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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 27, 2015 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, owen wilson, "the bachelorette" kaitlyn and her fiance sean, and music from juanes. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you.
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very nice. i'm jimmy. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. a special welcome to those visiting us. it was hit today. it was hot all weekend. pretty much everywhere. not just in hollywood, all over the united states. we are, all, just nothing more than beer battered fish sticks under a giant heat lamp at a silz sizzler buffet the size of the world. a tip i use to beat the heat. i keep my bra in the freezer. that way. especially hot and steamy night on abc with the season finale of "the bachelorette" they promised once again tonight's show would be one of the most drat mmatic finales ever. again it wasn't.
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it's not super dramatic. it's medium. dramatic enough. in case you missed it. how dare you if you di. ka did. nick wasn't on the show. he was from last season of the bachelorette who barged on to the show, episode four or five. somehow made it to the final two. in the final two last season of "the bachelorette" with andi, she rejected him. this year his proposal fell on deaf ears. kaitlyn chose sean. all nick got out of it was an awkward limo ride home. ♪ ♪ i am the world's biggest joke. >> that is not true.
11:38 pm
not as long as donald trump is running for president. you are not a joke. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i asked people about this. why was he wearing a ring? did he get engaged with himself also? but the fact that kaitlyn picked sean is exciting for me. every season after the first episode. i pick who i think is going to win. here's how i picked this time around. >> the man who i believe kaitlyn will choose to spend the next four to six months of her life with, sean b. sean b. sean b. [ cheers and applause ] in the v neck t-shirt. i have now picked five of the last seven bachelor or bachelorettes, the last three in a row. this is why they call me. my wife helps me. by helps me i mean she tells me who to pick. i just pick who ever she says.
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in any event. kaitlyn and sean b. are here tonight. we'll chat later. guillermo and i talk kaitlyn shopping for a wedding dress, we'll have that for you. i want to ask her, how is it possible to be in love with two guys on tuesday. and then ones when d s whenon w out of love with the other guy and planning to marry the other guy. i don't know how that works. speaking of televised love making. have you seen this? >> what are you doing? what are you guys up to? >> jimmy: back to work.
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that might have been the best thing i have ever seen. remember that the next time you let a dog leick you on the face. according to multiple new polls, donald trump is still leading the field of republican candidates for president which i have to say is all going to be very funny until the white house is covered in gold paint. really is. a cnn poll has trump with 18% ahead of jeb bush in second place with 15%. this is how we do things now. find our spouses on the bachelorettes. and our presidents on "the apprentice." i just want donald trump to stay in long enough to see him making a speech in the rain. have we ever seen that hair wet before? i'm guessing it is going to look like a drowning fert. i would like to see for myself. meanwhile, in sweden saturday. snoop dogg was taken into custody on suspicion of drug use. can you imagine them suspecting snoop dogg of using drugs? i don't think so. snoop had a concert in sweden. after the concert, cops pulled
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his limo over and determined snoop seemed to be under the influence. they have a real crack squad of detectives around they're. they're very strict on marijuana in sweden. if swedish people smoke pot no one would ever be able to follow the instructions to build anything from ikea. so snoop documented and videotaped the unpleasant experience and posted it to instagram. >> we getting sweated by the police right now. they're sweating us right now. right here, sweating me for nothing. he's got me in the back of a police car in sweden, cuz, pulled over for nothing. taken to the station where i got to pee in the cup. i didn't do nothing. now i came to the country did a concert. now got to go to the police station. >> snoop dogg, a lot of you are concerned about me. took me down there. made me pee in a cup. didn't find nothing.
11:42 pm
no nothing. [ bleep ]. >> i'm going to say something to the people in sweden. your loss, the guy like snoop over the course of a lifetime would be $30,000 $40,000 of sweden fish. heave wi he will buy nothing. how is it possible they didn't find anything in that cup? the only way that makes sense if there was no bottom in the cup when he gave the sample. pretty great. this is one of the best local news clips i have ever seen. it comes to us from the cbs affiliate in reno, nevada. anchorwoman there, andy gorvaro doing a story on, her co-anchor, john potter chimed in with quite a story of his own. >> amazon is worth more than the nation's biggest retailer. the online store valued at $264 billion. at last check, wal-mart was valued at $234 billion. >> you know why? because they sell sex toys and wal-mart can't or won't sell sex toys. amazon does.
