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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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vendandalized it leaving 50 million gallons of water. >> this happened along the alameda creek in fremont near quarry lakes. >> abc 7 news reporter david louie joins us with more. >> cheryl and dan, let's put this in perspective, in addition to the example you used, 5 million gallons of water services this area for an entire year. you can see how dry the creek is behind us here. we're standing on top of a levy and this levy is next to a creek that normally holds this fresh water from rainfall during the course of the year and now they are having problems to figure out how they're going to replace it. >> here's the spot where the rubberized inflatable dam once spanned the creek. you see investigators are at work measuring what appears to be a five foot long gash in the dam. it would cause it to slowly collapse and allow the breach and it appears the vandals did this early yard morning and our skidio from sky 7 hd overhead shows how much water has drained
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leaving much of the creek dry. this was runoff from the rain we had over the winter and it was 81,000 homes and businesses in fremont, newark and union city. this was a mindless wasteful malicious event that isn't good at any time and during the drought it creates more challenges. >> you can see it's all gated in. they even have barbed wire on top of the fences. it has to be pretty intentional to get in there. >> you're right. >> the water district says this is a first, never have happened before since the dam was built in 1971. fremont police consider this an act of felony vandalism and there is security here, we're told and it didn't stop the destruction of the dam and the water district has been working on plans to to have the replacement by far and next winter's hoped for rain and runoff.
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water customers in fremont, newark and union city already are on a 20% mandatory cut back so the water district says they will not have to see any deeper cuts as a result of this damaged dam. the water district says the amount of water lost accounts for one-half of 1% of its total supply. we're live in fremont david louie, abc 7 news. >> thanks david, very much. >> a truck with hundreds of gallons of water inside has gone missing in oakland. thieves stole this some time wednesday night maybe thursday morning from a landscaping site near the caldecott tunnel and it belongs to a state wine business with offices in livermore. authorities don't know if the theft was prompted by the drought, but they cannot recall anyone stealing the water tanker before. >> you can see the wreckage left behind in alameda county and what's left of a single engine cessna 210 on the ground. the plane was flying from
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concord to san jose when it went down near castro valley south of i-80. katie udas is live at the scene and you spoke with the pilot's family? >> the family tells me he'd been piloting for more than 30 years and he loved to fly and he took this route often as a commute for work. you can see the hills behind me and how rugged the terrain is and it was visible by the air. the pilot killed in the crash was believed to be 67-year-old andrew morst from lafayette. the alameda county coroner's office is working to con and he failed to arrive near the airport in san jose. he took a path from concord to commute to the job site. the alameda county sheriff's office could not locate the wreckage. >> this morning civil air patrol sent up another aircraft and because of the light of day they
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were able to find it rather easily. >> morris leaves behind a wife and two adult sons and known as the mayor of the block for his helpfulness. in addition to flying, morse loved to snow ski and had worked as ski patrol at sugar bowl. about midday the faa arrived to begin their investigation and the ntsb will be the lead investigators in this case. however, those investigations can take months so it's unclear when we'll know what caused the wreck. live near castro valley, katie udas, abc 7 news. a mystery boat washed up on the surf at a popular san francisco beach this afternoon. sky 7 hd was over the scene in ocean beach a little while ago. the fire department said no one was onboard when crews arrived and the coast guard is also assisting at the scene and the boat has the name the daisy printed across the back. santa clara county prosecutors have released
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dramatic images of a fatal officer-involved shooting near the san jose campus last year. antonio guzman lopez was shot and killed by university police last february. one of their officers shot lopez after lopez charged his partner with a drywall cutting saw. the pictures were captured by the body camera of one of the officers involved in the shooting. prosecutors did not release the video. lopez's family said the shooting was unjustified and they had filed a civil rights complaint in federal court. it found both officers acted lawfully and declined to act promptly. a body found in a drainage vault just outside san leandro. firefighters removed the body which was found on fair mount drive. they went through confined space body recovery and it had limited access and a drainage vault would qualify. the removal required a special piece of equipment and they had
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a decontamination process and it is investigating the case. a bay area man has been sentenced in mexico to 199 years in prison for producing child pornography. 56-year-old gary michael pragolia was arrested by mexican authorities in 2010. they found child pornography inside his home in manzanillo, mexico. he had traveled to mexico to have sex with at least one minor. a san jose softball coach is accused of sexually assaulting a player. police arrested mary shonberg after receiving reports of a coach having a possible inappropriate relationship with a player. police say they are seeking any possible additional victims. the dockworkers have approved a new contract officially endinged contentious dispute that caused devastating backups earlier this year. today the international longshore and warehouse union announced 82% of members ratified the contract that will increase base salaries to $42 an
