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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new better tasting yellow mustard. mmm! good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. let's start with the forecast. hi, lisa. >> good morning. plenty of low clouds and fog. mist and drizzle mainly at the coast here. but we have some rain in the sierra nevada. it's cold. in the 40s from blue canyon to truckee. so if you have any plans to enjoy lake tahoe this weekend today looks rather rainy. things will improve though. here's a look from the roof camera where we are socked in with the gray skies. as far as i know, no delays at
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sf. but i anticipate them in the next hour. 55 fairfield. 57 mild degrees in live more. and on my way in this morning i did use the wipers so you probably will need them the next couple of hours. then by 11:00 limited sunshine but there's more on the way. and there's also a chance of a renegade thunderstorm in the north bay. we will talk about that, the cool numbers and the warmer sunday coming up. chris. >> lisa, thank you. >> breaking news to tell but out of san francisco where crews are at the scene of a two-alarm fire in the inner richmond. the fire broke out just before 5:00 this morning at a residential building in the area of fulton and willard north. that's not too far from the university of san francisco campus and across the street from golden gate park. see fire crews are still at the scene mopping up. no ward yet if there are any injuries. at this time it's unknown exactly what started the fire. 6:01 the time. the san mateo bridge is
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off-limits, closed for maintenance work. let's take a live look at the bridge. no traffic. they shut it down at 10:00 last night. katie marzullo has more on what they are doing and how drivers are getting around the closer. >> it's game convention, not a video game convention. >> in fact it's the largest board game convention in the western united states. this is kublacon. as many as 3,000 people are descending on the hyatt regency in burlingame for event. >> i imagine coming from the north bay would take the san mateo bridge to get here because we are so close to it. >> but from 10:00 p.m. friday to 5:00 a.m. monday, the san mateo bridge is not an option. this is the last closer, allowing caltrans crews to repave the span. >> commuters will notice a smoother ride, a softer ride.
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it will allow the material on the bridge to last another 50 years. >> during the mother's day weekend closer, the bay bridge took the brunt of the backup. this time they hope they will take the dumbarton bridge and even highway 237 as other alternatives. gamers, as you imagine, have a strategy. >> we went out of our way and spent the money on taxis to take the train and taxi over because we knew it would be hard getting here. >> the taxis will cost twice as much as parking, but he said it's worth it. they plan on leaving the convention early monday morning. abc7 news. >> and to make matters worse there won't be bart service between the fruitvale and coliseum station due to the ongoing rail replacement project. a bus bridge will be set up but bart riders might have to deal with delays. >> a dramatic chase ends up with oakland police finding a man tied up in the trunk of a car yesterday. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story.
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>> this is surveillance video of the kidnapping coming to a smashing end in hayward. a black buick is quickly surround by the police. across the street this man saw the crash and shot video on his smartphone. >> they asked for a crowbar. i heard them asking to get the bag out and they proceeded to go to the trunk. when they opened the trunk there was a hostage in the trunk. >> you can see them opening it. >> we heard sounds of the trunk area of the suspect vehicle. we opened the trunk and that's when we observed the victim inside bound. >> police carried the man away his hands and legs tied up. they say the 59-year-old had been abducted the night before. the kidnappers called for ransom for his safe return. they were able to track the kidnappers. police were able to track the kidnappers. >> investigators were led to an
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outside city and a home where they surrounded. the suspects were seen exiting that house and led them on a brief pursuit. >> in the surveillance video you can see an s.u.v. spin out of control. it was rear-ended by the two culprits that were trying to get away. >> the victim is home with his family. two suspects are in jail. abc7 news. the mother's day beating of a grandmother in san francisco's chinatown neighborhood is now a homicide investigation. the family of 77-year-old lin leong was removed from life -- or removed her from life support monday morning. she was hit getting off a muni bus. three days later she fell down the stairs sending her to the hospital. the family believes an autopsy the hit from the attack caused the fall. she hopes the community can help her find her grandmother's attacker, as well as got samaritan who helped her afterwards. >> in my heart i don't think i will ever get closer until i find out what exactly what
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happened my grandma >> police are looking for surveillance video to help with the investigation. prosecutors in san francisco say an epidemic of zip car theft can be traced back to one woman. nicole ray charles depot is accused of stealing at least 76 zip cars in just over one month's time. customers need an access card to use the service. police found nine of the cards in her home along with tools used by car thieves. some of the cars may have already been sold. 6:06 is our time. millions of gallons of water were lost after vandals destroyed an east bay dam. alan wang has details. >> someone sliced a 5-foot gash into this inflatable rubber dam and it release the 50 million gallons of water into the bay. >> whoever did it didn't realize
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the magnitude of it. >> a second dam was being guarded. >> police are checking to see if surveillance cameras captured the crime. >> many people tried to shoot it with guns before, and that's crazy because they ricochet and come back at you. >> the rubber is one inch thick, not easy to puncture, but police have been aware of past attempts. >> we live so close we generally can hear the helicopters calling to them and say to go get off the dam. >> the dam percolates and goes back into the aquifer. the loss is only half a percent of the total supply but residents and businesses are asked to useless and pay more for water. >> ice and everything else is conserved as well. we use the low flow toilets. everything to conserve.
