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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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flames along highway 24. >> good morning, everyone, i am it. >> i am matt keller. we want to get to the latest on the fire. it is west of pleasant hill and north of deer hill road. >> amy hollyfield is at the scene. what is going on now? >> they have in fire knocked down. you can see the hillside is blackened. we do not see fire. there was a home on deer hill road in lafayette that was notened. it is surrounded by fire trucks and well protected. the family get out without any rones and got the dog out. they are fine. this is the only home threatened during the fire. look at the figures we shot when it was going. this fire was raging. the hillside was lit up north of highway 24, very visible to commuters this morning and very bright and raging. it burped ten -- burned continue
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acres. this area between elizabeth and pleasant hill road was the area that was burning and smoke was headed to the developing hill neighborhood to the high school and spring hill elementary. firefighters are watching the homes but they were fine with no evacuations necessary. they do not know what caused the fire but they will look into that as the sun comes up and they get the investigators on the veteran. the first priority was to get the fire out. they have done a good job of that. maybe a hotspot here and there and they are worried about the winds picking up so they not walk away from this any time soon. the real threat and the big emergency part of this appears to be over. >> 6:01. winds with play a big role in an effort to contain any wildfire. >> for a look at the conditions
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in lafayette, the fire could be out by we are concerned about flareups. >> absolutely, embers could missed especially weapon the winds pick up. >> the picture is getting clearer. 65 degrees. 40 percent humidity. the winds are calm. hopefully we will not fan the flames and winds are light and variable right now. sea breeze is back. i will show you what it means in forecast. >> we have been trafficking a serious accident through the east bay and that is where mobile 360 is, southbound 680 at 16th we are stuck in the backup because of the sig-alert at high street. i will show you a map in a moment. behind us, you can see it is not stopping any time soon and foreign traffic is much clearer. there are ways to get around
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this. on the maps, we will look at southbound 880 the drive from 980 if you are trying to make a flight at oakland airport it will take 50 minutes. four miles per hour is the top speed. 580 is an alternate. or international boulevard runs parallel to 880 and that is a if way to get around that. to the south, southbound 880 ten minutes to get between san lorenzo to highway 92 because of an accident possibly involving injuries. the a mat drive is slow east correction because of delays construction between greenville and north gasoline until 11 o'clock. >> the fire in lafayette is one of self wildfires burning in california 5,200 firefighters are working to bring them under criminal. the heat is taking its toll on the crews. extra precautions are being made to ensure their safety.
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>> the fires start when it is hot. for us that means hydration getting firefighters breaks as often as we can. we pay close attention to all the nears in the line to make sure they are not suffering from the heat exhaustion. >> conditions are up like my they have seen in years. firefighters have responded to 3,100 fires already. >> san bernardino county is offering $75,000 in reward for tips to catch people would everyone flying crones above a wildfire in southern california. in one incident they prevented crews in dispatching helicopters and water buckets for 20 minutes after a wildfire starts near a freeway. the reward is granted if a tip leads to arrest in convection. >> the santa cruz district attorney will announce if a 15-year old boy is charged as an adult in the death of 8-year-old madyson middleton. 200 gathered at the peach --
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beach to mourn her dea she was lawyered to the suspect's apartment because she knew and trusted him the neighbors described the teach as well marched and nice. it is a crime many cannot make sense of. any child in this community is any of our own kids. no parent should bury a child. >> a source said the teach had contemplated suicide and wanted to see how people would react to the murder. he sexually assaulted and strangled the 8-year-old girl. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the investigation into maddy's death continuing on-line at and on facebook and twitter. you can show your support for madyson middleton and her familiar by sharing this badge on social media posted on abc
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instagram page "for maddy for her family for all parents." you can share it on ingraham. >> a public view aring for a falling hayward store shot and killed at a traffic stop, scott lunger was a 15-year veteran. the viewing is at chapel of the chimes on mission boulevard in hayward from 4-9:00 p.m. he will be laid to rest tomorrow with gulf honors with motor escorting the casket. it will continue to the arena. the public memorial service is at 10:00 a.m. >> opponents of the vaccine law are turning to the ballot box to recall the carried the bill requiring full vaccination for schoolchildren. proponents have until december
