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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning everyone. it's sunday may 31st. i'm chris nguyen in for carolyn tyler. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7hd. high lisa. >> good morning, chris. we are looking at a few returns well to the north and pretty much offshore due to a weak funnel plan. that's approaching the coast allowing for mist and drizzle for some of you. and above the marine layer the sun coming up. officially at 5:50. looking at low 50s for most this morning and clearing we will have a cooler afternoon. notice 9:00 we still have clouds around and by the afternoon looking at a partly cloudy sky and 60s and 70s for most. this is from the east bay hills camera.
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60 in the city. 63 over in oakland. low 70s in san jose. so if you get that afternoon sun, it will be a mild day. otherwise a cooling trend to start the week and the month. details on that in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. >> there's renewed attention this morning on a constant problem in the east bay side street shows. one of the stunts happened again this weekend. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has more. [screeching tires] >> the screaching tires on this street near interstate 880 were heard throughout the neighborhood. >> i heard it, it was pretty loud. >> this oakland resident tells me these side shows happen here much too often. >> it's frustrating, it's scary, and unfortunately it's part of our life now so we are used to it. >> residents and business owners say that car spinouts like this
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happen here at least twice a month. here's last november at the exact same spot. oakland police and the highway patrol have tried to crack down on these side shows. they even mobilized a mass he have blockade at a large sideshow at the part back in november. but one hot rod owner i talked to tells me there still isn't much fear the police are going to break up these events. >> do you ever worry the police will show up? >> not really. >> the owner of this black dodge challenger said he's seen lofts side shows but he's only watched them in oakland. some neighbors say they aren't surprised by the side shows. >> there's nothing to do in oakland right now. the kids are starting to make their own way and do their own thing and have their own fun. >> as far as the chp are concerned, the side shows are not only illegal and dangerous but they pull resources away from other duties. two chp crews ergs were dispatched away from a fatality friday night to check on this sideshow.
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but the participants quickly sped off and officers issued no citations. >> oakland police are looking for the driver of a car that hit and killed a pedestrian friday night deliberately. police believe the pedestrian, a man in his 40s was targeted by the driver. victim died at the scene. new this morning secretary of state john kerry is in a switzerland hospital after being involved in a bicycle crash. he hit a curb and fell while exercising and likely suffered a leg injury. he was airlifted to a hospital in geneva where he is listed in stable condition. the accident happened while he was on a four-nation tour. vice president joe biden is mourning the loss of his son beau. the former attorney general of delaware succumbed to brain cancer last night. beau biden was diagnosed with the disease three years ago. doctors said he was cancer free affeldt undergoing radiation and
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chemotherapy but the cancer returned earlier this year. biden sought treatment at walter reed medical center. in a statement from the vice president, joe biden writes in the words of the biden family beau biden was the finest manny of us have ever known. beau biden was 46. 6:04 is our time. the #* the number of confirmed deaths from the flooding in texas and oklahoma are growing this morning. 31 confirmed fatalities and 11 are still missing. the city of houston was hit with 3 1/2 inches of rain last night. minute maid park had some game issues. the game between the astros and the white sox was not postponed, but in other parts of texas evacuees are being sent away from their homes. here's the story. >> police went door to door with the bad news. >> hello! anybody in the house?
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>> flash flood warnings. >> pack up now and get out. >> these texas residents are on the move. >> oh, my gosh, i didn't realize it was that high. >> ashley was shocked to see what was a dry creekbed, now a rising tied headed for her house. >> i'm leaving. i'm out of here. >> in houston sewers overflowed with flooding and sent this manhole dance on a column of water. flooding is the number one weather-related killer. 38 people dieing in 2014 alone. flash flooding is dangerous and hard to predict. small streams can become raging rapids in minutes. to protect yourself know if you are on a floodplain and the fastest way to get to higher ground and pay attention to weather warnings. evacuees should pack up and go. >> you know, i packed up little items i need, my bible. >> andrea depended on the helping hands of volunteers. >> they came to my rescue.
