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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> feel free to be giddy after watching the nba champion warriors demolish the cleveland cavaliers. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. no one got any sleep too excited. >> and mike, mike we start with you. >> and now a look at what is going on outside it is quieter weather-wise with for rain down here but for summer temperatures and that is this afternoon with live doppler hd quiet and you pay want to have the up preliminary to shade your self later this afternoon. here is a look at the embarcadero we cannot see that enough. a championship banner between the buildings would look cool.
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>> 47 to 56 and although it is hot in the afternoon in many areas it is cooling off nicely during the day with 56 at the coast and 78 and low clouds are relationed by high clouds and 60 to 88 by 4:00, and many areas will touch 90 and the day will not be the first day. it will be hotter this weekend and that is ahead. >> for father's day. yikes. >> how is the traffic? >> light. and accident-free. we are looking ahead to the friday parade and i will have the parade route and information on ac transit. here is a look at san rafael and 101. it is clear heading in the southbound direction and light in the northbound direction away from 580. at the golden gate bridge the travels could be murky. not too terribly foggy. may need the low peoples. traffic is nice from marin to san francisco. >> the bay area is still buzzing
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over something many thought could not happen. the warriors winning the nba championship. >> they finished off the cavaliers in game sick -- six at quicken loans arena beating cleveland and andre iguodala is named mvp. the head coach kerr credited iguodala with becoming the sixth man at the start. >> that set the tone all stare olympian saying i will come off the bench. it set the tone for everything we accomplished so it feels like full circle that andre iguodala received the award. >> we are messed. this is a long season, thought it would never end but we weapon -- kept fighting. one game at a time. we are going to enjoy this.
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>> they took care of it. look at this, lebron james walked over to the warriors bench in the final seconds and shook steph curry's hand to offer his congratulations. >> no sleeping end for the season m.p. and steph curry tweeted a brief but simple message from cleveland "15 gold trophies after a dream season." that said it all. >> fans are celebrating the sweet victory with the rush on today to snatch up merchandise but last night a fan handed out his own goodies at the oracle arena watch party. amy? >> this was the best party in town, a lot of spirit props including cheer cards and rally towels handed out by the team but the most important tool was the voice. it was deafening in
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that is what it sounded like when warriors won game six and became the champions. it was a watching party fans could buy a ticket coat and watch the game. one fan spent $20,000 of his own money to buy rally towels for his fellow fans and handed them out. >> how much did you spend? >> $20,000. >> really? >> it is for the whole >> you are the coolest guy? >> i am the luckiest i have a wife that allows me to do that. >> outside it was loud too, this is a parking lot at oracle arena, a deejay blasted tunes and the fans had a blast celebrating with or without music and spending money.
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championship t-shirts and hats were on sale last night and they sold out and i have them here, here is the t-shirt, the hat, nba champions, 2015. it looks good. they will be hot items starting at 9:00 and dix sporting goods stores will open at 7:00 and you have time to stop by before you head to work. >> thousands of fans took to the streets to celebrate the warriors victory mostly peaceful but there are rowdy mopes. matt keller is at oakland police headquarters. matt? >> police congratulated the warriors with a message for fans celebrate responsibly and stay safe.
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iguodala! iguodala! >> fans were happy about the machine and police happy about the streets, although officers responded to sever celebration events. last night sky 7 spotted people stopping a bus and getting on top of it. people were in the streets at 14th and broadway and officers arrived. before midnight some fireworks went off in the middle of the street at west grand a fire was lit in the street, firefighters put out the scenes. side shows were another issue at 880 and 23rd, an s.u.v. was spotted spinning wheels and they broke up multiple sideshows saying not a classy way to celebrate with a vehicle pursuit ending with the arrest of a person with a loaded handgun. san francisco police had issues when the giant won the world series last year but they did
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not have major incidents in the city overnight. >> the tax now turns to friday and the warriors victory parade. the celebration begins at 10:00 a.m. in oakland kicking off at broadway and 11th convention center for a rally. fans can line up by pack a.m. by 5:00 a.m. on friday morning. we will have information on transit with closures and everything posted on keep it here friday morning for best parade coverage on your hope for the nba finals abc7. >> here is the oakland front page "pure joy title ends 40 year of futilities and marks new going." you can see steph curry and
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teammates celebrating moments after the victory. >> this is the front page of the "san francisco chronicle" "golden moment," and you will want to save this newspaper with steph curry's expression saying it all. >> we have been the station the entire nba finals. our crews got the lucky excitement of covering all game. and wayne tread map -- wayne freedman joins us in cleveland. >> this is the contrast to want in san francisco. there has to be a morning after. in cleveland this is the morning after. unlike your morning after where people want the feeling to go on and last forever cleveland is ready to move on. this is what it looked and sounded like. >> warriors. warriors. warriors.
