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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. >> it's saturday, may 30th. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with the forecast. here's lisa argen track live doppler hd. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, chris. the marine layer is compressed this morning so it's pushing down to the surface. some of our bridges are being impacted. but above the marine layer it is looking pretty nice. low fog and clouds will fix out slightly earlier today making for a slightly warmer afternoon. for everyone we are in the low to mid-50s right now. a little little mist and drizzle. san carlos, one of the milder
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spots at 55. with the fog pushing down to some of the bridges right now and right along the roadway, you are looking at about three to four mime visibility or less at times. by 9:00 much of the fog is moving across the bay and clearing. so that will bring sunshine sooner and with a few 80s inland today we will feel warmer. we will talk about the cool down tomorrow coming up. chris. >> lisa, thanks. breaking news overnight out of half moon bay where a fishing boat has run aground. it happened around midnight. authorities say a 50-foot fishing vessel ran aground. it was by the ritz-carlton. officials say there was only one person on board, a man, and he is refusing to get off the boat. he tells the coast guard he plans to have his friends rescue him and help him remove the boat from the rocks when the sun comes up. that man has not been injured. this morning the police in oakland are looking for the person responsible for a fatal
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hit-and-run accident involving three vehicles. the crash happened yesterday at 5:00 at 14th and adeline street. a passenger in a white pickup truck was killed and the driver and another passenger are hospitalized. a woman driving a gray audi sedan suffered minor injuries while the driver of a saab hash back ran away from the scene. 6:02 is our time. it took hours, but a newark man who barricaded himself in his apartment with his young son is in police custody. police say 37-year-old rudy soto has an extensive police record. the mother was united with her son after a long day of extensive negotiations. police arrived at the apartment on sycamore street at 9:15 in the morning to deliver a copy of a protection order against soto to the mother. she wasn't at home, but soto was. he barricaded himself inside the apartment. soto was not armed and he never made threats he would harm the
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baby. negotiators finally got him out. >> doesn't matter how long we are out here. this is what we want. we want to make sure the child was safe and we wanted him in custody. everyone walks away, we are happy. soto walked out with the baby in the stroller. police say he fed and changed the child throughout the entire standoff. he has been booked into jail on charges of suspicion of felony domestic violence and resist ag rest. >> a man accused of holding people hostage in antioch is held on bail. he has 16 charges filed against him. he led officers on a chase wednesday before taking two people hostage has an arco gas station. he released them before giving himself up to police. police in san francisco is looking for a suspected thief who has a hard time defending themselves. take a look at your screen. he robbed a woman in a
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wheelchair as he was riding a muni bus by pretend to go lose his balance. he has story. >> the minute the guy got on the bus last saturday, karen said she noticed something was odd. >> the little antenna in my head went up and said no one carries a jacket over his arm. he's trying to hide something. here's a picture of him on the bus with his jacket. karen said he stood next to her near the back exit and then pretended to stumble into her and her wheelchair when the bus came to a stop. i said get off of me and pushed. oh sorry. immediately he went out the back door and then i looked down and noticed my purse was unzipped and the wallet was gone. >> she then yelled for the bus driver. you can hear her voice on the muni video. [inaudible yelling] >> police say he may be responsible for other robberies because of how fast he got away and used one of her stolen credit cards. >> one of the officers was quick enough to give her the contact number to call her credit card and have her cancel the card.
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as she was canceling the card, the suspect already used the card. >> she is making sure everything in her purse gets replaced. she really wants to catch the robber. >> yeah, i want to get him off the streets. >> in san francisco, sergio quintana ac7 news. >> the widow of a bart police officer killed by friendly fire is suing the transit agencies. tom smith was accidentally shot dead by michael mays back in the search of a dublin home in february of 2014. kelly smith claims bart denied her husband's request for more training for preparing offices for high risk searches of homes. bart said it's training exceeds state standards. >> the warriors begin the nba finals next thursday, but they could be without one of their key players. all-star clay thomas has been diagnosed with a concussion, and he may not be able to recover in time. >> a direct hit on the right temple area of clay thomas.
