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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: cheers and plenty of confetti, iguodala soaked it all in. steph curry showed off the nba championship trophy, while generations of fans celebrated golden state's first title in 40 years. steve kerr knows a thing or two about winning. he played on five nba championship teams. this is his first as a coach. >> this is maybe the best one yet? >> i'm not allowed to say that. i don't want to make anybody else angry. but can't possibly get any better. >> i knew they had a great fan base, but the support people are showing here is just beyond anybody's dream. these players will remember this for the rest of their life. >> well certainly a broken hand was not going to keep the mayor from the celebration today. and look who she's riding with. that's m.c. hammer. the pair is on the snail car. a giant hot rod car built by a group of west oakland artists.
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shaftd calls it a great symbol of oakland showing off the city's vitality and creativity. now, after that parade a spirited rally followed a beautiful scene at the foot of lake merit in front of the kaiser convention center and that's where carolyn tyler was for that celebration. carolyn, i envy you. must have been great to be there. >> reporter: dan if you are a warriors fan, this is nirvana. your team wins the nba championship and you get to celebrate with the players. it was a celebration worthy of a 40 year wait for thousands and thousands creating a sea of blue and yellow lining the edge of the lake merit. the crowd chanting warriors and waved signs as they waited for their champions to come to the mike. klay thompson took a selfie and gave a shut out. >> i used to live in that building over there. to see the lake like this, it's crazy. >> reporter: andre iguodala was
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named mvp and gave credit to this loyal fan base. >> best fans in the league. y'all deserve this. enjoy yourselves, be safe. we about to go hell and ham as y'all would say. >> reporter: draymond green known as the heart of the warriors showers the crowd with affection and champagne. he's a fan favorite known for smack talking and today coach steve kerr was the target of his jokes. >> he hated me. that's no lie. probably still hates me. that's no lie. but we're going to keep winning these championships. and that's no lie. >> reporter: many had begun gathering as early as 5:00 this morning. it was worth the wait when the face of the franchise league mvp steph curry stepped up. >> we have to celebrate this trophy like there is no tomorrow. unbelievable experience. we deserve this. this is amazing. >> reporter: and the real
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standout star of the season riley curry. for once seeming at a loss for worsd. she may have been speechless but the warriors have found their voice, their winning style. and this was a day to celebrate. in oakland carolyn tyler abc 7 news. there was one upnfortunate the that the incident. apart led to art led to a shooting that injured three. two are? in critical but stable condition. no arrests have been made. the shooting did not deter more than a million fans who came to see team. laura anthony live with more on how the warriors success has given the citya h a huge boost. >> reporter: that's right. seems like a distant memory now but you may remember at one point there was talk that this parade would be held in san
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francisco. that did not happen. and while the future is uncertain today and now oakland is proud to claim the warriors as their open. san francisco mayor ed lee may have rolled by in a rolls-royce but this was oakland's mayor day to show off her city. >> i love the city. the good, the bad, the ugly. and to show what oakland really is just so amazing. >> no better place for this to happen than oakland. i'm so proud of this city and so proud of the warriors to give this community the sense of spirit and pride it deserves. >> we love the warriors. we bleed warrior pride. >> reporter: this parade is the culmination of efforts by oakland leaders to put the city in a good light. >> welcome to the beautiful bay area. >> reporter: including during the nba playoffs when the networks finally began showing oakland beauty shots more often
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than san francisco. as oakland glimmered every the warrior ownership intent on moving the team to san francisco couldn't help but notice. >> what a great parade, what a great setting. fantastic. these are the best fans in the world. >> how does oakland look? >> pretty beautiful. look at the crowd, look at the sun. look at the faces of all the people who feel they won. and you know something they did win. >> reporter: indeed there are still many here who hope their pride is keeping this team right where it is. >> after all of this, they will stay because we have great supporters here. >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> world champion. we did this for the bay area.
