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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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uncertain future.
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what do you do with one of the most iconic structures in san francisco? the pal officeace of fine arts? >> some of the proposals have people frankly scratching their heads. good evening everybody. >> the palace of fine arts located in san francisco's marina district. looking for a new long term tenant. >> lillian kim is live in the marina. lillian, what are they thinking about with the place? >> reporter: larry that's the big question. we heard it all. hotel. market place. even a sports complex. you can imagine just about everyone had an opinion about what to do with this beloved landmark. >> hotel? come on. really? >> reporter: a hotel is one idea
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for palace of fine arts. one that seemed to generate the most vocal opposition. >> we had plenty of hotels. we attract tourists. we have no problem with that. >> to the night's public presentation there didn't seem to be enthusiasm for an indoor sports complex. one of two fitness companies approached to come up with a proposal. >> we have a history of taking buildings this large and creative reuse, provides sports programs, fitness programs. >> all part of a plan to throw out a wide range of idea on what to do with the space. and they will have a chance to weigh in on line. >> what about retail restaurant destination. >> no, no. >> why would we want to chestnut street and union streets restaurants. >> palace of fine arts was built for the exposition.
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and but the palace originated as a place for the arts. and one group is committed to honoring its history. do we want to let that go? and i'm not sure the community is well informed on that. the rec and park program says the decision should be made next year. in san francisco lillian kim abc 7 news. >> dangerously dry conditions have made the bay area a tinderbox. we saw grass fires today. this in fairfield. over the hillside behind vista grande west of interstate 80. see the fire threatening homes. burned 15 acres. abc 7 news reporter was in martinez where a fire was threatening homes. >> went like crazy. blowing very hard. >> very fast. lot of win. >> reporter: he and a friend noticed a small fire burning 3:30 this afternoon. >> gone up the hill. it was real fast. >> darren and a friend saved a memorial fair young girl killed by a fran here lasttrain here last
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year. now the flames were spreading towards a neighborhood at the top of the hill. >> had a bunch of help. jumped the tracks. under the eucalyptus tree. >> done na johnna johnson watched as flames got closer. >> keeping my fingers crossed. >> brick fence line behind there. would have helped. stopping the progression on the fire. once the eucalyptus trees got going. a whole different ball game. >> firefighters halted the train and put out the fire before it could damage homes. ignited by this tractor. cutting the grass to coopkeep it from a fire hazard. allen wong, abc 7 news. >> just getting started. in for hot dry weather. take a live look from our the east bay hills camera. details on what is coming our way. >> yeah you mention hot weather. humidity will run lower as we head towards thursday. take a look at live doppler 7
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hd. mainly clear skies. head towards tomorrow. the warm-up started to day. will continue. temperature transfer. livermore. 92. above average of 86. look at how much the temperatures soar. thursday. in the triple digits. by friday, heat backs off a bit. we will see some cooler weather as we head towards the weekend. i'll be become to let you know how hot it is going to get in your neighborhood if you are not going to be hot exactly how comfortable it will be in a few minutes. larry. >> thank you. wildfire near lake tahoe exploded inside this weekend has slowed its growth because the wind have died down. now burned 16000500 acres. the fire is three miles away from the small town. and firefighters don't expect tight reach the town if conditions stay calm. >> track the high temperatures any time with the abc 7 news weather app. free from apple app store or google play. more information at
11:06 pm >> san frinancisco police officer pepper sprayed when responding to a call. three women stuffing merchandise into their bag at forever 21. the officer confronted them hit by pepper spray. abc 7 was there, as he was icing his face and police arrested two suspects. a spokesperson said the officer should be fine. >> that worked pretty well. >> take a look. video from a chp helicopter. crews rescued a boater who got into trouble this morning at the state park in sonoma county. rescue crews responded when the boat hit a rough surface on the coastline. hoisting a man up to the helicopter. he was cold and tired. fortunately, not hurt. >> berkeley police do not plan to launch any criminal investigation into the balcony collapse that killed six people. today the city confirmed the balconies wooden beams had dry rot caused by moisture. however the building was up to date on all inspections to.