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>> thompson suffered a mild concussion in game five of the western conference finals wednesday, enough to cause bleeding from his ear. he finished the game after they performed a medical evaluation. he showed no symptoms then but his father said that changed hours later. >>fs pretty woozy last night. he wasn't able to drive himself home. i drove him home and when he got home he threw up a couple times. >> nba protocol says he cannot practice with the team until he passes several tests including riding a stationary bike jogging and team drills. >> i do what the doctors say we should do. obviously we want to be as careful as possible and make sure our players are safe and healthy. >> this boy knows what he is going through.
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>> i was hit on the head in a saturday practice with a pitch while batting and got a concussion. at first i was dizzy and didn't know what i was and when they asked me simple questions i couldn't were, like what i had for dinner that night. >> like thompson, redmond had to sit out until he could go through drills without symptoms showing. in both cases doctors are using set guidelines to chart a dangerous injury that can't be seen. >> warriors fans are trying to get their hands on team gear before the games, but officials are checking that the gear is officially licensed. they are checking posts, pop-up venders on the street, and so far they have seized about $54 million in make merchandise. to avoid buying a fake jersey look for a hologram stickerrer or sewn-in label. >> seth curry showed up at the giants game last night.
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they are donning orange and black to cheer on the giants last night. the fans shout the mvp when he showed up on the jumbotron. and on facebook abc7 morning mike miko showed a photo of the curries being caught on the kiss cam. 6:08 is the time. while we are celebrating the warriors we are also recognizing the best fans in basketball. today that honor goes to sweetie in oakland. we love sweetie, because at 105 years young, she still has that spirit. abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler recently met sweetie and shared this great shot. you can get your picture shared too. post it to #doubleson 7. live coverage begins next week. game one is next thursday at oracle arena, game two is the following sunday also at home. games three and four will be in
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cleveland. game five would be back at oracle, if necessary. approaching 6:09 on your saturday morning. weather-wise what can we expected to, lisa? >> we are starting out with low clouds, mist and drizzle. the cooler numbers in the north bay at about 50 degrees. santa rosa napa and novato. in the south bay you are a little milder, less in the way of moisture and we are talking about a warmer day for most. i will explain how warm and talk about, you guessed it, a cooler second half of the weekend. that's coming up. >> lisa, thank you. up next, their day in court. what some walnut creek residents had to a say to a judge about a sexual predator living in their neighborhood. and plus dunk tanks are fun and can used for a good cause. but some of voicing concerns over their use.
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>> a man is sueth fairfield police department saying he lost his left eye of a police used a taser on him. he filed a $25 million civil lawsuit in u.s. district court thursday. he posted a video on youtube that appears to show the incident. >> get on the ground! >> the lawsuit claims that during a struggle, the officer tased him in his left eye his back and thigh. according to the complaint, the eye was later removed because it
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had been pullverrized. fairfield police failed to comment, citing a policy of not discussing pending litigation. 6:13, the time. postal workers in the bay area are getting bit by dogs a lot and they are trying to get dog owners to take more responsibility. the postal service said more than 75700 employees were attacked by dogs last year. san francisco, oakland and san jose are in the top 20 of dog attack cities. professional dog trainers are teaching them how to defend themselves during attacks. but the best defense is having dog owners being responsible for their pets. walnut creek residents finally had their day and place in court after the placement after sexual predator in their neighborhood. the man was convicted of molesting 8 boys, most recently in 1989. he was placed in walnut creek earlier this year. laura anthony has more. >> they don't want him there and i get that.
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>> the attorney for the sexually violent predator said his neighbors are overreacting to him being in their neighborhood. >> i don't think there's a problem. i hope the parents relax and let their children play and live as they had been before. >> there are five boys on theñi property lines next to him. >> earlier, one after another, residents sat before a judge and explained how they think the man, who molested 8 boys between the age of 9 and 14, should not live near them. >> i was in my front row mowing the lawn and i saw him get out of his s.u.v. >> i hope he doesn't reoffend but i hope he isn't given the opportunity to rio fend. >> liberty healthcare, who contracts with the placement said they checked out the area beforehand. >> we check out the area and make sure we don't see children who are things that are not easily identifiable like schools and parks.
