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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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news in san jose, a picture from a construction site where a man high on a power crane is in a stand off with police. it could impact you if you work in that area. >> lgbt mural in san francisco's mission was defaced days before "pride." police could be led to the suspect. >> and the clock is ticking on coliseum in oakland that could decide the fate of the raiders and the a's. >> thanks for joining us on monday. >> i am matt keller with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco is here. mike, i felt the difference with the summer solstice and it is officially summer. >> in the south bay it was warm. not as cool as other places. the south bay was warm. it is feeling like summer. >> it will keep getting warmer until triple digits inland. visibility issues in santa rosa
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at the golf coast aviation boulevard, 1.5 visibility. with cloud cover around the golden gate bridge and that could drop down on the deck of the the 12-hour day planner is 47 to 56 and mild. 56 at the coast and 74 inland so comfortable heading out from us and 60 to 84 below average during the 4:00 hour and 58 to 74 at 7:00. today is a cooler day moving forward. >> thanks i wish you could flip the switch with the summer vacation and no traffic i know exactly not so with fathers going back to work mothers, also going back to work and the dads are loosening the brand new ties. and maybe rolling up the sleeves much the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is picked up coming away from the maze and 15 americans gets you across for san francisco. taking you into the south bay is a look at san jose where traffic is much lighter.
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however, 897 is the past jammed freeway in the morning during commutes near julian street but right now it is what to go. take advantage of it. >> breaking news in san jose, this is a look at a construction site at 6th and santa clara near city hall where a man climbed to the top of a crane. officers say he climbed up and inside the cab at 8:30 last night. police have been trying to get him down all night. they have shut off power to the job site so he cannot move the crane. 100 construction workers have opinion told not to come to work because of situation. our reporter is there with a report including what we are learning of this man at 6:30. >> the search is on in san francisco for the vandals would have deface add mural in the mission district. it represents the lgbt experience and the latest charge is days before the pride
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festival. we are on the scene. >> morning, this mural just went up two weeks ago and it has been vandalized twice. black graffiti covers the face of the men and women in the art. it was supposed to celebrate lgbt chicano culture and mixes images of lgbt people with mexican american themes. this is outside the galleria which has been using this canvass at the corner of 24th for decades. workers hope this latest p would spark a discussion but it has been defaced and the artist threatened online. >> it wasn't meant to provoke people or "us," again "them." it is an idea we exist and we will talk about it and something that we were not upset about the defacing as much as being disappointed. >> the gallery spent $3,000
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restoring the mural after being vandalized last week when someone scribbled over the art with red spray paint and volunteers will rehaven't and replace it again. there are security cameras pointing directly at the mural much the video has been happened over to police. this is only days before pride and the big celebration happening this weekend and it should be fixed before then. with just over a week to go until a summer recess the supreme court could hand down a ruling this or on same-sex marriage bans in four states that could have sweeping ramifications for the lgbt communities across the country. many expect the high curt to overturn same-sex marriage bans in four states. some are concerned it will not resolve every legal question faced by gay and lesbian couples. states have to thy many other legal questions such as parental
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gender preferences and rules for divorce and whether private employer health plans have to cover same sex houses in states where sexual orientation is not protected. >> a same sex debate is creating controversy, people bill canceled plans for a ribbon cutting at the national service center in baton rouge taking a stand against governor jindal's executive order which protects people who discriminate against same-sex marriage couples. >> the oakland city council is holding a special meeting today to consider establishing a department of race and equity. the -- would review the work insurance of city government including the police department to ensure minorities are not discriminated against 507 afternoon and receive their fair share of city services. city government has disadvantaged some with record to education, policing and implement opportunities. special meeting is at 5:00 p.m. >> in south carolina a massive display unity in the wake of the church massacre.