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31 to collect 36 the signatures from registered voters. the bill ams to a loss of child rearing autonomy and insist the vaccines are unsafe. >> affordable farms can be added to existing building in most populated neighbors of san francisco with a board passing legislation to allow in inlaw units with their own kitchen and bathroom and exist in the current space of building and subject to existing rent control rules. north beach and russian hill and dime -- diamond heights are including. >> there will be fogging for mosquitoes after positive samples for west nile virus at great america parkway in santa clara and treating a portion of sunnyvale and san jose. crews will fog around 11 o'clock tomorrow. >> east bay utility district customers would replace grass
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with turf to conserve water will not get a financial break. the district board voted against offer rebates to homeowners would choose fake over real grass. customerred asked the district to consider this but credits say the turf helps up if land fills and provides the natural habitat it needs in the grass. >> in the morning it was dealer but it will heat up. >> good thing they are not fighting the fire later today when it is well over 100. temperature right new in foster city and 59. san bruno is 58. san mateo is 60 the belmont is 62. low-to-mid 60s along east bay shore. san ramon is 61. livermore is 67. 56 in napa and mill valley and the temperatures are up to five degrees warmer than yesterday
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probably our warmest morning. you can see the sea breeze is back and the sun is about to come up and the temperatures today are 91-107, and parts of san francisco are around 80 and around the bay up to 85 in the south bay and a "spare the air" day. >> "spare the air" and spare your patience. again we have not moved an inch and we are at 16th avenue law oakland, southbound 880 because of a sig-alert. i will show you how far the backups citizen. 980 is where the trouble begins three miles per hour is the top speed or zero miles per hour because of a fatal accident at high street. the sig-alert blocking three lanes and will be around for an unknown duration. international boulevard is the best bet and 580 despite slowing approaching grand avenue you can still get around the slow downs. this is a serious crash that
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caused major delays out of castro valley on the brakes at 580 to 237 and 20 miles per hour 237 americaning with 880. >> it has been so hot outside you would think that a pipe of snow would disappear in a second but that is not case this new york. we show you what is keeping a massive snow pile intact in the middle of a heat wave. >> there is no need for snow here the reason these little guys will march if san francisco this weekend. >> stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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lease select cts models in stock the longest for around 399 per month. >> covering cupertino, conquer wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> now the fire burning on the north side of highway 24 in lafayette, it got to continue acres before fires got it knocked down and they are still looking for hotspots. there was one home a few yards away from the flames burning and firefighters managed to get
6:14 am
around that and save it. we will bring you more updates with amy hollyfield on the scene. >> abc has confirmed that taliban leader omar is al qaeda ally and led an insurgency against the united states after he was toppled from his rule in afghanistan in 2001. in word open when he died and he has been decleared dead many times before. the taliban has not commented. >> bill cosby will speak about sexual misconduct with a judge setting a day for him to give a deposition in a civil suit that claims he molesting the plaintiff when she was only 15 years old. the deposition will come no later than september 30. huff is now 55 and alleges the molestation happened when she was a teen at the may boy mansion. >> country is experiencing record breaking heat and old man
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winter is handing around in buffalo after eight months. this is 10' tall and is where the city officials put the excess storm after a storm in november. the dirt and weeds covered the mound have helped to insulate it amid 90-degree temperatures. >> that is a weather lesson. dirt will keep it there are for a while. right now? >> the worst snowcone flavor ever. >> we will talk to leyla gulen who is keeping an eye on our traffic. we have had issues. >> indeed. we have sky 7 over southbound 880 in oakland at high street. that is where c.h.p. is conducting their investigation after a fail crash and car fire. you can see the three lanes are blocked southbound 880 at high street and traffic is getting by with one lane. it is inching along and that is causing major delays and major backups away from 980.