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>> the contra costa city -- district attorney's office said that wasn't good enough and doesn't take into account the number of kids who live here there 24-7. >> he needs to find a place to live, but this isn't the place. >> the judge will issue the decision whether he want -- can continue to live in this house. abc7 news >> a person was abducted after assaulting a train conductor. it happened 1:30 yesterday. operator is okay but the train was held at the station for 30 minutes so police could interview witnesses. >> as the weather warms up, dunk tanks are appearing at school carnival, street fairs and
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school events. but as we fill them and drain them in a matter of hours seems like water waste to some. david louie finds out it can be a touchy subject. >> dunk tanks can be a lot of fun, but it takes 450 gallons of fresh water to fill them and that's what concerned the employees at the marriott when the dunk tank appeared in their parking lot. as part of employee appreciation week a sign-up said associates can donate one dollar for a chance to dunk a leader, including the general manager. the funds going to the children's miracle hospital. after we started inquiring about it, it was suddenly dismanned he would. the hotel said a nonprofit booked the event but the marriott's e-mail address is at the end of the sign up sheet. one employee says he thinks the hose is not good in a drought. a hose is connected to a freshwater spigot. >> it's a lack of respect for the community a little bit. although they have a swimming pool they can use and suffice. abc7 news was in east san jose
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when a dunk tank was delivered to this preparatory school on king road for a weekend carnival. a teacher organizing the event said the school was conserving water to get the water for the dunk tank. however, the company who rented the tank to the school, has an alternative. a waterless dunk tank that contains 3500 balls instead. >> we came up with the idea not only from a business standpoint but an environmental standpoint i hope it turns out to be a good thing. >> to put it in perspective. 450 gallons of water is equivalent to 12 1/2 filled bathtubs. >> here's more water going to waste in concord where a vehicle struck a fire hydrant on monument boulevard. it happened yesterday. no telling how much water went to waste, but it flooded the street near the entrance to costco. if you think you are seeing
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wasted where you live, let us know about it. we have a link where you can send us an e-mail and attach a picture or video if possible. we will be sure to check out as many tips as we can. >> meanwhile, millions of americans in other parts of the u.s. are brace fourth another blast of severe weather as we start the weekend. president obama signed a disaster declaration for texas after severe flooding this week. the president ordered supplement add for areas affected. 28 people in texas and oklahoma have been killed by the storm. meanwhile residents south of houston have been forced to evacuate due to rising rivers. 6:18, the time. lisa, so thankful we don't have to deal with anything like that in our neck of the woods. >> that's right. we are looking at the low clouds and fog once again. in fact, the marine layer pressing down through the span of the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. the deck is awfully foggy. if you are headed out this morning you may have to slow down use your low beams and use
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the wipers from time to time. we do have mist and drizzle in parts of the bay. here's live doppler 7hd. you see the cloudiness offshore. this is mid-level cloudiness associated with an area of low pressure that will change our weather up tomorrow. june 1st is the official start of the atlantic hurricane season and this is hurricane andre which right now is category 1 win 90 miles. it weakens as it pushes off to the northwest at 7 miles an hour. the cooler waters of the pacific here allowing for the weakening so no watches or warnings and no threat to mexico. here's a look at san jose. it's cloudy and temperatures in the south bay in the 50s. 55 on the peninsula. san carlos as well as san jose with 53 in morgan hill. and from the east bay hills camera, look at this. a very pretty shot of the low cloud deck. right now partly cloudy skies for concord. we do have clouds in the
6:20 am
livermore valley. the southwest winds transporting the cooler air to the delta. then it backs off and allows for the sunshine to warm up the atmosphere and highs will reflect that with warmer afternoon highs today in concord and livermore. 50 santa rosa, napa with mist and drizzle, and look at this shot. not a speck of color in it. all sorts of medium gray there. morning mist and drizzle, mild to warm for most today. today the sunnier and warmer day of the weekend. tomorrow cooler, breezier a slower burn off and temperatures coming down. in fact that will be the trend as we start june. so it doesn't look like we are going to warm up too much. in fact, today one of the warmest days we will see out of the next seven. here's the trough offshore. swings into northern california and the tail end of it brushes northern california. they will see perhaps some showers around crescent city eureka, and for the bash mist and drizzle and the pavement may be wet tomorrow morning and the
6:21 am
wipers needed with the slower burn off. tomorrow 80s arriving from morgan hill to los gatos. look at sunnyvale at 74. santa rosa crude just 69 degrees. fog around watsonville and monterey. 37 redwood city and looking at mid-50s pacifica. look at the fog from daly city to the sunset, and the richmond in and out of the city at times but overall look for a mostly cloudy day here. newspaper the north bay low 70s for novato. you have to go way north to get into the 80s. it warms up around lake port and clear lake. upper 80s there. 70 in hayward and union city with low 70s for castro valley and fremont today. here's where the warnth arrives just temporarily. look for 830 today in san ramon. 83 by the delta, 82 livermore and 81 in walnut creek. another victory on the way programs for the aid today as the in town for an evening game.
