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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the rocky fire has now burned 47,000 acres. it has destroyed at least 24 homes, 26 outbuildings have also been destroyed. 6300 homes are in danger and right now firefighters have the fire just five percent contained. cornell bernard is live from lower lake with a look at the response. cornell? >> reporter: this fire is now burning across three counties tonight, believe it another nor. lake county, colusa county, and yuba county, this the newest worry. in the last hour, the fire has burned across this ridge. it's moving to the northwest. just an incredible shot here tonight. caltrans just informed us, because of the fires' approach in the western direction it will close highway 53 in the next 30 minutes through lower lake, as a precaution.
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>> he rocky fire continues to grow with aa vengeance. the blaze shows no signs of stop, almost doubling in size overnight. as the fire burns north there's a huge assault in the air and from the ground to stop it. >> the battle lines for the fire have been drawn on highway 20. they don't want the fire to jump the road. these crews keeping an eye out on the hillside to the north, in kasembers set it on fire. bass fires are being -- backfires are being set. >> there's so much energy and heat in the main body of the fire, and we don't want that energy and heat right at the roadside. >> this camper and his friends from concord panishinged when they found themselves in the path of the fire. >> 8:00 at night we saw flames on two ridges over so we decided to get out. >> in mad rush to get out their rv flipped over the side of a steep road and now they're stuck. >> when the wind switched to the east. >> how much nervous residents
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came to this meeting to get update about the fire. more than 12,000 residents remain out of their homes. so far there's no word when they can return. others like linda fielding are worried she could be the next group to pack up and go. >> how are you feeling. >> nervous as could be. we're just getting tired of this. >> i haven't slept or two -- for two days and my nephew lives in spring valley. breaks my heart that so many people have lost their homes. >> reporter: several dozen homes have been reduced to ashes. firefighters doing all they can to prevent more from being lost. in lake county, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> gusty winds and dry conditions have made this fight a hard one for firefighters. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma has more. >> this fire has gotten so big now. the smoke can be visible from satellites. this is from nasa this
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afternoon. what you're seeing to the east of clear lake, this gray circle is actually the smoke from the fire right now in lake county. the conditions there, hot and dry. the current air temperature at 92 degrees, relative humidity, dry, 17%, and a south wind gusting to 19 miles-per-hour at this time. live doppler 7hd is so powerful it can pick up on the smoke from the fire. that's the green you're seeing on the screen. so smoke overwater trough road, bartlett springs road. we have that strong south wind right now so that means the spoke is going to move to the north over the next couple hours we'll talk about what the south wind means for your monday weather. the accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> air tankers are playing a credit cal role at the rocky fire. each day they drop thousands of gallon offed retarrant on the fire. two c-130s or jut it with a
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modular airborne firefighting system. the retardant helps. >> slows in the fire down. >> c-130s can make 15 drops over the fire on a busy day two more air force planes are coming tom to help in the fight. the transbay tube was shut down friday night. the bay bridge has not been busier than usual. here's more on how people are coping. >> reporter: everyone we talked to says it's been smooth sailing. this is where people have been getting on buses to get to the east bay. employees are directing bart riders where to go. this is the second straight day of the transbay tube closure.
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i it started saturday and 94 free buses have been made available for bart riders to get across the bay. there have been no reports of problems. bart riders say it's been straightforward as far as where they need to go the buses available at the transbay terminal in san francisco me and 19th street bart station in oakland the reason for the transbay tube closure is so crews can do some much needed track repairs. bart released video of the work being done. farm he closure didn't cause delays that many were predicting. >> it worked. really well. surprisingly -- they said an hour to two hours delays and i got there faster than when usually take bart. >> it was perfect. had enough time to take the kids out, see the water on the bus. it was fun, rather than do it on the bus than the bart because you have to be in the tube. the bus is more fun for the kids. >> reporter: the ferries have
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increased service. the alameda-oakland-san francisco ferry saw a 25% jump in ridership yesterday. so people are taking advantage of the other modes of transportation. the second closure is labor day weekend. >> good news. thank you, lillian. a special olympics bowler is missing in los angeles. andy got separated from his group last night. he is from albania and doesn't speak english but does respond to his name. he was in l.a. for the special olympics world games which ended today. it has happened again in pacifica. another dead whale washed up on a local beach. high tide pushed the large marine mammal on to shore. biologists have not determined what species it is. it was a dog walker who spotted the why just at 6:00 this morning. >> it was pretty devastating to see this, and i called 9-1-1, and i also called the marine
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biology center in monterey, and they said they would have someone handle and it take care of it. >> this is the third time a dead whale has washed up in pacifica since mid-april. experts have not figured out what is killing the whales. minutes ago a ones injured badger returned to the wild. staff at wild care bay area animal center in san rafael nursed her back to health after she arrived in the condition you see here in the youtube video. animal center staff say someone found her this way near overland drive semi conscious and lethargic. she had internal bleeding. after two months of care, staff released her on a farm. still ahead at 6:00, good intentions, bad results. how a federal plan may have made the fire danger worse for northern california community. and the deadhead spirit lives on bay area musical icon
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jerry garcia celebrated in this childhood neighborhood.