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nine people were killed in the racially motivated attack by downtown-year-old white supremacist after the sunday service resumed at emanuel ame church year thousands of people gathered for a unity march across the river in cha this affects the nation and we can start a movement, this is one race, the human race. >> in oakland, dozens of people matched near lake merit in honor of the charleston victims. organizers hope to end what they call "white silence," when people sit back is doing in to fight race i. >> police are looking into information on a deadly we highway shooting in the east bay. 20-year-old menendez was found dead in his car after it crashes in the center divider on highway four on saturday. the sheriff deputies believe the shooter fired from another car possible a honda. they are asking anyone who knows about the shooting to call. >> a million now stands outside
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a gas station in oakland. this follows the death of a man shot by a security guard on friday night. the guard fired after a fight brock out between two men at international boulevard. >> police are searching for a man accused of exposing himself near a fremont gym in a magazine lot at gayweigh -- shopping center when a man was sitting in a two door honda sick near a 24 hour fitness. she walked by the car and he exposed himself. another woman two days earlier saw a flasher but it does not appear they are related. >> controversial vaccine moving through the legislature in california will be the focus of a meeting. experts and parents and business owners plan a press conference at berkeley city hall to explain why they think the bill is unconstitutional. the measure would eliminate personal belief exemptions that allow parents to opt out of
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vaccinating kids on religious grounds. a state health committee is sending it to the full assembly after sign off. >> a real estate developer has until today to give officials a financing report for the new football and baseball stadium. he was given until today to show how he will get coliseum city will. the san jose mercury news reports that the a's managing owner has no interest in sharing with the raiders saying the a's would be become to square one. >> the drought has forced boat owners to pull crashes out -- to pull their cabs out of the lake two months early because of the drop in water level. >> it is bummer but we have a water issue. what are you bing to do? >> boarding and tubing is now banned. officials say there are too many
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hazards because the water is so low. >> people source of fresno are blaming the drought for making them sick. there is no run water and people rely on wells. the wells have been drying out with dusty air making people sick. dos have seen a spike in respiratory illnesses including chronic bronchitis and allergies. >> water is run low and restaurants are dealing with high are egg prices and inability to get new eggs a shortage brought about by a bird flue virus that wiped out millions of chickens in the midwest. some are look at passing the confident to customers and others have taken egg heavy dishes east menu. >> i notice at the store they are a lot more expensive. >> but you have to buy them. >> now we will check with meteorologist mike nicco who made everyone breakfast here at abc7. >> hope you like instant oatmeal. that is what you are getting.
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44 woodside. palo alto is 50. ed wood is 52 and everyone else including san mateo and san bruno and san carlos around 54 to 55 and mount 57. and san francisco is 54 check out the sunshine in walnut creek inland areas warping today but not like later this week. 81 to 88. the cost and san francisco a few more clouds. breezy in the evening. 8 to 65 and away the bay, 6 in richmond and berkeley and 8 in santa clara. leyla? >> there are exceptional problems. walnut creek is not one of the problems. it is a beautiful commute if you head away from pleasant hill to walnut creek at the highway 24. clear. dry. sun is out.
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not too many vehicles. we do have a mass transit delay. you are expecting capital corridor train 529 it will be delayed for 30 minutes because of anational issue. they are going to put some buses in operation to get folks to where they need to be and as we look at bart we have 50 trains running on time and ace train one, three and five, those are running on time with no delays. train three is one minute early. >> wild weather in oklahoma leads to a dramatic scene feet away from a group of >> killed's big reveal is the reality star seeing blue or pink for baby two? >> more weather and traffic all morning.
