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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 23, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. happening right now, the holiday weekend washout. severe storms and flash flooding. cars swamped by record rain. pounding the plains. even blamed for this giant sinkhole. >> we have enough water to last us over ten years. >> now 20 million in the bull's-eye, with more flooding in the forecast. our rob marciano tracking it all this morning. mansion murder mystery. this morning, the urgent manhunt. police now saying the man charged with murdering four people inside this million-dollar home did not act alone. who else was inside and where are they this morning? hero mom. the eagle-eyed driver hot on the trail on a man wanted for kipping. kids in imminent danger. >> i heard the amber alert on the radio.
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and i am behind the van right now. >> what she did next to make sure he didn't get away. and fast and furious. race cars at the indy 500 revving their engines. this morning, an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the marathon competition where racers feel that need for speed. good morning. as we kick off this memorial day weekend, tens of millions of americans are hitting the road and hitting the beach. we got an early-morning shot there of rockaway beach in new york city. >> but in the south central u.s., a very different picture. you're looking at drone video of a lake overflowing its bank. as the entire region home to 22 million americans braces for flooding. >> we got a map this morning. we're looking at severe weather
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for the next few days, promising to bring flash flooding, hail, and maybe even tornadoes in some spots. rob will have your forecast in just a minute. but first, let's go to phillip mena in wichita falls, texas. good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning. just yesterday, this was an access road on to a highway there, and today it's part of the wichita river, and with more rainfall expected this weekend, we could see flooding like this in much of the plains. in missouri, this massive sinkhole opening up in the middle of a golf course after rounds of flooding rains, the hole a stunning 80 feet wide, 35 feet deep. >> you can see some of the tension cracks out there, probably those walls will cave off some time this weekend. >> reporter: the area in the bull's-eye again today. record rain throughout texas and oklahoma wreaking havoc this memorial day weekend. in rain-starved wichita falls,
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residents here now seeing more rain than they can handle. >> we have been praying for rain. >> we have enough water to last us over ten years now. >> reporter: nearly 14 inches have fallen there already this month, making it the wettest on record. drivers in corpus christi forging through flooded streets, this van didn't make it. >> i just assumed it wasn't that deep. >> reporter: in lake worth, outside of dallas, many holiday plans now canceled after this popular lake flooded. and north of houston, buildings becoming islands. gushing water proving too much for this levee, forcing evacuations. >> i don't know if it's going to come in a tidal wave or if it's kind of roam in, i don't know. i don't know. i guess we're just going to buckle down together and play it by ear. >> reporter: and with the expected rainfall in the region, this weekend the national weather service now saying this river could reach up to 25 feet before it crests tomorrow morning. paula. >> they're basing for the worst.
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the threat is expected to last through the holiday weekend. rob is tracking it all, you were just saying, quite a contrast to conditions just a few weeks ago. >> yeah they were in an extreme drought. they're in this flood emergency situation now. wichita river, already the month, the wettest month on record. we're going to see another four, maybe five, even six inches more of rain. look at this map. the flash flood watch for the nearly entire state of texas, up to oklahoma. we could see from houston up to dallas, four-plus inches of rainfall on top of what they have already seen. you couple in the severe weather threat today and pushing that to the east houston and dallas are right in the mix. we'll talk more about this throughout the hour. dan. >> another busy weather weekend for you, rob, thank you. we're going to move on now to the other big story of the morning, the new developments and the looming questions in the with the prime suspect appearing in court, police are now saying he did not act alone, so, where and who are those other suspects?