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residents are worried about fire danger thanks to a federal
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plan to reduce the chance of fire. here's an explanation from echo lake. >> the familiar summer sound of an outboard motor on echo lake. what people up here won't be hearing is this. in the fall of 2013 we were here as the u.s. forest service began what was supposed to be a multiyear project to remove trees and brush to reduce the fire hazard. back then dennis murphy, university of evidence in conservation biologist insisted the elevation and sparse soil cover made the project completely unnecessary. >> there is essentially no wildfire risk. >> several weeks in the cutting murphy sued the forest service on the grounds it would harm the delicate ecosystem of echo lake. >> cabin owner who was appalled by the thinning operation could only cross her fingers. >> i don't know legal matters at all, so i had no idea how it
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would go. >> the forest service suspended the thinning project while the lawsuit worked through the courts but then last week, with no explanation, the new supervisor issued a two sentence internal memo. i've chosen to withdraw the decision made by my predecessor no further activity will occur on this project. >> certainly has a david and goliath feel to it. >> if murphy's celebration seems muted it's because the brush and timber cut nearly two years ago remains on the ground. he shared photos of a few of what he said are hundreds of slash piles. >> we have a really big mess on the ground. >> the forest service would not comment for this story because the lawsuit is still technically pending. dennis murphy tells us he won't back down until what remains of the so-called fuel reduction project is gone. abc7 news. >> up next at 6:00, a tropical
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storm moving through the pacific could become dangerous. meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> the newest maybe of the giants, mike leake, had a good outing and help from teammates. that's coming up in sports.
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>> today is the day when the excelsow district come as i live with the sound of the grateful dead. we were at the park as a thousand deadheads celebrated jerry garcia. this is jerry day. the annual tribute to famous band's founder. he grew up in the neighborhood help died in 1959 but his music and spirit lives on. >> all these people are like my family. i've grown up with these -- this fan base and this music so it's like being at home. for me. >> jerry day started in 2002 to raise money to fix up a run-down plopped. -- run-down playground. the mayor signed a proclamation to name the danger garcia.
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amphitheater day. now to drew tuma. a check of the forecast and how long this pleasant weather will stick around. >> the question, we're 2-2 in the month of august with changes on the horizon. right now live doppler 7hd is quiet in the bay area, pair of downpours to the east of lake tau -- tahoe. they're fizzling the next hour. looking outside, a gorgeous sunday evening on tap. just a few high thin sirius cloud -- cirrus clouds so if you headed out we have a breeze at 15 to 20 miles-per-hour. the sun goes down at 8:17. and by 11:00 it's a mixture of stars and clouds and temperatures in the 60s. ought -- out there right fro, 80 in antioch, 69 in hayward. san francisco, 67.
