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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 4, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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>> we are hours away from the nba finals. the warriors are battle ready. >> it is a game. you have been doing it your whole life expru here for a reason. >> the kings and the cavs have invaded the bay so dub nation is preparing for war. >> there is a buzz around the entire city. >> oh, good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. i am ready for tipoff after that. all eyes will be on oracle arena. and that's where alan wang is live tonight with the last-minute preparations. alan? >> hi larry and am ma. ama. when you look at the lights and you feel the energy it is like the night wf christmas. night before christmas. people wearing warriors gear are high fiveing each other in the street. every believes this is the year it will happen. >> i was wearing my warriors hat and shirt, hey warriors! honks in your car and i'm like okay, hey!
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>> it is the night before the nba finals and warrior fans can feel the electricity in the air. >> doesn't matter who you are or what race or age you are, we can communicate through sports. go warriors. >> five, six seven, eight. >> oracle arena is about to be in the spotlight and everyone is preparing for the coming out party. >> it takes eight hours for one routine that is one minute long. >> they will have free t-shirts for the first 19,956 fans. that's everyone in the house. it took 30 employees three hours to drape a t-shirt over every seat. meanwhile the warriors held a party to recognize everyone from the guy who paints the arena -- gite locker -- >> the locker area. >> and the person who signs the checks. >> i do get to see the players' paychecks. they are large. >> the 2015 western conference championship trophy was on display but there is one trophy still missing. the one that looks like the
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nba championship trophy from 1975. the last time the warriors stood on top. in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. the manic name -- the man nicknamed "the king" will hit the hardwood. what will be his fifth consecutive nba finals and he says his team is ready to take on the warriors. >> i can guarantee you we will play hard. we will give everything we got in these games. >> the warriors are taking the threat seriously. they are going to stick to their game plan and be ready for anything. >> as a team we have to be alert. just contest the jump shots. >> he seems to be able to get anywhere on the floor. he is a gamer and he will be ready for big moments. >> curry said he will do what he can to get his mind straight for tomorrow's game and that means getting a haircut and a good night's rest. as the players are gearing
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up for the game so are the businesses capitalizing on the warriors' success and we are not just talking sports bars. >> katie is live at poke -- polk and broadway with the meat of our coverage. hi katie. >> reporter: hi, ama and dan. there are countless sports bars with signs like that one enticing people to come on in and watch the game tomorrow, but there is also a butcher, yes, a butcher here in san francisco trying to get in on the action. >> i was like he will definitely be an mvp. let's make an mvp sausage. >> reporter: what do you get when you cross a butcher and a warriors fan. >> chicken curry which is a chicken and sausage and curry. >> reporter: he makes 30 links before each game and they always sell out. here is another one. what do you get when you cross a san francisco man with a cavaliers fan? >> this is my city and everybody is hating on me, but i understand it. i see people with dodger stuff on and seahawk stuff on i feel
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the same way. >> reporter: lamar anderson is staking out the four seasons where they were staying. he is lucky to get pictures with three players in the first 30 minutes but he is holding out for king james. >> i have to stick with who i have been with from the beginning and that's lebron. >> reporter: there is one place you can find warriors fans and that's the team store. >> you need gear to go to a sports bar. >> reporter: inventory is running low, but there is warriors ground coffee if they need a pick me up. this man is a fan from china and he is shopping for fellow fans back home. >> my father will bring lots of t-shirts back to china. they love it. >> reporter: back at the biewcher shop -- butcher shop he is hoping to go to the game, and if not will watch with ends from. >> there are small superstitions. >> reporter: and serve steph curry sausage for luck. abc7 news. >> all right, well, coming up the warriors' secret weapon and she goes by the name of riley. how steph's daughter is helping her dad prepare.
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abc7 is the only place you can watch the warriors and the cavs in the finals. live coverage starts tomorrow. game 1 tomorrow night at 6:00 at or -- at oracle arena. game two is 5:00 in oakland and games three and four are in cleveland and game five if necessary returns to oracle in the seven-game set. >> we want to run through the programming schedule. we will have a half hour edition of at 4:00 and "world news tonight" at 4:30. at 5:00 we will be live with dubs on 7 the toyota pre game show and then at 5:30 abc7 is the only place where you can see the warriors in game one of the thab finals. nba finals. our special edition of after the game will be at 10:00. "jimmy kimmel live" game night and jeopardy at 10:30 and then the abc news at 11:00. police are looking for a suspect who was running over a daly city police officer. they were thereafter 9:00. it happened when a gang force
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task unit officer tried to pull over a suspect. the man hit the officer and dragged him. at that point the suspect and the officer fired shots at each other and no one was hit. the officer was examined at the scene and not seriously injured. copper thieves are stealing more than wire in the south bay. it left an athletic field in the dark and almost ruined a youth baseball playoff game. cornell bernard was there. >> reporter: yankees versus the braves. it is a big playoff game under the lights at the san jose sports complex. in right field it is lights out. >> we might not be able to see, but we'll try our best to see the ball. >> reporter: thieves stole the copper wire from this giant light pole leaving much of the field in the dark. >> we have a very important game today. they choose today to take it. >> reporter: angry parents say no field lights could put the playoffs in jeopardy. >> the night games are awesome with the lights on.
