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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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533 acre fi broke out near the contra loma regional park. firefighters all battled the fire keeping the flames from moving too close to homes. neighbors were told to evacuate. allen wong has the details. >> the wildfire flared up at 4:30 in the black diamond mines regional park and spread into the contra loma regional park consuming on acres of mostly dry grasslands. cal fire laid do you air drops but residents were evacuated because they were uneasy. >> it makes me nervous. at 6:30, the winds stoked up the flames and the fire came rolling over the hillside to the homes on grimsby.
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>> we just signed papers for our new house and it is close toking burned down. >> jennifer and her husband became proud owners of their first home. >> we were excited all day to come to the walk through and everything was nice come outside and there is smoke and next thing the whole hill was on fire. >> crews pulled the water hens to the backyard and waited until flames were close enough to extinguish. firefighters opened lines and pounded the flames into submission and a tanker dropped a load of retardant on top of the crews and us and ended the battle immediately and the homes were saved. there were no injuries and no property damage. >> in southern california, more than a thousand residents are in their homes after being evacuated because of a fast-moving fire north of los angeles. the 350-acre brushfire erupted
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mention to interstate 5 at 1:00 o'clock p.m. with gusts up to 30 miles per hour fanned the flames and the fire now is 45 percent contained. >> a major incident overnight for crews fighting the lake fire in the san bernardino national forest, with the forest service forced to listened all of the firefighting aircraft after a drone was spotted flying in restricted airspace. there is no word how much it impacted the firefighting efforts but the fire grew to 21,000 acres and new evacuations have been ordered for to small communities and a summer comp. the forest service will hold a news conference this morning to discuss the drone incident. >> bart riders could get relief when nature calls. the transit agency is today considering re-opening some station restrooms there have been closed since the 9/11 attacks. elissa harrington is at the station. >> bathroom at ten bart stations
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have been closed for 14 years closed after the 2001 terrorist attack. this is what a lot of bart riders are used to seeing when nature calls signs like these that say things like "restroom closed." this is video from 2003. another sign reads "due to heightened security contact station agent for elevator access," to make things more safe in the underground stations following the terrorist attack. bart ramped up security installing more cameras and removing bash agency cans. according to an article officials now are considering re-opening the bath almosts. there is a board of directors meeting and it will be discussed. re-opening the restrooms would cost $1 million a year and not just be able to unlock them. they would have to clean them
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and redesign the bathrooms to enhance safety measures change doors and things like that to discourage illegal activity. >> thank you. bart is warping riders to plan ahead for two upcoming weekend closures of the tube, the first weekend in august and, again labor day weekend so crews can do repair work on the track. the closures mean no train service between san francisco and the east bay. bart plans to set up a bus bridge but it is urging riders to finality not means of getting across the bay. >> military officials say an f-16 fighter jet crashed in arizona. you can see the fire sparked by the crash. it went down near the arizona and mexico border. the only person on board was the pilot with the 152 underfighter
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wing of the arizona national guard that ruptured a high pressure gas line. the fate of the pilot right now is not anyone. >> 4:35. a 24-year-old man who died in a weekend music festival in las vegas has been identified as a young man from san francisco. officials say that nicholas austin tomm died on sunday at las vegas motor speedway during the electric daisy carnival a dance festival. this photo taken from the facebook page has no official cause of death. officials are waiting for toxicology reports the several hundred attempted the carnival. this video is from the trailer on youtube where hundreds treated for heat-related should as the temperatures were around 110 degrees. last year a 24-year-old man from san leandro died of an overdose at the festival. >> contra costa sheriff is investigating a delegate at a shooting range just after 4:30 yesterday afternoon at united
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sportsman gun club near bay point. the victim was shot in the chest. investigators say it appears to have been an accident. the club remains open while deputies investigated the shooting. >> police are asking for help to fine the people who hurt an officer at a sideshow around 12:40 on saturday morning. >> near 100th and mcarthur boulevard, this is video of a different sideshow broken up the same night. an officer needed emergency surgery after she was hit in the face by a bottle. someone smashed the window of a police vehicle with the cinder block. >> the unsupreme court could issue a long-awaited ruling on same-sex marriage. the justices will decide whether bans in four states violate the constitutional rights of gays and less peoples the many curt watchers specific the justices to rule against the states but the court could allow states to maintain the ban but require them to recognize will have a it same-sex marriage med in other
