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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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on. making news in america this morning, warriors win. the celebrations under way in cleveland and in california. you'll be seeing it there. steph curry leading his team to victory. bill strikes texas. high waves and heavy winds, the system making its way inland this morning where it's all heading right now. new this morning one of north carolina's shark attack victims talking about what happened. >> i saw it had attacked my arm because it was out of the water a little bit. >> the moment the shark latched on. and new details about the attack about how he made it back to shore. and it's official, donald trump running for president. why he says he's running and where he wants oprah in the administration, an abc news exclusive.
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hey, everyone. good wednesday morning to you of the let's start with the nba championships. the golden state warriors. >> yes, congrats to you folks in the bay area. their fans hitting the streets last night after the warriors beat cleveland wrapping up the first nba title in 40 years. some people took it a bit too far. got on top of a bus. there were some reports of bottles being thrown at police. nothing widespread however -- >> back in cleveland lebron james is left to consider what might have been a spectacular individual effort in the finals coming up short. abc's paula faris was at the last night's game. paula, good morning. >> reporter: well t.j. and reena, everyone said this golden state team was a little too young, a little too experienced at this level but they are the 2015 nba champions and did it here in cleveland, pretty tough to do. they're the youngest team to win since 1983.
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and they controlled the majority of this game and it wasn't a one-man show. even scoring. they got about 25 points from stephen curry who was not named the final's mvp. it was andre iguodala believe it or not. the chances of him winning that award, 100-5 because he hasn't even started a regular season game. >> this is kind of like solidifies your career as far as me having some individual awards and then getting this on this big stage when i have to sacrifice less in order for the team to do better and showing it paid off. >> reporter: as for lebron james he finished with 32 points and 18 rebounds undeniably one of the greatest performances in nba finals history but the one at that time he cannot run away from he's now been to the finals six times. there is has own which won twice. t.j. and reena. >> thanks so much. they are celebrating back in the locker room. >> of course they are and some history being made. of course you see the league mvp with the trophy. that's stephen curry curry but
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andre iguodala who didn't even start a single game for these warriors the entire year he was voted your mvp of the finals. he only started three games in the finals. it was a lineup change that worked beautifully and he deserved that award but i mean congrats to the warrior, the bay area the fans out there. 40 years they've been waiting but cleveland's been waiting a long time as well. and they're still waiting for a championship. >> maybe next year. we turn now to the weather. and this texas rainmaker bill you hear about this guy no longer a tropical storm but still dumping heavy rain from corpus christi into houston. >> it stalled this morning over the eastern half of the state. millions bracing for more flash flooding as it makes a slow crawl to oklahoma and the midwest. here's more from abc's lana zak. >> another day in paradise. >> reporter: the rainwater was calf high in seabrook texas, after tropical storm bill, now a tropical depression drenched the area with heavy rein wind gusts and high waves.
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after flash floods led to the deaths of approximately 30 people during the memorial day hospital officials took extra precautions to mitigate the effects of this storm closing down streets and warning residents of the danger while up in the sky, the hurricane hunters of the 53. >> reporter: weather reconnaissance squadron monitored the storm if we saw very strongs on the east side of this thing. very light winds on the west side. a lot of rain. no real defined center. it's very very broad and very broad circulation. >> reporter: that broad circulation putting a large portion of the country at risk of flash floods. those warnings continuing today. but the hardest hit of all, texas. firefighters in houston were on alert during the storm and rescued one little guy caught in the deluge. >> he was out front just squealing. making all kinds of noise and ruckus. brought him inside. gave him a bath. gave him another bath. >> reporter: the firefighters say they named him ruckus for all the noise he was making. >> he whittled his way into our
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hearts. >> reporter: lana zak, abc news washington. >> several states will feel the impact from what's left of tropical storm bill. >> when the storm leaves texas, huge swath of the country will get soaked. accuweather meteorologist paul williams tracking this for us. good morning to you, paul. >> thanks reena, t.j. bill's going to cause three main problems widespread flooding. gusty winds, 50 miles or worse and isolated tornadoes and problems with dangerous rip currents along the coastal region. it will affect houston, dallas oklahoma city and then he's not done. a sequel we won't want to experience but we will. bill will move into the memphis area kansas city and lean towards the northeast before it's all said and done. back to you, reena, t.j. >> all right, paul thank you so much. well the memorial is growing at the site of that balcony collapse in berkeley california. six young people killed when they plunged 50 feet to the sidewalk below. five of those victims were from ireland. they were here in the u.s. on a summer work study program.
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the other victim was from california. neighbors say they thought it was an earthquake at first. >> 911, emergency, what are you reporting? >> hi we're on kittredge street in berkeley our balco economy just collapsed. >> experts suspect dry rot may have caused the collapse. that's when rainwater penetrates the wood surface and weakens it. a new york college student arrested for plotting attacks on behalf of isis. omar saleh planned a boston marathon type bombing in new york. the 20-year-old student from queens searched online for information about pressure cooker bombs and new york city landmarks. authorities in upstate new york fear the trail has gone cold in the search for those prison escapees. two weeks since they disappeared and wet weather is washing away any possible scent. we're learned the pair likely planned the escape for months even leaving themselves notes inside the tunnels. we're also seeing for the first time the husband of that prison employee charged with helping the men escape.
