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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 4, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good mornierica. terror takedown. new details about the plot to behead police officers outside boston. what these plotters inspired by isis were saying before the attack and who we are learning now was the original target. new overnight, breaking their silence, the duggars speak out about their family. >> josh has done some very bad things, and he is very sorry. >> how they reacted when they first learned what their son josh did and why they still chose to put their family in front of millions of viewers every week knowing this hidden secret. caught on camera, take-out. restaurant workers jumping into action to stop a thief threatening to detonate a bomb wrestling him to the ground. we hear from the hero who saved his friends.
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and showdown. the most anticipated nba finals in years kicking off tonight. the superstars facing off. the king, lebron james versus the mvp steph curry. two players from the same town born in the same hospital, fighting for one of sports' biggest prizes. >> good morning, america. ♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ ♪ and i'm hanging on a moment with you ♪ ♪ i'm on the edge with you ♪ and good morning, america. boy, is it going to be an epic nba final. it's really going to be something. we've got our own big sporting event. robin getting ready for a big run outside. hey, robin, what's going on? >> hey, george. i'm here with lenny, four-time olympic gold medalist in swimming. many supporters, many sponsors
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for this great run. it is the flame of hope started almost 5,000 miles away in athens, greece, made its way to new york city and will cross all 50 states before making it to the special olympic world games july 25th in los angeles and we are here with the relay portion in manhattan. the new york pd, the lapd, they're here, and please do the honors. light, go ahead. this is the actual flame, the flame of hope that came from athens and they're going to light it and we're going to run the streets of new york city. [ cheers and applause ] and here we go. oh. are you ready, lenny? are you ready? let's go. >> robin is on her way. she is going to be hosting the special olympics. >> in just a little bit. >> yeah, we'll check back in.
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robin hosting the special olympics. we'll check back with her in just a bit. >> thank goodness the rain held off so the torch can stay lit and robin running proudly through the streets of manhattan. we begin with a dramatic terror takedown outside boston. learning new details about the suspected lone wolf's brutal plan to kill police officers, abc's tom llamas starts us off in boston with the very latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: that's right, amy. good morning. police and federal agents confronted usaama rahim in the parking lot because they say he was allegedly ready to attack and knew this because they had been listening to his cell phone conversations on wiretaps. they had even x-rayed a package that was sent to his home that allegedly showed that large military knife. overnight abc news learning 26-year-old terror suspect usaama rahim killed in that deadly confrontation with officers initially wanted to go to new york to behead conservative activist pamela geller. the woman who sponsored that
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muhammad cartoon drawing contest in texas. but the fbi says on tuesday morning, rahim seen here in his high school yearbook changed his plan, wanting instead to behead uniformed police officers in massachusetts. when anti-terrorism agents confronted him in the cvs parking lot rahim allegedly lunged at them with this military-style knife. some of these allegations detailed in a criminal complaint that led to the arrest of rahim's nephew, david wright for conspiring in the attacks. rahim told wright about the knife in a cell phone conversation allegedly saying "i just got myself a nice little tool good for carving." the fbi tracking the men 24/7 and say tuesday just two hours before he died, rahim called wright telling him he was about to go after the boys in blue, calling them the easiest target. we tried speaking with rahim's family. is there anything you want people to know about your brother? but they did not want to
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comment. local muslim leaders who knew rahim say he was not radical. >> is he somebody who could have been inspired by isis to kill police officers? >> i have no information regarding that. the government officials can tell you better. >> reporter: you said you know him. were you surprised when you heard that. >> i was surprised. >> reporter: now, there is surveillance video of that deadly encounter in this parking lot. but local leaders who saw the video yesterday say rahim was not on a cell phone and police did not shoot him in the back like one of his brothers claimed on social media. george. >> okay, tom, thanks. we turn to the anthrax scare and the pentagon admitting its worst and first thought more labs were sent live samples of the deadly biological agent and pierre thomas has the latest from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. today new evidence that many more laboratories may have gotten live dangerous anthrax. last week we were told that 18 labs in nine states, now it's 51 labs in 17 states and a total of 3 countries. this all because equipment used to kill live anthrax spores at this military facility in utah apparently was faulty.
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in other words, they thought they were shipping dead anthrax and in some cases it was still alive and the number of people taking preventive medication is now up to 31 from 22 last week. and surprising new details about how the anthrax was shipped. take a look at this. anthrax placed in vials and stored in plastic containers before being shipped in boxes by fedex. the military is reviewing the entire system, george. >> let's hope they have a handle on it. thanks. flash flooding and severe storms across the plains and major hurricane churning in the pacific moving closer to land. abc's rob marciano in for ginger. good morning. >> look at this tornado in lusk, wyoming, one of three. not only severe weather yesterday a lot of flooding across kansas city. these pictures just northeast of the city where they saw 4 and 5 inches of rainfall. record amounts in kansas city proper and several more rounds of rain after three yesterday so flooding is going to be an issue i think again today.
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here's the risk for severe weather. pretty much the same areas we saw yesterday back from denver in through wyoming stretching through omaha and kansas city where you see that again today and that includes some big hail, maybe some tornadoes and certainly some rain. andres, this was a major hurricane, no longer. this is our second major hurricane. haven't done that this early in the season in a long, long time, a record. we're talking about blanca, the path of this and breaking robin relay news. michael? >> we have breaking news. you know, let's check back in with robin. she's just finishing up carrying the flame for the special olympic world games. there she is looking good. look at that stride. >> yes. >> and sporting a smile. >> with a smile on her face running a half a mile, about ten blocks and, robin, you want to talk while you're running. can you do that? >> oh, man, i can do that. everybody that's had a share in this unified relay team, we're coming up to the next group.
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we're going to hand it off to them. they're going to continue. again, it's going to be all 50 states. here we go. look at that. ah. >> hand it off the torch. >> good job, robin. >> thank you. >> passing it off. there. >> there you go. [ cheers and applause ] >> well done, roberts. >> you can carry it on. wonderful. >> thank you, robin. way to go. >> that's what it's all about. >> it sure is. way to go, robin. we'll be back in just a moment. >> it continues on. it continues on. we've done our leg. we've done our portion. hey, guys, if you're watching this at home and you want to do it in your hometown, go to there's still places available. we have olympians with us.
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we have supporters with us and it is a great, great time. it's all for the games 2015. >> great job. >> she made those ten blocks pretty quickly. >> she did. >> she's got to run back here. >> and catch her breath after that. thank you, robin. we turn to a different race, the race for the white house. two new candidates jumping in with former texas governor rick perry releasing a new video overnight ahead of today's formal announcement and new challenge for hillary clinton too as her poll numbers take a dip. abc's jon karl tracking all the moves and, jon, it's a bit of a comeback bid for perry. >> reporter: he sure hopes it is. he ran four years ago. when he got in he was ever so briefly the front-runner but that campaign was a bit of a disaster especially those debates. now perry comes in even with a record as governor of texas for 14 years, good record on jobs. there you see his announcement video which came out overnight.
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he gets into this as a real long shot and, george, we now have ten declared republican presidential candidates and believe me several more to come. >> not only that and now four democratic candidates, lincoln chaffee, former governor of rhode island wants to challenge hillary clinton. >> reporter: that's right, lincoln chaffee, former governor, former senator, former liberal republican jumps into this with those three challengers to hillary, none of them really, you know, seem to have much of a shot. all are real, real long shots but look at hillary's poll numbers, george. she now has a favorability rating of just 45%. 49% disapprove of hillary clinton right now and the biggest problem for her, george, is that a strong majority now say they don't consider her honest or trustworthy. that's the kind of poll numbers that looks like somebody who would be real vulnerable but, again, none of these candidates challenging her seem to be very formidable at this point. >> jon, thanks very much. we learned that jeb bush formally getting into the race on june 15th. amy.
