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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 31, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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breaking overnight, good morning, america. breaking overnight, remembering beau biden. >> beau, i love you. so proud of you. >> the vice president's son losing his battle with brain cancer. >> i know him as an incredible father and a loving grandfather. >> an iraq war vet and delaware's former attorney general, a special bond between father and son. this morning, the tributes to his short but accomplished life. weather alert. cities swamped. the incredible before and after pictures. this baseball stadium under water and the blinding rains. with the death toll rising from the fierce floods, could there finally, finally be good news in the forecast? breaking news, john kerry's bicycling accident. the secretary of state taking a
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tumble in france, flown to a hospital for treatment. the very latest on his condition. and fantastic journey, the plane powered only by the sun, its trip across the pacific right now. hoping to make history. >> the worst is not when you fail. the worst is when you don't dare to try it. >> this morning, they're in the middle of the toughest part of their round the globe mission. can they make it? hey, good morning. take a look at these shots out of houston, baseball fans outside minute maid park, sprinting for cover, wearing trash bags. we'll get the braking weather news from texas in just a moment. but first, we want to talk about an extraordinary public
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father/son bond. overnight, we learned that vice president joe biden's son, beau, died from brain cancer. >> these two men were extremely close. here, you see then the senior biden sending his son beau off to iraq. where he served in the national guard for nearly a year. >> beau biden was only 46 years old when he died. two-time delaware attorney general. considered a rising star, with a potentially bright future in national politics. jim avila begins our sunday from the white house. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it is a sad day here at the white house. beau biden was a frequent visitor. the president and mrs. obama said they're grieving. they call him a close friend and they say he will live in on their hearts. a rising political star, combat veteran and son of the vice president, beau biden lost his battle with brain cancer overnight. his entire family at his washington, d.c., bedside. "it is with broken hearts that hallie, hunter, ashley, jill and i announce the passing of our husband, brother and son, beau." beau, a father of two, born joseph biden iii.
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his young life and relationship with his dad forged by tragedy, losing his mother and sister in a fatal car accident. he and his brother hunter nearly killed, too. the nation watching as just days later, as his father joe is sworn in for his first term as u.s. senator. the ceremony moved to the 4-year-old beau's bedside. seen here, recovering from his injuries. the beginning of an inseparable bond. >> a father knows his success when he turns to their daughter or son turned out better than he did. i'm a success. i'm a hell of a success. beau, i love you. i'm so proud of you. >> reporter: beau, a decorated iraq war veteran, began his own political career in 2008, delivering a rousing introduction for his father at the democratic national convention. >> many of you know him as a distinguished and accomplished senator. i know him as an incredible father and a loving grandfather,
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a man who hustled home to delaware after the last vote so he wouldn't miss me and my brother's games. >> reporter: soon making his own way in politics. a hardworking powerhouse in delaware, serving two terms as the state's attorney general and mentioned as a potential replacement for the senate seat left vacant when his father became obama's running mate. soon, his health problems began, in 2010 he suffered what was originally thought to be a stroke and then another episode in 2013, doctors diagnosed brain cancer. re-entering the hospital the final time last month. beau biden was optimistic until the end and just last year, 2014, he announced his plans to run for governor in delaware. brain cancer took him at only 46. dan. >> only 46, it's incredibly sad. our thoughts are with the family this morning. jim, thank you. we're following another breaking story this morning, the secretary of state john kerry involved in a bicycle accident in france. he was airlifted to a hospital. hamish macdonald is on the
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story. from our london bureau. hamish, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are just getting confirmation right now from the state department that secretary kerry has in fact broken his leg. the fracture is to the right femur. this injury is close to the location where he had previous hip surgery, he's traveling home to boston. to get care from the doctor who conducted the surgery. now, we know just before 10:00 local time, the secretary of state was cycling in the french alps near the town of scionzier, close to the swiss border. doctors and paramedics were on the scene. part of the motorcade. he was due to travel on to spain later today. but for now all of his travel plans are on hold. >> hamish, you mentioned he's an avid cyclist.