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>> covering cupertino, concord wine country and all the bay
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area, this is abc7 news. morning. a look at exploritorium camera. we have low clouds. do not be surprised to find out the tops of the buildings different in san francisco. >> meteorologist mike nicco will have details on how we heat up. >> in pennsylvania developing news, philadelphia police are searching two two suspects after weekend shooting injured two including two children, an 18-month-old child saturday night as they gathered for a block party. to men started shooting from the street and investigators believe it stemmed from a feet a week ago and the machine waited until it was dark to retaliate. all victims are expected to be okay. >> quite an or deal this weekend, and united flight took off from rome on saturday headed
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for chicago. after a passenger became the plane has to make an emergency top in belfast. stranded passengers waited 21 hours and the new crew to arrive before taking off. >> the race is on to see which company will form a messager with health insurer signature -- cigna after they rejected a $47 billion deal opening the door with other partnerships. the "wall street journal" reports all the top insurers are looking for deals to become more efficient with new guidelines. >> in oklahoma a road is closed after a land light broke off with cell phone video showing when the road gave way living behind a gaping hole that is 20' wide and 30' deep. it happened after a weekend of flooding brought on by heavy
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downpours of what was was last of tropical dough presentation by. >> no rain in sight. >> full day of summer today and it will be warmer. fine amendment after being so cool. it wasn't bad but i will show you what is going on. live doppler hd is still strong sunshine and you can use the umbrella. double deaths wind only in concord at 13 and fairfield is 22 miles per hour and we have dropped to six at sfo and winds pick up starting at 5:00 this evening along the cost through 9:00 tomorrow evening and winds at 21 to 33 knots so small craft advisory and late arriving clouds southbound from mount tamalpais and notice they are not thick,er, so we will have sunny conditions and maybe more cloud cover along the coast than over the weekend of the slightly warmer but nothing like the extreme heat we are going to have inland thursday and friday and we will have to pay the
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state to be comfortable. weekend highs, more free air conditioning. that is what we have to the south, mid-to-upper 70s through the south bay with santa clara and san jose 78 and headed to location location deeper into the santa clara valley, mid-to-upper 80s and headed up this way, redwood city at 76 and palo alto 95. daly city is 59 and the sun will set at 60 and more sunshine south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 60s and mid-70s to upper seven through the north bay and you can see santa rosa and calistoga and napa at 82 degrees and listen the east bay shore, richmond and berkeley at 68 and everyone else is around 70 at oakland to 75 in castro valley and fremont and inland temperatures in the low-to-mid 80s headed to antioch at 86 and present wood warmer at 88 and san ramon is a cool spot at 81. upper 40's in santa rosa and napa and antioch at 57.
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we will talk about el anyone i don't, last month, you can see the oranges and yellows and how they spread with need percent chance of this through the fall and models are trending ever so quickly to a strong even that gives us 60 percent chance of above average wet weather. fingers crossed. two to four degrees warmer foam and wednesday and triple digs thursday into friday and 88 an the bay and still heading to the cost it will be mild and in the 60s. have a great day. >> we have construction over the next couple of mornings and if your travels take you between marin and san francisco, there will be work done tuesday and when morning from 1:00 o'clock a.m. to 3:00 am on highway 101 and southbound highway one. this is in preparation to re-open doyle drive for good happening next month. they hoped to do it this month but they pushed it back for more
6:20 am
testing. right now travels in the northbound direction along almost board street up to the golden gate bridge are starting to slow down a little but the golden gate bridge is at top speed. drive time traffic is busy over the altamont pass and tracy to castro valley is looking good, and 280 through daly city, interest san francisco still, up ten minutes. >> new this morning, it is a by for kim kardashian with the announcement on social media a picture of kanye west reading a story to their daughter, you are such a good daddy to north you will be the best daddy to our new son, too baby boy west is due in california. >> speaking of holed we will go hollywood without leaving the bay area. anew tune to see what it is like living like a star and a new
6:21 am
clue in the sent for two convict killers on the run and what is leading police to the mountains in northern new york. >> but, first a look at golden gate bridge a beautiful shot of the fog creeping in and weather and traffic during the commercial br why is there a kevin
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>> the focus of a manhunt for two escaped prisoners is shifting north after police searched western new york 400 miles from the max security facility where to machine broke free two weeks ago. coming up at 7:00 a.m. on "good morning america," we report open clues found in a cabin that led accepters to the new area. >> and along the embarcadero in san francisco for the council of mayors final night party with spectacular fireworks drawing attention across the city. this morning, baltimore mayor will speak at the hilton young square. her city saw riots in reaction to the death of a man in police custody. race relations and again violence have been a your topic at the for day nonpartisan convention. the conference wraps up tonight with a celebration in chinatown. >> hollywood star is selling her bay area home.
