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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc 7 news. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. a 4.0 earthquake shook the east bay. this one was shallow and felt more powerful. the epicenter was in oakland near mountain view cemetery. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live with the impact. >> reporter: life has gone on as if nothing has happened. you know life is going along fine and smoothly and then a gentle jolt of reality. that is what happened in the east bay this morning. you are looking at about five
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miles above the epicenter in oakland. that's a good thing. >> translato >> i can't imagine it was more than four seconds. we learned it was kind of underneath us. >> reporter: the quake sort of shook them awake, the reactions puzzle from the dogs. at the 711 in oakland they kept their feet through it. >> we thought it was some kind of explosion or something. >> the or something would be 4.0 in magnitude and more than a blip with after shocks on the equipment inside the seismology lab where dr. birdman under played the event because the epicenter comes from known and worrisome section of the hayward fault. >> when we have an earthquake there is always statistically a somewhat greater chance of the larger quake within a week or
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so. that is a probability now of maybe 5% or a bigger one in the next week. >> every 140 years or so the hayward fault generates a quake in the 7.0 range. it has been 150 years since the last one. such a quake would be much more dangerous and damaging than what we saw in 1989. experts tell us this is not an if but a when. what we felt this morning was not it. >> we will see in a few days. >> you're laughing. >> yeah. that was uncomfortable laughing. >> from the east bay wayne freedman, abc 7 news. the earthquake damaged some items inside homes. abc 7 news viewer sent us this photo and said after the 4.0 earthquake a ceramic goat from greece shattered. and brittany took this photo of damage in her home and said it took forever to hang that shelf. if you have video during the
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quake or pictures of the after math send them to us with the hashtag abc 7 now. today's quake is another good reminder be ready for natural disaster. we are encouraged to have emergency kits stocked with items including battery operated radios. how many of those do you have? and flashlights with extra batteries. >> you should have a three day supply of food or water for everyone in the family and a manual can opener. develop an emergency plan for your family posted at today bay area communities finally cooled off a bit but many remain hot and sunny after a record setting weekend. a perfect day to sit water side and feed the ducks. ocean beach in san francisco very busy today warm enough that visitors brave the cold ocean water. a live look from our tower. you can see the layer of fall
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rolling in, indication that cooling is coming. spencer christian is here with our accuweather update. still triple digits. >> reporter: still lots of hot spots and you can see beginnings of the cooler pattern as cooling fog is pushing against the coast line. this is how it looked from live doppler 7 hd. we have mainly sunny skies inland and here is our 24 hour temperature change. check this out. 17 degrees cooler in napa than it was at this hour yesterday. you can see that most significant cooling widespread cooling around the bay. 15 degrees cooler in oakland. 11 degrees cooler in san francisco. over at concord 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. 1 degree cooler in livermore. the heat is holding on a bit inland. here is the view. you can see a little bit of coastal fog beginning to push over the bay in parts of san francisco. 69 degrees in san francisco. the high yesterday was 90 in the city. 75 in oakland. 82 mountain view.
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90 at morgan hill. 67 at half moon bay. here is the view currently 89. napa 83. here are the triple digits. from 100 to 103 degrees right now. and blue skies over the bay from our roof top camera looking tards the southeast. this is our first forecast with a wide range of temperatures from relatively cool to very warm. a little bit of patchy fog near the coast in the early morning hours. by afternoon tomorrow mainly sunny and mild to hot. mild at the coast. highs in the 60s. we see 70s and 80s. upper 90s in the warmest inland locations. it will get cooler and i will show you how much a little later. take a look at this urban geyser. someone plowed over a hydrant this afternoon. that water sent gushing more than 35 feet into the air. abc 7 news was there as drivers made their way through the wall of fallen water. firefighters did turn it off.
