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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 27, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news oracle arena is decked out in worries straight for the playoff against the rockets with 9 complex a busy place and a's fans have their own game. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. the warriors and the a's both in action expect huge traffic plans. commitment is reaching a feverish pitch head hopefully of the clincher against the rockets. amy hollyfield is at the oracle arena. amy? >> game five is tonight. if the warriors win it, they will advance to the nba finals.
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but, they are not the only game in town today. the a's are also playing. as fans pull if the parking lot they were aware that their game is not "the," game of the game. >> regular season compared to almost mailing it to the finals. >> they will should have physical out as warriors fans pour in and hoping for the win. officials highly recommend public transportation. >> it will be hectic. i know. it is not the first time i have been through this. it will be hectic. >> there was a chance warriors would not come become here but the rockets had another idea and won game. there is one person at oracle arena who said that planning for the playoffs is tough. >> we are on the edge of our seats. do we order 2000 pounds of chicken? for today. >> that is the chef of oracle arena. when the game ended on monday he was making arrangements.
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>> i get on the phone with 75 different cooks to make sure we have staff for the next day so we have food for our guests. >> before the sun came up this morning it all came together. beef that roasted for 12 hours rolled in. tomato coe martinis were assembled. seafood salad, quite a menu for a basketball. >> we have fantastic dim space sum from oakland. we want our guests to have the best options possible. >> and a possible conference on the title tonight with steph curry playing because he is feeling fine after the fall. now we just need a win. >> tonight they will get to business and get it done. enough messin' around. >> if they dope, it is okay, it is not a "must win." if you come out get here early.
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bring your appetite. >> thanks. lebron james and the calf laters are await the winners of the finals completing a sweep of the atlanta hawks last night. they have never won an nab championship in the 45-year history. >> and tip-off at 6:00 p.m. tip-off at oracle arena and if necessary game six is in houston on friday and possible game seven on sunday at oracle arena. catch all the action on espn our sister network. we are home for the nba finals. tune in. catch the finals. all starting june 4 a week from tomorrow. >> san francisco police are looking for a plan accused of violently attacking a woman in broad daylight. the attack happened may 9 at the intersection of grant and geary. he called the 38 year woman a derogatory woman and punched her in the face. investigators hope the sketch
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will help arrest the man. if you recognize him, you are asked to call police. >> tense moments for passengers on a southwest airlines flight at sfo this morning. a black agency hand dealer reported smelling a strange odor in the cargo hold. a defeat from a passenger shows firefighters searching for cause of the odor and emergency crews finally found four bags containing cans that were leaking. nothing toxics was pound and passengerred were allowed to board and took after an hour late. the plane will land any minute. >> c.h.p. is looking for an s.u.v. after a young girl appeared in distress was spotted by a toll taker. the toll taker spotted the girl going through the plaza last night at saturday night and was sitting on the console screaming and struggling with a woman in her 40s. the driver was a man in his 60s. all three are african american and the s.u.v. is described as
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tan chevrolet blazer, mid-1990s with no plates. it has two bumper stickers in the back and fog lights in the only. >> crews are vice presidenting a -- investigating an overnight home in vallejo. the home was yellow tagged so it was not safe to enter. that is the fifth fire in three days. four may have been started by homeless people staying inside vacant homes. >> nearly three in five california voters thing governor brown is doing a good job. the disapproval rate is only 26 percent the lowest since he took office. it was at the highest in july of 2012 when 42ings offvoters did not thing the governor was doing a good job. >> crews in texas are protecting a sigh of release after a dam almost broke after storms and deadly flash floods waters pouring over the dam outside dallas and people who live in 25 houses below the damn have been
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evacuated and police say water in the lake behind it is finally receding. that is good news. at last 13 people have died statewide. 11 are still missing along the blanco river including a mother and her to children. their vacation home splintered after floating away and crashing into a bridge. husband and father was rescued nine miles away. >> recognizing what is happening with the weather we all know and accept this. >> the floodwaters at one time raged 223,000 cubic feet per second more than twice the speed of nag -- niagara falls. >> and a crackdown on the officials would oversee soccer. a dozen officials from soccer have been indicted on corruption and bribery. now to new york where that
