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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the search is on today for thieves who tried to pull off a big heist by stealing a fuel truck from a south bay airport. hello, i'm katie marzullo. the theft happened at reed hill view airport in san jose but the criminals didn't make it far. cornell bernard is live the airport with the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: it's a crazy story. reed hill view is a small airport, usually very quiet, but not overnight when a suspect or suspects tried to ram a stolen jet fuel truck through this fence on the south side of the airport. now, airport workers were preparing that stretch of
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chain-link fence today which was knocked down by suspects who police say stole the jet fuel truck from the san jose fuel company on the north side of the airport sometime overnight. the truck is now back at the facility, with some engine damage. the suspects did not make it through the fence and ran away. airport workers know why the truck heist might have failed. >> the truck wasn't able to get through the thing. right? >> that or it ran out of gas or he broke the air pump. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago the fuel company confirmed to us offcamera he air pump which was underneath the truck, broke, disabling the vehicle. police have no information on the suspects or how they got on to the airport grounds in the first place after hours. it is a secure facility. the fuel company declined to say if the truck was full of jet fuel or not. we're live in san jose, abc7
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news. >> thank you. abc7 news was in san jose for this wildfire on chula vista drive. flames threatened near lay dozen home and one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. four acres hey burn. firefighters have the flames contained right knew but are still looking for hot spots. we are learning more about problems with bart. this time a train operator stepped in after a computer sent the train mixed signals on whether to speed up or slow down. that mishap happened beneath market street in san francisco last sunday while bart carried thousands of people from bay-to-breakerses. bart breaks the problem on broken equipment. that equipment helps the trains run automatically by sending them speed codes. >> passengers were never in any danger, the train operator was monitoring the speed codes and they were fluctuating and he hit the stop button.
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>> union leaders for bart workers want to know exactly what went wrong so it never happens again. >> only a deeper investigation will ever determine if the train was actually trying to get to 80 miles-per-hour speed code. >> both union leaders and bart management say bart has several safety nets both human some mechanical. it's been a rough month for bart. struggling through at least three service interruptions. on may 6 a broken piece of trail put the brakes on he morning commute. two days later an electrical problem caused delays in san lee adrone. earlier in the day metal debris on the tracks shod down service there, and this past wednesday a damaged track coil between two oakland stations led to delays up to an hour. there's no bart service this weekend between the the fruitvale and coliseum airport stations due to an ongoing
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construction work. bart is providing buses for riders but they may experience delays. service is expected to resume at 8:00 a.m. monday. a traffic alert this memorial day weekend. the san mateo bridge is closed for resurfacing and other maintenance work for the second weekend this month. it is scheduled to re-open monday at 5:00 a.m. commuters are relying on alternative routes including the dumbarton and bay bridge. you can see heavy traffic in all lanes, and fast track lanes at this hour. a man from san francisco died in a firey crash on highway 101 in marin county. it happened just before 4:00 this morning near seminary drive. the chp tells the marin independent journal two men were heading back to san francisco from the resort and kind when the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. the carlift the freeway and caught on fire after hitting a
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tree. the passenger suffered serious injuries. new details on a fire in san francisco. the early morning fire burned a building near the university of san francisco. paramedics took three people to the hospital. two have been released elm the fire broke out across the street from golden gate park. it is not known how it started. >> anger cleveland after a police officer is acquitted in the deaths of two unarmed suspects. [shouting] >> dozens of people chanted, peacefully while sheriff's deputies guarded the courthouse following the not guilty verdict. moments earlier officer michael brelo wiped away tears when he heard the up's decision. his attorney accused prosecutors of being quote ruthless. >> we fought tooth and nail, case of david verse goliath. >> brelo faced accusations accusations
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of using excessive force follow ago high speed chase, he and 12 other officers fired 137 shots into a car. that barrage killed tim the russell and melissa williams. >> getting on top of the car and shooting 49 bullets into two people is not right. >> brelo will remain on unpaid suspension while cleveland police complete an internal review of the shooting. video stores much like phone booths are disappearing. an answer which is in el cerrito as silver screen video center prepares to close tomorrow. the store's owners outlasted blockbuster but have decided to end their fight against netflix, red box and online video streaming. one employee says silver screen was more than just a work place. >> it's a good place, and i've made a lot of friends through here and coworkers are like family, boss is like a second dad. >> silver screen stopped renting movies last week.