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it is bright and the boys love it. for somebody to rob them of that it is upsetting. >> reporter: it is not clear how the thieves got in, but take a look. this is where they stole uh rot of the copper wire. it is worth about a hundred bucks on the street. but replacing it will be a lot more. >> the estimate we got to repair those lights is somewhere between $20,000 and $25,000. >> reporter: the city will be stuck with the bill. jim martinez has a message for the copper thieves. >> i hope you have a conscience and if your conscience bothers you bad enough to bring it back and leave it at the doorstep. >> reporter: the game went into extra innings leaving the field extra dark for the youngsters. in san jose cornell bernard, abc7 news. a steel beam fell on a worker in vallejo crushing his leg. the i beam fell at xkt engineering. the man was conscious and alert when the ambulance rushed him to the hospital. xkt engineering is a steel
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fabrication company and cal-osha is investigating the accident. the 101,000 gallon oil spill near santa barbara occurred on a badly corroded section of pipeline. officials say the rupture occurred on a section that had worn away to a 16th of an inch thick. that means more than 80% of the metal wall was gone. the findings are part of a preliminary report by the pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration. more tar balls are washing up on southern california beaches tonight from oxnard to long beach. miles of beaches have been closed because of fears that the tar could cause health problems. officials are still working to find out if the tar balls are from the oil spill in santa barbara county. >> sewer rates are going up for concord residents. they approved raising the fee by $50 a year for the next two years and $45 the following two years. that's a total of $190 over the next four years to help pay for upgrades to the treatment sewage plant. the current $402 rate is the
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lowest in contra costa county. a possible curtain call for a beloved theater. they are reporting the four-star theatre on clement street is up for sale for $2.8 million. it is aimed toward developers who would tear down the theater to build condos. four star operates the presidio and marina theaters. a school lunch lady sent packing. she said she was doing her job, but administrators disagree. why this woman was fired for feeding students. >> plus digital dieting one photo at a time. how google is using artificial intelligence to help you lose weight. >> and the rain-soaked raccoon that is going viral tonight. >> i am heetion sandhya patel. from clouds tonight to a drizzly drive tomorrow morning. i will show you where.
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a historic nine-way kidney transplant will get under way tomorrow in san francisco. the kidney transplant chain involves a total of 18
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patients. most are from the bay area. they will take place at ucsf and the california pacific medical center. the kidneys will be driven by a cower yes, sir service between the two hospitals fnlt the transplant will take place over the next two days. berkeley high school's principal is recalling the yearbook because of a prank. some students are taking uh tense to the paragraph about the academy of medicine and public service that says it helps train students to become trash collectors. it is misspelled and riddled with grammatical errors. they say it was paw lishesly replaced just before printing. a colorado lunch lady is fighting back after she was fired forgiving free meals to hungry kids. she said she lost her job at a colorado elementary school after giving a pass to kids who didn't have enough to pay for lunch. district policy says kids will not go hungry, but all they get is a hamburger bun with a
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slice of cheese. >> i could not stand by and watch a child come up to me in line and punch in their number and i had to take their food away and hand them a cheese sandwich and a milk. it is not nutrition. it is not right. it is not healthy. >> school officials would only say curry was fired for violating the district's policy around how food is distributed. back to the warriors as they prepare for the big game and reveal a possible secret weapon. abc7 news was at oracle arena as steph curry talked to reporters. he said his 2-year-old daughter is winning hearts with her cute antics may be helping him win games. >> she is breaking down film with me. she is my biggest critic. it gives you something more to play for. >> riley grabbed the attention
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during post game news conferences. she now has a following of toddler fans. >> let's keep her off of twitter. jimmy kimmle decided to crash an interview and he was a good sport about it. where are you from? >> i am from america mix. >> mexico. >> i like mexican food. >> tequilla too. >> mexican food is better. >> we don't have -- we have donkies because we don't have kangaroos. >> that is guillermo. >> now we celebrate the best fans in basketball. tonight we honor -- and look at this little guy. he isothe fan of the day. 19-month-old noah sporting his first jersey. >> his mom september the shot and his her dog hank is is -- is a warriors fan. they will be watching game one tomorrow. show us your warrior fan photos and post them to the media site.