6:22 am
warmer today cooler tomorrow. the trend continues tuesday and the second half of next week looking slightly warmer. you can see what is showing up on the hd weather on our free app. just a little fog out there to get in the way today. >> later in the day enjoy the temperatures especially in the east bay? >> exactly. >> lisa, thank you. still to come, from sports illustrated to "gq" he's done it all. what is ahead for bruce jenner. and we are using our instagram feed to recognize events where you live. today we're highlighting a celebration of the new year. it's the most important holiday in vietnamese culture. look looking at a festival
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♪ ♪
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great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save. ♪ before heading out on the open road, it's a good idea to take a motorcycle safety course. you'll learn the basics and strategies to help you avoid trouble and stay safe. protect yourself with motorcycle insurance from geico. visit for more safety tips and to get a free rate quote. >> here's what is coming up on "good morning america." >> strong storms are pounding the southern plains, dallas, austin and houston are all at risk of flooding again and
6:26 am
president obama signed a declaration of disaster for the entire state of texas. we are on the ground with the latest. and new details emerging about the shocking allegations between leveled against the former speaker of the house, dennis haster. what he and prosecutors are saying this morning. and finally surf is up for these talented pups. they hitting the waves and competing to be top dog. this is a legitimate competition and sarah haze is all over the story. it is coming up. see you soon.
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>> glad to have you with us. here's is lisa argen. >> here is a cloudy san jose at 55 degrees. low clouds and fog visiting pretty much all of these neighborhoods. mist and drizzle in the north bay, 51 san francisco. can we get any sunshine for you? it looks like you will be rather gray today but this lifts early. the view from the east bay hills camera atop vollmer peak a very nice shot to wake up to. 53 around san francisco. lower 60s closer to the water. look for a warmer day by as much as 7 degrees in san jose. we will detail the rest of the numbers, talk about more 80s for today, and june, which is just around the corner.
6:31 am
chris >> lisa, thank you. new this morning, president obama is urging congress to pass the u.s. freedom act, point being out that national security will be at risk should the bill not pass before tomorrow night. in his weekly address the president said the freedom act enables investigors to use wiretaps and court orders to hunt down terrorists. he accused a small group of senators of holding the bill hostage. >> but this shouldn't and can't be about politics. this is a matter are national security. terrorists like al-qaeda and ice i will aren't going to stop plotting against us tomorrow and we shouldn't surrender the pools that keep us safe. it should be irresponsible and reckless. we shouldn't allow it to happen. >> president obama added the bill will bring more transparency to surveillance laws and will end the collection of phone data by the government. fifa's president sepp blatter will remain in power
6:32 am
despite calls to step down. it took two rounds of voting, but sepp blatter defeated his opposition yesterday to win a fifth 4-year term. it comes days after 14 officials were indicted on corruption and bribery charges. despite the vote, the u.s. federal soccer federation called on him to resign. >> the festival known at bottlerock is on. the three-day festival kicked off yesterday. wayne freedman was there for the start. >> napa has the gravitational pull of a black hole. leave elements. >> there are 72 acts performing at bottlerock this weekend. it's the third incarnation after it looked like a one and done until a local company took it
6:33 am
over. prices range from $140 a day to $3,000 for the weekend, and what they call platinum status. >> you can pull up on site with a glass of champagne, you get to do meet-and-greets with the artists, you get to go right up front, first row. >> it's quite a turnaround for napa roughly nine months after a 6.0 earthquake that rocked and rolled this community in every wrong way possible. this event has the opposite effects. >> it shows off napa in the best way. >> local food, local wine, world-class music. it's as loud as you want in front of a stage, but focused to keep from a noise polluting surrounding neighborhoods. that's george edwards, who manages the sound. if sensors tell him it's too loud, they automatically adjust and if it goes one second past 10:00 p.m., he pulls the plug. he did it to heart and another band last month.