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authorities are searching for the driver who ran over that hydrant. we now know who public safety officers in sunnyvale are looking for this afternoon in the wake of a fatal weekend shooting. >> his name is sean lamont brown wanted for a murder in fresno. sunnyvale officers believe he got away during the incident that involved officers shooting another man who was with brown. >> melanie woodrow has been following the story and has the latest. >> reporter: sunnyvale officers could release the name of the suspect killed tonight. the other two suspects are from fresno. this is a picture of the outstanding suspect officers say he has an outstanding warrant in connection with a homicide. sunnyvale's department of public safety says one of the officer's lives was in danger as he stood face-to-face with a suspect pointing a loaded gun at him. >> officers were faced with a
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deadly force situation and responded to it. >> reporter: around 4:15 p.m. someone reported suspicious activity at this motel 6 including two women going back and forth. when officers approached the vehicle they say two of the three men inside took off running. according to captain jeffrey hunter one dropped a high capacity magazine and then pointed a gun at the officer, an 18 year veteran. >> the officer fired nine rounds at the suspect. the officer and the suspect were facing each other at the time of the shooting and in very close proximity. motel 6 guest says she was startled. >> i looked on and i saw a lot of police out here. >> reporter: captain hunter says it is unclear whether or not the suspects fired any rounds. investigators say they found another loaded gun in the suspect's backpack. sunnyvale dps says they believe the second suspect who took off running is this man, sean lamont
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brown. brown has an outstanding warrant for his arrest in connection with a july homicide. multiple agencies spent six hours looking for brown saturday. officers say they believe he has left sunnyvale. a third suspect, raymond hackett jr. complied with officers. officers arrested him on a domestic violence warrant. officers do not have body cameras beutarecamera s but are approved to purchase them this year. a new report says the 600 shots fired at the end of a bank robby that claimed the life last year were excessive. police say a mother of two was used as a human shield after being taken hostage last july. the shootout killed two suspects as well as sing hit by ten of the bullets. the police chief hopes the department will learn from the report and improve. there was legal rambling today in san francisco involving
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a landlord trying to remove tenants. >> the tenants took their fight to court today. vic lee live at the mcaliceter street courthouse. >> the tenants in the apartment building owner were in the settlement conferences here at the courthouse all day last minute deal to see if they could reach some kind of agreement on their differences before this thing goes to a jury trial. it says that landlords can evict tenants but only if they take their property off the rental market. the new land lady says she will but the tenants don't believe her. >> i would use the word greed as far as what is her total reasoning for actually getting rid of us. >> reporter: he is 68 years old and blind in one eye. he has been a tenant at the
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north beach apartment building for almost two decades. he says he fits the profile of the kind of seniors the new apartment owner studies. dr. hill's specialty is the research of the elderly and diseases that lead to their deaths. lawyer steve colier represents the tenants. >> the irony of researcher on aging evicting seniors from long term homes. >> reporter: she inherited the apartment building three years ago when her ailing aunt virginia died in her 90s. tenants say they treated her like family. theresa began caring for her when she broke her arm. >> i cooked for her especially the first four months. i brought her breakfast and dinner each day. >> reporter: now hill wants the remaining two tenants of the six-unit building out. >> her excuses for doing this? she wants a place where people
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can visit her. >> reporter: the tenants are convinced their new land lady will rent the units or make them air b&bs. left the courthouse without commenting. vic lee, abc 7 news. a popular camp ground at yosemite national park will remain closed through friday to spray for the plague. park rangers found two squirrels dead from the disease last week. it is carried by rodents and spread by flees. last month a child got sick from the disease at a different camp ground at yosemite. still ahead looking for the killers. the new clue police want you to see to help solve the murder of an innocent mother in san francisco. the teacher shortage in oakland. how many more positions the district needs to fill before school starts next week. police make an arrest in the murder of actor morgan freeman's granddaughter. we take a live look at your mcarthur maze traffic.
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i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. developing now in san jose, new details on the city's third police shooting. shortly after 10:00 last night police say officers were trying to arrest a man wanted in a homicide when he pulled out a handgun and waved it around.