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hour. the labor dispute flowed international shipping to a near halt at 29 sea ports including the port of oakland. a significant breakthrough to conserve the use of water on farms tonight. the state water board approved a deal. under these terms, some farmers will voluntaryily reduce water use by 25% in exchange for assurances they won't get hit with mandatory reductions later in the growing season. the settlement averts a potential lengthy legal battle over the state's ability to stop diversions from rivers and streams. we are learning tonight that the 4.1 quake which rocked napa county last night has prompted the closure of a bridge. napa public works sent out a notice of the bridge will be shut down until further notice because of that recent seismic activity. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman says this is a big reminder of the last august 6.0 quake. it's interesting that this is now the first report of damage,
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all day long we'd been looking for building inspectors and trying to find out if it was affected by this quake and this bridge is the first in the grand scheme of things and a 4.1 earthquake might not sound all that big, frankly and remember this is napa. look over my shoulder and see the tower of the first presbyterian church? that's from the last quake. they're still not over that one. >> in napa county this was the morning after the quake that came after the semi. we were watching tv and all of a sudden there was, like a big bang. it sounded like a very large truck was coming down young street bouncing along. resident of napa county have kept current on their earthquake description skills. >> the last one was definitely a lot bigger, but this one was still scare. >> so the differences between a 6.0 last august with a 4.1 naft night centered 9 miles north of napa and this latest quake did
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not cause $80 million damage like the last one. but it did fray nerves. we did find plenty of those. >> it's very soothing. usually, i have something lively in here, but today i needed something soothing. >> that's deborah coffee working in a cureio store called the roost like many of napa's small businesses is still recovering from last august. >> is napa back? >> more or less. >>. >> the less would be like molinari cafe. foot traffic remains reduced here. rick molinari now gets 60% of the business he did last year at this time. >> you're happy it's 50%. >> i am happy. i'm making it work. >> as long as the ground stays still. from nap a wayne freedman, abc 7 news. an elite public school draws students from all over the bay area.
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>> that come from pacifica and los altos and they come from oakland. so why are they going to school in san francisco and what's behind the new effort to ban them? >> also ahead the ingredients in everything from toothpaste to cosmetics and today's move to protect from its potential hazard. the bill okayed after kim kardashian's wedding snafu. the head of the federal reserve that will affect anyone taking out a loan. i'm michael finny and coming up on
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firefighters were at first unsure if the hybrid car's battery was dangerous in the water and it turns out there is no hazard, but they were smart to think about it and a tow truck removed the car and firefighters say the driver lost control and smashed into a fence and she was not perfect. >> there is a move under way to ban out of town students from a premiere art school? san francisco. a public school near market street in the diamond heights neighborhood. right now students from palo alto pacifica and fremont attend. there were also students from as far away as long beach and eureka. lyanne melendez is live at the school with more on the story. lyanne? >> do you believe that dan? the reason all those out of towners have landed here is because the school has needed for example, male ballet dancers or a student who plays an odd instrument and that's not good except that some board members say they have been somewhat
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abused and san francisco kids should come first. >> the school of the arts is a highly competitive school that draws students from all over the bay area. it admits up to 10% of students who don't live in san fran know if and at times it's been much higher. >> it has been as high as 25%. this year that number is nearly 14%. in other words, 84 slots that could have gone to local san francisco kids. school board member rachel norton wants to put an end to that and most parents agree. >> we need to deal with the kids that are here instead of going outside this. it's not fair to give the slots away. >> he would not have done well at a traditional school. >> linda disagrees. she drives her son from pacifica to the school of the arts where she has thrived. >> if they want to have you know really high level professional pool of kids to draw from then they need to keep the pool open and not
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close. >> norton is proposing the formation of a task force to study how the selection process is handled and if there are any conflicts. for example, abc 7 news says it also teaches summer courses at the school of performing arts in pacifica. it's been known that he has brought some of that talent to san francisco. in fact pacifica has the largest number of out of town students at the art school with 26. >> just from a best practice standpoint, it's best to have audition panels and have people from inside the school and outside the school making the decisions about what kids deserve admission. >> the board will vote on tuesday. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a popular child booster seat is being pulled off store shelves. experts say the stitching on the restraint straps can loosen meaning kids can fall out.