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we are glad he is okay this morning. thank you. thank you. we move now to those heavy rains, another flash flooding overnight. the death toll in texas continues to rise. rob is in the washed out town of grapevine this morning with the latest. hi, rob. >> good morning, paula. all around the dallas area, state of texas, there's just water everywhere, and now we're nearly 24 hours after the heaviest rain has moved out, the water levels and the rivers and the lakes like this one keeps coming up. overnight, floodwaters rise. heavy rain and strong storms take a toll from texas to michigan. >> it's touching the front bumper. >> reporter: in houston, overflowing waters literally rising from the ground up and out of the manhole covers. blinding rain making travel nearly impossible and fans who were seeking refuge at the astros' home ballpark were forced out by flooding. drone footage shows footage in dallas making tennis courts
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unrecognizable. look at this before and after of an overflowing lake. where nearby residents are fed up with the rain. >> a week ago thursday, it was 10 feet. beyond that fence. >> reporter: that far back? >> yes. >> reporter: it's come up in just a week? >> yes. >> reporter: that's a lot of water. in indianapolis, overnight, a powerful storm damaged this home. parked cars thrown on top of each other. in michigan, rain pouring in, over 3 inches so far. i'm standing in a row that's is now part of lake grapevine, just north of the dallas/ft. worth area. the many manmade lakes north of dallas, made to mitigate floods. the problem is there is just too much water and they are coming up over the banks and rivers. there you see a mailbox, obviously the entrance to a driveway, you see a lot of fish that are jumping around this morning. there's all sorts of garbage and refuse here in the flood waters, as with any flood. the good news is, the flood waters will start to recede.
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maybe not today but over the next couple days. we have finally dry weather coming in sunshine and the temperatures in the 80s. that will certainly help things. dan? >> it's been a horrible week. the big news as you said is that the forecast looks a little more congenial. rob, thank you. meanwhile, hillary clinton has more competition in her run for the democratic nomination for president, martin o'malley the former governor of maryland, launching his campaign for president in baltimore on saturday. and right afterwards, he sat down for an exclusive interview with abc chief anchor george stephanopoulos. here's a listen. >> will o'malley presidency be different from bill clinton? different from barack obama's? >> i differ from president obama in my background and experience. his was that of a legislator. mine was a big city and also facing difficult challenges and also of a state. i have had 15 years as an executive and that's a big difference. >> okay, george is here now, the question obviously is, does this man have any chance of beating
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hillary clinton? >> well, you can't win if you're not in. that's why he announced yesterday. but right now, hillary clinton, the biggest front-runner in modern times. she has a 50-point lead over martin o'malley. he's positioning himself to be there if she stumbles. he's gloing going to camp out in the early caucus state of iowa. hillary clinton lost to barack obama in 2008. one caveat here, right now, he has to get by -- martin o'malley has to get by bernie sanders, the socialist senator from vermont. who is now actually pooling at 15%, well above martin o'malley. >> he's got a lot of challenges. >> lot of work to do. but he gave an impressive speech yesterday. >> george, thank you. and we should say that you can see all of george's exclusive interview with o'malley coming up later "this week" right here on abc. tweet george your questions if you have them. thank you, george. >> thank you. and there's a new bombshell claim in the alleged sexual misconduct scandal surrounding
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former house speaker dennis hastert. another reported male victim has surfaced from his high school teaching days. and abc's mary bruce has the very latest for us this morning from capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning, well this controversy around the former house speaker only seems to be growing as we're learning of second alleged case of sexual misconduct. more allegations of sexual abuse by dennis hastert. sources telling abc news, there is a second individual who's allegedly victimized. another former student at yorkville high school in illinois. where hastert was a teacher and wrestling coach for 16 years. sources say this man not referred in the indictment did not ask for or receive any money from hastert. once the most powerful man in congress, hastert is charged with bank fraud and lying to the fbi. according to the indictment, he allegedly promised to pay someone $3.5 million in hush money to cover up his past misconduct. sources say the man he was paying was a former student at
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yorkville and the misconduct was sexual. residents are shocked and one of hastert's former wrestling stars tells abc news, if there had been misconduct involving hastert, he would have heard about it. >> word gets around. in not 24 hours, 24 minutes. in the four years i was at that school nothing ever happened like that to anybody. >> reporter: but sources say, it's unlikely the mystery man who received the payments, will be charged with extortion. >> at least to date, hastert has denied that he's a victim of extortion. >> reporter: according to the indictment, hastert tried to mask his cash withdrawal. to skirt reporting transactions. taking just under $10,000 in $100 transactions. he said that he took out the money because he didn't think the banking system was safe, saying i kept the cash. hastert has yet to comment or be seen publicly. that's likely to change in the coming days.