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>> well, we are going to do some news now and these images are just coming in to abc news. at least 73 people have been killed after an explosion at this gas station in the african nation of ghana. a crowd was taking shelter during a rainstorm when flooding in a fuel storage area set off the deadly explosion. back here in this country, another four-mile stretch of california coastline is closed this morning. crews are removing new tar balls that have washed ashore around long beach. it's unclear whether they came from that massive spill near santa barbara last month. regulators say a corroded pipeline is to blame for that spill. and a top army general has been removed from his position reportedly because of his drunken behavior in public. brigadier general sean mulholland have been the director of special operations for central and south america. documents obtained by "the washington post" show he was repeatedly drunk while deployed overseas. he is the fourth general removed or reprimanded for drunken
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behavior in the past two years. and out of washington state and on the move this 6200-square-foot, 500-ton mansion on a barge headed from seattle to a nearby island today where a couple plans to restore the vintage home. and finally it turns out in case you were wondering raccoons are smarter than your ordinary rodent. and here is why. check this one out in topeka figuring it could stay dry under a concrete umbrella installed over a mailbox. see the little guy there. the homeowner says this is just one of three raccoons figuring out, hey, this is a nice place to hang during a rainstorm. the problem was the dog scared them away and they ended up all wet. >> ah. >> intact. >> going to be a run on mailbox umbrellas. i can see that. we turn to an important hurdle for the so-called viagra for women. a key fda advisory committee holds a hearing today and a green
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light from them could lead to it going on sale and abc's kayna whitworth has the story. >> reporter: this morning hanging in the balance the female version of viagra. a controversial drug going to the fda advisory committee for the third time later today. its real name is the less than sexy flibanserin treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder or hsdd affecting an estimated one in ten women. two attempts at bringing it to market have failed in 2010 and 2013 given what experts described as inconclusive advantages when compared to a placebo. it's aimed at premenopausal women can have significant side effects including nausea, dizziness and sleepiness. the ceo of sprout pharmaceuticals says the third time is a charm and addressed the fda's larger concerns about
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the pill's interaction with other drugs, also according to fda documents from a previous study, women using this drug reported more sexually satisfying experiences. amy. >> all right, kayna, thanks for that. turning now to new developments in that washington mansion murder. police revealing new evidence showing the killer or killers forced their way into the savopoulos home. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: overnight, police releasing stunning new details about that quadruple homicide and fire inside this d.c. mansion. a search warrant revealing police found suggestions of forced entry to the home of d.c. businessman savvas savopoulos. abc news obtaining this photo of a boot print near the handle of one of the home's side doors. a warrant revealing the french door was broken near the lock and had a single broken window pane next to a door latch and alarm sensor. police trying to link that boot print to suspect daron wint or others searching the vehicles
7:15 am
wint and five others were driving at the time of wint's arrest looking for clothes or shoes containing blood and duct tape or material to bind hands and feet. this lawyer spoke to went's family. >> mrs. wint, the brother and the sisters are distraught about this. they can't believe that daron would kill anybody. >> reporter: authorities also looking for the cell phones of savaas, his wife amy and their housekeeper all missing from the home after the fire. also missing, $40,000 in cash dropped by savaas' driver jordan wallace. he told authorities he was directed by savaas to leave it in this red car in the family garage but thoeshts say he changed the details about how and when to make the drop. the warrant revealing after the upon was delivered the four decedents were killed. he has not been arrested or charged with any crime. police are searching the car went was in with surveillance
7:16 am
video of the mansion. the public defender's office who is representing him hasn't commented yet. turning to the countdown to the tip-off of the nba finals. game one tonight and it is proving to be a good one. the cavs versus the warriors. superstar lebron james versus mvp stephen curry and our paula faris has more. >> reporter: hi, lara. this place is going to be electric tonight. you mentioned stephen curry and lebron james, the two most popular players in the league playing for two cities that are starving for a title. set to take center court stephen curry, the greatest shooter of his time versus lebron james, regarded as one of the best players on the planet. a coveted championship title the cleveland cavaliers have never achieved. >> we work our butts off to get it. i'm sure the city will be ready. >> reporter: for that very reason, lebron james famously returned home after his controversial departure in 2010 making his fifth consecutive finals appearance james'
7:17 am
experience setting him apart since none of the warriors players have ever made it this far and if they win, they'll be the youngest team to win a championship in more than three decades. youth can really work towards your advantage, right? >> we hope so. >> reporter: that youthful advantage coming from the reigning mvp, stephen curry. >> if he wins this championship over lebron he could become the face of the league. >> reporter: the rising star says faith and family keep him grounded. he married his high school sweetheart. >> she's not a basketball fan. >> reporter: his daughter riley already known for stealing the show from her famous father. >> no matter if i score 50 or 10, they're going to treat me the same way so i can rely on that. >> reporter: your daughter will be unimpressed, right? >> probably shake her head. >> reporter: a fight to the finish isn't the only thing james and curry share, both are from the same town akron, ohio, even born in the same hospital. >> no disrespect to lebron, i want to be the first akron guy
7:18 am
to bring a championship to, you know, that area so that should be fun. >> reporter: some pretty powerful words there and, of course, lebron won two titles in miami but this is the best he's ever felt in his career. the cavs not favored to win. before we go, warriors fans will get a treat. they'll get these gold t-shirts with arm sleeves that could double as leg warmers, as well and the obligatory spirit sticks. i'll bring whatever you want back. i'll bring something back for you. >> i'm going with the leg warmers. paula, thank you, emenjoy the game. king james versus prince stephen and catch it here live on abc, 9:00, 8:00 central. >> look forward to that. rob, what is that behind you? >> isn't this beautiful? we show you this, our beauty shot of the day. hanston, kansas. supercell with a nice little curtain of the sun. that's for your shot of the day. your stormy cities first.
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morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. brighter today. a stray storm is possible in the north bay. spring warmth and summer heat inland next week. below average temperatures with 60s along the coast and san francisco and san mateo and 70s elsewhere until antioch and fairfield and santa rosa with 80s. my seven-day forecast shows the weekend 60s at coast 70s around the bay and 80s inland and 90's on monday >> there's lots ahead on "gma." the duggars breaking their silence opening up about their
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family scandal. what the parents and sisters are saying now. an important safety alert. lightning striking people in their homes and cars. do you know how to stay safe? new details in that deadly lion attack. the victim's mother did speaking out as officials investigate what really happened. y happened. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands hd 4 ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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with purina one. na good morning, i'm eric thomas. in pittsburgh, police are regularing a shooting that left one man dead another injured. it happened around 12:45 this morning at a home on st. maritz drive. they found two men shot one died at the scene, either taken
7:25 am
to a hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police say the victims are brothers, and one was being targeted in the shooting. no word yet on any arrests. check on the traffic. leyla. >> okay. a look now walnut creek, southbound side, pretty packed as you may get away from pleasant hill up to walnut creek, the drive will take you between highway 4 and highway 24. about 15 minutes. as we move over to the bay bridge tolls we've got lots of company here. as you head away from the mcarthur maze, in fact it's affecting your 880 transition up right up to the tolls, packed conditions, 20 minutes will get you into the city. >> thank you. when we come b
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good morning tracking moderate showers across the north bay flowing to the southwest and falling apart over the next hour or two. but they will redevelop there's a possibility during the afternoon hours. a thunderstorm thrown in. all right, winds are fastest along the coast today through 10:00 tomorrow morning. heading out right now, low to mid-50s. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. spring gets here over the weekend, possibly summer heat inland, monday, tuesday.