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we are back court side behind the warriors filled with warriors fans during the game and positively brimming with they will after. many of those are fans and friends and most recognizable and photographed is the curry family going the distance traveling with steph curry. >> it is wonderful. wonderful. go warriors, world champions. >> it is unbelievable. so proud. best team from start to finish. >> i feel great and super excited. we did it. >> what is not to be excited about. where is riley curry? she was on the court during the trophy presentation playing the strong sigh length silent type. it was well past her deadline.
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it is safe to say everyone here and the bay area will have catching up on sleep to do and we will too, and riley we will probably see her at the parade open friday. you may want to wear ear plugs. we have a feeling it will be loud again. dubs fans were rocking the celebrations last night so many of you sharing your photos and video on social media and we want to see how you celebrated the big win. you can see your pictures on the mail or online at abc7 come. >> now warriors fever is running higher than ever and our temperatures are running higher than ever and will climb. >> good morning everyone, the inland area east bay was in the
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90's and free air conditioning with low-to-mid 50s this morning but concord is 58. pittsburg is 59 and brentwood is at 60. low-to-mid 50s away the bayshore and 52 in cupertino and foster city and novato and cooler in bodega bay at 47. alameda is 54. now this afternoon we will have a lot of sunshine but a few high clouds and not is sunny as year. 68 around the bay to 80 in the south bay and 80 in the north bay valley to 96 inland east bay valley. coast and san francisco is still breezy and cool at 59 to 66. from sutro tower you can see how compressed the marine layer is to a thousand or 1,200' and we will get a lot sunshine. stronger marine layer and four degrees cooler tomorrow and friday is as warm as today and saturday is warmer and father's day? that is coming up.
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>> 87 near julian street and the shark tank, 101 southbound from santa rosa to petaluma is looking good and 101 northbound from 280/680 to highway 85 is 12 minutes. on friday, the nba championship parade starts at 10:00 but folks will line up at 5:00 a.m. this is where the parade takes you traveling at broadway and 11th and turning right on grand avenue and harrison street to lake side drive ending at oak. it will have a rally at the convention center. bart will run extra trains through oakland all day and modified routes do accommodate parade goers and ac transit will have a ton of street closures and will be re-routed. >> an urgent appeal for help in
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system may be too strong, which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. >> covering novato zone sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. if you live in contra costa county your property taxes are about to go up.
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the county assessor said homeowners will get notices in the mail and our partners at the times reports that the assessor will review the property values in january and if your property has gone up or down you are notified in july of the trend is up. many have been calling after getting letters from their motor lenders saying they must pay more for their portion that goes to taxes and insurance. >> police are looking for help to find two missing boys from san jose. the 11-year-old martinez and telephone-year-old left home on monday and not seen. they are best friends and believed in san francisco. they told friends they had $100 and they refused on go home. one boy is 5' tall and nicholas is 5' 2" and weighs 100 >> flash flood warnings are still posted after tropical bill
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drenched areas from texas through missouri forcing residents to wade back and forth. several roads have flooded and million crews are preparing motorized rafts. just in case. bill has been downgraded to tropical depression but still parking quite a punch. >> the golden state warriors are packing a punch and rebound is giving a shout out tweeting "what a team win," and epic season for steph curry and kudos to lebron james and the cavaliers for unbelievable effort under adversity. >> from governor brown thanks warriors for making oakland a championship city again. that is the former mayor of oakland. >> now the profit and how hot it will be. that is our gift to meteorologist mike nicco. >> hot weather. time to sit around and relax and be pampered.