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two officers shot and killed him. there is a bullet hole at a nearby laundromat. police recovered a handgun from the suspect which will be compared with last thursday's homicide. the highway patrol believes three people in their 20s dies because a drunk driver was speeding. all three victims were riding in the suspect's 1971 camaro. the camaro drifted into on coming traffic around 10:00 last night and hit another car and slammed into a tree and burst into flames. the 28-year-old driver was ejected and is in the hospital this afternoon. he is also under arrest for suspicion of drunk driving. san francisco police just released this surveillance footage from the murder of a woman killed in front of her three children. you can see two vehicles involved in a shooting that killed two people in january. investigators are calling the people inside the dodge ram pickup persons of interest. a stray bullet hit maria souza
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while she and her children stood outside their home. the man in the other car also died in the shooting. a construction accident happened when a crew hit a four inch gas line on 10th avenue between lake and california streets. the fire department evacuated residents until pg&e was able to cap the gas line. residents were allowed back in after about an hour and a half. abc 7 news was at el dorado elementary for the start of the school year in san francisco. mayor ed lee and superintendent visited the second grade classroom. mayor lee donated several tablets to the school that were used earlier this summer. san francisco begins with a staff of teachers hired the last 21 instructors last week. oakland unified schools start one week from today and the district still has a teacher shortage. it needs to hire about 60 new teachers as soon as possible.
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dozens of candidates showed up at a job fair. at least 17 open positions were filled from that fair. if you want to teach in oakland the next job fair is this wednesday afternoon starting at 1:00 at 11th and broadway in downtown oakland. the irs believes the data breach was more than twice as big as estimated. 114,000 taxpayers learned that their information may have been hacked. today agents reveal that number has grown to 334,000. thieves targeted the section of the irs website where people can find past tax returns. they will likely hear from the irs if you are a newelly discovered victim. the agency says it will offer credit protection. uncomfortable triple digits a little bit of relief is coming. >> spencer christian is here with what is ahead. >> lots of triple digits yesterday and lots of record highs yesterday for that day. today much cooler in most
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locations although it is still pretty hot inland. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have mainly sunny skies. a little bit of cooling coastal fog has returned. beginning to push in patches over the bay. a look at today's highs so far. these are not the official highs. no records to report yet. 103 the high in livermore. 106 at antioch. fairfield 102. 101 at clover dale. 104. so still sizzling and lots of inland spots. here is a look from our tower camera as some of the fog beginning to push locally out of san francisco. foggy night along the coast. back to average temperatures by wednesday for the entire bay area. air quality will improve over the next couple of days. a live view from emeryville. you can see a little bit of lingering smoke from the weekend over the bay there. air quality will improve tomorrow and wednesday will be
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moderate and will have good air quality thursday and friday for most of the bay area. that is welcome relief. today was a spare the air day. satellite and radar composite image shows huge ridge of high pressure splitting into two now. we have a weak spot in what was once a large ridge. it is holding on in our inland locations. livermore as indicator of high temperature range over the next week for the bay area especially for inland areas. we see a high of 95 tomorrow in livermore dropping to around 90 on wednesday and remaining in the sort of seasonal average range into late next week. overnight we'll see mainly clear skies inland although some patches of fog may drift across the bay. we will see fog remaining mainly along the coast line. low temperatures will range from upper 50s at the coast to low 60s around the bay and inland.
4:20 pm
tomorrow sunny and warm in the south bay with highs ranging from mid 80s to low 90s. 86 tomorrow at san jose. we'll see mid 80s on the peninsula. palo alto mid 60s mainly on the coast and high of 71 expected in downtown san francisco tomorrow. up in the north bay look for highs in the mid 80s in the valleys from santa rosa to napa. east bay highs from 75 in oakland to about 85. and we'll see low 90s to mid 90s and upper 90s. 97 at antioch. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. the cooling continues wednesday and then by thursday, friday temperatures back in a much more comfortable range and then they bump up a couple of degrees on saturday and sunday. we see upper 80s inland. by next monday back up to 90 inland. no extremes expected, just nice warm summer pattern. >> thank you, spencer. new after 4:30 an east bay
4:21 pm
school once on the verge of closing will soon reopen. it's more than just a classroom. it's a community. first -- >> how do you make the screens that you produce bend? >> how do they do it? the startup that is producing screens you can roll up like a yoga mat. taking a live look at our san mateo bridge traffic on this monday. heavier traffic on the left-hand side. that is your eastbound traffic. we are back after a quick break.