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good morning, america. right now new details on that homegrown terror suspect killed outside boston. authorizes now saying he was planning to behead police officers. and right now, the pentagon revealing that anthrax scare is worse than first thought revealing labs in 17 states were sent live samples of the deadly agent. the duggars are speaking out about their family scandal and how they reacted when they first learned about their son josh. we say good morning, america. so much ahead on this thursday morning. we are so excited for the special olympics. just moments ago robin carrying that flame of hope. there she is right there looking good, big smile on her face. she, of course, will be hosting the special olympics later this summer and back with us in a few moments. >> looking forward to that. take a look. a very important warning about storm safety. what you should do when lightning strikes whether you're
7:31 am
in your car or at home or when there's no shelter around, we'll get to those very important details just ahead. going to get to that. we begin with the duggars. jim bob and michelle duggar sat down for an extensive interview about the revelation that their son molested several young girls when he was a teenager. david wright has the story. >> reporter: let me say right up front as a father of three little girls, this was a brutal hour of television to watch. the duggars who have put themselves out there as models of christian parenting discussing how their teenage son molested children multiple times for more than a year and that his victims included their own daughters. >> 12 years ago we went through one of the most darkest times that our family has ever gone through and our son josh came to us on his own and he was crying. >> here we tried to raise our kids to do what's right to know what's right and yet one of our children made some really bad choices. >> reporter: a reality show
7:32 am
family grappling with a very grim reality. >> he had gone in and just basically touched them over their clothes when they were sleeping. they didn't even know he had done it. >> reporter: breaking their silence to fox news' megyn kelly about their eldest son josh. among his victims, several of the duggars' daughter, josh's sisters. >> four daughters and there was a baby-sitter. >> yes. >> outside of the family. >> yes. >> as a parent, do you feel -- did you feel guilty when you learned that his behavior had continued and other girls in the house had become victims? >> yes, yes. we i think as parents you feel like a failure when one of your kids does something wrong. you feel if i had more training or maybe something else this wouldn't have happened but the truth is that kids will make their own choices and they will make their own decisions even though you've taught them what's right and wrong. >> reporter: on their hit tlc show "19 kids and counting" the duggars have attracted a huge following as staunch defenders
7:33 am
of christian family values. >> there is going to be no kissing and obviously no sex before marriage. >> reporter: but the parents admit josh duggar confessed three separate times to multiple acts of inappropriate touching before they finally sent him away to get christian counseling. >> the little one was like, what's wrong? where is -- why is daddy and josh leaving and as we're all weeping the next day and for days and days i was saying, you know, josh has done some very bad things and he's -- he's very sorry. >> reporter: only after that did they finally report the details to a state trooper who himself was later convicted of child pornography. no charges were brought against josh who was 15. according to the police report the troopers said since he had already been through a treatment program there was nothing else to do. >> what would make you launch a reality tv show given this past.
7:34 am
>> we had nothing to hide. we had taken care of all that years before and when they asked us to do the reality tv show, all this had been taken care of five years before and we had a clean bill of health from the state. you had gone through counseling, told the police. >> did you live in fear it might come out? >> i don't know that we lived in fear because we had all resolved it. it had been forgiven. we moved on with life. >> reporter: because josh duggar was a minor the records were sealed. now the parents are angry the police report has been made public. >> there's an agenda and there's people that are purposing to try to bring things out and twisting them to hurt and slander. >> i don't know if the rest of our family should be punished for the act of one of our children something that happened 12 years ago or not. >> that breaks my heart for my girls because i think this is
7:35 am
such a horrible -- they have been victimized more by what has happened in these last couple weeks than they were 12 years ago. >> reporter: a sentiment seconded by two of the duggars' daughters, josh's victims. >> we're victims. they can't do this to us. >> and yet they did. >> and they did. >> a system set up to protect kids, both those who make super mistakes or have problems like this in their life and the ones that are affected by those choices. it's just -- it's greatly failed. >> reporter: tlc suspended the broadcast of "19 kids and counting" until further notice. no final word on whether the show will ever come back. you can watch more of that interview in a fox news channel special friday night. george. >> okay, david, thanks very much. let's talk to dan abrams with more on this right now and let's start out with the parents. are they in any kind of legal jeopardy here. they waited 16 months before they reported this.
7:36 am
>> not now because it seems pretty clear the statute of limitations is expired. but they could have been, meaning there is a clear law in arkansas which is a reporting requirement for someone like a parent who has a special duty to a child, also applies to teachers, et cetera, and they could have faced the possibility of up to six years behind bars for not reporting it in a timely fashion. it's a defense if you go to the authorities and say, look, this happened in my family. please, authorities, deal with it in whatever way you may. when you don't do that in a timely fashion certainly an argument to be made 16 months is not -- a timely fashion. >> the sheriff, right to make the decision, okay, the kid has had counseling, no need to take further action. >> that's a discretionary call that a lot will second-guess right now and they're going to say, you know, how can you have just said, oh, well, they've had counseling, this is over? but, look, let's also be careful here. these cases involving -- and all cases involving allegations
7:37 am
against a juvenile, molesting other juveniles are very difficult, they are very tricky. that's not to suggest that there should or shouldn't have been a further investigation here. and there are all sorts of questions about whether they should have investigated more. meaning the authorities seem to be saying the reason that they stopped investigating was because they assumed the statute of limitations had expired at the time. there is an argument that if at that time they had continued the investigation that they could have gotten charges. that at that time the statute of limitations might not have expired. it seems pretty clear that now the statute has expired. >> josh as well. >> for josh and the parents. >> and the parents complaining about the release of these records, normally juvenile records are kept private. >> it's a complicated question. under the freedom of information act basically someone can sue and say, we're entitled to see these records as the public and typically the sheriff's department is obligated to release documents. the sheriff's department's position is, look, we were a
7:38 am
custodian of records meaning we're the place where these records exist and we get a request we're legally obligated to release it. there is an argument on the other side they made a mistake here. that because there were juveniles involved, even though what the sheriff's department had in their records wasn't the juvenile proceeding itself, that that document shouldn't have been released so there is going to be continuing discussion and debate about it. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. to rob. you got storms in florida today. >> yeah, florida, a live shot of miami. right now it's pretty nice, temperatures in the 70s but up into the 80s and thunderstorms and some of those at least offshore could have this. look at that waterspout. gorgeous, dissipating towards the ocean spinning up some of that seawater. thank you from st. george island, florida. >> good morning, i am mike nicco. we have a stray shower in the north bay but below average from 59 at the coast and 84 inland. my seven-day forecast, check out
7:39 am
the spring warmth this weekend >> this weathercast brought to you by carmax and from miami to independence pass, colorado where there's still snow as you drive on your way to aspen, colorado. >> snow in june. thanks, rob. a lot coming up on "gma." do you know what to do when lightning strikes? an important safety alert ahead. new details about that deadly lion attack. what really happened as the victim's mother speaks out. victim's mother speaks out. this guy first roamed the earth over 65 million years ago. like our van. yeah. we need to sell it. hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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all right, we are back now at 7:43 with how to stay safe in a thunderstorm. turns out you don't have to be outside to be at risk. abc's gio benitez is here to explain. good morning. >> this is really incredible. listen to this. about 20 million bolts of lightning hit the ground every year. we've heard time and again that your car could protect you from that lightning. and that's partially true but wait until you see this video. flash after terrifying flash,
7:44 am