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i hope that happens. i hope. good morning everyone. she is not up yet. live doppler hd shows our visibility is doing well and not much fog this morning. we are going to be breezy with wind at 21 to 33 knots through 5:00 tomorrow morning. the rest of us, though, not so breezy because of high pressure and look what it did to singing -- sinking the air. we are going to be off to a fast start for hot temperatures this afternoon with a 35-degree spread between the coast and inland east bay and high clouds run through the sky this afternoon. good news, like this morning temperatures fall back and the 50s tonight and we will have a roller coaster, a baby roller coaster of temperatures headed through the weekend into next week. our warmest weather to the south is los gatos and morgan hill
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mid-to-upper 80s and everyone else in the mid-70s and 80 in cupertino and san jose and on the peninsula today, san mateo is at 74 and palo alto is 78 we will flirt with the upper 50s and daly city at 59. downtown south san francisco mid-60s and sausalito is 71 and through the north bay we have low-to-mid 80s from santa rosa at 8 pa to napa at 82 and low-to-mid 90 cloverdale and lake port and clear lake. 70 at berkeley and 77 in fremont and nine degree spread across our east bay shoreline and san ramon is 89 and inelse is in the low-to-mid 90 inland walnut creek around 90 degrees. 63 at game to 59 so it will be cooler at the cove and temperatures are low-to-mid 50s so look at what is going on with carlos it is weakening but it will cause a lot wet weather around the coast the next day or so and then it will
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pull away and the moisture is going to be over inland mexico. friday is father's day and temperatures are almost exactly like today with the warmest day open saturday. is a great day. leyla? >> working on construction. some of it is going to be wrapping up in a few minutes traveling westbound westbound on 580 between 35th and 980, highway 24 but we have construction until 6:00 traveling eastbound direction along eastbound 980 meeting with highway 24. there are construction crews in the area in oakland so be careful and slow down. slow down the cone zone and this is the southbound 680 from 4th to walnut creek is six minutes. westbound on highway 24 through the caldecott tunnel out of walnut creek it is nine minutes. tracy to dublin is 33 minutes.
5:21 am
>> faulty airbags are forcing the recall of even more vehicles. >> here is america's money. >> topping america's money the giant airbag recall is growing again and toyota is adding 1.5 million cars and trucks where the faulty airbags that can explode with too much force involving 34 million vehicles around the world. >> the maker of corona may run out of beer and is the public one imported beer and the 5th best seller in the up. they are opening a second brewery in california to satisfy demand. mcdonald's is bringing lobster rollback in canada. >> it is $7.49 canadian and it could pop up soon at mcdonald's in boston.
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>> seven things to know as you start your day including the warriors championship. >> a puppy gets into a life threatening predicament. ÷h
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♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. here are seven things to know before you go the warriors and dubs nation are reunited on friday morning for a long awaited victory parade to celebrate the nab championship. last night the words closed out the cavaliers in game six of the finals 105-97 and andre iguodala was engaged the mvp. >> fans in oakland were mostly well behaved.
5:25 am
but some jumps on a bus and others set off fireworks in the middle of the street. c.h.p. reported two sideshows on 880 involving fans celebrating the win. >> breaking news in east oakland, one person was killed when a car crashed into a tree overnight on 98th. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to tear off the radio of the car and free the four people trapped. one died at the scene. the other three were taken to hospitals. >> on family members of the victims of the berkeley balcony collapse arrive today in the bay area from ireland. six were killed and seven severally killed. flags at at half staff. >> tiger who escape after severe flooding at a zoo has killed a man and wounded another. the tiger was hiding in an abandoned factory near the zoo when it attacked the men. police killed the big cat. dozens of other animals also
5:26 am
escaped in the floods. >> check out marine layer, the depth has shrunk with sunshine and a few high clouds and warm day land and summer is here to stay with an update on the holiday weekend forecast. seven, it is a wednesday and it could be a humdrum mid-week commute but folks have extra bounce if their step and traffic is nice to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we talked about flash flooding in texas and a rain soaked puppy called open firefighters for rescue. the little guy scratched up the door at the fire station 32 in houston and firefighters took him in and gave him a warm bath and he is grateful to have it. his name is ruckus because of the noise he made trying to get in. when word got out he did not have a home he was adopted in
5:27 am
about 20 minutes. >> who could say no to that face? >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including getting your lands on warriors championship gear with stores stocked and ready with gear.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> morning. we want to sing "don't stop believing." we believe. it has happened. thats for joining us. >> you know what we saw?
