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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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police say it was the best case scenario. a standoff with a man holding his own baby and hostage crisis ended peacefully a short time ago. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. >> it happened on sycamore street in newark where police closed down the neighborhood. >> now more on this developing story. katie? >> dan and ama, it is over and everyone is safe. this is where it happened. this two-story apartment building. also we learned the identity of the man who police say caused all of the trouble. take a look at his photo released by the newark police department. he is 37-year-old rudy soto. at this poit in custody -- point in custody on charges of
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domestic violence. look at this video. neighbors tell us that is the moment they were reunited. it was 9:15 this morning that officers went to the uh pasht meant on sycamore street to give a copy of a restraining order she obtained against soto. at the apartment they found the subject of the restraining order. again a domestic violence suspect. when he saw the officers at his door he locked himself and his son inside. for 12 hours with the s.w.a.t team on the scene police negotiators talked with soto. he was not armed and thought threatening to hurt the baby. he said he would turn over the child unharmed tonight. >> it doesn't matter how long we are out here. this is what we want. we want to make sure the child is safe and get him in custody. everyone walks away and we are happy. >> she doesn't speak english
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and so right now they are concerned for the baby and her. >> that woman didn't want to be identified. she was one of many people locked out all day and all night. she and her family are worried about a nonenglish speaking grandmother baby-sitting a 2-year-old in the same apartment and she was forced to shelter in place. you can see the family over. -- overjoyed to be with the baby. police say soto does have a long criminal history and at this point he is in custody on the domestic violence carnlgs. charges. abc7 news. >> thank you katie. today a man accused of holding people hostage had his bail set at $5 million. prosecutors filed 16 charges against gutierrez. he lead officers on a chase before taking two people hostage at an an arco gas station.
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he released them before giving himself up to police. some crimes are worse than others. tonight san francisco police are looking for a guy who stoops pretty low. he robbed a woman who was riding in a wheelchair. he pretended to lose his balance and then went into her purse. sergio is live with the story. sergio? >> it happened on saturday afternoon on the number five fulton bus. police say the man snatched the woman's wallet right out of her purse. when the bus stopped here he hoped off and got away. the minute this guy dwot on the bus karen sellers noticed something was odd. the little antenna in my head said nobody holds a jacket on their arm anymore. >> he stood next to her near the back exit and then pretended to stumble into her and her wheelchair when the
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bus came to a stop. >> i said get off of me and pushed and said oh sorry and then immediately out the backdoor. then i noticed the purse was unzipped and the wallet was gone. >> then she yelled for the bus driver. you can hear it on the video. >> pull over. he grabbed my wallet. >> he may be responsible for other robberies because of how fast he got away and used one of her stolen credit cards. >> one of the officers was quick enough to give her the contact number to call her credit card. as she was can selling the card the suspect used the card. she is making sure everything in her purse is replaced. she wants to help catch the guy who robbed her. >> yeah i want to get him off the streets. >> abc7 news. a judge will now decide if a convicted child molester can continue to live in walnut creek. they were blind cited when
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charlie christmas moved next door. neighbors told the judge the 71-year-old should live somewhere else. they placed him in a home in january. he is 2,000 feet from a park, but neighbors say he lives too close to too many children. >> there are five boys on the property line. >> he is on 24/7 supervision. people are paying attention if he is going anywhere. he is not by himself. >> a judge will decide if he has to move within two weeks. tonight two high school students are being treated for burns after a freak accident. it happened during a year-end celebration. abc7 news reporter alan wang is there live with what investigators believe happened here. alan? >> dan an important lesson learned here. the two students knew the gas
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stove wasn't working properly, but they continued using it when they should have just stopped. it happened before the annual powder puff football game at dublin high school. >> students were having a club fair with things for people to purchase in the quad jie. they were pan fying chicken on this camping stove when flames came out of the burner. >> she screamed i am on fire. i think it lasted a good minute or so. >> firefighters say a male and a female student suffered first degree burns and went to the hospital. but it could have been worse. >> one of the students saw it and quickly threw his arm up and pushed the girl down to the ground. she got burns on her face and chest. he got it on his arm and back of the head and got her out of the way. >> it was believed the stove was leaking butane when the gust blew the gas into the
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flame of a stove next to it. they may not have smelled the butane because the foreign made canisters are not injected with an odor that would inform you of a leak. the widow of a bart police officer killed by friendly fire is suing the transit agency. sergeant smith was killed by michael mays during the search of a dublin home in 2014. bart denied her husband's request for more training to help prepare officers for high risk searches of homes. bart says the training exceeds state standards. at one wal-mart police will not respond to routine calls. they are taking part in a pilot program and wal-mart security reports the crime on-line directly to the police. police officers do not have to respond freeing them up to answer higher priority calls. that recall we have told you about at a popular
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vietnamese sandwich chain is doubling. our media partners say leigh's sandwiches is pulling 441,000 pound, double the original amount of beef, pork and chicken right off the menu. federal investigators found out they were using a false usda mark of inspection for years. there are no reports of illnesses. earthquake and emergency response experts joined a special screening of disaster thrice "san andreas" in san francisco. in the movie california is hit by a 9.6 quake destroying much of the state especially san francisco. tonight the fire chief joanne hayes and others talked about the reality of the film. they said most of what you see in "san andreas" is not realistic, but you still need to be prepared. >> i realize this is a super fun movie, and i am excited to see it. i am thrilled it was filmed here.