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>> detectives believe the dam was punctured early thursday morning and they want the help finding the culprits. in fremont, abc7 news. >> knew this morning, ireland has begun counting the ballots in a special referendum to legalize gay marriage. it's the first national vote on the issue. one is forecast ago victory for the yes campaign. a senior campaigner begins gay marriage in ireland say his side a brace fourth a defeat. happening today, nancy pelosi will deliver the keynote address. last year she spoke the u.c. berkeley where she spoke about challenging the status quo. approximately 15,000 people are expected to attend. commencement ceremony gets underway at 9:30 at spartan stadium. 6:08 is our time. thousands are expected to head to san francisco this weekend
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for one. city's most colorful celebration s. the 37th annual carnival gets underway and lasts until sunday. it will have special programs features a percussionist. tomorrow's parade will feature bay area singer sheila e who will serve as grand marshal. the celebrations get underway at 10:00 today on harrison street between 16th and 24th. ♪ ♪ this morning the golden state warriors are gearing up for game three of the western conference finals. the team is in houston this morning, but getting there yesterday was a bit of a challenge. the team had to cancel a planned practice because of a problem with their charter flight. they boarded yesterday at oakland international airport but then had to wait more than 5 hours to leave because of a mechanical issue with the plane. the warriors are up 2-0 in the best-of-seven series. tipoff for game three is 6:00 tonight. game four will also be in houston monday. if necessary, game five home wednesday, game 6 back in houston friday and game 7 back
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at oracle the following sunday. you can catch the action on our sister network espn. and don't forget, abc7 is your home for the nba finals, which starts on june 4th. and what a great run the warriors have had lisa. >> yes totally. and we are looking at a beautiful shot today. even though it's pretty clear itry outside your window you may have the mist and drizzle. look at that. nice to wake up to. you will see sunshine in the north bay today but other clouds will invade parts of the north bay for maybe a late day shower. we will talk about that and a warmer memorial day weekend for some coming up. >> lisa, thank you. an eye-opening effects of the oil spill in santa barbara county. coming up, the marine wildlife hit hard by the disaster. and plus, an utterly bizarre chase through the streets of los angeles that didn't even break
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to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. >> the latest on the oil spill in southern california. crews are understanding into challenges to clean up the mess. officials say the sheen of oil is thinner than a coat of paint and becoming harder to skim from windy, choppy waters. some campgrounds and beaches will be closed until june 4th.
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meanwhile the spilling is investigate bid federal and local prosecutors for possible violations. they have ordered the pipeline company responsible for the spill to undergo steps and complete a series of steps before it can resume pumping oil through the pipe. this shows the effect on the marine life and mammals. marine animal care experts got this sea lion into a carrier so it can be cared for. rescuers are using a toothbrush to scrub the tar-like material off another sea lion. a rescued seal and six pelicans are also being treated. the birds' feathers are being cleaned with dish soap. sadly, a pelican and three other pelicans have been found dead near the area of the spill. 6:14 our time. a new roof will be over the heads of san francisco's homeless veterans. it's a new plan for mission bay unveiled by mayor ed lee and made possible in part by a multimillion-dollar donation. vic lee has the story.
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>> they say that on any given night 50,000 veterans sleep on our nation's streets. duane ray was one of them until he got a job with the v.a.'s homeless outreach program. >> some nights i used to walk all night and then get on the bart in the morning and ride bart. >> no man or woman, especially those who served our country should have to sleep on the street. >> sales force chairman, mark, was among the group of tech and business leaders who gave $5 million toward the project that will house homeless veterans and low-income families. the golden state warriors were part of the philanthropic group. >> it was a call to action. it's one that the warriors absolutely are answering. after all, we call ourselves the golden state warriors, right? >> 100 units will be constructed. it's on the corner of third and mission rock streets.
