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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 16, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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broa$%&eyñ/ sr%ad @ñcentez 7 news.n >> a balcony broke andd n#at least ten people fell. >>éuxwy moments a k!]-or. a) streeteñ vvxñ)= u >> his heart is broken. >[i;pjm something that has left >> six students died. onerj'ñ isú%&]#i from (qq
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>> the students were2ohewqfjs partying7ñú=(gon this[:t
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elissa harrington, abc: 0w0ñ 7oeyo o pqñ killedm yac s÷!zúñz8p
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theq;?3ç cons ul1ìlc% -y7lls be arriiv[g"/ñ>"-2q"" $rx7 the zeóyconsul general3;ja(aid this was to be the startt5xya of a
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. >> my first reaction was, are any of them involved -- were any of them involved and we need to reach out to these employees. >> none of them were at last > many say this tragedy will nevertedñ be a&dq348zforgotty&.j$xt we are compiling messages of condolence and support for victims of@ collapse at a ñ$u2=v2sñ.p tlñ mediabr( 9"é using3
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fly their flags at half281 staff injj-a] rú s tibute to the%ádi÷ qou berkeley.wq to theuqgmíhçd"h+÷ families and lovedg mx onesdphisiri÷7/ñ" of all8 çñt#t hisg[i condolences.9;j650 sc.?ñu z6rh@nx?dvñ)x updates at and on twitter and also on facebook. it is difficult to think about anything else after that but still ahead here at 4:00 -- game six of the nba finals. will the warriors win it? we're also live outside at fan fest where warriors watchers are
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feeling very optimistic. that's ahead. >> plus the sellout. live at oracle arena where every
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covering dailey city and los gatos and all the bay area this is bay area news. >> we are live over oracle arena where more than 19,000 fans will watch the warriors game in cleveland on the big screen. doors open in a few minutes. >> the countdown clock says we have about an hour and 17 minutes before abc coverage and leading up to the tip-off at 6:00 tonight. >> abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is outside the arena. >> first laura anthony is with the dub nation in cleveland. and mike shumann is inside quicken loans arena. >> he joins us with more on this game tonight. >> it's a huge game. the first close out game of the
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series. the players warming up from both sides. the warriors are 0-2 in game six in the nba finals. not a stat we want to hear. this marks the second for golden state. the first resulting in a season clenching win. the players were hyperfocused. having as much fun as they normally do because they know what's at stake. i asked steve kerr, do they have a different approach when it's a close-out game? >> everyone has to be themselves. there is anticipation. there is stuff that comes into your head but it doesn't matter. you just lock in on each possession. you play it out and see what happens. >> they're going to come out desprats. they want to come out and fight. you can just tell by playing them, they aren't a team that
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quits. they are going to fight. that's our focus. >> nobody wants their season to end. obviously, we want to finish this series off. it's going to be a battle. we don't expect anything to be easy. we have to take this game on the road. >> as much as it would be nice to come back and win this in front of the fans at oracle they want to get it done tonight. it would be only the third team in nba history to have 83 or more wins. the other would be the chicago bulls and steve kerr would be involved in all three. now out to laura anthony at quicken loans arena. >> hi shu. it's a little quiet, the calm before the storm. much like oakland. here in cleveland, there's a strong sense that this city is an underdog as we go into game six. it's a city that hasn't won a
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championship in any major sport in 50 years. there's a lot at stake that folks here feel like with tonight's game. even though they are down 3-2 to the warriors we talked with some folks who tell us -- cavs fans, who say they are very much, in their view in the game. >> 80% have lost if they didn't win the fifth game. but 20% have won. we might be that 20%. >> you haven't thought about it. >> i'm a clevelander. we don't give up. >> cleveland has been the red-headed stepchild for years. i've lived here 25 years. what are you doing in cleveland? look at cleveland. >> a lot has been made about warrior fans trying to get here. tough to get here with the weather in chicago. look behind me here. a few warrior fans.
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>> warriors! warriors! >> prediction tonight? >> warriors. we're going to win it tonight and bring it back home and celebrate on friday. >> so they are represented here. >> thank you laura. excitement in cleveland and in the bay area. >> the doors at oracle open at 4:30 for a sold-out viewing party. >> carolyn tyler is live. >> could be a lot of celebrating. the doors open at 4:30. see the fans starting to stream in. the tickets, $15 for this game six watch party which sold out very quickly for the 20,000-seat arena. all of these fans will receive a rally towel and cheer card. they are standing in line because they want to create their own commemorative ticket.
