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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and it turned out to be a remarkable match to the man police saw in this self storage facility parking lot, a short distance from where the crime occurred. 25-year-old roberto felipe-velasco is a transient, living in his 1988 vil silver honda. campbell police credit the community for supplying valuable tips. >> between the information we received from them the support in gathering the surveillance videos, it really helped us in coming to this great conclusion we have today. >> reporter: police found clothing matching what was shown in the sketch in a rented locker. felipe-velasco faces charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and child endangerment. neighbors were glad to hear about the arrest. >> i was never too worried. i figured when something like that happens, they have extra surveillance and everything around. but i think that's the safest time, because there is so much visibility that, you know i wasn't too worried about it. >> reporter: the girl's family has asked for privacy, but expressed appreciation to neighbors for their support. in campbell, david louie abc 7
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news. a critical meeting in san jose is happening now for the family of a man shot and killed by police last year. san jose state university police say they had to shoot antonio guzman lopez after he charged them with a drywall cutting saw. the family has been calling for the release of the body camera footage from the day of the killing. abc 7 news reporter leah medical less thandez joins us live from san jose. lyanne. >> reporter: for lori valdez, 15 months of asking why was my husband shot in the back. and today the santa clara county d.a.'s office agreed to show her the video from the body cam the officers had on them. she will also hear the 911 call and review the d.a.'s findings. none of these things have ever been released. now recapping, he was seen on campus with a 12-inch saw
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typically used for cutting drywall. now, when san jose state university police responded they found him off campus they ordered him to drop the saw. they tried to tase him. he according to reports charged at one officer. that's when the second university officer shot him from behind. his wife told me this afternoon it will be very hard to go over that day with the district attorney. >> how did you prepare for this? >> i didn't. i didn't. all this 15 months of fighting. this is what i wanted. i wanted the truth. and hopefully today we can put an end to it. >> reporter: now valdez went in there with her attorney and two friends. her two children will not be present. she went inside at about 4:00 not sure how long that process will take. we assume it will probably take more than an hour.
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so she has been there for at least that time. she hopes the officer will be charged, but then again, we won't know until she comes out. live in san jose,ly lyanne medical less thandez. protesters in san francisco tried something unusual to bring attention to the issue of black women killed by police. they went topless in the middle of the financial district. the demonstration stopped all traffic at market and davis streets during the morning rush hour. organizers are motivated by the fatal police shooting of retaya boyd in chicago. traditionally, african-american women bare their breasts to call attention to political injustice. that's how they came up with this idea. a former san francisco police officer who testified against two colleagues in a federal corruption trial received a one-year prison sentence today. vargas seen in the gray sweatshirt in the security video, received a lighter sentence in exchange for his guilty plea and testimony against sergeant ian term inger
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and officer robols. they pleaded guilty for experience for distribution of marijuana and commit theft. crews are expanding their efforts to clean an oil spill in santa barbara county. it leaked about 21,000 gallons reaching the ocean. we have the latest on the cleanup efforts. >> reporter: it's a painstaking process. 300 workers today on the beach picking up oil-covered seaweed and sand. an estimated 21000 gallons of oil flowed into the ocean. it's now dissipating and spreading. >> it has not really gone much further south. and it is going offshore and spreading out, which will make it more difficult to collect. >> reporter: in the ocean, wildlife is being affected. this morning these dolphins coming dangerously close to the oil slick. officials rescued five oil-covered pelicans. they will survive.