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also this morning, new information about what exactly happened inside that luxury home where a wealthy family and their housekeeper were killed. abc's ryan smith is on the story for us, once again, from washington. >> reporter: the hunt is on for wint's believed accomplices. we know now that police believe other people were in the house with wint. when that family was being held hostage and killed. now, we're learning more about the frightful hours when that family was under siege. this morning, daron wint is behind bars, held without bail on first-degree murder charge in the deaths of savvas savopoulos, his wife amy, their son and their housekeeper inside this d.c. mansion before it was set on fire. former marine recruit now a quadruple murder suspect. but officials say, the investigation is far from over. >> our work is not done. we'll continue to investigate this case and bring all charges that are appropriate. >> reporter: in this criminal complaint filed on friday, police say they believe the brutal killings required the
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presence and assistance of more than one person and allegedly all four victims were held by wint and others. the document with sworn affidavits from investigators shedding new light on the brutal attack on the family and their housekeeper. shortly after the ordeal begins at 6:00 p.m. wednesday, the report revealing a domino's pizza order believed to be from amy, was accompanied with out of the ordinary instructions. leave the two pizzas on the porch, ring the doorbell and leave. and the next morning, a flurry of calls made by savvas savopoulos including one to his assistant, directing him to leave $40,000 cash on a backseat of a car, parked inside the home's attached garage. after that money was delivered, the victims were killed. just hours later, the house goes up in flames. we know now wint was identified by dna lifted from the crust of that pizza found in the savopoulos' bedroom. and processed in a specialized
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lab. >> because of that we were able to get a hit on a dna match. >> reporter: authorities nabbing wint after a dramatic manhunt thursday night, just missing in new york city and then tracking him and five others to a maryland hotel. >> we were able to identify him inside the vehicle. we tailed the vehicle, we were able to get to location where we could safely take him down. and we arrested him. >> reporter: and while police believe others were in that house, no word yet on who those people could be. >> this is all a little bit confusing, why would release the other people that they picked up with wint, and if those people aren't suspects, who else do they think might be involved in this? >> well that's the troubling part for many people, dan. they released them without charging them with any crimes. so, at this point, they don't know who those other accomplices may be. but one thing is interesting here, police say that one of those five people told them,
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bought $10,000 in money orders and u.s. marshals said they spotted what appeared to be a large stack of $100 in one of those cars. now, caught on camera, there's shock and anger about this police body-cam video. a cop using a taser and pepper spray on a man who was having a medical emergency while driving his car. that officer already resigned. and abc's alex perez is here with more on the outrage and the fallout. good morning, alex. >> hey, paula, as you said, one officer has resigned. this morning, authorities are now investigating whether two other officers acted inappropriately. it all started as a call for a hit and run accident. but things quickly got ugly. this morning, tense moments caught on tape. police body-cam video shows officers in fredericksburg, virginia, drawing their guns. >> let me see your other hand right now. >> reporter: and yelling at a man who's sitting in the driver's seat and appears
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unresponsive. >> put your hands up, both of them, now! >> reporter: police called to the scene after washington allegedly drove his silver hyundai the wrong way down the street. hitting another car, striking the median. officer jurgens then tasered washington. the taser failed. jurgens then pepper sprays him. it turns out the man, 34-year-old david washington was having some sort medical emergency. >> get out of the car right now! >> reporter: finally threatening washington and demanding that he get out of the car. >> that's the point, get out. >> reporter: the officers then drag him out of the car, washington can be heard moaning. an ambulance eventually arrives and takes washington to the hospital. >> the officers on duty didn't assess the situation correctly. and they had the time to do so. >> reporter: the officer has now resigned. in a statement fredericksburg police said --
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the use of force demonstrated in the incident involving mr. washington was not in compliance with department policy or training. now, we did reach out to washington to see how he was doing, but our calls weren't returned. authorities did not reveal exactly what kind of medical problem he was having, but he could still face criminal charges. officer jurgens, in a letter to local newspaper, he believes, given the situation, he did what he had to do. paula, dan. >> tough to watch that footage. >> and still a few unanswered questions here. tough to see that video and to see all of that happened. those tense moments in those few seconds. >> and if they didn't have the body-cam video in that jurisdiction we wouldn't even know that it existed. alex, great to have you in studio with us. >> thanks, alex. now to the e-mail released that hillary clinton claims that she's happy about. the state department making public the first batch of private e-mails as secretary of state. questions about this e-mail account has dogged her presidential campaign. abc's cecilia vega is on the
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trail. >> reporter: from bookstores to a brewery, hillary clinton is back in new hampshire. and now this morning back on the hot seat. do you have a perception problem? many americans don't believe that you have told the truth on benghazi. >> i'm going to let americans decide that. >> reporter: on a friday before a holiday weekend the state department released the first batch of e-mails written on clinton's personal account, the 296 e-mails showing that, while clinton never sent classified information, one e-mail was considered so sensitive, the fbi has now classified it, redacting these 23 words. >> that doesn't change the fact that all of the information in the e-mails was handled appropriately. >> reporter: her aides hand-selecting the e-mails, many mundane. with clinton writing, please print and can you call me?