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# dubso7. the next abc7 fan of the day may be you. some people just can't stand the rain. a homeowner in topeka, kansas going out to check the mail notices a raccoon using her mailbox to stay dry, but it doesn't work. >> the little guy is holding on to the umbrella with its paws. when i first saw the shot i thought he was holding the umbrella. >> it does look like that. >> like he has a raccoon umbrella. it is attached to the mailbox. he may not have his own umbrella, but you know what they do have? live doppler 7hd. that takes us to sandhya patel who has the real live doppler 7hd. >> that's right. the raccoon has live doppler 7hd to guide it and that's why it was under the umbrella. want to show you something else that was dazzling the skies. obviously not the raccoon but
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this is a wayneing gibbous moon, 97% full. stunning. let's show you live doppler 7hd and you can see the cloud cover is concentrated in the east bay. san francisco toward the peninsula and not as much in the north bay. the temperatures at this hour is in the 50s and a live picture showing you pretty good skies across the financial district of san francisco. patchy morning drizzle and we are looking at 90s inland early next week. satellite picture will show you what will be a little drizzle. it is a weak disturbance that is passing through. we will be watching the cloud cover increase in the overnight hours and then as we head toward tomorrow morning enough so that we will see spotty drizzle develop. it is 5:00 a.m. when you head off to the roads. you may run into slow going traffic and even when you are taking the kids off to school you will be walking through a
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few drizzly drops. the clouds will linger along parts of the coastline and for the rest of you you will see sun. except up to the north isolated storms are between ukiah and cloverdale as the disturbance will sit over us briefly. more than isolated storms in the pacific watching two storms. one of them is hurricane blanca. it is a category four storm. here is what will happen with blanca. it will remain a category four. if you are traveling to any of the resorts along the west coast of mexico keep this in mind. the swells will be increasing with the storm. then it weakens rapidly to a tropical storm. a as we head toward monday morning it grazes the coastline with some heavy rain and with some large swells. we are not going to get anything out of it including southern california. they will remain dry. the original computer models are indicating maybe something that was early on this week.
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the temperatures tomorrow morning are upper 40s to the mid50s. you will need to dress in layers because tomorrow afternoon it will be a nice mild one around places like livermore. 80 degrees and even in san jose 73 70 in oakland, richmond. 78 napa. 64 san francisco. here is where you might feed to hang on to the sweater. once again there will be isolated thunderstorms. spotty morning drizzle. we will keep it comfortable going into friday. low to mid60s. mid80s inland. are you ready for some heat? you just may get it. monday and tuesday you may see 90s. get ready for summer like heat. >> it is june. >> yes, it is. >>
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don't get too excited. it could be years from reality. tomorrow you can video chat with steph curry. thought that curry, this guy. it is a baby penguin named after the warriors star. he lives at the california academy of sciences. tomorrow he will be joined by biologists to answer questions about the endangered spaes cease. >> we like both curries. >> the big curry he is getting ready. one team hasn't won a title in 40 years and the other team has never won. it the warriors and the cavs on the eve of the nba finals. wonder h i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment.
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it has been a 40-year wait so what is one more week to get to the nba finals? the warriors and the cavaliers took it off. tomorrow night both will try to end long, long droughts. both teams worked out at or oracle arena. several players did admit they already have the butterflies on the inside. steve kerr will coach in his first nba finals game. yes he is stressed but he realizes he has a pretty good job. >> we are not digging
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ditches. we are living the dream. obviously we want to win. there are highs and lows. to me every bit is fun. as a team our philosophy is to enjoy every day. >> since the warriors haven't won the title since 1975 we are asking who is your favorite warriors players of the past 40 years and why? let us know on the bay area twitter feed, facebook or instagram account. the finals begin tomorrow and the nhl stanley cup finals will begin. they are looking for their third stanley cup. they have to get through the tampa bay lightning. they won in 04. kind of a weak shot. great hand-eye coordination and he was able to backhand it. six and a half left in the game.
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the blackhawks go on to steal game one in tampa. 2-1 the final. to baseball and giants and pirates and this is an awesome moment at at&t park. the fan caught a foul ball and gives it to a young gentes fan and look -- gives it to a young giants fan. look at the smile on her face. for me? that was the lone highlight mercer who came into the series leaving with two and takes tim hudson out to left field. the pirates sweep the giants and it is their fifth loss in a row. on the mound for oakland. the bases are loaded for burns. smokes a line drive to right and everybody scores. plenty of cushion for sunny gray. the a's win it 6-1. women's college world series florida a win away from repeating. taylor schwartz the power of
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the schwartz. a play at the plate and she will booy safe. florida goes on to win it 4-1 and they are your national champs again. >> wow. grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source. they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol.
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