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you remember the fuss about how apple's iphone 6 and 6 plus were bending and it is a terrible thing? a chicago startup created a screen meant to bend, twist and roll up like a yoga mat. the tech company uses new electronic materials to make the screen and layers of electronics in the phone and they all
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contort together. that's phil there. what he wanted to tell you -- now we can hear him a little bit. i guess we are not going to hear him. in any case the way they manufacture this allows them to make softer, flexible materials that still do the same things as your phone needs. and it all works. it is developing the rectangular glass display that snaps on like a bracelet. flexible display market expected to be worth nearly $4 billion by the year 2020. we need to get in on this. >> definitely. we have to make some calls. there is a new fitness tracker for people in wheel chairs and a new approach to raising healthy eaters. >> jane king has that and more. >> the fitness tracker for people who use wheel chairs. the moon device can be attached to a wheelchair and collects
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movement data. it can be combined with heart rate and other medical information for real time monitoring of health. do you want to be more productive? think about taking microbreaks. scientists found even five minute breaks can have significant boost to productivity. help productivity by 6%. a new book may have unique advice. the book is not about the broccoli. some people won't eat healthy foods because they want some control over what they eat. parents can be overly permissive or overly controlling leaving the children for bad food choices. and here is a new form of yoga, paddleboard yoga. it has migrated to other parts of the country. the balance required to do yoga on a paddleboard can help students build strength. the classes are generally more
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expensive than traditional yoga. here's to your health. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the exact moment the bomb explodes in thailand's capital, an area popular with locals and tourists. an arrest of morgan freeman's granddaug
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. here are the head lines where you live as we approach 4:30. san jose police shot and killed a man with a gun last night wanted in an ongoing homicide investigation. this happened just after 10:00 p.m. and happened to be san jose's seventh shooting involving police this year. this morning a magnitude 4.0 earthquake hit oakland just before 7:00 a.m. wayne freedman said statistics show a chance of a bigger quake within a week. wayne will have more at 5:00. the heat continue bay area. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian posted this photo and asked do i have to leave my air conditioned car? spencer does have a nice ride. he'll have the full forecast coming up in about ten minutes. from the campaign trail to the
4:30 pm
jewelry pool donald trump had to take a break from campaigning to performing his civic duty. can his republican rivals take advantage of his brief absence. stephanie ramus in washington with more on campaign 2016. >> reporter: off the campaign trail donald trump was the center of attention as he arrived at a lower manhattan court for jury duty. at the iowa state fair trump a popular topic among his gop rivals. >> can we think of a single instance in which a man's judgment might have been crowded by his hormones? >> reporter: business woman carly fiorina referencing trump's comments about megyn kelly. fiorina adding she knows more world leaders than anybody else with the exception of hillary clinton. fiorina not the only one taking a turn on the soap box stage. wisconsin governor scott walker also stepping out and addressing
4:31 pm
the crowd saying he is unhappy with the republican leadership of the u.s. senate for their lack of action adding that he managed to lower unemployment rates in his own state. >> 8% unemployment down to 4.6%. >> protesters followed walker around the fair grounds but as walker told them he wasn't intimidat intimidated. walker is looking to regain his standing in iowa. he now trails neurosurgeon ben carson and donald trump. john kasich was in alabama today looking for support for the gop nomination, landing the endorsement of fellow republican governor robert bentley. abc news, washington. a review of hillary clinton's e-mails have found as many as 305 messages could contain classified information requiring further review. the state department says those e-mails were among more than 1,500 documents analyzed so far.