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others aren't so lucky. >> there have been a number of dead animals recovered, and these include lobsters, kelp bass a marine fish, and other marine invert brats in the area. >> reporter: it started with a burst pipeline tuesday. the oil spilling down the culvert and to the beach. according to the federal government agency that monitors pipelines, the owner of this pipeline has accumulated 175 safety and maintenance violations since 2006. the company says it is taking full responsibility. >> our focus does remain committed to doing the right thing. we're not going away. we're going to be here until it's returned back to the way it was. >> reporter: meanwhile, the beaches are closed just before the popular memorial day weekend. campers had to pay and reserve months in advance to get spots here. >> this is our annual memorial day weekend el captain state beach trip. we always do it. so it's really sad to see all of the campers leaving. >> reporter: their 1 vessels out
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in the ocean, and they laid out booms 3,000 feet to try to en circle this oil slick. officials say with the tides and wind, it is moving around and this cleanup could take months. reporting from the state beach, carlos grande abc 7 news. an 8% increase in the tuition for students from outside the state and abroad. this would increase the undergraduate tuition for noncalifornians to nearly $37,000 in the fall. the deal still needs to be approved by state lawmakers. mayor ed lee and board of supervisors announced today in san francisco that over the next two years, the city will contribute $690 million to programs for children and their families. about $140 million will go to the san francisco unified school district. after-school programs that provide more learning opportunities for public school students will benefit from this funding. tip-off of game two, rockets versus warriors, is just under an hour away. let's take a live look inside oracle arena now, where players are getting in their final
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preparations ahead of the big game. dubb nation, the team, is also ready for you. this is video from the warriors of team employees, prepping the arena with t-shirts on every seat. it will certainly be a sea of yellow tonight. espn has moved much of its operation to oracle for the series. the team even had to surrender a couple hundred parking spaces. essentially relocate some of our most high-profile kbefts. we moved an entire valet lot to our c lot. >> while some fans may have a harder time finding parking, it certainly isn't damping any of their enthusiasm. >> reporter laura anthony talked with a super fan today. >> she joins us live from walnut creek with more on the growing excitement. hi laura. >> reporter: hello. the fans at the stadium, much like the players, tuning up for tonight's big game. we also found the family of a young danville boy getting ready for the game tonight. he too will be front and center
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at oracle. >> i'm just excited pumped up. >> reporter: just like his warrior idol, steph curry it's game day for dustin o'shea as the 12-year-old prepares for his performance on the junior jam squad at the western conference finals. >> right when i wake up i'm really excited for the game. and so i go to school still have the game on my mind. i do all of the work when i get home, do my homework and in my head it's got to get ready. >> reporter: though dustin and the junior jammers are the o'sheas' primary focus, they're also die hard fans so their preparation involves a certain amount of superstition. >> can't have any wrinkles. >> i'll be wearing some of the same clothes each time. >> we wash our clothes, absolutely. but we wear the same ones, since the second round game one. >> dustin do you have your credentials? he has these credentials he has toe wear and make sure he has
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everything he needs. once you're there you can't turn around and come back. there you go. how is that? does that work? >> a little down more. >> reporter: the final step for the o'sheas flying the warrior colors on the family truck as they head off to oracle. >> thank you. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc 7 news. game two is tonight as you know, at oracle arena. at 6:00 is tip-off. the series shifts to houston for games three and four saturday and esmonday. in the best of seven series. you can watch all of the games on our sister network,x. espn. and, of course, /abc 7 is your home for the nba we hope the warriors go all theçb way. you can catch all the exciting
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we'll move on now.m; dtqi (áájj up a lot thursday night as traily of destruction i4x daly city. how it began with a stolen truck and a very alert cop. insect invasion. pest control companies swamped with calls. why their phones are ringing off the hook. how an old fashioned viewer is helping people look into the environmental future. and if you're tired of robo calls, michael finney will show you how to get rid of female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. through memorial day, save up to $300 on the cooling comfort of tempur-breeze.
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plus, get up to four years interest-free financing. sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. and of course, free same-day delivery! are you next? announcer: but don't wait! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ covering san ramon san mateo, and all the the bay area this is abc 7 news. the man accused of killing a mother and her baby in a horrific crash in livermore is now facing murder charges. brian zachary jones was arrested
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and charged with murder and driving under the influence of alcohol. jones drove off the road and crashed his car may 3, killing morales and her 14-month-old daughter. two other children were also seriously injured. friends and family of the victim have held regular protests demanding charges be filed against jones. one of the men convicted in the beating of giant' fan bryan stow will spend even more time in prison. marvin norwood was sentenced to two-and-a-half years on federal weapons charges. the guns were found when police searched his home in connection with the stow assault. before sentencing, norwood apologized, saying i ask for forgiveness to mr. stow and my role in the assault. i made a mistake. i'm only human. a dangerous chase left three people injured after someone stole a dump truck and tried to get away from police in daly city. abc 7 news was on the avenue when police ran the plates of a touch truck. an officer tried to pull it over
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but police say the driver then took off speeding and the dump truck leading the officer on a chase through three cities. a 42-year-old woman and nephews ages 16 and 20 were getting home when the dump truck slammed into them. >> injuries are minor to moderate and we hope they recover quickly. >> police have not released the name of the driver. they say it appears he was on some type of drug. he could face several charges, including felony assault on an officer and assault with a deadly weapon. san jose is now officially a city of more than 1 million people. san jose becomes the tenth city in the u.s. to reach that milestone. the number is based on 2014 u.s. census bureau figures. san jose was founded in 1777, the first civilian town in the spanish colony of california. it became the first capital in 1850 and for the next 100 years a farming community. that was until 1950, when city manager dutch hammond
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essentially vowed to make san jose the los angeles of the north. san jose's population grew from 95,000 in 1950 to 450,000 in 1970. and has now more than doubled since then. while we're all cutting back and in some cases downsizing our activities a bit because of the drought, it turns out some unwanted neighbors are flourishing. bugs. particularly those nasty roaches. our sister station in fresno shows why. >> reporter: pest control expert bob hill treated 42 homes on this day. the biggest complaint, roaches. even with everyone trying to conserve water due to the drought, your yard still offers plenty of hiding places. >> the less watering we're doing, so they're going to be hiding out in these, you know, areas, you know under landscape, under bark under the tarps, like i say that may be down in the flower bed. >> reporter: the water drain is also a popular spot.