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i know god sent them to me because i had no idea how i would get this stuff out of here. >> some could not outrun the waters. >> that's the fence line and it's probably five feet tall. >> the weather holds some relief, there should be three or four days of dry weather as the rain pushes off to the east. chuck severson, abc news, new york. >> back here in san francisco the people in the marina district are drying out after a person backed a car into a fire hydrant and shot water into the air for more than 10 minutes yesterday afternoon sending water on to the roof of a three story building. one tenant just moved in and almost had to cancel a housewarming party. >> we get a photo of the fire hydrant across the street that exploded and said i don't know if my living room is flooded right now or not. we may have to cancel the party but they came and drained the roof and they are doing a good job. >> most of the water damaged a common area outside of the
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individual apartments. in the north bay shoppers scattered after a water main break at an upscale outdoor maul. the maul filled with water just after 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the good news nothing was damaged and all the stores were able to stay open. >> in san jose, young performers took to the stage last night to bring awareness to cyber bullying. ♪ ♪ >> abc7 news was at san pedro square for the "rock for a reason" event. all the money goes to the audrey pott foundation, named after the 15-year-old who committed suicide. she passed out at a party and was sexually assaulted. pictures off the salt were posted online. three teenage boys pled guilty to doing that. >> audrey did reach out to a lot of her friends, and we feel it
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was a cry for help that went unanswered. >> last year governor brown signed audrey's law, increasing penalties for teenagers convicted in cyber bullying crimes. tomorrow a big protest is planned outside of facebook's headquarters in menlo park. the drag queen sister roam ma is leading the march to change their privacy policies. facebook closes accounts under fake names. they believe using the policy to target lgbt individuals. turning to the warriors on the eve of the nba finals, there's been a shake-up in the dub's coaching staff. the top assistant alvin gentry has been named the head coach of the new orleans pelicans. gentry is the top defensive mind with the warriors. the pelicans will be his fourth team as head coach. steve kerr is happy for gentry
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and wishes him luck. he said he personally has been instrumental as my development as a coach. our loss is new orleans's gain." game one of the nba final tips off thursday evennening at 6:00. join larry beil along with hall of famer nate thurmon and abc7 sports reporter mike shumann live from oracle arena in oakland. >> the days of rain you see here in marin are long past, so much so that residents have to start cutting back on water use starting tomorrow. customers in the marin water district have to cut use by 20% because of the drought in our state. they have passed ordinances on when and how long homeowners can do watering. violators could have their water service turned off.
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you will start noticing a lot less grass in new homes, office buildings and schools. the state is forcing developers to put in morris drought-friendly plants to comply with the governor's order to cutback on water usage. the water commission passed the tighter building codes on friday to try to cut water use by 20%. >> a lot of suck cue plants out there. we have things green and more in the way of drizzle in the next day or so as a weak weather system heads to the north. cool let you know who is going to see the moisture and how cool it's going to get today. that's all coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead the search is on for a silicon valley woman who threw out an original apple computer worth $200,000. and the fine line between art and va
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>> the next story is kind of like your mom tossing out your old comic books and baseball cards. company is looking for a woman that cleaned out her garage and dropped off an apple vintage 1 computer worth $200,000. >> this milpitas recycling company made a surprising discovery.
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>> it's like you won the lottery. >> last month a woman dropped off several boxes of what she thought was junk. >> she brought in two or three boxes like you can see on the table with some stuff like wires, keyboards, old stuff. >> but inside one of the boxes was a vintage apple 1 desktop. one of only 200 models created in 1976. a first-generation model. here's one on display in a museum in mountain view. one was sold to a private collector for $200,000. they are looking for the original owner who didn't leave a name. >> i said do you need a pickup receipt or tax receipt and she said no, no, i'm fine, i just garage. >> the company wants to honor the policy by giving her half the proceeds from the sale.