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lyle mitchell you're see him right there his wife is in jail. he visited her and did not answer our questions on his way out. well disturbing new details from the colorado movie theater shooting trial. the psychiatrist for james vivenzio holmes testified he had homicidal thoughts. three to four times a day. she feared he was shifting into a systemchizophrenic state a day after their last appointment. so concerned about him she called his mother. >> the massive cyberattack of government employee records might have happened because government computers are too ole. lawmakers slammed government officials for the security failure yesterday on capitol hill. millions of records were not encrypted because the computer systems are too oechltd some officials have blamed chinese hackers for that attack. and still ahead, more vehicles at added to the already massive massive air bag recall. also the donald the president? yes, he is running. his vision and what role he wants oprah winfrey to play in his administration. it's an abc news exclusive. plus hackgate.
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the fbi investigating a major league baseball team accused in a high-tech cheating scandal.
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that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how. all right. donald trump, not wasting any time on the campaign trail after that big announcement yesterday in iowa? speaking before a crowd in des moines last night hours earlier. he announced he's joining the republican race for president. trump making it official in his trademark over the top style saying i'm using my own money of i don't care i'm really rich and then there was this bit of self-promotion. >> you know all of my life i've heard that a truly successful
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person a really really successful person and even modestly successful cannot run for public office. just can't happen. and yet that's the kind of mind-set that you need to make this country great again. >> i love it. you remember that sound-bite from lebron the other day. i'm the greater player in the world. he's got nothing on trump. among his ideas building a wall along the u.s./mexico border which mexico would pay for. he said write it down. it will happen if he's president. he spoke to abc's george stephanopoulos about a possible running mate. this is great. >> i like oprah. is that supposed to be a bad thing? >> no. but who are the -- >> i think oprah would be great. i think we'd win easily actually. >> trump/winfrey, ticket. you like that. i love it. you can see more of george's exclusive interview coming up on "good morning america." you do not want to miss that.
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i certainly will not. >> looks good. we turn to toyota expanding the recall of its vehicles with potentially faulty air bags. nearly 1.5 million covers and trucks being added. nearly 3 million toyota and lexus vehicles have the air bags which can explode. takata that recall of those inflaters, now up to nearly 4 million vehicles worldwide. mcdonald's is getting in the summer spirit bringing back its lobster roll. didn't know they had one. the mclobster hits the menu this canada. wait that's the catch. for a limited time probably just a couple of weeks there -- i know, i know. i got excited too. just like you. apparently it will be popping up soon at mcdonald's in boston. >> okay. >> the mclobster is seen as an tempt by mcdonald's to use local ingredients and the price tag, $7.49. >> canadian. >> canadian. >> oh my goodness. >> canadian. >> got me all excited. >> less than that in the u.s. it's going to boston. people can fedex it to you. >> we'll take the train.
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>> okay. when we come back here, all this talk, oh this has been a twitter story for the age, right, naacp leader talking publicly for the first time since being accused of lying about her race. what she's saying now about the scandal. a carjacking caught on camera. a young boy inside the vehicle and the father refusing to let it go. ♪ hi! what happened to your hair? i got it. walgreens has all you need to keep it all under control. from a little touch-up... come on, guys! to finding that perfect finishing touch... to making memories at the touch of a button. all without missing a beat. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza.
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folks, you driving this morning, watch out. flooding from texas into the midwest and ohio valley. wet commute for much of the east as well from florida to new england and also slick from deborah hersman into the dakotas. >> flying today, discuss a couple of cities to worry about. all that rain causing airport delays in houston and dallas. well rachel dolezal, finally speaking out and she remains defiant after sparking a national debate over racial identity. >> and despite being born to white parents, the former naacp leader says she identifies as black. dolezal says nothing about being white, describes who these and she claims as a child she even drew self-portraits with a brown crayon. >> from a very young age felt -- i don't know spiritual, visceral just very instinctual connection with black is beautiful, you know just the black experience. >> but i don't think -- >> in response to dolezal's interview her parents say she's
4:17 am
continuously fabricating the truth and the story about using a brown crayon to draw herself as a child simply never happened. >> we're seeing dolezal in a whole new light. glamour shots. shedding her conservative attire for this provocative some might call it cute supporting long blond braids. they were taken in 2012 five years after she started passing herself off as black. we turn now to allegations of computer hacking. swirling around baseball's best team right now, the st. louis cardinals, fbi look nothing whether the cardinals hacked into the houston astros database allegedly stealing sensitive information. that information set to include evaluations of players, strategies and trade talks. houston's general manager used to work for the cardinals they believe his form he colleagues used his old password to hack houston's system. teenager in the atlanta area wanted for questioning after a wild incident that started at a gas station. the teen started driving away in
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an suv that was being fueled up. a young boy was inside. the boy's father grabbed on trying to stop it. wound up breaking his arm. his son jumped out. he is fine the teen however did get away. now, some sports starting with my lady the team usa soccer team taking on nigeria last night at the women's world cup. >> it was a corner kick that comes. there you see it and there you see it. striker abby wambach who just before halftime. that was enough. 1-0. now it's on to the knockout phase of the tournament. team usa's second round match is next monday against an osprey topponent to be determined today. we leave the show led it with the nba championship golden state warriors. >> and another look at clinching the victory from our guy at espn. >> welcome to our "sportscenter" set in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. neil everett is making me do this alone. an "i" in neil the way he spes
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it. the golden state warriors and steph curry looking for their first np championship in 40 years. curry to andre iguodala who won the mvp. warriors up 10 up 11 later. quality minutes offer the bench and scored 10 points. warriors up 14. cavaliers down 9. lebron james, what a series he had. but just not enough. no kyrie irving or kevin love but they cut it to a seven-point game. but there's steph curry, the regular season mvp knocking that one down and three more from curry. and curry and draymond green who had a triple-double getting to realize it's real. lebron james congratulates. warriors take it in six game 10 a-97 the final in game six. that's all from here. now back to you. >> thank you very much sir. up next in "the pulse," the teenage shark attack victim talking about the ordeal from his hospital bed. >> and welcome to where?