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from your yard, the roaches like to scamper towards your home to get into the walls. >> in my garage is the biggest part. due to the fact that there are still cracks and crannies, where you usually end up most bugs trying to get in out of the eat into the cooler area. >> reporter: bob says the drought has intensified the problem. hill sprays the entire perimeter of homes, paying close attention to possible entrance areas to eliminate the problem. >> once the roechs kroul across that chemical and they consume it, it takes eight to ten hours to kill them. >> reporter: he often deals with two varieties. the turkish roach is a dark red and black color. this is the american roach. >> this one is all kind of an orangish-brown color. that's the difference. >> reporter: but they're both unwelcome visitors. in fresno, abc 7 news. joggers and cyclists in mill valley are getting a chance to look intoñr the future.
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abc 7 news stopped at sausalito path to peek inside this viewer. it looks like the coin operated binoculars found this point. except this has a virtual reality display. pretty cool. the public can use the viewers to point at low-lying areas in mill valley and see the impact of sea level rise. >> the owl is essentially a time machine. you just walk up and look inside, and you travel to the future or the past and see what that plays in front of you will look like or used to look like. >> now the viewers also show various solutions marin county is considering to protect its area against rising sea levels. the public is asked to give input on these projects. the viewers will remain on the bike path until august. check it out next time you're in the area. seems robocalls are getting worse. >> they are in my house. 7 on your side is partnering with consumer reports for this exclusive coverage on getting rid of those things once and for all. >> michael finney is here with that. >> it is worse. you guys are absolutely correct.
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the federal trade commission receives more than a quarter million complaints about unwanted calls each month. putting your name on the government's do not call list do not is one step. "consumer reports" says it's not very effective. >> hello? >> hello this is rich he will at cardholder services. >> reporter: every week, she gets several robo calls. auto-dialed phone calls from marketers. >> it's annoying. i want to slam the phone. and i just want to talk to someone and please tell them to stop calling me. but it's a machine. >> you have been referred by a friend or neighbor. you are elling be to receive -- >> reporter: so how can you stop robocalls? if you get your home phone service from an internet provider, you may be able to sign up for the call blocking service nomo >> we're hearing it's somewhat effective. but it's not available with all phone services. so check its website. >> reporter: consumer reports is in the midst of testing devices that are supposed to filter junk
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calls from your home phone. >> if you are a telemarketer or solicitor of any purpose please hang up and remove our phone number from your list. otherwise, please press 0. >> reporter: robo calls are also a problem on cell phones. on an android phone, you can try a call-blocking app, although you'll also block emergency calls and calls you might want. iphones have similar settings. unfortunately, nothing so far is 100% effective against robocalls. >> robocompanies can mask their caller i.d. and make it appear they're coming from within your area code or number. >> congratulations, you have been selected to receive -- >> reporter: "consumer reports" estimates phone scams cost americans 350$350 million a year. to stop robocalls, a publisher of consumer reports says
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currently petitioning the biggest phone companies to provide free tools for their customers. a second ago you were asking me what happened to the do not call list? it's just as effective. the legitimate companies are following the rules. what you're seeing are just out and out rippoffs and thieves that aren't. >> it's so bad. no one calls our home anymore that isn't a robo call. >> that's true. >> land line yeah. >> thanks, michael. some robocalls to robolearning. a team at uc berkeley found a way to make robots learn how to do tap much like people do. instead of simply programming them to do things they have the ability to figure it out through trial and error. it's called deep learning a form of artificial intelligence. researchers say they could someday learn to clean your house and sort your laundry. not bad. >> not bad at all. i would stop it there though. >> yeah. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. getting nice outside. >> here's our accuweather forecast. >> seeing a little bit of blue sky breaking through. very gentle breeze here.
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let me show you live doppler 7 hd and where there is weather happening. the lake county area a few showers continue to develop, although not as active as it was yesterday at this time. as we take a look at the sierra nevada, looks more like february than may. snow showers above 9,000 feet. so nora pass and tie owinga pass are closed. so if you have plans to head out of town keep that in mind. a beautiful view from our exploratorium camera as we look towards the bay and definitely more sun showing up. it wasn't like that earlier today. and last night, we did have some drops, heavy drizzle or light rain. ben loma, a quarter inch. berkeley hills 1300s. and here are some rain drops on our lake tahoe camera. so it has been raining in tahoe but snowing south of there. 63 in san francisco right now. mid 60s oakland san jose. morgan hill 64 degrees.