lightning strikes killing nearly 50 people across the country every year. >> i can't breathe. i can't get out of my car. >> reporter: this central florida woman driving down the road when a bolt of lightning struck her car. >> i was doing 45 and all of a sudden my airbags just went off. >> bright white blinding light. the whole car just kind of lit up. >> reporter: windows blown out. air bag deployed. sheena easterly was lucky to walk away, her car, a total loss. >> i was holding on to the fridge with my right arm like this. >> reporter: macy martinez was inside her home opening the refrigerator door when she was hit. her mom shocked. >> i hear an explosion and my daughter is screaming. >> reporter: this bruise on macy's back where the electricity appears to have exited her body. >> the most painful thing i've ever experienced. >> reporter: and watch this lightning strike caught on dash cam in biloxi, mississippi. the police officer saying the blast so bright it nearly blinded him. lightning expert dr. joseph
7:45 am
dwyer says the safest place to be during a storm. >> get inside. if you can't get inside like a house or building, a car will do. >> reporter: but he says if you're in the car, pull over on the side of the road. >> don't touch things. if i can keep from touching the radio or plugging in my cell phone or fiddling with the window. >> reporter: when you're indoors -- >> don't answer the phone if there's a landline. don't fiddle with the lamp. don't connect yourself electrically to the outside world. >> reporter: if you find yourself stuck outside with no cover -- >> a lightning safety position. put your feet together and you squat down and make yourself into a little ball, minimal contact with the ground. don't be a lightning rod. >> and here's another good tip you probably don't know. when you're inside your house during a storm don't shower or do the dishes. it turns out the electricity from a lightning strike can travel right through the plumbing. >> i've heard of that. >> my mom always said you can't get in the shower. can't get in the bath. >> another great excuse not to
7:46 am
do the dishes. >> i was just going to say. >> you know, most people who get struck outside are men because we're too dumb to get inside when the storm is coming so get inside. >> that's a scientific fact. >> from meteorologist rob marciano. >> yes. >> all right, thank you, gio. thank you, rob. lots ahead on "gma." the lunch lady fired after giving kids free meals is speaking out right here live. in our "speed feed," wrestling superstar john cena is giving a young fan the surprise of his life. you won't want to miss it. in your hand? my at&t cell phone bill. verizon bill? yeah... that's cool no... how much are you spending per month? $110 bucks $120 bucks $330 dollars? yeah... what if sprint could cut your rate plan in half and give you unlimited talk and text in the u.s. and match your data? goodbye verizon. i am done with at&t. bring in your verizon or at&t bill turn in your old phone, and we'll cut your rate plan in half. switch now and we'll pay whatever it costs for you to come to sprint. visit us online or at a sprint store today.
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mmm, red white and blue pancakes. it's patriotism on a plate. i bet washington and jefferson would have eaten these. and at $4.99, that's less than a lincoln. red, white & blue pancakes are back and only $4.99. denny's. welcome to america's diner. time now for "the speed feed" and michael, somebody sharing that video of the wrestling superstar. >> yeah, everyone is talking about it. john cena is a wrestling champ. look at those moves. this is one of the baddest men in the ring but it's what he did after throwing these blows that shows that this guy is a real champion. he really is. take a listen as he revs up the crowd, gets the crowd going. oh. >> for if i wear the words never give up, not only am i telling the truth, but i am encouraging young and old all alike, like that person right there to do the exact same thing!
7:51 am
>> oh. >> now, that boy is 11-year-old mason taylor. look, he's getting a big thrill in the ring with john cena. has a rare form of leukemia fighting it for just over a year and has countless wwe fans and we're his fans. i know john very well. john is one of the nicest men out there and has granted more make a wish wishes than anybody else. that goes to show. >> fantastic story. >> absolutely incredible. >> all right. we'll be right back. big summer "deals & steals." ♪ no matter how they tossed the dice. ♪ ♪ it had to be. ♪ ♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ ♪ and you for me. ♪ ♪ so happy together! ♪ now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to rewards there's plenti together. ♪ ♪ ♪ (music) i'm supposed to tell you how
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good morning i'm eric thomas, in san pablo the chp is investigating an overnight shooting on interstate 80. a kacasino worker reported a car shot at. the driver was not hit. according to highway patrol the driver was exiting san pablo dam road when somebody opened fire. mike with the forecast. >> good morning. showers falling apart through the next hour in the north away this is the area that could have them again as we led into the afternoon. fastest winds across our beaches until 10:00 tomorrow morning. it's spring warmth this weekend. heat next week. >> mike we just got word of
7:57 am
this accident in santa rosa, northbound highway 101 three lanes blocked with multiple vehicles and sanl mateo bridge busy. southbound side 880 da grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and new details about that deadly lion attack that killed an american tourist. the guy in the same car revealing how the lion got inside. lunch lady protest. losing her job after giving free meals to students who couldn't afford to pay for them. her case making national headlines. now she is here live on "gma" this morning. ♪ fly ♪ >> whoo! we're on the run, robin and the special olympics team kicking off the torch. more than 20,000 about to join in carrying it through 50 states. we have the story behind the flame of hope this morning. ♪ all that and superstar jason derulo live in times square as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
♪ >> and the flame of hope on the move for special olympics. inspiring so many people right now for such a special event. >> so wonderful and robin just carried the torch here in new york. there she is looking good, robin. great stride. >> thank you. i was not listening to my ipod. i was communicating back here to you and, you know, i've done some really cool things. still have chills, wonderful and we have the commemorative torch here and it's still going through the city right now running and i told you this when i got back, not one horn was blown. we stopped traffic. nobody blew their horn. they -- >> respective new yorkers. >> already raised this relay, a million dollars. >> fantastic. >> over 7,000 amazing athletes, 177 countries and i can feel the heat coming off that torch.
8:02 am
yeah, sitting right next to it. we're also going to have tory johnson here with great "deals & steals" and going to keep you safe and stylish out there in the sun. a little sun blocker from this torch. >> that's coming up. more on the torch run but now to amy for "the morning rundown." >> that growing terrorism investigation in boston. abc news has learned that 26-year-old suspect killed in the confrontation with police had planned to travel to new york to attack pamela geller, the organizer of a recent muhammad cartoon drawing contest in texas. investigators say the suspect changed his mind, deciding instead to attack police officers because he said it was easier and even using coded language to talk about isis-style beheadings. meanwhile, the fbi is asking congress for help in the fight against isis. a top intelligence official says agents desperately need more access to the private communications of americans
8:03 am
because terror groups are using encrypted social media platforms to recruit new members. the red cross is responding to outrage over the way donations were spent after the devastating earthquake in haiti. according to npr and propublica, the red cross built just six permanent homes in haiti despite receiving half a billion dollars in donations. the agency blames complications including government delays and land ownership disputes. well now to that deadly attack at a wildlife park. an american woman mauled by a lion in south africa learning more about those moments just before the attack and the actions of the tour guide. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: this morning new details emerging about that deadly attack in this lion park in south africa. killing 29-year-old american tourist katherine chappell. the tour guide who was in the car with chappell revealing they weren't ignoring the warnings to keep the suv windows up telling abc news chappell of her own
8:04 am
accord rolled down the passenger window in order to take photographs. >> animals aren't in a zoo. they're not in cages. we are in their environment. >> reporter: lion park is currently investigating but abc tracked down that employee who says his immediate task was to put the lions away to make room for paramedics to get to chappell. >> it's just a shame. she has a great career. >> reporter: chappell an award winning editor whose latest credits include hbo's "game of thrones" was about to volunteer for a different wildlife preserve hoping to make a film about animal poaching. this morning, her mother telling a local paper, everyone who met her loved her. she lived a life of adventure. she was full of life. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> mara, thank you. in oregon restaurant owners are being hailed as heroes for stopping a robbery attempt. one was at the register when a man walks in carrying a box claiming it was a bomb and demanding money but another
8:05 am
worker arrives just in time and both workers tackle the suspect to the floor. he is now facing felony charges. despite public outcry the leader of an atlanta megachurch will get that $65 million private jet he wanted. the board of directors at the world changers church has approved the purchase of a gulf stream for founder and ceo creflo dollar saying the jet reflects the organization's excellence. and finally with summer just days away we'll be searching for ways to beat the heat. you know what, one family already figured it out. a family of moose struck gold, a local family's sprinkler system. they had a blast in the warm alaskan sun and the homeowner saw the moose wandering around, turned on the water because she thought they all looked a little hot. you know what, they're just like us. like little kids. they're just like us. >> so sweet. >> awesome. >> adorable. >> only in alaska, though. >> it has been warm up there. reason to turn the sprinkler on.
