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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 4, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> hello, i am garrett call and while fighting with a worker. janet? >> the city admits the fire chief made repeated mistakes in the past but the hard work and leadership as chief outweighed the mistakes in the past 16
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months. the city manager said they had no idea what was going on until an anonymous pitch told them in may. that prompted the city to hire an outside agency to start an investigation which reveals on four different dates in 2014, the fire chief drank alcohol on the job and drove a city vehicle. he failed to answer calls to supervise a fire at an apartment last year and found to have wrestled with a subordinant during an argument. he is a 20-year veteran with hayward fire and promoted to chief in 2012. he is seen in this department recruiting video posted on youtube. contreras was suspend for a month in june. he is back to work. the city explains why they decided not to fire him. >> he has been an excellent fire chief and excellence employees. everyone makes mistakes. people are human and he has taken full responsibility for his actions and he has been
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subject to appropriate discipline. >> part of the discipline he has to sign a last chance agreement with the city conditions including not drinking at any city function or if he is on call. and not driving a city vehicle eight hours of having alcohol. his pay has also been reduced by 9 percent. the city said that they do not think he has a drinking problem and has never had a d.u.i. he told our media partner he screwed up and he is very embarrassed but is a bitter person for going through this. we tried to reach the chief for comment but he is at a funeral for the fremont fire chief today. >> you it this morning, police in hayward are investigating a shooting that left a man dead this morning. officers say the map was walking with a woman near morningside drive when approached by a group of men. the men opened fire killing the
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victim and took off. police have not released details on suspects or a motive. >> new details of a shooting at the hilton hotel near the oakland airport. an inspector from the district attorney shot a wanted man. two inspectors with a subpoena tried to arrest the man. the suspect put up a fight. he showed a weapon. the inspector shot the suspect twice in the leg. the suspect is in critical condition at the hospital. the inspectors were not injured. >> the rocky fire in lake county is causing new problems. the unified school district is delaying the opening of school and pre-school for a week because some schools are used for evacuation centers and more could be put into use. the latest updates say the fire is 65,000 acres and only 12 percent contained. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is talking to residents who refuse to lebanon. -- to leave. >> i didn't, we are at one of the schools at the high school which is used as an evacuation
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center. 13,000 people have been evacuated. some are hanging out here. they say it is getting boring. they are anxious about their homes. there are those would refuse to leave. >> the rocky fire jumped over highway 20 yesterday surprising firefighters who desperately tried it keep it on the other side. even with the scare, some residents of the evacuated spring valley neighborhood refuse to labor. >> yesterday was... [ inaudible ] i thought it would come over the ridge. >> fires don't bother me. i know. there is no concern to me. >> these two are passing the time together in front of the spring valley pantry although the owner herself was at one point trying to evacuate. >> we are packing our bags and loading the cars. we saw the trucks pulling in and 15 came in first and then another 20. >> she saw the fires pulling in she realized not only she could
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stay but she needed to. she had a new set of customers to serve, the firefighters. show kept the store open until midnight and open this morning at 4:00 a.m. >> it feels good, i feel like i am doing something. before it was just...scary and nerve wracking >> the firefighters kept the fire across highway 20, to 3,200 acres and are proud of that. they worried about this afternoon. >> today we are more concerned about the warmer temperatures today than yesterday and the day's. we also have potential wind issues around 1:00 o'clock to 4:00 where the winds could get up to 48 to 52 miles per hour. it is something we need to watch today. >> they say they are feeling good about the progress they made overnight and the fact that except for the one spot they have been able to held the line. reporting from middleton for abc news >> thank you. a factor has been the gusty winds have been a challenged for
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firefighters. meteorologist mike nicco will fill us in on the conditions. >> yes, the conditions will pick up this afternoon but i will disagree with that fireman i think the temperatures are cooler because of the cloud cover over the top of me and the virga that comes from that. 65,000 acres equals 102 square miles, more than twice the size of san francisco. about 1.5 times of size of oakland and size of sacramento right new. here is a look at some of the virga coming our way raising the humidity a little bit. right now it is 75 degrees and 40 percent and it looks like the storm itself is starting to create its own wind northeast at eight miles per hour and gusting to 12 minute. it could jump up to 14-20 through the afternoon into the evening. >> mike, thank you. investigators are trying to find out what sparked a fire in hose. it broke out after midnight on east william court. this video is courtesy of