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states. the court will issue decisions at 7:00 this morning, and we will be in san francisco at the top of the hour with the growing anticipation of the decision. >> today, the state assembly will take up a bill to require evacuation nations for children. the bill with require vaccination for all schoolchildren even if their parents object for personal beliefs. the bill has been sent to the full assembly for a vote and if it passed it heads to the governor's deck. >> turning up the heat in some placeses. mike? >> we will talk about what it is like this morning where it is warmer than it was this time yesterday. 60 in san ramon dublin and blackhawk and those are the cool spots inland east bay, 61 at pleasanton lafayette at 62 and we are in the mid-60s pittsburg and antioch and brentwood. blast were hill is 67 a worm spot and livermore is 63. we have 60 in alameda, redwood city is 81 and everyone else in
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the mid-to-upper 60s and half moon bay at 48. the temperatures are running from the same in oakland to seven degrees warmer. higher start means a higher ending this afternoon and one of the areas where we will get near 100 is walnut creek looking south on 680 easy travel this morning as we were in the sick. 90 to 100 inland. 104 is possible brentwood. 68 at the coast and 78 in san francisco, 77 around richmond to 90 in san jose. this is how it hooks in san jose this morning near the shark tank. we will drop two to six degrees friday. look at the temperature on saturday: 60s and 70s and 80s through sunday and 90s are coming back. leyla? >> we have a look at the golden gate bridge the traffic is smooth heading across the water from marin to san francisco. not fining too many vehicles. the bay area shows mostly friend. it is still early in the morning
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commute so we do not find too many problems and i want to want folks of this closure, doyle drive is happening next month. starting on thursday july 9 at 10:00 p.m. through monday until 5 o'clock am when it re-opens. i-80 westbound from 4 to the maze is 15 minutes. 101 southbound from san francisco to sfo is only 10 minutes. >> next, dramatic scene as a swarm of beltways descends on a local neighborhood and the good samaritans who sprang into action. >> another twist in the prison break of two convicted killers and the inside help police say they got. >> stay tuned.
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a max security prison guard who delivered two of the inmates frozen meats will be arraigned. palmer is expected to plead not guilty on charges of promoting prison contraband is other offenses. he worked at the correctional facility in new york where inmates david sweat and richard matt were reported missing june 6. the prison employees joyce mitchell has been charged and pleaded not guilty with helping themes escape. >> federal judge sentenced boston marathon bombing suspect dzhakhar tsarnaev to death moments after the sentencing, tsarnaev addressed survivors and the families of the victims surprisingly apologized actually speaking for the first time and the 51 was required under law to impose the jury's
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death sentence for the attack that killed three people and wounded more than 260 others. >> a storm has brought significant flooding to parts of colorado, heavy rain flooded the commute yesterday and swelled rivers and streams. the national weather service issued a tornado wanting for parts of the area, some residents were last without power and there were no immediate reports of injuries are on deaths. >> swarm of bees is safe after a dramatic rescue from danger in a most unlikely place. here is our reporter with the story and truly amazing video. >> a lot of bees in here. this is incredible cell phone video of a swarm of mes being rescued that landed on a busy street near the drive of st. luke's hospital. >> we blocked off the track and asked people to go the other way >> this man works across the street and saw the honeybees thousands of them and shot the video while moving the bees into
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a box with help from an amateur bee keeper who happened to be driving by. >> you had bees crawling over you. >> when we started scooping them into the box, there were dozens of them landing on me and it was freaky. >> this is a bee swarm season. >> a beekeeper said it is not unusual to see swarms even in san francisco. >> the swapping is a way to make a colony into two and half the bees take off and they start their own colonies. >> bees are trying to find a new home. >> the bees were rescued and moved to a safe place and believe it or not, no one got stung. >> lucky folks, lucky >> 4:44. in belfast, me police posted this video on facebook of a black bear nearly being hit by a truck. a police sergeant captured the video from a patrol car. the police department posted video of the bear running across
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the grassy field. the police received several reports of a black pair -- bear running around. >> and now, a wish come true for batkid and the story hits the big screen. >> mileses scott transformed into a cape crusader for a day because of the make-a-wish foundation. a documentary about it debuted in san francisco and ama was part of the adventure and was there for the premiere. >> you saw it on friday night and he woke up saturday morning and the first thing he wanted to see it again. he believes he saved the city and he saved san francisco. >> the movie feature as number of scenes shot by abc7 news. batkid guests two fists up and he just finished first grade. >> he saved us all. from indifference. >> you could say that.