11:43 pm
a friend of mine works in the warehouse. he says they sell a ton of them. i am just telling you how it is. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know we are on the news while you're talking. what the hell is happening in reno. any of you watch the new caitlyn jenner show last night? a lot of people did watch it. last night on e! "i am cait." i watched it. i have to say my favorite part of the show when kim and kanye showed up in the middle of the show. kanye scored a lot of points for supporting bruce jenner's transition to caitlyn jenner. showed a friendlier side of him. it was nice of him to agree to be part of the new series. but watch this. >> hey, look who's here. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> come on in. >> let's slow that down.
11:44 pm
and focus -- on kanye's face. pay close attention to it as he comes in here. there he is. he's like, hey, how is it going? and -- >> good to see you. >> come on in. >> he tried. he really tried. it's hard coming to face to face with your father-in-law's cleavage. really is. with this and "the bachelorette" been maybe the biggest week for kaitlyns ever. we would have fun. which k-caitlyn said it? you decide which it is. i am in love with two guys and two guys are in love with me, which kcaitlyn said that? the bachelorette, yes, the bachelorette kaitlyn, yes.
11:45 pm
kanye and i have never really been very close, but i love his open mindedness. i love how he helped kim come to grips with what is going on. which kcaitlyn said it. >> jenner. >> caitlyn jenner. let's find out. yes it is. next quote. my big concern obviously from the beginning besides all the rest of the kids is kendall and kylie. are these too obvious? okay. well, thank you for playing anyway, that was which kcatilyn said. we could have done better research on it. we'll take a break. when we come back guillermo and i have something special. we took the former bachelorette kaitlyn shopping for a wedding dress. we will show that to you when we come back. stick around. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i'm gonna teach you how to sing it out. ♪
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welcome back to the show. owen wilson, "the bachelorette" kaitlyn and sean. to night was the season finale of the bachelorette. kaitlyn said yes to sean. a 20% chance they will get married. a lot to do planning a wedding, lots of things to take care of. a lot of errands. guillermo and i. for guillermo and i, fashion is our passion. isn't that correct? >> guillermo: that's right, jimmy. >> jimmy: we decided to pitch in and do what we do best. take kaitlyn to buy a wedding dress. ♪ ♪ >> guillermo: here we are. >> thank you. such a gentleman.
11:51 pm
>> jimmy: thank you for being a gentleman. >> guillermo: you're welcome. >> jimmy: is there anyone here? >> hello. >> guillermo: hello. >> hi, welcome to lovely bride. >> hi, i'm kaitlyn. >> i'm also kaitlyn. >> also kaitlyn. >> excited to be here. somebody is getting married. >> she need a wedding dress. do you have any of those. >> show us around. show us what you have. >> tried on dresses before? >> yes i have. >> are you thinking lace, something ball gown. >> not poofy. >> not poofy. >> lacy. sexy. >> not too sexy. >> yeah, not too sexy. >> didn't want it to be like a kardashian wedding. we want this to be classy. >> maybe a little bohemian. >> you are going to have hair in your armpits and stuff. >> woo have some. different colors. nontraditional color.