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>> her husband just passed away like recently. >> the recycling company said all she needs to do is come down and pick up her check. in milpitas abc7 news. the world's first solar flight across the pacific began yesterday. it took off from china and will arrive in hawaii about five days. the plane is flying around the world without using a single drop of oil. or a fuel. it has 1300 pounds of batteries on its wings. after hawaii it will continue to fly across the united states and wrapping up its trip in july. >> a marin county community so traditionally recluse they've even the road into town has no
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sign to mark it. the way is looked recently, it looks like that's the only thing unmarked around here. >> it's shocking that it's something this damaging. >> the graffiti on private property began showing up this week when she's signs appeared along the beach. they warn spray paint violates state law by polluting the environment. in salinas, that offends some residents who say that writing on beach walls is a right of citizenship. >> i love the art. i don't wish to see art when go down to the beach. >> he is particularly offended by this on the beach. art mixed with personal signage put on the seawall by visitors to balinas. the catcher, that they do it in spray paint. >> smell that. that's toxic. >> he lives on the bluff above. he walks the beach frequently, continuously picking up paint chips and he's a moderate compared with others.
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>> it's going to get picked up in the food chain at the bottom, the microorganisms and it gets in the food chain and it will be in the food chain forever. >> he wants all murals removed including this one that walks to -- or that leads to the beach where they have painted for three decades. >> it's not logical. you can't allow one group to paint and one group not to. >> the normally harmoniously town is now polluted by division. >> do you think artistic expression is something everybody could come together over. >> they planned a public meeting this weekend. if you are an outsider, good luck finding it. from balinas in marin county, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> last night young and old came together at the embassy suites for a man-swapping party..
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>> you can come to a party like this where everybody is single, everybody is looking to meet somebody so eats like shooting fish in a barrel. you can't miss. >> the event organizer said the concept is successful and one of the ways to get singles together at weekly dating events that he organizations throughout the area a paris landmark will no longer signify eternal love. all the love location fastened to the railing of a local bridge there will be removed tomorrow. last year part of the bridge clamsed due to the weight of all of the locks and city officials had to prevent people from adding new locks. >> what can we expect for weather? >> we have some changes that
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could involve for moisture for more of the bay area except just the usual along the coast. we may spread some of the moisture across the bay tonight and into tomorrow. the weak weather system approaches and it will be weak and head to the north but it will impact the bay area. we are looking at some of the moisture offshore here. plenty of low clouds this morning. deck of low clouds is about 1500 feet deep. there's the area of low pressure and the front. it's heading into northern california and we will see the tail end of it. mt. tam there. 10 trees of warming today from where you are right now at the most. that should do it. and in san jose you are back to the low to mid-70s. a cooler afternoon everywhere today. it hasn't been all this warm. we've been a little below average and that continues. san jose cloudy skies, and you actually are kind of mild in mid-and upper 50s this morning. it's 55 with the clouds in
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livermore. in santa rosa, napa looking at visibility at about six or seven miles with the low clouds. here's our east bay hills camera from vollmer peak. partly cloudy and cooler today. it's a cool start to the work week tomorrow for june. we are going to keep that trend for the first half of the work week and bring a little more warmth ward the second half. more like next weekend. this system here affecting us today, tonight tomorrow with more low clouds and a cooling trend. as it heads up to the north it takes all that moisture with it, but we get a little more in the way of drizzle. here's a look at this morning. 9:00 still cloudy out there. by 11:00 we are seeing more sun but it's going to be on the cool side. 50s here and the 80s well out into the sacramento valley. so if you are looking at getting into sacramento it's cooler today. 82. even cooler from yosemite to fresno, though still pretty hot.