11:07 am with the cause under investigation. the family of a missing san francisco teacher is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to his return. ed cavanaugh was last seen july 17 riding a motorcycle. he is a survivalist but he has diabetes and needs met indication. he teaches at downtown high school a continuation school in san francisco. >> a restaurant in hayward is donating part of the proceeds to fallen sergeant scott lunger's family trust fund. sergeant scott lunger was shot and killed during a traffic stop two week ago. the death spark add tremendous outpouring of support from the community and law enforcement. agencies across the state and from cross the nation. famous dave's barbecue will donate 35 percent of the proceeds to help the family. that start add few minutes ago and runs until 10:00 tonight. >> happening now in san francisco, closing arrests are
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underway in a historic trial over frozen embryos. a breast cancer survivor wants custody of the embryos because she said they are her last chance to have children. she signed an agreement with her then husband, and the embryos were to be destroyed if they divorced. her now ex wants the contract honors. the case a legal test of spousal rights when couples split. >> san jose received an important distinction this morning from the white house. it is now a tech hire city and the anybodity helps uninsured and unemployed residents and low-skilled workers get their foot in the door of companies like facebook and cisco and ebay and hope the additional funding creates a through jobs. san jose has joined san francisco as the second bay area city to sign on to the program. >> coming up at 11 o'clock, caught on video, heroic actions of two bay area deputies. how they saved a man after his
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or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target, and upgrade to a shiny new everything. all things mobile. all in one place. , >> two sheriff deputies are called heroes for recusing a man great a cal train. cell phone video captured the dramatic rescue in sunny veil. a deputy tried to get the train to slow down and the partner pull the man from the tracks.
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>> there was no time to be scared. just kind of...respond and do what you can the that is it. it just happens. >> the driver suffered minor injuries. authorities believe the driver was under the influence. >> outrage and a lawsuit filed against a sheriff's department in kentucky after two young children with disabilities were happened cuffed by a deputy. our reporter has reaction to the disciplinary action that is being justified by the department. >> people all across the nation are reacting strongly today to this alarming scene inside a classroom caught on camera. a kentucky sheriff deputy handcuffed an 8-year-old boy. >> you can do what we asked or --. >> it hours. it hurts. >> he was handcuffed for 15 minutes because of behavior. his attorney said that it is related to his adhd. >> sit down like i asked you.
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>> he stands 3 1/2 foot tall and weighs approximately 54 pounds and at in time is he a danger to himself or anyone else. >> people are expressing outrage and support for the -- difficult. on the facebook page of the sheriff office the people say you have lost your mines. flies tell me in whose world is it acceptable to man handle and brutalize 8-year-olds. on the abc website a commentator said the sheriff did what was legal and, sadly, what was best in this situation to keep this out-of-control violent kid from hurting others or himself. the video was filmed by a school staff member and released on monday by the american civil liberties union as part of a new federal lawsuit filed again the sheriff. the sheriff moves report stated the girl was put in handcuffs after she act out. the two mothers in the lawsuit of asking for a judge to ban the school from doing this again and for money to comment for trauma and attorney fees. >> handcuffs have no place in
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schools with little children who is discipline issues. >> the sheriff department said they not comment until they have reviewed the lawsuit. an attorney for the deputy said he acted appropriately. matt keller for abc7 news. >> meteorologist meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. >> hello from the broadcast center, i am watching rain clouds coming in. i will show you what is going on with live doppler hd and another chance in the back half of the seven-day forecast. >> clearing customs, buzz aldrin shares the documents from his 1969 moon mission. >> the popular work out clothes that promise to burn more calories. are they shrinking the
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>> whole foods pulled a new product off the shelves after it was labeled asparagus water and soiled for $6. it was water with a few stalks of asparagus. associate editor of the magazine posted a photo of the conth coction and whole foods say it was a mistake and not to be confused this is a month after they admitted to overcharging some customers. >> you still have to clear customers even after a trip to the moon, buzz aldrin released some of the travel documents from the moon landing mission in 1969. look under his cargo column on the right side, he declared three was entering the united
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states with moon rock and moon dust for such a long journey and he only claims $33 in travel expenses. buzz aldrin and kneel arm strong were the first humans on the moon july 20, 1969. >> more interesting than the typical declaration. >> he did not bring back any fruit. >> that is right. >> now a look at the letter. >> no plants. no fruit. no animals. >> good morning, everyone, we will show you what happened this morning. we started off with a mixture of sun and clouds and the mid-level moisture from tropical storm guillermo that kept rolling in as we look to the north bay through the morning hours. this is how it looks on the surprisible satellite starting with low clouds on the north bay coast and valley and now the high clouds are taking over. that is going to dim our sunshine enough to bring us slightly cooler weather today but there is an incredible layer