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>> it has certainly been a day these plays will never forget. this is andre iguodala with his son and the championship trophy. a great shot. david lee tweeted that 1.1 million showed up for the parade today. he called them the most loyal fans in the world. and also posted what a fantastic energy, thank you, thank you, thank you. you helped us all the way to the title. >> really was incredible to watch. if you missed any of our coverage, don't worry, we have the best images of the day like this one from mike shumann posted on our website a lot to see there. so check it out. now to our other top story. president obama back in the bay area. we have team coverage of the president's visit. katie uhe tis will have more on his speech but first vic lee is live in fran withsan francisco where
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the president is attending a fund raiser. >> reporter: well, dan, the president is now at his second fund-raiser. he's had a very busy afternoon. this one in sea cliff, it's at the home of tom steyer. nancy pelosi is there as well as 50 other guests who pay $10,000 to $33,000 each for the honor of being at this fundraiser. his motorcade left nobodyknob nil about a half hour ago where he held his first one. after his speech, he went to the home of a venture capitalist billed as a round table gathering of some 30 supporters who contributed $33,400 each. the president did have some fun at the airport before he went to work. air force one touched down just before 1:00 at san francisco international airport. there were no official greeters,
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but there was a crowd of about 40 well wishers. almost all family and friends of government workers and people with connections. and the president didn't dis disappoint. when he came out of air force one, he walked immediately to the crowd. stephanie and paul and their two girls were thrilled. like most, this was their first time they had ever seen the president in person. >> very exciting. he's the president of the free world and not a very common opportunity for somebody to see. >> reporter: president obama even shook her hand. >> he shook your hand? >> yes. >> which hand? >> this one. >> reporter: and 8-year-old tyler got to meet the president. not only up close, but personal. >> what was it like? >> it was exciting. he said he liked my mohawk. >> reporter: vic lee abc 7 news. >> the president's first stop in fran was at the hilton at union square where the u.s. conference
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of mayors is under way. that's where katie uhe tis is life tonight. the shooting in charleston must have been on everyone's mind. >> reporter: the conversation about the issues of gun violence and race predominantly was what took place here at the convention of mayors here in san francisco. and a wide range of people put in on that topic including local musicians m.c. hammer, and the many mayors. meanwhile president obama called for action. >> racism remain as blight that we have to combat together. >> reporter: at san francisco's hilton, president obama tried to rally people with a direct connection to their community. mayors. >> at some point as a country we have to reckon with what happens. it is not good enough simply to show sympathy.
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>> reporter: the issue of race and gun violence became a dominating topic at the u.s. conference of mayors. following a shooting that killed nine people at church. sacramento's mayor kevin joon son september condolences to charleston's mayor. >> we're with you, joe. handle charleston anything we can do don't hesitate to call on us. >> reporter: johnson led a discussion with carlos santana and m.c. hammer. who brought perspective on race. >> fear of having a conversation about race. and if we don't engage in conversation, we will be vulnerable to the charleston shooting. >> reporter: productive conversation about guns in our country. >> at the very least, we should be able to talk about this issue as citizens without demonizing all gun owners. >> reporter: he called on mayors
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to make the push with their people. >> no reform can guarantee elimination of violence, but we might still have some more americans with us. >> reporter: a thoughtisadvice thought visiting mayors can take home. >> just ahead the balcony collapse and what protesters want to prevent. plus what made dozens of people sick at an east bay water park. officials think they ruled out one possible cause. and if we don't do something now as the seas rides srise we'll be in great trouble. >> a call to action to combat climate change. we'll tell you a joke and let you go skate.
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irish times is reporting that the body of four of the six students killed tuesday will be returning to ireland on sunday. abc 7 news reporter janet oh is live in berkeley. you were able to find out some still hospitalized are doing. how are they? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. but first i want to show you the people gathered here at the memorial site who paid their respects. two of the irish students who fell were taken to the hospital, one with serious one with critical injuries. they both have been upgraded to fair condition and the good news tonight is that they are expected to make a full recovery. as the memorial site continues to grow, irish officials have been busy visiting injured students at the hospital.