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now it is just selling every dvd left on the shelf. now to the warriors. the team has finally arrived in houston after a five-hour flight delay yesterday. collin is in life in houston. for the warriors just a blip on the radar. >> you're exactly right, katy. this is really being overblown. that's what warriors head coach characterized the late arrival to houston. they were supposed to get in around 3:30 yesterday. >> landed at 10:00, but it was going be a short walk-through anyway. 15 to 20 minutes. so they went longer at today's morning shoot-around. the affects? minimal. >> this happens in the regular season all the time. we got in at a decent hour got a good meal, everybody slept. we're ready to go. >> i went to the driving range and then i went home like 30
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minutes there while we were still trying to figure out what time we were going to leave which is right next to the airport, then i went home for three hours. >> curry and kerr stating no harm done from the late arrival. later in sports the warriors salivating at the chance to take a commandings 3-0 series e lead. reporting live, abc7 news. >> game three just minutes away at the toyota center, tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. on espn. supporters of same-sex marriage in ireland are celebrating tonight. [cheering] >> voters have approved same-sex marriage in the country. still to come what the catholic church says in response to the vote. and then a 65-year-old woman gives birth today to quadruplets, adding to an already large broad. >> good evening i'm abc7 news
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meteorologist a.j. frances dinglasan. the accuweather forecast seven-day forecast is coming up. [baseball crowd noise]
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♪ ♪ [x1 chime] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] oh! i can't believe it! [cheering] hi, grandma! ♪
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detail oops mystery yours boat that washed up on a popular san francisco beach. coast guard says the boat may have been stolen from the st. francis yawed club and san francisco. sky 7hd was over the scene after the boat hit ocean beach. a number of beer cans were found on the vessel. a witness says he saw the boat
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run aground and one person get off and leave. >> governor brown wants to create an amnesty program for californians who can't afford to pay traffic fines and court penalties. drivers with lesser inphotographics would pay half of what they owe and administrative fees would be slashed from $300 to $50. the state has suspended 4.8 million driver's licenses since 2006 related to traffic fines. advocates for the poor have criticized cad's courts as a pay to play system. ireland has just become the first country to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote. supporters cheered and sang the national anthem as ireland became the 20th country to legalize same-sex marriage. more than 62% voted in favor of the at the measure. this marks a major cultural shift for the once conservative catholic country. the archbishop of dublin says
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the catholic church quote, northeastses to do a reality check after today's vote. he says catholic leaders need to find a new message and voice for reaching ireland's young. >> a food fight in the street's of san francisco. >> and taking you live outside bit chilly this time of year. while we get warmer temperatures for the holiday
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[chanting] >> abc7 news was outside the ferry building in san francisco today for a vocal protest against the monsanto corporation. demonstrators marched to tell
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the company to stop using medically modified crops for food and the company's pesticides are hurting the environment. several protestors dressed as bees. >> eye countried have ban edmond -- monsanto for what they have done to bee. >> monsanto says independent test shows their materials the use are safe for the environment. an update on a story. a 65-year-old woman in germany who already had 13 children, has given birth to quadruplets. she used donated fertilized eggs. her three boys and a girl were delivered 12 weeks premature each weighing understand two and a half pounds but the newborns have a strong chance of survival. the children range in age from nine to 44. she said she decided to have another child because her nine-year-old wanted to younger sibling.
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congratulations. let's send it over to frances dinglasan in studio tonight. always a nice treat. with the forecast. >> good evening. we're check ought live doppler 7hd. seeing some clearing around the bay area, but there is some severe weather in the tahoe area and i'm going to put it in the loop. you can see the thunderstorm activity through the sierra, and even some hail reported and heavy rain. you'll notice the areas of red and orange, the more severe weather, even lightning strikes. if you do happen to be near some lightning, stay inside the building or the car you'll be safer. and try to avoid driving because there could be ponding on the roadways and the highways. a live look now south lake tahoe, low clouds near the area. in the bay area, temperatures are pretty comfortable in the 60s. san francisco 60. oakland, san carlos 61. san jose, 66. half moon bay cooling down to
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59. a live shot east bay towards mt. mt. diablo. napa 67. and concord and fairfield, still hanging on to the low 70s. this time we're looking from mt. tam toward san francisco. here's what to expect. spotty drizzle tomorrow morning northeastern the coast sunny and milder by the afternoon, and then turning cooler for memorial day. the water vapor image shows you moisture in the atmosphere and this area of low pressure with this counterclockwise flow is going to continue to bring showers and even some thunderstorms to the sierra tomorrow and possibly into monday. but for us we have a ridge building, so even warmer temperatures tomorrow. and here's what you can expect in terms of the cloud cover. so tomorrow morning we could see some drizzle mainly along the coast maybe in parts of the east bay. during the morning then we see a lot of sunshine in the afternoon, except for long the coast. monday, a little bit more cloud cover. that's why things are going to
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be a bit cooler. overnight lows will be what you expect in the 50s for the most part. 52 in san francisco. half moon bay 51, drizzle. san jose, 54 as well as livermore. for tomorrow, look for temperatures to come up a little bit. so we'll see mid-70s in san jose and morgan hill. comfortable as well on the lower part of the peninsula. 71 in palo alto. but pacifica still cool at 58. downtown san francisco, clouds will keep you to about 63 degrees tomorrow with a strong sea breeze in the afternoon. some low 70s through napa and sonoma, still 60s in the east bay and then upper 70s inland, maybe even 79 degrees in brentwood. just want to show you quickly the temperature trend in san jose. we're going to be below normal through monday and tuesday and then look at how we ramp up for the end of the work week above average. you can find that with the
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accuweather seven-day forecast as well. so slightly cooler for monday but then much warmer next weekend with more sign. >> thank you frances. over to shu. lucky to have you in studio when you could be in houston. >> that's right. warriors and rockets in houston. dubs sporting a
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the rockets are back in the confines also home in to toyota center at houston where the call it clutch city because they're tough to beat at home.