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he's expected to be arraigned in federal court this morning. dan and paula? >> good to have you on the show this morning. we want to send things over to ron who's been tracking stories overnight. good morning, ron. good morning to you, everyone. we begin in washington, d.c., where the clock is ticking toward the deadline to extend parts of the patriot act. with the senate set to convene in a rare sunday session. republican senator rand paul of kentucky has vowed to block a bill to extend the law that's already passed in the house. the nsa's powers which include the collection and storage of telephone data on millions of americans expire at midnight tonight. president obama warned that, without the data collection and surveillance programs, terrorists could slip past u.s. intelligence. four americans are being held in yemen by rebels. who topped the government there. according to the washington post h attempts to free the americans have failed. americans reportedly imprisoned in the capital city by houthi ethnic group. saudi arabia has repeatedly
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bombed that area in a campaign to oust houthis of power. the u.s. department says it's looking into getting the americans released. and this morning, an urgent manhunt under way in washington, d.c., for a highway killer. police say one man is dead and another injured after the shooter opened fire during the morning rush hour on thursday. officials initially calling it a road rage incident, now, the motive remains mystery. they're offering a $25,000 to anyone who can come forward with any other information. and in florida, the search resumes for a man was reported to have drowning. red flags marked the spot on the beach where the man was last seen. police say he jumped in the surf after he noticed his friends were struggling. those two people were saved by life guards. the man did not make it back. and a musical sendoff for the blues legend b.b. king. ♪ nearly 500 mourners packed into
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a church in king's hometown in mississippi, for his funeral that took place on saturday. the pastor remembering king as a young boy who once picked cotton and went on to become one of the great blues guitarist and influences influences a generation of many musicians. he died at 89 years. and finally, here is why you should double, triple-check what you're tossing out. next time you clean out your garage. a woman brought to the recycling plant, some old electronics to discard them. turned out it included an extremely rare apple one computer designed by steve jobs in 1976. the owner of the plant who got this, sold it, that computer for 200,000 bucks. he says he is looking for the woman to split the money. >> he says. >> that's what he said. >> actually, to nerd-out completely, you can see "woz" written on the computer. wozniak, one of the original engineers for apple. >> interesting.
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>> exposing -- i know a little too much about this. >> if that woman is out there, go by the recycling plant and get your money. >> $100,000. right? that is how much it is to be split in two. >> public service announcements from ron claiborne this morning. we have a different kind of text story, you're looking at digital love here, this couple met on twitter, dated on skype and got married on periscope. >> periscope is the popular live streaming app. sara is obsessed with periscope. sarascope, that's why we call it that. is here with more on the story. >> yes, the amount of time that ron tells me to put my camera down. it's easy to see why people get obsessed. periscope was developed to give you a chance to live through someone else's eyes. their lives, special times or the every day moments. yesterday, we were able to watch a day that one couple will never forget. periscope, allowing viewers to teleport almost anywhere in the world, like a complete strangers' wedding.