6:25 am
>> whoopi has listed her berkeley estate for $1.3 million. >> it a two-story victorian style home with a guest college west of berkeley high school. the renovated main house was built in 1890 has three bed troops and updated kitchen on a third of an acre. the house sold in 1985 for $335,000 and the co-host of "the view," lived in berkeley in the lay 70s and was active locally. >> but what will it sell for? you never know. >> a crazy market. >> the morning continues at 6:30 including protecting news in san jose, a look where a man is on top of a crane that you are seeing there and how the stake out is affecting some people's work day. >> a fire gut as vacant house all caught on camera and what firefighters believe was inside that took things from bad to worse. >> more weather more traffic
6:26 am
all morning along and a new way to keep you updated with a look at for and slow clouds and fog across the bay. ♪ ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at of:29. traffic on 680 is all right just a little slow but it is 6:29 and the sun is out. hopefully a gorgeous day after a wonderful father's day to you all. i am christian. -- i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller. mike we are talking about cooler than normal temperatures? >> absolutely. it was cooler over the weekend making it easier to eat too much and now 2.5 miles of visibility at star road and golf course drive and 101 up in santa rosa. you can see the clouds are getting lighter over san francisco although they are on top of two of our tallest
6:30 am
building and the temperatures are in the mid-40's to mid-50s this morning staying in the 50s to nearly 60 at the coast this afternoon with less sunshine than yesterday. we jump from 62 to 74 around bay from noon to 4:00 and 74 to 84 inland. a comfortable evening. along the coast and around the bay you may want to grab a coat. you do not need one later this week. >> leyla, hopefully folks are not sluggish because of traffic? >> it is starting off great with all the dads hitting snooze but the top did not want to wake up after a lovely father's day and now everyone is getting up and on the road and we have a few problems. it is a busy commute in from the east bay toward san francisco and that is a look at the toll plaza so 15 minutes gets you across, and we have word of a brand new accident in solano county in fairfield, eastbound 80 involving at least seven
6:31 am
vehicles and it sounds like the lanes are blocked so possible injuries involved and we have all the days straight ahead. >> wen to follow breaking news in san jose, where a man is standing his ground on top of a crane mere city hall. police have spent hours trying to talk him down with no luck. our reporter is at the scene with more. katie? >> yes, at this point, police have opened up the street behind me however there are no seeps of movement coming from the crane. i will let you look here we are in crane watch in the 10th or 11th hour and he is in the cab of the crane. police are just going to wait the map out. officers at the base of the claim were this communication with him through bull horn. he broke into the construction site and climbed to the top last night at 8:30. it is located at 6th and santa clara. officers say the man could be homeless. they are working to confirm his
6:32 am
identity. >> he is despondent. his sobriety is in question. that is what we know. >> there are officers on the scene with crisis intervention training. as we said they were in contact with him this morning. lately we have not seen of movement coming from the crane. 100 or so construction workers scheduled to work today have been told to stay home. officers are going to wait him out. it shoulden warmer today. the power is turned off. he cannot operate the crane even to there are fans to keep him cool. officers think the warmth could push him out. he got in at 8:3 cooler. so it is a waiting became. officers do not want to climb up the crane to rescue him. >> taliban is claiming responsibility for a series deadly explosions at the
6:33 am
parliament in kabul. militants fired rockets as lawmakers convened to appoint a measure defense minister. two snaps, a woman and a 10 year old girl were killed and 30 people were hurt. no lawmakers were injured. all seven are dead including a car bomber. six others were killed in a firefight with security forces. >> investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that destroyed a vacant home in san jose. a neighbor provided this cell phone video to abc7 showing flames from the home long side interstate 680 and the fire break out at 5:45 and cries stayed outside after hearing what is believed propane tanks exploding inside the house with winds picking up embers. the house suffered $500,000 in damage. >> several fires are burning out