7:12 am
so far, republicans have yet to point to a smoking gun. but with tens of thousands of pages still to be released, this controversy goes on as hillary clinton goes back on the trail. >> thank you all, i'll be back. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, exeter, new hampshire. >> our thanks to cecilia vega for that. and we want to send it over to ron claiborne. tracking the other stories developing. good morning, everyone. we begin with the government's domestic telephone surveillance program stalled in congress this morning. in a rare late-night session, the republican-led senate failed to pass a measure. that would have ended the nsa's collection of private phone records of americans. the senators also rejected any short-term extension of the law enacted after 9/11. the law is set to expire june 1st. the senate will reconvene for another vote later this month. and a new report out this morning saying that general motors could face criminal charges in connection with the ignition defect tied to at least 104 deaths. according to "the new york
7:13 am
times," they have identified criminal wrongdoing in gm's failure to disclose the faulty ignition issues. the report also says that gm could pay a record settlement that could exceed the $1.2 billion fine that was paid by toyota last year for concealing acceleration problem. last year, gm recalled a record number of cars for faulty ignition. and overnight, federal prosecutors are looking into possible criminal violations in that huge oil spill off the coast of santa barbara, california, they have ordered the owners of the pipeline to suspend operations on the ruptured line that released crude oil into the ocean. meanwhile, workers are trying to scrub and clean some of the animals affected by the oil spill. includeing seals, pelicans and dolphins. and if you're hitting the road on this unofficial kickoff to the summer season, expect a lot of company on those roads, aaa says that more than 37 million americans driving this weekend, that's the highest number of travelers in the decade.
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a dip in gas prices may be fueling this surge in road trips. the national average is now $2.74 a gallon, that's down 92 cents from a year ago. and finally, ducks in london. no longer have to deal with crowds on their daily commute to the pond, special duck lanes have been installed on the sidewalks near rivers and canals. allowing the local wildlife to waddle in peace. it doesn't seem to be ruffling too many feathers. >> is a seagull allowed in the duck lane? >> all animals are allowed. >> okay, gotcha. >> londoners for the most part seem to be enjoying the quirky idea. just this morning, a rat ran in front of me as i was leaving my home. i have a more charitable attitude towards rats today. >> they were staying in their lane? >> how do they keep them in that
7:15 am
lane? i like that idea. >> trained ducks. >> i can't train a chihuahua. >> sara, the duck whisperer. okay, we're going to move on now to a very different story. this is about an alert mom who leapt into action when she spotted a van that she had just heard described in an amber alert on the radio. there she is. >> yes, and she said that van pulled right in front of her, so, she followed it. helping officers rescue the kids inside. abc's aditi roy has the details. >> 911. >> i heard the amber alert on my radio and i am behind the van right now. >> reporter: this just-released 911 call capturing the moment a woman realizes she is right behind a man wanted for kidnapping. inside that van that wednesday, 31-year-old joshua reavis and his two kids. police believe he took his kids
7:16 am
and fled from his idaho home. after a dispute with his wife. >> and you're sure it the same one? >> yes, it was right next to me. i looked over and he has kids in the back. >> reporter: authorities say the children were in immediate danger. kelci, a mother herself, didn't want the van to get away. for the next 20 miles, she tailed reavis. using exit numbers to guide officers. >> we're now passing exit 42. we are at the exit 46. i'm here, i'm right behind him. so, until a sheriff takes over, he's not going anywhere. >> reporter: back on the road. police were closing in. but kelci warning at one point, the suspect may be trying to evade the officers. >> the car is trying to lose the sheriff right now. >> just hang back ma'am and stay safe. >> reporter: but police did pull over the van. he faces possible charges of custodial interference.
