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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 27, 2015 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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gary, man. show them how to do it. this is "nightline." >> tonight, life or death and split second decisions in the lone star state. with millions in the storm zone tonight, what you need to know if you find yourself trapped. breast-feeding fire storm. the super model who reignited the fierce debate over breast-feeding in public. this controversial magazine cover gone viral and why some readers won't be able to get their hands on their own copy. but first, the "nightline 5."
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number one in just 60 seconds. ♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar)
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♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars) good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm rebecca jarvis. we begin with those devastating floods in texas. it's already killed at least 14 people across the state. and hard-hit houston, the devastation is measured in miles, entire neighborhoods under water. we're there in the heart of the storm zone with tonight's race
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against time. >> in the texas flash floods, life or death decisions were made in seconds. >> you okay? >> outside san antonio, this jeep cherokee washing down a river. look the driver is still inside. he was somehow able to crawl out the window of the suv before it capsized and was completely submerged. others not so lucky. this morning houston turned into a water world. cars bobbing on highways turned into canals. traffic at a standstill. officials in the fourth biggest city in the country saying at least a thousand cars were submerged. across the state, 14 people dead and over a dozen tonight missing from the day's long deluge. swollen bayous gulping down neighborhoods.
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>> we believe that there may be as many as 4,000 with significant daniel. >> overnight, dispatchers struggling to field more than 900 emergency calls, more than 500 of them water rescues. rescuers barely able to keep up. >> we have a female stranded on top of a car. >> this man's dash cam rolling as he drives through the floods. fans and players at the houston rockets game overnight stranded for hours. >> i can't go nowhere. >> daylight revealing the scope of the disaster. in submurgeed neighborhoods, rescuerslaunching boats. we saw the aftermath of the storms from above. now that all the water has started to recede, you see the mud, oil spilling out from stranded cars. the cleanup is going to take some time here.
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biblical in scope. this dam breached. a roll of water crashes through the road. the lake emptying out, the blanco river so full it surged 30 feet above flood stage sweeping away this bridge. dudsens dozens of homes in this area destroyed. including the home this family was vacationing in. >> she called me. she said i'm in a house, i'm floating down the river. tell mom and dad, i love you and pray. >> somehow jonathan managed to survive suffering a broken sternum and collapsed lung. >> he is absolutely devastated. he did everything he possibly could to save them. >> and their morning across texas tonight, near dallas this 14-year-old and his pet dog were found dead a day after his family reported him missing. >> it's not easy seeing your
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friends go away just like that. >> and the community of devine texas is mourning the loss of a high school homecoming queen. >> it seems to surreal. it wasn't anything i expected to wake up to this morning. >> the raging waters brought dramatic rescues as well. that jeep cherokee. two others rescued by air. >> i kept calling him over and over. he was like i don't know if i'm going to make it. >> flash flooding can swamp your car in near seconds. the water will easily heave your car sideways, even rolling it cover possibly trapping people inside. on average more than 300 americans die each year in submerged cars. i got behind the wheel to test out what experts call the safe way to escape a submerged car. it's not unlike driving into deep water. either way, you're engineered to
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react with a single emotion. terror. let's take a step back. this wasn't an accident. it's precisely planned under the guidance of the indiana state police and the guru of the new theory of escaping a submerged car alive. >> i'm trying to create the stop drop and roll for the 21st century. seat belts windows, children out. >> as we prepare to crash the car into the water, mimicking as closely as we could being trapped in flood waters, he walks me through the new method. >> you have to have your seat belt off so you can move. and two, you got to have an exit to move to. and it's not the door. >> you need to plan -- >> there are three safety divers in the water. one is in the car equipped with air tanks. i round the cones and hit the ramp at about 20 miles per hour. i unlock my seat belt roll down the window and get my pretend
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baby and flop out of the window of the car. one key life-saving tip -- >> do not touch your cell phone. if you touch your cell phone you're probably going to die. you have about a one-minute period where you can open the windows before the water gets up above the side windows. >> another tip, keep a sharp object or a window punching tool like this in your car. for decades, they said let the car fill with water and opening door and swimming out. >> don't wait for the water to come in the car. >> absolutely not. unless you want that to be your final resting place. >> now it's time to do it again. this time simulating real life problems. this jeep will shove our car into the pond. that jeep is pushing us much faster this time. going over the ramp and down the bank. all of us shocked at the force
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as we hit the water. this time, the water isn't trickling in. it's flooding in and i'm about to make it worse. >> try the door now, see if you can open it. >> we're all surprised when somehow i can. more water flooding in. the window is now stuck. so i shatter it with that puncher. i forgot something really important. i shimmy out as the water engulfs the car and watch how quickly this car goes under. but the safety divers are still inside. seconds later they pop out. hadn't been trained, it's possible they could have drowned. tonight, the certainly for thesearch for the missing continues. for "nightline," matt gutman in houston. next the controversy over this image. how one super model's decision
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a last-minute decision by a super model to breast-feed her baby during a photo shoot has now ended up on the cover of a fashion magazine in australia. but the controversy has reached our shores at home. reigniting the heated debate over breast-feeding in public. >> nicole is no stranger to attention. she's a sizzling super model, fiancee to gary clark jr. and just landed a cover shoot with elle magazine's australia edition. she decided to bring her newborn son along. >> i felt like it would be a good way to introduce him. it was where my two worlds collided. >> and when the baby beckoned -- >> i did need to breast-feed him. he was onset with m all day. there were periods where i'd take off to feed him and i had on this beautiful outfit.
