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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 28, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, extreme weather. a late july storm producing everything from tornadoes to snow plus a heat wave beginning to build for millions of americans. wildfires still raging out west. controversial comments from a presidential candidate and we're not talking about donald trump. mike huckabee's remarks about the iran nuclear deal comparing it to the holocaust, the president hitting back. the backlash growing with the first debate just days away. hit-and-run. a cyclist capturing the moment when he became the victim of a crime and not the only violation the camera recorded. tense finale. "the bachelorette" making her pick lighting up social media overnight and what her new fiance and runner-up are saying this morning.
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well good tuesday morning to you. we are covering extreme summer weather from coast to coast starting with a storm sweeping across the plains. >> take a look at this. this is near scotts bluff, nebraska. an impressive thunderstorm. this was captured by a photographer there. these ominous clouds and it was accompanied by heavy rain. >> you see this shot? >> this just over the border from montana. powerful twister touching down in canada. there are several reports of funnel clouds in the area. one at least confirmed tornado. >> would you believe that same storm system is bringing snow to some areas? jackson hole wyoming, popular ski resort getting a coating, yep, in late july. but for most of the country heat is what we are coping with. in the west the heat and high winds are adding to the fire threat.
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23 major wildfires burning across five states this morning. red flag warnings are up in parts of california and oregon where wildfires already racing up drought-stricken mountainsides. hundreds of families evacuated but so far no homes have been lost. >> personnel from as far away as santa cruz had driven to save my home. >> fires are burning quickly. >> four firefighters are recovering after being injured battling the hoss fast-moving lolita fire east of sacramento. one suffering serious burns but thousands of firefighters head back into the bale again today. another threat for millions today. the extreme heat. >> accuweather's justin povick tracking this for us. good morning to you, justin. >> t.j. and reena, thanks, good morning to you. heat continuing to affect much of the northeast over the course of the next couple of days in fact an all-out heat wave many spots well into the 90s each afternoon through thursday. realfeel temperatures getting into the mid-100s from new york
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city south and west. even boston could feel like it's in the upper 90s. not expecting a lot of wet weather but gus it thunderstorms later this afternoon into the upper midwest eventually getting into the western great lakes, as well. damaging winds and hail the big threats and also dealing with more dry conditions not good news for fire danger here in northern california where temperatures are going to be quite hot and there could be some gusty winds, as well. t.j. and reena, back over to you. >> breaking overnight a series of strong earthquakes rocking oklahoma. groceries were knocked off shelves in crescent north of oklahoma city. the bigger of the two a magnitude 4.5, a third in the evening. experts say nearly 2 million people in five states felt the shaking. just nine days till the first republican presidential debate and another candidate taking heat this time mike huckabee. he compared the new iran nuclear
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deal to the holocaust. refusing to back down or apologize. mere how abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: mike huckabee doubling down on his criticism of president obama's iran deal after comparing it to the holocaust. >> he's so naive he would trust the iranians and he would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> reporter: his comments bringing a rare scolding from the president. >> in 18 months i'm turning over the keys. i want to make sure i'm turing them over to somebody who is serious. >> reporter: but huckabee not backing down. >> three times i've been to auschwitz. when i talked about the oven door i have stood the that oven door. i know exactly what it looks like. >> reporter: the president accusing republican candidates of using overheated language to try and steal attention from donald trump. seen here firing up crowds in iowa this weekend. >> i want to grab that corn like you've never seen. so rich so beautiful. >> reporter: other candidates now looking to create their own viernl moments.
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senator rand paul taking a chain saw to our tax code and senator lindsey graham taking a samurai sword to his cell phone after trump publicly gave out his number. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> well all that vying for attention ahead of next thursday's debate will which feel tur the top. 16 candidates in there. and abc news analysis shows donald trump, jeb bush scott walker marco rubio, ted cruz mike huckabee and ben carson will be on the stage then five men vies for the other spots including chris christie rick perry, john kasich rick santorum and bobby jindal. breaking news overnight from northern california the sat end to a seven for a missing girl. police say the body of madyson middleton was found in a dumpster behind the apartment complex where she lived with her mother. the 8-year-old was last seen sunday afternoon riding her scooter in front of the complex. a 15-year-old boy who also lived there is now being questioned in connection with the murder.
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new details about the gunman who opened fire in a louisiana movie theater as his vicktims are laid to rest funerals for jillian johnson and mayci breaux the two women killed in that rampage learning in 2508008 the shooter was taken for a mental evaluation. he was not involuntarily committed possibly explaining why he was able to legally purchase a gun. initial autopsy results on bobbi kristina brown have turned up no obvious cause of death. no significant injuries were found and no previously unknown medical conditions. but additional lab tests will be performed and subpoenas may be issued for her medical records. brown was found unresponsive six months ago. experts say the passage of time makes the investigation much more difficult. the boy scouts have officially lifted its ban on adult leaders.