7:17 am
>> i'm just happy i could help. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. >> she's great. good on her. moving on now, the countdown is on to the indy 500. >> and we have the exclusive behind the scenes access to one of the most dangerous on the -- of the most dangerous jobs on the track. a look at the pit crew, where women are helping to keep those cars on the world-famous track. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: this morning, they're flooding to the indianapolis motor speedway, ahead of the biggest race in motorsports. the indy 500 on sunday. which is having a rocky start. four cars crashing during practice, including this fiery wreck severely injuring james hinchcliffe. overnight, hinchcliffe, posting to instagram from the hospital, long recovery ahead, thanks for the support. it's only on the track at indy, that you get the sense of the speed. this is as fast as an airplane. suiting up last week, i got a feel for that speed.
7:18 am
it was the most incredible experience. the track isn't just dangerous for the drivers, but also the pit crew. watch this mechanic sent flying earlier this year and it's not just the men keeping cars fast. anna chatten was the first woman ever over the wall. and she knows the hazards. >> the pit wall is really high. and i just didn't have time to get back over it and it hit my foot and broke my foot. >> reporter: the new mother won't be on the track this year. but 27-year-old jessica mace will. anyone ever give you a hard time being woman in this job? >> they'll ask the guys to do it. i get left out. that's fine, if you want to do that, that's fine with me, it just makes me work harder. >> reporter: just watch her on sunday. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> they say you truly can't
7:19 am
appreciate an indycar race until you're actually at the racetrack. by the way, what did you say about matt? >> he looks good in a jumpsuit. >> he does. >> he's adorable. >> don't miss the indy 500 on abc tomorrow starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. you know who else would look good in a jumpsuit? >> rob marciano. you have been gone out covering weather the last couple of weekends. >> i love being here. i prefer to be in a fire suit. looking forward to that indy 500. actually, i think the weather should be okay but monday is going to be a bit suspect. new york city, a shot for you, temperatures, they're chilly in the 40s, how does that sound? my goodness, it feels like early spring or late winter. freeze warnings upstate. but that blue sky means we'll see some strong sunshine. we should bounce up into reasonable levels.
7:20 am
we're starting temperatures in 34 degrees in buffalo. right around the freezing mark. again, that strong spring sun will get you cooking. we'll see more generic -- more general warmup going through monday and tuesday. the unofficial start of summer would be memorial day. detroit, 85 degrees. 90 degrees in d.c., 94 on tuesday. maybe cooling down late week. but that's going to certainly feel like summer. unseasonably cool and wet. 64 degrees in san francisco. 68 degrees. it's been trying to shower across parts of socal. not a whole lot of luck there. elsewhere, we're looking at the threat o
7:21 am
>> in the next half-hour, in honor of the indy 500, ron claiborne will be singing "back home again." >> i didn't know that, but sure. >> warm up the vocals. >> the delta tones of ron claiborne. also coming up on "good morning america" -- off the air, the duggar's hit reality show yanked by the tlc network. the presidential hopeful who's now supporting the family. plus, summer of sharks. with sightings higher than ever, how dangerous will it be to go in the water? and we'll tell you how you can have yourself a very murray christmas. >> what kind of a christmas? >> a very murray christmas. up ahead in "pop news."