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it makes people realize what the real risks are and how they can prepare and be ready. >> how unrealistic is the movie? seismologists say a 9.6 is impossible in california. the strongest we could see is around 8.3. >> is that all? a potential major blow to the warriors. it is days before the finals who is out with a concussion and what they say about the head injury. and a red eye for a red eye and why judges think it is justice. >> the mechanical cheetah that can jump into your nightmares. >> i am sandhya patel. fog takes us into the weekend. i'll let you know
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>> this is abc7 news. >> the warriors begin the nba finals in six days. it is unclear if allstar klay thompson will be cleared to play. the team announced thompson has been diagnosed with a concussion and for now there is no way to tell if he can recover in time. >> it was a hit on the right temple of klay thompson. >> he suffered a concussion on wednesday, enough to cause bleeding from his ear. thompson finished the game after the team performed a concussion medical evaluation. he showed no symptoms then but his father said that changed a few hours later. >> he was woozy last night. i had to drive him home. he wasn't able to drive himself home. i drove him home and when he got home he threw up a couple times. >> nba protocol means he cannot practice with the team
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until he passes several tests which include riding a stationary bike, jogging and team drills. >> i just do what the doctors say we should do. obviously we want to be as careful as possible and make sure our players are safe and sound and healthy. >> he knows what thompson is going through. >> i was hit in the head on a saturday pitch while batting and i got a concussion. at first i was dizzy and didn't know where i was. then they started asking me questions and i couldn't remember. they asked what i had for dinner that night. >> like thompson red mopped had to sit -- redmond had to sit out until he could go through drills. they are using guidelines to chart a dangerous injury that can't be seen. >> the rush is on. warrior fans are trying to get their hands on team gear.
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several authorities want to make sure the hats and t-shirts are officially licensed. they are checking the post offices and the pop up vendors. to avoid buying a fake jersey they say to look for a hologram sticker or sewn in nba labels. golden state warrior star steph curry is getting inspired by a team that won it all. he and his wife iesha wore orange and black to cheer on the san francisco giants at at&t park. >> fans chanted mvp when he appeared on the jumbotron. little riley was not with them. must have been date night. >> and on facebook abc7 morning news meteorologist mike nicco posted a photo of the curries on the kiss cam. >> that's cute. >> abc7 is the only place you can see the warriors in the finals. live coverage begins next week. >> game one is next thursday
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at oracle arena and game two is the following sunday also at home. games three and four will be in cleveland and back five at oracle if necessary. bruce jenner will appear as a woman on the cover of ""vanity fair"." the former olympian will be in a summer issue. he announced his transition with diane sawyer on "20/20". >> there is one courtroom where the punishment does fit the crime. judge michael chicanetti believes in pay back. a woman accused of pepper spraying a burger king worker got pepper sprayed herself. the victim sprayed her in the face in court. >> i think everybody would like to have an eye for an eye. if you are assaulted by somebody you would like to be in court and assault them back. >> it was not actual pepper spray or mace. that would be you illegal. the judge ordered a see lean spray -- saline. the point is to scare them
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straight. meteorologist sandhya patel is here now with the forecast. >> we also have graduations taking place and everyone wants to know will the weather cooperate? look at live doppler 7hd. we have fog around. it is near the coast and around the bay. temperatures are falling 49 this napa. most other areas in the 50s. a live look is showing you the fog once again in the financial district of san francisco. foggy areas overnight. mild to warm for most of you on saturday. and then it turns cooler on sunday and the clouds start to increase. here is the pacific satellite picture. we'll keep it on the warm side inland for your saturday. as the cold front and the trough comes in we will see the temperatures fall. and we will also see a little more cloud cover. let me show you the forecast animation on sunday night. as you are winding down after a nice weekend hopefully, the clouds and fog will be on the
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increase getting into monday morning's commute. be prepared for drizzle or light showers. it remains on the damp side when we will see lingering cloud cover for monday. the temperatures for your early plans, on the cool side. most of the rest of you low to mid50s and watch out for that fog. it will be dense in patches. tomorrow afternoon you are looking at a mix of sun and high clouds. 83 gilroy and cupertino. a nice day on the peninsula is really mild. here is where you need to hang on to the jacket. 56 in pacifica and foggy. downtown san francisco, 60 degrees. in the north bay upper 70s in santa rosa. 74 sonoma. east bay is 69 in oakland and 72 castro valley. occasional high clouds and a warm day like it was today. we got up in the low to mid80s in the inland valleys. we will repeat that. 86 in antioch. 81 in walnut creek.