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there's the moisture you see headed up into the northern-most part of the state. 74 in los angeles and we are look at much of the state cooling off in the next few days. we will take you into tomorrow night, 9:00. you can see the clouds back with us. and by midnight look at the coastal areas here. more mist and drizzle, and then maybe even a few spritzles into the east bay. dropping into the mid-70s throughout the week and looks like 80s by next weekend. 74 san jose, 72 around sunnyvale 69 redwood city and just 59 san francisco and only 68 in santa rosa. so that tells you it's going to be cool. 63 oakland. over the east bay hills the orange pushed back into the valley. cool day in pleasanton at 73. we will call it milder. a little cooler tomorrow for the seven-day. steady pattern wednesday and there's the slow and modest
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warmup through next weekend mainly around the bay and inland. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7 anytime with this app. free on apple's app store and google play and more information on our website. it's interesting because mist and drizzle into make an impact. that's how we get the redwoods with the constant moisture. that's what has been happening at the coast and that will continue. >> i'm sure people have opinion enjoying that. >> kind of. >> yeah. up next, a crisis in the east bay averted and how one of the cutest families you will ever see was reunited. first the time right any 6:22. in honor of asian pacific pacific-american heritage month. we are honoring with bistro event in campbell. it features food infired by asian pacific american heritage month. there's more i
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>> firefighters to the rescue yesterday in contra costa county but the victims weren't human. firefighters plucked 8 ducklings out of a storm drain in concord. they carefully hoisted out each duckling and made sure they were okay. the crew tweeted these pictures showing a happy reunion between mother duck and her kids. animal shelters around the bay area hope this will be the weekend you bring home a new friend. the annual maddy's adoption event continues this morning. more than 80 shelter and rescues taking part in multiple locations. much more ahead on the sunday morning news. another democrat jumps into the race. the newest candidate for the presidential nomination. also ahead, she investigates hate crimes, but music is the love of her life. how one bay
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[♪] ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪
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>> good sunday morning, i'm chris nguyen. it's a busy day for baseball in the area. a's and giants both at home. let's get a check of the baseball forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. >> grab the jackets. itit will be cool both locations. 60 san francisco maybe 61 oakland with a few degrees of warming in the afternoon. can't find any sun below the
6:30 am
marine layer so we are above it. mt. tam. 6 from the east bay hills camera you see mt. diablo. it looks really nice above the fog but a gray start. 52 in concord right now. some of the clouds will stay with us through the 9:00 hour. 10:00 they begin to peel back. we will see a partly cloudy to mostly sunny afternoon, but only 60s and 70s. temperatures coming down at least 8 degrees inland. we are talking about very little sun from san francisco through the shoreline. i'll explain and talk about a cool week ahead coming up. >> we will see you soon. thank you. former maryland governor martin o'malley is in new hampshire this morning introducing himself as the newest democratic presidential nomination in 2016. he announced it yesterday in baltimore where he previously served as mayor. he said he called his opponent hillary clinton, to inform her of the news. he told clinton it's time for new leadership. >> the american dream we share
6:31 am
it's powerful history, it's current condition and its urgent need of rebuilding. >> o'malley is the third candidate for the democratic nomination, joining clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders. o'malley's status as a candidate got him a sit-down interview on "this week with george." analysts say o'malley is unknown to the majority of american voters, and he needs to make a positive first impression. "this week with george" airs at 8:00 right here on abc7. senator dianne feinstein will be in washington, d.c. this morning casting a vote to allow the government to have continued access to our phone records. the senate is meeting in a rare sunday session. the senator told an audience at stanford university last week that the growing threat from terrorists, especially from isis, is reason enough to support telephone surveillance. in forward isis the senator said she has never seen such
6:32 am
evil in her lifetime. the vote is part of the a last ditch effort by the senate to revamp the patriot act which is set to expire at midnight tonight. if they fail to reach a deal some say the country will have a serious lapse in security. a warning from police about a crime hitting california businesses. thieves are distracting workers and running off with their valuables. wait until you see some of the bait that the crooks use to get the goods. we have the details. >> in seconds the person said everything inside gone. a string of thefts hitting california businesses. what they all have some common distract and grab. watch. one woman orders food, makes small talk with the bakery worker while two others make off with a stash from behind the counter. and here they used their own grandson as a decoy while a
6:33 am
designer purse the passports out the door. >> it's not just the value of the purse and the contents there are also some personal identification documents within that purse that were stolen. >> bob advises police on how to catch crooks in the act. he shows us just how easy it is to pull off the crime. bob and his wife distract these unsuspecting people. the woman on the right leaves her purse hanging on her chair. bob swoops in and steals her wallet. >> did you have any idea what he was doing right behind you? >> no. >> just as he explains how he did it, watch the other woman's purse. police now hoping this surveillance video helps catch the crooks doing the distracting, and serves as a reminder to keep your eyes on your values before they are grabbed and gone. abc news new york. >> vallejo said they will start taking applications from entrepreneurs who want to open
6:34 am
medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. july is the deadline to apply and the city police chief will review applications to see if they meet requirements, like having a location away from schools. san jose's independent police auditor will retire from her job this summer. that means less time investigating reports. police brutality and more time involving a labor of love. it involves struggling black composers, long lost classical music and education. abc7 morning news anchor eric thompson has the story. ♪ ♪ >> this is not the way most people picture the woman who investigates police brutality and hate crimes in san jose. ♪ ♪ >> neither is this. but it's not just music. a particular kind of music now occupies a big chunk of her time.
