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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. >> we were told to evacuate. >> we started seeing tall flames. >> next thing you know there was smoke and the next thing you know, the whole hill set on fire. >> a neighborhood in fear as a fast moving grass fire burns within just feet of homes. tonight, crews have gotten the upper hands on the flames. thank you for joining us. that fire burned in the contra loma regional park. neighbors living along the street were told to evacuate their homes. we have coverage tonight. allen? >> reporter: and you can still smell the smoke near the homes
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that were almost destroyed but were saved thanks to the firefighters. and precision air drops by the cal fire air tankers. the wild fire flared up around 4:30 in the black diamond mines regional park. it quickly spread in to the contra loma regional park. consuming 500 acres of grass land. there was a feeling of uneasiness, so the residents were evacuated. >> it makes me nervegsous. >> reporter: the wind stoked up the flames and the fire came rolling over the hillside near the homes. >> well, we just signed papers for the new house and it looks like it's pretty close to being burned down. >> reporter: jennifer curl and her husband just became proud owners of their first home.
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>> we were excited all day to come to the walk through and supposed to get the keys in the next few days and everything was nice and next thing you know, smoke and then fire. >> reporter: the crews waited until the flames got close enough to put out the firefighters opened up the lines and pounded the flames in to submission and a cal tanker came in and dropped the retardant on top of of the fire and us. and it ended the battle immediately, and it resulted in though injuries, and no property danger. >> and condition cans were right for spreading the flames. we have news on the firefight. >> reporter: hot orange flames left behind blackened hill sides. between the weather and the fuel it took off. >> if they are tall on a dry day, where the humidity is low and the winds pick up once you get a fire it's going to run.
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it's going to run in the direction of the wind. >> reporter: on the ground and from the air, firefighters from all over hit this fire with everything they had. by night fall, no structures had been damaged, no firefighters hurt. but at one point a herd of cattle grazing in the area had to be moved as the flames got too close. people are taking things in stride. >> i'm not going hose down the roof. i think it would have to take a lot for it to make it over the one block. >> reporter: his street was lucky this time but this is what the area is in for this summer and people who live near open space need to clear dry brush from their home. >> get out and do it yourself prevent that fire from spreading to your appropriate. protect your appropriate. >> reporter: where and how the fire started is under investigation. in antioch abc 7 news. >> and the good news is that fire is 100% contained tonight, but boy, it took a while had. let's go to abc 7 meteorologist
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to look at conditions on the fire line. >> it was hot and dry and the breeze kicked up and that did not help things in the middle of the drought. let's look at the current condition cans. it has relaxed and it's cooler with higher humidity. here is a look at a time lapse of the antioch fire from the east bay hills camera. you are looking at mount diablo, and you can see the smoke drifting. peek on social media saying they have seen or smelled the smoke. our fire danger is high as we head in to tomorrow especially when temperatures are expected to hit their aek. i will tell you how hot it will get in the inland valleys. >> you can track the high temperatures with our app. well, a firry threat in southern california is growing tonight. this fast moving brush fire erupted next to interstate 5.
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just north of los angeles. claims chased a thousand people from their homes b 30 horses and livestock had to be moved out of the area. wind gusts and brush created enormous walls of flame. the fire scorched 200 acres and still a little more than 45% contained. >> crews report partial containment of a fire that has been burning. flames charred 32 square miles. all of the smoke has prompted an air advisory through friday in southern nevada including las vegas, more than 230 miles away from the fire. the sheriff's department believes a gang dispute is behind the pair of deadly shootings on highway 4 in bay point. the first happened saturday afternoon, a 20-year-old man of was killed and last night 2-1/2 miles down the road another shooting left a 19-year-old woman dead. the sheriff's office describes the shootings as gang related
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and said they are probably connect can -- connect. the sheriff's department is investigating a death at a shooting range that happened at fore:30 this afternoon -- at 4:30. it appears to have been an accident. the club remained open while the deputies investigated. 12:40 in the morning near 100th avenue this is video of a different sideshow that was broken up on the same night. an officer needed emergency surgery when someone threw a bottle at her face, and a cinder block smacked in to a police vehicle. the young killer said he is
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sorry today. we have details on the emotional hearing for the man who is heading to death row. tsarnov is spook speaking. he admitted his guilt in court and said is he is sorry for the lives he has taken and the suffering he has caused and the damage he has done. >> he said that he was remorseful. i find that hard to believe. >> his soft spoken workeds following hours of heart wrenching testimony from survivors and victims families. the sister of theg : w7eg+
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the death penalty imposed by a jury made official by the judge today. >> a sincere apology would have been nice. a simple believable apology. >> none of it will impact his sentence. he will be on death row he in indiana and computed, though there's an automatic appeal that will be filed on his behalf. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 11: 00 a mugging caught on tape, tonight, the search for the men in the video. and it's enough to make your skin crawl. but some people just jump in to this, what they were sdpog why. >> batkid is back. and here is what jimmy kimmel has in store.