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lots of cloud cover in the south bay and san jose. where the temperature magd to get up into the 60s. 63 in santa rosa. fairfield, 70. livermore, 68. and it's half and half from our golden gate bridge cam. clouds and sun. scattered light showers tonight. damp spots for the morning commute. sunnier and milder weather awaits for the upcoming weekend. here's a look at the water vapor imagery. one low moves out, another low heading towards southern california. as it passes through, we will get another round of some drizzly showery kind of weather. so let's take a look at the computer animation. cloud cover is heavy at 7:00 tonight. overnight tonight into your morning commute, do expect those damp roadways as drizzle and light showers develop. tomorrow afternoon, quite a bit of lingering cloud cover but inland areas break out into some sun. looking at your holiday weekend, a little bit warmer on saturday. partly cloudy skies as we head into sunday that will be the warmest of the three-day weekend with low 80s for our warmest
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spots. by monday cloud cover and sea breeze are back. cooler in most areas. should be nice for memorial day. tomorrow morning, anticipate some slow-going traffic due to the showers and drizzle. temperatures in the 50s. and then tomorrow afternoon, we'll keep you on the cooler than normal side but mild inland. low 70s around livermore, fairfield, santa rosa. 67 in san jose. 65 oakland. cloud cover lingers in san francisco. 60 degrees half moon bay, 59. and the seven-day forecast. temperatures inching up as we head into the weekend. holiday weekend that is. upper 50s to mid 70s saturday. into the low 80s sunday. it is brighter. little bit of a drop in those temperatures for memorial day and then we'll see a recovery as many of us head back to work and the kids head back to school. but, you know these drops coming, we're counting every one of them and we'll take them any time. ama, dan. >> we are. thank you. talk about a shot in the arm. how you can check your blood pressure and set a world record
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all at the same time. that's next. and fixing your aching back. new at 6:00 advances that make the pain go away
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abc 7 news was south of market district this morning to get the ground-breaking ceremony for a $500 million expansion of moscony center. completion in 2018, more than 5,000 square feet of contiguous space, double the amount the largest ballroom currently offers. center operators say they need that extra room to land the really big conventions. a san mateo county project in the works for nearly 15 years has received approval again. the big wave project is a combined office park and housing complex for people with developmental disabilities. the facility which will be located north of half moon bay was initially approved in 2011 but delayed due to challenges by environmentalists who say it did not fit in with the sensitive
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coastal area. happening now, there's a lot of blood pumping an attempt to set a world record. abc 7 news at the bay fair center today as college students gave free blood pressure tests. may is national high blood pressure education month. the event is going on at all the carrington campuses nationwide. last check, more than 4,000 people had their blood pressure taken. the record is 26,000. people have until 7:00 tonight to get theirs. help out by heading to the center in san leandro. the san jose campus in pleasant hill on civic center drive. the birds and bodega bay. who can forget alfred hitchcock's famous movie? it s bulldog: get a queen serta set for just $397. save up to $300 on tempur-pedic breeze. and get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-cloud collection! the memorial day sale ends monday. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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female announcer: through monday get up to four years interest-free financing or save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get up to four years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. but this special financing offer ends memorial day at sleep train. tonight at 6:00, the police shooting of a south bay suspect after more than a year his wide
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j finally sees for herself why he was killed. and we revisit one of the worst bus accidents in u.s. history at an east bay off-ramp just now getting fixed. and reason to be suspicious of some online reviews. you can actually get paid to post a positive review. >> yeah that's ayou will coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> join us then. finally for now if you are a fan of alfred hitchcock's movies now is a chance to tour the bodega bay schoolhouse used to film "the birds." >> tours to visitors and will talk about the film that made the school infamous. >> you'll be able to see the downstairs classroom used in the movie. it will be open to the public for two days of tours this sunday and september 6. >> the money from tickets sold will benefit the commu >> and presumably you won't be attacked by birds. >> presumably. "world news tonight" with david muir is next. >> i'm ama daetz. >> and we hope to see you again
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in half rl"hour. tonight, we have breaking news at this hour. the manhunt across several states. a major break in the case. that horrific fire, the young family bound inside their home. tonight, the major new clue. the domino's pizza ordered while the family was tied up. the dna from the pizza. and now authorities tonight knocking on doors 200 miles away. the state of emergency tonight, right here in california. the major oil spill. horrific images. oil-soaked birds and pelicans. whales swimming right through it. and tonight, the beaches closed. the alert for drivers this evening. investigating a possible serial shooter along a stretch of american highway. a woman hit, a bicyclist shot, too. the fbi now called in. the holiday event canceled. and your chance to fly into space? tonight, our trip deep into the mojave desert. the rocket, made in america, set to take everyday americans on a joy ride.


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