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one huge sponsor, the mormon church is protesting saying it might leave the organization. other karen freundy groups including the catholic church may follow. coming up security warning. could be the biggest smartphone flaw ever discovered. two teenagers still lost at sea. the video of their capsized boat and why rescuers think they could still be alive. and caught on camera. cyclist heading down the road suddenly the victim of a hit-and-run.
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hackers into your android phone. a security researcher has found a major flaw that affects nearly all android smartphones. that's almost a billion phones out there. it would allow a hacker access to everything on your phone including the credit card information without you even knowing it. so far there are no reported cases of anyone exploiting this security flaw. problems with the chinese market are affecting u.s. stocks. the dow was off 128 points to its lowest point in almost six months. the nickelodeon was down 49. s&p, 12. on monday the shanghai market suffered its biggest one-day loss in more than eight years. amazon reportedly wants to get into the grocery business according to the silicon valley business journal. customers would order online then pick them up in a drive-through store. while many shoppers say they're interested right now online sales only account for about 1% of grocery spending. there's no comment from amazon. great news for kids and parents, there's a new book by
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dr. seuss. it's available starting today even though the beloved arthur has been dead some 25 years. "what pet should i get?" already a number one best-sell from the same author of "one fish two fish red fish blue fish" discovered by his widow when doing renovations on their house. donald trump's comments on immigration have gone commercial. stores in san diego are selling that yep, that's a trump pinata the stuffed icons have been popping up for awhile to protest. the store says it's offering them for 30 bucks. >> no word if there are democratic equivalent yets. >> who would it be? >> i'm not going there, t.j. holmes. when we come back police a wild chase endings with a van
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it flipped over. it doesn't appear he was seriously injured facing additional charges on both sides of the river. now for a look at morning road conditions. severe storms could make trouble in the center of the country west across the texas panhandle to the board. flying airport delays possible in minneapolis today. a show of support for the two 14-year-old boys who went missing during a fishing trip off florida. >> hundreds gathered in jupiter and filled the sky with lanterns during a vigil for perry and cohen, perry cohen and austin stefanos. the teens could likely survive about 2350i6 days hanging on to a cooler. the parents optimistic but the wait is excruciating. >> we're experiencing the same roller coaster of emotions not even on an hourly basis, i think it can be minute-by-minute. >> both boys are described as experienced boaters. their families are offering $100,000 reward and they started
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a gofundme campaign to contribute to the search efforts. caught on camera the driver of a party bus scrolling and texting on a smartphone while cruising down the highway on new york's long island. 45 people on board. it happened just one day after another dent right near there. a limo driver turning into the path of a pickup truck killing four young women after this new video went public the driver of that party bus was fired. seattle software engineer was riding his bike home from work gopro on his helmet rolling when an suv turned right into him. you see it happen there. then that suv took off, sped away. the cyclist knocked down. he looked at the video and slo-mo later. the driver was looking at his phone when he turned right in front of that bike. 90 minutes later the driver turned himself in to police. several massachusetts drivers came to the rescue of a man who had crashed midway between bhos and providence. his suv rolled over onto the roof after he allegedly
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sideswiped another vehicle and his foot was pinned inside. he was also dazed and confused. the other drivers rolled the suv on to its side and got him out but they also say the crash victim had been showing signs of road rage. police in new jersey are looking for a van driver they say made off with $150,000 in cash. it started when two workers filling atms in the area inadvertently left the bag of cash on a nearby lawn. yep, surveillance video shows white van moving the bag from the lawn by the time the workers realized their mistake, yeah it was too late. they are said to be cooperating with police. finders keepers, right? you left 150 grand on the ground. >> nice try, my friend. >> who is going to get mad at the guy in the van? to sports now. some baseball highlights. >> to our guys at espn for that. >> good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter"
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set in los angeles. he's neil everett. i'm stan verrett. walkoff home run. >> yeah and a good-bye to a star for the rockies. not carlos gonzalez who said good-bye to that pitch. he hit two in this game the top of the ninth. rockies down 1. >> fans got to make that catch. he's got to make that catch. >> bottom nine though chris brian, the cubs lead the majors in walkoffs of that's their tenth. that's bryant's first. it was after the game colorado trades troy tulowitzki to toronto for jose reyes and a bunch of guys you've never heard of. >> you heard of this guy, alex rodriguez turned 40 on monday. having an impressive season. 40s is the new 39. what's 53? >> the new 52. >> has best in home run, batting average and slugging percentage in quite a few years. top six, yankees up 3-2.