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and the stylist was like wow that looks amazing. let's move you onset. >> little did she know, that spontaneous shot would ignite an age old controversy over breast-feeding out in the open. >> i had no idea it was going to be a part of the magazine at that moment. >> it ended up as the cover of elle australia. her suckling son and bare breast in full view. >> this is something i would be an advocate for because i think breast-feeding is really important just to make it a more normal thing in public. >> it would be great if we got to the point where it's such a nonissue it would never even occur to you to put a breast-feeding woman on the cover and make it a thing. >> but a twist, that cover only appeared in the subscriber only issue. this is the cover that appeared on regular newsstands. sparking an online controversy
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with women all over the world posting pictures of breast-feeding in private and public tweeting shame it didn't go on news stands. and if my son is hungry i'm going to feed him. >> a relationship with breasts is very funny. we're totally okay with women showing almost everything but suddenly if there's ababy in front of that breast, suddenly it's not okay. >> they addressed the backlash saying ultimately this is still a business. it's still my job to sell magazines. in an ideal world, no one would have an issue with seeing breast-feeding on the cover of a magazine but it's not an ideal world. >> i was disappointed when they decided to change the cover that they would be using on newsstands. that says to women that they should be ashamed of showing their body, that breast-feed
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something not normal, not natural and should be hidden. >> rogers is a part of the breast-feeding awareness project. >> a lot of moms felt like the public was not super inviting and welcoming towards them when they were breast-feeding their babies or children in public. they would express that they felt whispered about. womans were asked to cover up or even leave the premises. >> she says she felt ashamed to do one of the most natural things in the world. >> i was one of those moms that arranged my schedule around my baby's feeding schedule. i look back now and wish that i had done it differently. by founding this project and empowering moms with these images i'm hoping at the very least i'm creating a safer environment. >> but she says their cause has a long way to go. in 2013, a woman claims she was harassed while not covering up during breast-feeding on a
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flight. although american airlines says they have always allowed mothers to breast-feed during flight. in hawaii ordered a woman to prove her breast pump was real by using it. the tsa apologized and said she should have been allowed to bring the ice pack and bottles. the movement has some powerful advocates. celebrities and super models alike are joining the cause. in 2008 this image of angelina jolie appeared on the cover of "w" magazine. and other stars taking to their social media pages in an attempt to make breast-feeding less taboo. but when gisele posted this video on instagram, not all moms were cheering.
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>> i think breast-feeding is a very personal thing. it's a very personal choice and it should be private. for her to put this on instagram while she's getting her hair and makeup done is a little outrageous. >> to see someone who looks like that when she breast-feeds that's the next frontier for us to grapple with. >> i feel like it's just a natural thing and it should be allowed and it should not be discriminated against or people shouldn't judge or have an opinion. it's a woman feeding her hungry child. which is natural. >> advocates are hoping that hash tags like this can help alleviate the scrutiny that so many women feel. >> there are moms out there just waiting to have a voice. and these images gave them that voice to express their support. and then a lot of them walked away with the courage to do more breast-feeding in public and even post a picture of themselves breast-feeding in
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public. >> this super model hopes that her cover with inspire more like it. and next time, make it to the real newsstand. >> a woman should not feel embarrassed when she's breast-feeding her child. she should not even have to think about it. it should be something that's socially acceptable. it's a beautiful bonding experience between mother and child. and women should unite and we need to take a stand for it. >> for "nightline," lindsey davis in new york. so what do you think about breast-feeding in public? tell us your thoughts on our facebook page. next, the art of the text message breakup. the new generation of digital dumping and the viral video on youtube that might make you think twice before checking that smartphone. >> announcer: abc news "nightline" brought to you by e-trade. r beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass.
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breakups are never easy. but the newest generation of love birds gets by with a little help from their phone. instead of going out with a confrontation or a "we need to
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talk" conversation more and more relationships are ending with a text message. while technology has made it easier than ever to break up we see it's still just as painful. >> sorry i never rescheduled our date. i actually have a girlfriend. >> i'm not going to pretend it's working. >> have you been dumped by text message? comedians youtube stars in their own right, asked 20-somethings to read the last text they received from their exs. it has now gone viral and gone to 1.5 million views. >> we're like oh my gosh. >> the art of the breakup has come a long way from the days of "sex in the city," but the inspiration still the same. >> having relationships not really break up but just kind of fade away. >> one day you're suddenly not texting anymore.
1:04 am
you're like, oh, i guess that's that. >> even pop super star katy perry is familiar with the text message breakup. russell brand informed her he wanted a divorce via text. >> don't come over. >> they decided to find the humor in those last messages. >> i was at my friend's wake yesterday and on my way to the burrow now. can't really talk. >> for those of you who think these messages can't be real think again. >> there was no need for enhancement. i think that's what made it so real and interesting, why people could relate because they were just what they were. >> i just wanted you to know that i'm making $100,000 a year now. >> thanks for the update. like, i don't know. >> on my way. >> she has memories is that he was on his way.
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>> they say millennials have perfected the text message breakup. >> i'll keep you posted. >> the phrase breaking up is hard to do we don't really like hard things. so everyone just kind of takes the easy road out and just goes silent. >> but they say it's not all bad. sometimes the text you thought went unanswered was in fact. >> oh, my god, he did respond. how did i not see this? >> and that may be something worth celebrating. >> yes, yes, yes! >> it was five months ago. >> thanks to dan harris. >> and thank you for watching abc news. "world news now" is coming up soon. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always we're online at good night america.
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