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nexium level protection. ♪ well time now to check "the pulse" starting with the remarkably positive attitude of one young shark attack victim. >> here he is. 16-year-old hunter erer treshel lost his arm when a shark ripped it off speaking out from his hospital bed saying he's not letting him get it down. he plans to fight and live a normal life. >> biting at my left arm then it got that off eventually and it swam -- i don't know if it swam away but i was able to move and i got out of the water with the help of my cousin. >> there's another vic, the family of the 12-year-old speaking out, as well. she also lost an arm in another aing that.
4:23 am
we wish them the best. >> her family says she is expected to be able to keep one of her legs which was also injured in the attack. may be some confused air travelers in the midwest thanks to a prankster looking for a good laugh. >> this is one of the better pranks you will ever see. he spelled out welcome to cleveland. spelled it on his roof in big, bold white letters, the sign clearly visible from planes for planes in if you're flying overhead. there's a good shot if you're flying to the nearby airport. the prank? he lives in milwaukee and it says welcome to cleveland. more than 400 miles away from cleveland. >> he's a 62-year-old artist. he has a great sense of humor and says he did it for fun. how did he get to the top of that roof is what i want to know? how do you get up there. >> there are some places you're flying for. you look down wait a minute. what's going on. >> no landmarks. well i'm not a fan but i know many of you just love those cat videos online. they're okay. some of them are good but some of them eh. >> researchers now say the emotional effect of watching those videos far more reaching
4:24 am
than you might think and say watching can actually boost energy and positive emotions teej. >> that's my problem. >> now we figured it out and research found even if people procrastinate a moment while watching those video they're actually better able to take on tough tasks afterwards. >> see. >> a cat video before coming on the air. >> there it is. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. finally a video that hits close to home to anyone in our business that does a live report. sometimes the public can't help themselves. >> case in point guy who ran out the door he's watching tv with his friends, he sees a live report and that's outside his place. the reporter staying right outside and then there he is seconds later. there he is. okay. runs to the back -- in victory. went back through it as well. >> you know why not. >> it could have been. he could have been streaking live on national tv. >> or making an obscene gesture. just excited to get on tv. >> for some of you local news is
4:25 am
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i thought i'd start the video by showing you the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and if we overcame that or if we can overcome that we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ]
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are savoring the moment. right? i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. with leyla gulen and traffic and machine machine and -- and meteorologist mike nicco with the weather. >> a great series. congratulations, warriors, and all of the fans who went to bed late and are rolling out of bed... >> i cannot see...mike? >> good morning, everyone, congratulations warriors warriors fans, all of us hopefully in a good mood this morning. visibility is looking pretty good on live doppler hd at three miles at half moon bay and that is it. of course, wonder how many days we will have to enjoy the lights on the embarcadero center with the blue and yellow. here is the 12-hour day planner
4:29 am
in the mid-to-upper 50s this morning under clouds with low clouds traded for high clouds but for the coast where the low clouds are stubborn especially the peninsula. 60 at the coast. mid-70s around the bay and upper 80s inland. summer is here. i tell you how long it will last in the forecast. >> early on this wednesday we will see if the post-win traffic is good hours later. >> so far, light. both of us are wearing our blue and it is a good thing they won because i was running out of warriors blue thing to wear and was having to shop. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows light traffic but early risers surprisingly because i was up late. 680 southbound, nice gaps between the vehicle at top speed and no actions to report and some area of construction coming up. >> congratulations to the golden state warriors bringing the nba home
4:30 am
to the bay area. >> the warriors my back to oakland after closing out the cavaliers in cleveland. steph curry scored 25 points in the deciding game number six and the warriors defense stifled the cavs and withstood several runs beating cleveland >> and the m.p. was the first to win the award without playing until the finals and iguodala receive a $100,000 bonus forgetting series mvp. >> my god. had a great group of guys and players and teammates and coaches. the front office. our fans. our fans. they deserved it. my god, it is beautiful. this is what it


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