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it's adjacent to the new t-line. across the street from the new public safety building and close to the ballpark. 50 units are for low-income families and the other 50 for homeless vets. for ed lee it's personal. >> i don't have an opportunity to thank my dad for being a veteran, so i will speak through the veterans here to thank him. >> construction begins next year on this empty lot. vic lee, abc7 news. >> a slow-speed chase in l.a. had dozens of cops and hundreds of onlookers scratching their heads. the chase reached the blistering speed of 5 miles per hour. yep. five. for nearly an hour the driver led police through the cities of tarzana and smiling and waving the whole time. he even had signs on the side of his car that red "victory parade." but it wasn't police who finally brought to an end.
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a random bystander strode in front of the black mustang. the car stopped the police pounced, and the man was taken into police custody. police say the driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. >> getting a check of the weather. it's a little cool out there lisa. >> it has been. we don't have rain or high fire danger, but we have a marine layer that will stay with us for quite some time. but there's another system that's going to head our way. it's going to mix some of the clouds out, but it's also going to provide maybe a threat of some rain in the north bay a late-day shower. but that's just very, very iffy. so it's in the forecast. not everyone will see that, it's not even that likely only about a 10% chance. but live doppler 7hd shows the cloud cover right up against the coast. it's been cool in the mountains, 40s around blue canyon and look at south lake with temperatures in the 40s and maybe a stray shower. here's a look at santa cruz.
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mid-60s to near 70 later on today. the low clouds and fog will mix out, maybe sooner for some. 56 in morgan hill. and from our roof camera the gray skies, low 50s. and good morning, concord. 55 for you. temperatures still running below average. slightly warmer numbers. exploratorium cameras. gray sky there and the afternoon will feature not only some sun but the winds will pick up, even in the city, and especially at our coast. up to 30 miles an hour at times. we get some sunshine there but it will be cool. sunnier and milder slightly today. more so tomorrow. memorial day things reverse and we see the steady on shore push. another one to the north of putts allowing temperatures to stay down. that's been the trend. this slow system is exiting so
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we still have our deep trough here keeping all of california in the cooler air. but then there's another system that will travel across the state today, and that's going to bring the threat of a shower to the north bay. but we are looking overall a little warmer in the days ahead. so 81 in fresno. 60s on the coast. you see the threat of rain in the mountains, and we will look for temperatures in the next couple of days to warm up, then cool down. here's livermore. look at the trend. you will see we get some 80s back in the picture by the end of next week. so really the coolest day today. so hang in there if you want some warmer weather. it's working in our favor for fire danger. that stays low. 65 milpitas. partly cloudy san jose b the same as yesterday at 68. san mateo coast not much sun here but maybe a few peaks. 64 san mateo. san francisco 62 and partly cloudy. it looks like we will see a little sun from stinson to south
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saw leto today. near east bay breezy winds, mid-60s for most. 67 castro valley. low to mid-70s here. you notice the green. and higher elevations, mt. diablo, lake county could see some showers. overall it's the cooler weather. the accuweather seven-day forecast is what we are featuring here with a slight bump up tomorrow near 80. we are cooler for memorial day and we say that way tuesday. you will middle the slow warming trend. actually it's not bad. it helps us out in terms of fire danger and the drought. >> yeah. i was at memorial county park yesterday just east of pescadero and the roads were pretty damp. >> that's good. as good as we can get. >> thank you. keep an eye out for this thing. why one group is looking for this unique piece of music memorabilia. and in honor of asian-pacific
6:21 am
heritage month we are using our instagram to. spring india day is coming to the civic center plaza in two weeks. there's a place of traditional indian cul
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>> a music group from san francisco wants to you keep an eye out for a special prop that's now missing. it's a giant eyeball used by the group called "the residence." the mask was part of a traveling museum tour the past three years. it was fed ex'd back to san francisco when the tour ended, but never arrived. a spokesperson said someone claimed signed for the box but he claimed it was taken by a random person. picked it up and as soon as they open the box they look and say what is this. if they still have it, hopefully they will find out somebody wants it and it's valuable to somebody. >> the mask is insured for $100,000. an original album art photo also in the delivery box is insured for $20,000. 6:24 is our time. >> the oakland city council will soon decide the fate of an east
6:25 am
bay landmark. the henry j kaiser auditorium has been sitting empty for a deck a. they will look for new ways to breathe life into the lakeside gem. laura anthony has the details. >> from sky 7hd you can see the imposing 114-year-old henry j kaiser convention center and civic auditorium in oakland. to cut costs city officials closed the facility, fencing it off from visitors and looking the gate on generations of memories. >> it's actually one of the city's most historical landmark. >> this urban planner is overseeing the revitalization of the building for the city. >> some people graduated from high school here, went to their first rock concert here, went to their first political rally here. >> opened in 1915, it was celebrated as an engineering marvel. the ornate auditorium served as a gateway and it has a 35,000 square foot arena.