6:34 am
of control in california with cooler temperatures today in the mount days helping about 2,000 firefighters battling a 17,000 acre wildfire that new is 19 i don't contained. on hopes and other structures are threatened but in structural damage has been reported. several hundred people have evacuated camp sites and vacation homes. >> a large fire has burned 1,400 acres forcing evacuation of 72 homes yesterday, two homes and several outbuildings have been destroyed. one was injured. the tire is now 50 percent contained. the ever have order was lifted year. >> body of the last irish student killed in the berkeley balcony collapse is home in ireland. the body of olivia burke arrived in dublin this morning. burke and her cousin to rohnert park, ashley donohue were remembered together at a
6:35 am
ceremony on saturday. the six died a week ago weapon an apartment balcony collapsed in berkeley. seven owes were injured and they recover from their injuries in the east bay. >> rally is hell for 25 elementary schoolteachers at west valley elementary in sunnyvale to be transferred to another school in the district in the fall. officials say the school is infected with tension and moral issues. parents and students will gather for the rally at 6:00. >> city leaders will spend the day ironing out a plan to make the streets safer for drivers and bicyclists and pedestrians with a meeting to iron out the details for vision zero an $80 million five year improvement plan adding more red height cameras and crosswalks and wide were the bike lanes and slow speeds in the school zone. >> get your sleep or you will die. that is the new warning from doctors and what is prompting their harsh dose of reality. >> uber keeping an eye on you
6:36 am
when you are not riding in their car? a debate is being fueled that has taking action in san francisco today. >> check this out, a look at the toll plaza with a big backup for monday morning commute. binge eating
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>> coming up on 6:39 on monday and 8 at shark tank the clouds are starting to roll in. today, we start the trend to shorter days. two seconds is what we lose. that doesn't happen to vary at all on temperatures 1- to 4-degrees below average. but look what will happen deeper in the we, we will push triple digits thursday and friday inland. until then most of the triple digs are down in southern california but for the heat warping tomorrow and already 112 for today in palm springs in the 90's through the central valley and 80 in lake tahoe. >> in fairfield we have a major action involving seven vehicles. it is westbound 80 at first street and c.h.p. is reporting it eastbound. the slowing is evidence that it is certainly in the westbound direction as you aprehighway 12. they are bing to clear this (a)
6:40 am
in continue minutes. however you are still dealing with heavy backup as we make the push into fairly and when you get beyond the scene of the accident it is clear. the rest of the drive is busy over the altamont pass, an hour to get between tracy and dublin, highway four loading up but we we is clear in the north bay. we all feel rough when we do not get enough sleep but the united states is on verge of a sleep crisis. >> losing sleep can have dangerous, possibly even deadly effects on our health. a new report suggests that americans are sleeping less and less each year, down to an average of only 7.1 hours a knit in 2012. getting secretary hours or less increases the risk of heart attack stroke diabetes and obesity. bad sleep is as dangerous as not getting enough. >> kristen? >> i don't know whether you sleep too little or i bore you
6:41 am
to death. >>:40, your privacy at risk because of a popular ride-sharing app. >> what uber is accused of doing long after the ride is over. >> love to shop? look no further than twitter a new feature they are rolling to roll surfing and shopping into a simple click. >> we have traffic and weather together dug the entire commercial
6:42 am
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6:44 am
6:44, san francisco police are looking for the vandals who again defaced a mural in the mission district showing the lgbt experience. >> this comes days before the city's pride festival. we are at the scene with more. morning, the faces of the men and women have been covered by black graffiti but above the mural is a security camera. hopefully, that video can help track down the person who did this. the mural has been vandalized after only two weeks. this mens images from mexican american callture with lgbt themes with the cans have owned by the galleria workers say the vandalizing is when then but