7:16 am
as kyle and brianna lewis tied the knot on saturday on top of the 50 or so loved ones pack in this new york city church hundreds more watched the amazingly emotional nuptials with a little help from periscope. their online romance began on twitter, grew stronger on skype, inviting their followers to join in the wedding. flooding the streaming ceremony with hearts and sweet shout-outs to the lovebirds all in realtime. the streaming video app created by twitter, now in the hands of more than 2 million smartphone users. after periscope launched on android devices this week. see life through periscope's first superstar. amanda oliadnor. yes, this video of her having breakfast, receiving thousands of likes. >> and i made some poached eggs
7:17 am
for breakfast. >> reporter: me, i'm pretty much obsessed. behind the scenes at "gma" or just says hi. say hi to periscope. and i watch broadcasts, too, like their wedding. a great way to make sure even those who couldn't make the big day, strangers and friends alike, could still be there. >> we have a lot of family and friends in other countries. she has family in costa rica and puerto rico. >> reporter: and with this app, you don't have to pick the chicken or the fish. and as you can see, it's a magical way to kind of stream any moment in your life. i do it all the time. i know i drive ron crazy. >> you know what's magical when somebody comes up to you at 4:00 in the morning with a camera and says, say hello to all of my friends. that's why -- >> people don't get to see the best parts of the people i work with. other than ron who is not putting his best foot forward,
7:18 am
when i show you guys all -- we have such little time to showcase what we do here. and you guys are hilarious. rob, we also miss him. when i show it people are like, i never would have thought that. >> i want to say -- >> i don't know, though, if i would call it a gift of our lives. some would say it's more of a curse. you always preface it by saying, i'm periscoping. >> no, she does not. that's not true. no, no. that is not true. that's not true. you just turn it around and poke it around and expose people and their foibles. it's a fact. it's a fact. rob, back me up. >> listen, let's see what rob marciano has to say about this. rob, you have been on the receiving end of quite a few periscopes. what's your view? >> yes, yes. ron, i'm not going to disagree with you. sara has a gift when it comes to periscope. we actually periscoped yesterday. we got doused on with a massive rainstorm and i was periscoping
7:19 am
and finally, josh my producer said would you put the periscope away and hold down the tank. we were trying to protect the gear. we are working the floodwaters here, just north of dfw, you can hear some of the planes going overhead. one of many lakes across dallas and north texas and central texas that are used to really mitigate drought. they have done a great job in the past five years with the drought, holding some of that valuable water. now, they have too much of it. releasing some of that water into the trinity river and lakes like this one can't hold anymore. by the way, there have been fish lapping up my fight here from time to time. as with any flood, there are sort of things floating around, part of a random chair here. so, it's going to be kind of a nasty cleanup, obviously, as we go through the next few days and the waters finally begin to recede. there's still in many cases still coming up. all right. the rain has moved to the east.
7:20 am
let's go over the forecast. heavy rain across the mississippi river valley, sliding north into the great lakes. we had over 5 inches in some parts of michigan yesterday. but flood warnings are still in effect for parts of the southern great plains as these rivers try to get some of this water to the gulf of mexico. flood watches now remain up for parts of the southern great lakes. the heaviest of rain will push off to the east, where you can use it, the northeast in a bit of a drought in its own right. so, 2, 3, 4 inches over the next 48 hours. you will take that rain and it will pick up in earnest later on. some of those storms could be on the severe side, especially across parts of pennsylvania.
7:21 am
>> you know, when it's early in the morning and you have been working long hours, sometimes you see funny things, i swear i saw a periscope out in the middle of that lake. an old russian sub that might be poking its head up. that's what a periscope used to be. >> i thought that was a crocodile. >> something in that water is giving you hallucinations. you need to nap. thank you, rob marciano, we appreciate it. >> see you in the next half hour. >> thanks, rob. and coming up on "good morning america" -- her lawyer says an autopsy will show it's all an accident. we will have more on the young woman accused of murdering her fiance and her not guilty plea.
7:22 am
plus, the revolutionary solar plane, taking off for a six-day flight over the pacific. powered only by the sun. can it make it over the final leg of the trip? and prince william or kate middleton, who calls the shots about baby george, a big clue up ahead in "pop news." >> and sara is by the way periscoping right now. >> right now. >> and didn't tell us. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling.
