moment.
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in many incidents there were skimming devices in the atms that steal information. now, ways to protect yourself. cover up your pin number when you enter it. use bank a.t.m. and a.t.m. less frequently and notify your bank immediately of any bad transactions. >> the justice department is investigating allegations the state of california is unlawfully denying vote are rights to residents with intellectual disabilities. according to the hat lat a group has filed a come plate in superior court claiming the state declared people with disabilities unfit to fill out voter registration forms without a proper investigation and their competency. >> folks it your mouse ears ready we are a day away from disney's 60th anniversary celebration in anaheim. >> we have a look at at all
6:25 am
attraction, a special beloved "world of color," show and neil patrick harris joins mickey working through 60 years of disney history with 1200 dancing fountains, celebrating past present and future starting tomorrow. everyone who has been to disney has tips for navigate the park. we want to hear from you. i shared my tips on how to get around the crowds. we went over that and i will share others. you can get the line hopper passes early. love that. a lot of folk posted go when the kids are still in school for the adults couples who do not have children. be sure to share that with us on the facebook payment. leyla gulen has the coolest assignment. >> she goes to disney for the
6:26 am
60th celebration and will be with us tomorrow morning as the court opens for 24 straight hours to kickoff the event join us starting at 4:30. you don't went to miss that. >> leyla was saying they have a diamond crusted tiara. wonder if she can bring that one home? >> stay tuned. >> guidelines to keep your family from getting sick with an outbreak leading to sweeping stages in the listeria outbreak. >> got your blue and gold on? there is an interesting problem created by the team as warriors head to game two of the western conference semifinals.
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>> showing you a picture of traffic on san jose looking pretty good and does not look that misty in this picture. we have more weather and more traffic all morning. why is there a kevin federline ice sculpture? why is this grilled cheese riding a cheeseburger? cuz, things get weird late at night. like my munchie meals. they all come with halfsie fries, two tacos and a drink for just six bucks. get one and get weird.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. morning, everyone 630 with -- 6:30 with a look at traffic or the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up and leyla has the answer to that. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> this is mickey mouse. >> part of mickey. >> leyla will be meeting the real mickey. she has traffic. mike has the drizzle. >> trying to make it the happiest place on earth. it has been measurable at .1" around the caldecott tunnel but not heavy right now. oakland, though is showing a need for windshield wiper and you can see the mist in the air.
6:31 am
our dampest part of the day is now through 10:00 and then clouds with scattered light drizzle and a shower is possible as we head through the rest the day. 50s at the coast and the rest of us in the low-to-mid >> it is the showers. the showers. >> time to check on traffic right now. here is what leyla has. >> splish splashing but not too much. the bay bridge was looking busy and 18 minutes gets you between the macarthur maze and san francisco. normally it is 12 minutes. you are locking in excess of ten minutes. the san rafael drive 101 headed in the southbound direction the tail lights pushing to 580 we we i take you over to the san mateo bridge, it is sluggish chugging along between hayward and foster
6:32 am
city. we are in daly city where this is breaking news that may delay your morning commute. traffic and muni service delays are expected after a dump truck crash that happened during a high speed chase. matt is on the scene with more. matt? >> we got an update in the past half hour from the police who say the driver of the dump truck is going to be booked and jail for felony assault on an officer when he is released from the hospital. as for the latest, a third tow truck arrived in the past half hour and they will try to get the dump truck removed and the minivan that it crashed into and another vehicle that was parked on the street. it is a big mess out here. this started at 12:15 in colma police officers saw the dump truck in a neighborhood and ran the plates and found out it was stolen from san francisco. they say the driver tried to ram the patrol car but the officer was able to reverse and escape danger. it start add high speed chase for five or six miles through colma and south san francisco
6:33 am
and ending here in daly city. he went through red lights and stop signs. on san jose avenue the truck hit a minivan with three people, suffering minor-to-moderate injuries. the driver of the dump truck tried to run off and officers caught him. he had minor injuries and will ice taken to jail. the problem was the dump truck that spilled diesel fuel. officers have it contained. san jose is a major road through daly city and cars have to go around this. it is not just the cars but the muni line is re-routed. no word on how long until san jose avenue opens to traffic but earlier police say they hoped to have the road opened by 7:00 but at this moment it does not appear that could be possible. they still have a lot of clean up to do as they try to finish up the investigation. 6:33. three suspects are in custody this morning for a deadly
6:34 am
hit-and-run accident while trying to get away from san francisco police. the 19-year-old robert pelesauma, hunter sagaiga and 18-year-old we faavesi koka, all from san francisco, were arrested year. investigators say they were being chased after an armed robbery and they hit and killed 42-year-old bridget klecker in the crosswalk at california. >> the family of an elderly her san francisco woman is pleading for help to find the person who attacked her. the 77-year-old lin leong is in a comma after being hit in the head by a stranger on mother's day as she was getting of 50 of a bus. she did not go to the police right away. it took a fall down the stares for her to get help. police are combing through hours of surveillance video hoping for any lead. >> happening now in the south by fur people were taken into custody suspected in at least two strong-armed robberies in san jose. the attackers punched a woman near a bus stop in the area of
6:35 am
piedmont and sierra last and then a man was attacked and the suspects took his wallet. the police arrest the suspect after a yard-to-yard search. >> a man convicted in the beating of bryan stow is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court. the prosecutors have recommended a five-year sentence for 34-year-old marvin norwood on weapons charges. five fire aways were found when they searched his home in connection with the case. he pleaded guilty to one charge of being a felon with a weapon. >> ready to cheer on the word to a win in game two of western conference finals? our reporter, amy hollyfield, is inside oracle arena with the swag that people have been getting. >> there is no excuse for warriors fans not to be covered in blue and gold tonight.