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a tough kid. >> can't wait to see that. a special screening should be had here. >> we should. we have the tv screens. >> and now is this an outdoor movie night when it cools down? >> when it cools down. we will talk about that. starting with now, you can see a lack of winds on live doppler hd at 14 miles per hour in fairfield, and we will have a sea breeze today and that is why the coast is not going to be exceptionally warm or san francisco or oakland or berkeley or richmond but everyone else is not so much of an influence. look at what going on to the north san rafael southbound 101 is quiet this morning. it is an area not upper 80s to 90s in the north bay as the heat peaks today, because of the sea breeze the clouds will gather at the coast later this afternoon and that will actually start to cool you as we head and the afternoon and the evening more so than normal. more clouds and a comfortable weekend but it is a two day
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event because before average heat is returning next week. today, notice the lack of clouds through the morning. notice they are sneaking in on the coast headed to noon. more so as we head to 3:00. you are in the 60s. 70s in san francisco. 80s and 90s and 100s and a 35 to 40 degree summer spread of temperatures. gilroy will be 98. 87 in milpitas and sunnyvale. in the upper 80s to nearly 90 through most of the peninsula and redwood city at 90 and san mateo at 82. more comfortable in millbrae. we will top out in the upper 60s along the coast like daly city at 69. 75 to 7 downtown. south san francisco. sausalito at 77. mainly let night through the north bay with santa rosa at 95 and napa at 91. and 77 in richmond the cool
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spot and castro valley at 90. oakland tops out at 80 and uncomfortable. upper 90 in san ramon and pleasanton and everyone else is in the low 100s. tonight, an evening thursday game at 6:15 and comfortable at 66 and cool by the end of the became. like today we are the hottest day, tonight is the warmest night with a lot of us in the 50s and 60s and we drop four to six degrees tomorrow and back in the 60s and 70s and 80s saturday and sunday and 80s and 90's are coming back monday and tuesday. how is the traffic? >> not too shabby. the traffic is slowing between hayward and foster city with no construction in the eastbound lanes. traveling away from foster city to the east bay you are not running into slow downs. the slow downs here at the bay bridge, the cash-paying lanes are loading up and the line has
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shortened because the cars were stepped all the way back toward the transition road. right now it is starting to dissipate and thin out. we do have one accident in the east bay and this is along 880 northbound direction. everything is over to the shoulder and not fining any delays. 580, tracy to castro valley is 39 minutes and from highway 85 to san jose airport is 11 minutes and from daly city to san francisco is still under ten minutes. mass transit is ahead. if the commute include as ferry ride get ready to pay more. >> fares are going up for ferries from five cents to 40 corners depending on the route. a ferry ride from oakland to san francisco will cost 15 cents more. the hike is part of a five year fare program to offsociety projected increases in operating
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costs. go to for a complete list. >> do you get enough sleep overnight? i heard mike laugh. coming up, find how your sleep time compares to people across the country. >> a popular salad dressing is recalled. stay tuned. life's our old family recipe, and a kitchen with just as many layers.