6:26 am
a maze of empty ballrooms, event spaces and meeting rooms fill out the rest of the 215,000 square foot building. despite the closer experts say the building is in relatively good condition. >> the time is right to find a new user. >> the city is working with two local developers. whoever is chosen must restore the building and allow the public access. >> so you can have everything from roller derby to a brewery to artist space to office space. there are lots of creative ways you can make revenue generating use of the building. >> the city is looking at two proposals that could decide the future of this building. their recommendations will be forwarded to the city council for review. laura anthony. abc7 news. >> still ahead in our next half-hour, an all-out search for a coyote after it attacked a mother and child in southern california. plus. >> my daughter is gone in a horrific way. i'm not going to get her back. >> reaction from the mother of
6:27 am
shandra levee. and the man convicted. her murder. >> also, are you ready to
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>> leia, good morning. >> we have mist and drizzle along the coast. there's rain in the sierra nevada. it's not going to reach the bay area, this system anyway, but you can see how it's been plaguing parts of lake tahoe. if you have plans to go to the mountains keep that in mind. back home cloudy in san jose. 54 san carlos. >> lisa, thank you.
6:31 am
a new trial may be granted for the man convicted in the 2001 killing for washington, d.c. intern chandra levy. levy was from modesto. her remains were found a year later after she vanished in a d. c. area park. we have her mother's reaction to what the prosecutors could decide. >> one thing i have, her things in her room that are still there. >> susan levy has never lost sight of her daughter chandra, and pictures of her are in every room of their home. it was 14 years ago when the d.c. intern chandra levy disappeared and her body discovered a year later in a park. >> the truth is my daughter is gone in a horrific way. i'm not going to get her back. in 2010, of inning area march guandi16789ue was convicted of killing her and sentenced to 60 years in prison. her mother was told by government attorneys that the defendant will get a new trial.
6:32 am
>> the frustration is not having my daughter alive. it's not about the trial. >> for susan nothing will bring back her daughter. since chandra's death she's suffered through posttraumatic stress disorder. >> there's no such thing that there's closer. there's no such thing that grief doesn't co-exist. >> she's not entirely convinced that the right man was found guilty of killing sandra. the conviction was based largely on a jailhouse informant claiming that guandi16789ue confessed to the murder. his attorneys say that key witness gave false testimony during the trial. >> my husband feels 100% sure that they got the right person. but for me there's always that 97%, there's always a certain percentage that i'm not sure. >> during the search for the killer, the investigation revealed a romantic relationship with former congressman gary condit. he was ruled out as a suspect. susan wants the justice system to convict the right person. >> there will always be question. the pain is there.