6:36 am
you cannot say the team has never given you anything. here is an exam of the swag they have given out to their fans during the playoff season including armed spirit sleeves sunglasses, we have it all the flag for the car i am wearing and everything is here. in fact it has created an interesting problem for marketing department: what else can they put blue and geld on for the fans? they have done everything but the team has gone further than in 39 years so the marketing department has to get credittive. game two is tonight. the warriors put away the rockets in game one. expect to see a different game tonight. the warriors say they have adjusted a little bit to playing the rockets and got off to a slow start and tonight we are ready to go. >> always a good feeling when you play like crap and win because you know the next game if you turn it up a little more you have a chance to win again,
6:37 am
so we will adjust well after a practice. >> dwight howard is questionable because of an injured knee and the absence could create problems for the rockets. the team will have to deal with the loud hometown crowd in oakland at the arena a crowd so excited about the warriors and the playoffs they are driving up the cost of tickets. some are available tonight including this seat which i am enjoying now that will go for $2,100. we have a link to this seat and others here in the arena if you want to go to the game you can still get a ticket at abe -- take bart. it will be during the commute hours. >> you look good. that should be your seat. tip-off for game two at oracle arena at 6:00 p.m., the series
6:38 am
shifts for houston for game he and four saturday and monday and the entire best of seven series on espn and of course abc7 is your home for the finals. we believe the warriors will go all the way the action starts juan 4. >> still to come changing the flow of things with parkway lacking to revolutionize the way you read and send e-mail. >> as we head to break, walnut creek, 680 traffic is sluggish but moving along. stay tuned.
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>> we are back and we will sweep los angeles with a win this afternoon at 12:45 first pitch and 61 bit end of the game. the drizzle is possible but it will not stop the game. in san jose it is dry on 87 near the shark tank but you have had the coolest may compared to average from fur to eight degrees cooler than what we should be. as far as today, around the state, mid-to-upper 70s through the central valley and thunderstorms, thunder snow through the sierra, we 55 in yosemite, the grapevine to san diego scattered showers and mid-to-upper 60. safe travels. leyla? >> in the santa cruz mountains, we have an accident that is blocking one lane and you can see it is causing a backup in the southbound direction approach the summit. we have one of lane that currently is blocked and the
6:42 am
backup to show for it northbound traffic slow-and-go and it is easing up the closer you are. at the south bay 101 between 280 and 680 split and the nimitz and highway 85, petaluma is jam, two lanes are blocked if southbound side of highway 101 at petaluma boulevard south. >> 6:42. kicking cancer to the curb, a great idea and a flu shot for the little one could have more health benefits than you would think. >> this is the san mateo bridge with traffic looking stopped. or very, very slow. especially the tail lights headed westward to foster city. we will be closed memorial day weekend for more repair work with traffic and weather during the entire commercial female announcer:
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>> covering los altos, antioch petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. we are asking you to help us celebrate the 60th anniversary of disneyland. we want your photos to share on social media with #disneyon7. we may use them on air when
6:46 am
leyla gins us from anaheim with more on the big celebration. >> if san francisco a rally in the bayview with residents wanting to stop the development of market race housing. the group teaming up with residents in the mission district are demanding the same thing and the supervisor wants a 45 day moratorium on building permits in a 1.5 square mile area. residents want same deal. until clear policies are in place to address the decrease in affordable housing. microsoft wants to change everything you know about e-mail. >> restaurants are scrambling to buy eggs before the price go up more. >> we are at nasdaq with those stories and more in the morning money report. >> morning to you, everyone. the markets have opened flat to lower this morning but honestly we are headed into the memorial day weekend as is our investing audience. microsoft is working on a next generation e-mail app that will
6:47 am
strip arrest subject lines "greeting," and the signature. the only thing it will dislay is text for users that are craving the rapid fire conversation that will be able user to draw outlook e-mails into a new kind display. >> egg prices continue to climb because of the bird flu. the usda has lowered expectations for eggs and they are not tickling down to grocery stores but restaurants and other pitses are already paying more for eggs. the rice of food that contains eggs, like mayo could spike higher. kfc has created a key to use in the restaurants so you do not let your -- lift with greasy chicken fingers. the keyboard is just being
6:48 am
tested right now in germany but is getting a positive you must share the food you were eating in social media. >> and we will share it, it is finger lickin' good. >> a new incentive to get your child vaccinated for next flu season. the shot can ward off leukemia, the most common childhood canner. a bacteria in the vaccine is linked to leukemia so exposing kids early builds built the immune. >> the f.d.a. is doing more to protect director family from health scares like the win that crippled blue bell in the wake of listeria outbreak and is on the brink of demanding food companies write out food safety lands based on likely hazards and details on inspections.