6:35 am
>> our goal is a simple, yet important one, to bring the music of past composers, past and present, to the world. >> ladoris cordell has worn many caps in her life, lauer judge civil servant. but this is completely different. she and menlo park piano teacher scour the country looking for the works of black composers. some contemporary like valerie capers and josh mcgee and some long forgotten like william grant and price. >> we are on a mission to bring more and more of this music, and there's so much of it, to the world. >> you hear in the compositions really the entirety of who they are, their classical training, their life experience. >> it's one thing to find the music and bring it to the public but these ladies don't stop there. ♪ ♪
6:36 am
every january they perform the music they have dug up in concert to adoring fans at the east side college preparatory school in east palo alto. the stud don't just listen or study the compositions, they take part. ♪ ♪ >> folks attending the concert are encouraged to make donations and all proceeds are given to the school. >> we've fallen in love with the students, with the teachers and everything that they are doing there. >> these kids are going to grow up knowing that this music is a part of american heritage. >> cordell founded an organization called the african-american composer initiative to help showcase the work of black artists before they are permanently lost. eric thomas abc7 news. >> much more ahead on the sunday morning news. the east bay city that warrior steph curry calls home and the
6:37 am
community that's embracing him and his family. but first a live look outside from the east bay hills camera. cloud cover over much of the the area. but a beautiful shot here as we wake up on this sunday morning. lisa argen returns with the accuweather forecast in other few minutes. female announcer: through sunday it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing.
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oscar winner patricia arquette will keynote a summit tonight in san jose. arquette, who called for equal pay for women in her academy award acceptance speech will speak about how women in tech have a purpose and they don't have to give up their careers. it begins at 5:00 tonight at the double tree hotel in san jose. 67:30, the time. get your checkbooks ready and get ready to write a lot of zeros, especially if you want a lunch date with one of the world's richest men. bidding will get underway today to have lunch with warren buffet. it's on ebay. part of a annual fundraiser for glide memorial church in san francisco. the winner and seven friends get to dine with buffett at a new york steakhouse. last year's winner paid nearly $2.2 million for lunch with the 84-year-old legendary investor.
6:41 am
what a cool opportunity. >> i hope he left the tip. >> yeah! >> geez. >> good morning everyone. we are starting out pretty gray around the bay. no surprise there. here's the exploratory yeah camera where temperatures are in the low 50s. cooler today. more mist and drizzle to start june. and the temperatures yes, they will eventually warm up. i'll tell you how much and when next. >> looking forward to that. also ahead an instant classic for cal, the ncaa baseball tournament. nike shumann has the rights of the win that has you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus.
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thanks for waking up with us. for now, no major traffic reports. more coming up with meteorologist lisa argen. >> we love seth curry, but did you know he grew up in south carolina? after being drafted he lives in oakland and san francisco, but he and his family also live in orinda. he is not only a superstar but an engaged member of the community. we have the story. >> in the small, tight-knit community of orinda, there is one resident everyone is buzzing about. >> is he the talk of the town? >> of course. everybody is talking about him.