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coming up on "good morning america" -- tlc network yanking the popular reality show "19 kids and counting" after those explosive allegations against a member of the duggar family. and safe to swim? more shark sightings than ever, what it means for beachgoers. keep it right here on "good morning america." htings than ever, what it means for beachgoers? keep it right here on "good morning america." morning america."
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♪ some day somebody's gonna make you want to turn around and say good-bye until then baby are you going to let them hold you down and make you cry ♪ sara is not going to let them hold her down and make her cry. who can forget this amazing scene from "bridesmaids." wilson phillips surprising a lucky couple to sing their song at their wedding. we have an incredible story, inspired by this scene. >> don't make me sing. >> during the break the two of them were singing that song directly into my ear. >> that was a serenade. and you're welcome. >> sorry. coming up, also, this is
7:31 am
actually an equally dangerous scene, more than a dozen sharks circling off the huntington beach in california. this scene happening more and more. why sharks are swimming closer to shores. what may be the summer of the shark coming up. but first here, the fallout this morning after bombshell charges involving a member of the duggar family, stars of the hit tlc show "19 kids and counting." >> the cable channel announcing that it has pulled all episodes of that popular show off the air following those explosive allegations about the oldest son's past. and abc's neal karlinsky joining us with the very latest. good morning, neil. >> reporter: paula, dan, good morning. there are two difficult issues at play here. a highly disturbing situation for this family coupled that their lives are the subject of a popular tv show. this morning the show is off the air, but questions remain. in their popular tlc reality show, the duggar family present themselves as wholesome, prude and even innocent. >> there's going to be no
7:32 am
kissing and obviously no sex before marriage. >> reporter: but this morning, that story line has gone off the rails and the show is off the air. tlc pulling it from their schedule, adding, we're deeply saddened and troubled by this heartbreaking situation. reports that josh duggar inappropriately touched several minors years ago when he too was a minor were a bombshell. but not apparently within the family. i confessed my wrongdoing and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling. josh wrote on the family facebook page. his parents adding, back 12 years ago, our family went through one of the most difficult times of our lives. but josh duggar was never arrested or charged with a crime. this police report obtained by "in touch," now expunged. >> josh's actions. but there was the family cover-up that went along with it. so, really the whole brand is really destroyed by this. >> reporter: josh duggar has now
7:33 am
resigned his position with the family research council. but he maintains powerful support. presidential hopeful mike huckabee saying, good people make mistakes and do regrettable things. and even disgusting things. calling josh's actions inexcusable. but that doesn't mean unforgivable. tlc hasn't said the show is tlc hasn't said the show is canceled, only that it's been pulled from the air. all eyes are on this very public family. paula. >> all right, neal, thank you. such a tough story. we want to send it back over to ron with an update of the morning's top stories. hello, again. >> hello, again, paula, dan, sara and robert. good morning to all of you out there. we begin with severe storms, and record rain drenching the nation's heartland. flooding throughout texas and oklahoma wreaking havoc this memorial day weekend. the flooding rain in missouri played a huge role in the opening of this massive sinkhole right in the middle of popular golf course.
7:34 am
and new developments in the d.c. mansion murders, police now saying that daron wint didn't act alone. wint is being held without bail for allegedly killing four people inside that home. and california farmers have agreed to cut their water usage by 25%. amid the worst drought in the history of that state. many restaurants have stopped putting water on tables for patrons, serving it only upon request. and finally, if you're looking for a blowout party, perhaps you are, consider disneyland on the west coast, celebrating its 60th anniversary, huge crowds packing the park on friday for the 24-hour diamond celebration, disneyland is decorated in style and it has three new attractions. disney, of course, is the parent company of abc. more than 700 million people, almost the population of china, have flocked to disneyland since it opened in orange county.