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we posted more information about the recall at abc 7 a ban on those tiny little particles found in toothpaste in soap is a step closer to reality in california. today the assembly passed a bill that would ban so-called microbeads from those products and many others and the tiny plastic particles were seen by critics as unnecessary that are not bio degradedegradeable and a hazard to marine life. the legislation would allow cities and countyies to impose fines of up to $5,000 for unpermitted event that tie up traffic and resources. kardashian's wedding to nba player cris humphries created gridlock and local sources prevented them from fining more than $100. scientists are warning, despite a massive effort to contain and clean up the oil.
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high winds spilled clean up efforts along 9 miles of beach. the company that owns the ruptured pipeline says it will stay and assist with the clean-up effort as long as it takes. >> thank the patience of the community and the experts here that have responded and again we deeply regret this unfortunate event. we're going to be here until it's taken care of and not leaving until it's back to the way it was and that's our commitment. >> it has caused more than $24 million in property damage in the past nine years. the company has accumulated 175 safety and maintenance incidents since 2006. the u.s. coast guard has rescued 28 oil workers from an offshore platform in the gulf of mexico on friday after a fire broke out. there is a sheen of oil in the water that's about a mile and a half long. the well has been shut down the platform has an estimated 4,000 barrels of crude oil onboard. the fed could raise interest rates later this year if the job market improves and the prices
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begin to stabilize and that's according to janet yellin speaking in rhode island today. the former uc berkeley professor cautioned, however that any rate hikes would come in small slow increments. cal trans is closing the san mateo bridge again this weekend, but hopes the memorial day weekend will mean fewer people on the road. the traffic on the san mateo is moving very slowly. it is set to reopen at 5:00 a.m. on monday. it will let the crews resurfacing parts of the bridge. >> we don't see it look like that. >> never. let's talk about the holiday weekend forecast. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is outside. >> dan and cheryl, you know the drizzle we've been seeing in one more morning of that tomorrow and then it will take a break in time for the holiday and right now, just a gentle breeze seeing a mix of sun and clouds and let's check out live doppler 7
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hd and we'll talk about the weekend in just a moment here. clouds are lingering along the coast and parts of the bay and we're seeing thunderstorms north of the tahoe area and north of the california mountains. if you're doing traveling, keep that in mind. they're now opened, despite the fact that the snow showers continue and keep that in mind and here is a beautiful view of the southbeach cam and it's taken a while for the blue sky to show up this afternoon. we did have measurable drizzle this morning and about .08 of an inch and half moon bay and sfo and a couple hundreds of an inch and the exploratorium camera showing clouds over the financial district and temperatures in the low 60s and 65 san jossy and it is currently 67 degrees in half moon bay and the san jose camera will show you peaks of blue and san jose will make it up into the 60s and ranging from the mid-50s to low 70s today and 68 in napa and
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livermore, mid-60s and showing you some cloud cover and you may be seeing drizzly drops and we'll call it spotty drizzle, sunnier and milder for your saturday and sunday and turning cooler and not a lot just a little bit of a drop in the numbers and the area of low pressure is finally going to kick on out of here and when it does high pressure builds in just enough to provide us with a warmer pattern for the first half of the weekend. computer animation shows the clouds filling in overnight tonight and spotty drizzle is possible and the clouds will break up. most serious should see sun for saturday afternoon which means those temperatures do come up a little bit. sunday is the warmest day. we'll see some 80s in the warmest inland valleys and fog will keep the coastal areas on the cool side and on monday it will be cooler in most areas as the sea breeze comes in and cloud cover increases. tomorrow morning low to mid-50s for the early plans and there will be damp spot, but not a big
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deal. south bay, and 68 in san jose and cupertino, partly cloudy and skaing on the cool side in pacifica and 56 degrees and downtown san francisco, 62 and we'll hang on to some of the clouds and in the north bay, make sure you have your sunscreen and 75 in santa rosa east bay, 66 oakland, fremont and inland spots you'll be mostly sunny and milder than today. 73 livermore, concord and accuweather seven-day forecast and partly cloudy and a little milder tomorrow. we warm it up a few degrees on sunday and low 80s for the warmest spots and low 60s coastside and memorial day looking good. just not a hot day. we'll continue to see those temperatures bringing us back up to average for this time of year and it will feel like may again with low 60s to low 80s.