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novato, comfortably mild temperature 75. live doppler 7hd and satellite. the reason why we have been comfortably cool for august, you see these two little spins the in atmosphere off the coast of northern california two upper level lows. what they're doing, deepening our marine layer, brianing us morning clouds and keeping us cooler and that is the theme through monday. tomorrow morning, low clouds. there may be an isolated pocket of drizzle early on. otherwise by 9:00 in the morning the clouds pull back and by the afternoon a gore jayce day -- gorgeous day for august 3rd, and temperatures below normal. we'll take you to the pacific. we're tracking hurricane guillermo, category 1 right now. moving to the west northwest at 10 miles-per-hour. watching the track of this storm because wednesday and especially into thursday, it gets very close to hawai'i. so 9:00 wednesday evening, just near the big island, bringing
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downpours, likely some rough surf, and parallels the island chain. bit thursday evening, rain in owould wahoo and maui. along with the downpours, gusty winds will develop. wednesday evening, wind dusts between 20 and 30 miles-per-hour. by early thursday morning, they'll pick up to 30 to 40 miles-per-hour. but as guillermo pulls away by friday afternoon, the winds weaken and the skiesll brighten. but if you are headed to hawai'i later next week. tonight, mainly cloudy. highs for monday, another nice august day. lots of afternoon sunshine. 68 in san francisco. 70 oakland. 77, santa rosa. 82, concord. high of 78 in san jose. accuweather seven-day forecast morning clouds, the sun, nice august. and heat on wednesday continues into thursday and then a dip friday into saturday before
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temperatures go right back up on sunday. coming up at 11:00 we'll have an update on guillermo's track and strength. >> thank you. >> over to shu. what do you have for us. >> a little baseball to start. your favorite sport. yesterday the giants spoiled the rangers' cole hamels debut. drew still not over the trade. texas looking for revenge in the debut of the giants acquisition, mike leake, who is hungry. this chili dog has heartburn written all over it. leake made one mistake in the sixth. 2-0 rangers. in the ninth, after getting the first out, gave up his second hit to pagan. the manager pulls him after 80 pitches. perez not happy. his relievers loaded the bases for buster posey, pagan will
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store, aoki, held up at third. may have scored easily because hamilton throw is airmailed. the giants have one more chance. bases loaded. one out for hunter pence. but he grounds into the game-ending double play. giants lose 2-3 in texas. 2-1 the final, following two and a half back of the dodgers, billy bean's late i can acquisition -- just kidding. a's and indians. top five, mike avila hilteds into foul territory. josh reddick runs it down but leaves the game. billy burns, singles home eric sogard from second. we go to extra innings. bottom ten, reddick, mark khanna with his first career walkoff and you know what's coming. a little whipped cream and gatorade chaser, yum. 49ers with their second day of training camp and all eyes on the defense today who
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lost three starters. pat drill willics, justin smith and boyland. the only thing missing from the game is justin smith. who row tired and now we'll find out he meant to his success. >> anybody that is filling justin's spot is going to have to create a chemistry because that's to the guy who has been beside me since i've been here. but people learn fast, and we got a good coaching staff and good group of guys that make it easy. >> the work obviously, the shape he is in, see the conditioning he is doing, i am really excited for all this. >> let's tee it up. women's british open. inbee park completed a contrary grand slam -- a career grand slam. final round 7-under 65, one off the lead at 11-under.
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then ko, co-leader, then a bogey on 13. double bogey on 15. 9-under. park would birdie 16 and par 18 to take the british open by three strokes. seventh woman to minimum four different majors. fourth win of the year. final round of the quicken loans, troy merritt and kevin chappell co-leaders coming in. merritt tied a course record. shot of the day on 16. par-3, another birdie for a three-shot lead. just had to par the rest of the way. why not end with a long birdie on 18. a the champion at 18-under par. nascar, pocono raceway, three laps to go, logano runs out of gas. kyle busch takes the lead. but busch pushed his car too
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hard and ran out of gas on the final lap. matt kenseth was in second, takes the lead and the checkered flag. the only lap he led all day. what a finish. 97 basketball teams full of players with nba or d league experience started the tournament july 12th. winning team gets a million dollars. zack andrews at the buzzer misses the tying shot so eight players will split the $1 million prize. this sports report brought to you by bank of the west. not a bad payoff for guys trying to make it to the next level. eight players, million dollars, about -- 100,000 -- >> a lot of
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join us tonight on kofy tv 20. >> the biggest, most important step we have taken to combat climate change. >> the president residents aggressive measure to help the environment. then on abc7 news at 11:00, the special olympic world games wrap up tonight. a look the star-studded closing ceremony tonight at 11:00. a mission impossible movie crewed to the top of the box office once again.
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"rouge nation" this the philadelphia film that stars tom cruise, who at 53 years old, does his own stunts. the studio says positive reviews and courthouse's charm on the road helped bring in audiences. it earned $56 million the weekend. the remake of the comedy classic, vacation, debuted in second place with just $12 million. ant-man, minions and pixel rounded out the top five. that is it for us at 6:00.
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>> on today's show, discover the secret language of color. >> when they pair off with a me mate of the same hair color, their offspring is going to be more viable. >> then to improve your health with a massage. >> and get up close with marine wild' life. >> everyone's a kid at heart so everyone is going to have fun. >> plus a look at san francisco's newest beauty destination. >> i'll see you back here next monday? >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealer.


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