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the team stores will be open. people will be able to come and get their warriors gear. all the concessions are also available. a portion of the proceeds will benefit the warriors community foundation which helps underserved youth throughout the bay area. we're ready for game six. go warriors. carolyn tyler abc 7 news. there's much more ahead this afternoon. the action today that should make trans fat disappear from the american diet altogether. >> and the hacking scandal of major league proportions. >> under beautiful blue skies. i'll show you how much of this we can ex
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the obama administration says trans fats are a threat to public health and need to go. the fda is ordering food companies to shave out the fats in three years. the move will prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks each year. they are mostly used in fried and baked goods. coming up at 4:30 on "world news
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tonight" they examine if the foods will taste any different, and will they cost more? a potential scandal in major league baseball. the fbi and justice department are investigateing the st. louis cardinals for hacking into the houston astros database. it doesn't say which cardinals staffers were implicated or if high-ranking officials were aware of this hack. they believe it was revenge against the general manager who worked for the cardinals until 2011. police are looking for help in finding two missing boys. andreas martinez and nicholas olivera left home yesterday and haven't been seen since. you are looking at their photos. that are best friends and believed to be in san francisco. they apparentley told friends they had $100 and row fuseefused to go
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home. if you see them, call 911. crews are invest gatting the cause of three separate wildfires in martinez. the fires were first reported around 11:00 this morning on howell road. the flames destroyed an outbuilding behind a home and burned close to an acre of land. they are looking into the possibility that a bird flying into the power lines may have started one of these fires. spencer christian is outside, which is a nice place to be today. >> i'm sorry, what did you say? it's breezy out here. oh, it's a great place to be. it's a lovely place to be. right to live doppler 7 hd. sorry about that. we've got sunny skies across the bay area. obviously breezy here along the embarcadero. fog near the coast. a sparkling day. these are current temperature readings. 61 in san francisco. oakland 66.
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mountainview 71. 75 at san jose. 86 at morganhill. half moon bay. beautiful view over san francisco. we have current readings at 81 at santa rosa. petaluma 72. noont at concord. 89 at livermore. warm inland. blue sky over the bay. these are the forecast futures. fog at the cost tonight. minor ups and downs in the temperature range and warmer days on friday and saturday. satellite image shows high pressure offshore. low pressure inland. are a great alignment to produce a steady onshore flow. for the week ahead, livermore as our indicator. highs up a couple degrees down a couple of degrees. on saturday the heat peaks at about 94 degrees in livermore. we'll see the warmest temperature readings in the
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seven days on saturday in most inland areas. overnight fog at the cost. a patch or two will creep across the bay. lows tonight in the mid-50s. tomorrow highs in the upper 70s in 80s. 75 in redwood city. upper fist50s to low 60s on the coast. north day 85. santa rosa 80. napa napa, east bay highs 71. and the inland east bay warm and toasty with highs near 90 at fairfield, pittsburg. and 93 at antioch. mid-80s around the bay. upper 60s on the coast. sunday marks the arrival of summer and it's father's day. warm and pleasant father's day.
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dan and ama? >> the anticipation building for the warriors biggest game of the season. >> we are under two hours until tip-off. >> abc 7 news sports director
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covering santa rose aberkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> take a look at the countdown clock on your screen. we have just about an hour and one minute to go. >> before coverage starts. larry beil is here with some of the things he'll be watching for in tonight's critical game. >> i'll be watching for my own cardiac arrest. the tip-off question everyone is wondering, can the warriors finish off the cavs on the road knowing lebron is likely to come
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out like a fire-breathing dragon. we'll have the latest on steph curry and the problems he was dealing with at the walk-through with morning with the finger. do the cavs go big, go small or just go home after game six? and they deliberately fouled andre iguodala. >> so much to talk about. so little time. it's all coming up in 30 minutes. >> we were talking about this earlier. there's talk that lebron, the self-proclaimed best player in the world, may win the mvp even if the cavs lose the series. >> it's only happened one time in nba history, 1969 with jerry west who played with the lakers. they lost the finals but he was
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so spectacular. >> we've got to go. >> thanks larry. tonight, a massive tropical storm hits the coast, tens of millions in the path as it moves north and east next. streets and highways under water tonight, schools closed. the tornado sirens in chicago as this moves up to the midwest, indianapolis, cleveland, pittsburgh, across to new york. the deadly balcony collapse, at least six dead, falling four stories, many in the hospital. new questions about the construction. was the wood treated? the former naacp leader breaking her silence tonight, still saying she is black despite the childhood photos. you will hear her explanation right here. the major development in the hunt for the escaped killers, the discovery in the pipes and the prison worker's husband, we asked what he makes of the allegations against his wife.


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