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rodriguez at the plate off harrison. home run on his 40th birthday. sixth player to hit a home run on his 40th birthday. 24th of the season. yankees beat the rangers, 6-2. also it's the sixth home run for rodriguez -- >> on his birthday. >> which can a major league baseball record. >> that's a fact. look it up. >> that's all we got. back to you. >> we trust you guys. "the pulse" coming your way and she said yes. the bachelorette chooses her man. who did she pick? what's the runner-up saying. semi flying through the air and breaking a record. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently
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♪ we got "the pulse." the wait is over for the bachelorette. millions of fans across the country. >> kaitlyn has made her pick. taking a proposal from sean b. the love birds professed their love for one another in season 11's finale. >> that means kaitlyn dumped nick. broke his heart. a tough moment. you all see this? wait for it. wait for it. he's pulling out a ring. >> slow down partner. she had to stop him. he was about to propose. he doesn't get the girl and doesn't get to be on "gma" this morning. >> oh teej. >> she and sean her new fiance will be on. poor guy. >> well look forward to hearing then dish. >> but nick the ring. >> where is he today? >> i don't know. cupcake chris was crying. that looks like nothing anymore compared to that. >> it was a good season. you have to admit there were -- >> some moments. sports history being made in arizona. the cardinals hired the first
4:23 am
female coach in the nfl. >> a really cool story. you need to know this lady here. this is dr. jen welter. she will work inside the linebackers or with the inside linebackers. she has plenty of experience a linebacker and played for 14 years with the dallas diamonds and helped lead them to four championships and also the first coach in a men's pro league that was with the -- indoor football indoor football. so she's got the talent to do this. you'll see a lot about her. every summer eric schmitt and his family go diving for treasure. beer cans and stuff like that for the most part. >> this summer they hit the jackpot. >> i thought that was a sneeze. i was going to let you get it out. dramatic pulse from my reena ninan. >> sorry. >> hit the jookpot because he dug up 52 gold coins worth a million dollars. he found them off fourth of july pierce florida, in just 15 feet of water. one coin here accounted for half
4:24 am
of that million. it's a try centennial royal gold coin minted for the spanish king in 1715 buried under the sea when a fleet of spanish ships went down during a hurricane 300 years ago this week. >> if only we dived, teej we would find some. all right, don't try this at home or near your home. there is a new world record for jumping a semi tab. it was set this weekend in butte, montana by greg got field. it weighs nine tons and it was staged on a public road as part of the evel knievel days. >> he broke his own record jumping 166 feet from a ramp. he was only aiming for 140 feet. he said the landing was a little rough. you think? you can see he slams into the ground and almost slammed into a house. they just do this in the middle of a neighborhood. >> i can't believe they got the clearance to do this. >> yes, how do you do that? >> i guess inf things go. for some of you, your local news
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i am matt keller here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> it is tuesday. now a check on the weather. it will get warmer. it did mike. >> it did. especially inland. we had the fire near pittsburg but the first department did a great job getting it under control. visibility shows seven miles in petaluma of the nine in napa and hayward. no clouds. just comfortable temperatures. we are in the 50s and 60s. notice well still be in the 70 at the coast and around the bay but touching 90 inland at noon. a quick warming. triple digits inland at 4:00. 80s away the bay. 70 at the coast. still toasty inland this evening. 90 but 60s and 70s for the bay and inland neighbor. how is the first check of the
4:29 am
commute? >> the bay bridge toll plaza that is light drive from the east bay to san francisco. you are in if shape to get us going this morning. as we move to the golden gate bridge a nice clear commute and accident free and we do not see the zipper truck. i will let you know when we do. drive time traffic is 580, clear, looking at 27 minutes. that is going to change quite soon. 680 southbound from dublin to mission and 85 northbound to cupertino is 17 minutes. >> developing news from santa cruz. a 15-year old boy is in police custody in connection with the death of 8-year-old madyson middleton who went missing on sunday. police believe a body found in a dumpster is hers. janet o is in santa cruz. police worked through the night? >> yes, they are this is a heartbreaking situation, not the
4:30 am
ending that many at the tannery. you can see behind us investigators are still here on the scene and they have been working through the night combing through the evidence. where you see the lights that is where the garage is and where maddy's body was discovered in a dumpster at the apartment complex where she lives with her mother. now another resident, a 15-year old boy, has been arrested in connection with the death. haddie's body was discovered with 8:00 p.m. last night. family and friends were hysterical when they heard the news. she went missing sunday evening while riding her white scooter at the tannery as captured by a surveillance video image. en withs reported seeing the 15-year-old boy hanging an the dumpster which led them to the grizzly discovery. >> the body discovered is that of a young female but we have not positively identified her yet. we believe


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