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it is slowing traffic down in the northbound direction for those who are spectators passing by. here is a look at mobile 360 trying to get to the surface streets. international boulevard is going to be one of them and we are just headed over the overpasses or possibly heading parallel to the freeway. i will continue to check with 360 and make sure the at nasa are still still in working order on the maps i can show you the backup at three miles per hour is at top speed and that is being generous. if you look at 580 traffic is heavy there and eastbound side we have a disabled vehicle near grand avenue and beside that causing the delays, the rest of the 580 is moving along pine and that is a good alternate because the sig-alert is in effect until further notice with this word on when it will re-open. in san ramon heading interest dublin southbound still blocking a lane with an accident
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and heavy backups. mike? >> the weather is changing and interesting. we have had a southern surge overnight and a many layer is deeper and full of moisture with the clouds on the scene trying to jump from the peninsula coast to the bay you can see them here with the such shine developing from sutro tower to the east bay. the clouds will linker and it will be hot. the heat will break for all of us today and through friday and into the weekend. remember we transition to the humidity tomorrow with a storm possible. poor air quality but all of us under a "spare the air" umbrella for the second day in a row the possibility that inland east bay is still hot tomorrow and that could have poor air quality and we are going green friday through the weekend. winds are light at ten miles per hour but fairfield is 14 miles per hour pointing inland. we will have the winds pick up from the west delta to the
6:18 am
golden gate bridge from noon until 9:00. they should be faster than they were yesterday afternoon. some relief from the heat in the south bay 93 at sunnyvale and milpitas and 95 in san jose and flirting with 100 in los gatos and morgan hill. low-to-mid 90s for most of the peninsula and some 80s heading north of san mateo and temperatures 69 at half moon bay and maybe 70 in a few spots where the falling be enough for strong sunshine and 76 downtown and south san francisco at 77 and sausalito at 79 and upper 90 to low 100s northbound. mid-to-upper 80s in a few areas including richmond and berkeley and oakland. check out all of the 100s-plus inland east bay another day of sitting in air conditioning and watch the bank account shrink. at at&t park the temperatures will be mid-70s under total
6:19 am
sunshine and a light breeze. tonight we are in the mid-50s to mid-60s but notice the cloud cover is more extensive and easier to sleep at the bay and coast. humidity increasing and a slight chance of showers and storms or thunderstorm on friday and mainly in the high country and over the ocean. 10- or 15-degrees cooler by senator and still sticky through sunday and drying out the temperatures remain seasonal monday and tuesday. >> 6:19 much the san francisco does is inviting and you your family to celebrate the man of the penguins on saturday. two penguins will waddle their way through the zoo and join the colony on penguin island. this is video of last year's march a graduation of sorts after the penguins finish fish school where they learn to swim and fish. the does will open at 9:00 a.m.
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for members and 9:30 for the general public. >> new evacuations for people near the lake berryessa fire with the latest ahead. >> tom brady fires back with a new defense being mounted a day after the nfl upholds the suspension and what he is revealing about the cell phone he is accused of destroy my advice? look on the bright side... with aveeno® skin brightening scrub. it has moisture rich soy and gentle exfoliators for brighter
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>> now a look on "good morning washington" an 7:00. >> coming up next new developments in deflate-gate. the nfl upholding tom brady's four game suspension and revealing the new england patriots' quarterback tom brady destroyed his phone during the investigation. the espn reporter who broke the story is here on "good morning america" next. >> we will see you at 7:00. >> tom brady is defending himself posting a long message to his followers. he is sticking to the claims of innocence saying there is no smoking gun and the controversy
6:24 am
is manufactured to distract that they have zeroed of wrongdoing. the missile commission are upheld the four game suspension yesterday. contending that brady deliberately destroyed the cell phone as the roles were being investigated. >> happening today, top nfl executive meets with officials and city and county leaders on manns for a new stadium in oakland. nfl executive vice president visit is over concerns that plans for coliseum city are not materializing. the meeting will address specific questions about what the city and county can offer to make the proposed stadium achievable. >> bay area officials have talked with los angeles on a joint bid for the 2024 olympics. giants c.e.o. talked to an official if los angeles about
6:25 am
splitting game. boston was picked but they dropped out on monday because of concerns over costs of hosting the olympics. the joint bid reduces costs. they want a bid ready to considered by mid-september. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. including an update on the fire in lafayette. how google is now helping you avoid the long lines at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop. >> ma'am you can do it your cement i will not deal with this. >> a 9-1-1 controversy, what happened to the person on the other end of the line that is make an emergency call getting national attention. >> as we head to break we leave you with abc7 and at look at sfo.