6:33 am
and it's an ongoing thing. the truth is none of us will ever know what really happened. >> and that was carlos reporting. >> this morning a three-year-old girl is recovering from minor injuries after being attacked by a coyote in southern california. this is a picture from our sister station in los angeles of the suspected coyote which had been seen before. authorities say the child was walking with her sister and mother when she was attacked from behind by the coyote at a park in irvine. the girl was taken to the hospital and released hours later. coyote was not captured. the drought will have an impact on camping this weekend as well. like all of us parks around the state are dealing with the drought and for one of the bay area's most popular parks, that means no showers. >> as memorial county park generations of come to enjoy a
6:34 am
rustic and redwood experience. >> i have been camping at memorial park since i was 12 years old. my children were raised here. and now i bring my grandchildren here. >> because of california's ongoing drought, you might notice changes the next time you stay at a san mateo county campground. >> this sign may come as a surprise to some. the showers have been locked to help conserve water. >> pescadero creek is the sole source of water. >> we want to be good neighbors, we want to hair the water. we draw a lot but we realize the residents want to use the water as well so we monitor our intake. >> if drought conditions get worse, flushable toilets could be the next thing to go. campers aren't thrilled about the possibility. >> we aren't fond of porta-potties. she plays in enough softball tournaments that we have to use porta-potties, unfortunately so flushable toilets is good. >> the parks department is also
6:35 am
limiting the number of available reservations at its campsites. meaning space will be at a premium. all of the spots at memorial are booked for the weekend. >> it's not going to be too surprising to have 2,000 plus people here. >> with cooler temps, camp fires are permitted for now. as for not being able to take a shower -- >> take a sponge bath. it works. >> as long as the state is in a drought, the showers will know longer be available for visitors at the san mateo county parks. still ahead from "7 on your side," a bay area woman denied a refund despite overwhelming evidence she earned it. but first, the time right now is 6:35 on your saturday morning. here's a live look from the golden gate bridge camera. marine layer blocking out the sun. lisa argen will have the full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
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when you see news where you live, take a photo or video and share with us using #abc7newsnow. 6:38 is our time. what if you cancel a reservation and get charged anyway? that happens to one woman who lost more than $1,000. so she turned to michael finney for help.
6:39 am
>> when it came time to book a flight for her niece, jenna peterson went to >> she was going to fly down drive his car back for christmas. mer niece was going to fly to santa barbara, pick him up and then drive pack but changed her mind. >> she decided to do more of a road trip. >> so she went online to cancel and expedia provided a special phone number for cancellations. >> we called in and talked to a young man that said it would be no problem to cancel it. it would be either a $200 or $250 cancellation fee. >> and she would get $900 credit on her expedia account. which seemed fine until she decided to use the credit. >> they said you don't have a credit. nothing. >> expedia said they had no record of janet calling to cancel the flight. >> it was frustrating. the amount of time that was spent on the phone -- >> janet set out to prove she made the call. >> we called comcast and got the phone records.
6:40 am
>> and there it was. the call to the cancellation line. she showed it to expedia. >> they said it doesn't prove anything, it just showed you called the cancellation line but it's not proof you cancelled the flight. >> she was astonished. why else would she call a cancellation line? >> it made absolutely no sense but they stood by it. the end result was, sorry, you are out of luck $1150 gone. >> she contacted "7 on your side" and we contacted expedia. after looking into the case, expedia refunded the entire $1,150. telling us, we take customer complaints extremely seriously and we are researching what happened in this case to ensure we have appropriately resolved this issue. >> wow. that's a lot of money. and thank you to you guys for making it happen. >> now, if you make any transaction over the phone whether it's ordering or cancelling, ask for a receipt by mail.
6:41 am
if you have an account with the company like janet did, check right away to make sure the transaction went through. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> of:45 is the time." lisa, are we ever going to warm up? >> we will in parts of the bay area especially tomorrow. right now look at all the gray, though. mist and kriz toll start. we've got low 60s again on the way for the city. so some of you still below average, but we will talk about where the will shine and how warm it against especially today. that's coming up. >> it looks so gloomy out there. lisa, thank you. after a long rain delay the giants took out the belt on the female announcer: through memorial day at sleep train, get up to four years interest-free financing or save up to $400 on simmons beautyrest and sealy posturepedic. even get four years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery set-up and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save!
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but this special financing offer ends memorial day at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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this morning president obama is paying tribute to the men and women in uniform. in his weekly address the president commemorates memorial day by remembering those who gave their life and service to the united states. the president will spend the first memorial day since the end of the war in afghanistan at the arlington cemetery. remembering the americans who gave their lives in that conflict, as well as the country's other fallen soldiers. >> these americans gave everything they had. not for glory, not even for gratitude, but for something greater than they feel themselves. we cannot bring them back, nor can we ease the pain of their families and friends who live with their loss.