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minister for affairs spoke with two of students now well on their way to being discharged. >> i was very encouraged with the spirit that i saw there. it's very hart ped to edgood for the parents, as well. >> it was a very touching moment. just the other day when the two students got together and saw each other for the first time since they came to the hospital. >> irish officials say love and support have been pouring in from all over the world. and here in berkeley volunteers are offering their support to those affected by tuesday's tragedy. the counseling center and the hot line is open all week. meantime, a small but heartfelt group protested outside berkeley city hall. >> we'd like a moratorium on building until we've had a chance to make sure that all of our procedures are correct and
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in place and qualified and safe. >> if the segue construction company has any pending permits in berkeley, that should not be a segue to this tragedy. >> reporter: the city of berkeley says its inspectors are hard at work trying to find out what went wrong and provide some answers for the victims' families. janet oh, abc 7. officials still trying to figure out what caused about 30 kids to get sick at the antioch water park. families who showed up today found a sign showing that the pools were still closed. health inspectors say the amount of chlorine in the water was high, but within allowable limits. they are checking into how the chemicals were stored and delivered to the pools. >> we believe there was a plug in the line could that plug when it broke, could that have released enough color leanchlorine
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we don't think so, but we're checking in to it. we have an update on breaking news in vallejo where 7 people were hit by a car. police are thousand confirming that one person has died. three others have been air lifted to hospitals. they say the driver stayed at the scene and has been detained. they don't know if the driver had a medical condition or if drugs or alcohol might have been involved. the driver jumped the curb and ran into a bus stop hitting a family of three walking by and four others. wade free map will join us with a live report at 6:00. nasa researchers spent the afternoon raising awareness about climate change and the effect of arising sea level. the san francisco bay included. so how great is the risk here? the story from.
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>> reporter: along the shore line, some take time to soak in the beauty of the bay. >> you can enjoy the environment, the birds an sound and water. everything about it. just feels like home to me. >> reporter: but just few whiles away community leaders are warning others about what could be a harsh reality. >> we have the waste water treatment facilities at sea level, highways and roads at sea level. and if we don't do something now as the seas rise we'll be if great trouble. >> reporter: within the century sea level could rise between 3 and 5 feet. airports in san francisco and oakland are in the potential flood zone and other critical infrastructure throughout the bay area could be compromised. in fact the bacon servey conserve vague and development commission estimates $62 million of bay area shore line and 270,000 people would be at risk from a 55 inch rise. as agencies in the south bay work to strengthen the shore line public officials say now is the time to act. >> even if you don't life in that area that will be in-you
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been dated, if you use a service in that area, you'll be affected by rising sea level. you been dated, if you use a service in that area, you'll be affected by rising sea been dated, if you use a service in that area, you'll be affected by rising sea level. >> it's bad enough that people aren't listening to the climate change and what we're doing to the environment. >> reporter: an opportunity now to not only reflect on what we currently have but how we can protect to generations to come. chris winn abc 7 news. standing in the sun at the warriors pa raise and rally took its toll on some people today. police and stepped into help this man giving him water and using a fan to cool him down. he seemed to be okay after just a few minutes. but it was just packed down there today. the sun was shining thankfully a beautiful day. a number of people a little overcome in the heat. >> too much sun and excitement. >> and a lot of fun in the sun
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earlier today as oakland. you had shade and hydration are your best friend on warm days like this and we're setting up to have a duplicate day tomorrow. lots of sunshine to start off the weekend. live doppler showing us a clean sweep. so let's go outside. they ever gets sick of this view from our east bay hills camera showing you we're sun soaked around the bay. 64 in san francisco 68 oakland mountain view right now 73, san jose 79, 90 in morgan hill and 59 at half moon bay. live look from sfo no delays. weather looking good. 86 in santa rosa, fairfield at 89 degrees. but concord and livermore 91 and 90 respectively. one final look, live showing you no fog, no low clouds around san francisco. it's really shaping up to be a nice evening across the region. the forecast tonight does call for fog, a little bit developing late tonight, a wide range of