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because 100% whole grain oats are incredibly good for you. because they're heart healthy because they're good for kids. and granddads and everyone else in the family. everything we do is because of what really matters most. the goodness of oats and the people we love. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7
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news. >> it is wednesday morning. you are looking at a scene of an accident in oakland with the backups. thanks for joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am matt keller here for kristen sze. we well get to leyla gulen with an update on traffic. we follow breaking news in lafayette where firefighters are guarding against flareups. >> it break out near highway 24 not far from the high school. amy hollyfield is near the scene. >> you can see right behind me that they have this fire knocked out. we have a blackened hillside from where the fire did the damage and fighters now are watching over it closely to make sure that hotspots do not opinion up. they do not want to walk away from this much the threw threat, the big emergency is over. we are on deer hill road with one home here on deer hill road. the family got out okay. the home was saved. this five was going.
6:30 am
look at the video of what it looks like when it was raging starting after 4:00 this morning. the fire was visible from highway 4 north of highway rushing up the hill pretty quickly open other side of this you can see it burned on the other side but did not reach the neighbor. the neighborhood is spring hill neighbor. firefighters were watching it closely. just in case. they were ready to evacuate, if necessary. that did not happen. a lot of smoke blew that way. that was it. we had one family on deer hill road who had to get out. they made it out safely. >> i smelled the smoke through my sister's window. i checked it out. before i saw the fire i saw the fire trucks so...when i saw it i haven'ted downstairs with my dog and evening would up my parents. >> it was scary.
6:31 am
two big fires on the ridge lines. they have done a great job. >> this is their dog nimo who made it out safely. they are okay. so the home. here is a picture of it. sweet home on deer hill road is fine. they did everything they could to make sure and they put themselves in between the house and the fire. it is fine. they estimate ten acres burned. no one was hurt. they do not know the cause. they will tackle that issue today. if there is one factsor that firefighters have to lack at when fighting a wildfire it is the wind. >> we check with meteorologist mike nicco. mike the wind is calm? the environmental winds are calm. they continue to be calm. the fire can create its own wind
6:32 am
with the strong updraft credited from the hot air and chimney effect and why it climbed up the him. humidity is 52 percent. temperature is 65. you can see what they would deal with at 1:00 o'clock 97 at 18 humidity for humidity and wind at nine miles per hour topping out in the low 100s with west wind at 13. a good thing they got it under criminal this morning. all the fog is coming in. it looks like some areas like the coast in san francisco not so hot as yesterday. inland we will be in the to triple digit. >> we have a look at persons over 880 southbound. it is a parking lot. we focus in on the accident it is a terrible cent. it resulted in a fatality. you can see three lanes are
6:33 am
blocked on the southbound side. it was a car crash involving a fire. right now just one lanes gets you by causing major delays. i tell you how to get around them. open mobile 360 we can see traffic is slight. we are on international boulevard at a stoplight. we have traveled the entire stretch of international boulevard with no traffic here. that is a way to get around. on the maps the backup is not going to let up. 580 eastbound you are at top speed with early disabled vehicle and slowing near grand avenue is going. the rest of the drive is clear. take 580, do not get on 880. you will be sorry. >> mandatory evacuations and road closures are in effect after a flareup near lake
6:34 am
berryessa. the wragg fire continued to threaten homes. officials say 150 acres re-ignited forcing dozens from their homes. hundreds were told to lobby and -- to leave. the fire burned 7,000 acres and was 80 percent contained. the fire has an impact far beyond the borders. wayne freedman tweeted this picture of the smoke in marin county. >> drones are blamed for hampering water drops in dublin at the army reserve area. firefighters bat willed flames. the fire burned 250 acres before being knocked down. two drones interfered with drops. the drones pose a major risk to pilots and a collision to result in major damage. >> new details emerge of the final moment of an 8-year-old girl's life.
6:35 am
madyson middleton was brutalized before her death at the hands of a neighbor. janet o is in santa cruz with more. janet? >> the district attorney will hold a news conference later this morning to discuss the charges against the 15-year-old suspect. the teen lives at ta accused of murdering eight-year-old madyson middleton. 200 gathered at the beach to mourn of loss of the innocent child. maddy was sexually assault asked strangled at the suspect's apartment. she knew the 15-year-old and trusted him why she went to his place. as far as a motive the 15 your -year-old wanted to see how would react to the murder. her body was hidden in a
6:36 am
recycling bin. surveillance video footage was shown with the teen making civil trips to -- several trips to recycle, bin. counselors or on hand to help the children cope with losing a friend. >> there are a hot of questions. why did this happen? how could someone do this? those are tough questions to answer. >> the suspect's name has not been released because he is a minor. sources said that the teen is a nice kid that they would never suspect to be a suspect if a case like this. the big question will the district attorney file charms against -- charges against the teen as an adult? well bring you the latest
6:37 am
>> a public viewing is today for a fallen hayward officer shot and killed during a traffic stop. sergeant lung lung was a a -- sergeant scott lunger was a 15-year veteran of the department. sergeant slung will -- slung will -- sergeant scott lunger will be laid to rest tomorrow and have a police motorcade escort. the public memorial service is at 10:00 a.m. >> next bad news for thousands of drivers in two states including california. the closure that could impact your next summer road trip. >> chance to meet nba popular player. >> you can see some of the blue
6:38 am
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good news everybody! there is now 25% less sugar in yoplait original. say "adieu" to that sugar. because it still tastes good ahhhh yoplait! we are back at 6:41 on this hump day and it and the third day of the series between the brewers and the giantants and the u.v. index is high.