7:35 am
back to you guys. >> 700 million -- that's a lot of people. >> some of that is the same people. like i have gone 20 or 30 time. not 700 million different people. >> you just ruined it for us. >> you have been there for a couple. >> i love them both equally. i should say. >> he's a good corporate citizen. >> just down the road from orlando, where the mother ship -- i should say the bigger ship -- is miami. 74 degrees. we'll get up into the 80s. we're warming up. some decent beach weather. some showers down there. your typical sea breeze front the past couple of days. but this is the big holiday weekend, this is when we crank up our summer activities. so, let's start things off with the beach forecast. this is the obligatory ron claiborne sand bucket. 87 degrees, that's the water temperature in key west, that's toasty, 82 degrees in miami and heading up the coastline, we're looking at temperatures in the lower 60s across virginia beach.
7:36 am
houston to dallas, to oklahoma city, these are areas that don't need any more rain. but they'll get more. most of the state of texas and oklahoma under a flash flood watch because of the heavy rain that's expected here, and it's going to be confined to this area. west of the si >> this weathercast brought to you by bush's baked beans. hot dogs, hamburgers. there's more than americana than that on this weekend. >> someone told you about the sand bucket. >> i was going to say. >> you better play nice in the sandbox. coming up here on "good morning america" -- speaking of beaches, why are shark sightings at record levels. the worries for beachgoers as
7:37 am
the summer gets under way. full house revival. the stars who will be and won't be returning up ahead in "pop news." we'll find out later. in the pop. we'll find out later. in the pop.
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as we said, this weekend marks the start of the summer beach season. >> but before you dip your toes into the water, you may be worried to see scenes like this, sharks swimming off of the beach. but are they something to worry about, abc's marci gonzalez with more on these concerns. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning paula. good morning, dan. it's pretty quiet out here now. but in the next few hours, beaches will be packed. and with all of the warnings out there for swimmers, there's one that might not be posted but should be taken seriously. from the sand, a picture-perfect view, but from above on friday,
7:42 am
photos of sharks in the waters off the california coast, a clear reminder of why beachgoers are warned to be cautious this summer. researchers warning that more sharks near the shore as a result in the seal population. beach officials issuing sharks advisories, warning people not to swim by the seal. something that this 19-year-old now knows well. he was bitten just a few days ago off of new smyrna beach, florida. that shark let go as most do. but sightings are increasing. >> this is the first time in the last 25 years we have had a confirmed sighting of a white shark. >> reporter: but our matt gutman learned what to do in a more aggressive encounter. >> if it comes in, if it becomes an attack, you're going to strike them, quick, fast. >> reporter: myrtle beach yesterday, a boy starting his memorial day weekend by reeling in this five-footer.
7:43 am
this week more than a dozen other great whites lingered off the coast of huntington beach. some ten feet long swimming just 50 feet from shore. and one more reason it's always a good idea to swim near a lifeguard because you can see they have the better view of what's going on under water. again, experts stress that attacks are incredibly rare but you always want to keep an eye out. dan and paula. >> marci, rob marciano pointed out that the abc news jacket offer a degree of protection against sharks. >> good to know. thanks. i'm on my way. >> apparently, she doesn't take me seriously, rob. >> it's better than gore-tex. >> it's better than gore-tex. >> you're always quick to throw the ladies into the water. >> i would never do that. >> i'll save you, we love you, dan. coming up on "good morning america" -- the problems that all parents can relate to. the hysterical pictures that are burning up the internet straight
7:44 am
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♪ ♪ sara, you need two drumsticks. >> it's time for "pop news" with haines-y, what's happening. >> and my backup band. >> christmas may be months away, but netflix is getting into the festive spirit early with the announcement of a new holiday special hosted by bill murray, remember, ron -- it's called a "very murray christmas," and the star is particularly grumpy. and being, well being very bill murray, like in this sneak peek. george clooney, chris rock and miley cyrus, also amy poehler,
7:48 am
are all slated to appear as what's being billed as an homage to the classic variety show. >> i thought it was homage. >> seriously pop needs -- >> proceed. >> whatever, guys. >> let her talk. >> leave "pop" alone, people, okay, sit in your chairs and listen. there's going to be singing and dancing with bill murray as the new christmas grinch as i sit with my grinch, dan harris. and a maid of honor has pulled off the ultimate wedding surprise for her best friend, oh, gosh, this is amazing. staging an incredible recreation of my favorite scene from "bridesmaids." with wilson phillips. >> they actually came? >> yes. ♪ i know there's pain ♪ ♪ why do you lock yourself up in these chains ♪ >> look at their faces. is that wilson phillips?