6:34 am
>> it's got to be hard to turn off a famous rock band and pull the plug. >> well, i'm not hired for making popular decisions. >> no way the bottlerock people want to wear out their welcome. a san francisco man has beeni] sentenced to life in prison for running the silk road website. he operated the site for three years until his 2013 arrest in a san francisco library. he collected more than $18 million in commission on drug sales and allegedly tried to arrange the murders of five would-be whistleblower. prosecutors claimed 6 people have died from overdoses from drugs traced to the site. the defendant went and said he was a changed man, but the judge refused to honor his plea for leniency.
6:35 am
the government says he owes him $200 million. which is the amount of money they say he laundered through silk road. he will appeal. a $290 million project is underway to replace the existing hall of justice building on bryant street. the "no new sf jail coalition" said only half of the jail's capacity is used on any day and most in the cells are there pause they can't afford bail. simple bail reform and affordable housing would make the new jail unnecessary. the town meeting begins at the red stone building on 16th street. it's taken about 18 years but the navy has finally turned over most of when it owns on treasure island to san francisco. the navy and city shared their base on the other island in 1987. the city has plans to build 8,000 new homes along with tarps and open space. the stay will pay the navy $55 million.
6:36 am
the mayor called it one. most important development projects in san francisco history >> the google developers conference brought thousands to the moscone center this week along with people who would normally be in school. here's abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom. he has more on the young people who will create a few future. >> something is a little backward here. while engineers and designers play on seesaws, there are kids engineering and designing a moon rover, alongside the techies that cam from all over, i.o. youth is giving them a look inside. >> to see the local people and talk with them and learn with them. >> learn skills that might come in handy. >> it's a remote control program. >> even if they never build apps or websites. >> we are showing kids you can do an mission, you can control robotics, you can do so many things, you can code, which is why you might want to get into it. >> with all the space exploration, there's one sort of explorer we didn't see, we are talking about the early adopters
6:37 am
northern as google glass explorers. >> we were expecting a new version, but we didn't. there haven't been many wearing google glass. >> instead they focused on watches. and what their watches can do that apple's can't. >> for starters android-wear watches include always-on screens. >> screens that recognize an emoji you draw with your fingers. >> and speaking. explorers, there was one explorer. >> dorothy the explorer. i'm secretly a huge fan. >> animations have come a long way. >> animation images strung together to tell a story. >> and pixar. >> using only an app. >> i thought it would be like a studio but this is really cool. >> even art is all about technology now. >> we think coding is the language of tomorrow. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom. >> i would like to thank my mom. [laughter] >> abc7 news. >> still to come, is there a wedding in your near future? "7 on your side" michael finney explains where to
6:38 am
find your dream dress this weekend, while making someone else's dream come true, as well. but first, a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera. a foggy start. can you barely see the bridge. we will have a check of the full accuweather forecast coming up after the break. ♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
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>> time now is 6:41. we are taking a live look at the sf. camera. flights have taxi and gate delays lasting about 50 minutes so check with your airline if you have plans to travel out this morning. if you or someone you know is getting married soon, might want to check out a huge sale of weddings gowns in sunnyvale this weekend. how finding your own dress can also make someone's else's dream come true. >> this couple were engaged 15 years. they were able to get married a month ago, thanks to "wish upon a wedding." >> there was always something that came in our way to hold us back. >> renee lived all those years with an autoimmune disease that affects her spine.