5:30 am
shooting "green." >> mike will check the forecast. >> stop theying about dome of the it is already here. we won. an amazing game. cannot wait to see the highlights. first, live doppler hd showing no fog and a compressed main layer. look how warm the sky looks from east bay hills toward mt. diablo, the day planner, 12-hour day planner starting off comfortable, in the 50s by noon, we will stay in the 50s at coast and mid-60s and upper 70s inland and by 4:00, 60 at the coast with clouds lingering and the rest of us have high clouds and sunshine and mid-70s to nearly 90 inland and comfortable 50s 60s and 70s. >> make not say
5:31 am
aloha means " >> it is light and breezy on the toll plazas however the metering lights will be turned on. they have fought been turn on yet and traffic is packing and stacking and no one is hitting "snooze." they are making their way into san francisco to buy warriors gear. congratulations to the warriors bringing the champions to the bay area. >> flying back to oakland after closing out cavaliers in cleveland. steph curry and andre iguodala scored 25 points. the defense stifled the cavaliers and they withstood several runs in the 4th including the final couple of
5:32 am
minutes to beat cleveland. andre iguodala was named m.p. the first to win the award without starting every game in the finals. the team hosted the larry o'brian trophy for the first time in 40 years. iguodala told mike shumann he will receive $100,000 bonus for being named series mvp. incredible. incredible. >> outbound fans deserve it. we will enjoy this. the whole summer. and next year. >> it was historic season. the warriors finished with 83 wins the third highest single season total in nba history and steve kerr was the third to win
5:33 am
the title in the first year on the job. when the game helped thousands of fans hit the streets of oakland to celebrate the victory and police are prepared and it was mostly peaceful. our reporter is at oakland. >> fans are waking up family. oakland police are happy. they say there were few people causing problems overnight but it was relatively mild. fans are happy to be celebrating a championship after 40-year wait. a woman hung up a warriors shirt on a traffic light and others spray painted "warriors." sky 7 saw a lot of crowds in the street and people jumped on a transit bus at 14th. by early morning most events cleared up. the dangerous issues were several sideshows blocking traffic. c.h.p. had a vehicle pursuit ending with the arrest of a person with a loaded handgun. san francisco police were busy
5:34 am
but there were no major incidents. we expect more details on how many arrests if san you were in san francisco and in oakland. >> fans were in the mission district to celebrate. this is the scene at 24th and mission. one person hopped on the back of a bus for a minute. but the crowd believed. police made no arrests but were standarding by. >> fans are savoring the first title in 40 years after the unforgettable night watching history in the making together at oracle arena. amy hollyfield? >> kristen look at happy mess they left hype, confetti litering the floor and happy to see it here at oracle arena. the party was not limited inside
5:35 am
the oracle arena. look what happened outside. so much to celebrate fans had so much fun and they had a deejay in the parking lot. the fans would have made their own music if they needed to. they were happy and they did taught want to go home and have been waiting for 40 >> how long have you waited for a championship? >> 40 years! >> oracle arena inside was packed as if it was a home game. it wasn't. the teams with in cleveland but
5:36 am
the fans watched the game on the big screen with fellow fans at $15 a ticket got you inside. it was sold out control. it was a ton of fun and now time to focus on championship gear. here is the mat if you are dying to get your hands on one and i have a t-shirt. they sold these last night and though sold out so they will re-open the store at 8:00 this morning and have all of this available for you to grab them on the way to work and where them with pride. the warriors, the nba >> i wear 2x. >> fans are back at oracle arena to try to get the locker room gear of the champions of the many fans at watch party headed straight to the team store before the game ended where box loads of gear went on sale. by midnight the store was sold out but it will be restocked at 8:00 a.m. with the store at
5:37 am
westfield mall in san francisco be back open with more gear 69. >> popular spot for fans is at bay area sports authority and dix sporting goods store opening early at 7:00 this morning so you can stop by before you go to work and at the sports authority fans lined up immediately after the game to get caps and t-shirts and most waited in line an hour and caps were sold out in 20 minutes. in now the attention turns to friday and the victory parade with the celebration at 10:00 a.m. in oakland and the parade kicks off at broadway and 11th and heads through uptown oakland at lake merritt. fans can line up at 5 o'clock a.m. at lake sure. this will be special plans for bart and a.c. transit, the recommended way to go with complete live coverage open friday morning at your home for
5:38 am
the finals which is abc7. >> oakland mayor schaaf sent out this tweet "congratulations oakland and all of dub nation celebrate with love, be safe be happy, we are champions." we have a lot to get to including wayne freedman who is in cleveland for us this morning. wayne and his crew were at game six when the victory was clenched with a report at top of the hour. >> we have an update from mike on how the forecast is shaping up. >> cool this morning. great sleeping weather but it was hot. mid-to-upper 40s through the 101 corridor and san rafael at 52 and napa at 57 and calistoga at 50. warmer temperatures there. we have low-to-mid 50s away the bay shore with lafayette and san ramon at 53 and headed
5:39 am