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story. >> in the past couple of minutes, fifa officials announce 11 of the people charge are now banned from any national or international soccer activities. this as the federal investigators say the accused have been illegally lining their pockets. for years. >> today a red card on the field for the governor wering body of the most popular and lucrative sport. 14 of the highest ranking executives of fifa charged with racketeering, money laundering and more corrupting the soccer to enrich themselves. >> the f.b.i. and justice department accusing officials of taking more than $150 million in prescribes and kickbacks over two decades including in connection to this controversial decision. >> the winner qatar. >> the next two countries to host the world cup, russia in 2018 and qatar in 2002. the united states was the runner-up and the decision to hell the biggest event in in a
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place where the temperature can reach 140 degrees raises serious questions. after three years of express the arrests me began. at least seven of those charged were taken into custody at this therery hotel in switzerland where officials were gathered for the yearly meeting. all set to be extradicted to the up as the f.b.i. agents collected more evidence from offices in miami. >> we provide all of the information requested by them. >> four of those charges including charles blazer who worry an undercover wire to record fellow soccer officials has already pleaded guilty. >> fifa president, up for re-election on friday has not been charged. despite all of the alleges, officials say they will not change the locations of the next world cup. back to you, kristen. >> a sweet celebration for a san
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jose third grader this morning after she won a national chef's competition with the creation something parents who approve of, a new healthy twist on nachos. here is the story from willow glen elementary school. >> for willow glen elementary student, a desire to end her hunger led her to winning the 2015 national future chef competition. >> i do a lot of sports and in between sports i need healthy snacks. this is a snack i have. >> the video was one of 2000 nationwide entered into the contest including 200 from san jose unified. it was her healthy take on nachos that took first place. this was a rally to celebrate the victory. >> we are so excited and so proud of her. the whole experience has been super amazing for her.
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to thing she has made it this far is beyond what we imagined. >> she worn a laptop great america passes and cook items this is just the going for her. her recipe is nacho typical snack and she is not the typical chef. look out. >> maybe my favorite show is "master chef." all students get to sample the apple nachos with strawberry peanut butter and coconut. if you want the recipe it is at >> matt, thank you. next year's presidential primary election is shaping up to be a case of deja vu. rick santorum thinks he has a good shop with the republican nomination. >> birth control concerns what the label on your pack can tell you of the risk of developing blood clots. >> a look outside, cloudy skies
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over the bay right in and meteorologist mike nicco is coming up with the
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>> breaking news from los gatos, crews have knocked down several small fires close to highway 17. these pictures are live from sky 7. officials say it will take three to four hours to mop up the fires. crews are on the scene checking
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for hotspots and making sure flames don't video out of the area. the fire was threatening several structures on santa clara road. >> maybe the second time is the charm for rick santorum the former pennsylvania senator is expected to announce the second run for the white house today, the researcher up in the republican primary almost four years ago. he is set to reveal the presidential intentions at an event today in pennsylvania, near his childhood home. >> the health warning for women on birth control on the newer birth control pills have a higher risk of developing blood clots than the older version. the risk is 2-4 ties greater when taking newer forms that use synthetic hormones. our medical contributor explains what to look for. >> all pills are not created equal. women should look for the ingredients on the peoples and look for those starting with "n," or "l," with the lowsest
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risk of clotting. the high are risk is because of changes made for lower side ever knows such as weight gain and acne. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> good morning, a story of two bays. drizzle and clouds and sunshine. if you have no sun i will tell you when it will be there and how much warm are it will be before the next chance of drizzle on the back half of the forecast. >> watch your step the unpleasant scare that startled a man on the way do work. >> an elementary schooler with serious breaking rights how many languages he already knows. here is a hint you cannot count them on one
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>> right now the warriors taking part in a shoot around before the game. >> checking it our. we have video of stick -- steph curry looking good after the frightening fall. but he is looking good and he sent another clip. >> this is the other side of the basket from the left side baseline and this is from the right. he looks no worse for wear. >> laura thank you, from twitter. >> a tough act to follow. >> i posted a story on facebook of last college became and how he had a chance to take the final shot to go to