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here is a look at the forecast. the weather looks very pleasant. mild sun sign and occasional clouds. mid70s. sunday increasing cloud cover and the low 70s. in the morning right before the gates open you may need a sweatshirt. other than that, really looking good. and for the giants game against the braves tomorrow night, make sure you pack a sweatshirt. it will be breezy and mostly cloudy and on the cool side. the midto upper 50s in the at&t park area. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. saturday is the the warmer day bay and inland. drizzle shows up dampening your commute. and then we will start to see the temperatures recovering in the middle to latter part of the workweek. ama and ♪
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here is something that will either amaze or terrify you. mit released its cheetah robot landing a series of running jumps. what makes it so impressive is that they have trained the robot to see and sense obstacles in its path and jump over them on its own. some of the obstacles are more than half of the robot's own height. >> and then the picture of the cheetah on the side for motivation. talk about a close call. a police officer in mississippi was driving down the road when that happened. lightning struck the bridge in front of him. the intense close up flash nearly blinded him. he went back to the spot where the bolt hit and found a crater and charred concrete. >> what an amazing image. on to sports. >> larry beil is here with that. >> i am still freaked out by the robot. i think it is a bad idea people. it has been a magnificent may for the giants. make that your first place giants. a pa
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good evening. it seemed unthinkable a few weeks ago but the giants surged into first place. they did so against atlanta. they were visiting at&t park and the crowd was chanting mvp, mvp. a two-run rocket in the first. buster is eight and the giants are up 2-0 in a flash. the giants tied their franchise record 39 score less innings at home. nice basket catch. the streak would end in the third and the giants still get the win. buster gets uh hold of one. the giants win it 4-2 and slip half a game ahead of the
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dodgers who lost tonight in the nl west. >> we have a fight coming up. a grounder to third and through the legs of chase hedley. brett lawrie seals it in the eighth high deep and aloha. the a's are victorias. roger goodell and gary betten between the rangers and the lightning. it looked like an innocent backhander. they move on to face anaheim or chicago in the finals. klay thompson received a concussion after being kneed in the head. he will have to pass the concussion protocol before he can return to the court. steph and company back at practice today. the warriors have to figure
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out someway to stop lebron james while the king and the cavs were working on containing curry. >> how do you slow him down? >> the same way you throw me down. you can't. >> resistance is futile. after the game i will be joined by nate thurmond and mike shumann. steven showed us a spot on referee impression. he debuted his chris farly routine. >> we are going to go out there and we are going to get the division by the tail and wrap it around and put it in my bucket. but i'm here to tell you that you are probably going to find out as you go out there that you are not going to amount to jack squat. >> he is perfect and one day
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you end up living in a van down by the river. >> that was the best routine ever. >> thanks larry. >> abc7 news continues on-line, on twitter on facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. the
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>> happily we have a little extra time. >> dan and ama it is your weekend so we want to show you the forecast one more time. cool to warm on saturday. sunday cooler around the bay and inland and monday morning i know are you not thinking about monday. >> monday? >> drizzly drops for the morning commute. >> way to parch our weekend. >> thank you for joining us. >> for all of us, we
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appreciate your time. up next on jimmy kimmle, ry ♪ dicky: from hollywood, it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight -- ryan seacrest. from “pitch perfect 2”, brittany snow. and mash up monday with imagine reo speedragons. with cleto and the cletones. and now, all of a sudden, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. very nice.


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