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make sure this doesn't happen again. inspectors recommend the city change the law to mandate balcony inspections every five years. they want new construction to use corrosive resistant steel, and add vents to enclose structures. we don't know how it got in. what we want to do is do our best to make recommendations that would prevent. situations where it would allow the dry rt to advance as quickly. >> the collapse a week ago. during a late night birthday celebration. two of the injured in the balcony collapse making great progress. jack halpin credited with helping save the life of a woman. list in fair condition. and connor flynn. both recovering. irish media reports that a third victim released from the hospital on the way home back to ireland. >> same technology that helps you estimate the time of your commute will soon be used at port of oakland. port officials say they
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installed blue tooth sensors. they'll detect anonymous signals from mobile phones and trucks determining wait times. the sensors predict the drive time you see on freeway automated signs. tonight the city of san jose agreed to allow ride share services, uber to pick up passengers at the airport. however comes with a requirement some drivers don't want. fingerprinting. they say it is inconvenient. under the pilot program. drivers will half to get a business license go through background check. vehicle inspection and pay fees. >> the battle to bring down the confederate flag. next on abc 7 news. major retailers refusing to sell the flag. but will public opinion be enough to sway south carolina law makers. >> plus, fighting e-mail regret. one click at a time. how google is saving you from embarrassment. >> your sweet tooth may soon cost you a pretty penny. why chocolate prices are on their way up. >> first jimmy kimmel and what's coming up after abc 7
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news at 11:00. >> thank you. hi, san francisco. here is what we are up to tonight. >> ooh. >> it's okay. it's okay. >>
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now to the massacre in charleston. dramatic footage shows the suspected gunman dylann roof taken into custody after a tip from a good samaritan. the debate over the confederate flag reaches a boiling point. amazon to wal-mart are taking side. abc news reporter linz erer linzie
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davis with the story. >> reporter: tonight the new video of police closing in on the most wanted man in america. guns drawn they approach his car. he has been on the run roughly 13 hours now. picture plastered across tv screens. >> the suspect. >> reporter: dylann roof doesn't struggle as they pull him out handcuff him and pat him down. inside the car a pillow covering a glock 45 handgun. the 21-year-old led away, loaded in a police cruiser. officers then taking a moment to celebrate with fist bumps and high fives. now roof seen in pictures proudly waving the confederate flag renewed the debate over whether it should fly on the grounds of the state capital. today, hundreds rallied to take it down. the governor agreed. the state legislature now taking the first step. but not everyone is on board. one state senator telling me
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lawmakers dealt with the flag issue years ago when they voted to remove it from the top of the capitol dome. the flag was moved off to the dome. that was settled. >> sometimes things have to be revisited right? >> when the legislature took it up. it was settled in my book. >> it's unclear how many lawmakers will agree with him. in south carolina today things are changing. wal-mart, sears, e-bay, etsy, amazon announcing they will no longer sell merchandise with the stars and bars. on tuesday demand for the confederate flag on amazon spiked with sales for one flag up 9,000%. >> here in the bay area, the flag city, decided to stop selling the confederate flag. e-bay release aid statement we believe it has become a
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contemporary symbol of divisiveness and racism. and from mississippi where the state flag includes the confederate stars and bars. >> abraham lincoln is right, a house divided against itself will not stand. that flag represents division. >> a bill passed in california in 2014 bans the state government from displaying or selling mid bearing a confederate flag. >> breaking news there has been another shooting near highway 4 in contra costa county. the sheriff's department says it happened at san marco boulevard exit near bay point. the shooting on city streets close to the willow pass road. traffic on highway 4 is affected right now. and reported the shots came from a silver vehicle with a broken window. investigators have not said if any one has been hit. a crew on the way off to the scene. saturday, one person was shot and killed on highway 4 near san
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marco boulevard in bay point. a 20-year-old man was killed. investigators have not made any arrests. stay tuned to twitter at abc 7 news bay area for latest on the shooting. exxon mobile stopped producing oil in three rigs off the coast of santa barbara because of last month's oil spill. more than 100,000 gallons leaked from a broken pipeline that exxon mobile uses to transport crude oil to a refinery. the company filed emergency request to use trucks to ship it. santa barbara county rejected the plan. four other rigs have stopped production. >> if you have ever sent an e-mail and instantly regretted it -- google has a new option for you. mountain view based company announced it is making unsending messages easier. g-mail users go to settings, turn on the undo send feature. gives e-mail users the option of receive tracting an e-mail up to 30 seconds after it has been sent. >> not so sweet news for chocolate lovers. blame it on dry weather in two
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countries that produce cocoa. ghana and ivory coast. cocoa prices are up 12% this year. last summer several major brands raised their prices 8%. >> a crisis. >> it is. >> and, a crisis. we're looking at melted chocolate soon. >> definitely getting really hot around here, sandy. >> right. looking at triple digit heat. inland areas baking heading into thursday. live doppler 7, hd, showing you mostly clear skies. we have fog starting to form. visitability, 5 miles. before the fog started forming. look at the view. a beautiful sunset. 8:35 tonight. send in your pictures. tag them. #abc7 now. on twitter love off to see your pictures. gorgeous isn't it. temperatures, 50s, 60s. tomorrow morning when you head out the door not going off to drop a lot more. here's what i am talking about from the sfo camera.