8:06 am
>> thank you, amy. now to michael in the social square. >> all right. thank you, george. now here's what's ahead on our "gma morning menu" in the social square powered by samsung galaxy. the lunch lady fired after giving kids free meals opening up about what really happened here live and "deals & steals" for the great out doors with the one and only tory johnson. all of that and jason derulo is here live with a big reveal on "gma" here in times square. jason derulo. [ cheers and applause ]
8:07 am
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any medicines containing amiodarone, rifampin, or st. john's wort. it also should not be taken with any other medicine that contains sovaldi. side effects may include tiredness and headache. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. welcome back to "gma." nice crowd out there in times square. now it's time for the "heat index" and this morning's hot
8:11 am
button, colorado lunch lady fired after giving away free lunches to students who didn't have the money to pay for them. jesse palmer has the story. >> that's right, george. the students didn't have money to pay and della curry said she didn't have the heart to take their lunch away. she admits she broke the rules but at the end of the day she thinks she did the right thing. della curry says giving away school lumps free of charge cost her her job as kitchen manager with this aurora, colorado, elementary school and she says she'd do it again. >> doing what is right is not always what is easy. and that's the way i was raised and it's the way i want my kids to be raised too. >> reporter: curry says she was motivated to break the rules by students who don't qualify for assistance and have overdrawn accounts. according to her, school policy dictated she take that child's full meal, entree, two vegetables and a fruit away and replace it with a cheese sandwich and carton of milk. >> i understand the regulations but she's helping kids. her heart is out there. >> reporter: school officials
8:12 am
say curry was let go for violating policy and no child is allowed to go hungry regardless of payment. >> we give away free food to poor students every day. that's what the free and reduced lunch program is about. >> it's important to note a third of the students in the cherry creek school district qualify for a free or reduced priced lunch. >> all right, thank you. we asked what you thought. should the lunch lady fired for giving out free meals get her job back. here's what you had to say, 71% of you said yes. 29% said no and joining us now is della curry. i think we know where we fell in that vote right there. you said you have no -- despite losing your job no regrets. >> not a single one. >> you'd do it again. >> in a heartbeat. yep, which is why i understand that i won't be getting my job back because until the policies change, i'd still be breaking policy. >> one of the strangest parts of
8:13 am
the policy is that if you didn't give out the lunch, it would get thrown away. >> yes. >> how many times a week would this happen? >> i would say on an average week i would have maybe one to two kids who had gotten to their debt limit. obviously more towards the end of the month or, you know, when paychecks were running out. things like that. but, yeah, i'd say at least one a week. >> when they say -- when you challenged them and said, you were going to throw this away, why not give it to the kids, what was the answer? >> the answer is that there are federal regulations because our food is donated by the usda and part of the federal government reimbursement program so if you're not charged -- if you don't charge for the food it's considered theft. >> it's policy. >> it is policy. >> what should the new policy be in your opinion? >> the new policy in my opinion and in the opinion of people from here to i'm not kidding, finland, china, what we think is china, i don't read chinese so i couldn't understand it but the new policy i believe 100% that i'm going to work for is that school lunch is a part of public education. it is not separate. it is not a separate department
8:14 am
like it is now. it should not be separately funded. there is no child whether they live in a hollywood mansion or, you know, in a poverty-stricken get -- ghetto, they all get lunch as part of their -- >> so critical to learning. >> it is. i've been a chef for 0 years and my background is in nutrition and to see kids not learning because they're not eating. >> there shouldn't be a disparity in what they're learning or eating. >> same across the board hot nutritious working on tasty. [ laughter ] >> i only like the tater tots. >> that's true. that's true. >> come on, the mystery meat. >> della, i want to share we did hear from the school's director of communications saying that if they know a family was struggling that they would work with them, so instead of giving the kids the free lunch why not go to the school and let them know about that particular student. >> you know, what i want to say is i did work with the school
8:15 am
extensively, and what a lot of people don't know, i worked for student nutrition services. i did not work -- i was not hired by the school itself. we were placed on -- contractors. dakota valley is an amazing school. it is an awesome school. i miss those kids, i miss that staff. that's the only thing that made me cry not getting to say good-bye to the kids so i did work with them. i would call the counselors and talk to teachers, i would call parents, i admit i did not work as much with my department as maybe i should have because i felt like the school was the lead point. they knew these kids. they knew -- >> there's got to be a way to resolve this. your heart is in the right place >> what's the community's reaction been? since you lost your job. >> i've spoken to a lot of parents of kids there and they, you know, are devastated that i left. i'm devastated that i left and there's been a lot of outrage that this happened and so, you know -- >> from around the world. >> from around the world. >> what do you do next? >> two things. so obviously i need a new job and i was a proprietor of a candy company when i lived in
8:16 am
arizona and i decided to start that back up, be my own boss and take care of my family financially that way but i never expected it to be this big. not in a million years and i can't stop now. you know, so what i want to do is from here on out once the media blitz kind of dies down is start talking to school boards and senators and get it changed. >> taking action. >> thanks for starting here. >> all the best to you. >> thank you. next up on "heat index" a wonderful morning as we celebrate special olympics world games at all those wonderful athletes, the flame of hope passing through new york and i want to show you some of the amazing and inspiring people behind its epic journey. >> thanks very much. carrying the special olympics flame of hope, what a privilege and an honor already shared by so many. ♪ there's a light inside all of us ♪ ♪ it's never hard you just have to light it ♪
8:17 am
>> reporter: its journey beginning nearly 5,000 miles away in athens, greece. ♪ like a diamond you just have to find it ♪ >> reporter: the flame carried in two commemorative lanterns on this u.p.s. cargo plane. >> there it is, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: arriving to a warm welcome. >> this flame will be used to light the cauldron of the 2015 special olympics world summer games. >> reporter: over the course of 46 days more than 20,000 people are set to carry the torch in a hand-to-hand exchange across all 50 states to date raising more than a million dollars ultimately arriving in los angeles where the games will be held. olympic figure skating legend michelle kwan carrying it proudly in rhode island. espn president john skipper holding it at their studios in bristol, connecticut. on stage in support, pop band r5. ♪
8:18 am
>> and the hulk himself. >> superhuman athletes give us incentive and inspire us. >> reporter: that human spirit, the hallmark of what eunice kennedy shriver hoped to achieve when she founded special olympics in 1968. >> when our hearts are touched and when they are opened then there is a world on fire. >> you'll see some competition. you'll see encouragement all around. i mean, everyone is cheering for one another. >> it will be the most inspiring array of human greatness ever assembled in the united states of america. >> reporter: yesterday the symbol of that greatness arriving right here in new york city. and this morning, i'm humble to play my part. for athletes like usa gymnast alyssa sims, that teamwork is what it's all about. >> there's no "i" in team. everybody pulls their own weight and it's so much fun. >> so much fun and i had a great time this morning and yesterday
8:19 am
spending time with athletes. you saw brooklyn decker in the piece. she's a global ambassador. she has an aunt with intellectual disabilities and will be part of a special we're going to do to highlight some of the athletes and give people a background. tim shriver said something, what can i do, what can i do? people volunteer and donate upon but sometimes they can't do that. he said if you're a parent and you're having a play date, invite a special needs child in the neighborhood. something that we all can do and john green my executive producer who has twins welled up and right then he said, that's what he's going to do. >> great idea. >> you had a great moment with one of the participants. >> oh, yes. oh, i wish you could have seen this. we had a few little snafus and when i handed it off because the relay was continuing and i bent down and i kissed her and she said, let's go, people. she said enough of this tv stuff, let's go.