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life's our old family recipe, and a kitchen with just as many layers.
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>> thousands of bottles of wishbone dressing are pulled off the shelves because there areers as an ingredient which can be dangerous to anyone allergic. you can return the dressing for a full redumped with more information on the the recall
4:53 am >> fiat chrysler is recalling 164,000 jeeps worldwide covering the 2014 and 2015 model years because of a problem that could cause a fire. they say that it is aware of a fire and found that daughter can get into the control modules on some and cause an electrical short. there have been no injuries reported and they will notify customers when they can schedule service for repairs. >> a makist has posted this dramatic video on youtube from his go brother camera showing him crashing head on into an los angeles county fire truck on april 1 in the national forest. he suffered two compound fractures in his leg left, severely broken arm and memory loss. lopez shared the video on-line in hopes of convincing other riders to be more cautious than
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he was when riding a motorcycle. >> why would he post that? >> that makes sent. >> airbnb and making sure those in san francisco are ready to go for the pride festivities. >> it is doing more than helping people find a place to crash. ♪ what it is ♪ ♪ what it is ♪ >> airbnb sent an e-mail to users with to video asking users to sign up to march in the pride parade and do this dance. airbnb worked with rapper lee to create this five move dance so everyone can be in sync during the parade which is four moves more than i have in me. >> come on, eric! we can do that. we should do that. and post it on youtube. >> we will work on it. >> leyla is the choreography. >> eric can keep the beat.
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>> the alameda county fair will be warm at 86 and nearly 100 at 3:00 and a lot of the rides are on the asphalt. 89 at 7:00 and mild by 11 o'clock and as you watch rodney atkins sing. and the snow may fair counties from 88 do 91 tapering by 81 at 1:00 o'clock and 63 by 11 o'clock. it will be dangerously hot everywhere and another record in lake tahoe at 90. the only place not 100 is on the coast from eureka to san diego. >> we have 33 bart trains on time. ace train one is on time. golden gate transit ferries are on a miffed schedule. if you take the ferry from the north pay choke in for the schedules and they are posted with the modified times. >> traffic is busy on altamont
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pass with a new accident at grant line with possible injuries because of an overturned vehicle. drive time traffic i-80 from albany to the maze is four minutes and 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 14 minutes and 280 northbound 101 to cupertino is ten minutes. >> if you plan a trip this fourth of july holiday you will have a lot of company. aaa expects 42 million people to travel 50 miles or more from home this holiday up .7 percent of 1 percent from the year's the most since 2007. the stronger economy and rising consumer confidence and cheap gasoline are why. most travelers, 85 percent drive to the destinations and gas prices are down 88 cents from the same time last year. >> a new study reveal how much sleep americans are getting and the time most people wake up and go to period. >> according to the maker of
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health tracking devices americans fall asleep at 11 32 p.m. and wake up at 7:22 a.m. >> a solid eight hours. not all --. >> what? >> not all states are equal for rest. >> who are the "average," americans? >> colorado is the first to rise at 7:0 7 followed by rhode island and south dakota and california is number 32 on the list in terms of early rising most waking up at 7:22 a.m. on track with the national average. get up an hour early so you can watch a few minutes of our show. >> well played. >> the newest battle over same-sex marriage could be decided in just two hours from now at 5 o'clock a.m. we have a growing anticipation of the supreme court ruling that could affect the lives of millions of gays and lesbians. >> catastrophe narrowly averted and what it took to save hundreds of home in the bay from
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a fast-moving grass fire.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> leyla loves the sound of the "friday eve." meteorologist mike nicco has a real heat up. >> one day closer. difficult sleeping last night and tonight will be even warmer. here is live doppler


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