11:52 pm
like pinks. >> jimmy: hold on. can i just interrupt for a second? i think that's rude. have you been watching the show. is that why you told her she can't wear a white dress. really, we are very offended by this. >> guillermo: that's not cool. >> we have a lot of white dresses. >> well your body everything will fit right for you. >> i have to hang out with him more often. >> jimmy: you are being a horny little sweetheart. >> let's grab a few of these. let's try a few of them on. >> are you guys going to be right here? >> have a seat. >> jimmy: should i put this down? >> thank you. >> guillermo: you guys need help or anything. we'll be right here. >> guillermo: yeah, this is going to be boring. hope she doesn't take forever. >> jimmy: i hope so too. i know. this is why guys are lucky that, we can't see the wedding dress before the wedding. >> guillermo: yeah. >> jimmy: so we don't have to go
11:53 pm
through any of this stuff. >> guillermo: no. you want something to drink? do you want something to drink? >> jimmy: you have shot glasses in your pants? >> yeah. mine po in my pocket. yeah. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine oh ♪ >> guillermo, i don't like this one. >> guillermo: it is too tight. let me see it. >> jimmy: yeah, looks like you are going to a hooker ballet. >> guillermo: yeah, yeah. >> thought i would try it on. >> jimmy: maybe have one of these. cheers. ♪ i feel good >> jimmy: looks like a tablecloth. ♪ ♪ ♪ walking on sunshine ♪ walking on sunshine >> wow. >> was good, wow bad? >> guillermo: no, it is terrible. >> we need something more glamorous. little less bohemian. i will grab something. >> jimmy: okay you, go grab something. do you have any brides maids
11:54 pm
dresses? >> yeah. >> oh. wow. >> jimmy: do you love it? >> it's really flattering in the bust area. really brings out your chest hair. >> jimmy: shall we try on some others? >> well, like a little bit. but i'm not like i hate it. >> jimmy: i feel like if prince got married. this is what his mother would wear to the wedding. >> you guys give me this reaction. i'm excite add but both so far. >> i feel look in a way you are making fun of us. >> guillermo: that's not cool. >> jimmy: no, not cool. >> i learned that bullying is not cool. i apologize. >> jimmy: #nobullying. [ laughter ] >> oh. are you wearing my leather leggings? >> i am wearing your pants. yes.
11:55 pm
>> here is my main concern. i deon't want my brides maids looking better than me. that is my only concern with this one. >> jimmy: i like the color. a tangelo. >> good with the skin tone. and how come you get clips, guillermo doesn't. >> guillermo: because i got more butt. >> how that happens. i like it without the leather leggings. now i'm concerned you're stretching them. >> jimmy: they might not come off. might be on a few years. >> guillermo: sit comfortable. open your legs wide. >> jimmy: how long before the baby comes. >> guillermo: suck it in. breathe. breathe. push. >> jimmy: you know what is funny it? is so easy. ♪ >> jimmy: wow, that is nice. >> guillermo: nice. i like it. i say yes to the dress.
11:56 pm
>> is that a j? >> yes to the dress. >> when you say yeah, you say yeah. >> jimmy: he called me yimmie for years. >> guillermo: yeah. >> jimmy: one thing. we have to see how it looks with sean b. >> hey, sean b. >> jimmy: get in there with him. >> how does it look? right? >> jimmy: it looks great. i think it looks so right. >> guillermo: nick -- get out of here. >> jimmy: should we have a toast? >> guillermo: nick get out of here. ♪ oh yeah ♪ all right ♪ walking on sunshine [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show, we have music from jaunes, from
11:57 pm
"the bachelorette" kaitlyn and her fiance sean, and we'll be right back with owen wilson. so stick around. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by pizza hut. cheesy bites are back, now with seven crust flavors. catch a taste at "" advantage. d but you know, in the game of life, the most important wins happen on the road. wins that electrify your soul. wins that put a new spin on things. when you up your away game. there's no limit to where the road will take you. the corolla. toyota let's go places.
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the future of awesome. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: tonight, you saw them
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engaged to be married abc - from "the bachelorette", kaitlyn and sean are here. and i have so many amazing questions for them. this will be the most shocking post-engagement bachelorette interview yet then, his latest album is called "loco de amor, tour edition" from colombia, juanes from the samsung outdoor stage. >> jimmy: tomorrow night, we have a good show, armie hammer will be here, natasha leggero will join us, and we'll have music from big talk. and later this week, christina applegate, jason bateman, rick springfield, nicole richie, and music from tyler the creator and stephen marley. so please join us for all of those shows. you know, it's -- on the night we celebrate kaitlyn and sean b.'s engagement, it seems most appropriate to welcome a first guest who's wholly capable of crashing their wedding. you know him from too many beloved movies to mention, his latest is the thriller "no escape." it opens august 26th. please say hello to owen wilson. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:03 am
♪ >> jimmy: that was -- that was uncomfortable. i mean -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well i will be damned there you are making out with the bachelorette. no one would ever guessed that one. you weren't making out? >> no, we were just saying hello. i was just in europe. and then europe you sort of kiss people on the cheek. and then once on the mouth. that's yeah. >> jimmy: the european thing you were doing. >> you're so american, jimmy. so puritanical. >> jimmy: i need to got out more. where in europe were you?