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wind at ten miles per hour. temperatures in the low-to-mid 70s. in the sun it is 10- or 15-degrees warmer will be careful. red flag warning until 11 o'clock near the oregon border. triple digits throughout the central valley. palm springs look at clouds, this is the moisture in our neighborhood starting on thursday into friday. it will keep san diego in the upper 70s and los angeles in the mid-80s. 86 today in lake. safe travels. speaking of traveling how is it going? >> not well. still flying over southbound 880 where the sig-alert a fa accident occurred shutting down three lanes. zooming in on the scene it involves three vehicles total two appear they caught on fire and it looks like those videos are not getting loaded on to tow
6:42 am
trucks at this hour and we do have c.h.p. on the scene and three lanes are taken away. as remark is bottlenecked into one lane that is causing severe delays. as we pan up you can see how it stretches for miles away from 980 south downtown oakland and there are ways do get around this. we checked out international boulevard and there were hardly any vehicles and that is a good alternate. we are at 14th and 150th headed over to 580 to check that out. on our were mas you can see how clear it is on 580 so it is a better bed and we are seeing slowing in the morning direction as well. >> a portion of interstate ten that collapsed during the flash flood will not be fully re-opened until september. california transportation officials say the stretch of bridge near the border with arizona needs extensive repair work that will cost $5 million. last friday, i-10 re-opened to
6:43 am
one lane in each direction and likely to stay that way until the repairs are treated which is not good news for the estimated 54,000 drivers a day who use the stretch to travel between los angeles and phoenix. >> new mexico dispatcher resigned after hanging up on a woman during a frantic 9-1-1 call. >> barely breathing. how many "f"-ing times do i have to tell you. >>. ma, you can do it your she. i not deal with this. >> the 17-year-old boy the woman was trying to help died a short time later. the caller became annoyed with the questioning by the dispatcher matthew sanchez because he repeatedly asked if the victim was breathing and he run up three minutes into the call. >> google gets smart to make your life easier and taking the work out of everything from which ares to errands that eat up your free time. stay tuned.
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>> mike, windows 10 is launching to great fanfare. and jet jetblue has
6:47 am
sale. jane? >> good morning, to you. kind of a quiet start to wall street with the two day fed meeting wrapping up. we will find out what they are say about the economy and interest rates. until then the mark connect be quiet. we are higher but not a lot of action. if you use witnesses 7 or 8 you are about to get an upgrade, witnesses 10, which is free if you are using 7 or 8. microsoft took pains to get it right and opened up a review version of the software to the public. they made dozens of changes and the company expects the operating system will be used by a billion. google can show you the best time to pick up the dry cleaning or cash a check all taxes tasks creating a new feature to show how busy millions of
6:48 am
businesses are at certain types of the day to help you save time. just type in the name of the business and the improve will show you the foot track days and types of the weekend. back to you. >> jane mentioned the launch of windows 10 and they will celebrate the launch in the south bay. nba finals iguodala will have an event as the headliner at the mall at 7:00 a.m. to get tickets to the meet-and-greet and come back and meet him at 7:00 people tonight. while you wait there are free snacks and give aways and workshops on window 10. >> that will be cool. >> the iggy meet-and-greet. >> very cool. it will be hot. >> it will be hot again but you can see relief hitting the coast
6:49 am
in san francisco. a very thin marine layer. it will undercut the high pressure. if those areas anyway. in the north bay it is comfortable from rohnert park at 52. calistoga is 61. everyone in the mid-50s. we have 60 in el sobrante. alameda is 62. redwood city is 65. lafayette is 66. fairfield is 66. brentwood is 67. 51 at half moon bay. coit tower has been in and out of the fog and it will turn to hazy sunshine away from the coast and the second "spare the air" day. cooler conditions on thursday into friday as the cooler containing comes in. so does the moisture in the form of humidity. isolated storm is possible on friday. the surge that came up while we were sleeping and why we are