6:45 am
their bigger concern is the artist has received threats online. >> they are concerned for that are safety. we hope it doesn't get to that point. we hope the tagging is the way other folks who do not agree are expressing themselves and we hope they don't take violence to anyone. >> the mural was spray painted some time on monday or tuesday last week and galleria and volunteers will again repoint and reinstall the miral in time for the pride celebration and they are planning a public forum to talk of issue. recording like for the mission district nor abc7. >> today, a privacy rights group will file a come plain -- complaint against uber that tracks users when they are not using the app. the washington dc group said that the policy violates several
6:46 am
privacy issues and it is scheduled to take effect on july 15th. >> san francisco taxi workers are planning to rally the effect on cab drivers because of uber. some drivers held a similar profit outside the hilton hotel where the united states mayor's conference was being head. taxi drivers say their pay has been cut 40 percent since uber and lyft began operations. uber said they deliveriliable and affordable options. >> san francisco's housing market could be too hot. >> napa seeks to save money with solar. and now jane king has the money report. >> good morning a big start on wall street, with the dow up 100 points and it looks very hopeful they will reach a deal on greece perhaps this week. they are meeting today and they will take a couple of days to hammer out that agreement. san francisco is named the most
6:47 am
everheeded housing markets in the nation, most overvalued and the local average him is selling for 8 percent more than what it is actually really worth. that is not ever close to the prehousing bubble. some politicians were 70s percent over what they were worth. >> napa is going solar and it could mean smaller sewer service bills and increases for residents and businesses. solar will build and operate and sell the power to the napa sanitation district hoping to save $3 million over 25 years by using solar. twitter is making it easier to shop testing products to drive more. commerce with tweets on dedicated pages with immaps and video of a rod and the description, and rice and option to buy or visit the website for more information. like millions of other fathers, a famous dad made sure
6:48 am
to mark father's day on social media. >> steph curry posted this picture with riley on instagram including "no better blessing than the responsibility of fatherhood. work up at 6:15 with two-year-old feet kicking me in my back and would not have it any other way." kick the m.p. in the back. >> speak of warriors forward andre iguodala will be a guest on jimmy kimmel tonight and chemical kill tweeted the announcement over the weekend. andre iguodala was named the mvp in in nash finals and lebron james was supposed to on but andre iguodala stopped him from being on the show. just kidding. >> he gored jimmy kimmel so well. >> he guarded jimmy kimmel so well. >> he kept lebron james away. >> very if. very good. >> poor lebron. >> now we are taking cheap spots. >> the women's world cup going
6:49 am
on and...future soccer players. >> if she does not play professional sport we are going to be disappointed. this is generational. >> not too hot. not too taxiing much still need water. the sun will be strong today and you will need the sunscreen and live doppler hd shows no need for an umbrella for the rain and the winds are calm at 22 at fairfield and concord is 13 and everyone else is less than ten miles per hour and notice the general direction is blowing on shore through the bay and inhand while along the cost they are in the northwest at 21 to 33 notes and small craft advisory meets at 5:00 this morning through 9:00 tomorrow evening. here is a look at the golden gate bridge one of the few foggy areas and it is not a solid shield from mount tamalpais weather window. mostly sunny conditions today and slightly warmer and the
6:50 am
coast, lingering longer and ill -- it will not be so warm, we will not see the jump there. extreme heat possible open thursday and friday and the welcome highs are bing to be comfortable as we fall back to son am levels. today we get to seasonal levels and the cost will start to dissipate from north to south but not kite as much as it didder. secretary to 80s, and a summer spread today and 7 a had milpitas and san jose is 78 and mid-to-upper 80s los gatos and goal provide. 75 at boardwalk. 73 in san mateo and 76 in gilroy. notice the bay side, downtown south san francisco more sunshine and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s and mid-70s in petaluma and low 80s around santa rosa and napa and the east