12:04 am
>> i was in italy. >> jimmy: i have heard of it, yes. you were in -- oh, you were shooting -- yeah, you were shooting "zoolander 2" right? >> zoolander 2. yes. >> jimmy: that's good. that's nice. >> it was nice. >> jimmy: playing a male model in italy where all the food is fantastic seems the worst possible place to be? >> well, it was a little bit of a challenge because italian food, it's not exactly gluten free. >> jimmy: it is not. >> you know i did struggle with that early on. and ben was giving me notes about. you are playing a super model. then i decided maybe i could play this guy kind of doughy, doughy super model. they don't always have to be ripped. right. >> jimmy: that's true. >> i went that direction. when you see the movie, i think you will like that choice. it's more human. it's more inclusive.
12:05 am
>> jimmy: did you bring your son, you have two boys, did you bring them to rome with you. >> they both came and visited. >> jimmy: how old are they? >> ford, 4 1/2. finn is 1 1/2. ford, he was able to enjoy rome. i tried to kind of think up little activities for him. i set him up for, his mom to go see the vatican. i said, ford what was your favorite part of the vatican? none of it. it reminded me of how like crazy, me and my brothers must have driven my parents. you want them to get into stuff. then it is look how do you got a 4-year-old to get into the sistine chapel. they don't care. >> jimmy: they choose chuck e. cheese over the sistine chapel anyway. >> then i did, we got to find something that ford will be into. so we had kind of -- we took him to gladiator school, which they really have over there. >> jimmy: really? >> yes. they really have it.
12:06 am
and gellato school. we had to stop calling it that. ford was like no more school. even if it was gellato school. >> jimmy: i would have went there instead of college had i known this existed. gladiator school is like gladiators. >> that's rougher. i get there. i got drafted into gladiator school also. the guy was very intense about it. i guess, gladiators were also slaves or something. and so he is calling you slave. and he is teaching you these sword moves. you had to put on a tunic. and -- >> jimmy: he is calling you slave in english or italian? >> the word for slave. the only english he knew, it seemed. everything else was in italian. >> jimmy: you brought a video of your son. >> he was a little better. did a little better. >> jimmy: let's take a look at this here. >> see that's the tunic that the slave gladiators had to wear. >> jimmy: your son mastered slow
12:07 am
motion, i see. >> yes. >> jimmy: he is good. >> looks like the matrix or something. >> jimmy: it does look like the matrix. >> watching that you are like, like anything that you put in slow motion kind of looks cool. >> jimmy: it does, you are right. >> really does. >> jimmy: if your son is ever attacked by half dozen sacks of flour. he will be perfectly fine. when you were younger, guessing your parents did not take-up to a movie set in rome when you were a kid. what did you do in the summer? go to camp? did you work? >> i did. my older brother loved camp. i went one year. i dent loidn't love it. too structured for me. i wanted summer to me, do what you want, run around. go up to 7-eleven, play video games. and this camp was, 25 minutes to swim. swim partner.
12:08 am
and go to archery, you go to leather, the tool work or something. >> jimmy: what kind of camp is this? >> i've don't know what it was. i don't know what it was. but i also didn't fall for their sort of, they tried to kind of manipulate you with, taking pride in cleaning your cabin. i didn't have any pride. cleaning my cabin. >> jimmy: what kind of jobs did you do when you got older? >> well my dad was big on us having summer jobs. and i had quite a few. i was a -- i was a pool cleaner one summer. in dallas. and that, i kind of expected to be sort of, wow that's going to be kind of, you know, you can't help but think when you are a teenager as a pool cleaner you are going to maybe, you know, kind of, you know, you might like stumble into something kind of. >> jimmy: like in the movies. >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you stumble into anything? >> the closest i came was
12:09 am
startling some poor lady who was sun bathing topless. yeah. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. not bad. >> pretty good. >> jimmy: were you a good pool cleaner did you take pride in your work. >> i did. i don't know if my boss that i was that great. i was let go halfway through the summer. i had an unorthodox style of cleaning the pools. where i would get in the pool. and i think it was kind of upsetting to some of the homeowners to look out and see their, their poolman in the pool. and it's like -- hey, you know you're thorough. owen wilson is here. his movie is "no escape." we'll be right back.