7:49 am
is that wilson phillips? >> is that what she's saying? >> yes. ♪ some day somebody's gonna make you want to turn around and say good-bye ♪ >> he figured it out first. ♪ don't you know ♪ >> right now, she's totally thinking i totally made -- and even though the bride couldn't quite believe it that really is wilson phillips, they flew all of the way from california to bali, indonesia. >> bali, indonesia. >> i thought you were correcting me again, to sing their hit song "hold on." the happy couple. >> she's like what the -- the husband i love this, maybe if i squint i'll figure out. and breaking "pop news" to tell you about, fans were hoping for a "full house" revival with
7:50 am
all of the familiar faces. but, now, it seems like the reboot is going on without the olsen twins. >> oh, no. >> the song's executive producer releasing a statement, mary-kate and ashley olsen shared the role of the youngest child, michelle tanner, whether they take the part was a big question mark, but ever since netflix announced it was reviving the comedy for next year, and the answer is they're not. >> not happening at all? not even like -- >> they used to share the role. >> i just saw two of them on screen. >> yeah, but they can't both be on screen. >> we can make room for them. >> dan, seriously, let it go. and finally, the meme taking over parent's instagram feed right now. it's called average parent problems. here are some of my favorites. "when you walk all of the way to the park and your kids are asleep." "when the mylar balloon won't die and you have to kill it yourself." "when you're the only one participating in your family photo." "when you find the missing lego in the worst way possible."
7:51 am
"and when you want to sleep in on a saturday but you have kids." >> well, we decided to have them. i guess we can't complain. >> the whole idea to take the kids to the park was to sleep. >> no that's driving around the block to put them asleep. the park is a destination. we'll be back with more "good morning america" after this quick break. >> i like the lego one. ego one. and now we can paint our way to perfection without nicks, peels, chips, or regrets. so with buckets out brushes loaded-get in there. let color flow from room to beckoning room. be a maker. be bold. and paint on. hgtvhome by sherwin williams now available at lowe's. get $10 off through may 27th only at lowe's. ♪ ♪
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. and before we leave you we want to share some happy news about our abc family, specifically the "good morning america" family, our senior broadcast producer of "good morning america," john ferracane, and abc news correspondent linzie janis were married thursday, in a beautiful wedding ceremony. on the island of jamaica. john said that when he started his job here two years ago, he couldn't believe how lucky he was to find the love of his life.
7:56 am
we also say how lucky he is to -- >> congratulations. >> great pictures. >> we're really happy. they're an amazing couple. >> do you think they're coming back from jamaica, ever? >> would you? >> you know, i think the odds are 50/50. but we'll be back tomorrow morning. but we'll be back tomorrow morning.
7:57 am
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edition mattress with sleepiq plus 36-month special financing. ends monday! know better sleep with sleep number. it's great to have you with us on this saturday, may 23rd. i'm chris wynn. cloudy skies and cooler temperatures for the start of the holiday weekend. we'll go to meteorologist lisa argin for a look at the doppler hd. good morning. your eyes probably going to the sierra nevada on the corner of the screen where we have active weather. was but you said it, we have clouds in the east bay. take a look at tahoe, foggy, rainy with temperatures in the 40s. and that continues throughout the day today. back home closer to home, this is santa cruz with highs in the mid-60s to near 70. and you're going to see some sunshine today. 57 in san


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