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our hearts are with you. our hearts are with you. be safe, fly carefully. we'll see you on the other side. [ applause ] >> that's actually a solar-powered impulse, six-day, six-night journey across the pacific, from china all of the way to hawaii, and that plane, it's a plane, everyone, it's attempting to fly into the record books. we'll have more of its challenges coming up. such as needing the sun to move. >> you know, it's so claustrophobic in the cockpit so they teach the pilots to meditate. so they don't freak out? a little plug for meditation here. i have to tell you, i have been meditating for six years and i
7:31 am
am so claustrophobic. also coming up this morning, the revelation from paul mccartney, what he has stopped doing now that he's a grandfather. a little hint for you. it's legal in denver. that's coming up in "pop news." we'll start here with the new developments in the case of the death on new york's hudson river. >> a woman accused of killing her fiance on a kayak trip. prosecutors say the motive was money. but her lawyer said that she's the real victim in all of this. now, he's revealing what kind of defense he's working on to clear her name. abc's linzie janis with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. prosecutors say angelika graswald is guilty of murder, even claiming they have a confession. but her lawyers say, recent developments will prove the opposite that she's a victim in a terrible accident. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: this morning, defense attorneys for graswald hoping an autopsy will exonerate the 35-year-old for
7:32 am
the murder of her fiance, vincent viafore. >> we expect to see it was an accidental drowning, hyperthermia. and perhaps intoxication. we don't have it yet. >> reporter: in court friday, pleading not guilty to intentional murder and reckless manslaughter, her lawyers telling reporters, the charges don't add up. >> logically, a person can't commit the same act both intentionally and recklessly. >> reporter: graswald's arraignment coming just days after vincent viafore's body was found in the hudson river, six weeks after she told authorities and television cameras that his kayak capsized in choppy waters. >> i saw him struggling a little bit. and then i just saw him flip. >> reporter: prosecutors building their case against graswald, claiming she tampered with viafore's kayak and then waited 20 minutes to call 911 as he struggled in the water, even confessing that it felt good knowing that he was going to die. but her legal team calling those alleged confessions suspicious since police initially described only inconsistencies in her story.
7:33 am
>> our belief is stronger than ever that ms. graswald is a victim here. and that this was an accident. >> reporter: prosecutors claim that graswald stood to collect $250,000 in insurance money following viafore's death. she's being held on $3 million bail. her next court appearance being scheduled for june 2nd. >> all right, linzie, thank you very much. approacheciate appreciate. >> thanks, linzie. let's send it back to ron for another look at the headlines. i know you have been up all night tracking. >> i'm tired, yes. good morning, everyone. we begin with the outpouring of tributes after the death of vice president joe biden's son, beau biden died saturday after a battle with brain cancer. the former delaware attorney general and iraq war vet had a number of health problems dating back to 2010, when he suffered a stroke, beau biden was 46 years of age. secretary of state kerry has called off his four-nation trip and is headed back to boston, this after a cycling accident in france.
7:34 am
kerry was air lifted to a hospital in geneva and is currently being treated for a broken leg. in paris, france, the love locks on this bridge are coming down, for years, tourists have been placing the locks on the iconic bridge and throwing the keys in the river, le seine. they want to stop the locks. they are weighing the bridge down, causing it to buckle. the metal rails will be replaced with politics zi politics zi >> dan, you speak fluent french. >> no. this is a 10-month-old baby who got quite the surprise meeting his extended surprise. his aunt and his mom are identical twins. the baby's little mind was blown trying to figure out who was who. as you can see there. >> that's great. >> the baby is -- >> you look like mama. you sound like mama.