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>> lucy! lucy! get out of the pool. come here. get out of the pool! come here! >> that is owen wilson in "no escape."
12:16 am
that is a harrowing, harrowing film. >> yeah. >> jimmy: the addition of the children in something like this really makes it kind of, i mean, it's terrifying, especially as a parent i think. >> well i think so. i know when i first kind of read the story. it was that idea because it isn't so much that you are having to do action stuff, it's like, what would you do you know to sort of protect your family? i think that sort of is the idea. how far, i think that even the tag line -- how far would you go? i guess it is kind of a rhetorical question, i don't imagine many people saying. >> jimmy: i think i would go as far as to put the life preserver in the door, that's it. that's it. then i would let them kill me would be my next move. is this based on, not based on something that actually happened is it? >> no. it's -- it any just from the writers' imagination. although we filmed in thailand. and it's a wonderful country and
12:17 am
great people. there was some protests going on during the filming that kind of continued on for months. >> jimmy: against you? >> no it wasn't against me. thankfully. >> jimmy: good. >> this time. but it was -- there was something i guess, they don't like the person, the prime minister, and some people wanted to bring the king back, but i think he is in his 90s. but it was like a big protest movement. and the day that i was leaving thailand somebody asked for a picture. and they gave me something stew put around my neck. >> jimmy: the picture i have here. now this is you. and, just a random kid. >> yeah, like a thai kid or something. in the, i guess the thing that i put on identified me with the rebels. i'm not kidding. and where all of a sudden they were like getting, they were calling, the prime minister's office saying i was going to be
12:18 am
detained from leaving because i guess these colors and that whistle meant that i was siding with the protesters. so you have to be so careful. >> jimmy: you really do. you know sfwh, you have to be careful. if the looks like something you wear on fourth of july. to be the ref of a potato sack race or something. >> that's what i thought. >> jimmy: very good to see you. glad you got out of thailand. .>> jimmy: owen wilson! "no escape" opens in theaters august we'll be right back with the bachelorette.
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welcome back. when it come to women, i rarely get to say, 'i was right.' but dammit, i was months ago, i picked her mate and she is here with him and an engagement ring tonight please welcome the now former-bachelorette kaitlyn and her fiance sean b.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: let me tell you something, besides congratulations, i knew the moment you didn't show up in a cupcake car that you were the one. i really did. >> thank you. >> jimmy: just to be straight, how men are you in love with currently as we sit here on this couch? >> one. >> jimmy: just the one. very good. this is the thing i was thinking of as i watched the show. any woman who has been propose to twice in one day in real life. >> technically he did not propose. >> jimmy: true, you short circuited before a proposal. have you guys watched the show together? >> bits and pieces yeah. >> we facetime and watch our parts. and get all cute. >> jimmy: just the parts where you are together? >> right. >> jimmy: i was wondering. there are some things that might be uncomfortable. >> tony, how in love with him i was. >> jimmy: no, no, no. there was one scene in
12:25 am
particular, notorious scene, that i assume you have not watched, sean. >> i don't know what scene you are talking about. >> i've don't know what scene you are talking about. >> jimmy: just to refresh your memory, we have the tape. >> jimmy: this is, you remember? >> oh -- >> jimmy: this was i thought, very interesting. very strange too. sean, you are talking to kaitlyn's mom and dad. you explain that even before you were a contestant, before kaitlyn was selected as the "bachelorette" what happened here exactly. you drew this little -- >> is this a little creepy, i don't know. >> a little bit. >> it's romantic. >> i was watching the bachelor with my sister. she got sent home. sitting in the limo and crying. i felt really bad for her. there was something i felt. and i was on snapchat. and drew a heart around there.