6:42 am
three years ago her husband, rick, was diagnosed with a form of cancer. add financial difficulties to all of that, and couple said the time was never right. despite that, their love never wavered. >> whatever the outcome is, all three of us support each other. >> the third person in their life is their nine-year-old son, tyler. he lives with asthma. this is where "wish upon a wedding" comes in. the organization grants weddings to couples dealing with serious illnesses. >> "wish upon a wedding" provides all the basic needs and we found generous donations from all sorts of wedding professionals and wedding venders. >> 50% of the proceeds from a wedding dress sale this weekend in sunnyvale will benefit "wish upon a wedding." the sale is put on by the for-profit brides for a cause out of portland, oregon n three years the company said it's donated about $300,000 to wish
6:43 am
upon a wedding. all the wedding dresses are donated. >> we wouldn't be able to exist without generosity from people from brides who donate their dresses to bridal stores that want to support our cause. >> 500 wedding dresses will be on sale this weekend, ranging from size 0 to 30 with prices as low as $150. this jasmine wedding dress with the fun skirt and lays detail retails for $1200 but is on sale this weekend for $300. this silky wedding dress has a long train and a sweetheart neckline. retail price $1200 but you can get it for $400. >> when i mention high-end dresses, we have them. this is nice crochet lace with the really nice train. >> the dress retails for $2,000 but is on sale for $500. >> that was michael finney reporting. admission is free today and
6:44 am
tomorrow. for more information, along with a link on how to apply for a wedding wish from wish upon a wedding, go to our website. 6:44 is our time. we are off to a dreary start. >> the low fog and clouds with us this morning. santa cruz 54 degrees. where is the sun? it is on the way. you will have 70s throughout the afternoon. about 70 today. so a mild day there. but, boy our beaches will be chilly, in the 50s. even though today will be the warmest day of the weekend. i'll explain coming up. >> lisa, thank you. up next, it's been a magnificent may for the giants. make that the first-place giants with a pair of mvps in the house on an orange friday larry grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. >> if you are up in the north bay, we have had some issues in santa rosa and there has been mist and drizzle. roadways have been damp even in san francisco. the sun was up at 5:50. we are looking at the marine layer mixing out a little earlier as it presses down closer to the surface. it means high pressure is in control and it should allow for evaporation and sunshine sooner,
6:48 am
making for a warmer day. 69 in san jose. today forecasting a high in the upper 70s. 55 for you. morgan hill is at 53. good morning san francisco, 53. and it's gray. the afternoon will be another cool one downtown. and look at all the low cloudiness. but there are breaks in the east bay hills. down to 48 degrees in santa rosa. otherwise we are at 52 with the southwest wind cruising through the delta and low 50s for concord and livermore today. a few more 80s in mt. tam. we should see a few high clouds today out in advance of a system that will be affecting us tomorrow in terms of a slower burn off. a stronger on-shore push and cooler afternoon highs. today will be the warmer day as we mix out into sunshine earlier, and the wind shouldn't be as breezy. it's about high pressure in command today, bringing us the warmer day. right around average. we will call it seasonal. it's been a cool month and with
6:49 am
one day left we are looking at the cool down as we head into the last day of may, early june. as low pressure gets a little bit closer. boy, wouldn't it be nice if it pushed right on over the bay area? well, it's not going to happen. we will get the tail end of the trough spreading in the clouds, mist and drizzle and a few scattered showers along the north coast, the oregon border. that's about all we can manage. but we will be looking at the hot weather once again today. look how hot it is from yosemite to fresno. upper 90s and even tahoe touching 80 in some spots. and those temperatures will come down in the next couple days. 104 this palm springs. if you are been near the coast or the bay area, we haven't had the warmth. with we've had more 60s and 70s. today more mid-70s in napa. should be a nice afternoon with mild conditions. tomorrow a little cooler and cloudier, low 70s for bottlerock. in terms of high temperatures today, we are running anywhere from the upper 50s to the mid-80s all the way out toward
6:50 am
antioch. 77 santa rosa. a couple baseball games tonight. in san francisco it will be another cool one more the braves in town again, it's 57 degrees. and 10:00 55 sunset 8:25. the accuweather forecast, cooler tomorrow with a slower burn off. a little windier. and the coolest day of the week should be the first day of the month, look at cooler temperatures especially into the latter part of the week. but certainly cool. still foggy at the khost. >> and another week with no rain. >> yes. >> turning to sports now. the giants surging ahead and finding themselves victorious against atlanta. abc7 news sports director larry beil takes a look at that and more in this morning's sports report.