8:20 am
but it was quite a moment and all leads up to espn's coverage which begins july 25th for more on how you can participate in the relay you can go to and, again, july 25th in l.a. i set a goal for myself way long ago. i said i want to be an olympic host one day and here it is. >> here you go. >> special olympics, the olympic games and that's what these are. let's go outside now to rob. >> oh, they love the support. they love the support and all the athletes participated in the games, good luck and go, "good morning america." she brought her whole soccer team out here. let's take you to the carolinas where they are getting a little bit of rain. showers and low tips to sit and spin. it's just stuck so more on in the way of showers and thunderstorms. locally over 2 inches. could see minor flooding and maybe a couple waterspouts. warming up across the northeast. 60s today. in the 80s by the weekend.
8:21 am
morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. brighter today. a stray storm is possible in the north bay. spring warmth and summer heat inland next week. below average temperatures with 60s along the coast and san francisco and san mateo and 70s elsewhere until antioch and fairfield and santa rosa with 80s. my seven-day forecast shows the weekend 60s at coast 70s around the bay and 80s inland and 90's on monday cool and cloudy. not only here but across southern california from san diego. you brought the june gloom with you. you like that. >> i know. i was looking for sun but none here. >> i'm here looking for sun. we will toss it back to you inside. >> thank you, rob. come on in because in "pop news" today we begin with these guys. don't be scared, baby. today is national -- it's a national holiday for all cat lovers. okay, it's not official but it is national hug your cat day. you know, it's been scientifically proven that
8:22 am
petting a cat or a dog releases the feel good hormone oxytocin so get to it, everybody. if you don't have a cat to hug today the aspca would like to change that. do you know there are 3.4 million cats across the country in animal shelters and rescue centers. and need good homes. these guys are all for adoption. this is pavarotti who wants to sing and run. george has another little -- >> milky way. >> milky way. >> very calm. >> aspca in new york. for all the dog lovers our day will come. every dog has its day. national hug your hound day is september 12th. >> we normally have puppies and dogs. >> that's why i wanted to highlight this. there are so many cat lovers and 3 hadn't 4 million cats need homes. start right here. it is a national holiday. i'm sorry, pavarotti but i can't do this. so i'm going to hand you off. can i give somebody -- >> here you go. >> there goes milky way. >> milky way -- >> pavarotti, wait for me.
8:23 am
>> here you go. >> we continue "pop news" -- excuse me. in tech news, everybody. attention insta-foodies. google will create a new app that counts your calories based on pictures of your plate. this is really cool. the plans call for this app called i am 2 calories revealed in boston, all about breakthrough technology, this conference and this app uses deep learning algorithms to analyze your pictures gauging the size and type of food in relation to the plate to estimate the calories of the total meal. the app is till in development but in the meantime, if i stop posting instagrams of my ice cream sundaes, you will know why. i thought that was cool. people love to post pictures of their food. >> we all want to know -- >> you hid somebody's broccolis and eat their fries. >> we do pieces on weight loss. it is about portion control and this is a simple way that really will help so i wanted to share that with y'all. there is a reason that we're
8:24 am
playing this song. ♪ my boogie shoes ♪ >> chmerkovskiy is popping in. where are you, handsome? there he is. hi. >> hi. >> mwah. >> so maks is rolling over here because you and your brother -- >> nice hair. >> i'm covered in cat hair. thank you for pointing that out. >> i'm just very observant. you look amazing. >> eyes up. so, maks and a bunch of the "dancing with the stars" cast if you're a big dance show in new york. tell everybody about it. >> it's called sway. it's a third time i'm doing the show, it just keeps getting bigger. more and more participants on "dancing with the stars" like us, we've become friends and come on down. and a lot of cast members are in it. you guys can see it this weekend in new york city, hammerstein ballroom. but right now we created a game. we're going to head over here. >> i can see they're dancing. >> with "pop news." >> so, guys, this is the name of the show is called sway so we created a game called sway or
8:25 am
swerve. "gma" viewers, three "gma" viewers, maks will demonstrate a dance move. the audience members will try to re-create the move. there's a big prize here. maks, you decide who swerves or who sways. you don't want to swerve. you want to sway. >> i can see you practiced this. i got this. >> just do the dance move. >> are you ready? >> sexy so go side, side and then you're going to go down, down. >> all right. so, maks, contestant one, what's your name? >> sadie. >> sadie, come on down. >> hit it, sadie. >> side. >> and down. >> all right. >> all right. >> with a little twist. >> there you go. >> oh. look at the shoulders. >> oh. >> oh, maks. >> what's your name? >> julie.
8:26 am
>> you got to do better. >> contestant number three. what's your name? >> gerald. >> go, gerald. >> wow! >> don't hurt yourself. >> this is hard. this is hard. >> who needs to sashay away? >> um, these two stay. >> oh, no. >> all right. >> okay, this is for the crown, everybody. >> so this is for the crown. >> last move. what do we do? all right, so let's do a little turn to the right. yeah. can you turn? are you sure. >> yeah. >> uh-oh we're out of time. >> so one more time. >> hurry. >> and then give me the same thing but give me as much as you can. >> okay. >> perfect. >> you go first. >> we're going to run out of time. >> i'm going to get back and do the move.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. a man is in custody after leading police on a high-speed chase in the east bay starting around 11:30 last flight after officers tried to pull over a possible dui suspect in vallejo. he took off officers chased him through two counties, the driver crashed his pickup near 680 where he refused to come out. officers had his vehicle surrounded. ta man was eventually taken into custody and to the hospital. hopefully folks are being safe out there this morning. >> doesn't sound like it in santa rosa. the accident is now a sig-alert northbound highway 101. several vehicles involved with lanes blocked. you can see backups out of roanoke park. south bound traffic, speculators slowing there. east bay, eastbound side of 80
8:28 am
richmond parkwaying overturned vehicle. slow west in bound. >> we'll
8:29 am
good morning. showers finally dissipating, about to move offshore. more possible across the north bay, even a thunderstorm. rest of us it's going brighter today in most of the breeze out along the coast until 10:00 tomorrow morning. we'll have fast breezes north of the golden gate through the delta community. heading out right now, temperatures are off our morning lows mid-50s.
