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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center. >> breaking news tonight. california's great america in santa clara. >> an apparent high speed collision sent two people to the hospital and one with major injuries. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. >> it happened three hours ago on the flight deck rollercoaster. >> the park is in the heart of santa clara across from levi stadium. katie is live from great america with the details. katie? >> ama and dan authorities tell me that a great america employee has gone to the hospital with traumatic injuries. a park goer went with a hand injury. look at this video from sky 7hd. the accident happened around 8:15 tonight. at the ride you can see emergency vehicles and emergency personnel. ama mentioned the ride is called flight deck. you may also know it under the
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name top gun. that was its original name. take a look at this other video we have. you can have a better idea of how the ride flight deck operates. your feet bangel be -- dangle below you. >> we were trying to get something, somebody dropped a cell phone. we were turn together ride and we were getting hit from the flight deck like 10 15 feet from the entrance almost to the exit. >> so just to reiterate the witness said it looked like a maintenance worker was hit by the ride and dragged as he tried to receive -- retrieve a cell phone that had fallen below. now authorities tell me flight deck will remain shutdown while they do their investigation and while they investigate the safety avenues of the ride. he says at this point it does not appear the ride malfunctioned. live at great america, abc7
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news. >> katie, thank you. thousand this is not the first time there has been an accident like this at great mark. back in 1998 a mexican national was killed on the same coster that was -- coaster that was called top gun. he climbed over the security bench to get his wife's hat and was kicked in the head by a rider. temperatures soared reaching triple digits in one community. this one was busy with splashing kids all day. right now it has cooled off but tomorrow look for the bay area to heat up again as we take a live look at coit tower. drew is in for sandhya. hi drew. >> certainly a hot day across the bay area. but surprisingly it has been hotter than this before. look at the highs today. san rafael and livermore were hot in the 90s and even 101. but that was shy of the record of 103 in 1904.
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san francisco's record 90 and 100 set in 1904. live doppler 7hd showing you high pressure anchored right off the coast. it brought us the hot conditions. it will slide east over the weekend. what that means for the forecast coming up with the full accu-weather seven-day coming up. >> thank you. as people head to our beaches in this hot weather they are showing up in big numbers. look at these purple blobs. they are a type of slug. sergio joins us live from alameda. why we are seeing so many so soon. sergio? >> ama, authorities have been getting so many calls because of these little purple slugs. some are quite interesting. some people called 9-1-1 because they found a purple heart on the beach. it wasn't. it was a harmless purple sea creature.
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this is video shot by rachel benitez. she didn't know what to make of the purple blobs. >> they were scattered all over the boche. some were live and some were dead. >> it is to the unusual for them to wash ashore and this is what they look like in the water. it is unusual to see so many. >> they were cool looking. then it was kind of weird. i'm like what is going on with our water? >> they usually wash uh sore in the summer so staff members at the regional east bay district say it is unusual to show up in the spring. >> we have been seeing them wash up since september and going all through the winter. and now even more in the spring and perhaps it is because of the warmer water. >> these slugs are among a few creatures that were showing up on land. a number of whales were beached in the area recently. in san diego thousands of these little tuna crabs were washing ashore. a researcher said they may be linked to the el nino affect. warm temperatures in the
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pacific ocean. it can help scientists gather data. participating in the science project and report these things so we can see if there are any changes that are happening. >> morgan says the sea slugs are full of ink and they are not harmful to people. abc7 news. well new at 11:00 police are appealing for help to find a vehicle involved in a fatal hit-and-run collision early wednesday morning. the victim has been identified. shaw 59 years old from santa cruz. it happened at highway 1 and river street about 12:45 a.m. police are interested in this silver colored vehicle caught on a security camera there on the left side of your screen. they say it would have been damaged in this collision. >> a teenager in san jose is charged as an adult foremast erminedding the burglary of his own father's home. 17-year-old s nie g recruited three gang members for the home invasion on shilo place.
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they broke in through an unlocked door. they cut phone lines and stole a cell phone and tried to attack two women and a baby hiding inside. sphie petaluma police say people are taking converters. taken from a pick up and tundra and sequoia. each theft can cost the vehicle tim about $4,000. most have been taken in neighborhoods near highway 101, a quick get away right? the converters contain available metal. they were sold to recyclers for $150 apiece. technology is helping cut down on smartphone theft. san francisco district attorney says the city has had 27% fewer phones stolen last year compared to the year before because of the addition of the kill switch. it disables the phone even if the memory is wiped out making it worthless to thieves. it requires all smartphones sold in california to have a kill switch. >> we here at abc7 are all
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about the warriors in the thab finals, but in the interest of fairness there is another team involved. sky 7hd shows us it landed at sfo before 6:00. get ready for sunday's game five at oracle arena. the cleveland cavaliers player stepped off the team bus. lebron and company drew a big crowd watching people take pictures on their cell phone. it turns out there are a few cavs fans living among us. >> try to say hi to lebron my favorite player. >> maybe you heard of a team called the warriors. >> that's right. i heard they have a new exciting player named steph curry, steven something like that. >> abc7 news reporter katie tweeted pictures as they arrived. he was one of the last to step off the bus. abc7 is the only place to catch the finals.