4:32 pm
the democratic presidential candidate contended she had never sent or received any e-mails that had information clearly marked classified. overseas no one has claimed responsibility for a bombing that killed at least 18 people in what is called the times square of thailand. surveillance cameras captured the blast at a hindu shrine that is popular with locals and tourists. police found another undetonated device near the erawan shrine. there are several hotels and shopping malls in that area. more than 100 others were injured. the injured included some foreigners. police say this bomb was made from a pipe wrapped in cloth. search teams believe they have found the wreckage of a downed indonesian airliner. the air service plane vanished yesterday. investigators revealed the plane carried four postal workers. in all 54 passengers and crew
4:33 pm
were on board when the plane crashed. police in new york city believe actor morgan freeman's granddaughter was stabbed to death by her boyfriend. she died a short distance from her home yesterday morning. today detectives arrested her boyfriend. both witnesses and police say davenport who is an aspiring rapper appeared to be under the influence of drugs. some say davenport believe he was performing an ex oricism. >> i demand you demons get out. >> heinz was pursuing an acting career like her grandfather. freeman issued a statement saying the world will never know her artistry and talent and how much she had to offer. >> sad. there are evacuations across the pacific northwest as wildfires consume homes and businesses. strong winds are driving flames leaving firefighters to struggle
4:34 pm
to keep up. >> reporter: an intense fire fight across the west where massive wild fires are raging out of control leaving behind a path of destruction. >> a panic zone but we had enough time. >> reporter: near washington dozens of homes turned to ash, families forced to flee as firefighters scramble to gain control. >> resources are stretched so thin so it is up to us to defend our own property. >> reporter: crews are relying on air support in the hot rugged terrain. this cameraman drenched. watch this super scooper aircraft filled with water where several cabins have also gone up in flames. more than 6.9 million acres have burned across the country so far this year. that's more than the previous two years combined over the same time period. all that smoke seen here spreading east and into canada.
4:35 pm
and in drought stricken california where 13,000 firefighters are taking on 19 wild fires alone it feels like a never ending battle. >> we were already drawn down on resources with other fires. >> reporter: a bit of good news for fire crews, triple digit heat is gone and calmer weather is helping firefighters. their biggest concern, the peak of the now year-long wildfire season is far from over. abc 7 news los angeles. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, when a koala wants attention this can happen. this dance routine get ag whole lot of attention online not because of what they do, but because of what the surprise guest does next. i'm spencer christian we see cooling coastal fog moving beyond the coast. i will have the accuweather forecast coming up.
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looks nice. the sky way does not in san francisco it is backed up in both directions on the right-hand side. that is southbound traffic beyond south bay. on the left-hand side trying to inch on to the lower deck of the bay bridge. stay with us. we're coming right back. >> when it happens where you live -- it's a good looking car. ? this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine.
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only in australia, check this out. an excited koala wanted to hitch a ride. this video of the creature chasing down her four wheeler. >> when she stopped the determined animal climbed to the big tire. she was really nervous like she was being stocked by some wild beast as he continued to pursue and joked after the incident saying her fear of the koala subsided and now is calling -- ♪ >> it wasn't the dance getting the attention during this
4:40 pm
routine during the arizona rattlers game. check out number 75. goodness! his hips don't lie. he can even get into the splits. >> that is oscar hernandez who is not a professional football player. he is a dancer. but that move is killer. he looks like he is 300 pounds. he can be an offensive or defensive lineman. he is a professional dancer. oscar hernandez worked with various including golden state warriors dance squad. >> don't try that at home. >> i believe spencer christian on a good day has the flexibility. >> i don't know about that split. i might be able to do the other moves but i will skip the slip and leave that to oscar hernandez. >> oscar. let's look at the weather. here is live doppler 7 hd. we have sunny skies across most of the bay area.
4:41 pm
cooling coastal fog is pushing beyond the coast. lovely over the bay and our hot weather pattern will begin to taper off. temperatures now 69 degrees. we still have triple digits in some areas. 103. 102 at fairfield. cooling has begun around the bay and near the coast. tomorrow across the 48 states stormy weather in the upper midwest to great lakes and storms along the coast with west and southwest under quieter although hot conditions across the state of california look for highs tomorrow of 101. 100 yosemite. 104 fresno. 98 at sacramento. 112 at palm springs. a bit more pleasant here in the bay area. look for highs at the coast in the mid to upper 60s. 70s to 80s around the bay. upper 80s to low 90s in our inland areas.