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with the fastest internet available xfinity is perfect for people who need to get a lot done at home. and now you can go even faster. we've just increased the speeds on two of our most popular plans. this is abc 7 news. >> a swarm of honey bees are safe after a rescue from danger from an unlikely place. we have the story. amazing amazing. >> reporter: yeah, really amazing video. a busy intersection is the last
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place you expect to see a swarm of bees. the bye the bees were going to get run over until a good samaritan showed up. you are watching bees being rescued. they landed on the street near the driveway of the hospital. >> we blocked traffic and asked people to go the other way out of the parking lot. >> reporter: colin stewart jumped in to help works across the street and saw the honey bees, thousands of them, and shot the video as he carefully moved the bees in to a box with the help of an amateur bee keeper that was driving by. you had bees all over you? >> yes there were dozens and dozens of them landing on me. it was a bit freaky. >> this is the bee swarm season. >> it's not unusual to see swarms in san francisco. >> swarming is a way of making
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one colony to two. >> these came here on their own. they are trying to find a new home. >> reporter: the honey bees were rescued and moved to a safe place and believe it or not. >> nobody got stung at all. >> reporter: lucky folks and lucky bees. >> wow police are looking for a man after a bizarre theft, i want to show you a sketch of a woman that said a man followed her home, and stole her camera. the victim said she was taking pictures on of the cliff house and she noticed a a car following her. when she arrived the passenger jumped out and smashed her camera. their trying to track down the suspects for a robbery. two women were in a parking garage, a man grabbed the purse and he got away. a million people are
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expected to be in the city for the annual pride celebration. they are a bit behind in preparing for the parade, because they had the warriors parade last week. it will be bigger than ever, 29 floats. all right, batkid returns, this time on the big screen as the story for a wish come true for a sick little boy came true hit the big screen. this little patient who transformed to a caped crusader. we were there for the premier. the movie featured a before seen shot. shot. >> he saw it on a are friday
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night and woke up saturday morning and said, i want to see it again. he believes he saved the city. >> oh, well, miles we will be happy to know is still in remission and just finished the first grade. let's go to the look of the weather. it's changing. >> it has been gradually warming up, tomorrow, it will get downright hot and there will be a place here in the summer time to escape. i will show you in a moment. live doppler hd showing you clear conditions. that patch was there today which is why it was 59 degrees. but 95 in antioch, so a good 36 degrees spread between inland and the coast. san jose was up to 88 and the 93 in livermore. temperatures right now holding
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on to the warmth. and we have 70s in the inland valleys and 50s and 60s. we see visibility is good. we are not expecting a lot of fog, just a bit tomorrow morning. hot inland and cooling begins on friday and near average temperatures will be expected this up coming weekend. pacific satellite picture will show you what is going to bring us the heat. it's the area of high pressure that will move in our direction. the hot air shift shifts in our direction and the temperatures will sore. around the coast and bay, it will be a warm day as well but the inland areas is where it will peak. temperatures will be in the triple digits. that is where it will be sizzling, and right around the bay and along the coastline, we will keep you comfortable. 60s and 70s at the coast. there will be a bit of a breeze and then that breeze gets stronger. we get more fog coming in friday and it's pretty obvious here that the temperatures drop. inland areas, the heat will ease and we will see 90s and by saturday, it will be cooler noticeably so 80s inland with
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high clouds and low clouds ss along the coast. tomorrow morning, 50s to start off, if you can deal with the temperatures, then you don't need to worry about a jacket as you head out the door heading to work. there will be a bit of fog like i said near the coast. and for the afternoon hours temperatures are going to spike quickly, 98 in the south bay, and 94 in morgan hill, and 90 in san jose, and sunnyvale, 87. and i don't san mateo, coastal areas, upper 60s, really mild. same thing for daly city. and downtown san francisco, 75. north bay, you see the triple digits in the usual spots. 95 for you in santa rosa. and 88 vallejo, and head toward the east bay. it will be a warm one. you will need the sunscreen and the shades. 83 in oakland. and inland triple digits.