6:51 am
bay shore 68 in richmond and berkeley and low-to-mid 70s elsewhere like oakland at 70 and fremont at 75. enjoy the free air conditioning, 81 in san ramon and plaintiffen and 86 in antioch to 88 in brentwood. speaking of free air conditioning, low-to-mid 50s and a few upper 40's are possible in the north bay valley. we modify the air mass tomorrow at two- to four-degrees warmer from the bay to inland and look at that accident scenive heat nearly triple digits thursday and friday and 80s around the bay and still comfort am, 60 -- comfortable, 60s at the coast. >> it is busy at there starting with the san mateo bridge, it is sluggish chugging along the water between hayward and foster city it will take you 20 minutes across to 101 and when you get on the peninsula you are starting to see a buildup of traffic in the southbound direction moving toward the south bay as we move up to slow now county in a moment -- first, though, tomorrow and when i
6:52 am
remind you wednesday from 1:00 o'clock a.m. to 3:00 a.m. on highway 101 and southbound highway one there will be road work in preparation to re-open doyle drive. there will be traffic impact there if you travel in the early hours. now we are looking at delays from vacaville. for the forbes in the north bay solano, we have a crash in fairfield involving seven vehicles westbound 80 at 1st street and no word when it will clear up. >> back with 15 thens to know. >> we have weather and traffic during the commercial break and a look at the toll plaza. keep
6:53 am
my name is jeff richardson the vice president of operations here at c.k. mondavi. to make this fine wine it takes a lot of energy. pg&e is the energy expert. we reached out to pg&e to become more efficient. my job is basically to help them achieve their goals around sustainability and really to keep their overhead low. solar and energy efficiency are all core values of pg&e. they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california.
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>> here are seven things to know before you go police have re-opened the streets knewer city hall after a man climbed on to a 9 90' crane 11 hours ago. at the supreme court a key ruling is expected on same-sex marriage and is expected to overturn the batches in michigan ohio tennessee and cub conduct. we be give you the alert on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> and days before the pride celebration in san francisco a lgbt is defaced in the mission district covered in graffiti on saturday for the second time in
6:55 am
a week. >> six, although we get two seconds less of sunshine today it will be warmer this afternoon. right new, upper 40's at napa and novato and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50s and the flags are blowing to the east but not so stout so it will be slightly warmer 50s and 60s away the bay and 50s and 60 at the coast. >> in solano county, westbound 80 at an beneath, highway 12 is where we have a seven car pileup and a lane is blocked at 18 miles per hour is the top speed. we have delays out of vacaville with no great alternate to get away from that >> six, the san jose fire department is investigating what sparked a fire that destroyed a vacant home in san jose, a neighbor shares this cell phone video with abc7 showing flames pouring from the home alongside interstate 680.
6:56 am
the house success established $500,000 in damage. >> firefighters are battling self major wildfires in the state, a 17,000 acre fire in the san bernardino mountains is 19 percent contained and 1,600 acre fire is burning and crews are working to prosecute the sierra brown from,500 -- great acre fire. >> we will see you in 25 minutes. have a great morning everyone.
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source. da da da. good morning, america. and breaking news. a big break in the massive manhunt for the escaped killers. hundreds of officers swarming a small town in upstate new york. >> we'll search under every rock, behind every tree. >> new clues at a campground where they may have been hiding. prison gear and fingerprints matching at least one of them. the search intensifying, putting a town on edge. also this morning, floods and fires. bridges and roads overwhelmed by torrential downpours. >> it's gone. >> this road crumbling, the drivers of that pick-up rescued. after that bridge washed out. the highway underwater as major cities in the midwest brace for powerful tornadoes. in the west, wildfires fueled by dry conditions and sizzling temperatures. mid-air residue, a frightening scene in the


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