6:50 am
taking the steam and heat out of forecast but not when you head and the south bay 95 at san jose and nearly 100 in los gatos and some 90s on the planes and we break into some 88 as you transition from san mateo to millbrae. upper 60 to nearly 70 along the coast the cloud deck should be thin enough to see the sunshine and not such as year money 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and petaluma and san rafael is 97 and santa rosa and north triple digits and vallejo is 94. 80s around richmond and berkeley and oakland and hercules and low-to-mid 90 elsewhere with castro valley at 95 and fremont at 94. check out the 100-degree heat it will be a degree or two warmer as we head inland east bay main. air conditioning, mine ran last night. we are cool in the 50s and 60s and dome we lose four to
6:51 am
seven degrees and 10- or 15-degrees total by saturday and a lot mid-to-upper level moisture and humidity so it will feel sticky. >> all morning, terrible scene southbound 880 sky 7 is over high street where a fatal accident happened a couple of hours ago. now we have two lanes getting you by and three lanes early early and all the vehicles have been taken off of the freeway and c.h.p. is conducting the investigation causing major delays. it will take an hour away from 980 so if you have a flight to catch at oakland airport avoid 880 and take international boulevard. we are looking at mobile 360 and heading westbound on 580 to check out traffic there. until we do that we are at top speed headed between 980 up to highway 13 you are in good shape to use that as an alternate. we have a little slow-and-go
6:52 am
traffic westbound highway 24 to the north an early fire because of the fire, deer hill road is shut down between pleasant hill road and brown avenue. >> we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> we have weather and traffic and the bay bridge toll
6:53 am
>> whether you are just joining us or head out the door seven
6:54 am
thens to know before you go. breaking news this morning, crews are watching hotspots from a grandson fire in lafayette. it broke out after 4:00 on deer hill road and throwned a home before crews knocked it down. it burned ten acres. >> new numbers on the fire burning near lake berryessa after growing last night and is 80 percent contained. evacuations are still in place for the mixed canyon and sky ranch and blue rig areas. >> a deadly crash we have major delays away from 980 with two lanes available to get you through. it is still going to take an hour from 980 to international boulevard or 580 eastbound. that is the best way to get an. it happened two hours ago. there is no word on when the next two lanes will re-open as the c.h.p. conducted their investigation. >> another "spare the air" day. check it out.
6:55 am
san jose and all the santa clara valley and inland east bay the most likely with poor air quality and inland east bay tomorrow could be the third of the summer. cooling is hitting the coast in san francisco at 70s to nearly 88 and 83 to 95 away the bay and into the south bay with near report warmth and the dangerous heat inland from 97 in the north bay and 107 inland east bay. >> the santa cruz county district attorney is expected to announce the 15-year-old boy will be charged as an adult in the murder of 8-year-old madyson middleton killed by her neighbor in the family apartment. >> public viewing takes place for sanctionent scott lunger killed in the line of duty at chapel of the crimes from 4-9:00 with a public memorial held tomorrow at arena disasterring at 10:00 a.m. our complete coverage is at
6:56 am
abc7. >> a man is swimming in the pacific ocean swimming from the golden gate bridge to the farallon islands and is halfway there and could swim by noon today. you can track the progress online at >> 30 miles. in frigid water. we will be back here in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west, one of the most wanted men in the world, dead. taliban leader mullah omar who harbored osama bin laden and the 9/11 masterminds reportedly killed in a drone strike. the latest right now as we come on the air. deflategate bombshell. tom brady slammed by the nfl destroying his cell phone to hide evidence. his legal team calling it a sham. the reporter who broke the story here this morning. safari scandal. a lion beloved by tourists considered a national treasure in africa killed by a dentist from minnesota. the american hunter accused of luring the star attraction out of a national park, shooting with a crossbow. anger erupting around the world. the dentist shuts down his practice and in hiding now. we'll have what he's saying. ♪ medical miracle.


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