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temperatures tomorrow and then we'll be turning cooler as summer officially begins on sunday. live doppler along with satellite showing you very similar picture, a setup we've seen this entire week. high pressure off the coast, low pressure inland brings us the on shore flow and that will continue for saturday. so future weather has you covered eaearly tomorrow morning. a little bit of fog. it willc4zy link are rightger along the immediate coast line. a wide range of temperature, otherwise lots of sunshine, a few high clouds and you notice the 90s are back and they will stay there for saturday afternoon. if you are headed to the alameda county fair tomorrow lot of sunshine, very warm, 88 degrees. so remember to drink water, find shade if you feel tired breezy at 7:00 and by 211:00, cooler at 65. overnight, a comfortable evening. highs for your saturday in the south bay, we begin with 81 in san jose, 78 for sunnyvale,
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peninsula, 77 red wood city 74 san mateo, downtown san francisco up to 64. to the north bay, 84 santa rosa, 80 vallejo. 70 the high in east bay, breezy but sunny, 70 oakland, 73 newark, 70 in richmond. 90 in pittsburg. here is your being a could you rhett 7 day forecast. wide range tomorrow. father's day on sunday a bit cooler summer officially begins a 9:38 in the morning. monday is our coolest day and then here we go again, you like that warm weather, you'll like the rest of the 7 day forecast. by thursday and friday, mid and upper 90s make a return. so enjoy. and happy father's day to all the fathers out there. >> thanks so much, drew. looking for a last minute weekend activity with the kids
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have you ever seen oakland happier? >> no. >> got to be happy. >> yeah, i'm really happy. and there was a lot to be happy about at today's warriors parade, including the breathing float. >> and klay thompson still showing the love shining autographs and shaking hands all in all a fabulous day. here is a question for you. do you like to laugh? who doesn't. well it's friday and you know what that means. >> you like fun. >> yes. >> okay. well we are going to actually make you laugh because improv is going to give you four free tickets. and you can pick one of 11 show and show times, the exact kind of comedy you want to see. $100 value. you get four tickets like i
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said. and they have all kinds of shows coming up. they have a comedy jam all-stars coming up in mid-july, lock land patterson. you've probably seen him on t vflt tv. anyway, four free tickets. okay. now, if you're not laughing hard enough at that, perhaps you can laugh at each other when you try to skate because there is free roller skating at cal skate. this place is huge. take a look at that picture. 25,000 square feet of skating. now, pretty amaze. you can play in the arcade they have a snack bar. sunday night all you can eat pizza. >> what can we do to get this? >> you laugh and then you dial this number.
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1-800-kgo. logon to >> great. thanks. well, the league mvp admittedly and probably happily overshadowed by his daughter. >> riley's stage fright today and some of herself best moments during the warriors remark him run flex.
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ticket to tempur-pedic event. find the tempur-pedic that's right for you and see why they're the most highly recommended bed in america. plus, get three years interest-free financing. sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100 day money back guarantee. and of course, free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: make sleep train your ticket to tempur-pedic. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> coming up at 6:00 a different kind of celebration tonight after charges are dropped against a man who shot someone this his own garage. the surprising thing the judge said tonight from our iteam. plus thousands of pagefof saker acres
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up in smoke. and easy ways to help you save water. all coming up at 6:00. finally here the nba off seasonal officially under way. the team heading to las vegas for a party tonight. and that means we may have seen the last of riley curry for a while. >> here is a shot of the adorable 2-year-old during the parade with her parents today. and here is what riley did on the mike plus a few of the moments that made her an internet star. >> you want to say that. >> we're both supposed to -- i know. hold on one second, okay? >> be quiet. >> cute cute cute. >> world news is next. >> and here is another look at
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some of today's excitement. tonight, the stunning moment, the families in charleston facing the accused killer. one by one, what they say to him. their tear-filled messages as he stares straight ahead. forgiveness and anger, one saying, we welcomed you to that bible group with open arms. and now word that his own father called police after the shootings. and the severe weather from d.c. to philly, cincinnati to new york. wildfires out of control, 17 fires, five states. families evacuated. and the cruise ship crash. right into a wall, dozens hurt. they had to lift them off of the ship. and the massive accident. the truck driver accused of falling asleep. plowing into ten cars. and the invisible danger,


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