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cheryl and dan? >> thank you. >> just ahead, from covering up. >> new at 6:00, the future is lear and in the east bay. the new robot that could one day help you around t
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a team of students from santa rosa junior college has reason to celebrate. they came in first in the statewide math challenge called mathematics, engineering, science and achievement and students from 20 community colleges participated. way to go. >> michael finney is offering us a moment of calm. let's just take a breath. >> finney's friday free stuff. >> but first. >> we're not going to get calm just quite yet but we are going to get a good look at it. let me hand this over to you. this is called gray away and comes in several different colors and another one right there. gray away and you'll receive one of these full-size bottle can
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female announcer: through memorial day at sleep train, get up to four years interest-free financing or save up to $400 on simmons beautyrest and sealy posturepedic. even get four years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery set-up and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save! but this special financing offer ends memorial day at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ covering walnut creek burrellinggame campbell and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom newsroom. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 we're following developing news about a kidnapping for ransom. coming up new, hear from a witness who saw police rescue the victim only on abc 7 news. thinking of tossing your
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smartphone, michael finney says you can repurpose it by keeping your family safe instead and deciding the fate of an east bay landmark inside the convention center and how they want to breathe new life into the building and that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> see you then. >> the warriors are on their way to houston for game three of the western conference finals and the departure was delays for more than five hours because of mechanical problems and the warriors enjoyed a 2-0 lead in the series thanks to the 99-98 victory at oracle which was an exciting game. the action shifts to houston for saturday and monday. if necessary game five will be home on wednesday at oracle on sunday. >> catch all of the action on the sister network espn and of course, abc 7 is your home for the nba finals and we hope the
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warriors go all the way and you can catch the exciting action beginning june 4th. >> mickey goofy and friends have been entertaining families at disneyland for 60 years. >> it's a great milestone. thousands have visited the anaheim park for its diamond anniversary and tonight they'll see the new paint the night parade and the fireworks show with the interactive projections. >> parents today said they went to disneyland at children and they want to keep the tradition going with their kids. >> my parents brought me to the 30th anniversary and it's so cool to be bringing with the 60th. >> 700 million people have visited disneyland today 65,000 people brought the park to capacity. >> how all of that history there and it's just so much fun too. that's going to do it for us. i'm cheryl jennings. thanks for inviting us into your home. >> for michael finny and all of us we appreciate your time and
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we'll see you in a half an hour at 6:00. >> have a nice, safe weekend. >> yes. tonight, behind bars after a dramatic takedown. the suspect charged in the brutal killing of that washington, d.c., family. police saying he didn't act alone. officers taking in five other people traveling with him. but tonight letting them go. and, new details of how the crime unfolded. holiday washout. one of the busiest travel weekends in a decade. millions facing heavy rain and flooding. caught on camera. the suspected hit-and-run driver accused of ignoring police. body cam video showing officers using a taser and pepper spray. the startling discovery at the hospital. and, the family bombshell. the scandal swirling around one of the stars of "19 kids and counting." the popular show yanked off the air tonight.


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