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the final four but he passed it up and that made him the player that he is today. check it out on facebook a nice read on steph curry and how much he has grown. look at what is going on outside. our drizzle is growing along with the cloud cover each night and it is still around in a few areas but there is no rain. we have a nice sea breeze the biggest player in the forecast with double digits and oakland at 12 miles per hour, andat 16 where the delays are over. fairfield is at 18 down a little bit in yesterday. here is a look at visible satellite and along the north bay coast all of the areas off the point, it wraps around and that is what is continuing to feed the sea breeze and why the north bay and from sfo northward we are still having a lot of cloud cover. look at our temperatures where it is not cloudy, you see the low-to-mid 60s and back to
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oakland and san francisco and half moon bay we still in the mid-to-upper 50s. this is the golden gate bridge cloudy with mist and if you head to the south bay total sunshine already and the reason why you are on the way to mid-70s. more sunshine in all areas today and minor warming away from the coast and our best chance of drizzle at the coast and our higher elevation of the east bay and a warming trend starts today and will last through saturday. 70 in milpitas and 74 in cupertino and san jose and los gatos and morning were hill and gilroy, upper 70s and mid-60s in millbrae and mid-70s through millbrae and along the coast to mid-60 if downtown and south san francisco and sausalito this afternoon with low-to-mid 70s through the north bay and check out cloverdale at 82 and mid-to-upper 60s along the east by shore with fremont and castro valley seeing sunshine
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first and antioch and brentwood low 80s and everyone else inland, and at the game sunny 59 to 63 a high u.v. index so great burn potential. tonight, into the east bay hills, low-to-mid 50s the same as this morning and several areas of low pressure around us and in between check out the area of high pressure it is a weak and fast moving ridge and on sunday onshore flow cooler day of the weekend and the drizzle rolled in on sunday into monday so after being in the 60s at the coast, 70s and 80s, friday and saturday we will have falling temperatures on sunday and monday morning is our coolest afternoon moving forward. student at to you tuck school may only be 11 years old but he already speaks seven languages.
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>> italian and arabic, a total of seven languages. mohammed is a refugee and traveled around the world and picked up new languages along the way. next up on the list he is planning to learn bosnian and wants to speak all the languages of the worm. >> triplets from newport beach are drawning attention, all accepted to m.i.t. this fall. the dean said it is not the first set of triplets but it is rare. their grandfather taught at m.i.t. but all three fell in love with the school on their own. they say it will be nice to have each other close by but they promise to give each other some space. >> another reason not to text while you are walking. tip was walking in the oklahoma building where he works and he
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steps on a snake, a 4' snake. watch the dance he does when he realized. the 4' bull snake bit him and slid away. you can bet he will watch where he is going next time and maybe keep the phone this his pocket. >> still to come the daily dose of cute and cuddly. >> unusually high number of baby chee
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>> coming up at 4 hollywood stars standing side-by-side with the new disaster flick "san an address," and scientists are dismissing it. and why you cannot trust the label on certain chocolate bars on abc7 at 5:00. >> is there anything more adorable than a baby cheetah? >> how about nine baby cheetahs. thank you is how many have been born in a metro zoo in a month. >> the zoom keepers are
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watching this little guy to make sure he gained enough weight. they say both cheetah mothers are doing a wonderful job and the cubs are growing fast and are very healthy. you want to keep them if your hands right now. so they can run 60 miles per hour. this little pug could be smallest in the area. her name is pip, she 4" talking the purebred is half the size of her sister and lives in england with her owner, and sits in the palm of her hand. >> she said pip could be small but she has big character and hopefully a big voice. thank you for joining us.
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[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yo! yo! hey! oh! oh-ho-ho! hello and welcome to millionaire. i'm terry crews. some of you might know me from brooklyn nine-nine. but today it's all about millionaire. [cheers and applause] our first contestant feels a bit underestimated. this 28-year-old legally blonde attorney has a lot to prove today. from queens, new york, please welcome kim lazar! [cheers and applause] hello. hey, how you doin'? how are you? >> i'm great. >> now, what is it you have to prove? >> that i'm super smart, and i'm gonna win a million dollars. >> [laughs] so what do they say about you?


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