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of dry air about 6,600' and the moisture is coming in at 14,000' so we will have clouds and virga, rain that evaporates before reaching the ground keeping the temperatures below average. it makes for a colorful sunrise and will do the same for the sunset. warmer inland tomorrow and thursday. live doppler hd shows impressive looks, with no place does it seem to be making it to the ground. it will cool the conditions, though, over the rocky fire and will not be so hot as yesterday. here is the low responsible for the moisture on the way from hawaii from the counter-clockwise blow and this low is actually going to rollover us on friday and bring another chance of showers but it could lay owe the same way as this, just too dry. temperatures are running at five to six degrees below average in the south bay, and a trio of
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78s in cupertino and san jose and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s on the if peninsula from 74 at millbrae to palo alto and los altos at 79. mid-to-upper 60 at the coast not so warm as it was yesterday or as sunny. we will be nearly 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and it could feel stuffy because it is not so breezy as yesterday. mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay valleys and along the east bay shore, richmond is the cool spot at 72 and oakland is 75 and castro valley and fremont is 9. inland east bay, in need for the air conditioning today, 9 in san ramon to brentwood at 85. at the gape tonights enjoy temperatures in the mid-60s and dropping or staying in mid-60s at 7:05 first pitch and sun will set at 8:15. now, a look at tonight with a few more low clouds and drizzle and temperatures are in the mid-50s to low 60s. guillermo is staying a tropical storm and it looks like it is starting to full apart. it will move further north of hawaii than we talk about
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yesterday. it will have minimal impact other than some nasty squalls and maybe occasional thunderstorm. back at home, 2-4 degrees warmer wednesday and thursday and can you see the temperatures falling back below average friday, saturday, and sunday and monday. have a great afternoon. >> now a brand of work out clothing that claims it can make you burn more calories by making you hotter. >> we will study this story intensely. a million units have been selling around the world. we put them to the test. >> the hot wear, the trendy fitness wear line with its own channel, one outfit can cost $130! what makes it different than the rest? this company actually claiming on its website that exercise in the hot wear can increase the calories burned. we check it out working where exercise physicianologist at the hospital for special surgery in new york to help us see, would we burn more calories wearing
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this special clothing? >> someone was doing the same exact work and all you did was change what the person was wearing, you could get an idea of whether the coloring might have any impact. >> i am wearing standard work out clothing and my producer is in the special clothing. >> left accurate way is to measure calories and after a warm-up of 30 minutes and a jog at a constant speed the next morning we reach the same work out. but this time, i'm wearing the special outfit. what did we find? >> one case, no difference whatever. >> polly said, i burned three calories less in the special outfit and our producer borned 17 more calories, 8 percent difference. why could that be? >> adjusting things a little bit more and every moment counts and the other has to do with the clothing, but, you know, that remains to be seen. >> on the wednesday, they cite
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three studies where 50 women burned on average between 6 percent and 11 percent more 8:00rys in the spell clothing but the exercises physicianologist said their claims could be confusing to consumers. >> you have to look at the actual numbers themselves, the number of calories burned between using the hot pants versus other athletic wear is very small. >> we sent our results to the company who declined an interview saying what matters in our business is not opinion but data of the adding about what happened with our demonstration even if the readings are assumed accurate, it is really not possible to conclude anything on the back of one person in each condition doing something. the doctor said if you are looking to drop major pounds, thing twice. >> when it comes to the hot pants, it is very much a case of wishful shrinking. >> psychological, too.
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if you think you are burning more you wind chill out harder. >> i like that "wishful shrinking." >> mcdonald's turns over a new
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>> codes for online shopping,
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the simple step to get retailers to hand over discounts. some customer service workers indifferent or impossible or both but some things are changing. we have details at 5 o'clock. >> mcdonald's has a new menu offerings, a lettuce wrapped burger, sandwiched between green leaves with beat root and pineapple and tortilla. no word if they are coming to the united states any time soon. >> we will find out just where they are. >> exactly. >> thanks for joining us.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> hey! hey! yes! i am terry crews, and i'm ready to give somebody that $1 million today here on millionaire. [cheers and applause] as a literary assistant, today's returning contestant is certainly well-read, and she wants to cash in on her knowledge so she can work on the next great american novel. from flatbush, new york, please welcome molly rubin. molly. >> hi. nice to see you again. >> oh, come on back over here. now, you are a literary assistant now, but you had a very strange j b


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