6:51 am
>> good morning, everybody. this seemed unthinkable a few weeks ago but the giants took the field last night with the chance to move in first place in the nl-west. the dodgers lost. giants need a win over the braves to slide half a game ahead. warriors star steph curry and the family visiting at&t park. the crowd chanting "mvp." >> the other mvp, a two-run rocket in the first. jeans up 2-zip in a flash. second inning giants tie their franchise record, 39 scoreless innings at home. brandon crawford. a beautiful basket catch off the bat of a.j. pierzynski. the streak ends in the third. bottom of 8 buster a ground-rule double scoring joe panik and the giants take over first place. and a's and yankees. third inning, zobrist, a grounder to third. oops! through the wickets of chase headley. billy burns throws. it turns into a four-run inning. sunny gray dominated headley. resistances it here.
6:52 am
five strikeouts in 8 innings of work. seals it in the eighth. the a's win it 6-2. to the ice, commissioners roger goodell and gary bettit, game 7, rangers and lightning. the three most vilified leaders in sports. scoreless until the third. and alex killorn, an innocent backhander gets by henry lundqvist. and tampa bay wins. klay thompson has been diagnosed with a concussion. he will have to pass the nba protocols before he can return for the final. meanwhile seth and company back at practice. warriors have to figure out how to stop lebron james while the kings and the cavs are work on containing curry. >> how do you slow them down? >> the same way you slow me down. you can't. [laughter] >> it's impossible. game one of the finals, thursday
6:53 am
night at 6, followed by "after the game." i will be joined by hall of famer nate thurmon and the interviews live in the oakland arena. last year a's catcher steven vote showed us a spot on the referee impression. this time he's debuting his chris farley routine at foley. >> you teams we are going to get the division by the tale and wrap it around and pull it down and put it in my pocket. but i'm here to tell you you are probably going to find out as you go out there that you are not going to amount to jack squat! >> and he lives in a van down by the river! that is tremendous. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> our time is 6:53. still to come, an opportunity to get a new furry friend. the free pet adoption event
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here are the winning numbers from last night he's $233 million mega-millions draw. 20, 27, 38, 49, 66 and the meganumber 2. nobody picked all six, so tuesday's jackpot grows to $253 million. if you are looking for the perfect time to adopt a pet, it could be this weekend around the bay area. the occasion is the sixth annual maddy's pet adoption days.
6:57 am
it's a free event for the public with more than 80 rescues and shelters participating at nearly 100 locations. those include stone ridge mall oakland animal services and baldwin park in concord. dogs and cats are eager to become part of your family. be warned, it's hard it resist some of those big puppy eyes. 6:57, the time. a lot of fanfare for new york city's newest landmark. yesterday there was the opening of the observatory on the new world trade center tower. the public viewing areas are located on the 100th to 102nd floors of the building and has some of the most scenic views of the big apple. getting there is an experience too. you can get from the bottom to the top in about one minute. >> i'm a little scared of heights. i don't know if i could handle that. >> we are looking at a sunnier day. sunshine all around the bay unless you are right at the coast. cool 58 degrees half moon bay. partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies in san francisco.
6:58 am
72 fremont, 83 concord. cooler tomorrow as the trough brings a stronger on shore push and continued cooler days in the east bay valleys through the early part of the week and everyone warms up a little bit by the end of next week. >> lisa, thank you. and thank you for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. the news continues now online on facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. "good morning america" is up next. we are back with news, weather
6:59 am
[baseball crowd noise] ♪ ♪ [x1 chime] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] oh! i can't believe it! [cheering] hi, grandma! ♪ ♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
7:00 am
good morning, america, breaking overnight. flooding disaster. rivers rising. threatening more homes. new evacuations overnight. highways impassable. the rescues by hovercraft, drones searching for victims as the death toll rises. from the relentless rain. and more tornadoes. plus close calls from lightning. our coverage from the heart of the danger zone as more extreme weather moves in. twin shark attacks. two young women bitten in shallow water. witnesses rushing to help. >> at first, she was a little freaked out. >> the new concerns about ocean dangers as millions get ready to hit the water for the summer beach season. actress' anguish. "gossip girl's" kelly rutherford dealt a major setback. in her custody case. her hopes dashed.


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