7:35 am
>> give me something to eat. >> exactly. >> really cute. thanks, ron. >> very, very adorable. let's check the weather again with rob marciano. down in the flooded grapevine, texas. how you doing, rob? >> still in the water. >> i talk -- we're in the flood waters here, this is lake grapevine, and speaking of feeding and eating, the fish are jumping here, there are all sorts of little fish that have been jumping out of the water as the bugs quite honestly are landing on the surface here. this area known for bass fishing. and at this point, you can fish right off your backyard in a lot of these neighborhoods. incredible how much the water has come up here. all right, the good news is, we're drying out across texas. the rainfall, it's going to take a long time for these waters to recede. but today will be a dry and sunny and warm day. temperatures in the 80s across much of texas and the storms will move off to the east. there's that cold front. so, that's going to be the focal point of seeing the showers and thunderstorms. some of those are going to be
7:36 am
heavy all the way from new orleans right on through the great lakes and the northeast. behind this system, there's some cooler and drier air in texas. not necessarily in the 30s, where it is in chicago and below freezing in some of the places in the u.p. so, a little taste of fall. not so much across the southwest. a hot stretch there with temperatures that will be triple digit and no rain expected for parts of the southwest. the pacific >> this weathercast brought to you by flonase allergy relief dan, i know you're a big angler. bring your fishing rod down here and i think you can catch a few
7:37 am
right here off the street. >> just like i said earlier, i don't operate heavy machinery, i don't angle, if that is even a word. >> he tap dances. >> i'm tap dancing right now. rob, thank you. be careful of the crocodiles. paula said she spotted them. coming up on "good morning america" -- an incredible journey, the plane going around the world without any gas. more on this mission when we come back here on "gma." and kelly clarkson makes a little girl's dream come true. her surprise performance up ahead in "pop news." new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms a leading allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and 6 is greater than 1. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. new flonase. 6 is greater than 1. this changes everything.
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♪ here we go ♪ all right, the name of this plane is the solar impulse, but everything about its journey has been carefully and minutely planned. >> it hopes to fly into the record books with this around the world journey, and it just set off on its most challenging leg of the trip. abc's gene with itworth joins us with the story. >> hey, dan and paula, good morning. what a daunting project this has been. they were making really steady progress when they started in abu dhabi back in march, but
7:42 am
weather delayed the flight effort in china for more than a month, they found favorable conditions on saturday, now over the sea of japan, now about 1,000 miles into the journey. it's the launch of the newest adventure in an amazing first of its kind aircraft for the next 130 hours, six days and six nights with no fuel. these two pilots are flying the solar impulse 2 across the pacific ocean. a record breaking journey. using just the sun to fuel the flight from nanjing, china, japan, landing in hawaii before taking off again to phoenix, arizona. >> i'm confident that the airplane is a great airplane, the performance in the way its fly. >> reporter: pilot borschberg is taking the first shift, squeezing into the tiny, one-man cockpit live on streaming video from behind the controls over the 5,000-mile voyage. >> for safety, we are covered. but in terms of mission, the suspense will remain. >> reporter: that's where co-pilot piccard will take over
7:43 am
the controls after a quick pit stop, but on saturday, he was at mission control with the prince of monaco cheering on this leg of the journey. >> it's a great, thrilling moment. >> reporter: the plane's wingspan spreading 246 feet, wider than a boeing, but lighter than an suv. >> our goal is really to demonstrate that we can achieve incredible things with clean technologies. like flying day and night with no fuel. >> reporter: the solar impulse created by over 80 companies is part of the futuristic clean movement. led by piccard and borschberg. the inventors say the technology could change aviation as we know it. >> the worst is not to fail. the worst is when we don't dare to try it. >> reporter: so the pilots have been trained in self-hypnosis and meditation. i know that was a particular interest to you, dan, and they do that to deal with confined space. they have to remain in this
7:44 am
specialized seat it reclines so they can put the plane in autopilot and sleep. totally relaxing. they can only sleep for 20 minutes at a time. >> wow. >> and that's weather-permitting can they get in 20 minutes at a time. dan and paula, i will never complain about being sleep-deprived again. >> ever, ever again. >> i plan to continue to complain about it. >> yeah, me too. no problem with that. >> it's dan's m.o. >> ron has my back. thanks, ron. >> thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- who's the boss? prince william dropping some big hints about he and kate middleton straight ahead in "pop news". i'm going to guess that she's the boss. >> don't want to ruin this for anyone. >> she's the boss. >> it's a tease. we'll find out later, right? we'll find out later, right? ase. we'll find out later, right? d. new neutrogena cooldry sport. powerful protection designed to feel good. micromesh technology
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♪ ♪ here's one ♪ here's one reason to love "pop news," it is one of the few times we can't be hounded by sara and periscope. >> which is why i taught paula. because now she can periscope. >> you have empowered me. let's start out with paul mccartney, grandpa paul is as fit as ever thanks to a gym routine and here's the news flash, his days of raging are apparently over. mccartney a long time pot user says he stopped a while ago. because he didn't want to set that example for his children and grandchildren. nowadays if he wants to chill out it's a glass of wine or margarita. they can go sour fast. >> no margaritas? maybe he should change diapers, too, that always helps to relax.