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colin resch is live in houston and, colin, tonight has to be considered a must-win for the rockets down two games to none. >> reporter: you're right, shu. the warriors can take the heart out of the houston rockets tonight and their fans, maybe it's easier do focus in a hostile environment and that us against the world mentality. whatever the reason the warriors have been better on the road in the post season than at home. they're 4-1 away from oracle arena and say they get to play a good game in this series. the rockets say they let games one and two slip through their fingers. >> can't get it back. got to move on to game three. >> have an opportunity in front of to us win two games at home but starts with tonight. we win one game everything changes. >> we're in a really good spot. we're up 2-0. we did what we needed to do, and now we have to keep getting
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better. we know can he can play together. >> as bad as they don't want to be down 3-0 we want to be up 3-0, we're as desperate as they for keep building this lead we have and we go up 3-0 that's -- we're in great shape. >> reporter: you witnessed first hand in new orleans and then in memphis what the warriors -- those road warriors could do when they left oakland. hopefully they're victorious again tonight. reporting live outside the toyota center in houston, colin resch, abc7 sports. >> we'll hear from colin tonight at 11 after the game giant giants and rockies scheduled for the double leader but the start of game one delayed because of rain. they finally got to play ball. first pitch in the second, see ya. solo shot to ted center, 1 or
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rockies. giants answer in the fourth. brandon crawford, rbi single. next batter, matt duffy with a base hit. hunter pence scores. runners on the corner. lyles tries to pick off duffy. crawford scores. 10-4 giants in the sixthment highlights at 6:00 p.m. dance part in tampa. scooby doo was there a's and rays. six shutout immigration, -- shutout innings. bases loaded single. sogard scores, 4 or oakland and billy burns gets his first career rbi in the eighth. a bases loaded walk. a's fin 5-0 the final, snapping their four-game losing streak. >> first houston thereof -- first round of the pga
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championship. langer alone in second but three back of colin montgomery. a long birdie putt on 11, takes the lead. 5-under heading into sunday's final round. and of course more coming up at 6:00. see you then. >> thank you, shu. sticking with sports. a missouri golf course gets a new, albeit
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coming up at 6:00, danger on a california beach as everyone is told to stay out of the
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water. and why authorities believe our pipeline that spewed 100,000-gallons of crude oil may have been susceptible to disaster. join us at 6:00. meanwhile, check out a 19-hole golf course in missouri make that 20-hole. it has a giant s.hole that opened up at the top of the rock course in branson. the sinkhole 60 feet by 80 feet and it's 35 feet deep. heavy rain in the area combined with a possible cave below the course are thought to be the cause of the collapse. not leaving golfers scrambling. anyone with a tee time is still able to play. >> how would you like to be lining up for a shot right where that happened, and go down with it in the sinkhole. >> oh, well, gees, if you wan there you should say thank goodness no one was hurt. i wouldn't imimmediate my golf game at all because it's bad. >> a big hazard. >> thank you for joining us. that does it for us at 5:00. thank you for your time.
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see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news -- not guilty. the cleveland police officer who stood on the hood of a car and fired, cleared. the barrage of bullets that killed the unarmed people inside. the reaction coming in right now, and the police chief's plea to parents tonight. weekend washout. no holiday for millions of americans. the tornado threat, flash floods and rivers rising plus frost and snow. this is the unofficial start of summer? historic vote. irish eyes smiling tonight. rainbow flags flying. celebrations across the country. voters giving a landslide victory to same-sex marriage. and family values the growing fallout from a scandal inside a popular reality tv show.


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