6:49 am
outside it is great and wet. >> i did not ease -- i windshield wipers and grab the umbrella we have a 36 hour of dampness and drizzle with light showers. they are very light you can see on live doppler hd. oakland has 12 miles per hour wind and oakland at 16 minute. but picking up east of the golden gate bridge until 8:00 this evening at 21 to 33 knots. walnut creek, you can see headed to 24 there is some mist and drizzle in the air and the caldecott tunnel received the highest amount of measurable precipitation, about .11" and the lens has plate arrival delays acknowledging 38 minutes right now. scattered drizzle the next 36 hours law tomorrow afternoon and holiday trending dry and warmer
6:50 am
holding until next week and mid-to-upper 60s throughout the south bay and cupertino and santa clara and morgan hill at 67 degrees and 66 and palo alto and down to mountain view and 59 at half moon bay with pacifica at 56 the cool spot and downtown south san francisco and sausalito trying to make it to 60 to 61 but with the breeze it feels cooler than that through the north bay valley and up to santa rosa north legal 70s and the showers are not so intense and less likely chance of seeing lightning and hearing thunder. richmond is 62 and castro valley is 66 and narrow spread along the east bay shoreline and 70s out highway 4. inland east bay in the mid-to-upper 60s and tonight, you can see more green on the map and more showers and maybe heavy drizzle at times, and low-to-mid 50s watch the
6:51 am
waves drizzle to light showers and the best chance of anything measurable will be when the sun is setting so now through 10:00 and, again tonight at 10:00 through 10:00 tomorrow the low will sink to the south and we will see a chance abate tomorrow evening. keep your fingers crossed we do not have to worry about wet weeks ago. temperatures are two- to four-degrees warmer saturday into sunday and jump again on wednesday. >> if you just wake up with us it is a busy dry on the san mateo bridge between hayward and foster city at 20 minutes to make the track. the san mateo bridge is going to be closed this weekend starting tomorrow at 10:00 people through monday morning at 5 o'clock for continuing and completion of the pavement on the high-rise. you will have other other bridges at your disposal to get around
6:52 am
that. the golden gate bridge shows traffic still light and we do have wet conditions earlier and it could be drying out a little bit. not this weekend but the following weekend, starting on thursday, may 28, through june 1st, doyle drive is closed to traffic is finishing touches can be put on the tunnels and highway will remain open but that will create major traffic impacts so use the ferries or the bay bridge to get around 9 north bay and into san francisco. it will be a headache. >> we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> we have weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break and pass the drop lets in san francisco international airport we are getting the wet weather in some
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here are seven things to know before you go: breaking news in daly city, traffic is being re-routed right new after a mess of a crash involving a stolen dump truck that crashed into a van. police say the thief led police on a chase and slammed into a van near san jose avenue. three people were hurt. the drive was arrested. >> number two three suspects are in custody this morning for a deadly hit-and-run accident that took the life of a bay area woman last month. investigators say the three men wereening chased in a stolen car following an armed robbery in san francisco. >> three new days in the massive oil spill off the santa
6:55 am
barbara county coast. the "los angeles times" reports the pipeline operator has a history of safety violations. the pipeline was inspect two weeks ago with no rules in yet. >> the alameda county library is contracting a nonprofit to preserve thousands of discarded becomes after public outrage after video surfaced showing library employees dumping more than 170,000 becomes many of them less than give years old. >> the warriors and the rockets square off for game two of the when conference finals at 6:00 at oracle arena and they are up 1-0ful the action is on espn. >> we have our own splashing in the follow of drizzle with money 50s. drizzle just moved through 101 right now. expect drizzle to be heavy at the coast and the rest of us will have light drizzle and scattered showers. >> a look at berkeley packed as
6:56 am
you head to the maze and it will be 20 minutes to get you across the bay bridge over to walnut creek and caught up with the slow going from pleasant hill to highway 24. and southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard, the crash is cleared. >> all packed? >> i am. i can't wait. >> be sure to gyp us tomorrow morning for the big 60th anniversary celebration at disneyland one of four people up here gets to go. >> who could that be? is it the one with the mouse ears? leyla will be there starting at 5:30. we. have a look behind the scenes and all the new attractions you can expect to see this summer, tomorrow starting at 4:30 a.m. >> leyla you just finished 2 1/2 hours of broadcasting. what are you doing now? >> i am going to disneyland.
6:57 am
have a great
6:58 am
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight a huge break in the case of that mansion murder mystery. this man identified as the suspect in the brutal killing of that family near the vice president's residence. authorities searching the suspect's home overnight. how pizza crust helped police crack the case. the massive manhunt for the killer right now. new overnight, state of emergency declared. disturbing new images from that oil spill. off the coast of california. beaches shut down. investigators still trying to figure out what caused it. security breach, a frightening scene at l.a.x. >> don't move! >> a man tased after running through the security checkpoint. the suspect making it just feet from the. gate. stunned passengers watching in shock.


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