7:49 am
>> grandpas don't have to. he did that one time around. that's for people like dan. okay, now to kelly clarkson, the superstar making a 10-year-old girl named ava's dreams come true. ♪ love shack ♪ ♪ where we can get together ♪ ♪ love shack ♪ >> kelly agreed to share a round of karaoke at a restaurant. in nashville and it was a magical moment when they performed "loveshack." by the b-52s. little ava getting a moment you'll never forget. if you have kelly clarkson at your disposal, don't you sing a kelly clarkson song? >> you think so. >> like -- ♪ since you been gone ♪ >> what was that again? >> i'm not doing it twice, it was so amazing. the confidence. what is the next story, sara? if you're wondering who's the boss, prince william or kate middleton. in an interview ahead of
7:50 am
yesterday's cup final match, the prince said he was excited to be presenting the trophy and then was asked about getting his son into the game. >> how long do you think it will be before you take prince george to his first football match? >> i have to ask the missus. see how i get away with that. >> he has to pass it by the missus. >> and see if he gets away with it. >> mama kate calls the shots. you go girl. isn't that the case with you as well? >> yeah kate calls the shots in your house. >> bianca can call the shots. >> have you met bianca? she's a doctor. she's in charge. >> yes, she is. and finding out you're pregnant is exciting enough, but what about sharing the news, she just found out that she was pregnant with twins and invited her sister to sit in on the ultrasound. her sister was just happy to be in the room. she went bonkers when she caught on about the great expectations. >> are those two? oh, my god! oh, my god!
7:51 am
oh, my god! i was thinking they are two. oh, my god! can i have one? >> oh. look at her reaction, you know that she's going to be the best auntie ever. look at her. >> either that or she's going to be a kidnapper. >> she can't kidnap if it's family. >> really? i trued it with my nephew and my sister didn't press charges. it's fine. i'm still here. >> clearly, we're past the statute of limitations on that one. thank you, sara, great "pop news." we'll be back with more "good morning america." >> more singing, sara. ♪ since you've been gone ♪ since you've been gone ♪ ♪ it had to be. ♪ ♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ ♪ and you for me. ♪ ♪ so happy together! ♪ now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to rewards there's plenti together.
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7:55 am
and coming u and coming up soon on "this week," george's exclusive interview with the former governor of maryland, martin o'malley, who announced yesterday that he will be challenging hillary for the democratic nomination for president. we want to thank you for watching abc news and i think rob also wants to say good-bye
7:56 am
from texas. we do have video. >> waterlogged rob. >> waterlogged rob. >> fishing for bass. or playing charades it's unclear. rob, thank you for your great work. we'll see you next weekend, guys.
7:57 am
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starting right now on abc's "this week," breaking news. secretary of state john kerry hospitalized after an accident overseas. the very latest on his condition. also, breaking overnight, remembering beau biden. the vice president's son loses his battle with cancer, the tributes pouring in this morning. then, candidate close-up, martin o'malley announces, does he hold the secret to beating hillary? then, carson, why a big-time outsider could be a real contender and bobby jindal, is he about to jump' in? we have carson, jindal and an exclusive with


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