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patchy fog forming. it is going to be a very shallow later at the coast in the morning. sunny, warmer tomorrow. heat peaks thursday. here's what will bring the heat. the area of high pressure over the desert southwest going to expand westward. as it does it brings hot weather from the inland areas. not going to quite reach the coast. so today's warm-up carries over tomorrow for base line inland. coastal spots in check. fog. sea freeze. 50s, 60s. inland. mid 90s. thursday, hot inland. triple digits showing up. temperatures at the coast. on the warm side. 60s. 70s. then the cooling begins on friday. the southerly surge develops. pulls in fogginess along the coast mainly. aand you will see the sea breeze reaching coastal and bay side communities. doesn't quite reach the inland areas until this weekend. tomorrow morning. one thing you will have to watch out for especially if your travels take you along the coast or bay. during your work hours. there will be fog around.
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it will be on the thick side. it is so low to the ground. shallow layers. watch out, tchs stemperatures in the 50s tomorrow afternoon. nice warmer day in the south way. 89, gilroy. low 80s. saint jose. 79 sunny vale. peninsula. warmer day as well. 74 degrees. san mateo. upper 70s. redwood city. half moon bay. 63. not much change because of the fog. go down a degree or two. daly city. 69 downtown san francisco. nrt north bay. 60s at the coast. fog does clear. 87 napa. 82, vallejo. sunscreen, shades what you need. quite comfortable. 74, oakland. 73 berkeley. 79, freemont. inland. low 90s. 96 brentwood. accuweather seven-day forecast. trichle digit territory, thursday.
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triple digit territory thursday. upper 60s at the coast. if you really aren't a big fan of the heat, no pun intended. just wait by friday things start to go downhill. cooler, coast, bay. inland down a few. by the weekend in the 80s, far cry from the hundreds that we are expecting. it will be quite nice over the week end for outdoor plans. >> thank you. >> all right. next on abc 7 news at 11:00 -- it is true friendship. >>
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yeah glen is a blind jack russell terrier and buzz is glen's trusty guide. abandoned in the united kingdom. found huddled together.inseparable.
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looking for a new home. the center has received 20 calls about atthe duo. >> the sonoma marin fair begins tomorrow in petaluma. we have a look at canine contenders. the world's ugliest dog contest. yikes. it draws dogs from around the world. organizers accepting entries now. we have information and more pictures on our website. contest organizers say this is not meant to demean scragly pets. it is a celebration of imperfection. >> they're faces a mother could love. do we dare make ugly dog transition. no. wouldn't do it. love you. >> wouldn't be prudent. >> in sports tonight. madison bumgartner, career high in strike youz. enough to get the giants a rare home win? and highlight. i promise you and sandy will
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all supposed to be the best. not for the giants. a six game home stand tonight. having lost nine of ten. madison bumgartner. the ceremonial first pitch. not too bad. let's get bumgartner. derek morris. first strikeout. matt kemp. goes down looking. melvin upton. and going to like it. ninth strikeout. to the fifth. giants up 1-0. and, laces one. double to center.
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and blanco. 2-0. back to bumgartner. and says he went around. 14th. and will venable goes opposite the double. and middlebrook. tied at two. a game winner. and as in arlington. a big night. 2-1. wouldn't last long. bottom of the fifth. turns on the jesse chavez. and tied at 5.
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and in the seventh. they call him -- he crushes it. four solid innings. tenth night. omaha. best of three series. vanderbilt unable to close out virginia in game two. sixth inning. thomas woodruff, scores a pair. 3-0 lead. virginia cavaliers shut out the commodores, 3-0. decisive game three for all the marbles tomorrow night. steph curry's world right now. we are merely breathing his oxygen. the latest honor for the warriors' star on the covers of "sports illustrated" magazine. curry making this a regular occurrence. this is his third si cover since may. part of the recognition comes with the best player on the best team in basketball. i promise you something you would love. maybe the catch of the year for a fan. in chicago.
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right. keith hartley. feeding the baby. his left arm snags the ball in his right. not just holding the baby. he is feeding the baby with a bottle. casually. makes the grab. >> hope he has a better grip on the --
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♪ we came in station wagons, campers, on planes to see what walt had built. ♪ forever young ♪ and what we found
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was a place that was always growing, but never grew old. ♪ forever young ♪ and now comes a celebration 60 years in the making. the disneyland diamond celebration. ♪ may you stay ♪ with dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you stay ♪ and the young at heart. ♪ forever young ♪ come remember that feeling. ♪ forever young ♪ come feel forever young. update to our breaking story. a shooting on highway 4. sheriff's deputies found bullet casings. the shots fired car to car. san marco boulevard exit. traffic highway 4 is being
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affected. >> thank you for joining us everybody. right now on jimmy kimmel actor >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jon hamm. from "masters of sex", lizzy caplan. comedian jesse eliasa. and music from sheila e. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel!


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