to the bay shore, cupertino is 52 and redwood city 55 and san jose 54 and brentwood is warmest at 60. in flight arrivals into sfo and looking good there but headed to houston or dallas we have issues so check ahead. our afternoon forecast has low clouds moving back to the peninsula coast with high clouds and 80 in the north bay and 59 to 66 and still breezy along the coast into san francisco and 68 around the bay and 80 in the south bay with signs of sun breaking out in walnut creek looking south on 680 and tomorrow is four degrees cooler than today and friday temperatures are same as today and art is peak so what does that mean for sunday, father's day? that is ahead. >> the metering lights have been turned on with heavy traffic from oakland headed into san francisco with drive time traffic 580 westbound from tracy
5:40 am
to castro valley at 46 minutes and 101 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport and northbound 280 through daly city interest san francisco is 11 minutes. now, friday's parade as the warriors march starting at 10:00 a.m. the start is at broadway and 11th and you are going to turn right on grand avenue where you sigh the parade right down harrison street on lake side drive ending at oak and the rally is at the convention center. you can start lining up at 5:00 a.m. and bart is going to accommodate more parade growers and will add rains and action transit with the streets closed will be re-routed. >> breaking news, police are responding to a deadly accident in east oakland after a car crashed into a tree. it happened on 98th avenue near e street with firefighters
5:41 am
using the jaws of life to tear off the of radio of the car and free the four people trapped inside. one was pronounced dead at the scene and the other three were taken to the hospital. >> wantback police are investigating a shooting that left two dead and a woman injured before 12:30 this morning at east 18th. a woman and man were found dead and another woman was shot but is expected to be okay. no information for police on possible suspects. >> next, the other top story of the day the tribute paid today to the victims of the berkeley balcony collapse and the cause engineers are zeroing in on. >> the ride to work will be more expensive for thousands of bart riders. they will dig deeper into their pockets. >> we have a look at san francisco international airport with broken clouds and cloud
5:42 am
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>> covering santa clear, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 5:44, the flags of republic of ireland are
5:45 am
flying at half staff over memory of the six irish students who died in a balcony collapse in berkeley. the bagpipes played "amaze, grace," as two wreaths were laid down in honor of the victims. seven others are injure the. many victims' families are on way to the bay area. the balcony collapsed during a birthday celebration and city officials ordered it removed what was least for fear it would fall to the ground. >> there is in definitive cause for the collapse and you can see inspectors surveying the structural remains trying to figure what happened but a long-term bay area engineer is certain it was dry rot caused by wart intrusion with wooden decks in the bay area are susceptible because of the moisture in the region. >> officials have unanimously approved a plan to bring a change in san francisco.
5:46 am
it prohibits cars from turning right on market street between third and 8th. the changes will remember dues -- will reduce traffic by 50 percent. it takes over picket in office. uber opposes the land because it will make it difficult for people to get a ride. >> it will cost more to pack your car at bart stations while riding the trains with fees going up in 50 cent in july earmarked for station access work and modernization. a new $1.50 at hayward. it will cost $2 to park at richmond and south hayward. $3 at bayfair and south san francisco. the 26 of bart 33 stations now have the max $3 daily parking charge. >> thank you is the best part of winning, a favorite golden
5:47 am
moments is steph curry getting doused by teammates in champagne after winning the championship. he said "bring it on," and they did. >> we wanted to show you a cute moment with the curry family having fun with the larry o'brian photo with this posted on -- with this if their nba champions gear having fun after the game because it has been work. enjoyable work. but work. >> riley looked more tired than usual. with the time difference, you think it was late here... >> how many toddlers can say i watched my dad win the nba championships. >> exactly. father's day is coming up...
5:48 am
>> really? >> surprise. >> vice. high dad is in town so it will be a good father's day. >> i only see my parents ties a year so i cherish it when i can. here is what is last of bill spinning over dallas and houston and corpus christi with flooding possible up to st. louis. we have delays into houston. we have delays into dallas. call ahead. the sea breeze is tapering again signifying high pressure is over us with winds at 18 miles per hour at fairfield picking up moving northwest to southeast at 21 to 33 knots through 5:00 tomorrow morning. in san jose at 87, the shark tank is clear. a hot summer sunshine is developing over the east bay hills and the areas that are in the 90's. with high clouds coming in and
5:49 am
the summer spread is 35 degrees from the coast inland and comfortable air conditioning. minor ups and downs through the forecast. and today the cloud cover is dissipating around the bay and inland and the north bay has the best chance of sunshine today. the individual temperatures start in santa clara at 78 and san jose is 80 and the warm spot is morgan hill at 87 and sunnyville is 77 and redwood city is 79 and san mateo is 74. half moon bay is 61 and daly city is 59 and downtown and south san francisco pushing the mid-to-upper 60s and we are in the low-to-mid 80s through the north bay with napa at 82 and cloverdale and clear lake mid-90's. and richmond is 8:00 at 68 and oakland is 73 in the mill as the warmest spots are castro vietnam and fremont at 77 and san ramon is 87 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 90's like livermore at 92 and walnut creek at 90 and lows tonight are in the low-to-mid 50s again.