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102 degrees. and 99 concord and 100 degrees in walnut creek. the inland areas have the ac, if you do not have the ac and it's too warm, use the fan or head to the coast. look at the seven-day forecast, upper 60s to low 100s. temperatures start to dip a bit on friday and then fall quite a bit inland as we head towards the weekend. 80s in the coast. you will see more cloud cover too this weekend and then cheryl, i had to bump up the temperatures. going upper 90s tuesday and wednesday. like i said, we can be in the triple digit territory. >> bad for fire danger and good for people who like the heat. >> exactly. >> you have to stay for the story. a house cat taking on a big cat. find out who came out the
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whole foods is accused of over charging their customers. it's said that they over charged their customers for goods by over stating their weight. whole foods is dpenying the claims. cats are not only curious, they are brave. this is a house cat that would not back down from a mountain lion. a couple in colorado captured that moment on camera, get a away from here. dad had fun with it. >> where are the kids? >> they are out back. >> tommy are you kidding me? >> oh, yeah don't scare the cat. that's a big cat. both of them are big right? well the kids were actually still in bed after some pawing and purring and hissing he chased him off, and the mount lion returned to the woods. >> wow. >> wow is right. the house cat was unimpressed, get away from here my house.
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>> wow, that was a big mountain lion, that would frighten me. >> hi colin. >> hi, how are you? let's talk sports. the a's and giants feeling good. brett going big fly in arlington, buster at at&t and did they produce wins? sports is next.
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with a aoki headed to the disabled list with a fractured fibula bochy has had to get creative, belt started in left field and duffy hitting third. the changes worked as the giants get a much needed home win at at&t park. two hits in the third inning and get five runs out oft it. and four of them on a posey grand slam. 5-0 giants. vogelsong tossed six scoreless four strikeouts former a's derek noirsrris caught looking in the fourth and that's the final vote. voguey and three relievers combine for a shutout. a's and rangers they call it the boom stick in arlington. 74,000 calories.
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i'm guessing. it looks like it. top of the first 1-0 oakland, bases loaded for lawrie. grand slam, third of his career. they throw out the batter in bottom half of the inning. they scored a eight runs and eight after two innings. josh, his fourth home run in the seven games. a's win 8-2 and go for the series sweep tomorrow afternoon. i wonder if lawrie was motivate bid what his predecessor did early in the day. josh donaldson been great plays in major league baseball. this might be the best three rows in the stands. and donaldson having another all-star caliber season. toronto a winner in 12 1-0. college world series. game three of the best of three series. look at that little girl. vanderbilt, are virginia, for all the marbles. vand
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vandy, led 2-0 until the fourth. two-run shot to tie it up virginia, 4-2 lead and vandy, tying run in the plate. and they freeze kyle smith. a year after losing the wahoos exact revenge to win the first national championship and celebrate. big time. as they should. >> yeah, they should. thanks, colin. all right. >> you got it. >> abc news continues online, with our abc female announcer: time is running out to get the hottest deal on a new
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thanks for watt now, on jimmy kimmel, >> dicky: from hollywood, it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight -- wanda sykes. from “extant,” jeffrey dean morgan. and music from a thousand horses. with cleto and the cletones. and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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