6:45 am
>> president obama also asked that all americans spend the holiday honoring the fallen soldiers and remain committed to the cause of freedom and the country for which they fought 6:45 the time. space-x released a new video showing their crew dragon capsule in flight for the first time. they said the video was taken earlier this month after taking off from a florida launchpad. space-x said it reached 345 miles an hour. the flight was a test for the abort system designed to get astronauts away from a failing rocket. the crew dragon could start flying astronauts to the international space station by the year 2017. >> from technology of the past to the future. robots that can learn and get smarter all by themselves isn't as far off as you think. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom went to a lab at u.c. berkeley where a bot named fred
6:46 am
-- brett is teaching itself new tricks. >> this is brett. not a name, an acronym. today's task getting the trapezoid into the right opening on the box. he's been trying for a few minutes and something amazing is happening, he's getting better. >> it appears like it could be a toddler learning for the first time. >> but the professor prefers to think of it as training a dog. >> you can't tell a pet what to do, but you might reward it with food if it does something good. >> brett's programmers offered him a numerical reward for getting the shape inside the box. >> it will learn on its own how to put caps on battles. >> they have all sorts of video of brett solving simple problems by himself. >> all you have to do is define what's good and the robot will learn how to achieve good performance. >> brett is expensive and he's meant to live in a research lab. but the sorts of learning he's doing is key for the kinds of robots that one day might come home with you and help you out around the house. >> we've seen brett's brothers
6:47 am
and sisters fetch beers from the fridge and learn to play pool. they are robots built by wilton lopez garage for this type of research. >> they can go into your home and clean your house, do the dishes and do laundry. >> although brett took hours learning to fold a towel a few years ago he learned this problem in a few minutes. loading a dishwasher for someone who can get around like they used to. >> if they had a helper robot, they might maintain that independence. >> in berkeley, jonathan bloom abc7 news. >> maybe some peep would wish a robot could manipulate the weather for us. >> i was going to say it sounds like a couple of kids of mine learning to do the dish washer and fold a towel. yeah, we could use some help with clearing and sunshine. but it is keeping the fire danger low. we have mist and drizzle. we have a warmer day out of the next three and today not looking too bad. outside you notice how dreary it is.
6:48 am
awfully gray with temperatures in the 50s. we have rain in the sierra nevada. if you are getting away from the holiday weekend, this is what greets you from south lake to truckee. look at the showers. the numbers are just in the low 40s. san jose, you have a steady but cool day on the way. you see highs in the upper 60s shy of the mid-70s for the average of late may. and numbers look like this in the city. 52, 53 across bait if oakland. it's 55 in morgan hill and low 50s at the coast. if you are headed out or thinking about going out on the bay, the west winds will be kicking up today. in fact up to 18 miles an hour across the bay. it is a breezy start for some. and the 60s and 70s once again for most if you are away from the coast. but the coast is going to get some sunned to. 53 napa, and up in the north bay it could get interesting later on today as the upper level system could provide enough lift for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. the exploratorium cam you see nothing but gray.
6:49 am
spotty drizzle this morning. sunny and milder for most today. tomorrow comes the warmup. we see temperatures coming down for the holiday with stronger on shore push. talk about a weak weather system. you can't see it here, the one that's going to affect you in the north bay later on today. this is the sluggish system that's slowly moving to the east. that's what has brought the rain in the mountains and once again today the wrap around moisture could bring another shower. but for us, we are still in the cool pattern in the wake of that trough. and the system sliding into the mountains today. another one, the northern california to bring the risk of a storm to the north of us. overall the pattern slowly edges up temperature-wise, and in fact when you look at this, you will notice that we have more upper 70s sacramento. but it's going to be on the cooler side of normal today. 81 fresno. 68 in los angeles. 67 in the southern sierra. in livermore today this will be a nice spot. low 70s and upper 70s tomorrow in the east bay valleys. cool down for memorial day and a
6:50 am
slow warmup into the end of the work week. fret steady and pretty seasonal in the week ahead. but below average today. that continues. peninsula, look for partly cloudy skies, 67 redwood city. low 60s milbrae. 3:00 the breezy winds. and up in the north bay you notice the green. we could see a shower here. it should be brief but you may notice the cloud buildup throughout the afternoon. 75 in santa rosa. mid-60s should do it with sunshine and breezy winds for san leandro on and i don't know city. it gets better tomorrow. and tomorrow even upper 70s toward brentwood. but san ramon looking cool. accuweather seven-day forecast shows temperatures will be average today. a bump up tomorrow and coming back down for the holiday. it will be cloudy by the coast monday. today get the sun at the coast and partial clearing. we will look for numbers to come up into the 80s wednesday thursday and friday. that's inland so.