5:50 am
the seven-day forecast shows the sea breeze is stronger and the marine layer is deeper so slower sunshine means four degrees cooler inland and friday is like today but warmer around the bay and we peaked on saturday with money 90 inland and mid-80s away the bay and we pulled back on father's day and then a cooler monday. leyla, how is the north bay commute? >> indeed, it is moving along fine and the golden gate bridge shows the clouds causing a bit of fog crossing over the rig and not enough to use the low beams. no actions to report. as we look at drive time traffic i-80 westbound from ford to the maze is 16 minutes. on the bay bridge 11 minutes from the maze to san francisco and 101 southbound from san francisco to sfo and 11 minutes. we do have construction in that area traveling along 280 in the
5:51 am
southbound direction at 101 lasting for another ten minutes and they are picking up cones. if you are headed into san francisco from sfo top speed to the 280 exchange and to the skyway nine minutes between sfo to third street. >> how about making caring for fido simple and quick. >> the new san francisco delivery service bringing you everything from food to streets in an hour or less. >> what you are being asked not to do today. >> warriors are not the only winners with a bet helping thousand of need in the bay area. what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly
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>> another favorite golden moment from game six and the warriors ending the 40 year championship drought the team and coach kerr smiled posing for photos after the trophy presentation. >> a big shock, the mayors of oakland and cleveland had a bet going for the unanimous series. >> rather than sending each other goodies it is would can donate the most money to local food banks. and the winner of the alameda food bank with 40,000 pounds of food donated including corn and fruit squeezer and delmonte is
5:55 am
donating to the greater cleveland food bank. >> congratulations. we will see what the both has in store leading up to the parade. >> the parade forecast is in the next hour of the show. 63 at 7:05 and dropping to 59 with temperatures hitting 115 to nearly 120 in the high desert, palm springs and through to arizona the next several days through the weekend. palm springs 114, mid-to-upper 70s san diego and los angeles and 84 in lake tahoe and be careful, mid-90 to low 100 >> we do not have delays away from 242 or highway 4 up to highway 24 and a look at 680 southbound walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and santa rosa to san francisco is 53
5:56 am
minutes and through the santa cruz mountains along highway 17 from one to los gatos is 22 minutes. >> the oakland city council will hold a special meeting for members to sign off on a controversial new high-rise. the last time the city council tried to vote on the issue protesters filled the chamber and preventing action from being taken. at issue is city ownd for a new expensive apartment. >> a san diego man has creative idea on how to deal with the drought. >> you may want did keep your deodorant handy because custody "nation wide drought day." the idea is to skip taking a shower one day we use an average of 20 gallons help we step to the shower and if everyone skipped a issue for a day we would save almost three
5:57 am
billion gallons of water. >> at 6:00, bringing alameda's former military base back to life at half million dollars to put people front and center. with a view of the bay. >> apple making texting easier with an invention so you never forget to respond to your friends or kids ever again.
5:58 am
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we spend a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good. hey, why don't we do some homework for a change? gary, you too. stuff. yes! lovin' the new design! konichiwa hirosan. five minutes... all this speed is very empowering. check out the new hardware. with the fastest internet available, xfinity is perfect for people who need to get a lot done at home. and now you can go even faster. we've just increased the speeds on two of our most popular plans. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the dream season is thousand complete. the the championships, their first title in 40 years. how sweet it must be for the crazy loyal bay area fans. >> sweet indeed the warriors
6:00 am
are world champions. >> that means the celebration is on, abc7 is the home for complete coverage great plans for parade on how you can get your hands on red shot championship gear. you like that? all this crazy-ness. >> this is your newspaper headline this morning "golden moment," showing steph curry hands raised in victory andre iguodala won mvp for the series so it was a great run. great run. >> and golden sunshine? >> absolutely. live doppler hd shows we it is dry this morning. there is that golden sunshine. you can see from mount tamalpais, the backdrop for the 12-hour day planner at 47 to 56 an


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