4:42 pm
mid to upper 80s like livermore and antioch. triple digits are disappearing and temperatures moderating all across the bay area by mid week. >> i want to start a twitter campaign to get you to do the splits. >> i will work on it. i will see what we come up with. >> got the hula hoop action. >> i know he goes side to side. i don't know about down. >> my hips don't lie but they may not drop and split. >> thank you, spencer. new earthquake protection is going into a bay area building. the first in the u.s. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 we are going to tell you how it works. the nfl player being criticized and praised for parenting techniques and why he took away his son's participation trophies. 7 on your side's michael finney. you may not believe how much your insurance will go up when your teenager gets a license. with will
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
cpmc hospital under construction in san francisco is being outfitted with
4:46 pm
state-of-the-art earthquake technology in these plates called wall dampers. 120 of them are being installed. it keeps the building from swaying violently. >> when the building moves side to side in an earthquake the dampers slow down the movement of the building providing safety to the occupies of the building. >> the technology has been moved in japanese skyscrapers for more than ten years. this is the first time it is used in the united states. the wall dampers have another added benefit. they require lighter steel so it saves money on construction costs. prisoners in costa rica went to great lengths to smuggle drugs into jail. they trained a pigeon to carry marijuana and cocaine inside the prison walls. these photos released by the government show a fanny pack like pouch strapped to the bird.
4:47 pm
there were 14 grams of each drug. the pigeon is being cared for in a nearby animal shelter. a motorcyclist says his helmet saved him in a crash. this was a lightning crash. it happened friday while this man was driving along a colorado highway. he relied on witness accounts of what happened since he can't fully remember. he said a bright flash and then appeared to stand up on the bike. >> not a whole lot of memory of the whole thing. >> the lightning likely entered through his back and exited his right hand. he suffered bleeding on the brain, three broken ribs, a partially punctured lung and serious scrapes. he says he will never take his bike out again without a helmet. amazon's ceo and founder responded to a scathing article
4:48 pm
about work culture. the report says workers feel compelled to work long hours. the ceo sent a memo to employees saying anyone who works at the company described in the report would be crazy to stay. bezos asked any employees with problems to contact him directly. the times said it interviewed more than 100 current and former employees about working for amazon for a balanced work. a parenting technique is creating a big conversation. pittsburgh steelers linebacker wrote on instagram he is returning his son's participation trophies. abc news reporter ryan smyth with the story. >> he is one of the toughest linebackers in football. pittsburgh steeler james harrison is known for explosive plays. >> james harrison. >> when it comes to tackling parenting veteran player is proving he is just as fierce. when his two sons came home with
4:49 pm
so-called participation trophies harrison blew the whistle writing while i am proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them until the day i die these trophies will be given back until they earn a real trophy. i will not make them believe they are entitled to something just because they tried their best ending the post with harrison family values cht responses lighting up social media. most in agreement posting comments such as great message. kids today don't know what the reward for hard work is while few are calling you are their dad and your decision but i couldn't disagree more. >> for some children participation was a struggle so participation trophy can be great for them. for other children they need to learn sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. >> reporter: while he clearly likes to have fun with his boys he wants to teach them that life
4:50 pm
is not all fun and games. >> this is work we put in. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> first of all, harrison is a serious dude so you can see him taking that position. i think as a parent if your 5 year old or 6 year old gets participation trophy that is cool. if you are a teenager and have to fight for a spot on a team you have to turn it up. i think that is the message he is trying to send. our hot temperatures are placing you in more danger when you are out on the road. >> 7 on your side's michael finney joins us now with that story and the rest of today's consumer news. >> tire pressure increases as temperatures increase. that makes it harder on all of our tires. if your tires are old or are showing wear there is added risk. tires contain metal, too. under inflated tires cause friction on the hot roads. >> if you have tires on the
4:51 pm