8:30 am
already a 60 in livermore. a warming trend will take us ♪ happiness hit her like a train on a track -- >> that is florence + the machine. tuning into party central for an unforgettable summer concert right here on "gma." before you go over there, just want to say these are some people that were with me that were running, love you, guy, thank you very much. it was great. [ cheers and applause ] >> special olympics, unified relay and pass the torch to these guys. we'll find out who won the maks swerve or sway -- >> you got the move. >> two spins and a lot of hips. one, go back and then. yeah. all right. >> you're up. [ cheers and applause ] >> and the winner of swerve or
8:31 am
sway is -- >> okay, there's no way i can decide so they all get tickets to the show. you all won. >> yay! >> thank you, maks. the name of the show is "sway." >> today and friday and saturday. beautiful show. >> great show. we love you, "dancing with the stars," part of our family. george, back to you. >> going inside to michael. >> all right, thanks, guys. now time to embrace the outdoors in this morning's "deals & steals." the great tory johnson is here and she's bringing us a must have for enjoying the great out doors. welcome, tory. >> you ready? >> i'm always ready. >> take a spin. >> take a spin. >> careful spin. >> whoa. this is from accessory concierge. robin's. waiting for her. floppy hats for the sun or visors. we have to pull it down to see. >> you get to choose one to three-letter monogram.
8:32 am
perfect. i think robin, you have done her proud. >> people say this is my best side. >> no. no. no. amazing deal on these. normally depending on what product you choose, 24 to $28 all slashed in half, 1 to 14 bucks. >> 12 to -- >> personal hat, pretty amazing. >> to you, this -- >> this is cool. you and i were just talking about it. you asked is this a cummerbund. it's cummerbund meets fanny pack. not your granny's fanny pack. instead super sleek with hidden pockets to put in keys, money, so you can travel hands-free. spin that around the other way. there you go. there you go. >> it's my fanny pack. i can wear it how i want. >> very true. >> choose whatever pattern you like, as well. we have a big assortment from bandi wear. >> slashed in half. >> it feels very slimming like a
8:33 am
slimming belt. >> wait till we load it up with the keys and the money and all that. okay. so from massi, picnic blankets. instead of the old ugly kind, gorgeous patterns, there's a big variety to choose from, two sizes, as well. individual size or a big family size. what i love about these, they dry quickly and can sprinkle off all the dirt and sand and whatever it is and the fabric looks really beautiful once you've used it. aren't those patterns gorgeous? >> what is the original price? >> normally starting at $65, all slashed by at least 55% depending on what you choose. 29 to $45. >> use that in the park this sum summer. >> yeah. so this is really fun if you've got a dog. so what i love about these beautiful collars from dog i.d.s is you embroider the name and phone number so there's no hanging tags which is amazing, two different tiles to choose from. big assortment of colors and sizes depending on your breed of dog. all made in america with really phenomenal quality. normally 19 to $29, all slashed
8:34 am
in half to get your pet a new collar for 9.50 to 14.50. >> if your phone number on there a cute person in the park with a dog, take the number, hit them up. there you go. good way to get dates. >> there you go. last but not least from first bike this is truly a first bike for kids 2 to 5 years old. we have video to show you. look how fun that is. really amazing, the saddle seat is great. are you going to try to pull that off. >> it's stuck. >> i wanted to ride it like it was my first bike. >> it would be adorable. amazing deal. big assortment to choose from starting at $130 all slashed by 51% so $64 to $98. amazing quality. lots of safety features on these you'll read about online. >> i like that. keep their feet down and pedal along. >> you like everything. that's why i like you. >> this fanny pack is coming home with me and i got to say -- we have to say thanks to all these companies for providing these great deals.
8:35 am
to get the links and codes for these deals plus a bonus deal on active wear go to our website on yahoo! thank you very much, tory. you are amazing and, lara. >> thank you very much, michael. we know "keeping up with the kardashians" isn't easy but one editor at tried it out and dressed up like kim for a week and sally stepped into her shoes and lived to write about it. sara haines has her story. >> reporter: from reality star to fashion icon, kim kardashian is one of hollywood's most fashion-forward celebrities with a permanent posse of paparazzi. >> kim, i love you. >> reporter: sally holmes, a senior news editor of wanted to step into kim's shoes, literally so she kardashified by dressing like her every day for a week. and wrote about it. >> you have to have a lot of confidence.
8:36 am
>> reporter: it took her upwards of three hours to get the full kim k. look. each with its own tricks, layering on two pairs of spanx, a waist trainer and the highest heels you'll ever walk in. the hard work paid off. kim tweeting, i love this. you look amazing. hope you had a fun week xo. it gets better. sally met kim last week. >> she said did you have fun and i said yes. she said it was hard, huh. >> i already know this. >> tougher than you think and let me tell you, it is. there's some days that she feels fat. there's some days she has to wear two pairs of spanx and she'll put on the clothes. she'll pose for the pictures and do it and then she gets in the car and unbuttons her pants like everyone else. >> reporter: now it's my turn to look like kim. my thighs are about ready to squeeze into this. oh, my gosh. >> you look awesome. >> oh, my gosh. these shoes are crazy. >> they're a lot. how do you feel? >> va va voom.
8:37 am
>> you look amazing. you look va va voom. va va va voom. >> can i channel her confidence in outfit number two? >> i think wow. >> so i may not have pulled off the glam but i sure had fun trying. >> i'm still having fun trying. right now and i'm trying very hard because two things i want to say there's a lot of under armour going on. it's not pretty getting into it but there's a huge psychology in dressing this way. i feel so -- a little different than myself but very confident. >> you were saying that that you really own it and never had more attention. >> no, i got a little snotty on the way down to the studio. it happened. i literally got a little rude. >> no? >> not mean or anything. i just was a little more arrogant. >> because you said you feel really good. would you continue dressing this way? >> i would. i think it's owning the body you have which kim does very well and dressing it and now i think -- i don't think i can
8:38 am
pull this off or these eyes. >> yeah, can you. >> in a big way. in a big way. >> i'm wearing this tomorrow too. >> thank you for doing that, sara. >> rob, we'll head out to you and do more girl talking here. >> all right, guys in times square friends with the american heart association. they are sponsoring this year the 2015 cpr national awareness week. how are we doing it? trying to break a world record. guinness world record book is here and we need 250 before this day is done. all right. let's take it to seattle right now where it's going to be a gorgeous day. temperatures will get to about 70 but as we go towards the weekend, might see records falling. dry and hot there. meanwhile, june gloom across parts of the southwest. san diego, maybe drizzle across parts of l.a. what do they say? call 911 and get it done. all right. >> good morning, i am mike nicco. we have a stray shower in the north bay but below average from
8:39 am
59 at the coast and 84 inland. my seven-day forecast, check out the spring warmth this weekend and summer >> all right. i am with dr. larry phillips. you are the big kahuna at the cardiology unit at nyu. there's a whole new way of doing cpr. >> encouraging people to do hands only cpr. see someone collapse call 911 and start pushing hard and fast at least 100 beats a minute. >> do it to music. do you here the begees? "staying alive" is the rhythm you want to go to. >> 100 beats or more a minute. >> hot, hot, hot, stay alive, baby. stay alive. doing this will raise your survival rate two to three times. >> two to three times. >> we're trying to get over 250 people to do it today. the guinness book of world records. >> join us. >> back to you. ♪
8:40 am
>> good morning, america. >> big reveal there. you know who that is. jarvis from marvel's "avengers." tony stark's computer starring in an adventure of its own play mation. this is really cool. >> awesome. a new way to play from our parent company disney that takes play to a whole new height. not only pretending to be ironman but having some of the superpowers also. >> you have superpowers. we know it. not only iron man, captain america, black widow, ultron, iron skull, superheroes and villains alike. a little demonstration. a combination of action, imagination and wearable gear like this to make your ultimate adventure a reality. >> yeah, so this is ryan. he's the lucky guy that will show us how it works. he's wearing a repulser just like ironman and he's targeting
8:41 am
the enemy. evading virtual strike, literally playing alongside the avengers in the real world. and he's on fire right now. >> yeah, so i guess these toys communicate with each other and kids so that they can play solo or together. and woo! something just happened. the start-up kit comes with five connected toys. hours of special missions, you can even download a special avengers net app for more adventures. >> i want a repulser. i'm taking on ironman. i don't like the way he's been looking at me all day. we're going at it right here. the problem, you start shooting iron skull and he'll fire back. i've got missile abilities and a palm cannon i can set up and shoot at him, as well. >> your little buddy doing a much better job. >> he's a little more accurate. i might just wear this for the rest of the day. it's a good look. >> you look very cool. so everybody wins. play mation available in october. presale beginning in july. we cannot wait to give it a try.