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the coverage of game five in oakland begins on sunday at 4:30 . game six is tuesday at 5:30. if we need a game seven it will booy back in oakland next friday at 5:30. drivers can expect a long commute when they close on july 9th at 10:00 p.m. through the 13th at 5:00 a.m. the closure was pushed back because of the fourth of july holiday weekend. they are suggesting they take highway 1 to california. and the other option is around to the bay bridge and into the city and it is a long way to go. the crews will put the finishing touches to the new roadway during this closures. the protesters blocked traffic as they called for change in oakland. why they say they are justified in disrupting the city streets. >> and the foo fighters broke his leg. why it may boost his status. what he did next. >> and the quote written by a
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graduating senior who has a big secret to share. >> the abc7 news app. slam dunk
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covering cupertino concord, wine country and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. a night of protests in oakland seems to have quieted down tonight. protestors have been marching and demonstrating at the fatal police shooting shutting down the off-ramp all evening. that's where alan wang joins us. what is happening now? >> hi ama, the lakeshore off-ramp from i-580 just reopened a few minutes ago.
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shortly before that the police skirmish lines broke away and the protesters went home peacefully. it is where that officer involved shooting happened. and this is where the protest began. >> protesters blocked the intersection where the 30-year-old was shot and killed by oakland police on june 6th. police say he was asleep or passed out in his bmw. after commands and beanbag shots at the windows failed to get him out police moved in and shattered the glass. >> he turned and leaned over and extended his arm out toward the pistol that lay on the passenger seat. >> steven betz is the attorney for the suspect who killed hog. >> they said things i don't believe. >> they want to see the officers' body camera video.
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betz says he has seen it. >> you can't tell one way or the other what is going on in that car. >> betz says the officer assigned to have the gun ready if lethal force was necessary. >> they pass the academy. they don't have a history of misuse of firearms, which he does not. then it is appropriate to assign that role. >> that man took care of his kids. >> if they die without police accountable they will be as uncomfortable in their skin as we are in ours. >> protest leaders encouraged everyone to continue demonstrating in a positive way. in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. some big water cuts coming for farmers during the drought. officials told more than 100 senior water rights holders to stop pumping from the sacramento, the delta and the san juaquin water sheds. it is the first mandatory cuts ordered for the senior rights
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water holders in the 1970s. get this a broken leg did not stop the foo fighters lead singer from continuing with the concert in sweden. he fell off the stage during "monkey wrench" the second song of the evening. the 46-year-old told had crowd he thought he broke his leg. he finished the coping lying down while paramedics treated him. how rock and roll is that? they tweeted out this x ray of his broken right calf bone. 10 pellicans are the first to be released after 100,000 gallons of oil filled santa barbara con tooy last month. county last month. they will be rehabilitating at a san francisco care center. there was a three-hour car ride and there they go, they took off. the cost of the clean up at el capitan state beach topped $62 million.
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the owner of the pipeline will pay for it. every day during the nba finals we are sharing your fan photos. today's fan of the day is wrapped in warriors pride. there is a strength in number motto. thanks for sharing this one. use the # dubs on seven when you post. include the city where you live so we can give you a proper shoutout if you are chosen as the next abc7 fan of the day. >> keep those pictures coming. it is sure fun. we have a warm weekend coming, but nice. >> sandhya is off and drew is here with what is in store. hi drew. >> hi dan and ama. it will start off hot and then we will start to see a cooling trend for the second half. the relief is on the way. live doppler 7hd is quiet and it will be rather quiet over the weekend. it is pointed at coit tower. it is all aglow for game five. we see it right here on abc7.