6:45 am
>> when steph curry leaves oracle arena he comes home where he's more than a name, he's a neighbor. >> he was here two weeks ago and he signed something for us. >> at the sweet dreams toy store seth autographed a gift certificate. it's here the family shops with adorable daughter reilly, who stole the spotlight. >> actually came in the day after and all the kids in here were freaking out. >> we hear most of the grown-ups who run into the curry family are cool. >> he will walk through this area. >> according to the owner of the restaurant table 24, curry likes his pizza without the paparizzi. >> i think that's why he likes it because they can come here and not get bugged and things like that. >> people here are used to seeing the entire curry clan. this warrior fan took a picture
6:46 am
of seth's brother with seth's mom and dad. >> really nice. really night people. >> one person admitted he wasn't sure who was buying his cupcakes until other customers pointed out the point guard. now a special treat could make it to the menu. >> maybe like the blueberries with lemon maybe? some blue in there, some gold. >> make mine with a dash of curry on top. in orinda, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> while we are celebrating the warriors, we are also recognizing the best fans of the basketball. this proud dad is the fan of the day. we think he and his family could bring us some luck. dad was just one-year-old the last time the warriors won the championship and now his son is the same age. the doubles are at it again. thanks for sending us this lucky family photo." you can get in on the action too. share your warriors pics using the #doubles on 7. the next abc7 fan of the day would be you. lisa, it's been really fun to see some of the promos the
6:47 am
creative services team in making because we get all the fans in there and everybody is smiling. >> definitely. well, we are looking at a brighter afternoon in parts of the bay than the morning, i should say. everybody has the cloud cover now and temperatures in the 50s. a little bit of moisture offshore from the marin county coast. some of it is making its way in in the form of drizzle today and tomorrow, and it could make it further into the east bay for a monday morning commute, which could be on the damp side. it's all because of this area of low pressure and a front that's weakening. it's heading up into northern california. and this morning from mt. tam we have high clouds on securing -- the sunshine on securing the high clouds and below we are looking at a 15-foot marine player. the east bay hills camera, a slice of view. it will take time to bring clearing. 55 livermore, and the delta checking in at 50.
6:48 am
san jose you are cloudy. it was a nice day yesterday. you will be slower to clear today and it will be cooler. patchy morning mist and drizzle looking at a partly cloudy sky today with cooler temps for everyone. mainly in the 60s and 70s. no 80s. you have to go into the sacramento valley for that today. a cool start to the work week with june bringing below-normal temperatures. we should see about 78 for the average high in san jose. and today only in the lower 70s. so it's all due to a stronger on shore push, a healthier marine layer, which will be growing taller, and the west winds today. low pressure heads to the north. that's what's allowing for the cooling trend to start the work week. it will stay with us the cooling trend as we bow into monday morning. in fact the tail end providing enough lift and moisture to keep it a little bit damp through your monday morning ride. today in san jose 74 degrees. look at wednesday and thursday. not really changing too much. then behind the system the numbers come up. notice upper 70s, near
6:49 am
average, but it's going to take a week or so to get there. we will look for cooler highs today for everyone. up in napa it will be cloudy to start and partly cloudy for bottlerock. upper 60s for the later part of the afternoon. in oakland a cool afternoon with the west winds to about 15 miles an hour. 61 at 1:00. mid-60s by 4:00. even over into the east bay not totally sun my and not a really warm day. we will see mainly mid-60s around the bay. palo alto 70. 66 santa cruz and san francisco even cooler. in the city about 59. at&t park 61 at 1:00 and the temperature really not going anywhere throughout the afternoon. the accuweather seven take forecast, upper 70s inland. that's toward brentwood and antioch, maybe livermore. cooler tomorrow and cloudier and damp across the bay. holding steady tuesday and
6:50 am
wednesday. slowly getting warmer but it will take the weekend for the 80s to return. the plants will like a little drink if we get that of water. >> and maybe bring a snuggie to the baseball game. >> a great idea. >> lisa thanks. turning to sports. this afternoon the a's will close out their home weekend series against the yankees. first pitch at 1:05 this afternoon. but last night they tried for their second straight victory over the bronx bombers. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the a's sean doolittle little was put on the 15-day d.l. with a strained muscle in his left shoulder after just four times of pitching this season. and how cute is that hat? third inning. the sac fly ties in at one. next batter josh reddick, base hit. simeon scores. a's take the 2-1 lead. a's had 10 hits with the first 20 batters. all singles. simeon with his first rbi since may 12.