verge of failing and the temperature heats up it will push them that much farther. >> driving slower helps. slowing down is a good idea. if you have bad tires on hot days better still find the money to buy safe tires. j.c. penney's turn around is gaining traction narrowed the second quarter loss in thanks to better than expected sales in men's clothing and fine jewelry and the beauty brand sephora which has outlets inside many stores. the company is looking to dramatically change online sales. new ceo says the store's customer loyalty program needs to be improved. do you have a teen about to start driving? now you know insurance is going to cost you and cost you plenty. do you know how much? a study commissioned by
4:52 pm
insurance shows california families pay an additional 88% when they add a teen driver to their policy. many parents figure they will get out from under that cost when their kids head into young adulthood. if your 18 year old leaves your policy and gets their own they can expect to pay an additional 18% more. >> ouch. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 a new east bay school is about to open. it is more than just classrooms, the free health service it is offering. first dan ashley is in the news room. coming up next green jobs in the red. the promise to california voters that is apparently not being kept. and your morning cup of coffee may save lives. those stories and a lot more when cheryl jennings and i join when cheryl jennings and i join you at
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students at one elementary school will be reading, writing and visiting the dentist on campus. >> this is no ordinary school. lyanne melendez is live in richmond. >> hi. such coolness really. corps nodo elementary is one of the few in the nation to offer free clinics to every kid in the school. they have come a long way. >> reporter: she was registering her son matthew at the new elementary school in richmond. she says having a dental clinic in the school is a huge advantage. >> sometimes we work a lot so sometimes we don't have the time to go. >> reporter: other families don't have the resources. >> low income working parents mostly immigrant populations, no dental insurance. >> reporter: will head the
4:57 pm
clinic, the second in the west school district. it will consist of dentists who volunteer their services. >> somebody has an emergency and tooth ache we can see them right away. >> reporter: the school will offer a free health clinic. school officials say it will help students from missing classes. >> they won't miss time out of school to go to appointments. >> reporter: it's a victory for a school that nearly closed because of budget cuts but the city of richmond was able to save it. >> school district was able to partner with richmond city council to find the extra funds to keep the school open. >> reporter: a few months later voters passed the $380 million bond measure to repair and rebuild their schools. coronado was one of them. teachers like heidi garcia fought to keep the school open. >> you walk down the hallway and every room is engaged. so now it is going to be even better. >> reporter: she and others see
4:58 pm
the new coronado as the heart of this neighborhood. in richmond, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. that's going to do it for us at 4:00 on this monday. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >>. the intensity of shaking was probably higher. >> find out the odds we can have an even bigger earthquake next week. our officers have a right to defend themselves. >> another deadly confrontation in san jose. how police justify an innocent by stander getting caught in the line of fire. it was a great day to hit the beach but not to be practicing football. trying to beat the heat at some of the hottest schools. i'm sandhya patel. inland areas still simmering in the heat. i will let you know when it will cool down coming up. live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7
4:59 pm
news. today's earthquake was a rude awakening for people and pets. these two dogs were instantly on alert. the hayward fault is long overdue for a major quake. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. there have been several after shocks to this morning's 4.0 earthquake. here is how mike nicco reacted live on morning news. >> it is shaking. that's a pretty good earthquake there. >> the quake was centered in the upper rock ridge neighborhood of oakland. it hit on the hayward fault which runs as you well know just east of today's epicenter. wayne freedman is live in the oakland hills. today's shake was really a good and important reminder that we are all in danger. >> reporter: that's true. this quake was 4.0 which technically speaking is a little over the threshold at which most
5:00 pm
people begin to feel a quake. if you were in the east bay or standing here at ground zero it woke you up. life was good and pleasantly predictable for a couple of dogs in almeida this morning until 6:49 anyway. their reaction typical of anyone who felt the 4.0 quake a little past dawn. here is how it looked inside a 7:11 in oakland. >> we thought it was like some kind of like explosion or something. >> reporter: the epicenter this oakland neighborhood imagine awakening with the earthquake happening directly below you. >> i am glad this is underneath us. it is a really minor earthquake. >> gentle would be a relative term. >> we do consider it to be a possible source of a much larger earthquake. dr. burkeman measured the main


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