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a little fog in the background. and it is limited and will be mild. temperatures in the 50s and 60s and hot again tomorrow. widespread heat arrives on monday. we are still tracking 70s at this hour from concord. 60s right around the bay and san francisco. 66 in san jose and cooler along the coast. 57 degrees. satellite showing you high pressure and it brought us sunshine and brought us the heat. it is moving ever so slowly. it is right on top of us and hot in spots. lows overnight it will be rather warm. only mid50s to low 60s. so pop open the windows if you can under a mixture of clouds. it will be warm. starting in the south bay. lots of sunshine. 94 morgan hill. along the peninsula 78 san
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mateo and 82 red rood city and 84 mountain view. cooler along the coast. downtown san francisco is going to a high of 69. 65 for sunset district. to the north bay, still triple digit heat. calistoga is warm. napa topping out at 80 tiff degrees. -- 85 degrees. 81 union city and 74 oakland. the same for rich pond. the same for richmond of 97 in brentwood and 94 in san ramon and 92 in walnut creek. with the sunshine in full effect and the high sun angle take note that the uv index will be very high which means unprotected skin can burn in about 10 to 15 minutes. on sunday we will start to see some relief. the winds finally move out of the north and east. that's a cooler wind off the ocean water. we can knock five to ten degrees off the afternoon high. it will feel better the second
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half of the weekend if you are not a fan of the heat. if you are headed to oakland oracle arena the nba finals. perhaps you are tailgating early on. golden sunshine and 73 degrees. mild by 5:00 at 74. 8:00 secretary 8 -- 80:00 68 degrees. here is jobing -- here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. cooler on sunday, but widespread relief comes on monday with a cooler breeze. the breeze is going to switch to land again. that means tuesday, wednesday and thursday we are heating back up in the 90s will make another come back. coming up next on abc7 news at 11:00 a bay area goat stampeed.
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jack knew what he had to do. trade his most beloved possession. and that's how far jack went to bring you the black pepper cheeseburger. black pepper cheese and peppercorn mayo. the black pepper cheeseburger. taste it before it's gone. >> a new jersey high school
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graduate wrote a memorable yearbook. quote, maxwell barrett said of course i dress well, i didn't spend all of that time in the closet for nothing. he decided to skip the cliche quote to tell everyone he is gay. his classmates were not surprised, but his parents were. they told him that is the best quote in the yearbook and they are proud of him. >> that's nice. the berkeley hills invaded. this is no natural disaster. they are helping eat dangerous brush that could be a fire hazard. the berkeley lab posted this. each one eats 10 pounds of vegetation a day. >> it is like a goat stampeed. let's talk about sports. a lot to talk about. of course the warriors, but more. >> and larry beil is off and colin rush has the latest. >> the giants stampeeded tonight. not good. three days after the giants had no hits would the mets be victimized themselves? the diamondbacks pitcher with no hits stuffed at at&t park.
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fans treated to no hit stuff. the problem being it wasn't madison bumgarner throwing it. the giants and d-backs. the second inning and a single to center. it will score castillo to second. the only run madison allowed in eight innings of work. chase anderson chasing a no hitter. he lines into the inning ending double play in the third. anderson working into a to-no. a nasty breaking ball but he wasn't perfect.
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he walked a batter but the no hitter and that is a painful way to lose it. the only hit he allowed in seven innings. they combined for a two-hit shutout. 1-0 the final. a's and angels. a's a tire of course. the fourth inning and brett lawrie and back to back homers off santiago and the a's take a 2-1 lead. you can see the score. 3-2 angels. josh red duck playing like an allstar. deep to right, gone, two-run shot. hitting .311. he couldn't hold it. he took over for chavez. his 18th of the year. the a's let one slip away. 5-4 the final at angels stadium. you can add green's name to great game four performances.
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he was aggressive and decisive and shot the ball with confidence last night. you know what he didn't do this shout at the ref. stern advice from those who raised him. the reason why. >> my mom and grandma told me i am crying to much. leave the officials loan and just play. they got you out there looking like you are a punk and don't know how to play basketball. you spend enough energy dealing with these guys and you don't have time to argue with the officials and all of that stuff. >> sage advice. social media question as we look to game five on sunday at this point in the series who would be your finals mvp and why? let us know what you think. women's world cup and team usa looking to advance out of the group of death. 73rd minute and the ball over the cross bar. that's the best scoring chance of the game. corner kick opportunity for the swedes. caroline seeger will put it on goal.
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a defensive header that rec caw sheas off the -- that ricochets off the cross bar. they need to beat nigeria to advance. they are not in the clear and they could have done it tonight, but they couldn't get it done. >> thanks. >> and we have good news. >> this is good news. >> warriors fans can check out game six at oracle arena on the big screen. >> they made the big announcement. while they are in cleveland they will let
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that is our report. remember we will be with us for game five on sunday. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm -- coming up actor
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joseph gordon levitz. >> have a great weekend >> dicky: from hollywood, it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight -- joseph gordon-levitt. from “entourage," emmanuelle chriqui. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from wiz khalifa. with cleto and the cletones. and now, it's all right -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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