8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] you like it? it's cool. >> it's amazing. >> it's pretty cool. you know what else is cool, john cusack here live on "good morning america." don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ and wouldn't it be nice ♪ we're here >> we're here with john cusack who stars as brian wilson in "love and mercy," an uncanny performance. even wilson's wife says he
8:45 am
morphs into brian. take a look. >> get up, i want you in the ocean. >> what? >> are you ready? come on. >> are you serious? >> let's do it. make out like teenagers. in or out? come on. >> in. >> one, two, three. >> and john cusack joins us now. congratulations. >> well, thank you. >> it really is a revelation because i think we all know brian wilson's music, not many of us know about the man, the challenges he faced and what a musical genius he was and kind of a portrait of a genius, as well. >> yeah, and paul dano plays, you know him as the younger man, wonderful in the film. i think it's hard to really underestimate or it's hard to overestimate the impact that he had sort of on music and culture
8:46 am
in america for the 50 years after the creative explosion of the beach boys and "pet sounds" and the smile sessions because if you think of -- he was blowing the beatles' mind. they would make rubber soul and then he would then hear that and go in a whole different journey and write "god only knows" in 20 minutes and then they would hear that across the atlantic but when you think about the beatles and the effect they had on culture and you think that, okay, there was george martin, one of the greatest producers in the world and you had these two songwriters, lennon and mccartney, they were kind of good and george harrison and ringo starr with one ear who had such a spark of genius in him that guy with that one ear was the guy that was inspiring the beatles. >> all that work in the movie. >> you got to spend some time with brian one-on-one. you said you were afraid you were becoming the guest that wouldn't leave. >> well, yeah, that's true.
8:47 am
>> what struck you most about him? >> well, i mean i think that he's a kind of a person that has an antenna that's so intense that he thinks and he's a very sharp guy and he's kind of a prankster but as he's talking to you he's listening to what you're saying but he's sort of -- he's checking out the vibe on you and feeling your attention so i think he's more of an intuitive feeling person than an analytical one. >> what do you think he thought of you. >> i think he was checking me out and i think he was trying to figure out what my intention but i think he was -- he sort of looks at you and talking to you and sort of looks at you and above your head, i think he's looking at auras or something and then he just basically goes, oh, well, i think you might be okay. you seem like you're tender and you have a good heart and, you know, but he's feeling you out. >> you can see in the movie how he feels his way into a song remarkable scene you have with elizabeth banks who became his
8:48 am
wife, he meets her and plays a song he wrote simply from meeting her. >> which i think is "love and mercy." >> it's beautiful. >> yeah, it's beautiful. he's quite an extraordinary guy and the other thing that i was struck about when i went to meet him for the first time because i was so nervous because i thought -- >> you were nervous. >> i'm nervous because if you're playing someone and their legacy is -- >> easier to play nixon. >> easier to play nixon, right. you know. but so i didn't want to disappoint him and, you know, he's still writing his life. he's still doing it all. but what i was struck is all of the things he had been lew and his sort of descent into the abyss and he had one of the famous sort of rock 'n' roll burnouts but we don't know where the facts ended and legend began so there wasn't as much footage and there wasn't as much known about that period of his life so i had to ask him, you know, what really happened and what went down. he wanted to tell us but what i
8:49 am
was struck was when i went into his house kids and dogs running around and with melinda. it was a happy household. i thought, my god, this guy made it through. >> no way he could be disappointed in your performance. congratulations. "love and mercy" will be in theaters this friday and coming up, jason derulo. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:50 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ ♪ it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
8:51 am
so you can easily master the way you bank. ♪ i never meant to fall in love ♪ ♪ i never meant to fall in love ♪ ♪ i never meant to fall in love ♪ ♪ i never meant to fall in love ♪ >> oh, taking a look at an exclusive sneak peek for jason derulo's latest single "cheyenne." his new album "everything is 4" just dropped tuesday. we are happy to have him with us back this morning. oh, i love that new video. tell us a little behind it. >> thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] so basically i wanted to do something really special.
8:52 am
i wanted to take it back to where videos had like a huge concept and also had like a huge dance break, you know what i mean so you don't see it in this clip but there's a huge dance break at the end where, you know, a bunch of dancers, myself and we just break it out but the video is -- it's kind of like "the haunting." cheyenne is haunting my mind and she pretty much kind of -- >> i love it. >> haunts me within the video and it's like a haunted house almost. >> i love how you describe it. almost like a play by play that you were doing for us right there. "everything is 4," oh, goodness, who isn't on that? the collaboration is terrific. >> thank you, yes, stevie wonder, j. lo, meghan trainor. >> keith urban. >> keith urban. a bunch of amazing, amazing collaborators. >> what is "everything is 4" mean? >> everything is for a reason. everything is for my mom. everything is for my fans, everything is for my family. everything is for my few our and everything happens for a reason so i thought it was the perfect title for me because all of
8:53 am
those things are so relevant in my life and just seemed like the perfect title. >> and you are everything. thank you for the quick stop by. i know people are going to be hard rock cafe. it'll be streamed live. >> yes. on yahoo! >> okay, you'll be back in a couple of weeks. jason's "everything is 4" is available now. he'll take over central park next friday for our "gma" summer and it will be summer by then we promise, jason. >> hopefully. hopefully. >> we'll be right back. >> "everything is 4." "everything is 4."
8:54 am
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rs "good morning america" is "good morning america" is brought to you by harvoni. are you ready? [ cheers and applause ] >> this is the most comfortable i've ever been during "gma." nba finals tonight live here on abc. it's going to be epic. have a great thursday. ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save. stay safe when riding your motorcycle.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. mike, we are forecasting a big win today, what else? >> thunder and raining freeze at oracle areason nap serious real rain move through north bay. now starting to fall apart. this is the area that could see another shower during afternoon. the rest of us will be a little brighter than we were yesterday. small craft advisory along the coast, west winds 21 to 3 knots. upper 50s to 60s at coast. mid-60s to 70 around the bay. accuweather seven-day forecast 90s next week. >> traffic at a standstill at richmond san rafael toll plaza because of an accident. one lane blocked in westbound direction. also this accident eastbound side of 80, richmond parkway overturned vehicle. and the sig-alert
9:00 am
northbound 101 into santa rosa. >> th >> it's "live! with kelly and michael." today from the new comedy "spy" jude law and nascar superstar jeff gordon. performing their new hit, " hurricane" lifehouse. and see how your pet can win you a dream vacation. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪ [captioning performed by t


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