6:51 am
so that should get us just about normal by the end of the week. >> some people may need a long-sleeve shirt for the memorial day barbecue? >> no doubt. >> turning to sports, a lengthy rain delay for the giants at coors field didn't interrupt their offense. and the warriors are waking up in houston ready for game three tonight with the 2-0 advantage in the western conference finals. here's larry beil with sports. >> good morning, everybody. the giants had to beat the rockies and mother nature last night. three outs away from victory in denver and then it just started pouring and pouring and pouring at coors field. but rewind a few hours. the cute little girl has a souvenir. a foul ball. not sure what to do with it. ryan vogelsong knew what to do with it. brandon bell, he's been hot lately, smacks his fourth home run in a week. i think puton picked it up on russian radar. all the way to the the third deck. 475 feet in the thin, rocky mountain air. 33-0 giants.
6:52 am
buster posey. doubles the opposite way in the seventh. they score. the giants led 11-5 the bottom of the ninth and then this happens. the downpour delayed 1:45. the giants would finally subdue the rockies 11-8. they have a double-header scheduled for today. a's and rays. brutal mascot violence! raymond the ray knocks out stopper and then does some flexing. stephen vote, he does some flexing. the top of the fourth. the line drive. sound like a laser. tenth homer of the season. 1-0 a's. one time ray scott kazmir gives up the lead on one pitch. the fastball up, and it is crushed! three-run cloud in the fifth by evan longoria. kazmir last three straight games. a's dropped 8 of their last 9. now the warriors had to undergo a five hour delay on their way to houston so they canceled houston and they get set for the western conference
6:53 am
finals tonight. >> cavs and hawks. game two in atlanta. the hawks trying to get underneath lebron james' skin. and the former warrior roughing him up with a shove. you don't want to make the king angry. you won't like when he's angry. splits the d. the three. the rebounds shot. 30 points, 9 boards, 11 assists. that was without kyree irving. cavs take game two. 92-82. former colts and bucks coach in the house at tampa watching game four of the eastern conference finals. rangers and the the lightning, first period. rick nash swooping in and goes backhand and slides it home. scored twice in this game. rangers win 5-1 to even the series at two games a piece. first time they won by more than a single goal in the entire postseason. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great and safe holiday weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil.
6:54 am
>> coming up the commander in chief may have a lot of practice dealing with adults who pitch a fit in washington, bu bulldog: mattress discounters memorial day sale ends monday? oh boy! a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! well i'll be... up to $300 off tempur-pedic breeze. and wow! get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! better hurry!
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the memorial day sale ends monday. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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>> welcome back, everyone. an 8-year-old boy found in a suitcase at a spanish border crossing will be allowed to stay in spain. we showed you the images earlier this month. you see him squashed in a fetal position. border officials spotted him after x-rays some luggage. after the incident received worldwide attention, spanish
6:57 am
officials issued the boy a one-year residency permit, but his father was arrested and charged with human trafficking. until the dad's legal issues are resolved, the boy will remain with child protective officials. 6:57 the time. even the president doesn't have the power to calm a crying child. that's claudia having a fit on the floor of the white house. the president seems to be puzzled at all. the obama's invited the family over for passover last month. the family isn't one bit ashamed. they shared it on facebook and twitter. the mom saying my daughter is an internet meme. >> what is with the weather? >> a look for sun and cool temperatures. it was san rafael. you see the green there. maybe a late day father in the
6:58 am
north bay lake county. otherwise we are in the upper 60s. low to mid-70s inland. 66 oakland. the warmest day of the holiday weekend will be tomorrow. sunny and milder. a cool down for memorial day. and the warm weather, that's reserved for the middle to the end of next week. >> lisa, thank you. and thank you for joining us on the saturday morning news. news continues online, on twitter, face look and all your mobile devices with our news
6:59 am
what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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good morning, america. happening right now, the holiday weekend washout. severe storms and flash flooding. cars swamped by record rain. pounding the plains. even blamed for this giant sinkhole. >> we have enough water to last us over ten years. >> now 20 million in the bull's-eye, with more flooding in the forecast. our rob marciano tracking it all this morning. mansion murder mystery. this morning, the urgent manhunt. police now saying the man charged with murdering four people inside this million-dollar home did not act alone. who else was inside and where are they this morning? hero mom. the eagle-eyed driver hot on the trail on a man wanted for kipping. kids in imminent danger. >> i heard the amber alert on the radio.


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