6:51 am
the opposite way and they score. 3-1, athletics. the two-run lead quickly disappeared. beltran, this bomb and 4-3 yankees and the bronx bombers end the a's 2-game win streak with the victory. >> giants and braves. the g-men were shut out. lincecum on the hill. gets it by brandon crawford with a runner on third. 1-0, atlanta. then in the third once again a runner on third and a base hit. now 2-zip. fourth inning runner on third. i think you see where it's going. he goes to left. one comes home. 3-0 braves. timmy goes 4 1/3. gave up 4 runs, 8 hits. and top of nine juan uribe takes him deep and the five game win streak with the 8-0 shutout. and they are hosting the aggies for the road team.
6:52 am
he thinks he put his team on top in the 11th with the 2-run shot but then brought back and the bears live on. the 14th inning. mitchell cranson crushes it to right field. he got robert home run. he's at the wall. but he can't make the catch. cal wins it on the cranson walk-off home run. 2-1 the final. need just one more win to advance to the super regionals. all right. in 2012 the kings won the stanley cup, them the blackhawks then the kings again in 20414. chicago needed to keep the streak alive and needed to get through anaheim in the western conference finals. ducks best in the west. they head home. ice advantage. but the visitors came ready to play. jonathan toews, two goals in the first. wires it top shelf. 2-0 hawks after 1. 1:15 into the second.
6:53 am
patrick kane, sweet pass to saad. hawks win it 5-3. they will face the tampa bay lightning in the stanley cup finals, game one on wednesday. warriors moves. looks like klay thompson will play in game one despite his concussion. bad news, alvin gentry his top assistant will take over as the head of the pelicans after the nba finals. we will hear about it here again at five and six. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> game one is june 4th at 6:00 p.m. to the oakland. game two is next sunday also at oracle, followed by games three and four the following tuesday and thursday in cleveland. you can catch the entire series only on abc7. still to come marking a milestone. how you can get involved in a big celebration today in golden gate park and san francisco's botanical garden.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
the meganumber 16. san francisco's famed botanical garden is marking a milestone today, and you are invited. the garden in golden gate park is turning 75 years old. it boasts the world's largest magnolia collection outside of china. the celebration includes a keynote speech by lieutenant governor gavin newsome, guides and tours, as well as dance performances. it runs from 10:00 to 5:00 and admission is free. how will the weather be? >> it will be cool and cloudy there. from mouth tam you can see a little light from above the marine layer. look at the golden gate bridge. socked in. mist and drizzle and only in the 50s at the coast and the rest of the bay featuring more 60s and 70s. 63 in oakland, 70 napa, 76 in antioch and the accuweather seven-day forecast. the cooling trend continues with
6:58 am
more morning drizzle more widespread tomorrow. a slow warming trend by the end of the work week into next weekend. a big cool down. >> lisa, thank you. and thanks for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. news continues online, on social media and on all your mobile device was our abc7 news app. and if you see news happening where you live share it with us by using the
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breaking overnight, good morning, america. breaking overnight, remembering beau biden. >> beau, i love you. so proud of you. >> the vice president's son losing his battle with brain cancer. >> i know him as an incredible father and a loving grandfather. >> an iraq war vet and delaware's former attorney general, a special bond between father and son. this morning, the tributes to his short but accomplished life. weather alert. cities swamped. the incredible before and after pictures. this baseball stadium under water and the blinding rains. with the death toll rising from the fierce floods, could there finally, finally be good news in the forecast? breaking news, john kerry's bicycling accident.


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