12:26 am
sent that to my friends and said i'm coming for you. what did your friend say? >> your's crazy. >> you weirdo. >> jimmy: speaking of snapchat. i want to mention. i think you are the first bachelorette to accidentally reveal the ending to the show. >> i felt really bad. we both felt bad. >> jimmy: tell us the story of what happened. you told me about this when we did the wedding dress thing. what happened? >> we were sending snaps to one of the producers. >> only a few people know we are together. we get excited when we are together to send a snap. my gosh, send tight a producer. i'm cutting you off. sorry. >> i get out of bed. i pick up my phone. go on twitter. there is hundred of pictures of my stupid face laying in bed with hair, i start having a panic attack the i've couldn't breathe. bent over the bed, my god what did i do. she is yelling at me. i felt bad. i was look you idiot, you snap chatted a picture of us. he is looking, you did it. and i was like -- and we want to
12:27 am
full panic mode. >> jimmy: the picture that you guys accidentally snap chatted. >> very flattering. i mean if we meant to do that. >> think i am blocking you there. yeah. that was a big mistake. i will tell you they were very, very mad at you here at abc. >> i know. i know. totally aware. >> jimmy: some how they got mad at me for this. i had nothing to do with it at all. >> they picked me up in a car half-hour later and drove me home. >> jimmy: how did sean do with the ring he picked out. >> you tell me. >> jimmy: put your hand right there. let's see. i know a lot of women are very interested in that. >> he nailed it. >> eeny-meeny-miney-mo is that how you did it? >> just let him pick it. >> jimmy: it would be weird if you explained that to all the guys on the show, you know what kind of ring that you were looking for, an even stranger thing than already strange
12:28 am
things you had to do. >> what's strange? i'm not sure anymore. >> jimmy: the ring is good you. do not have a ring, i notice. why did nick have a ring on in the thing? >> who's nick? >> the other guy. >> jimmy: sean, let's say you weren't on the show, you were watching the show. if you had to pick one of the guys to be with kaitlyn which would you pick? >> ryan mcdill. >> jimmy: oh yeah. we are two peas in a pod. >> ben h. >> jimmy: ben h. i figured you. seemed friendly. kaitlyn will you invite any of the will yun met omen you met o bachelor, to the wedding. >> oddly enough, me, beth, whitney, the three best friends. they'll probably be in my wedding party. and ashley s., why wouldn't you want her at your wedding?
12:29 am
>> jimmy: ashley s., seems like 20 years ago. she is going to be on the bachelor pad. correct? >> bachelor in paradise. >> i see how you get the two confused. different from bachelor pad. spelled completely different. one more thing. and i don't want to put too much pressure on you guys. i know there is a lot of pressure. thinking of myself here. every year, twice a year for like 13 years now we have seen people get together. then they come on the show. and it's look they seem to be very much in love. they're touching each other. et cetera. all of the things people are supposed to do. next thing we know see them on the cover of the magazine with a tear down the center. so, for all of us, because, quite frankly my heart can't take it anymore. i would like it if, make a pledge. i would like it if you would, just look into this camera right here. and -- repeat after me, i would look you to swear on the stack of "us weekly." we, state your names. >> we, kaitlyn and sean b.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: sean b. >> do solemnly swear. >> do solemnly swear. >> that we are in love. >> that we are in love. >> that we will get married. >> that we will get married. >> or we will at least be together for one year from today. >> or we will at least be together for one year from today. >> because if well are not? >> because if we are not? >> this was a huge waste of everyone's time. [ cheers and applause ] keep repeating. >> this was a huge waste of everyone's time. >> including ourselves. >> jimmy: we are not still in a committed relationship. >> and if we are still not in a committed relationship? >> not still in a committed relationship. >> on july 27, 2016. >> on july 27, 2016. >> we will pay jimmy kimmel $1,000. >> we will pay jimmy kimmel $1,000. >> which he may collect in a lump sum? >> which he may collect in a
12:31 am
lump sum. >> or over the next 30 years in monthly installments of $2.7. >> or over the next 30 years in monthly installments of -- >> amen. off awe >> amen. >> jimmy: all right. sean and kaitlyn. the two-night premiere of "bachelor in paradise," kicks off sunday, august 2nd. and we shall return with music from juanes. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung.
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank owen wilson, kaitlyn, sean b., and i want to apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first, his album "loco de amor - tour edition" here with the song "juntos", juanes! ♪ [ singing in foreign language ]
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